Government Gazette | 政府憲報 | 1853-FOC



VOL. XII, No. 1.




PRICE $16 per annum


TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION to the PRIEND OF CHINA AND HONGKONG GAZETTE, per duman, 146 Dollar, peyata in advanes, quarterly or otherwise, et option. Bingle Numbero. 24 avots, TERMS OF ADVERTISIN ).-To Unes and under, Dollar; ad 'Idenal, 10 cents ??Hon. Hopedijus eve-third of the frost losion. Ships, -First Insertion, 3 Dollars; on hoogami Insertions 48 Wan Adverthements in have written, on the face of them, the number of times they we required as supair, otherwise they will be published will counterande. A coduction of twenty dva par sent on sanal charge mede when quarterly as canta are condered for adversammen ordered to stand undisturbed for a pript of the months, Pull sharge made for repetition of any Advarthoment in the Oventano lesso.


THE Peninsular and Orient

Stroms Navigation Company', Summ Bhip ??GANGES," W. Punonas, Cowonder, wilt lenye Hongkong, taking Pag-uwdure Guo, &e for the abers place, on dhe 11th January, 1958, al 9 ... proslarly.

O. C, EDMOND, Superintanchat

1 & 0. 6. M. Co% Offen, Hanging, 16th December, 1852.


29 sad after the Prestal dato til forthes wation The H&Q B. P Co. Bleatori will ply regularly between Hongkong, Cawan and Macas, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (subm previous notios of Deviation be given) së follows, The Bust leaving Hongkong, an Hunday, and Canton on Friday, will call at Mueno, ometing at 7am. The hour of dopariace ut other turns wolf! be a m., and the Bouin will proceed direct be Cyprù Hingbong and Chaton.-When judu :ement odes, the Bands will call at Cumaingmoen, bat pensiona sutide of such derintisa will be given when practicable.

The farm will be op kovrinfore ist Olows between Hongk?ng Canton ? Macno 08- Macao 05. Deck Prasangers Europosa e


Chinier. Passengers desirane of proceeding to Muren för

??short period may otaiki kinen tickets available for the art or resou? Burutiker aktet Heir meriwska stike redmond cases of #8 belween Hongkong and Mocas, $12 between Canton and Mod

Brary Chan passenger will be allowed one

Infrae of charge

The reels will convey freight on the wems of theŭ publieked scale; on whichų katĮTEE, SURE, reduation will be mada Gr large qukodiles, by special agronment.

LYALL STILL & Ca Agents H??C. S, P. (2 Hongkang, 6th November. 1963.



barisly duspich.

Fim Fagiuar. Apply to, WILLIAMS, ANTHON & Co __Hoogkate, 2nd Densüber. 1959


THE GENERAL PALMER," 1800 Tons, Captain Beow, will have emily despa cu for Port Philip Hey, wod Sydney.

For CABIN OF STEBnadu Famave," epply on 20th November, 185??



THAT Commodious Darling Books, TAM on the Prupo Grande ?lasso, known (on the late Residence of Mr Jonn Suiza, discord. Terma moderato ¡-apply so the Premione, or to the Clerk of the Cost. Lamang, Buh Augu, 1889,

NOTICE. MERC denigred has this day cloord kin butinem alged has this day cloerd his butinem


thie Part, in favor of Mr F. J. AnGIOR

Capion, Int Octobor, 1852.




Hot, T. Herten Kuso,--Collower of the Port 8. U. Elorris, Esq-Asistant Collector. J. A. Coss, Esq-Nawat gene C. K. Osawa, Esq-Deputy Collector. Jos. Viscay Bows, Esq.-V, 9. Appraise.


THE undersigned inva bran appointed beats ar Lengkong for the na1aoribést te. h55YDS. Munters of Venela are requested to summuniente to thens ingr!lig, aco al luness, acel·lents, the speak ing of Vessels, and any gametal infaronlion they consider of importanevar interest to the subscribers,

LYALL, STILL & C'a. Hongkong, 3rd Baylamber, 1863.


EQUITABLE FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, CORNBILL-LONDON. THE undersigned, having been appointed"Agents || surancas against fire on Buildings and Ganch, in Canton and Hongkong, including merchandise in sative Packhouses. Ta

HOLLIDAY, WISE & Co. Canton, 14th Augim, 185),



CANTAL £60,000...

100 or £500 M2ON.


Jurratarlos. Memes Lamar 4 Co-Hongkong, Chiton, Hangme.

| Agrata, More Open- & Co --~--London,

LCBoobay. EHITYSLER On Carlotta



(? ?n moana van Broan Beer "HYGEIA."

Whameen Bruch N extendva amortiment af Ship Chandlery and

Cable shores, of the best and most varied des ription, as-



Coles Chariot-Nos. 1 a 10,

Ruurlo de, and Doek,

Bootch and English-da,

M Patrai Manila Cardoza, of all viam,

Roth Paint Russia Rigging, from one to

* Eagleh and Dutch Sheathing Copper, from 1§ is Biegi with Nails.

*Wish, maker asticive to simmstone Ee comprima!

In the limits of an adverildiment; all of which can

UNION INSURANCE SOCIETY 1860 59. PHE HASP-YEARLY GENERAL MEETING the Office of the undersigned, at Naon, on Wed- nesday the Sih pessimo.

DENT & Co.


Hongkong, 9th Dressaber, 1899,


Fa Latar from Georgs Bram, Big Dept; Call of Custors, daiadur lakiMA,

January 24/4, 1659.

My Dean 810-Having fm stran! SEE


need your Pilla and Ointments

beg leve te mration d have come under my chestvetjem, Oni wasa Co- car of the right reset. The patient was un rider- native Christian and the mother of several chil- drasah bad flared for yours, and was under the treatment of severat médical men i tho brons wat ontbely gone leaving a large ngly soco, which after the application of your Ointment, spread apos pl-ntain leaves, was compistely boiled in a very

short tone.

be abisinet, abhṛt wholemia or sell, a priore Te Profurer Holloway. Joka tan in Milani per cunt has then those charged út any, other amélishment in Chism.

THOMAS BUNT. Whenpan, Th? June, 1852.

ANCHORS. NOW Ṭarding au Confuetus" from Liverpently A, Awomens from I out, iu i ewt.

DOWRA & Co. Thong kong, 18th November, 1959. KORASYMONTINI, WATOKEA CLOOKS, &c. ¿DARKINSON AND FRODSHAM, Chronometer Mahors to the Lords of the Admiralty and How. Bad India Company's Bervice, beg to call Fibe alisation of the pabilis of India to the superior

??moda afandere of thele' Chemometare, Watches, and Gosling as proved by the sober of prism awarded "La phu Chronometres made by them seni on public trial to the Beyal Observatory, Greenwich, and the reports publieral of their asperior performance ?n "vim" "upcimus, qelemtille voyages und?t Papiaine ??Row, Parry, Pihakam,

??They strongly rowmend to the Gentlemen of the Naval and Liškary-Bervices their improved da

okra, as bring specially adapted ach and at being subject to stop of

- Duplek dah, Praket Chronometers, Car rings Clocks", "10, which can be forwarded by the vinah Malli, kad iwasan terabaig dartington. Ak order must be aevompanied by's remuner With refrenos to do shorn, the undersigned urea pateren?u Jus paymont în London ortasmosa prepared to grant Nozto?no Payable by Fondon. |akay be paid to them Agusta in India on delivery Bombay, Unfurta qid Madras.

of the atmode.



China, 17th Febjtary, 1969







AND AT ?pow & Cou-CantoN, A?�Muroval Turatun on Nervosa Debility and Aho Contriv?ional Waskpres, with practical ob tation, Hustrated by Acasemical Place, in Etch and Discon

This ww?, emanating from a qualified member

E-tamang in 1710. THE MANAGERS of the Hew Pan Own A London, beg lave to inform the Brifịch and foreign Rodents innghong and Conan that of the medical profession, the result of many years they have constand and appointed the under- psical experienon, is addressed to Gentlemen gap their Aouaro to Lane Pubicies of fer from the various disorders acquired in Premor aquam Fin an Buildings, Goode, ?tar gyly hôn, in its pages will be found the causes,

shhhh land so shale ancurrence, the apoptoma chandler med othụr rrugerty at those plucan.

Full pacticalore if battus dea, way be obtained the their removal By Physician.

Patrick Encleate their prreener, and mes be to be

"i Hongkong, 10th July, 1851.

on application to


Flagkong and Caron,

Flongkong, 18 h?ngon, 1862,

MARIE INSURANCE. Nuw You, Muyuat. Isounamon

COMPAT, or New Yo




Mermerly occupied by Doctor BaraEO. THE Dadoraigned bege to annoueca to Com THE Under prepared in usorpt MA. wendete and hats of Younele and the Puble BRINE KISN in behalf of the Naw Your Egileadily visiting Masso, that the above | Mutual Insurani Oruratu, payable in" Landon {you open for the reception of raison. The


Įdiep'ng Boomg neo tam in number, large and This Company under the Title of the Nau įsigy likerin two Bliing Rooms, and an exmilioni Youn ineensson (ömmaar wie organized in | Dling Deom, where every alentien, will be paid 1796, sa a Joune Elog Conrany, le 4651, ki so ga sscommodation sui comfort of Boxedera was reorganized " the principle of the Mutual | A) 24,derpues his whale than to give the numont

Another was that of a Child, geare old, the con of Burgons; the liule fellow's legs were covered with sores: they revised the treatment of his father, and his mother vazy wisely tried your temedion, which in leer than a fortnight affected a perfect cure, The third was a bonusman, who had split the nail of bie grew to agrinet a stick in the river, in which the mud accumulated and formed a sors; mogloss | caused proud Blink, sad when brought to me, there was er tha udh ? lump of it se large so a pigeon' egg. Puoltors, capes and your Ointment entire ly cured it in long than 8 weeks.

(Signed) GEORGE BRETON- ??CRIPPLE DETA ASIDE BI3 CRUTCHEZO AFIKA TEN YEARS SUPPERING Copy of a Letter from Mr Thangon Choulet, "Liverposi, darat August 20th, 1952.

To Profpor Holloway

Duan Sin.-tam emib'ad to formich you wilgʻ s mum extraordinary coro vilisted by your inesla able Optical and Pšla, which hao nefonisbad avery. person arquainted with the answer. About La years ago, Mr W Campins, of Bakasy Street, in, thia wh, was thrown from his horse whereby bo received very riou" ipj-trien; he had the brať men dical advice a tha time, nod was af'erwards an ic- mate of diErrent in Himaries, yet he grew worse, and at length a malignant running ulcer aotled in bie bip, which so completely crippled him, that be coudnut more without cintaboo fet asarly 10 years, tenently ba bagus to use your Clutsent and Pills which have now head the wound strengthened hie limb, and enable him to depense with ki ermebes, so that he can walk with the gronient enang and wiţi renewed hrakh and vigour.

(Blened) J. THOMPSON.


Merchant, of Hallen, County Days, days March 27th, 1852.

To Profesor HomAWAY,

this place, was for upwards of theo yento ficad Dran Bin, Busan Doher, of Bally Cijen, wear with Beti fulons Ulcers, and of ao virulenta bar acter that the benen of her arme and bande peotrad- ed through the fish She ujed variava necpadina, and was in the CantJobar Infirmary for thineon manka, kai seal our so incurable, ?ter returning so her home she was in so weak a state owing, to. the continu...ay discharge from the ulcers that the

door, Mr James Carlow, the Scotch Agricuturist of the locality, purchased tHER, me some of your Ointment and Filla for her, which immaturely wought a most exɩnordinary change for the better, and in a few months she was restored to royal health. All the 'caesare now compl-sa- ly healed, and the use of her name and hands per. fecily red

WITE reference to the above the on contigering work, lo esferaed to Cestribose be reste fur continuance of the apparently to deal wake; and wbee reduced.

they have day 181, ekimin Peyunge wiek, ive has kitburio ne liber stabliski sa Bay Burns and Common Divided of Curtuah per Ceat upon the semad |úky Hesión.


?�Trom--Brand a Lodobro.

A O'ken at this. Pari, onder the Fum of ANGIAR & Priums, payablo Cerfificates dearing Bir per ALLAMBOX.



Groton, Ist (otober, 1989


THE Undornigand bereby give notice that the Ibusive hitheran conducted by them in Cantón will from the data be evreied on at Bhanghoo.


- Chaton, 19h November, 1852,


Cent interval per Ajjem.

Pertion of Brno, ice, may be obtained on *pptionon to

H. W. HUDBELL Canton, 114 Dember, 1688.


well sagorted [Price of English Cordage, Canvas and Tja", -Nalls of sik ", in Ceské uf & cw..--Round o


Pale Champaga) Fựu Growth,Pale and

THE verkeerd Brands Barclay 4 Perkins; ?�Claretand Brandy, Cova T, Dunkla

Sen. Apply to,

İLYALL, STILL & Co. Hongkong, Nļai djaber, 1852.

busines at AMOY -Snır CHANDLER ?VOTED FREE, Sad Gensaat Stomaksupar, JOHN DELLAMY.

Amoy, Tizi Oslaber, 1889,


undersigned Kave this day formed a Copart THE and style of GOULD

& MARTIN, be the thasanction of an Importing

and GENELA Comúzrajon, bosiness.



Ban Fransisco, 9th June 1889,

FO BADE FINE TOXIC] Octave Besemand Cottage

A PLANO FART2, Bladders & Condi

* From 31-09 * $3. Per Day. the manga, andrely depending upon orders for Meals.

A taked to the premiara ja a good BILLIARD TAKLI By. Quant ? Co


Sadan Chairs


DIAB, the Proprietor of the above Establish -pent" hege to infirm the Public that the

(Signed) ROBERT BAITER. The Fille på uld be used conj-sindập with the Olament in

mow of the fill wing some - Bad Lega

Cora (Be) Elenaūm Bad Breas Cancers Buns

Courcing and Bore Nipple

Bud Jules

Ele of Morchos pa and Band-Flies Finis



Chiro-foot Cath

· kéo beva removed from Praya Granda to the Mabini 26%. ?�? nor the City Gate, Intely occupies | Chopped handy kg/Me 24third. Bontela

Kula (Dan Moderate Mali, kiah July, 1852,

· This Instrument nearly now, and in good | Phun order. For Termo 4, apply so,

MAO KWENA (". Queen's Road, Higkong, 17ib November (966),


berigthink own Exoraved Plater,

* di Cako pristed from them on applies

25 Vrsonal, in the Odes of the Frid

1 Song, In Angan, 1852.


Aria-dias Bearry Bore-bead

Ulabdalar Ovul!. Tumanit

ing Lambage Piles


Weseda Yow!

Bold by kell Droggins, and at Professor Hollown, 'a

tablishment, 245, Strand, London.

By Mr. J. M. Da NILVA, ot bie Sur


and by HINNAM-longing,


and Mrs ALOW & Ca-Cesen

At la 6d8d. & 6, each pot at Baz.

There is a considerable saving in taking the Large pola,


AAD ??????.

TO WHALING SHIP MASTENS THE atentos of Whaling Ship Mantera is par baslarly requested to the great advantages arising from repair to Ships being elected at Whampos; where the undersigned have several my docht, with dry and wowe Sheds for the page of oil or other cats in the yards adjacent | chefgre on the same, and for repaira, being the most oderate made in any port in Chian. There sie se port charges en vrouels requiring repaire when bending their sargora, and many benakts are deciras ble by coming to Whampon which it so hardte pe





On Tuesday evening fast the Brethred of the Zetland Ladao met for the installation of the Worshipful Master for the ensuing year; ib. Hignt Worshipful Brother Hawes, P, G, M, preading. Hrother the Honble W,'T. Mercer, Esquire, being, with the usual ceremonies, duly installed Master, then appointed Broth 're Chars

(to be found in our issue No. 80 of theo th of November) Captain Hart saya?��? When at snolior loside the west roof, the extremities * of the Prazas Islan í bore N. N. E, and E. by ** N. +4he Charlotte wreck, 8. E. distant B miles, "Afterwards" tho Lianal was moved to within two mules of the wreck, bringing k to les Nt George Cleverly and J. B. Compton,bear 8. R. by E. with centre of island Faquires, na Wardens; sfer which, and the i*- *N, N W*_* The Chirkete appears to be ination of a candidate, the Lodge adjudrned to

??Genly fixed with her marts atill standing (the ita duosal Hanquet. A large number of vight-

able to specify within the limits of a single od?ing Lirethron attended, and the evening was

- Main mast apparently unstepped) and there pessed with much unanimuy and brotherly |" is still a probability of her komping together loxling.

|" until the monsoon changes"


New Town Docks, Whampoa stand

18th November, 1852.




ed to sign ow frm by procuration from the, day.

CORANEE PALLANJEE & Co. Onion, dot January, 1563


TEK wodersigned begs to Romance to the Publie that he opens the above Building this day, so ONAL Communion & Asxury Sains Regn. cod will kramary spenstead the mirand old Augion on the promoure whenever a outficient inducrat offers, having engaged Mr. Gaozoa DUSPELL's services up & petoner.


Mon May, In January, INBS."


R. W. BUTTON has comsord Uusia

that day of Carine and Lerncy State Karren on the Pramane adjoining the " Auction Mart* Vistoria, and hus Gorringes, Horras, and Poles for Hin Also the Break for training


N. B-Stabling to Lei. Hongkong, tot January, 1883.



BALTIC Timber and Planks, just arrived par As Invoice of mperior Rope from 9 ta ? luck, Boluope, Prime Navy Canvas and Duck, Print, Phim Oil, and Sperm candles, Prime Pass, Spili Peas, Beer and Porter in csake or 4 dozen Pisa, Bettente Cavendish Tobacco, Romen and Portland Courol, Corving Perut, Fireproof Chants, and

Common R++ a. ~

An lavnice of English and German Gold and Silver Walchen, Flannel, Alpins, and Buckskine, Flat rate Hi?e in case, complete, superior Bherry, Pet Care, Ogno, Cherry cordial, is Cons; and sundry viber articles.

A LUBECK & Co. Hongkong, 3h Dreember, 1952

NOTICK THE Revell Boss of the Union Bryan Com,

PANY is this day removed from the Vicrol Exchange in the prumisen adjoining the Avorion Mar, longkong.

gut, December, 1959.

To the Eder of the Furuno az Omyva

Hongkong Mat Dec 1882.

Dean Ben-On reading the Maid of yesterday's date, I observe a not ca of two Chinese being tried for Cattle

Straing, and that on their trial a respectulis fting Cnamin etapped into the Witness Ben and gave van Tu starp exilence on babait i the Primers, stating by the way that be bed no acquaintanew with them the st of the statement very nearly e anting in the so- quittal of the Prisoners and to rood the vipart olio-

Www reporting the loss of the Spinning Jenny we gavo oil extract from Horsburgh's Diroc tory, in which doubts are east on the position, given by Cupinio Rosa sa that of the sbual where the di. aster occurred. Our attention

Capt. Cameron's statement la confirmed by | ihoes of Isie chief and second officers (Mars Honson and Parkins)-the former adding that the main must was hanging over surre than the others(as was the Charlotte's) mul that the resol might be about 100 (mol 000) Tina On this


has since been drawn to the following passage | Jastor point, however, there was hardly a pos in the last edition of Horsburgh, confirming the sibithy of forming a correol opinion, as the justice of thore double:-

kano was very thick. As to the suite hanging row the yards they are all porfectly anisfod ?i the ostre of Pile Cicer de ver about by Band equally sa certain that any vasol lying

PUL BAFATA on #mon 1suaxu, beating from

??E., Jintout 39 miles, is in lat. 100??N, * fang. | there could not be the Charlode is the Chief Of. 1002 E., 420 E of Pola A, 4414 We Beer of the H. & C. Co's Steam Ship Hong of the Gernd Ladroor, and 28 mila West from Cape Varila on the const of Coobin Chiss, by long, who thus replied to our request for in- mene of any excellent chronometers.

??Captain Gore nando it lu let, 9, 804" N., long, 109 34 E., and Liewummst D. M. Gordon R. N. | in lat. D 584' N., and long. 109 11)) &

Jormation -

The veel seen by Captain Camemn could not have been the " Charkato * as we took all her boat saila sway with the stoepling of the Pulo Mapata it is hardly aroomary to say, jae | Maiomil, which was cat adrift, and thrown the nearest land at westward, with a certain | överboard being useless.

ngitude by which the position of the shanthing left above decks buy the mass, yards, When we lit the "Chadotto" there was

and standing rugging, sud ju same on board For all Honburgh's remark that Captain hatvor.

was tired.

Row observations were more probably maarar +: Ao H. M's 8 8 Hermes could steam there the truth than thoes of several merchant ship and back again sasily in a dujile of days, tho masters, for once it is certain has jadguértoircumstances are certainly sich au to warrant was at fault ;-and Mariners in general would the grumes and Captain Maasik would add to his do well to take warning by the fate of the pharacter for seal in consid ring the interests Spinning Jenny, and give the Hoyal Charlette of the community, if he orderd the service to be perforated forthwith; a advice which the jolly lars of the "Hirmer wouldno doubt gladly eater on, with a prospect någetting sa mada salvage on the Zakaffe's cumpa, as they have already a chanos of on the Cherie's,

??wide berth,

In our last inous we published a report by the Revolução, to the effect that a veisel was unen on the Pratas host, with sails dying about, which if not the Charlotte, might prova la to the Zack MOND. The British Ship Lucknow of 449 Toga Fawcett.Muster,jeh Hongkong for Awany on the Bh of October (between two and three montar

ago) and has never sinco ben hoasd gl. Bu as the Clipper Schonnar Mauppa, which al ed bence for the East Coast a couple of days alter her, when off Breaker Point on the 14th of October (near where the Zackmous would, most probably thon have been experienced a. ??avere Typhoon-was have too for sixty Lowes and, to quote from her rep?rt, " was driven az hundred and fly unites to the south west ??or into the latitude, through to the westward, of

Tus Criminal Seasons of the Supreme Court did Brally cines on Wednesday as hoped for We take Gòm the Chasa Mala contenused re- port of the two once tried, þe che purpose of potating out some disorepafcies deserving of | notice. In floe q?��?koeta câb it is stated that *on the 18th of November the police received information thai vertaia propety, the proceeds of a piratical expedition wa lodged in the prioner's house" This did out appear in évidence, nor was it no. Bereaut Boyle do. poned that he went with informer to nji- prebend certain pirates who were said to be

To Pratas Shoal, there in good raama for sup-stopping (not that piratically etsined property posing that there, in the locale of so many die estere, what remains of the Lucknow may yet ba found.

The following malement has brea kiolly

gether, une might think they were Innsemiinen-Bupplied by Captain Camerodú of the widded

who is this repretable looking inuman that so glip Spinning Jenny, who was a pasidi erously come forward to receblish the fenacence of

December 14th, 1852.

men he had na sequimispen with? I have been by the Resolução:- countant attendent at the Supreme Court for upwardanf four yours, and I can asfely say that arouly " Criminal Melon be occurred during that pericul, but this propeciable lowking Chinaman has been in attendas-a ponowa Prisseers with whom he had no acymarat- anen, charged with Hobberies remained in the vici- mity of the burial ground viz Wang-ale chung and Noo kas-pos. And I am informed by the Palice Authe Flug that the self same respectable losting Chinaman is la constant attendance at the Police offices with Pet tions in fator of men charged with Hobneries comiatt. and Easward Now I think in justice to the Pubilee had bee Fura asil, Fora Jaya, Main they should knew this, and if you will give this pautes. ty you will much oblige, one who well knows this pro- potable looking Chinaman.

I'm, Deur Blr, You' truly,


DEATH.-At Macan, on the Both rober, Fr. Antouto M. COBELLA Spanish Consular agent at erongkong DEATH-A Vicaria, Ingkung, the 29 ber, William M'Carter, Gruner of the Fort Wiliam,

At 8 a. 1. on board the Portuguese Ship "Resoluq "f the Prata Shool, mw a when?, distant 4 miles, first supposed to be China Junk, but an looking at her with the spying glass d immediately she was a vemel ashore on the 3, w, angle of the sho-l, bearing N. 56 B.; Praia-te and at the time boaring N. #7 Es Taalo Main Topazil, and Spankar, loose; she was boring. very much over to port, and her hand with to the - B. The weather was very heay at the time, and blowing strong from the N. E with a strong current suting to the W 8. W. The Capuck the Portuguese ship did every thing to work so wied


was lodged) at the prisoner's her but although Boyle arrested three iman. twof them proved

lo be the prisoner's shopiner: (and if the same evidence had been producent the Suprema Court on the 17th altas tas given at the Police Court when the math was first on "kyeired into, and again tendacjl at the last sit. bogd; there are good grounde be believing that the third person, so arrestedhund afterwards convicted of piracy, an for fin proving to have been in Iloe qui kaet's base on that par tioular night, was somewhat else;- to wit, already in the hende of certai Chiosse Pulion ranoc?, who, for several hure previous to Boyle's arrival, had been ing to squeeze him out of ten weeks of silve under a threat that if he did not pay it the would get him prosecuted on a charge of pacy.

la was a very singular froumstance that

ward, to hear the ship on Thalhnet; bứt thông, when Buyla gare kis tostiljong in the first corong at the tim that he could wet gel Belf

the curreal very strong against him, and blớn har, ho būru away for the Lana Lolanda,




Alor Set - W. F.

641 6.26 1,10 | | 40


041 6,27 2,04


a Monday

2,32 6,49 6.27 1.01 11 642 828 4,09 440 Moon-Last quarter on the 3rd at 5. 30 a. M


cases he said nothing about fourth Chinese ibat he had had tied up, but id let go, on find-

The ship had palutad port, and I should say hering, (on his finding) that he is not one of the Tomonga nomid banh v? thi luật sư tra

The bearings given oninside exactly with the report made by Captain Hart of the Linnet"

??Atur wiking this, yemarday, we trosived the Ching Hall of Thursday, in which we shw-re il maut skat the mel men from the Rowin?��? ~ waa shum aiz miles from where the Charter" was wreaked. T saty or cradarn that thin je erreonasma give being a small diagram, lflestrating the Istana Bod the "Charlo ten" coluilvo pealikona, on boating li the Bem anchored withle the ghoulizm Line" when and the brains of the cinth end of the Eslaap and the wreck as bodo trace the ?�l." Drawn to a male craigh mulas to the mok,

??difference of six miles, it alál be doen, qvald be pay


We have bees that particular bonus one. Gallien- pocacy appears devirons to bere aterred that they ha bruscame aeglect on the Bestor Naval Oficer's Art As aching the Hermes to reconsolira. Unhagimiaky however, as to whether the "Charl new what was brought away as which polat we can state, frum uncnon Knowledge, the Agents of the B & U, Cs were la po way cenala madis the Tramer Hongkong" veterand Casion, we can bet that Caprate laneta exalted a very proper discretion in the ear No bai get in cline to as opinion that the expenditīvo of ourla by the is to the Pratan Island of an sulmevine nom.

We give ready insertion to Taure, and the public are under obligation to the writer for the information given. But the voluntary testimony referred to had nothing whatever to do in in- fluencing the non convicting juror, who object-In ad to fall in with a verdict of guilty by reason of niber appearances, of which more may yet be written.

played War Bamer would proven waste of the publ

property Ja Ma?berry season, toj na exoncalo to the laland well be quite ? treat.

gira in time wood est as may shers that th�?semo ara Wha ngunt in the shape and seth of the tsland an - than wo Hoa than the Island in boca Võre mile in busch | ylifterque, have dipaglian home (1brv�?und n'háli vi skafasi seorfum Bus thie Wush nớc như: the pralcina?i the vessel seen it vero amenal that the "trainin?? | was eight, lomead of dont les fom kerj"nd ti`shry d(@cali so salcul nie, Jietanava älveu la kozy dayu kevi?ia bai una +, W. riteovet, and there to nouake about the "Char- lette bringen k.

parties auught by the inturnier. And who was the informer-Here again we have another error in the Man's report. The hous having being entered tuti, we verily believe, false pretende) a caneo was given for the goods found there to be brought to Hongkong !* and, saya the Mail-some of them were * claimed by the infurmor, who, however, could not make good his right to them -indoor he * was more than suspected of having perjured ?�hinnell belure the Court."-This is wrong ;-" the inforater never appeared alter the seizure

was effected; it was another mats, who swore to some of the things being his. A?'be Police Court he so swore (we heard lum); but he wo not swear they were his when asked at the Su- preme Court if they were. (We heard this too, and, with our fellow jurore toying the case, rayed the Court to prosecute him for degrant perjury and be would have been prosecuted bad got the Attorney General (epresented that there would be another opportunity for doing so on the following day.)

The Mail odds there seems t? be a geners) imgression that this was a conspiracy caso, goi up for purposes of extortion. Such is certain- ly the impression entertained by the most respectable of our Chupree citions (Tahun Achoey, we are sure, would never have gone bel for the Prisoner had he thought him guil- ly) and it in alleged that a party, whose canie has been given to u, gava Hoa qui kant ta lent him a hundred isels ut silver he should be understand several months ago that unless he

where be a?w is,

That there may be good grounds for inspect ing Hoo quit-koel of confederating with pira- tes, and of hoarding for them ther ill gotten goods, we will not undertake to deuy ; but asost sasuredly grounds for that suspicion were out developed at the Sessions now ended a more clumsily got up ease was never investigated μ· and it is frightfal to think that honest men may do so punished, and their goods, and good name, taken from them in such a bungling man. por. The Acting Attorney General we believe to have been perfecily ashamed of the case, But we do not altogether regret its rosult, for we shall he greatly mistaken if it duse noi pro- duce import al donar quences

Mr. Pullar Counsel for the Prisoner, dwelt, and we thought with much propriety, on the act of the price, when he hoard that his house had been entered and his servanta were in custody, Hoe qui kort was in Hongkong when this no- curred, but he immediately went to the Plion ??Magistrate and petitioned for their relanse- "Was it likely -Mr Pollard asked?��???that if guilty he would thus thrust his head into the Liedon A great deal of weight was no doubt attached by the Jurors to the circum sace of so many boxes having been found in the prisoner's house, over and above what were claimed by the pursuara, (whoso allegations that they were theirs were proinpily believed by the Police, whilet, as Mr Caldwell admitted, the applications of others, pa.hapa more truthful, be could say nothing about.) This olroumstance has been explained the following mannor,

The Prisoner was in the babit of supplying ?��? Fishermen with provisions when they wint out to Bea, and in somo instances the bones waro lait as security in payment for the pur chases; pawncil, in fact, there being no licenso pawn broker at all in the village. There is nothing unreasonable in supposing this to be True that we can see But we shall have oc- casion to return to this subject before long, in connection with the case of the man Chaoug. fook-choen; and the necessity for providing was not even aware that Mr Pollard was Prisoners with counsel. Chaong look-chuen defending bimor rather proving him guilty of one charge to get him clear of another,- be being, actually, innocent of both-The other two, by whom br Pollard will have been re- tained, night have beca guilty of one or other

of the charges; but they were not in Hoo qui keet's house nor was the property there which it was first sworn they had stolon



Wednesday, 27th December, 1852,

The adjourned Sessions of the Court was held ymlarday, when two cases when tria?.

1. Hoawa cowe --Rocsining stolen property z confaderwiling with pirates.

The pelouse was formerly in the employ el Goretament pe Oveturer-e? Randa, and subs quently became Hood Contractor. Since then ho has occupied a shop in Shak pai won, and nezan to bare boun bald in comelderable esteom by his neighbours. On the 18th of November, the po lice teenivad infarination that certain property, ibe prossede of piration! expedition, wan lodged in theprisoner'a house, and Sergoan Boyle, com


ed by the informer went and knocked at the

TEE LAW OF CROCHET, No person game, and as a holes was heard men ceesping, the door was forced. Boyle

Parliament bis at loogth bean compelle! to give ing no on below, went up stairs, and on pase

|ke ever tardy stienilon lo a question 'deeply affoss through a back door, saw the men ranging the domestic heppinoss of thousas le of her em be pursued and ap, rebended. The boxes Majesty's married sub-ote. We allade to the

brought to Hongkong the following day, and




When she pressado to hear his last joke from the be emurused to Lord Brougham, who he criebrated club, but obviou-ly dora ast, ne ber Hpo and for his Cretohetwork, and in the House of Com

??in?ng to Mr. Dvicaeli, because he rally worka very mind are palpably counung loops. Clean & uncle that if a wife porolda in an un. ¡ fairly-with a hook.-Punch revinable attachment se erosket efter dus modice

SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE newly, Br, gentle hint from her beloved Elwis i of them were claimed by the informer, who rochel question. The miseries arising from the, opt, & hell joking remonstrenos from his most in. roser could not make good his right to themed eate of the law upon this subjam hava timun bhchelor frie-i zund, lastly, a grave antrosty | resulted in an agitation which has made itself cons from ber in the la-law-the nonjugal tie shall be ed he was more than suspected of having perkusionally beard. Mratings have been held in all be to be dialed to the great following:- Edwin Dec. AT RONGKONG,

his before the Court. While the boxes the amking rooms of the site, in the levels of my go to Baskwall whoever be plassen, and 21, Zephyr, Morrice, from Cuanslagoon. est the station, however, Enather claimant p the operas, in the apartments of bachelor friends, without Angelina, even though there are ladies in 28. Amistad (8pan), Tayag, from Mesila, 18th red, la the person of Tam-schowa tafter supper), and in the various other places of re

the party i may take a bad at old Bifflin's a Twink (men, whaas boat lind been pilinged by vitales fuge to which the sufferers had been driven by enham, or his cousin 'Tom's at Himpiend, wilkow 29, Wlick of the Wave (Am), Tuy, from San Fran the 17th October, and whe recognized several Creches peresaution; it has been deally received aree eying word about k previvady i may be eles se belonging to himself and bi primer that a Bill shall be foceed through the flonsterly deal to all allusions about Angeline's having ales identidad one of the three men apprehend

by Boyle, as having been engage in the pirety immediately after the Easter recom, to settle the he other two were shapes in the employ of question setiautorily. The bill bas actually be -kwei hest. The prisoner was found guilty, and prepared, and Mr Pinol's prdele-write est op all kraced to Type Yours' imprnment with hard might to take out the legal phraseology, and, to e on the ronde; but as ni the most respectable betale Baglish and common sense, in order that the outlines of the messure might be Isid before seeholders is 9helpsiman appeared in Court the nation The character of the bill will behen ak as to bis gelerdi character, the Judge allererous the analysis thus prepared. The messure is eshtesse tu kard labour within the wrills of the entitled, An Act 17 ameed, consolidata, and de- There seems to be a general imprcasion abroad, the law of the Crochet-hook.

The preamble recites that the power of th(r) e of exertortion. 2. The second case was that of two Chinese, ¦ to be dinugleh

lease 1 nets that no married lady shall,under cuerd of Cutile infting-mealing a cow and calf

hopes in the village of Hongkong. One way circumsiness (not even the absolute nacity neva swore positively that he saw the prisoners of al-hing the duck of a patters, bacvacy I th the bill handing the settle, while another wit- quke in love with W," be permited to work at we said at a distance it seemed as if they were, crotobet in re then fourteen sure out of the testy.

on neurer approach they were sol, landing four. cow and call. The prisoners maintained that


cis, 17th November,

10, Maxeppo, Ryrla, from Comalagtas. thing to go to the opera in ; and may render the, Biam (Am), Hing, from Boston, 12th August. 10, Joshua Be* · (Am), Eamesbruck, from -Lon feed practically of less got intimating the slightest Intasuos of inking her there.

dio, 12.04 July Gavin & providea that nothing in that Act cons||10, General P'almer, Bimpson, from Whampoa. tained shall prevent a devoted wife from sitting up 11, lligerer, Baker, from Amoy. till any hour of the night derning stocklag", or 1, duma, Aldrab, from Bydsey, 6th November, melding the children's things

Clause & declare that all disputes arising as to Deo.


the praning of any words in the Act shall be set- 2T, Bombay (Store ship), Jameson, from Cum'meos, ted by the husband, without appeal.

Omnes 7 eneste that wake shall not (for the 29, Colibri (as), Kapperbeid, from Hongkong. ...or Goderinin ones silkur ; iho Act having now pro Dec.

It thắe was's sonspiracy on,igel og let yll | Crochet book has ineressed, in jasfoviing, and ongs! | Tütuna) be taken by the braband in seriaia cassa 29, Antly (Am), Parsons, from [longkong.



videl a remedy for all oss of rose GETATION. 6, Mavenger (Am), Bmith, (com Ban Francisco.

Ofuse 8 provides that the husband shall be ok 10, Joseph Firtcher, from New Zealand. liged to formab the wife with the muona of catioval

?ieves 9 smpower a husband to taunt his Crishaly wife in any gonila und humorous way, asi ho nakı kim t�?take her to the lala of Wight, he may reply that he shunt for she has had enough

PAMENUTIA, Par Amistad, 10 Besmen. Per Witch of the Wave, Menora Le Coul, Pack. ard, and Wal

Per diam. Mr. and Mrs. Brewster, Mine Joase, and Mr Ener

Par Alligator, Mr Heckman,

and sossible amesomrai dering his abse from!! Bay, Grindale, from Liverpool, Sth July, bome momaly, if a lawyer, he had better give berclay (Am), from San Francisco copying se della merebant, his son vond her se Whampon (Dut), Smith, from Cardiff, 9th Jane. Cause 2 deals that if a call's houdba must up cost-booke to cast up; and, of na awther, be can 16, Helena (Ap), from Australia. by were innocent, but had no witnesses. A ree to be insertable bedly cooked, is abai be we plan scalp her to road his works; but this latter look table looking Chinnan, however, came forward on the part of the lady of the house - - the court | (whilst no suthor's wife can condarorad to perkatm)

lebo preribed in moderation. iù volunteered evidence, to the fact that while not are altge it because she was so busy with her

work user sha barying ground in the Wong-bont's head. sichang, a body of me passed, saying they would

Lane 9 excepla a husband from all the pona! * on a lilija Lariber in seurak of the cattle, and tims of looking grumpy and being a dieigtosble ser, they had passed, a second basil came along cross old thing, in certain drace, naindly, aving the prisoners is custody, and were met by ju frat band, who returned with the caule. They Lid the prisoners must have been thu th aves, and agan to beat there with sticke. He bid no pra Sone sequalalance with either of the prisoners. le bed presented a memorial at the Magin?rata's bffer, wad was told he bad belter appear and give Indence befsa the Supreme Court ordine, guilty, by a i Jorny of Bre so our; venirner imprison Sent with hard Labour for Them Yours.

49. 10 72.

1 Nisi Prius Binlage,

é Quinquagesime,

When lovely nati-maramar la held op for his admiration be having at the time one or more

buttons d'icient on his shirt,

When he come home by appointment, to take. her to the Apiaryz at the Zoologist God. sus, and Aude her not dretsed, and reluctant to over, because she has just found was a new way of purling 14, by casting of 11, sud | dropping 1 4 6 5.



of the Nestion. Or, të ska rogosate any old clothes of bla (to be converted, by a curtain mga de process, at geraniums and fuchsias,) he may ask her il th�?tinka hu in ns fond of cuming off" as she is, Deo. Allaha is atprately interdicial from posting | 96, Mandaques (8p), Bangusso, Manila,

25, Parsia, Broadfini, Amoy. by or sharpåfter, de si any other time or times

27, Troubadour, Tbombill, Ban Frencnco. is over, There are some other Chats, but their salur 25 Ongs, Billig, San Francisco. wil be explalund in the discovers of the measure18, Mappa Hyzie, Cumeingrooon, The charge of the Bill, in the House of Lords wil, 128, Arabin, Devin, Whampoa



Comparative Calendar

FOR A. D. 1983.

Being the sixteenth of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, and the second and third of the Chinese Dynasty Hinruno.


6 ve

170 ??ا

Day of work. Bug, dain le logo, Chi, in sunali Egurna. Today


519 18 7 10 14

| Wad: orday 6 (@t$ 1 _ 10 11?�ỪN

Thursday 7 2 1?di 291C


15 Criminal 8+ ions.

Barometer rango 29.°35??to 90, 85* Therm'ier

~ 80 to 9%.

26 Birth of Prince Albert,

Barometer range 29, 77' to 29.84

78 to 92: Thermier




Day of week

to filary Term.


dib Epiphany,


28 Septuagnolina,

394C 10 "

JANUARY. (19th and th Ch;) king, data in large, 1.kl., in small @guron

15 7




(0th and 6h ChL)

Day of work. Rag. dase'ls fargs, Chl. Ma omoll Agures.



16 10



3 Rus in Agogée.

11 Niai Prius.

8 nurday


10 11

?��? 主�?

20 25


17 10



96 19


425 11

10 10



18 13


Barometer nga 79. 71' in 30 Therm'ter,

29??Weddy B


10 11

36 18






20 19


Friday 720




(lâch and Lot C.)


Day of work Monday

(6th and 7th Ch Bog dao la farge, Chl in small Agores.

11 12 LO


Wednesday "


1629 160


16 11

23 19

20 26



10 3

17 10 24 17

Weddy 329


17 10

18 14

Friday 4UT

21 4

-161 25 18

Saturday 6


10-20 já


13 2013



1 St David's Day, Easter Term,

91 Bun roleri Arion,

15 Lady Day,

8 Chios New Year,

Ash Wednesday,

12 Pin Sonday is Lent,

Is Criminal Scarons,

Barometer range 29 69 to 20. 36 Sunday Therm'tat.

60 to 1A

17 Patrick,

2 Palm Sunday,

27 Easter Bunday,

I Niel Prios.

INC 8088 �?

147 $114

97 ***

MARCH. (Land)

Day of week. Bag date in largo, Chi, in small igurno,

$19 166

29 13 29 30


#7 21

#10 * ??



-20 21

19.10 ??28 HC

9113 20 24

SEPTEMBER. (7th and 8th C?.

Eng dan larger, Chi to small figuren,

2014 0917

29 Spa entero Libra, 29 Michalmai.

Ratometer range 29. 10' to 22. 94

78 to 93.


APRIL. Day of work. Eng, dane in Jorge, Ohi E3 mall Sigurm") || Day of ankog, daso in largs, Chi. in small Agures.

22:15 192


62, 19

Day of work.



Thursday 1 28

16 13


9:30 18 7

09 14

Felty 10 11


10 14 2821




· 10 10 17 ??

24 16?��?21 22


1917 160 20 25



11 #



| Shundag



15 C

Barocketer range 29. 66' to 30, Tharm'ur.





19 10

26 17


In 20

10 17

25 26



13 4


27 to




49 14 80

Monday 730

146 SLI

28 10

WWnday ni



28 36

(od and C)

OCTOBER. (8th and Chi )

1 Low Honday.

16 Criminal Sessions.

Friday IPC 8 10 15 8

15 13 21 20


21 8. Georgs.


28 SL 3090


1. 10 3 $74 Ab

Barometer 29 60 to 311, 04


1.2. 11.4.


#24 18

18 10


Thermometer 49 to 87.


817 18

19 19 2619




Wedonday 6 S Thursday

13 0


79 147


Thonday 04 Friday





14 12

91 19


1 Rogation B'day, Trinity Torn.


rd and CL.)'


(10ch Chi)

& Aerosion Day.

15. Wht Sonday.

28 Trinity Sunday.



Day of week. Eng dass large, Obl in simii @guma,

8 1 15 0

they of weak.

29 as

29 20


Rag. da e la lege, Cht: în email figures.

88 15 15


29 19

24 Birth day Queen Victoria.




Wednesday 29


20 Corpus Christi,



10 3





10 10

Eddar 44


19 18 2515

19 Charles Il restored

Wednesday An

114 18 (1





628 G19 730 147 21 14

10 IR 136 40 13 27 90

96 19




26 20

97 #T




(B and Bih Ch


617 104


4 118

Day of week. Eng, date in large. Chl. In onell figuran

107 Wadecoday Is Tijaraday Friday

Day of work.

Eng, dan in largs, Chi, in small Agures,

29 14




1529 290

16 10




·80 10

17 11



10 10

16 17


31 $


25 10




18 18

14 8. John Baptist.

5 136 | Squday







Barometer range 20, 481 to 29 88' Therm'ler

75 921.

Monday Tuesday

6213 7

90 14

Tu aday

#19 13

20 20

37 97

Wednesday 7 1?k


Barometer range 21, 58 to 29 95??Friday 68 to 69 Therm

1 Nivi Prius

??Eclipse of Bas,~(oot via herp)

11 Chine Dragon Feat.

20 Accession of Qosen Victoria,

Balipse Moon-(not wir bere)

at Ban internet.





3 Year 6614 of Jewish Era.

4. Your 1970 Mahomadao Era. 10 Nasi Prios.

Barometer range 29, 56o to 30. 16* Thermar

??67 to 90

BEAT ... (Chi 3lth had 1 kh}

1 Michelman Tarm.

#Ounpowder Plot,

9 Birth day of Prinos of Wales.

17 First Sunday in Advani.

30 B Andrew

Barometer range 29. 80° to 30. 17o

Therm'ter - 67 to 85.

1 Nial Prim

15 Oriental Besions.

21 St.Thomas.

22 Hus autore Capricorn

25 Christmas Day.

Barometer tunge 29- 80 ta 20, 95'


47 10 77.


Zipkar, Morrice, Fan Comet

18, Caliber (1) (8), Kopperhold, Wharespón

19, H. M. Sw deh Frigate Engénie, Captain

Virgin, Marits.

19, Rob line, Franca, Cumzingmeen.

29, Amistad (Span), Tayer, W?ampon.

30, Ela & ces (Am), Derby, San Francisco.



- Helissa (Pon), Almcido, Singapore.

- Sophia (Pony Intari, West Todira.

10. Doe Amigos (Pon), Lux, Singapore,

17, Smyrno (Past), Cuneries, Rio de Janeiro, Dec.


22, Flantam (Dulj, Klein, Cape of Good Hope,

92, Louie Comer (Beem), Waiterboro, Batavia

19; Wallium Money, Buchley, Bombay.

29, Afart, Smith, Austesba

19; 60' Ahead (Chiliz, Ellig Valparais s


???Σ ???Υ.

Sucers (Siam), Trail Stam

??Martina (Swe), Sillonar, Sukite,



b, tity of Kandy Gwyther, Clyde.

6. Ale (Am), Remington, New York

15, John Lugdale, Rome, Usuada.


Per Engenis, A Lubrek Esq.

Jer O, Moses D. O. Brows and RA Harrison,


The Jakue Bites spaku the American Ship Baby, on the 6th December, from Boston, bound to Hongkong.

The Sun spoke the British Ship Helina from Adelaide for Amoy, in Lat 2, 8. Lồng 169, 4 E.

sus 29 days.-Prasenger, Mr Bayte.


For Landon,

Estuaring, Ul.

Abber, W.

The Campb-11, W.

Aon bell,

Chendes, .

For Lisbon

Novo Vijum, M.

Jar Donday. Sir. Gangre. W. Cornwall, W.

For Batavia.

Carnation, AL Hidang Anam, W.

For Ningapore

Jemima Pereire, W. Kickavau, W.

For West Indie

Clarendon, W.

bibos, Gre.bam, A

For San Francisco Anton, li

Emma Ivilors, H. Prana, H. Itodaley, 11. Abbon, W.

Fanny Major, W. Rockliffe, W.

For Calles

Fliz Murcia, C.

Paladin, W. Iton, W.

For New York Cmich, B

Wellington, 3,

For Austalia.

General P'aluer, H.

For Shangha

Union, W.

for Amay.

General Chase, (L.






San Francium Ost 18One 17/Whampoa Wame, Authen and pang----Wasting [P. F Cares and on-

Dee Dee 2 Whangan|Lodsay and o

ar Hongkong Fletcher and co: THE 19, 10 Amay Tal and es Der 10-

Fra loo

BOW P. Vandaberg

Nuril and co == -ah-chan Dast and Le Des' 19 Des 18Wkampen Fletched |Sept 16 Nor 11,Shanghon, Dent, Hanle and en.

== =Burlow Jardine Halberen ond no. pt 23 Nov 21 Hongkong 19. F Fdwards.

Amy Tall and c

|New Caledoole New Whampoa Jardlow, Matheson and co

Vardins, Matheson and se

Fechoosept 10 Nov Li|flangkona Juki Burd and) UN





Won Park sonra).


Abbott bargus

Brit. Fernande

Agues, horgas


Abbar, ship



Alister, big



300 Vacat

Ama bilg

Spa | 29 |


Amity, hip

Anda bi

Helt oly






Ann Michel), ship


1. koo

Amonyma, brig



Anania, skip


Brit 13 D

Augusta, barque



Port Patie

Hella Gallega, olig


Berady, dilp

Sam Franciace

New 900


my it and on

Tak and ca

Shanghe Order

Hilang Ama, baryon



Baby ship



in Vermunjer, shilp



179 Unble

Arab, bungen

Anden skönner

Hride, brig

Lantun, steamer

Canton, steamer


Sir Ne Deme


Camileriden, bargai

414|| sky

Chili'an, belg


Laren, barque


Clarksa bacque


Liew, bilg

Codan, ship Cabel, bre

Cabel Coruna, barque Lew, scheuser Bu, choo

Her arque Blog Lancaster, barg

Merci, akip

El Tiempo, bal





itaoniving ship

de Francine



Halss | 200||pland

Sue Maundred

Now York

Det New Whampoa Order



C. Lengrana Hanghongade, Aathmen und ca. Mening skip Ver 1 ane in Wesen 3. Vallakjes a do Keediving ship

34 Kaligan 1.0 Elmont, P&O).???ság!|la doch | Stee-Dee-Hanghonglife along a Canton Co.

Nov Tethangban Deut. Beda and on. the Suites Maca Peralter iWhy for and Stopa -Ust Away" | fait and on *****............. |---- Womang �?major sad-on-

Wm Pasion and on Des 2011 tempos 4 F. Ulamaba

" and on.


- Da | Humgil a d

|kong & Cantoo


West Indies

Face Party

Moelving shly


Alurrow, photos and os dosa bay

Apr 51 Jone 92 Shanghae 4: Nuthabbey and co

North Phaido Yor in

Nidups Captala

Whoopan Under

And co

le blu, Hawson sad on. Dec 21|Whampoa A. F. Vanda berg

Amey Falt and o Shanghar förder ---Wng Vest Beals and so.

1tiongkong| 4 lillama. Autken and co Mer 31 Shange Order 1500 17


(0.4; Fdmond.P&O) (^a^sAg | Shangha gombras teaghans Parti Matheson sed on a Frid #te that 11

ampokes and sa

En 18Nav 4. Erhanghee Odmer, Gamme and s

-Weceng Sarilie, Matheses and



gkong C.dmond P&O

Nav Toon Tea Whatupad (0) C.Edmond Pata'sigt Bombay

11 W Hubbell


Tu Jardos, Kathman and or

Det let zelangkong leger, Reharffor and c



15 Grid de


Sis Vestes

341 Newman

Emigrant harg

hadly, berus

mily Jane, hlj

La laidus borgos


Lampeme, the

Lala, steamer


Falcon, ship




Find On, ku q

Fal-stone, sol



Am 1940 Oulai d Belt.11.

Fanny Mafor, berque

Fort Will, shitys




Umelia, sobr

Oral Cham, barque

General Paker, barque

E havana, barque

fles Hive,

bus, schuGHT -1kog stakmer Independence, rig loos, schoone




|1h00 th her -

Exer 10 Nov 19

Daly 2 my



Went and cu


W'en, harga

- Mere Parries

Hamile Michell, s




best and co

Hack-gala, big Haka, skly


14. Ukame, intham ad co

-chew Jardí s, Metkatavardiro. Liteceiving ship

Eng 14shankar jedes

| Belt | 2"['outchiga


throm and corefine akip


· What


Banglongkost daton chung densitan

"nale and co

Jardine, kinukesan od


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Jaka l'halliy?, kuryes

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Juskas Hares ship, -

Lady Holly

Larly ilages, batyus

La Folle

Lander, barq Lebowship

Lama, banque

Led Ampat, ly

Lookane berga

Lucknow, ship







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New York



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Mari Beliyra, banque...

Mary Adam, barque


Lưuch, then yo



[Lon. Bept 18] H.

Bon Aceard


Ickle Kilgour

on Aug 108.

Gir Rept D8

Cornelion Smit

Now. July 14-

Sarcocott Wakem Pok

Crystal Palona

Dos Ricardo

Early Bird

Fanny Chapman


Harriet Elumble

Flero In-lin

1 Aupard

Len. June 23|S. |Liv - Sept 29 H. Lon. Dei 811.

Chuingham Liv. Ang 149

lowers La Oct 78. Fawcet

|Liv. July 11|8.


Går det 42


Lon. Beje 28 H.


на вода да

Mary Mongue


om. Aug 11 S

Mary Shepherd


on Bepi 23 5.



Lon. June 23 H

B. V. Given






Security Tinto

Lon July 27 3. |Lon. Aug 2014. Liv. Bepi 25 & Liv. Dei 20 jv, Oct 20

Landing--At London; Katherine Sharet, l'lu

net, and Eugenia -A1 Livanpoot; Countess of

Winton, Berhampore, und Eliza Mors.


Order in which the above Temelsleft England

Kamathém, Criatal Piles, Cornelius Man, Worrket Bundle, 0.

Jag Lak Art

1. Umek, den plezank, 10mg. Chaputa, Mary Magd

nga Tan, Garving centy kind wla menarik.



Flavius (Am)

Folger Hirvloosen (Am) Chiog N spatel

Crown Prince of Orange Rephens Quintum

Harden, barque


Mello, bayou

Nicemo, barque

la schoort

NH. Palmas, slip

Nomi barque


M. Leid, ship

Nicolas Meslayaan, hilg [New] j5z+jee


ks, ship

North Star, ship No ja Las, big norogante, barque Nyph, organi


Panama barga l'athfinder, barque Persia, ship

Pletades, argue

Red Hover, arque

Hola, p

Koby, bel

hab Hay, Hap

Robert Hesse, ship

Mudity, old

Hackbär, butyse

Hot, bilgi

kaparell, barq

damnet Appleton, stilg

Jeaf, schoot

San Andres, l

slam, shap


sea Hene, bng

Pen. Nov 21 EL

Shuey, brig

om. Sept 24 h.

Cal Dei 17; 14,

Bom Bepa 26 H (Cal Sept 29 Ja

Len. Landan, Liv. Liverpunk, thân. Whickha, Wai. Wakebord find, CHERE, HOA VOLNA, Mart. Hartleyant, M16. MENG, OF CA turm Hed. Buning, Turk Taserrim, Mad, Madna. Pro Falang. D. Weighing, M.Altete, 16. 1 Kangna, A. Agay. H. h?ng the



[ON 26 | 1p1 31mandag




|Hongkong |Si, et Ab |




Kantoan M. Be

·lengkung | tagal 3


·kampoa |H. MM.



Fhampna || 112, kte | 4 (Singbone

Hongkong 1. X R., 20 (Walker

Whampoa-tera Sh



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15 Comoro Aullah

Fr Core 36 Raqamarel

12%, 10. | + [De Pho

ble Charles Forbes, atu

nir the Urbem, ship

Bulge, belg

baphia Vignar, hargne

Spartan, berging spen, schamar

harga, barque Sama, belg

Texcale, banque Thumpel, ship

1 has harden, 1, char 1g, harga Ule, ship

Vancouver, ship Vie, bo Walter,

hater wila, banque Westp


Wadi, p Mi Varga

talom, barque Which of the Warc, help raqul, brig

Zajkja, schooner

20lo- | u | TIPA |

New York






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Det 7


Harghong aloutts

Fr B. Drit





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40% arades



191 Daggot

11 May



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Oke Shanghaizidee

(pa Gaelachomh Lativa 17. July 91 12. Haj soughmy? reve 3++Mngley




- Heard and on. Koceiving airly

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12) kong, churmen and co

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Out 1 a 12 longhungstawie. Drlukera &



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"Nov talkfongkong were, Bayhanson and co. Kapálsi og Jane 3 Daewhamyon 3:0 fanlar,

Dea Sea 3 Hanging Tardins, Melbasan and ao. Sept 11 Yer kampon (Jrdeny and en


1 Nov 20

Golf and co. Dea 16 Des 31 Wampon Nussell and ro For

Holliday. Wins and or

et 24D & Whampoa Intro 6 splenou and

Pau. J'mate and Chonghonger


that Deg|WMama, Anthon and so Uns 101 Whampoa play, mith and so

acas ). At de Jesus.


Dee Ure-East!

Del am Now th thoughân 11m52, Nye and on Ang 17 ang 15 Phampsa #etmore and es. beciso pa so Nov. 1+ Hanging 3. 1. 12. *****...............inoy Pardina, Madsen and


Nov 19 Sor 25 Amay yun, Mair and an




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New York


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coving sp





O selber 11)danghinhos 90, Malkanga and an

Jet 10 23 Mac

U 29 30 - Kawa, Drinker and co

*** Framboioon | Ape 20 June 30 tianghang f. Lomant

Amay dame, et co

Now Amy Wm. Mônẩng

2000 t7|Nea -- Thempas W. Robinet.

- wagarell-and co.

Naw Seat 14 Desenghong Jaedion, Rachesonde


Aygun, Huls and co

........... ===|fason P. P. Came and co,

Aug 12 Dec 29 longong Fre

Faly inept 1: Whampas Angier & Allaneou

Dee -Dee-clonghang (0) Ukimsed P40,69 kg Get aber _Almey ||1. Hals.

enne Anguriine Heard and

Ost Das i Amoy Tai ano.


sept shank W. Davidon

H. Jackson

Wampon Dert and on

: Loo, Under



|Spas| 633/udin

an Francisco




Kadriving ship

Nige, Karkle and co,


Receiving ship

La dock

Hhoog & Ca

Receiving skip





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aly July In Mocas


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receiving ship

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LAM 1.

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tomar lejate (7-Jeugkong ardian, Maiberon and co Per Sale

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Amata, a


Ker & Shanghae

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New Vech

Pune Deo 1


Beki.| 413]Plandet.

the tree 1


syme, Muir and ca.


and Macpherson.


Meal 1144sgu [Br 1943

San Francisco Nov 17 Hanghong


(Dec RB) "

kar Jam Balıd

Dee 13 Dec 17 kampo lale Drinker and to

2 Hergkong #Wilazny, Authon sad es. Wye, Parkin sed es

-East Conco

EDITED, PRIDEED AND Puramoan, at the ProPhistor, Wistian Tammany, Queen's Rood West, Victoria 1889.




ar du be despatched by

VOL. XII. No. 3.


Hee-tring ship



teortving ski

-Googlving ship



scaling skip

Tich pra




PRICE $10 per unnim.

TERMS OF BUBSCRIPTION to the FILIEND OF CHINA AND HONGKONG GAZETTE, per Annum, 18. Dollaro, payabr in advance, quartely or otherwise, at option. Bingle Numbers, Wa cente, TERMS OF ADVERTISING.-Ten ?nes and under, 1 Dollar; additonal, 10 omnis ??Ulas. Repetitions one-third of the Best Insertion, Shilpo, - Piest Insertion, # Dollars as hanquent insertions 43 cents Advertisements to bave wellten, on the face of them, the number of times they are required to appear, otherwise they will be publishod umill counterionlad. A reduction of twenty dre per oral on quest charge made when quarterly socounts are renderal for advartiescounts ordered to stand unillaturbed for a period of shree months. Pull charge made for repetition of any Advertisemaut in the Ovanjavo inasie,


N and after

until further polos The

H. & C. B. P. Co.'s Steamer will ply regularly between Hongkong, Canton and Macao, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, (ubles previous notice of Dariation be given) as follows, The Boat leaving Hongkong, on Monday, and Canton on Priday, will call at Macho, starting at 7. The bour of dopastare at other times will be 8., and the Boats will proceed direst bo two Hongkong and Canton.Whoo induonas offers, the Bostel cast Casing mooo, but previone notice of such deviation will be given when practicablo.

The farms will be as heretofore: Lot Class between Hongkong Canton & Marno 98- Ataseo 05. 02 Dosk Passengers European.

Chinona- Pagora dovirous of proceeding to Masso for short period may obtain return tickets available for the first or sooood Steemer after their arrivals at the reduced rains of 98 between klongkong and Maono, $12 between Canton and Macao.

Every firet Claes passonger will be allowed one servant free of charga

The vessels will convey frsight on the terms of their published asale; on which, however, some reduction will be made for large quotition, by spenial agreement,

LYALL, STILL & Co. Agents H. & C. & P. Ca Hongkong, Sib November, 1858.


bavu oorly drprich.

You Fasion. Apply to WILLIAMS, ANTHON & Co. Hongkony, 2nd Doomber, 1852



600 Tana, Captaii Sempron, will havo ostly despatch for Port Phillip, Hebert Thon, and Sydacy."

For CABIN of Tauson Passion, apply Board.

26th November, 1859.




Tiff undersigned begs to annouce to the Public

thai bo opone the shoro Building thle day, as

??Ganga Connorton & Adamov ?abes Room, and will personally superintend the same and bald Auction on the premione whenever a sufficient inducement offure, having ougaged Mr. Guamen DUDDELA's Deviaca sa Auletioneer.

Victoria Exchange, 1st January, 1988.



MR. W. BUTTON as conood Desiness

This day so Fashion sod favenY ?TARSE Katrus on the Premises adjoining the " Auction Mart Victors, and has Carriages, torsos, sud Ponles for Hirs. Also the Break for training Boteco,

N. B.--Bubling to Lel Hongkong, In January, 1868.




ON VIEW AT TH? Srokas of vir UnderacheD, NEAT COTTAGE PIANO, 64 Octaves, by

COLLARD & COLLARD. This sweet wooed lastsuinrai will be sold chomp.

MAC EWEN ??Co. Queen's Road, 4th January, 1853.

FOR SALE. well amorted Invoice of Kaglieb Cordage, Cars and Twine, -Nails of sixen, in Casks of 2 sw,-Round Dar tren.


CIRCULAR. MRS. F. DUDDELI. bege respectfully to colleit

the Patrouage of the Ladies and Public of Hongkong to her Millinery and Haberdashery Busines at the VICTORIA Ekuhanog sad will be most happy to excoule any orders with which sho may be favored.

Victoria Exchange,

1 January, 1953

N. D. Bide entrance in Standay strect

FOR SALE AT THE AUCTION MARTS HONGKONG AND SHANGHAE. AND AT Acow & Co.'s-CANTOR, Medical Tanatan on Nervous Debility and


Stealth and



Pule Champagne, First Growth-Pale and Brown, do-Second do do.-out fruta Barclay servations, illumisted by Atomice Plates, in

Perkin-Charts and Urandy, from T. Dankin

This work, emanating from a qualised member Son. Apply to,

the medical profondon, the rovalt of many years practical experience, is addressed to Gentlemen who quiler from the various disorders acquired in early life. Ja Me page will be found the causes which lead to their occurrence, the symptoma which indicate their prasmes, sod as to be dopted for thoir emoval. By a Physicia

1tongkong, 10th July, 1859

LYALL, STILL & Co. Hongkong, 21st October, 1869.

FOR BALE. DALTIC Tabor and Planks, jum nerivoð pa

THE Real Basics of the Union BREAD COM-BALTIC

PANT in this day removed from the Vicroga Excuanon to the premises adjoining the Avorion 01 ART, Hoogkong.

29th Decimbo?, 1952.

EQUITABL? FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, 96 CORNHILL LONDON THE undersigned, baring boon appointed Agents for the above ?lice, are prepared wo effect la. |surances against dre, où Buildinge and Gooch, ju Canton and Hongkong, including merchandise

An Invoice of superior Rope from to inch, Bultropa, Prime Navy Canvas and Duck, Paint, Paint Oil, and Bperia candles, Prime Pena, Split Pass, Boor and Porter in cuake of 4 do?an Pious, Bret-rais Cavendish Tobacco, Roman wa Pordand Come, Copying Promen, Fireproof Chests, and Common R.?.

As Invoico of English and Germs Gold and Silver Watches, Flannel, Alpino, and Buckskine, one First-rate Rede in case, completa, Superior Sherry, Fort, Clero, Cognac, Cherry cordial, in antivo Puckhouses.


· Cassa; and sundry other articles. Canton, 14th Augum, 1851.


A. LUBECK & Co. Hongkong, 30th Desember, 1852. NOTICE.



Extauzised wi 1910,

ON BOARD THz Broan Baiy "HYGEIA." Whampoa Kruch.

| N aztensivo assortment of Ship Chauillory and A Cabis Stores, of the best and most variaó des-

Cotton Canvas-Nou, ? a 10,

Romia do, and Duck,

Brotch and English-do,

THE MANAGERS of the Sơn Puku Ozzion,

London, beg leave to inform the British and foreign Residents at Hongkong and Chantos, that|cription, 483- they have constituted and appointed the under- signed a thou Awwonways to impus Policing of in veonce against vien on Buildings, Guads, Ma chania and other Property at those places.

Full particulars of latas do may be obtained one applican to

LINDSAY & Co. Hongkong and Canion,

THAT Commodious Dwelling House, on the Praya Grande Muono, known


3155 as the late Residents of Mr Jonn Burra, depassed. Terme mederato ;-apply so the PramusON,

or to the Clerk of the Court

Alzono, 24th August, 1852


THE underaged has this day slowed his busines of Sup Buor and CommissJON ?BENT M this Poet, in favor of Me F. J. Angian.

A. VIEGAR Canton, ist October, 1852.

WITH reference to the shove the undersigned beg to intimate that they have this day

tablished as Suir Hogs AND Communio Aquat this Port, under the Fum of Andina &



Cantos, lat Gelober, 1862. NOTICE

THE Undersigned bareby give notice that the Misiones hitherto conducted by them in Canton will from this date bo sarried on at Shanghas.

DALLAB & Co. Canton, 12th November, 1852.


THE Undersigned has catablished himself in THE Oblished

Hongkong, 18th August, 1982-


Capital £50,000,

100 Shawn or 2500 kom.


Menem Lanway & Co.ilongkong, Chaton,

Bhangbao. Aguais,

Momen Gundrakes & Co-London,

Lookin & Co.-Bombay,

Nuand. Paire& CoCakalle, Pasur & Co - Madras,

with znfance to the above, the undersigned aro

reed to grant POLICIRe Payable in Lond Bombay, Calculin and Madres.



China, 27th February, 1852

MARINK INSURANCE. New Yona Moruaz ?smunanOW COMPANY, OF New York.

E Undersigned is prepared to accept MA-

1 BINE RISKS in behalf of the New Yone Mutual Insuraom Company, payable in London of New York.

Patent Manila Cordage, of all simon,

Both Patani Russia Rigging, from one to sloven inches,

Englab and Dutch Sheathing Copper, from 16 to 32 -with Nails.

With other articles too aumerous for comprizal in the limits of an advertisement ; all of which can be obtained, either wholesale or retail, at prices fram tau te fillon per samt less then those charged st any other establishmant in China,


Whampas, 28th June, 1862.



THE atention of Whaling Ship Masters la par-

ticularly requoted to the great advantages arising from repairs to Ships being affected at Whampoa where the undersigned bars several dry dock, with dry and ensure Shede for the storage of oil or other cargo in the yards adjacen chargos on the same, and far repair, being the most moderate made in say port in China.

There are

po port charges ou vasols requiring repaire when landing their ongoes, and may benefits are deriva ble by coming to Whampon which it in hardly pos sible to specify within the limits of a single advar- Litement.


Whampoa Leland,

15th November, 1853.


AN ASTONISHING CURS OF A DISORDERED LIVER, WITH A VIOLENT COUGLI AND OENERAL DERANGEMENT OF THE SYSTEM. Copy of a Letter from Mr Treharme, Chemist, Carmarthen, dated September 10th, 1862

To Profesor Hollowar,

NOW LANDING "z Joshua Bator (com London. Ardered state of the Liver, with all its attendont

Base Pale Ale,

Browo Stout,

Pale Shorry,

841 Umbrellas,


Bent Paris Nap' Hals,

Arab Folt


Arab and Brown Jerrya,

BOWRA & Co. Hongkong, 4th January, 1863.

ANCHORS. NOW Landing or "Confucius" from Liverpool, Now of "Contac

BOWRA & Co. Hongkong, 13th November, 1852



Dear H-1 am happy to inform you that your far-famed Pillo hava edocted another cure. Bru Eliza Darien, of Pontyber"m, near Carmarthen, was for many ponen a great sufferer from a dis-

ovils, as wooknom of the stomach, bad digestion, lore of appetite, head ache and general delality, in addition to which she had a violent Cough, and occasionally severe fits of Argue. This complica tion of diseases so whatod her constitution that ne hopes were entrained of her recovery, not withstanding she had the best medical advice. AI Jangth a friend recommanded her to try your Pille, which happily she did, and by continuing their un for a short period, she has beon parfcctly restored

to health.

(Sigued) J. D. TREIARNE MIRACULOUS CIKE OF DROPSY. Extract of a Letter from Edward Rowley, Esq., of India Walk Tobago, dated April 8th, 1832. To Profor HOLLOWAY,

Dear $4r-1 deem ita duty I owe to you and the public at large to inform you of a most mira- culous recovery from that dreadful discam, Droger, and which, under God, was affected by your in valuable Pill. I was tapped five thats within eight months, and skilfully trusted by two malice! practitioners, but could not get aured, until I had recouru to your remedy, and notwithstanding all

N?, 36, RUA DO HOSPITAL Formerly occupied by Doctor Suruno, TIE Undersigned begs to anaounce to Com This Company, under the Title of the Nawrondera and Mater of Vosmule and the Public YORK INSURANO Company, was organized in generally visiting Macao, that the above House in 1798, as a Jorry Stock CompanT. ?n 1851, ? now open for the reception of visitors. The was re-organized on the principle of the Mutual Hoeping Rooms are lon io number, large and Bystem, and the profits ofte First Year's Basinand airy, likowies two Billing Rooms, and an excellent I had undergone, this miraculous medicine cured ending March, 1852, returned to Contributors a

|Dining Room, where evory allestion will be paid ??me in the cobre of six worka Divided of Forty two per Cant upon the rood to the accommodation and comfort of Eloneders. Promiuma, payable in Certifionten bouring Biz per As he devotes his whole time to give the atmo

mtisfaction, he treats for a continuance of the THE undersigned the to the and style of GOULD Cand interest per Annes

Particulars of Barna, do, may be obtained on Public Patronage which he has hitherto sa liber- application to

ally received.

AVOTIONBEN, and General Br?KELEEPER. JOHN DELLAMY. Amoy, 21st October, 1862. NOTICE.


& MARTIN, for the transaction of an Importing

and GEL Commision business.


San Francisco, 9th June 1852.

NOTICE. PESTONJE? RUSTOMJEE in suchens ed to sign our firm by procuration from the


COWASJEE PALLANJEE & Co. Canton, 1st January, 1863.



op, T. Burzan Kino-Callector of the Port

U. HOPKIN, Eaq.-Aveistent Coltector.

A. Corr, Esq-Naval Oficer.

K. Graun, Eaq ---Deputy Collector.

Vamosun Buowu, Kog.-U, S. Appraiser.

H. W. HUBBELL Canton, 11th December, 1852.

NOTICE PIE undersigned have been appointed Agents at Hongkong for the subscribers to LLOYDS. Musters of Vessals are requested to communicato to them intelligence of losses, neri-lents, the speake ing of Vocols, and any general information they consider of importanee or interest to the subscribera.

LYALL, STILL & Co. Longkong, 3rd September, 1852.


FINE TONED 61 Octave Rosewood Cottage A PURO by Stoddard & Co.

This Instrument is nearly new, and in good order. For Terma &e, apply to,

MAC EWEN & fo. Quson's Road, Flongkong, 1718 Novenaber, 1953,


From $1-60 to $3, Per Day.

the soutirely depending upon orders for Manta.

Attached to the premises is a good Bizaard Tanas By Connie & Co


Sadon Chairs


Dent, begs to inform the Public that the

DIAS, the Proprietor of the above Establish-

ranie has been removed from Penya Grande so the House No. 16, nor the Caly Guta, latoly occupied

by Mr Edward Kootwin

Tuane MopurATR, Macau, 14th July, 1852,


The clebrated Pille art wonderfully officacious in the Alluring complaints

|Fatanic Erragada-polation of Drina

Serona, or King's

Age Asthma

Bila Compliam Fover of all kinda Bell Rachel FT

Dowel Compilate Hivat Colice


Constipation of the ladies

Berak Cumampuan

Debelity Drupay





Sure Thron

Stage and Gravel

Secondary Bywpeng The Dualoarea


Livar Complaints Venereal & facdon



Warm of 't kind

Warm, what-

Ever Caves, de, ke.

Bold by all Druggista, and as Professor (Holloway's establishment, 744, Birand, London.

By Mr. J. M. DA SILVA, at his Stora

And by THINNAM-/longkong,


and Men ACOW & Cò-Canton.

Al 14, 6d to 8d. & Oy, each pot or Box.

There is a considerable muring la taking the Jarge pote.







ve to be haploaded by

Man Franciano


|Honniving ship



VOL III. No. ??











Por Andar, Mc Muguias.




Simm (Am), Ring, Whampoa.

Paladin (Am), Murphy, Callao,

Zandos, Tillman, Whimpou.

6) Lima (Ham), Peters, Whampoa

6, draham (Am), Cushing, Whampon.

6, 1'illiam H ?aison, Macpherson, Shanghao.



- The Reid Dacidson, Shepherd, Bangupore.


U. 8. 81. Plymouth, Comrannder Kelly, Manila.


Akbar, Miton, Londwa.

bille (Am), Dollard, New York,



16, Emprem, Newman, Australia.

Tim Chape, San Francisco.

24, Viper (Amy Lan, New York.

26, Wellington (Am), Mayo, New Yoth.

26, Minna (Ani), Potter, Crulas.

27, Oneida, (Am.) Crewy, New York.

Bewley (Am), Lenking, New York.

28, Audax, tiloves, Hongkong.

31, Casterides, Lakey, London.


19. M.Bir. Bermes, found no other real on the Praias, but the wreck of the Charlotte. She brought

back with her about 50 balm of Cowon, and reports

that some 1,500 more damagud, might still be saved


For Loudon

Semarang, H.

Hamilla Michell, W.

Leander, W.

North Sur, W. Rocke, W.

Thon. Campbell, W. Ana Miebell, 8. Joseph Fletcher, 9. Naomi, 8.

For Lisbon

Noto Viajela, M.

For Bombay, Bur. Chungen, H. Ann, W.

Cornwall, W.

J. Jorjoebluy, W.

For Calcutta.

Red Rover, U.

Hob Roy, W.

For Bakaria

Bing Anam, W. Pintada, A.

For Singapore.

N. 8, da Lus, M.

St. Jose, M.

Coy, W.

Jemima Porcina, WV.

For San Francisco Aso, H.

Bouma lolote, H. Nuraries, H. North Carolina, El. Pam, H. Rodsley, El. Abbo, W. Fany Major, W. Lebanon, W. Water, W.

For Callas

Elise Morrison, 0.

Borka, W.

For New York.

Alemogar, W.

N. B. Palmer, W.

For Syamay.

General Palmes, ft. Arabia, W. Burge, W.

Por West Fudies.

Sir Thos, Grcebam, A.

For Manila,

El Tiempo, tl.

Amistad, W.

For Shangha

Galeo, W.



Aman, sip Amistad, brig






Abbott barges

Aguas, bareba

| Belt. | 444|Vergnason


Alligator, bl

191 Baker B. Vlacral Sipan




det 13 Des



Dhee 10. the


Ban Francis et Das 17 Whatopan Williams, Anther and so.

Woo?ng P. V. Cal and co- Whatapon Fletcher and on


BVWhampes A. V. Vanderborg

Resend c

Hongkong Navia

The 140

15Whampoa Filcher and on.

||Sept to Nor 14|Shanghor |Deut. Hosle sad on.

147 Sullivan



de Mergess


ج?د ?ا?د?

Anita, bre

Alm, ship

Ann Minhal, pháp

Amowym, brig

Autole, ship

A ru?ka, barque

August, barque

46 Bren


Huh. Div

18an Frusciand




San Francisco Sept Le Nov


Jaka Berd and co



Amy Tall and n


Beverly, ship


Jatan Francece

Batang Anam, berjen






Dec I

Talt and on.


p p

June 31 Jan

Bell | 101|Jamoan

Australia, ship

Hella (alega, abip


H Harmonjes, skilg

Bride, brig

Canton, steamet

Canton, steamET

Canitaridor, barque

Clara, Grig

Clarins, barque

Clown, brig

Cadan, ship

Collel, brig

Columbres, ship

Dewan, schoeist

Dido, sebenar

Fleanor, barque

Flange Lancaster, bary

Kära Motrinum, obdy:

Tiempo, belg

Emigrant, barque

Fadly, barque

Emily Jane, ships

Erla, mar

Fate, ship

Fort Wom, p

Gagna, siname



Hola 400 plead


Hiver had

New York


Vie No Dermett



133 Hitchla

154 D'Und

- Den Jedina Mathama and co. [Neceiving ship >apt 33|Nov 21|Hongkong|H. F. Edeuda.

Dap Away Tall and co

(New Caledonia Nav A" 30 Whampoa Fardian, Mathson and on |shanghai

Hougendferde, Matheson and en



|_ 10| Shanghon |Angustias Heard and on. ||New York

Nor Whampes Order

Hongkong Rawis, Draker and co.

---|36 hatapos |C, 5. Langrana


- Hongkong|fandles, Mathmor and to. Kucering skip Mar D'ituna 15) Wonung|C. Pallonies and on.

Melving ship

Whanges 0.0.KAMA, P&O,Cʻshgilu duck Honghang Hongkong Cantes Co. ||Nor 10 Shanghai Dani, Bende und vo Dan Toptat --............................. -` -|-

Nov 2


verholdt Singapore |Brit.||| 407 Helton ||Hongkong

Dis. 47 Vanderwall wwport


Amboy Tall and en -|Weening |Cemales and en

W Pastes and en Des Whampoo |?ckwoman and en

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Racalving ship Shanghas

||Sept 140ct



July 14Jam

1941 30 Dec 16 Whampoa Olman and co

Hongkong Eneser and co

De Des Whampoa burrow, Stephenson and os tambay

Ape zilano 25 Shangház C. Nuchalkoy mal co

||Del 23 Nov - Ningyo Captul

|North Pacife (WANDA D? NARyan Order


et 11 Amy Talt and an.

Nav Le New Ecum mone Bleskin, Hawass and on, Culleo

Jan Fan Tilangkang Lysl, Stál sol so.

||July 23 July 26 Aday ||Tilt and en

10 Shang Hargreaves and on

Wang Oral, Besle and on

flariving p Liverpool |âncalving ship

San Franci

San Franchion Dat *Dra aflongkang Willama, Authen and on. Hongkong |Commelingiraan ||Faŭ V Fah

[D.U Vdinand,l^&4) (;o'shgy/Shanghas

a Hongkong Jardine, Matham and mu

Kam Franciano Ust 11]De" tr[Whampoa | Kumel ání za Singapore

** 19 Nov 1�?thưngine Ullman, "Bowman and on.

--- Hongkong|0 0.27mond P&O CơsAgenore ship

D.C.Edmond Par(c)Casági Bombay




Corcyra, belg

de barque

Cornwall, barqu


50 Monodraž



Ita Turbul

35 Jedd



133 d


19) Metallock

Belt | 834|"tephenson






Eman Jaldi barqar




Fatt ha barque

Yanny Major, barge

Am. | 290(cm

Ista Vero



Des-East Coast Jardine, Mathes al

|Mayor, Schonfar and so

Beli, 34 Halinsest

Whampes Hasion



||Usi 99 Dec 36 Hongkong Dost and a

JanMacao | Rawle, Delakar and so- Selg (sandth, King and i




La Produ


12/Whampoa Dent and us



A Helt

700 leg

[nas Frázmino



16 Hongkong Wlan, Authon and o

Chinchon Jardins, Machado and clearing ship

Am 59sa

| Belt | 20-|Porcel?go



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angja: 180;}

Lostong Jardins, Huchete and coasting ship When Ruslandco.


Hiver Cost



243 Domman

Lp Macfarlane

Honghong hches

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Gels, schooner

Omar Chama, bangun

General Palmer, haryan

Gertrude, ship

(Hewlyen, berjи

11. E. Smith, barque

Hamilla Mitchell, alky

Haman, skip

Harlan, bilg Halona, ship Hellas, clower Hindostan, Hongkong, siner Hurricane.ship Lodopodemos, turta Com, schouet

Island Chasen, schuması

Janejo Jerjeebly. ob Juan Vorsira, barque

Helt. 584 Ampans

Brit 6404




264|Pitamaarion (Banchay


2pm $44 urtemugha |Mariá Brit. Sals


Nør 25 ..

J. de Unshots, sap

John Phillips, barque

Dee 13

Joseph Fletcher ship

$12 V

>w Zealand

Joshua Batu, ship


Bay Easterboush |Lauden

July 27

Lady Flora Uliyon, ship- test

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Lady Hayes, banque

1 Lay

La Fence, baspati


Lowther, barque


47. Litay




Pan Franches


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Lard Warston, slD


+ 34 lirine

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Recalving ship

A. 290|Livese


Br.440 Fat

ت?سط ب?ا ?را





Lon Bept 18 L. Lon Aug 18. Liv. Bept 118


Bon Accord Carib



Crystal Palace


Lon. June 238

1n Ricardo

Early Bird

Wakem Park

Fanby Chapman



Liv. Bept 29 H. Lon. Oct 8 11.

Cuningham Liv. Aug 148. Bowers on (18 Fawedi Liv. July 178

Liv. Oci i £2. Ferguson Lon. Bepa 26 H. Richard


Lame, barque



Lord Ambers, ship

Loka, barna


Marion Melkiger, barna..

Mary Adama, barijant Handen, bar

Mapa, sobommer

Henger, sky

Mane, barg

Miune, seboreet NH. Palmer, ship Peel, barque Navari,

Neuleetard, ship

acula hoolagamo, bri? Nimrod,

North Larina, ship

North Star, aki

Harriet Bumble



Liv. Hept 38.

Mary Montague


Lon. Aug 17 A

22 da Lux,

Klary Shepherd




Loa Beja 21 S Lon. June 23 ||





Am | 310|llarding |Belt. || 230|"GAR

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|Norw| 16:|tjefor

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Ja: Malanie


Stongkong Jardins, Matheses and an


-binchow Dest and as

Det la Des 13 |Hangkong|Nawja, Delakar and po

|Wijose, Anthon and on. Ammy Nav 14Hongkong Murrow, Stephenson and so. Kapalring New York Jana 16 De nëWhampoa 5.0. Dinle.

********** - - - - Waming C. Natlabbey and co. longkong

Joas-Bas Dost Jardins, Matheses and on. Dee Dee WapKing and ca.

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13| shanghar|Mussell and co. a|Ramall and so.


Oct 1 H Nav 20


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[Own IV

1) Bbang *** Halliday, When and no

11 Hongkong|Murrow, Biepbenson and

11W W. Pasta and co.

Heughang Order

- Cum Mon|D. Samoon Bonn and on.

11 longhang W, Anthon and co. BE|Whampoa (tiplay, Smith and c

JV. Jorge.

Ure 22 Decast Constant and co Jet

en Vranciaco ['ept 20 Nov 16 Hongkong J. F. Pilger.


||Ost -- Dec 16 | Shanghon Runati sud on.

- Longkong Hongkong and Cuamu na ||['kong to Canton

|WWsmo, & #them and an

La Amey Syon, Heir and an.

Jardine, Matheson and eo. Wang 2'Longkong Dant and wo-

||Aug 31 D÷6 13 Whangen V. Franjca, Bova and on. (Dombar


Byms, Mule and an

Lindsey and or

30|5 tonghang|Order


Dee 10 Shangheo [smith, "King und so.

em'moru ??aquatine. Heard and on. Rossiring chip

bet ar 27 Amey Tali and o

[Sept 27 Dos 3. Whampoa Turner and on.

??King and on






PRIOR $10 per annum.

VICTORIA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19mm, 1963. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION to the FRIEND OF CHIKA AND HONOZONO GAZETTE, por dnnun, 18 Dollars, payabve la advanon, quarterly or otherwise, at option. Magia Numbers, Si on TERMS OF ADVERTISING.-T"n Hinar and under, 1 Dollar; additional, 10 oman ??line. Repetigous one-third of the first insertion, Ships,-Pizad losertion, & Dollars, sehunquant losertion 48

Advertisments to have written, on the that of them, the number of times they are required to suptár, ubarwing they will be publiebed until seinturmanded, A reduction of twosty Evi per omni on samal aberge mide when quarterly amounts upe vandeved the advertlements ordered to stand undisturbed the a þeled of 'ibris soothe." Full sturga made for supetition of any Advertisment in the Overtaus konen,




NATIONAL HOTEL, MACAO. DIAB, the Proprietor of the above Bablish same has her moved from Praya Grade to the by Mr Edward Bontain House No. 36, or the City Guis, italy occupied

TE MODERATE, __Mamo, 14th July, 1889.


and after the Proponi dalo. SUTTON has commended Buenoot | NALTIC Timber and Planks, just arrived ment, bags to inform the Public that the

this day no Fansimum and Lavany drangn | BTMZima, until further notion The

EL &C. & P. Cob Bummer wil ply regularly two Hongkang, Canton and Masso, muy Monday, Touraday, and Friday, (ukan pebilen notios of Deviation be given) na falows. The Bont leaving Hongkong, on Monday, and ?etêm on Pyšday, will call at Masso, starting at

Kaktus on the Precaisse adjoining the " Auction An lavoice of superior Ropa from to inch, Poles for Hiro. As the Brisk for training "Paint Ci, and Sports madles, Prime Poss, Spili Mart Victoria, and has Cheringos, Horses, and Bokurope, Prime Navy Chovas and Deck, Priol, Harent.

Pass, Bour and Parter in casks of 4 dosan Finis, fiat-rio On vendiah Tobacco, Homan and Portland |Dement, Copying Pramen, Fireproof Chests, and

Common Ba

M. D--Babling to žalu Hongkong, In January, 1888,



7. The hour of departure al other times will | FEER Rendl Brisaw of the UnroN BERAD COM [Bilvor "Walabas, Flannel, Alpine, and Bashoking. ??A 47 Expocimmeed Suneson for a Voyage from

bo 8 A. 1, and the Bonti will procent disset be tos Henglong and Custom When indument seven, the Bean will call si Chuningaten, dus | previous motion of stati deviation will be given when pranien.bls.

The farm will be as heretoform

1st Olum between Hongkong Cunton ? Masso 83- "STRING" (2) Back Pusomgees European Panongan dendrons of proceeding to Misono for


a short pulled my olikin return tickets available for the hot or inconi Boumar what their arrivals at the radioed zaits of 06 between Hongkong and Miano, $19 ba?wann Chaton and Moono.

Hvery first has passenger will be allowed one Servant free of charge,

The result will makluy faight on the letthe of shake patated anklage which, however, no rednokom will be made for large quoties, by special agromment,

LYALL, STILL & ON Aponte El. 4 O & P. O Kangkung, 6th Novembor, 1882.




Pant in this day removed from the Vieronta

Many, Hongkongs

An Eagles of English and German Gold and Examos to the promises adjoining the Avorion Sherry, Part, Garet, Cogues, Cherry cordial, in one Fint-rese Kids in coon, complets, Superior "Chess'; and sundry other artisles

A LUBECK & Co. Hongkong, 30th December, 1882


20th Dessalar, 1852.


COMPANY, 26 OORNHILL-LONDON (TELE undersigned, having bom appointed Aguas

for the shove ?žice, are prepared to offkét. En suzanase against fire, an Buildings and Goods, In Canton and Hongkong, including ranrahandlas in native Packhotels.

HOLLIDAY, WISE & O Chaton, 14th Augu, 1861, NOTICE.




ỐN BOARD Turn Bronx Bay HYGEIA." Whumpan Hound,

Bì extensivo esortment of Ship Chandlery and A Cabin Stores, of the best and most varied des sription, as |----

Cotton Car-No. 1 a 10,

Fade and Duck,

Goslok and Snglish-da,

Palas Maula Cordings, if all sinas,

Hoth's Patotal Emin Bigging, trun


THE MANAGERS of the Sus Fine Cypion and agile and Dutch Sheathing Copper, them

London, bag love to Infers the British and 18 to 23 with Naka, foreign Handate at Honghong and God, the Whis other artistes 100 mcmurons e comprimal they are costined and appointed the under- in the linaits of an advertisement | all of whisk sam signed on their Avronsays to inens Policise of in it be obtained, silber wholesale or rosil, at priem sevince against man es Buildings, Susk, Mar- Barom tam to klein per seat low them those abarged shandlies and other Property at those plasms.


Pull articulurn of Kavni do, may be obwined; I any other establishment in Chlon.

UNEAT A B ? Hongbing and Caw

THE NORTH CAROLINA," w} | in applíniion to

?? bays onely duspuinh.

For Pastors. Apply inj WILLIAMS, ANTHON ??Co

Honghong, 2nd December, 1888.


FEAR "SUROB" Maurion Comm- mander, will favo marly dispatch

on for PARENGURI, For Particulars, apply to



Mitte DENT & C or to Capt. Mavasom en byggl Blongkang, Ych Jummary, 1853,


UTHAT Commodigen Dwelling Homes, GT) on the Praga Granda Maono, known e the late Heffalume of Mir John Ewers, deprived. Terma modernin y-apply on the Promin, or to the Clerk of the Court.

Manno, 94th Angwa, 1888.


1938 Unfarnigand heroby give nation that the 1 businam kitherto sanducted by them in Canton will from thần duâu be enttled on át Bhanghao,

DALLAR & Co. Chaton, 19th Novumbat, 1859,


UR PESTONJER RUSTOMJE? le authoris. ed to sign our firm by procuration from thin

Wiring dy

New York




en San Francione




scalving phly

dan Frandoné








New Khangbee Hall, Nye and cor Januo Jiaken Buck and co

Whammer and go,

|New York



AyJardins, Mathmen and so. tiroiring ship


San Francisco


||Nov 19 Nov 25| Amoy Symo, late and on,







COWARIES PALLANJEE & Co. Canton, 1st Jaumery, 1868.


Hongkong, 38th Angust, 1962.


Cartaz £50,000,

100 Brajan on £500 NACH:


Meten Landsat ? Co.--Hongkong, Chatan, Bhanghae.

Morary Camerants de Co-London,


Luzia --Bembey,

Swarm, Pamink Outli?alonia, PALIT & 00.-adine.

With Tolerance to the above, the undersigned are prepared to me Posacue Payable in London. Bombay, Calcutta and Bändras.


China, 37th February, 1869.

MARINE INSURANCE. New York Muruak Inkonanon COMPARE, OF Now Yoan,

FYER_Undersigned la propseed to mount 10.A. LURINE RIKS in bear of the Nam yank Murnan Instases. Courant, payable in London of New York.

This Company, under the Title of the New YOUR INSURANCE Company, wwe organised in 1796, JOENT TOOK COMPANT. 1851, was re-organised on the principle of the Mutual Bydom, and the profits of its First Your's Barbens

garch, 100%, returned to Contribunes

Whampen, 288 June, 1863. NOW LANDING ez Jrabus Bates from London A Base Pale Ale

Brows Blou

Pale Shery

Bik Umbradas,

Bak Parks Nap Hair,


Disk And Brown Lotrys,

BOWRA & Co, Hongkong, 4th January, 1882)

ANCHORS. TOW Landing "Confuetus" frun Léverpool,

Anomine from 1 ewt, to 30 swt.


Bepho Pil Now aber, 1893,


PARKINSON AND FRODSHAM, Chronometer Maks to the Lords of the Adminsky and Files. Fast India Company's Berrien, beg to call the attention of the pablie of Badia to the superior menufature of their Chramonatans, Watches, and Cloaks, as proved by the number of primes awarded is the Chroncantara made by them sont au pubile | trial to the Royal Observatory, Gromwich, and the report pullabed of their superiar perikemanus in the surfone naleutiño voyages under Captalas Bom, Parry, Franklin. 3. They strongly recommend in the Gentleram of the Naval und Millary Berrions their improved de

bed Love Watches, as being specially adapted or horas atrodas, and not being subject to stop or be otherwise affbated.

Depi Wachos, Pook Chronometers Car

Amoy, to Dumerus. Apply to,


CIRCULAR. URB. P. DUDDELL bogy emprotfally to solicit the Patroangs of the Trim and Poble of Floughing to her Milkasry and Haberdashery But at the Vionomia Rusmanen, and will be best happy to zvonto any orders with which sho may be favored.

Victoria Exchange,

Lei Junnury, 1869.

N. B. Bide antrame de Stanley stret


THE station of Whaling thấp Masters is par. ticularly requested to the grast såvantages rising from repadze to Ships being elected at dry docka, with dry and toware Bheds for the Whampoa wháce the undicsigned have several songs of sil or other anego in the yards adjacent z sharge on the same, and for sugnies, buing the most moderate made in say port in Caion. There are no port charges on visasis requiring repaire when landing their cargon, and meny babuchi a

Taro daring- ble by coming to Whampon which it is hardly pos sible to specify within the limits of a single séver-

COWPER ??GROSVENOR, New Town Docks, Whampon Island, 18th Normabet, 1868.


AN ASTONISHING CURS OF A DESOLDREED LIVER, WITH A VIOLENT COUGH AND GENERAL' DERANGEMENT OF THE SYSTEM Copy of a Letter fragile Trakerna, Chomist, "Earmarthen, dated Separuber 101, 1889, To Professor HOLLOWAY,

Dear Sir---I am happy to inform you that your far-famed Pills have sinneed another curs. Mr Eliza Darion, of Polybutem, our Carmarthen, was for many janro a great svilerer from a dia ordered state of the Liver, with all its attendant evila, na wanknoon of the stomach, bad dignation, lom of appation, hond ache and guverni debility, in addition to which she had a violani Cough, and comsionally severe file of Argue. This complica tion of dansen to woskaned bar ooomtilsign that we hopes were entertained of ber recovery, met- widwinding s?n had the boot medical advice. At length a friend recomanseded her to try your Pills, which happily she did, and by coatinging their vas for a short period, she has been parfontly conced whethe

J. D. TREHARNE: (Bigned) MIRACULOUS CERE OF DROPET. Extract of Later from Edward Bodley, Boq, of India Walk. Tobago, dated April 6th, 1888.

To Profumor Holloway,

Dear Sir dem, in a duty I owe to you and the public at large to inform you of a most mir- calon sovery from that draadfal dis, Daort,

8 Undersigned has established kimself ta Divided of Forty has per Cam apon the earned" "Hage Checka, dza, which can be forwarded by the and which, under God, was affected by your in.

balans at AMOY ??Bar Chaiosur ?VOTIONEER, and Ourmat Bronsk?KAR,


Amery, Alat Delober, 1802,


FREE underrigand have this day farmed a Copart

setship vader the same and style of GOULD | & MART?N, de the traumation of an Impoating and Guzman Contransam budinem,





|Hooviving ship

on. Landen





Ben Francisco, 9th Jum 1859.

Receiving ship

La dock

a. V. Given





Lon. July 27 B Loa, Aug 2014 Lit. Bept 25 Lir. Oct 20

Jáv, Ou zol

Leoding-As London; Katharine Bharer, Pla

De, and Eugenis.-At Livere; Connies of Winton, Berhampore, and Eliza Mlore.

Order in which the above Fennela last Bogized.

Rajasthan, Cristal Pulsen, Harriet kanhia, 1, V, fileen, B?n ?�?mark, Franz Chapman, Mary Mostaga, Brodland, Lampaert, Copila, krytkania, Mary Sokol, hon, Tadla, Dọn Manda, Han, Liming, Karty Bard. Tate, Vecurity.



Flavius (Am)





Prince of Omage diephane Regina



Pe. Nov 21 41.

10. U 111.

Bom. Sept 251 H. Kal. Bept 29 H.

Lon. Candon, Lév. Liempool, Man, Thickdo, Tai Waisted, Chard. Chek, Ben bunton, Mart. Hartlepool, MIX, Wiled, Cal Cat, cates, Ban, Buber, Vill, Tatimeto, Mal. Madras. Pro, Fresas. 2. Wanghing, M. Mom, Wa. Whips, A. Amy, Wedge







Femenin Berg





Uongkong Sure Bla



chwaith, Massar

||DESIGN (Tuhbatzue

Changhas 12 M, Bg I dander

tengkungHead B

mpe H. XL BL

Amy H.M.Jir

Whatupno 1.C.

Dr Menkler


Hangkang (7. 5 6 to Walker

A. 80.

Men Fr. Corv


La Lomins

[W'hampon1 1's, Br.]

4 Bielar

Candore Aubek

38 Roqumral De Plas

hero lajante, barque

mph, Dignatio Coda ship

Days, br

Paciano, ship

Pa barywo

l'athfinder, Garque

l'aria, ship

Placa, barque

Red Heer, barge

Hello, big

Nab Hey, brig

Kab Ray, skip

Kebert, abip

audsley, ship

Hecklede, bargua Hava kila



Moparell, Barga

Sang, sp

Samad Appleton, skáp

Sam Jezt, sebeobur

ban Anden, skip

b Hane, ng

Sky, brig

Sir Charles Forbes, si

The Uresham, skap

Bape, brig

Dophia Franer,bangan bpartan, baryan

bes, schoo

and chidan, ship

Barge, equ

Jutuste, baryon

1hơn. Campbell, oblj

Ihan Kay Jew, shap 7gs, barye L'um, ship Vancouver, bly Walter, borqua Watersch, barque Wallington singe

N kaayos, baryme

V. berus

Wich of the Ware, andp I aqui, rig


Port 201

Duk, Mi|Perry

Hric | saith

Fort|| 425|Formandes Brit. Prancha


497 Laggeti



Brital Kadett



Am | 100|Usma Port 19%

||pan|| 673|Julian


104 Lelich

Dut. Gjellj

|bucht || ata|Mansion


Per 3740ml

| Am, |1019)|Hestam

Häm??swa Drescher


Deo Dea Hongkong Jardine, Mathison and go. Caletta Det 106 Mac 13. V. Jorga

Dec 19 Whamyan Karn and Judah

Van Txanelaco |Apr 27|June 80|Hongkong). Lamont

ا?ا ر?اساز

Amor Myma, Mwir and en

Dee 10 Siongkong lama, Aniken and co-

Jept Det 24 Mampon Jardins, Matheson and co. Leadon

Nav Amy Wm. Manding JeWhampoa W. Boblast,"

1000 ~-con Ammell and as

Bangkang New Zealand Dat 1400 Hongkong, Jardine, Matheson and Hongkong De 1

|Nya. Parkin und ca. Venchion DesNov 28 Mon 3.4" de Dutcára.

Amery, Male and on.


-??um'moon P. F. Cama and

Jáng 12Jan [Whampoa King and ca.

Angler & Allanto

- Hongkong|0 6,Khwad P-40,C's Agi |H'kang & Canton Ust 23 er Amoy 15: Halme.

-Wing Augustter Heard and co. Recering ship

||tongkung|Gyal, and

[N? DO 191 hampa | Desk and ca


Hongkong Turner sud on.

.....................................oshang Dent and no,


Det De Mampan 0186, Livingston and es. Lo den Deo 14

Resell and co

Pady 1Jaly 12 Macao Mangera

at 16 Nov 20 W bamyan Augustine Heard and New Dea Ishangha|tuell sad co. Dupes in P'estan and to.

Det and

Dent, Beale and co.



Baughna | Wetmor and



Lindsay and on,

James Bald.

Lyall, &alt and co

Whampoa W. M. Mabinet

-East Comer|Dant stud ea.



Mecalving ship


For dale



[New York

Ban Francion



[New York




ran Frangiace ver IT Dec Hanghang Wome, Authon and on. New Hips

Edited, Paintro and Pesciando, ao tas Prevales03, William Tarnany, Qoma's Boad Wast, Victoria 1863-

Am Tha


Study sk[supt at


Itlar boal

494 Hopper


Am 175 W Endlott


Out 16 Death Amy Tando

36 Ma



J. Jackson


Dept 10 Shanghe W. Davidson

Joly 9

Já, durg








A 7303lars

Vrancisco |Hongkong





Nel 477 Hewitt



Yalama 16 lagu, Varīno


|L|Macpherson Hongkong

Am 1300 Tay

Sten) 130|LANTIAGO Bris




Ba, T. Boyzas, Kina,-Callocter of the Park. 8. ?. Hozzina, Esq.---Aeristaunt Onllacher. 3. A. Corr, Baq-Naval Ofiom.

6. R. Gaman, Esq-Deputy Callactor, Jon VINY Brown, Esq.-U. 8. Appralem,



TEH andersigned bage to anaounce to the Public that be open the above Building this day, as * GETERAL Companion de Asuper Bass Boom, and will persuamily naperiatand the same and bold

?a ?uction on the pristine whoever a milcient *** indaomment often, having engaged Mt. Gronon

Desa's services se Anctionent.


Victoria Brebangs,


Het January, 1955.

Premiums, payable in Cortiñlonien benzing Ble per. Cent interval për Amman.

Parimala of Bari, de, may be skialued on application to

H. W. HUBBELL Canton, 18th December, 1852.


|-Degjoni Mello, and insured to their destination.

All orders met be accompanied by a rumittance

malable Pill I wae sapped ve times within

der releases for payment in London; or the amonghi manche, and skilfully trawed by two medical joog bo pród w their Agente in India on delivery

of the goods.

4 Change Alley, Carabill, London.





practitioner, bus could not get suru, until I had recourse to your remedy, and notwithstanding all I had undergone, this miraenious medisine cured me in the cove of six work.


(Signed) EDWARD BOWLEY. These elebrated Pills art wonderfully concious in the Allowing complaindia, ¡Female Errupalo-jilatension of Udine

Suching or Hagy

Sare Taro

(THE undersigned have been appointed Agualtat Hongkong for the subscribím in LLOYDS. Master of code are requested to comments to them intelligenes of loosis, xosidants, the spank. ing of Youtols, and any gawatul information they commikler of importacies or interest to the subscribers.manders and Mates of Vossals and the Public Bob ChopGoud

LYALL, ST?LL & Co. Hongkong, Sed Bapturaber, 1868,


A will asserted Invoies of Eagliab Cordage Canvas and Twin-Nalla of sizes, In Casio

of 2 wt--Bound Bar "leon.


Pale Champagne, Fine Growth-Ple and Brown, do.-Brosad do, do,-Stout (rom Baralay 4 Paridas Clarem and Brandy, from T. Danke,

Sem. Apply 10,

LYALL, STILL & Co. Hongkong, Rist October, 1869.




· Pormerly socsqpied by Ductor GerERO,

Undersigned begs to annouson to Com-

genstally visiting Masso, that the above House in Coll

Comphalene Perses of all klodovi

how open for the reception of visitors, The Cipation of the Indigen Hosping Ron aro tan in member, large and

like two Bitting Rooms, and an arsellent Dining Room, where every alloction will be paid to the accommodation and cacafors of Boarders. As he devotes his whole time to give the utmost Fast Patronage which be has hitherto se liber matic be truele for a continuance of the sky received,



From $1-50 to $3, Par Day.

the same surely depending upon order for Monis.

NEAT COTTAGE PIANO, 6 Dear, by Attolad in the prosime ingand Billiam, Tanzá

Cosam & Collard.

This ewest towed Instrument will be sold abag.

MAC EWEN & Ca Queen's Road, 4th January, 1858.

By Coach & C


Bedon Chairs






Sand Goat

The DoukarwES

Live Cumplalom (Vonaria) A faci


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Wam of all kinds *Wankama,Jam w hang ta

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By Mr. J. M. DA SILVA, Mhis Shore

and by BINNAM-imglong,


and Mentre ACOW & Co.- Cattle

At la, 6 to 8d. &t és, sech pol or Box.

There is a considerable ring in taking the large pola.

"COPPER-PLATE PRINTING. PARTIES beving their own ExonAVED PLATER, tan have Cande printed from them on applica tion to Mr R. VIDIoan, at the Offer of the Find of China.

Hoogkong, In August, 1889.








Particlar & Ontental Sezam Navigation Company's STRANURG




** The ourthquake alarmed the nativos grandly, mo? 'te it surprising, for the imprmaima tuab sú uanstural erans prúduon, are always appalling, but sometimes they tranch on the tailorous ima female servant, with

Now Advertisments will be received until ??? ClaCH on the Bomings previota te publication, wis : Tuar stays and Fridays. If van or ben copies ure se foos reduced by tight lacing to most fashionable pro- quired of the issues in which an Advertisement | portioon who was supagad ni the ilmu in pouring water is inserted, and applied for during, or within a ??from a kettle into a surrow nockud bottle, was perfect- renomak'e time after, the perint for which publio. | ly nonplowed, not knowing the onuse of the general ation is orders, no charge will be made for the wriggling, by which she was frustrated, and which


DEATH-At Niwepo, on the 19% Dec. at 34 o'clock 174.06, Mr. M. 8. Couteau, in (h? 29hh year ng bli ago.

made her tatter so much more than usual,"

On Saturday the 19th inejant, a pubíla execution took place on the parade ground outside the Bouch Gate. (Shanghoo) ? word began to owumble in the afternoon, but it was not till dark that the Che Hom appeared with his attendants and the prisoner. A 6000 the Che Hoen had souced himself in the look out Bep 37 | stand, the prisoner, stripped to his welst, wat borne D66.30 | rapidly late his promer and as rapidly borsa sway to Dec (8) a strofe in front of the stand, around which a or 8 mm



Nor. Sandwich Islands Mor.

Baked Brams


From HomokSNO TO



10 Labra






Swan River

King Georga's Sound


Pet Philly


Nov. 14 Shanghas

C. G. Hapa


Nov. Ningpo

Day 13



San Francion






Ladies or Gentleman travel ling singly- Oocopying a Barth in the general Cabin throngbout,



8530 00



Children with their Perate,~

THONE Your and under

TEE. -


Under Three Tours, no Denti













12 Wednesday,



66 11,16 11

Panchgas Sarbantz,--



188 00

19 Thersday 14 Friday,

$34 11,50

Nativo, --





155,00 78,00

166,00 63.00

Return Tickets for First class Passengers available for Two Yours, tacluding the voyage nach 201; dotusan Hongkong, Swea Biror, King George's Boun 1, Adelaide, Part Philip, and Sydney, granted upun propaymical of 8576.

KPayment to be made in Hongkong in Spanish Dellars


One of the Company's Stenzzers will louve Singapore tor tha abovementioned Place, on or about the 15th of April wat Passengers can be booked throughout by the Mail Steamere ferving Hong- hung in the Month of March

For further Particulars, apply at the Company's Office.



Puolenke & Ociental Steam Navigation Company's O?me, Hongkong. Let Jonary, 1863. REVISED RATES OF PASSAGE MONEY THROUGHOUT THE YEAR,




Peninsular & Oriental Stran NatiOation Company's Stram-SHIPR,



Gentlemen or Ladies travelling singly,-

Oorpying a Berth in a Cabin with 2 or 3 othaze

From Homexona to




$418 00



480 00



520 on




Restrood accommodation furt

Gentleman or Ladies,-

Ons berth Cabin,

Half a reused Cabin,

A reserved Cabin,

Reserved accommodation for

Married Couples-

Occupying a reserved Cabin,


1,392 00

Childrm with their Parents,-

Three Years and under T- Under thres Yours, no Barth provided,

Pasangers" ServaW/I,--



240.00 Free

288.00 Proo

European Nativa,

150.00 130,00


178.00 $16.00 144,00 149.00


6,85 0,3 0,57

6,13 Mo-First quarter on the 17th at 1. 06 v. m.

(From the Overland Frimd of China, Jan. 11.)


Grendal SummART,

Teatro the brief interval which has slopend since the despatch of our last mail, inteligence from the interior has base of ordinary scant; the reported advent of Yeh in Canton proving ar reneous, whilst the certain news of a sharp encounter between his troops and a large body of insurgents, within a handred miles of the city, leads to the conclusion that he has in no way succedort in calming the troubles which have nistre in the northern parts of Kwinging for a lụng a time. It is truly painful to think of the misery and distress this long continued in surrection le creating throughout the richest provinces of the Empire. Kwangsi, în its length and leadtls, it said to resemble a once blom Southampting garden devastated by the blasting influence

of a tornado; the northern part of Kwantung the same; and Hunan, Cupils, and Human are fast falling into a bike terriblo plight. Tha poris made to the Empèrie of rebek having boon denen away by tho fancied tarmor od im- perial arme, has been, in reality, based on the voluntary withdrawal of predatory gangs to places mure worthy of their attention. Sea's ficer, at latest accounts, had sustained a great defeat, and an importsat town had fallen to the rebels, situated on the borders of the large lake at northward of Changsha, the capital of Huned


744 00 80400 1,10490


$19.00 From

240,00 173.00

ministration regulations, is Included in the enten to Meka and Southampton.

The Expense of Transit through Egypt, subject to the Constions of the Egyptian Trands add the wor of silken bowstring, has ob-


JCJ Payment to be made in Hongkong in Spanish. Dallara

For further particulars, apply at the Company's Offices,

Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company's Office, Hongkong. Ist Janoary, 1853,

PUBLIC AUCTION. MR DODDELL is instructed to sell by PURC Adamon on Friday the 14th inst at 11 'cloak . . On the premises Queen's Road Coroar of the Nullah.

The residue of the Household Effects of Captain Gordon comprising Chaito, Tables, Lampa, Glam- ware, Bedroom furniture, China Dinner Bat, &a


Goode on View on the 13th inst, further per: ticulars in Camlogen and fature Advertisements

Flongkong, 4th January, 1953.





JUST RECEIVED për Str. Shanghai,-A für- ther expply of Singapore made Frank Berras in 3) the. Jark


Put Jacka Bates from London, a few Cases of very excellent Crampaonu.

LANE, CRAWFORD & Co. Hongkong. 11th January, 1858.


THE undersigned has jost received the following BOOKE from Englsed per Mail Steamer LIFA & DEATH of the Deus or Weslimatek, with Contemporaneous Opinions of kir C?rul, Demy 8, Bitched.

Dr Goodetes Management of Children in fo- Bole Pregis, in 2 vols., by H. M. Panuun, of dia. Third Edition, 12mo. Cloth.

Bengal Civil Brevice. 12mo. Clash,

TS hereby given that the Partechip beretofore

sublisting between the undersigned, WILLIAM | the Ratnow the Younget, Samust. Ouro Ratu- BONE, JAMES WORTHINGTON, Thomas blonquG(77, and WILLIAN Savon Brown, no Comami:sion Note chants and Agents is deformined by ellation of




Shanghae, Blocember, 1852.

THE oudersigned have formed a Copartnership to commence this 1st day of January, 1958, for the transaction of a General Merchands and Commission Hovince under the name of BIRLEY, WORTHINGTON & Co, at Shangkar, and of WORTISINGTON & l'o., ni Manchester,



JOHN LEMON. Wellington Street, Victoria, Sri January, 1852.



FOR SALE at the Office of the Friend of China

Hongkong, Eih January, 1853



Contents Beptember, 1882,

Legend of the Burmese Budha, called Gandama.

By the Red P. Bigandet, Notice of Pinang

Concerning the Tan Tas Hoey in Singapore,

Parties in China wishing to become vebècribers will please forward their names and addrenges to the office of the "Friend of China sol Hongkong Gazette," Price $6 8p. per annum.

Victoria,, 16th January, 1851.



His Imperial Majesty, beset by difficulties, has again called to hús councils, that best friend of foreigner, the august Keying ; but the old man we hear is unwilling to attend. Kashen, too, for whom some time ago was recommend. tained promotion; whilst, regardless of the degradation heaped on him by Taoukwang, Hingan has been taken into favour, and is cam- ed as the immediate succomor of Narkingah, whoso appointment as Prime Minister was mentioned in our last Overland paper, Among our extracts will be found socounts of earth quakes at Bhanghas and Ningpo, which do not however appear to have caused serious damage. But reports from places farther in hand have not yet boen received, and we shall not be surprised to hear of great disasters.

on horseback were riding to keep of the crowd. WiNG In this afrole were the attendants of the Che Hom who tied the criminal in a sitting posture to a sta?o driven into the ground. Through a hole in the my of the siske a rope was passed around his neck, which at a given signal from the stand-the blowing of a trumpat and bring of a gun-mis twisted until he was dud. Immediately offer the algust there was a shows of apu probation and u olapping of hands which want through the whole crowd." de soon so it was ascertained dist be was dead, the fact, was announced so the Che Heen who got into hức shair and rode of. The body of the aringloal was left toed in the staka until Monday, when spise od bila relative took him away.

The crime for which the man was punlobed was brosking into a paso broker's shop some 60 or 70 le to the Best of the City and stabbing one of the happers of the establishment who attempted to drive the rubbern away. This was some Vor & yours ago, and ko kas boon" in prison avec dano walilog the decision of the Baspero... Ibid.


Tas news of the month are in no way im, portant indeed rather the contrary. The Master and Officers of the wrecked ship Spós- ning Jonny reported a veel on the Prates 8hoal,and, some people having determined that It must be sine other than the Charlotis, Cap- tain Mamie, Bonior Naval Officer, went the Hermes to reconnoître. But the alarm raised proved, as we anticipator, be a fales doe. Capt. Fishbourne's report will be found among our shipping intelligence. The Lucknow, Capt. Pawpoll, it is learod kas gone down with all hands it being now upwards of three months since she left the port for Amoy; and it is known that a typhoon was an untered short- ly alter she sailed. Piracy in the vicinity of Hongkong is still very rife, and no means are taken to put a check to it. ladood a grant deal goes on in the Lymoon pas of which we bear sought, the Chinese preferring a ro. port to the Kowloon Manderin rather than to our Fulice authorities,

We heard from sonis

Chinchew men the other day that no low than six of their countrymen 'wrie murdered the other ale of our Island a week or two ago only; and a friend who was visiting Stanley recently lúmself-aw two small boats boarded; the object in cases where other valuables are not to be obtained being the capture of fe- males, to be afterwarde sold into slavery of the worst description.

The P. & O. 19, N. Co's Steam Ship Shang- Aai, Captain Christian, came in a little before Ten yesterday morning, with 1,018 Chosts of Bengal Drug and a comparatively largo Mail,

pengers. The Shanghai brings news to the following dates-England 8th of Novem bor-United States 90th October-Calcutta 10th, Pinang 20th and Singapore 29th ult. The monsoon, and so heavy a senwashing away Shanghai experienced a very strong north east

one of the waist boats) that, being impossible to noin it, she had to work op under canvass. Aided by her screw, the passage has been well done in twelve days and two hours. land was made on the night of Sunday, but it was so thick, and it blow so hard, that Captain Christian thought it most prodent to keep a good ofing until day light. Only two, squaro sigged, vemals were soon in the China non, on Saturday fast.


left Caloutta half an hour before the ane - The Paoshan, with 1,100 Chosta of Opium,

Aai; but neither that vessel aor the Formo had arrived at Hingapore when the Shanghai left, althongh anxiously looked for during the forty eight hours she laid there. The princi pal item of stirring news in the death of one of America's greatest men the Hon'ble Daniel Webster. The deeply lansented gentleman was in bis 70th year.

(From the North China Herald Dec, 25) this city, Dr. Macgowan writen-"Du Thursday In a miniation added to a respondant in 16th it, at minion putra,weist Klappo) bad a sharp chath of an Earthquake. Ibus phenomena apin pear in ossae in this part of China two or three tiim Story on yours, never besiver elth mach volare, and sometimes with such wight mation as to be scarea. ly perrepuble. All, of which there in any precies know beige, occurred during alone drought, when the ?wan ? perfect cilm; I am therefore disposed to refer then, wat to subterranean or voleable agency. but to slectele action. Cerminly the simaphere we in highly electriosi state, son evlilmas of which, the luminovu matnne known as 31. Elmar Tight man aren in paira (Castor & Patum) at lábkeng wear the ramenit of hills. The afternoon of the 10th was hogy leon arquee of a quanuity of doe yellow and diffward though the atmosphere + It was a horizontal vibra thon, sting a mouse and a haf; judging from the marks oceded by the undulatory mation of the Buld is water-far and by the motion of lampe suspensowbreak among the Obinrei destined for ta- del frem caillags, the dynamic force acted due north, or south, and of saciens violence to Mop clocks Thermometer as deg., Barometer study at 30. 10,

we experimenda peculiar accouts, bet several pers

sickouing, or subcarlos

tion At Libkong the mad exposed by the tile was observed to present the appearance of boiling water. A cond,and vary slight shock, oreuved thres || hours later. The sand continued sospended in the atmosphere for the two following days, when it fell,

or was carried elsewhere by northerly winds,

+'These phenomena wo best were also observed her

| (Shanghac) at that timento N, C. IL

Singapore SHIPPING INTELLIBEROR-(China connexion) arrived December 6th Muffat-th 81. Abba10th Melanie and Hepbury-6th Lady Amherst (put in because the Captain was afraid of

back for repairs) 18th Länna1 Beliza-29nd vene) 17ch Ezio-and the Region (the latter put

Horari Doe Amiga

Departed for China, December 9th Rajathon (Br. Ship)-10th Flls (Am_8bip)-Nonpared (Br, Bark)-101k Thetis (Am. Bark)

??It in mid the pain was a une ri me m-bber and then by In company with seven) other desperadoen, broke into pawa benker oroshijshment in the country about Jo ngo. Boma of the company su?ered at bengkong the he ver punishment of being behead, d, and orbara were baniak


The Hamburgh ship Afaria Christina was | bau of opinion that the Chinese Empire, like ling for Away, and the Dutch bark Syren er olhar Asistic sovereignty, was a wore out oriental despotism, and that the prestigs which formed the sole remaining strength of the Tartara had been destroyed by the success of our arms is 1843. This impression was farther werugikmed by u perusal of Dr. Guizhad's (16e of Taoo Kwang, is which he states, that nothing except the diff culty of axing upon an undoubted belt of a Chi (sess dynasty metrained the people of the soothero words are, For many years the patriota spirit of provinces from open rebellion. Dr. Gutal%

Macao. be "Flora MacDonald"-"Frances" and ward Marquard" roached Pinang on the 9th, and 17th uit, respectively. The first of last Season's Clipper races may laced thus

polyio, loft Whampoa July Biked



Bed Out.-pomaga 105 days Jacmestsked the bowmated

**Ove-bar-pamure 106 duru || 10th-rosaled the Dozen Soi November-pango 197 days


be following la the scoount of the last oplum oslo

Preside Average Rs 1,000 15 Be 18,60,000 $15,000

the induential Chiness" bad nourished the idea of forming no association for the restoration of the Chinese dreamy of Mling. This being a vary dangerous project was kept secret ; nad the man Ibers of the society being now la power and pe

breed of wealth, so proceedings had been taken " | against them, so it was not thought sapodlent to drive i flere to extremity. Now was their time, therefor for putting of their power in motion, and endeavouring to obtain their object. They

ble exhibita a vadden and heavy fall of onerly a??would have succeeded, if they had boon" able to fix

Trad kupem upon both species of the drug. As || upon a man worthy of the rank of emperor, but

however, so it keeps above is 3000 per chest, the

there were 100 many competitors." Is wie vildest ernment have an rutera to complala.- Mriend of

also from the rescripte priblished in the official Ja. Da, 14.

journal of Pukin, that'a seriowo rebellion of some kind was in program, and nothing wan dibroth


he Englishman reports that the dilam, Ouptelaural than to suppose that the leader whose aute- Krikar, look Bre on the 11th instant about moon, cuts were so circumstantially detailed, was near the Res Buoy. The Dwarkausth | really struggling for a crown. Our credalens im- ed har book, sad on the 19th instant it was pression was abated by Dr, Bowring and Parker, and although the former, Radical philompher ad macrosary to run her on shore and sooule

11 is expected ti she will be floated off. The may be distrusted by the Bishop of Victoria, the '

laster hou, we believo, enjoyed considerabla opper Luck, also, uae on shore on the tih inot..., the rest hand, with the ses breaking over her. tanition of forming sa opinion on the state of half past sins on that day, she had eight fout Chin ern bar hold, but aid was promptly afforded the Hope, Floating Light, and all banda woes od with their chests-19,


The Rorina, Captain Quiston, which left ible the 25th October, for China, arrived here on the Instant, having encountered very bad weather received considerable damage both to ship und go, Frat Press, Des. 24,

COOLT TEAM??FAMATTUt mortality/~The fish hark "Brush Sovereign," Harrie, lef Kay on the of August hit with a sorgo of Chinese armblus bag Ela- Aleta tediona pamage from China the ship resched mak, on the Forch niet sonst of C'uleben, where the mo ived et de dans of the feat advies from that quarter. the patengu dienas mada la appearsons, and with vack

, ned many al the toll were married of Doorly bbled and unable to mom, the shiel odloor, Mr Martin, de a very pressing letter &e ontleenen, vid by the Osch mar 7 man and one other (Mr. Foote) proveded en random with the view, if penen-shis, navigating dân y tal to her destinadon The great ent 37 on Ward the "Brisk Bratvija" le ali do have od from the belloul (and) shipped in thing, and Welkom in which the mv ei aðgrein viuri nevar, Kernwendy egmented in novem hat just treme on the and virga o vly a mine, which aride or munny, nên da peng ed ng sa mal varke, on hete veraging within a fika) men on butt, that we do not wonder at the faghafal renco notcodent on thin safari un trade in which var meg- kam and rhipping angng" with a little hond to a ma wight and prudents.-Perusts Times, Lat. 16.

(From the Friend of India, Dec. 16)

Our good anntem porney of the Citizen in bis que of the 10th inata: 6, publjab " the following merke upon our recent article on the Chinese re Thon :-

??Out coniams vary of Sarotpara, no in porbapa se bo og- leted firm ama who gets his macfusive intilgrace via This 1, awoner by the petalmecess of the Cheese rebelline, owenld advies sim, if we do so he cussierent with the prim pics of so esenwak " Dismember, in well upon the B-hup of slcatta, in whose place ha may moni a dologgished quant he has had some spaarisaalta of changing rebelling in the stewind Kumpire Wo batone that he will then and resso

doubt whether the properti diremibanons in Efortan wangma seu tnychina muru that a menu outbreak of diag faction against the lossl mapleurety of them Provinom Tthe representadata which have todo mundo se ne bo que- ber, thata mereumento bare se pot no deseat appach to the karacase of a ravilenen sadangaring the Einer dynasty, han the Landéšie ever had in a rebellion against the Uman

The truth is, we bollers, that the Europeana la China being rather ured of quarrelling whout Com sular malamanagement, and Chiosro Theological terma, bays taken to querrelling about the rebel. lion. It be become a regular party question, with this peculiarity that ordinary party differemoni item upon matiers of opinion, be thle is upon a master of fat. The papera kīvo iskom different sides, and cannot report the simplest (not without sotue marcanta at mch other. We have nothing to de with the qutera?y we simply moord the fnota, which some to us through the Chiqa press, and our inclined to believe that, as in the case of the Japanese expedition, our own ideas will uki- mately be found not merly irrational,

SUMMARY JURISDICTION COURT. Friday, 7th January, 1858. Moxa Cauro Bar ", Rawan, Duzskan

& Co $61.

lions to Caliorain. I took it on the Bih or oth 'Mokh Chung Ban...! took a passage in the

| April, from the Ea Kes frn who were the char

terers of the ship. 1 peld #63; 1 do mọi konw the | name of the person to whem 1, paid the monay ; la was a person is the En Kes firm's employinest They had a house in Chinam's face. On the 20% Joon, I went we board the ship and was informed that the travel would neil on the 13th July. This wat after I and some othors had actered intan | fresh agreement with Rawle Drinker & Cööcf?VE This agthemral way to pay the balanra dus by the | charterer (wha hadaabacınded]. The "fork" told me that the round would suil on the 13th July. the 12th the chief mate sold the real would tail next morning, and said that those who wanted to go on shore could hues tirketato come off again. I went, having got a ticket, but when I returned at 4 o'alook of tint day. I was not allowed to go on board The next morning 1 went off Mr Drinker was on board he would not allow me to go an board, and be sent the mainder of the passangsen, out of the slip.

Chuck Achoong--I know the plaintiff. I know | be paid for a passage on board the Sulima. E - knew of the now agcomment ;. Lanly know_losso

in the matter.

I saw the agronment. Idcast Rawie, Delukor & Co.'s clerk was present when The agreement was made; he wrote something, but I cannot sell what it was no it was to English, I was one of the passengers. I agreed for my pasanga with the Ee Kom,

Plaintl·l said I have three or four witnesses;

they will all prove the same but nothing to addities. Kyaking, Afso, Los cbse-47, and Low-sum, ste thnic naman; they were all passengers.

Defanon-It is apparent from the above ose that the defendants were not implicated. The mooy for the passage was paid before they bad anything to do with the ship, and the agreement under which the claim was supposed to bold good

was made by the owner and noi by them.

Care denied without noem,

sch other lost our baggage. I saw some money in plaintiff's ben, also some clothing and bedding, ance when he was opening it to take out soumething Iw there were in it about $30 odd.

The defence of thle camo was similar to a pre-

creding one tried by the man-viz. that as he had nơi lơm bis pranego by the lolence of the defendant neither had he lost his baggage and his money.

Case dismissed.Dowland Register, Jany, 11.

beatering his costrymen op their passion for moss- AN AMERICAN Ganunat.-A New York editor, taches and military titles, that General Wallbridge, who has been" 6guring largely in the London pa pera," le among those who rightfully wear their warlike honours, for be la a-"general agent for a canal boot !"-Empire Oct. 29.



8th Judy. Brdn




28th Dea.

From the Canton Commercial List, Jany. 8.




Broes.. Mexican Dollars Carolus Dollars -


$91,30 per 11.

T. 0.6 per cent proca.

7 per cent discount.

9 per cent premium.


The late arrivals are ot very inferior quality,

and the stock on the market (timated at 25,000 prokages or 40 full chop, consists principally of low class Tosa, at same period last year, the da- sold stock was upwards of 160 full shopa."

The quantity still expected to arrive during the present saunom, lê is arported, will not exceed 100 chope.

Green Teas -The settlements for the month ure estimated at 30 a 40,000 packages mostly for the United States.

Prices may be quoted a Taal higher for all but supplied with good Tess. the lower descriptions, as the market is only barely

The stock to the market is said to be about 30,000 packages, was half of which consists of Twankaye and inferior 10yson Skins.

Bi-During the month there has been a standy business going, about 1,600 balen have changed bande; the demand kas ron principally on midd. ling Tayama and Trailers, bot the bulk of the operations have been soomed to Taymoms, of which we have now comparatively use on the market.

These transactions have given a firmer toge la our market sed priowe may be quoted bigber 95 on Trades, and $10 on Tayman.

The elemento dele are now 29,900 bales. Bold Block 3,800 balon,

Unsold stock about 900 bales.

The exporta from this to Great Britain to date are 90,498 bales against. 19,600 bales samo perivd last year.

Current prices for the month -

Lat your.

No. 198405 a 410 Dom, 0490 a 430

2,300 ??95 34330370

280000 nom. 2&3,350 BIO ----960 ??250





8407+ 497 465 4:30

Tayteam, Yumfa, Thrman,


ESTIMATED STOCK OF OPIUM. !ot Cunsingman-1at Jamory, 1853. Divi Pete Bears Malwa Turkey Tora D194 010- 150 964 429 2382 Importa

200 16

276 met

1800 166 984 108 286

Deliveries- 31



67 790


439 2637 47 729

861 1915


390 410 840375

826 a 236

940 at 300

820290 360 368


Orcon.-Male-At the date of our last, on the 19th ultimo we gooted this day 9475 a 480-this rale was bol maintained after the arrival of the Baper and lose on the 19th ; thene vasoola bring- ing large supplies, coupled with the issue of no merous orders, caused a completa casation of de mand, and priors in consequense rapidly declined to $455 at which tow rase but few cash soles were made; there was some lile improvement on the 2nd instant sod considerable clearances were made at $460 and also on the 4th 8480 470. The a aival of the Nyeph on the ach, again stopped par- chasse soul the 8th, on which, and the following, day, considerable sales were made at $450 a 470 for lat quality; ainee which date but little busines

On England 5. a 50, 1¿.-E. 1. Ca's Paper has been done. 234 ??230,


To England £9 16. = £3 10

New York #9 for Tea &c. and $20 Bilka San Francisco 20 por Ton of 40 cubic . Bombay 20 ont par pacul. Calcutta-According to value of herchandise,

¡SHANGH?E MARKET REPORT. December 17th, 185%.


We canal quote Ist quality drug to-day at bot ter than 9450, and at this low figure there exista no demand,

We estimate the deliveries at 8,400 charts. Block at this delu 2,900 ch.

Pana-We last quoted His drag at 8540 high Nos,the arrival of the Steamer and fine exosed a decline to 9510, and on the 24th ukimo 8505 was the quotation, at which rate it remained until the Nymph's arrival on the 5th instant ; when it declined to $480 ??490 and on the Afinna's arrival 14b8455 a 460 We cannot to-day quote it at better than 8460 for high Non, or 9446 low Bunbur

Deliveries estimated at 650 chests.

Beek al data 760 chests.

Americas Broon Drilla-40 yarda, $2,058 Bsles of 11,000 pieces-80 yards $2,20 1,35 Exchange-On London, at 6 months' sight Chess

per piece-Baire of 11,390 ploces,

American Gray Shastings.--40 yards $2,70-30

yatda 83 per piece-No Bales.

Jeans-30 yards 93,65 per picos-Bales of 4,000 piresa.

Further applies of Americas Goods just arrived Der Vanc

Gray Shirtings-Have not been so much in demand since the date of our last report, price for ||

qualities are rather lower, the following being about pressat qnatations,-

5 to 6 cation $1,90 # 3,00 6 10 0 7.80 38

2,10 2,10 9,30 a 8,65

The deliveries may be pot at 88,000 places. White Shirtings-The delivarien "have been 30,080 pisom a 91,75 for low reads to $2,65 for 68 reeds.

Woollene-Spanish Stripes.-The sales reported amoval to 2,500 piacon, iho markel je extremely dull, and prices may be Dominally quoted at 86 4 cents for good assortment of fair to doe quality. Lang Ella--The large supplies from Canton hara' depressed the soniket materially, the foulos however have been large amounting to 6,000 pieces and HI Scarlet may to-day be quoted si 86,30, and OPH Searlet at 98,90.

We have heard, also, fram ather sources, that tho Bishop of Vacteria, in one or two lectores which he ine delivered since his arrival in Calcatta, hea hought fit to speak, in terms of contempt of the redulity of the Friend of India. We have othe mallest dogbt that his Lordship, either as Mr Sith be Missionary, or as the Lord Bishop of Victoria as travened every province of that vast Bape, bough we were very recently informed by a gen. leman, whoon opinion on Chinese affaire carries home weight, that the Protestant Misionaria were be much addicted to confining their efforts to the moboard citima, Bei we are anturally maxious to elieve ourasèves from the auspicion of being prwn o u rondiness of belief which may fairly be smill-d credulity. In the first place then, story slate pent which the Bishop has parusod in this paper in that milljem of the rebellion, he must have pre- wusly, sem in soma san and the Clies pepers, nless indeed he follows the example of ad emla. with his clerk and Boned and a number of seller. best Banjarmasing, per pocul

Ko Am, 8. Daingza-950. Koo Abas--(This was the semo rann that tried

Lastings.--Naxies reported, prices nominally the same $14,50 per pieca.

Canlas.-The also have been 700 pieces al 1817,50 20 per pless.

the question of passage money, ha month) took my passage on boned the Sultana, from the Ee Kas Srm. I went on board on the 29th June, * and remained unil thu tậth July, when I wne

Birgits Product-No arrivals, prices we quote Black Pepper-Blam, 7,00 ? 8 per pecul Eric Pareer-911 - 19 per pecul

driver sat by Mr Drinker, whe bad core on seda

bed a box containing clothing, money, and beds ding contained in 11, ware worth $15, and I had also in money $85 to pay my expeness on landing

Di Jodien statesman, and read the papers," hich is not improbable Our previous articles Dre band almost entirely apon letter in the riend of China, and upna soma statements which sached us direct from Canton. The account we vel our hot number la almost verbation, as far the far are concateel, from the North China erald, and the China Mail, the latter being a hornst, which at first refused to acknowledge the sistemon of may rebellion whatever. Even while porting the new version of the affair, we express. deferred, that a considerable portion of the nar- Mive rested solely on rumour, and that we regret- d that a more ample scent could not be furniel-abo il of events, which were likely to axerales se grant influence on the fortunes of so large a section mankind. The imputation of credulay, there 76, ruota at least as much spon the Chius jours.

??We are quite willing to acknowledge, that we recs predisposed to credit the accounts of the o: onal shatheter of the rebailies. We lead Inng

??Tiroleses, not vårtilty, was Contemporary magi mana. Ba. 5. or

in California. As the ship was about to ovil that day 1 had all my bedding spread out, and when I went to lake it and the other things away, the mil are pushed me about and I could not get them,

Low Akong-weat off on the FSin July, bet I could not get on board. The plastiff was mard, he had some property on board Law phiosd open ble box to let this chief officer look into it, and 1 osw suma money in I y more then $20 and some clothes. The clothes worn worth 890 or 20w the plaintiff driven into the boat. Sir Drinker gave the orders in the sail. There was great hurry and confedon, and on of the hazes and bedding were tumbled over. board.

Plaintif-I can bring many more wismana co.. prove theme thing-Wong Ti Bing. Le Wen Mong, Aching, Amen, Lee Chong Ely, and Ayee, who are in Court will do an


Wong Ti Bing called-1 was on board on the 18th July; Mr,Drinker exime and drove us out "f the ship. - 1 nad plaintiff who had our beribe our

2,90 4 4 for Braids and 94,50 for

Bandal Wood Inferior, 94 a 4,30-Fair to good, 95,50 10-Indus, $10 a 12 per pecul.

Bony-Caylon, $1,00-Inferior 60 venta a 01 per peul.

Flints.-80 cents per pecul. Cloves.-18 a 2a per pecul, for best. Sapan 11'and-42,30 a 2,40 per pacul. So Weed- $2,60 for inferior-and 65,30 a 6

for he

Tim---Baner, 618 19,50-Braita, 013 a 14 per pecul

Lucca Wood-93,40 = 4,95 per pacul. Mangrove Bark-Singapore, $1,00 ??1,30........ Pensog and Siam. 91,75 a 1,90 per pecul


Black Tons-Congous,--A. fair amount of busi nem kap besu dons in Congous during the mouth, Thin fatiar descriptions being most la request at s light advance so fest mobila ratan, walist chu common kids have been obtainable on somewhat saules tergia, present prices may be quoted-

10) = 918 Tanls for common to good common. 114 a 1821 for fair to good Sivebane kinds. 15 a 16 Ningchóws and inforier Wopacks

oredits at 5a 14

Document Bille, no nje, Bank Post Bills, no males.

East India Company's Bille ncorpted Rupees 248 a 244 per 100 dollars. Draft on Centon, 10 days night par

cent premium added on Sh. Dr

Praight,~To Englod, £8 68. a £3 10%, for Tek,

and £1 for Bily. To Amerion Dre 9 for 40 cubic foot, Sycer~~134, por 100 Tasle Gold-Bars, $190 192 por e 7m. Bo. Mexican Dollars-19 e 14 per omt diet., nom. Chopped Dollars.- None.

By the Erin, further Shanghas advices are re- seived up to the 3rd instant.

Oplom-At further dealios, owing to beaty stock, Pat $440 450-Block 1,100 choals Malon 8435 430-Stock 3,000 choos,

Exchange-Bierling BU 50. 11d, a fa. 2d, Company's Paper 243,Syone $134,75.-Gold $190.90.-Commercial List, Jarry 8. Shipping at Shanghao my :--

6,349 Tone British, 9,727

Total 550 Toos

Shipping at Whampoa say:-

" Americas,






19.831 Tows British,

















170 41


Total 2001 Tone

6,786 Tone Britbob,












Total INI Tou

8,899 Tom














Shipping at Amoy say --

Shipping in H'kong.


Total 9,904 Tone

Total quantity of mercantile shipping in China (exclusive of those in Macao, River Stentours, lying up vessels and consteta) any 48,000 Toua, nguinst 17,000 Tour of last mouth.




on Francisco


Horting ship





VOL. XII. No. 6.







1, Str. Erin, Jamnicwon, from Shangban, 4th Jan,

8 Ann Walker, from Singapors, 23rd Nov.


Castle Eden, Thornhill, from Sydney, 14th


8. Abbati, Fergusson, from Whampoa

9, Zephyr, Morrier, from Amoy, Sih Janmry.

Akbar, Milne, from Whampoa

10, Bu. Shagha, Christian, from Calenta, 19th


10, Fanny Major (Am), Crusty, from Whampon.

10, Walter (Ham), Dresher, Troco Whampoa



Trade (Du), fall, from Batavia.





Per Br. Eris, More Mahby, Chumpen, Wilks. ??Arabia, hargan Winch, Loureiro, Chalmers, Holliday, Vanaher, Andas, achinar Mona Joan, A. Frumjos, bl. Byramjan and servanda, haryan

| Partes and ??Chloes,




1, General Palmer, Simpson, Australia.

8,4 Walker, Whampoa

El Tempe (Span), Ynabaurti, Masso.

11, 190. Goigsi Parshues, Bominy. Dec.


??Then, Raid Davidson, Shepherd, Singapore,



& Nicolas Card (Pr), Drinot, Cape of G. Hops.

Yagu (Mexi), Lazarraga, Mexico.

*, Mosongw (Am), Smith, New York.


Per General Palmer, Mrs Allen Turner, Mouro

A. Tamer, J. Chapman, and J. G. [larrington.

Per T. R. Duridson, Kamesa II. Ahmed and Emak.

Bella Dalegs, ship

Blating An, karguo Hambay, this


B. terjee, shly

Canton, shaMAY

Canton, stramen Castle dos, p

Cars, brig

Carbine. ?иг?на

Uhren, brig

Codan, shp

Cellbei, belt


| Corcyrs, bula

Mat, barga

Cornwall, barges Dewan

Fleaner, barque Elener Lancaster, barg


El Tipo, bri

Spam || 400|Bemaran

| Dat | 044|Halatya

Am Morr

|| Belt. | 09||Jamaat




179 Deble

31 Me Decor

33%|Thornájá Iva






Abbott, barqa

Bell 444 Forg

Ages, borgio Akbar, thy



Aligot, felg

197 Baker



400 Vinosa




a Hongkong Witham, Anthea and -- Wong P. P. Cams and go. Hongkong Lindng und so.

[Dec 10 " K/Whampoa |A. V. Vundouborg

Hell and

Andis, brie

Bell i Haly

We Brows

Nov 24 Jam

Amaya, bel




Whanages|Gibb, Livingston and on- Hangbong

Dia. Oray and on. ||Sept 10)Diev 11|Shanghao Dent, Bath and one ................................ - ES = Jardins Matheson and so

Sept 15 Nov 22 Hongkong 14. 17. Dawudh

Des Amoy "Tall and en


maniving sy






16) Olorer


336 Peasy


Sept 10 Nov 14.

Porn Phy

Hongkong Homerang

Jaka Bard and 40, Amey Tall and sev Nev S Dee IN-Talt and an Det 1 Nay Whatapon Order June Milan aloughing Rawla, Drinkar and no,



- Kangkang abdine, ʼn stheum and es.

10.0.Kamma, Pão.0%ågt

River best

Resolving ship Meeting op

||1hing & Dento




MA A. de Malls and adu Jan Wowing (Chumlee and en




186 Ligur Dut. 647 Vanderwall



Dee Dee

North Pasta Nor

Sept Out _Amy (alt and on,

Won Deserye, daghanson and unflamboy Apr 2 line 25 Changhe C. Hathing and the |0¢ Ng+ ??Maze Cape

Tangen ?ydne



Amy Talk and on,

797 Metalach

Now To Now

Camion Blacki, Rawson and an 'alle


Ta?y 22July 26

Amay Tile and so,

Hooviving ship


Am. 1113 Yvalen

Can Franser Det


|Belt | 15 |Jainson



4am 7


dilangina Webma, Andham and no karunk Punk Beale mal do.


din Trabolano




|| Belt, | 37)|Punish



Wateng Zhodino, Matheons and on. Komiving ship

Laid MeQueen




Gertrude, ship

Olalyva, bargne

Krk, 848 Robinson

Bost Langtong

H... Pamana, Larqué


630 Prater

Deo-Maya" |L. Parsies

Handle Mitchell,







Harlaqués, bris



Am 406 Cabine Hett



and on

kong Conten

--- ==


Belt 287


PAT Downl


100 Monfarlane




Horen, bo?que


|Nov 2




10 Amen, Mule and cou

H. Posle



aw Bealand

"King and on

Uult 21

Blog Order


Pune 1

s. v. Edger

371) Langlay


joef niet


Come Anenation, Hoard sad in. Rosslving ahly

Amay Tuit and co

gt 97 Dea 21 Whampoa Turner and 40.


Dee 6+
















5 Hangkang, Judika, Matharva and

calving shty

Kooviving shly

Per Nr. Ganges---For Stathampton; bleonto | Emky, barqué

J. Wilks, C. Maltby, J. Crampton and H. Wish

-For Bombay; Manu R. Huštanjce and servant,

J. Masajes kád F. O. Hoonesia. ---For Dingsport, Mr M. Kaynakla


For London,

Akbar, H.

Samarang, El.

Ann, W.

Homilla Mitabell, W. Leander, W. North Star, W. Rok life, W.

Tha. Campbell, W. Aao Mitchell, J. Joseph Fletaler, B. Neomi, 8.

For Lisbon,

Novo Viajania, M.

For Bombay, Corewall, W.

1. Joejobboy, W.

For Calcula

And Rover, El.

Rob Roy, W.

For Dalia

Binking Anam, W.

Pialadas, A.

For Singapore

N. 8. de Luz, M.

B. Jon, M.

Corcyro, W.

For San Francisco

Abbon, H.

Anson, IL

Emma Ludoru, EL

Fanny Major, IL. Navarino,

North Carolina, 13. Proatia, H. Kodaloy, IL Walter, EL

Labuco, W.

For Calloo

Elim Morriso, C. Hoska, W.

For New York.

Jilly Jane, kdy

Emma Takkora, barque Kalu,

| Paleng sig

F Major, barque

·Vattul Qadh, barque

Falasivos, daly

Fort Willis, sido Jssella, schem

Hola, skip

Hladosten, ly

Hongkong, slamet Hongkong, banque Hurricans

Tasa, sekavar Leland Lassen,

Jamster Jacjakkay, ok.

Jumin 3.d

N. B. Palmer, W.

Jashion Harms, M

For Sydary.

Suma, H.

Ambik, W. (in doch)

Barge, WY,

For Wese Badira.

Bit Thos. Greshain, A.

For Manilas

El Tiempo, M.

Amistad, W.

Janina Pareira, W. Į Union, W.

2lboom sajūsmard

Am. Įtase|Very

Maroty Bobandfor and on. (Amoy Van Manna Hale, Drinker and go. JAng 10|Aug 22: Woong Smith, Khig and so,

mges|Dent mico.

Od Do 0 Ahangchhn 12ankene, Matheson and co. {Repairing tip - Uuedine, Ninthaten and oi, (Steostring ship Heptangan Lussell and ess

144 - Hoaghang Hongkong and Carton en

-L~Nimon" Dani, Bards and cou

Bus Frmeleon | Nov

??Hongkong Within, Auchan and an

12 Amey Jily, and

Recalving shig

Jardins, Matheson, and so. Wassand

Liongkong Delt mid des

Dee 33 Whanymi H. Franjen, Sato and co- Bambay




Lady Flora Haschen, abdel Best | or: Wika

Lonly Hay

La Polles, be

Leander, barque

Lakapun, ship

Lime, barque

Landon, ship

Larderision, ship

Lomas, Margin

Lonblane, barge




Bel 011

Ye, 137 Banka?i

1100 bita




Malamoodia, barqpë


231 Craf

For Shanghai

Marion Malutyre, barque

16 D

[Pi book

Preifique, W.

Mary Adama bargno



Now York

Manden, barq


121 Ryrie



200 Petter

| Belt | ses|Cathay






PRICE $10 per annum.

TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION to the FRIEND OF CHINA AND HONGKONG QARSYTH, por dunum, 10 Dalları, payabe in advanos, quarterly or otherwise, at option. Single Numbers, cuts, TERMS OF ADVERTISINU.-T= lines and andw, a Dollar; ad illiwaal, 19 mai ??line, Majinasigha one-third of the Brat Insertion. Ships, First insertion, & Dollares silunquent Insertions 45 cents Advertisments to have written, on the face of them, the number of dimas they are required to appom, noherwise they will be published nutil countermandal. A reduction of twenty five per cent en weusi sbarge made when quarterly secounts are rendered for advertiments ordered to stand undisturbed for a period of shree months. Poll charge made for repetition of any Advertisement in the Uvustand ?ns?,





N and offer the Premal date undersign bage to announce to the Publie BALTIC Timber and Plauke, just arrived par Nail the

that he opens the above Building this day, s As Invoice of superior Rope from to inch,

?�GAL Competon da Aounce Bases Reon, Bekrope, Pilme Navy Canvas and Deck, Peios, and will paremally superiotand the same and held || Paige Oil, and Spórea candles, Prima Pont, Split Auction on the proviene whenever a sufficient | Pali, Bear and Perter la case of 4 dozen Piols, inducemam oðars, having sugeged Mr. Omonen distrais Cavendish Tobacco, Romio and Portland Comeni, Copying Promos, Piroproef Chests, and Omamon Biẩn.

H. & O. B. P. Co.'s Bumer will ply regularly betwees Hongkong, Canton and co. every Monday, Produoday, and Friday, (unless presione notion of D?ristian be givan) as follows. The Boot leaving tongkang, on Monday, and Canton on Friday, will call at Macho, Harling 7A.. The bear of departure at other time will bu 8 a. M., and the Boat will proceed direct be tween Hongkong and Ohnton.-When inducement afters, the Beats will all at Cummingmson, but pretiose seties of such deviation will be given when practicable.

The fare will be a heretofore. 1st Class between Hongkong Canton & Maces $8-

Beck Passengers Earopena


Passengers desires of proceeding

Mens 65. - $2.

. $1. Maceo for

a short period may obtain return úckets available For the drst or second Steamer after their arrivala at the reduced rette of 88 between Hongkong zod Mueso, $19 between Capten and Maceo.

Every Bret Class passenger will be allowed ons sarvent free of charge.

The voters will convey freight on the trame of their published acala; on which, however, some reduction will be made for large quantire, by special agradament,

LYALL, STILL & Co. Agents H & C. 3. P. On Hongkong, 6th November, 1951


have early despatch. PERIOST. Apply to WILLIAMS, ANTHON & Co Hongkong, Bad Deosmber, 1882.


DUPL's services as Auctioneer.

Victoria Exchange,

1st January, 1983.



R. W. SUTTON bas commonerd Barisan this day as Famster and Livent Stabi Kur on the Premios adjoining the " Auction Mart" Victoria, and bas Carriages, Hamas, and Ponloe for Hire. Also the Brant for training Horses.

N. B-Subling_to_Tal. Hongkong, let January, 1883.

NOTICK THE Roll Business of the Union Bana Cos. ANY is this day removed from the Vrepants Exomanon to the premises adjoining the Avorion MART, Hoogk nog.

29th December, 1852.


THE undersigned, having been appointed Agos

Fe the above Odlos, are prepared to atfest lu- surenoss against fra, on Buildings and Goods, in Chaton and Hoogkong, lasluding merchanding in pative PackhouODE.

HOLLIDAY, WIBE & C Canton, 14th Amenat, 1851,


FUN FIRE OFFICE, LONOR. Estancinko in IT10,


THE MANAGERS of the How Pens Orrace,

Londen, beg leave to lufarm she British and foreign Residents at fing?ng and Cunion, thus they havs'ondelstused and appointed_the_under. Hours,igned as cher Arrosser se isou Policies of in

mwance nguine zian on Budzchings, Groda, Mar chance and other Property at thoon planen,

THAT Commodines Dwelling

on the Praia Grande Meowe, known "117' na the fula Brayleace of Mi Jonn Buzen, deceased. Terne mederste ;-apply sa the Premtima, or to the Clerk of the Court

Man, 24th Augum, 1859. NOTICE.

TS bereby given that the Partnership heretofore scheiating between the undersigned, Witasam RATHBONE the Younger, SAMUEL ORPO RATH nova, Jamu Wontaineros, Prontas Monchuire, and WILLIAM Baron Banwn, as Comamiraieu Mer- ehouse and Agost is determined by fluxion of



Shanghae, 2014 Thearsbar, 1889.

have femed a Copremnership

Full partiauiors of kari ka, maj be obtained on applicatus to

LINDSAY & Co. Bagong and Gaston,

Hongkong, 18% August, 106%.


100 Sharm or £500 NAUM,


Mamer Lammast & Co.--Hongkong, Chuton, Gbung.

Mature Guberäuxe & Co.-London,

Luoka & O-Bendbey,

Shand, Fairliede Oo.-Calosītu,

TIE understand the tray of January, 1963, With terremanns The Cold pr

for the tentaction of General Merchant's and Commission Emsisse per the name of HIRLEY WORTHINGTON & Co, at Skoghwa, sad of WORTHINGTON & C??, at Mmehrster,



THE Underelgoed hereby give notice that the buelo hitherto conducted by them in Canton will from the date be carried on at Shanghua.

DALLAN & Co. Canton, 126 November, 1852.






alina, Mathsom and un. Kroeiving ship Ouler



qu. Oferta













Nov 16 Avg Wa/Mening [Den 12 Den LeWhampoa (W. Robinet,"

Uni. $10). Endosti

Receiving akty



Dee al

tro. Purkis and so,



Leo 1. 7. Case and en

Residing ship


[Bon 19 Jan 10 Hang

10.0.Hämond, FAO.Cert


Ang 12).

July Stopt 31 R

La dock

River best

134 Hopper






Bon Accord




Crystal Palaso


Dos Ricardo


Parly Bird


Fanny Chapa Geelong

Hurrict Humble



[Lan. Sept 18] EL |Lon. Ang 108 Liv. Sept 11B Lon. Juneta) B. [Liv. Bept 29| 12. |Lon. Oui 8 EL


Canlogham Láv. Ang 148. Howete Lon On Pawood Pirlo

Liv. July 11|& Liv. Oei H.

Math, belg

Mappe, shounes


Minam, schooner

2. H. Vulner, sig Nadhar

Nionday Mionlayson, helg

North Lan, ship

North Star, alp N..da Lat, brig Novo Viajante, harga Nymph, brigation taya, heig


Pathfinder, barque Pende, skip May barque Red Haver, baryto

Mab Kay, brig

Robert Bown, ship Kudaley, ship Mocks, birque Kon Kita, brigade





Mary Moningno


Mary Shephard


on Sepi 25 FL Liv, Sept 32 Jon, Aug 17 8. [Lon. Bepi 2318



|Lon. Jana 23| EL

B. V. Given


Lon July 29,


Lon. Aug 20| EL


Liv. Sept 26 8


Liv. Oct 20

Liv. Oct 20

Ham Josh, whoober



Becurity Tinto

Londing-At Loxpoor, Katharine Bharer, Pla

Oct, and Engenin.--ai Livexrona; Commène of

Winton, Berhampore, and Elm More.

Order in which the above Vouple left England. Maindon. Crian) Palan, Zander Hambla, 1, V. Glen, Hon kar

q, Pony Chapman, Mary Manta.

De Ba

anden, Lår, Lärarport, thin thighhe, Wet Wahidend, Card,

zván, beta. Hainbu), Talk, Tattoria, Sink Mudra. Pi. Pang 6. Menghing, M. Momo, Wa. Winagan, A. 40wy, 1. shanghai.








Bamiramis Baranga Supply



La Copricio

La Camel


| Ulangkong (Dwelle

Buick, Mater

I, ND Capt. Mannin

JMB |Pikkomine

[Chanchas (16) 2, 89, 18 Panderson

Mehmenpron F,C, der

Dr Hanking


Honghen. 8 6 20 WANAT

Whatupes. Flore


4 Pacials

Come & g?ích

Mamo Vt. Core: 36 Remontrel [Whumpos] Fr, 30. | 6 [Do ithea

mac Applein, ahly

nan Andres,

belen, kaly

Yes Horse, belg

| Shanghai, stam

Mam, p

Kidney, Brig

Birim Forbes, otr.

Biz The Green, ship

Holpe, brig

Bopal Fries, bargua

Mpartan, banque Bpee, schooner

Bind schledam, alig

Ben, bl

swallow, harque Ternate, brig teria, baryo

Camphill, ship

Tremolga, barque

Walt, burge Materie, barque Whampoa, banne Wind Flower, Ali

|Noem 16: 1Jahr |Brit.|| 10 |Kapar

511 Foster

|Part| 200|Jo


Hallo Honghand



Par barit

--my - Dant and an,

-Ahlmolog Dent and

Out To Doa 10 Hongkong Rawls, Drinker and so.

--- Jardice, Mathes and co. Rengiving shiy Nov 14lkangkang Murrow, Biophonous and on, ilapairing Jane Deo Whampoa J. Q, Fard

|=*==- Wonning |C. Matinhboy and on.

K. Sameen, Beas a

- Coast Jer, Wachsenen und so.

Out The 10 Wagon Kling and ou


Mer 13


Macering ship

Napaving dig

In Apok

play. Who and on.

Now Yock Landon


Dne 30 ~ Bi Hanging|Macrow, flaphonson and soffan Franele?

sian Pranciana Oet 34 Dec 11 oghung walang, Ashen and co. Plan Priadien Lach Dec 31 Whpan Ripley Kidh sod an

[Out 25


10 t Dea

Pet back


446 Ne Lead



ane Broadland Patry

Mane John Bard and tár

San Fennciano Pet na Kar 16 Hongking. J. V. Måger.




Bett 330 Prancha

| Singapore


| Port.) 106|5iva

Spm 671 Jalee


www Christia

Am. 294 King




Nov 19 Nov 26_ _Amay, Wote and on, |Doa 20 Des H1 Hongkong Jarman, Malbasin and jet 105 " Mano J. V, Jango

Dec 1936 Whimper fan and Judah

San Francines Apr 15|Jana 10| Hongkong)). Imment.

176 W. dinette. H201 Bremen



Ult His Muries.


Dal. 491 ilal

Bali. 170 Hall


Am. 1912 Bazion

||Ham,|| 166| Dreamhor

||Symon, Mute and co.


Dee Dee Houghing of Ham, Authon and do. San Frances

Pan Jan - Elanghong 0 Camod.P.40.0% Agu L'Long & Content

=== Touring Laguscias Beak and as. Rosdiving ship Ut De L Amoy

and co

Sept 10 Shanthan W. Davidho-






Deo 1


Helt, 975 Ma

|(UNC) 20 Smith



Ved 94 Jure Des

Brit. 477| Hewitt




dos Meephon tungkong,


Bett. 123Meria

Main Windyou, barque Witch of the Ware, Zephyr, schema





JR PESTONJEE RUSTOMJEE is authoriz. ed to sign our firm by procuration from this


COWABJEE PALLANJER & Co. Chaton, Jul Junsary, 1868.


THE Undersigned bas established himself in

blown of AMOY --Sair Chandler Avoz:91NER, and ?snsual StOKNEENPUR. JOHN BELLAMY. Amoy, 21st Ostober, 1882.


THE undersignal have this day formed a Coperi- heralsip under the name and style of GO?T.D & MARTIN, for the tranenetion of an Importing and Gual Commission kasinots.



Ban Francisco, 9th Jun 1862




|Lindory and on,


Lanking De

Roestring ship








Hon. T. BUTLER Kino, Collector of the Port.




J. A. Corr, Baq - Naval Officer.

De 10 Whooper Dent and,

New Hongkong Turner and in

Doa Wamped Oils, Chringurune also. Lende

Juky 12Jaly 19|_Maono 1. Marques.

et 10 Nov 1 Whampoo Auguette Board and on. Shangha

Hanghang W. Pastan and su

Destande. 12]Bhanghas|Dent, Boule and on

Legii, &cil and o France (Nor IT Des Hongkong Wham, Anthem and es. Amoy

Dent and o

ENTED, Printed anu Persians, by can Phoenipson, Wassian Tamars, Queen's Boad West, Victoria 1843.

a. U. Horzine, Esq.-Assistant Collector.

C. K. Gan, Esq --Deputy Collector.

JOL VIRORST Bacwn, Eaq.-U. 8. Appraiser

prepared to grant Pusions Payable in Londen. Bombay, Calcula and Madres



China, 27th February, 1969

MARINE INBURANCE. Now You Mutual InsuranGH COMPANY, of New Your. THE Undersigned prepared to sourpt MA- RINE RISKS In behalf of the New York Mutual Insulaos Company, payable in London

or New York.

This Company, ander the Tide of the Naw YORK ENGURANon Company, wwe orgamined in 1798, usa Jott Stock Company. In 1861, it was re-orgaalsed on the principle of the Munal Bytom, and the profite ofta First Year's Business ending March, 1889, retorned to Contributose Divided of Porty has per Cent upon the med Premiums, payable in Certifiosten boaring Bis pér Cant interesi per ?nnun.

Poftituiste of Ratas, &t, may be obtained an

?�pplication to

Я. W. HUBBELL Canton, 11th December, 1869.

NOTICE THE undersigned hava team appointed Agente at Hongkong for the subscrisere to LLOYDS. Masters Vessels are requested to communicate to them inteligence of lusves, acchlenis, the speak. ing of Vowels, and any general information they co-ider of importance or interest to the onscribers.

LYALL, STILL & Co. Hongkong, 3rd September, 1852.


well assorted Invoice of English Cordage, Canvas and Twins,--Nóils of uinen, in Cooká

of #cw,--Round Bar from.

Pale Champagne, Fir Growth, Pole and Brown, do-Becund d do-Stout from Barclay 4 Parkina-Clarets and Brandy, from T, Zhonk

Sen. Apply to,


Hongkong, Rist Doleber, 1862,



An Invoics of English and German Gold and Bileur Watchar, Pisanal, Alpine, and Buckskine, que First-run Kide in saun, completa, Superior Sherry, Port, Clacol, Cugano, Cherry cordial, in Canen; and yandry other articles.

A. LUBECK & Co. Hongkong, 80th December, 1852.




Pom 1858,

FOR SALE at the Office of the Friend of China

Hongkong, 8th January, 1858,



| N Experienced Bonocon for Voyage from

Amoy, to Dumerare. Apply to,



EXTRAORDINARY CURES EFFECTED BY HOLLOWAYS OINTMENT AND PILLE. Copy of a Letter from George Breton, Eng., Dupu ty Collector of Custome, dated Allahabad, January 24th, 1882.

To Prommor Holloway,

ON VIEW AT TEn Storde of the Undermaxed,

NEAT COTTAGE PIANO, 64 Octavos, by ??used your Pillo and Ointment with unfiling mo- A COLLARD & COLLARD.

This sweet toned Instrument will be sold cheap.


Queen's Road, 4th January, 1858.

MY DEAR BI-Having for several years pus

|pras, I beg leave to mention a few cases which | have come under my obestyslisa. One was a Can- car of the right breset. The patient was an older. by nailea Christian and the mother of several chil- dras; she bad coffered for year, and was under

was entirely gone learing a lago ugly som, which Rer the application of your Ointmení, spread epos plantain level, wis complasly healed in a very

YOW LANDING ex Jvilya Bains from London, the treatment of several medical men: the breast

Ban Pale Ale.

Brown Slow!,

Pale Sherry,

Bulk Cabrellas,


Best Paris Nap' Hats,

Drab Poll


Drab and Brown Jerrys,

BOWRA & Ca Hongkong, 4th January, 1858, JUST RECEIVED por Sư, Shanghai,--A fur- ther supply of Bingapore made Fresh BOTTEL 8 The Jire.

ALSO, Per Joskau. Bates from London, a few Cases of

vicy orosllow CHARFARE,


· Hongkong. 14th January, 1883.


ON BOARD THE Groan Sute "HYGEIA." Whampoa Brook,

N extansira amertonent of Bhip Chandlery and A ? Culla Horns, of the best and most varied des- oription, as ---

Cotton Cuevas-Nou (a to, Bumido. and Dock,

Bantah gad English-46.j Patent Manila Cordage, of all sinna, Roth's Print Rusch Bigging, from one le eleven inches,

English and Dutch Sheathing Copper, from 16 to 3 with Nails.

With other articles toe pumerous for comprimal in the limits of an advartiosmant ; all of which can be obtained,, either wholemle er resell, at pricas drum ten in fikkoon par cont less than those charged | at any other detablishment in China.

Whampos, 28th Jana, 1859.



THE undersigned bus just received the following 1 BOOKS from England per Mail Stanmer :--- Larn & Death of the Dusa or WallinerON, wich Contemporantone Opinions of his Career, Day Bro, Buitelerd.

Dr Goodere Management of Children in To- dia. Third Edison, 19mo. Cloth.

Bole Prugie, in 9 vola, by H. M. Parusu, of

the Bengal Civil Servico. 12mo. Cloth.


Wellington Bired, Victoria, Brd January, 1833, POR BALE AT THE AUCTION MARTS BONGKONG AND SHANORAE.

AND AT ?now & Co's-CaprEN,

A Medical Turation on Nervous Debility and A Constitusional Wosknets, with practical ob | servations, Instrated by Anatomical Plates, in

Belt and Diese


This work, emanating from a qualified member


short time.

Another was that of a Child, 6 years old, the son of a Bergson; the liule follow's legs were covered with sores: they resisted the treatisest of his father, and his mother very wisely tried your remedion, which in lose than a fortnight elected a perfect curo. The third was a bontman, who had split the nail of his grant les against a slick in the rivär, lu which the med accumulated and formed a sore; nagleet ened prod Besh, and when brought to me, there was over the nail ? lump of it se large as a pigeon's egg. Poultices, caustice and your Omunent entire ly oured it in less than 6 weeks.



Copy of a Letter from Mr. Thumpom Chonia, "Liverpool, dated August 20th, 1962.

To Professor HOLLOWAY,

Dear Sir,-I am enabled to furnish you with a must extraordionty cure affected by your involu- able Ointment and Pilla, which bas antonished every person acquainted with the suffarer. About 10 years ago, Mr W. Cummins, of Balunay Street, in thie town, was thrown from his home whereby bo received very serious injuries; he had the basi tuo- dical advice at the time, and was afterwards no in- mate of different infirmaries, yet he grew worse, and at length a malignant running ulcer moled in his hip, which so completely orippled him, that he could not more without cruichan for nearly 10 yours; recently he began to nes your Oistpient and Pille, which have now healed the wound strengthened ble limb, and table him to diapenas with his aroters, so that he can walk with the greatest case, and with zmowed brakh and vigour,

(Signed) J. THOMPSON.



Copy of a Letter from Mr. R. G. Baxter, General Merchant, of Ballina, County Mays, dated March 27th, 1862.

To Profesor HOLLOWAY,

Dear B12,-Bean Dober, of Bally-Glen, near this place, was for upwarde of three years afflicted | with Ser falous Ulcars, and of so virulent a cher. acter that the bones of bar arms and hande protrud- ad through the flesh. She tried various remedio, and was in the Castlebar formary for thinzon weeks, but sent out no incurable. After returning to her hamesha waa in so wook a state owing to the continuous discharge, from the ulcers thay ebe kept her bod for several weeke; and when redacad apparently in donth's door, Mr Jamne Carlaw, the Scotch Agricukurim of the locality, purchased from me some of your Oisment and Pilla for her, which immediately wrought a most extraordinary change for the better, and in a law months she was restored to sound health. All the ulcers are now compless

Lectly restored.

of the medical prefedon, the result of many years bealed, and the use of ber arms and bands per.

addrovend to Gentlosen

practical experimen

who suffer from the varione disorders arquired in madly life. In its pages will be found the causes which led to their nocorrose, the syniptome which indicate their presomon, and more to be dopied for their removal. By Physician

Hongkong, 10th July, 1859.


Contents September, 1833, Legend of the Burmese Bodha, called Grudama.

By the Rend. P. Bigandet.

M ties of Praung

Concerning the Tan Tas Hory to Slagapore.

Parties in China wishing so become subscribers

will please forward their names and addramon Lo

the office of the " Friend of China and Hongkong Gatta," Prion #5 Bp. per annum.

Victoria, 11th Janmry, 1863.

(Signed) ROBERT BAXTER. The Pills should be used conjointly with the attenti

most of the following orang:-

Corn (Beof) Ebrumetiam Cancer Contracted and Bors Nipples

Big Jolais Bee-thro

Bad Lep Bad Breast

Bantens Bks of Moschetos Elephantasy

and Band-Flier Cicobar


CallMa Chapped hands



Scarry Bore-benda

Glandular Swell- Tumours







By Mr. J. M DA SILVA, abis Store

and by HINNAM.-Hongkong,

St. J. M. DA FONCECA,-Macao.

Meer ACOW & Co.-Canton.

Al Is, 6d a Bd. de бv, each pot of Boz.

There is a considerable saving in taking the large puta.










Peninsular & Oriental Stran Navigation Company's Stramens

BIRTH-AC Centon, on the 18th instant, Mer W. D. Law of ato.


Unked Biame





Nov. 6. Sandwich Islands. Nev, o

tot. 3 Oos

Bep 17 Dec.


90 Batavia


19 Labus


10 Blugupor




14 | Shanghar


9 Amay


Hay Fiaccioco, 94


Court of Appeal, (Tungching xx".) This court receive sociale from the provimers, and hands them over to the Nui Kok ??it also ceive appeal of the people to the emperor. Is offers are two tungching #1, two depaties, aud

two coumeliora.

Criminal Court, Pá 16 x2o.)

It is the province of this court to try special Terminal cases. It is one of the mine souris for Dec 17 consulting on Important governcheniul inatiare, the ather eight being the six flaweds, the Censorate and the Tungobing a' offes. This court, the Cenzate, and the Board of Punishments, are also Joined under the agus of the three courts, for the trial of highly important criminal cases. The of Here are two king, or presidenta, and two shán king, or deputies.




From HoggoNU TO




Swan River

King George's fizicijo.


Port Philip or Sydney.


Ladies or Gentlemen travel- ling singly- Occupying Barth in the general Oxin threugbaut.

15 |Saturday

$180 00





10 Sunday

17 Monday

Children with their Parente,- Ta Yaro and unde

TRE. -


Under Three Yosta, no Berth



155 00








Pasageri Sarvusta, ------


90 00

Native, -


155.00 78.00

183.00 94.00

165.00 81,00

170.00 65,00

Ratura Tickets for First class Psssengers available for Tian Yours, including the voyage nach way, botenen Hongkong, Swan River, King George's Boun 1, Adulvida, Port Philip, and Sydney, granted wpon prepayment of $570.

[C] Poyment to be made in Hongkong in Spanish Dollars


One of the Company's Steamers will leave Singapore for the shorementional Places, on or about the 15th of April west." Passengers can be booke, throughout by the Mail Summera lossing Hong hang in the Month +f March.

For further Particulars, apply at the Company's Offices,

Q C. EDMOND Panimular & Oriental Stoom Navigation Company's Office,

Superintendent. Hongkong at Jonuery, 1853,





Pentrovlar & Oriental Steam Navigation Company's Strain-Barre


Gentlemen or Ludits travelling eingly.- Occupying a Borth is a Cabin with 2 se 3 schets;



0418 00

0480.00 6576.0J




Rand accommodation fr

Gentleman or Lautire, -

One berth Cabin,

Balf a reserved Cabia.

A reacted Cabin,

490.00 51+00 07:2.

62100 Nowo



Remiered accommodation for Married Couples-

Occupying a reserved Cabin,


1,392 00

Children with their Parrats,-

Three Years and under T Under thrus Years, no Berth provided,

Passingars" Serota's, -



24000 Free


Eumpaan, Naive,


150 90


173.00 144,00

91600 149 00

18 Tuesday ..



Aloe Be A. M. | P, N.

6,4 635 1,18 1,37 6.43 6.38 9,00 9,18 6.41 5,38 341 3,05 6.43 8.37 3,36 | 4,09

Moun--Firm quare on the 17th, at 1.05 . -In Apogeo on the 18th,

The Register's report of the arrival of the Pau Bhan, as on the 10th inst., was errone- ous. In the Canton List she stands circulatad for Caloutta the 22nd

Maile for lodia për Shanghai, close to mor. row al 5.



Imperial Acalowy, (Há Hn.)

The objects of the sondecay are, as may be sup posed, entirely of a literary nature, but not with. as a view to qualification for office. Its chief of ficere are two presidents. The provinciterary chancellors are usually appointed from smong its members.

Maxonian Phortnots. Blinghing or Muk- ten-Kil-Tel-ui-bar or Heblung kiáng--- Eighteen Provinces. Gotamment of Châbl- Kiang Province of Ngashuul-a Province of Goeraman of the Liên Kim- Procion of Kings-Government of Min-Chah- Province of Chalking-Province of Pahvias-Government HProvince of Bhau-Proving of Láng tầu-Province of Minds-Provines of

Bhanel-Government of Bhan-Kan-- Province of 9ténet - Province of Kéurak -Provises of8z'sham -Overnment at Liang Kwang-1 Province of Kwé glung-3 Province of Kwángai-Government of Yun Kwei -1 Province of Yunnda-2 Provinc of Kwickau -Colonial Governments and Depeo. -Hacien


We have boon favoured with a copy of the

There is one thing in the Calender, the pro- Anglo Chinese Calendar for 1853, as published priety of which we certainly cannot sea, &. D. by Dr. Williams No Mugqua's Hong, Can

1853 is turned the third year of the Reign of ton, The work before us does not materially | H. I. M. Hienfong. Now if the present Fin- peror of China died to morrow, no inter "differ from the Calendars of 1859 and pre-

who succeeded him, until the Chinese Now vious years, and it will no doubt meet with ali: the pairounge út po well de erves. In ad-

Year venced the perial of his rugo |dition to the matter usually given, we observe

would be styled Hionfung.-Indeed it is p ?la tlu index the fullwing now headings:-

sible to have dogana, horsfreds, of Einperity eorological Table kept at Amoy-Pere within a year, all of whom would reign under and Siamese Chronology-Hemarks on the Tikes | the myle Hanhing - Wo cannot then see how in the Canton river-Tronly between Froare the reign can be depominated as that of the E-n- and China in Chisces and Progol-Tand ont Durin in B. ah and Uhlnese- không dun iC-Table fox chenging dollars in sterling from de tu Be. 3d per dollar-Tables showing the dex) perto of a impou vaid puud særling-Of Gora of ine US ships of wat on the Chine ma- Southomping | "=="Tru-tero of Cathedral at Hoogkong -Modical

My Bocky-Tabular Olendar for 1863 The List of the principal Officers in the Chi nose Empire is also au improvement on the fon in which it was published last year; and zwill prove invaluable as an aid, t? thosa fūraign ers who may wish to know the quaterials of which the Chinese Government are composed, First we have the of the Officers of the Trung. jin-Fi, or Imperial Housebold,-


74400 8000 1,101 00


31200 F100

240.00 171.00

Thén anya De, Wiltieme la an office for the control and government of the imperist kindred, and its

officres are all selected out of the momorarly allied and titled members of the imperial clan, all of whom are arranged into two olators; one called tas sungahih or Imperial boase, includes all the descendants of the Munchs chief-tain Tiemming i

the other of Glere are these descended from their

common ancestor Alsin Ģiora,"

and following the names of the controller and amisiants we have:-


The Expense of Trassi through Egypt, subject to the *onditions of the Egypuan Tramit Ad Comprehends to Councils, and six Supreme Boards,

ministration tegulations, in included in the extra to Mika and Southampton.

Payment to be made in Hongkong in Spanish Dollars.

For further particulars, apply at the Company's Offices, Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company's Office, Hongkong. In January, 1863


RR. F. DUDDELL bege respectfully to sober the Patronage at the Ladies and Poklic

of 11mgkong in her Millinery and Haberdashery Business at the Victozia Exotanna, and will be

moat happy to execute any orden with which the may be favored

Vistoria Exchange,

1 January, less

N. B. Bids miranta in Mandry strech.



THE station of Whaling Ship Masters is par

ticularly requested to the great advantages arising from repairs to Ships being effected at Whampon; where the undersigned havo several dry docks, with dry and a cure Nhed for the storage of oil or othre cargo in the yarde adjacroti eborgen on the muse, and for repairs, being the most - moderate mada in any pert in Chica There str no port charges on vessels requiring repairo whenn landing their cargoes, and many benefica "en doriva- ble by coming to Whampoa which it is hardly pe





Ka, 36 RUA DO HOSPITAL Formerly occupied by Dose SavaR?, THE Undergoed begs in sanooses to

" Cuténial Uffoj, dhe t'ensorate, the Academy,

in Corts.

peror Hieafung-it boing overselly .dynasti period; and as suob it is not stogether isour rect to term the year na of the dynasty Hion- fung. This style we adopted in our Compara- live and Chinese Calendar published in Nos. I respectively of this and last year's paper. An anonymous correspondent, and several friend for whose ophoons we enterta a respect, have questioned the propriety of our doing wi; noe of them reminding no-that the' proper seine of the dynasty is "Taing" or "Pure." Grant- ed that it is, but we are still in order if we bear in mind that" dynasty," a power-a sovereign- ty, comes from the Greek "dynast" a Lord or Chieftain-a ruler, a Governor, and that the term dynasty does not of necessity solely im- ply a race or family of sovereigns.

The Chapter on Tides contains noe or tw? discrepancies which, however, it is hardly worth tory) notion of a really very useful production while to refer to in this (intended commenda.

the labour in compling which none can appre- cia e but those who have had labours of a si milar nature.

I is somewhat amusing to fund George, by dl vine.permission Lord Bubop of Victoria, doing QEBAT CORNOEL, OF STATE, (Kownact_omy.) · good service to the Chinese throne, in ropa:diat. This ancilla computed of avvocal prmaes of ing, to the best of his ability, the idea, current the blood, uoble of the highrat rauh, the unmistera

rebellion in the Celestial Empire. There

of the Noi Kok, and president of the servcat*pparently in Calcutta, that there is, actually, Boards and public olless, together with aunt or high officers us the emperor le plasad su app al. No list of the membera is published: they are called Koki chio,

Tu Inna Connort, (Nor Kom)

Combists the principal ministers are only ex. It corrumpende in some degree to the European four of whom are enlied sa katus,' great scholars, and thay th�?nên tới ch v or mohim Tranh Pho lare; bai the samber way be akered at pleasure, The Cabinet Mi Koh-Tá fiokaa")

manders and Motra of Vassela and the Publie generally visiting Mecso, that the ubora Elouan is now open for the reception of visitors. The sleep ag Reome are ten in number, large and airy, likruim two Blating Rooms, and an exoolest- Dining Room, where every attention will be pakt to the Accommodation and comfort of Bowederá. As he devotes his whole time to give the utmost

Public Patronage which he has hitherto se liber alfaction, he truaia for continuance of the ally received,

ROOMS TO LET BY THE DAY, WEEK OR MONTH. TER-BARd & Loreine, From $1-50 to $3, Per Day.

the stone untirely depending upno orders for Memla.

sible to specify within the limits of a single adver- Attached to the premiers gond BILAN



New Town Docks, Whampoa Island 18th Nurember, 1852.


F. DIAS, the Proprietor of the abuse Bablish

atent, bags to inform the Publa that the sama kao been removed from Praya Grande to the Houy No. 90, near the City Outs, lately occupied by Mr Edward Bestria

Tana MopaRATE.

Macao, 14th July, 1832

By Coin & Co.


Sedan Chairs.

or Chief Ministers. SATHE SEX HOARDE. (LUN PU)

By those Boards all the affairs of the eighteen offers a la.000section with them, either as e provincos of Chinn are arranged, and all previostal rio rabers, or under their direction. The shief affledes are six, two akárgakui (rataciers of laining,) whom we call prudente; and four abs Ideg (attendants of the emperor), whom we call vice presidents. Over three, a minimer of the Nai Khi omi appolated superintendent.

are some residents in bis Lordship's dioce. who will think the Bishop of Victoria would be quite as well employed in inculoating a nong Church followers the heaven born virtues of mockacas and ha-nility ;-there are aoine who have had deur friends and relations die in this

which Bowe or should five from the lips of the anlovely land, without the soothing confort

Minister, who will think that his Lordship woatl be doing his Mastór better dirvion if he saw the duty of attending a sick bed duly per formed even if he had to set the example, which it is to be regretted his Lordship never, or but very seldom, has done as yet; for with the robes of the missionary, plain George Baith throw off abo the common judgment of "one fit For the rifice of a Bidup," and now sugreld, or profece to regres, that his position is such bo

Board of Civil Offer, (LIG)-Bound or Revenue, (He Ps)-Board of Ilotes,(Li Pu)-Board of War cannot visit familice below his in worldly rank TARL) Bard of Punishmen, (Ling Po)-and degree. It is wrong to speak behind a man's

Bward of Works (Kung Pu)



FOR SALE. LOSTER, Cher and Berkeley Cherr Scotch Marmalade,- Haspberry Jam.

MAC EWEN & Ca Que's Road, Hongkong. 14th January, 1858,

The Colonial Ofico, (Lá fán Tuen.) This office hen the direction of sit the colonial pressions in Mangels, Bangasin, Turkian, and Tibri: the nf some foreign relationn, put- ticularly wab Russia. La oficure are all Tatlara, bucing the same thiles na the officers of the S Bourds.

The Censorate, (Tá cháb Yuan)

back what soina will suppose we would not say to his face. But his Lordship, the Organ once told us, profesor never to read the papers, and so it happens to be all the saioa,

The distinguished guest of the Bishop of Cal- cutta, the Citizen informed the Friend of India (as quoted in our last issue) has had some oppor-

The chief case of the Censurate are two-tunities of observing rebellions in China; and yu alf, and tour smisaol tú pustí, or chief and abestati crusors. Its their duty to find out above and malad.ninistration whatever uziet g, and re port them to the emperor.

it is evident that the Editor of the Citizen hae become imbued with the idea that the present disturbances are nothing more than mere out-

enks of dissatisfaction against the local Ma istracy of the provinces of Kwangsi (spolt When we read yang-be) and Honaan.


(In Gasata No. 100 this Ting kius-wong denian the truth of certale charge preferred against him (on points of etiquette) by Tha İmportal Bub Canasr),

The Imperial Commissioner in Hunan proyed - Hi Mujoaty to furnish him with the secricos of the Adigital of Bu-chuso. - Ibid.


Connor-On Tuesday last, a publio meet log was held at the Nawo Room, to take lita con- sideration the manaure contemplated by the Locs! Overnment for abolishing the present Currency, and substituting for I Company's Rupses us the only legal Currency in the Breaila Settlements. George Gardab Nicol, Esquire, having been un- nimously called to the chair, the following resolu tions were then put and carried :-

word "local" we turned to Iloker to if we had comprehended right what wo ok to be ka meaning: for when we speak local we imagine rome confined place ;- hereas Kwang-si-part of Kwang-lung- Juan,and Joaquing the places where theso sturbances are known to exist, extend over a sace, to give it a moderate length, fully sand of three got one was competent.-Fron Na. 109 | kitkarto, and now, the Cairney of the Strelte. Katie-

roat as from the Land's End to Jubu o' Groat', bues (the south of England to the north of colland) and the Paking Gazotts, which it is tain entertalas no desire to exaggerate, also

bye that turmoil reigns in every provinos

The Bishop of Victoria, we must toll the ditor of the Citizen, bus had even lower op ortunities for observing the state of the coun y then either of the Editors of Journals in longkong. It is with tim na it is with athare ho profess to deary the magnitude of the resent outbreak, a more matter of oplukon ; opinion which all presedeal show has no

baanaable support.

The Vice president of the Conseil of Riser at Maakdee Informed Hla Majesty that there were

Proposed by John Purria, Esquire, ssson-led by twenty four Candidates for office ha Intarpentara j? A. Bakrolber, Esquire, and cassiad unanim?usly 2- the Tartar and Chiwaw langasgun i buy when the

Lat.That it appears to this morting that the non- day of spomination onme soly thi?téon appeared. || samplated withdrawal from circulation of Dollars

of tad Ucaber.

The Jub Viceroy of Henan papitioned 11. M. to allow him to talablish a department for the War(Civil) & Course was eering to the pro- le parpose of attending to the expmom of the

pol-No. 104 of 6th October.


Closing Rates-5 x 8.



Honora Malwa



468 $25

Jong, Lat Importa


ESTIMATED STUCK of OPIUM. ni Cumringmoen ---6th Junmry, 1853. DATE Petra Bearer Malwa Turkey TOTAL



361 1915




67 728




16 $59



monte, and obediating for it Company's Hupom as Deliveries- $26 chassis legal tender, is loexpedient and impolitie, and colesslated to injure the commmalal interest of this! Jan. 8. - 344 21 635 366 1356

tent, from the evils wklok would, in all proba Willy, fellow from such changes


Proposed by John Astmy, Erquiza, seconded


own Purela, Esquire, and carried unanim-

2nd-That the objections to the proposed change

??Decree was sent ordering the Counell of Finscom to consider the representations made by [ may be stated so follows the Governor of the Rivera, regarding the expanse

Is of unanally repairing the bonka.-Ibid,

The Viceroy of Yas-nes and Kwa-okou pre- sented a memorisi somplaining of the, Lieu. Colonel of Talung, who, in plass of marching with ble troops to the post to which he was ordered (lo Theatlang) in order to arrest the rebels, did

wơi ga all the way, but returned without complying with his orders, and hu hogged that the saki Culina might be dismissed.-No, 105, Oct. B.

The Commandant of lofantry at Pekin proveni ed a memorial in which it wai ̧ stated that he had sprakanded an individual of Nga Ani, who cur fried a book, written by himself, un the praisestina of the Empire; but as nothing in it was buid agatnot the Govorame it, ke, the Cocomandant, would fre ward in for Elie Majesty's porumal, and be humbly hope Hla Mjosty was wall - fbid.

It would disturb the current transactions and exchange of traders, more particularly traders to vlon (semotamed bliherio to the iondiem of Dollars) a Decimal Currency would be embar- red by the substitution for stof new Cureaney of Klupans, with its compliosted subdivisions of Apa and Pla Mid-That it would tand severely to certall the

trade of the Bellomont, by restricting the impor tation of Dullar, now the guzeral medium of Ex- change in the Archipelago and Chiles, and (ufian the only trade availible to Notīros and others,) (of placing fanda la Blaguporn. ed,That Dollars, which would of nooneity ander any okresmotanom continue to be limporiad Into Wingapore to a sorteln sishough probably reduc od extent, would be subject to fangstens la value like Bellion, ovnsing thereby confusion sod unenetainty to the trade of singapore. Proposed by O H. Harrison, Exquire, second ad by Tan Bong was, Esquire, and carried unani mely-



To the Edber of the Empire, Bt-On behalf of Phipowners, Misters, and Agents, let me uniront of you no publia journalists, to exert your powerful influence in remedy thá sbore evil; which if not immedietly altended to, will aid only down this part, but raín shipowners, and tainerson the price of provisions, den do. It is upwards of a month since I addressed you en this outro, in ske hups it might prove of some little servion. And on the 17th ult, was pu?�lish- of the Mamncial from the Marchants of the Syd- | ney Chamber of Commerce, to the Government, 18- spacting this urinae evil. And yet affairs aro seeming words, instead of a brighter, nepret And so steps are taken by the Goverdusent to check it

Desertion, insubordination, and muliny, in now au avery day occurrence, siteaded in some lästances (to wit, the stracions mutiny of the Georgiano, at Geelong.) with murderous intendons, which I be- lieve never once occurred even at Califorale. And Brd-That this meeting le fally smolbia of the evils why doen k thus kappen! Simply, because oʻr Wa take from, an apparently very useful little of the went system of Currency, creaing from the Mercantile Marine Act is so made to protect Sea. studies of a cold of lower valus than a Dollar, but | men, that it gives them to understand, that their paper, the Singapore Local Reports: the pro- - would take laeva os suggest an ? ramaly for this, the Captain and Offres are not to be babavad on ceedings of a meeting at Hingapore held fortes, for elrowlation le che Brain (without preju- oath Unless every sat af meting insubordination, dios to her. Onatter, and Righthi Dollars The clogged with legal t-chuicalities, and a parcel of

"Dollars) of 'a Company's Dullar with coth, dza is logged in the official leg-book- the purpose of considering cartini govorimoni mansuran regarding tha fiscal corroséy of that

Dollar to be of the same intrinsic value as Mexican;ờng thai a Philadelphia lawyer cannot under- sil the Half, Quarter and Eighth Dollars to be of such and, much lese thorough bred suman, which no place. Our readers have as grid to be re redneed farsold as would vilcinally prev their one can dany our merchant captains and mentes are portation as Fressure, wille it would not injury ibair minded of the tmable experienced in this God.

free circulation at their relative Azad value against Dollars. ony about two years ago, whon anime rath y sudden fluctations in the regulating raukoj (Canton) placed Mexican Dollars, Rupons, and English money at a considerable disonant in comparison with 8panish dollars, Varina schemes were proponded for wetting matters | right; the wiesst of all being that of the Col onal Government Servants, to the effct thu

The Editor of the Friend of India believes bat, tired of quarrelling about Consular mis- management &c.we, the Hongkong Journalists, ave fallen out about this Chinese rebellion. So far as our contemporaries are concerned be may not be far from wrong but the view wo ave taken of the matter bas always been the ame; and if the Honghong Regustar and the China Mail show to taka diferent ones tho former simply because he would not row in home boat with as, the latter becau ho must be singular, it was no fault of ours. Residing in China, more than in any other part of the world, during the last eighteen yours, and having first couse here belore our loens were half ran out fut one thing sure that wo had no previously formed theories to doggedly maintais) we certainly deem ourselves juniflod in entertaining an idon that we ought to kunw??little more of the bearing of things in general in this country than others of different habits, and with, we clown, sower opportunities than we have had of farming proper opinions up hem. Long before the Right Reverend Distar ovince in 3:nith came here we had seen every China that be has ever heen in, although that would go for hat kule had we an other rea¦ 0 for believing that the Chingmo rebellion is in truth a perinus affair, and that we feel gar- hain it will terminate in bat uno way-the total overthrow of the Ta'ising, or great Pure Dy masty; and, for a speedy finish, we say with all our heart."Ho mote it be,"

Khur romlara will observe that in one respect" we have altered the system under which we were wont to import what was known of the Chinese Civil War-msbstituting for private correspondence the more mbstantial extracta from Peking Gauties.

Translations from the Poking GrotDU, The Imperial Censor prayed that the Criminal Judge of Kent-vu should be called to woont in the same way that the Vicory of the TwKiang, Min fiovernor of the Ravere, and variana ochure kai heva, for their waglect of the banks of the Error Tong-ke, which broke down and had slows much Injury to the pa-ple. His M-jemy acceded to th prayer and decimal senordingly --From No. 100 of 28th September, 1352.

His Imperial Majesty has ordered there of the Court prepare to the Pagoda of the Em perors who have socceeded Fuh bi (the Gra1) and there to offer excrifice and inossen. - Ibid.

The Viertoy of Kwang-tung and Kwong of in- formed His Majesty that the present King of Kem had advised him through his (thu Sine) Tran surer, that, in comarquence of the death of h'a bin ther, on the 3rd month of this year, he hail a oceed

ed to the threas --fhil.

Propowed by W. H. Rand, Esquire; reconded by Tan Kin Ching E-quies, and corried mani


4th-The the Masting, nondidering it would be Im practicable for the Nirafta Government, with thale jjaitað manno and resouram, to carry ont say messUTO for permanently Buing the value of Hupen, na au c? guards to the Community, ander ulleres manor, the encript into these transurias of Hupes in exchange | fr Dollars, colder is would not be expellent to

derart the present system, and roommend that bas shushi campane to aireslasa as at proovit.

Prop by W. Campbell, Enquire; road.d A. schreiber, Eequire, and carried unst

ach.-- That the following Omileron ba appolated na

??Commitin, to submit to the Honourable 0.


laries should always be paid it dollars Spanish (the sa ne, by mason of Chinese pre- justice, invariably houring pregion in degres over dollar Mexican) and that 'readija: into the Treasury, (out of which 'arina aro peovided), should only be with the difference al which Mexican dollars, or other coins, might actually stand in the mercantile market.

The proposition, if sounded to by the Home Governmont, would have had noe effect. It would have beas:no necemery to establish a Public Exchange ; and a very good establish suent an Exchange would have proved. But we inoline to an opinion that the mercantile sommauity would much rather things remain as they are;-the fact being that we are not ripe enough in China for such pra bomo publiciť institutions as Exchanges; and, hardly abl to, conform to the string regulations of 'igaon- porated Banking establishments. But all the schemes for sunsthing matters, as we fore. told at the time, proved fatile; and, leaving the sterling currency of the British realm to remain what it expresses to bs, wo, in China, allow Spanish and Mexican, Sicca and Company, to rango at what over premium or discount the business of the day may plaos them, and so the matter has resolved krekt.

The proceedings of the Singapore meeting are of interest to ue as exhibuing what else might be done towards remedying the inone- venience caused by the varying value of Spa- nish Pollars; the resolution of most importance By an Imperial dearen hendura are awarded se being No. 3, containing a suggustion for the ernain officers for their mergy and ability in pot- ting to route a band of robbers of the Mabon.eles coinago, for curentation in the Bursita, (without pornmon.-rom No. 101 of 98th St, sumber prejudice to allipe monies) of a particular

The Viceroy of Kwang tong and Keung di bar-


lar, to be called "a Company's dollar" with ing informed His Majesty that on aegatif the divisions, so far as an Eighth, of silver of Military operations in progress, it would be increduced fineness, so as to effectually prevent roniest held the amount ramination of Milliary exportation as treasure; whilst, in local circula- Officer, His Majesty noorded to the request that

the save stood be posted (til the relation, the value of the mid parts of a dollar

would always remain the same. ara subdued), - Prom No. 102 of 20th September.

Elle Majesty decreas th-1 the officers of his Coor

Complying with a requem from the Comucil of War, Hu Xajemy dissimas from his post tha Adjutant General of Honan, who feigerd slekts when his services were mon required. - Ibid.

There is hardly any wooowity for quo-tion. shall contribare lewanis ilefraying the prosanting the wisdom of this suggestion, for there is enormous expences of the Army.-Zkid,

oas great fact which is likely to overrule the whole business, and that is the probability of the Hiraits selllemania soon becoming direct appendager of the British Orben; in which event, as Яkerling money has been found to de lor Hongkong and other British Colonies, so herling money will have to do for Singapore and the Straite. Under 1. Company there can he no denying that Company's Hupeos wooll he a very bad inopay mediumi ; and that dullara, as proposed, would be much better.

The Viceroy of Chibli in a memorial to the thrwas dentes the allegation' that he knelt in ob- sinove to Nag-kian.wong;" but sämita that he complimented bla by offering him bin hand; to which many who saw it own testify, -Ibid

* A Prison of the Imperial honan,


clating corner of the Kursu Bettamente, the He mutatione adepted at thle mening, and to carry them out as far as may be in their power, visi

Nieol Esquire, Chairman, Jobo Parvis, Esquica John Harvey."

W. H Raad, Praped by J. Parvis, Esquire: seconded by J. Harvay. Baquies, and carried unanimously -

Gth-That the thanks of this Mosting be given to to the Chairman






for his shte vendunt in the clier.

Nonaward 513cd-20th-176|

| 38 dz 80th =57 | Basward £İN.7-E??_W.6,


Fly from the M. B. ai and about Macao, il

omner S-Wlad Karterly, foran 3 to dmetups swang to the & vodna

? a Thile raja tell on the 181, 2nd and 19th li waN LOC HELICING) LO

9th $67.

(30k #30. 24°? pih *29, 94')

CANTON. From the Canton Commercial List, Juny 13. MONEY MARKET.





Maxican Dollar Carrlue Dollaro -

8:11 30 per T Tl. 01 par ceul prem

7 per cat donuni.

% per cent premium.

And that even this entry le of no avail, wolem the ma'tweer lo called aft, and his offerae praeched to him." A pretty pran, our jeb cile Gov rasani Gave brought sur cespectable onmanoilers to, lo com pelling them to act such a free before passenger and a hande

Thank goodansa. Ikrar aranes were not exact d in my topa. Tom na v, luckily, neither on dor nor master-and before I would condescend to be pla- cad in such a position, I would see every one wlio unforced these fans, hung at the yard arm

All the marlene goer of Official Log books, der,

asiling stated in a Marine Art, at short na possible. 1ofited before that a songwen well kinse what bo nizmo and if he breaks her "g-armant, the pa- nishment should be savere ; nothing less than two years will bring him in his hearings-only let húzn konw the extent of punishment, and it will very soon check desertion, dec.??

And if any crimp is convicted, give him seven years with roofiscation of property.

You will any those are stringent measures-grun ted! And dore not the present state of allaya de

man is Why shoul·la whole community is go noral, and owner, msateca, nud agenta, în parvica- lar, su?er from a parsel af reckless ruffiana"

If we were inundated with Inimigrants, the sama as Victoria-and famins 'close aboard" of us-m and all procmary articles within & se 6 week's mil

it would be almost imposible to get a ship or ships sway to fetch supplies, even at the enermons wages

of 20 per month, now demanded. I need not call your asscating to the disealty of gutting erew-the Mail Stoneworn away, museli lam sailing vro-alo, as

this foot in ton apparent to all interroted.

Again, requering your carnent attention to this ambjsal, and luaving it in yout bra la.

-Empire Oct 29.

I remain. Bir,

Your tru'y,



(From the Sydney Empire, Oct 29.) Among the malleis of arrangement which ought

to be taken itu consideration by the Committee on Immigration, is the necessity of impressing on the minds of intending emigranta, before they are received on board, the relations which they must

bear to the ships in which they are to mail, and to The cree

the officer wh�?take charge of them. of the Georgians, at Geslong, will illustrate our meaning. It acemio sa it, when the starving dollere of the mother dudo ry can get benevolvat puchomo to take up their out", and to forward them to Au

že, having got their own turn arved, they do ot imagine that any duty remains for them to perficça. Boodle of the serious nature of the trust whi.b the officers of the ship widertska for their hone?t,

no noon sa that bear?t is secured, they imagine that they owe nothing in taturn, not even in emergen.

cies where life is endangered. Comme humanity seems, in such exo plos, to be doomed to user eatinolio To oralicate such a vicious temporis ant the boslarm of shippery and immigratum agenta; but it may be will ensidered, whether it be mot porrible to make such pattes sansille beforehand that there is a recogni-able bond, by which they are ofliged to help the ship in energieina sa lưng na they wro in it. If a panoonger in the street wers 10 elep before a window at which bargines wah Stern ware entering, and continuing to look un, ware neither to rains an alarm toe ngelet in the capture of the sobtues, or the defence of the in- mustes, he would be liable to be aprehended as so

??The intero of the Emez and Thomas Campbell Par ale serivas, suntų leist leafy of Vice Code

an these puinia. B? F, or C.

By the Jo Ama Bular the Longkong enol was provid ed with trad mill gear. The laci can hardly bec

known along the feat.-ho P. ve t�?











Hugkong Meer Ship



Minden Rapid

ut. M. &

Shanghon 11 M. Bel in dandero HongKong Hu


chih, Menta Capt 31


Dr Baki

Whampoa M. MA

Haughing). 38

90 Walker

or h 4

VOL XII. No. 6.

amey 10. 8. Str. 8 Comoro uliok


Tu Colossi Buller and Lieut-Colonel Eyre, com- secomplice. Passengers may not look on a dese for the promptitude and gallantry displayed on the of motiny, bordering on piracy, with unconcer.

ccasion by the detachment, and the last Army mending columns, and their staff, is Lieul, Cale Directory records the names of all who were on | mels Neobitz and Napier, to wall se to the g neral It lately their own safety which they are to enault but that of the ship and its officers; and g-ged in plorming Pega in June 1852 The and personal staff, and commissarist department ??the commander kas a perfect right and power to strength of the seamy's poskion was vry kapor | Major Bedford, commanding 60th Rifles, to Ma

Jar Pinckney enmmanding 73rd Rest, Liu, Cops call on them for such avoistance as they can render, fectly known, and the Toros despatched on the ou in every danger of the hind, so long as they are easien was therefore inadequate to the dely in be | King, commanding detachment 74th Regt. Mejor under his government. This lesson requires to be performed, and, but for the great gallantry and | Forbes, commanding Dist. Rege major Horsford, devotes which was exhibited, there might hara | commanding Ra?e Brigada, major Bémerset, com- taught to all emigrante before they leave their

been a less factory issue of the altit. The wanding Caps Mounted Riflemen. Capt. Brace, mandor The case of the corglane appears to be a very Molitory fores consisted only of 100 Europeans, 70h Ragt, commanding a detachment from Post Te one. It le kot necessary for us to enter into and the same number of natives, with 30 Sappers - Rolief, and the several officers commanding levine | supply the tresient which the crew and passengers re- under a Europass officer. The detachment maded he desires to communicate his perfect sellafaction evived from the expista and affloers, or into the go-??at half past siya in the morning in the blistering and thanks, for the able manner in which all the neral provisions and arenagements, during the voy month of June, and a arched for two miles through arrangements for a very complicated sparation La Ugodni age. On this pow we have no evidence but what a moram and jungle, and vaccord in driving tho were carried into effeos. apparu in the prints, and this is necessarily second. enemy across the river, towards the Grant Pagoda, hand. As int, however, as this we?nd-hand evi- While this march was in progrem, a portion of dence gore, there does not appear to have barn a??the sowny made an slinck on the boats which single circumstance to provoke the conduct which | ware under the command of Captain Tarkton, who-Mail, Sept 28 was pursued by the crew, and connived at by the bravely remated them, and was genlondly assistal The ship is described as remarkably by part of the Rifle Company wider Capt. Hicks Immigra


(Signed) ??J. Ozonra, Q M.-G. By command, Charles Brymmen, LL Col, MIL Socy.




19, Alligator, Baker, from Whamn pos.

La Cap


Mans Fr. Cars 20 T


197 Amity

325] Hindostan

930 | Hurrienne

850 Labanen

a half under ??burning saw, and had just began 11, U. 3. Bore ship Supply, Commander Slachair, Lady F. Honings 664 N. B. Palme to take a little rupee when information was re-

from Whampoa

crived that the enemy was marching days from: |-13; Paclique (Fr), David, from Whumpon. the Pagode with a thousand men and worn, and

13, Surge, blauries, from Whampo?. mme forty moomed an poules. The whole of 14, Siam (Am), Ring, from Whimpon. our troops, reinforord by 5 deen man under Capela, Tarleton and Capt. Niblatt, moved out against the | Jan.


momy, and after'n smart Gru drove them towards 8, Hindman (Am), Corbing, from Hongkong. the Pagode, and followed them thither with such

9) Lima (Ham), Petors, from Hongkang. ardor, that they had not time even to discharge the|12, Am, Walker, from Hongkong. gune which goarded the entrance to the south sad west gate, which were at once stormed. The snowy rushed through the Pagoda and secuped by

the opposita gawa). They sould not be parvard | date because the men who had bona nader arms from



18, Panama, McLeod, San Francisco.

well provided and regulated, on that the voyage was. These apponto to have been rather a sharp confhat one of the strictest harmony and appareni good with the Burmees, who showed considerable rosela- humour. If this representation be true, the gullt tion, but were eventosity rapaloud, and retented of the culpable parties was so much the more da- towards the Great Pagoda. Our troops bad by this | Jan. grace. But it should be well understood, that the time been engagerl for more than three hours and dation of crews and passengers are not sulatautia My altered whm the oendition of the ship and its many sgement & reversed. The case of a ship full of kuman dalaga, under the government of one man, to when god condust and skill they all owe their safety from rounding and ever impending purile, is very prouliar. It is evident that bie person must be at the mercy of a ship full of demons. In cos turn, then, for his skill and caro, they uro vurely bound to refrain from new of hostility to him, and to stand forth in his defence if matinects asosolt him. The case is obvious. Good faith is involved so both sides, whomever passongato ure received en henri skipa. The onptain engages, se för så skin ak! kithful oondver oan de it, to conduct them safely to the end of their voyage--the presagert, thely, bat, by potting shameelava into his kanda, not the less really, mgage to reciprocate his good rvice till their voyage in complete. Was the com duct of the immigrants macked by such a resipro, city? Did they imagine that their duty was mi an and on these arrival in port? If the kites were their thoughts, it only shewe by wåst a scent ains sure some people are prone to estimate their duties, "They had done all they could for the good of the ahip, and should dechas farther interfering." How hed they done "all they could," while a single thing resined undone which they could hire dons? Besides, they worn will dependent on the regulations of the shấp, nor could they ba sherwins ull they had Sually left sin ada... Day te dost. ed whether they bid ever dona say thing að xil for the good of the ship ; but If their somewhat Phar imsical boat were ever so true, so long so they kill one thing, and especially such a thing, undone, Tey lost all righ) to commendation.

one in the morning were encapiately saboneted. | 19, Abbott, Fergusson, San Francisco, Our loan in this little gullast näkie was two sopoje | 11, Alder, Milne, Ladom.

and ane dooly bourer wounded. It would be in- | 16, Witch of the Ware (Am), Tay, Calcutta. videue to intimate any comparison between che oor- - 14, Harrisine (Am), Very, Whapon. vices performed on ise fra osassion and on the | Jan. oreood, but they both appest to na to be riqually deserving of commandation. And, na we were led

from the defective information at frat bedoen we lo spank in terms of disparagement of the capusen ut Pegu in June last by the duschenen, under Mjor Culion, we are happy to find lathe remarks of one Wantura contemporary u fitting 900 caion to plane the tenth regarding this small but very entera+lul expedition, before the reader. The troops then sout were inadequats--though the inadequacy wet com- poststed by the energy and devotion of the offforce and men ; and the larger number lately sout was the dietata of prudeson-At the same time, me think that if ?eneral Godwin had remained at Prome, and dispersed the Burman army wars, and prochimed nusexstion, the Burmese fura, si l'age monkd have mified away under the bonidity of the inhabitsuts of l'ogu, when ones the eucllence During from having hecome Britùh vuljaste kad


The Kapta Wan.

General Order.

With regard to the sailors, and the warrant officers, their ringleader, it is noodless to speak. They were evidently a set of ruffiana ft for Use most, desp?rata dreds, and quito prepared to wwe born infused into their minds, murderous weapons if pressed by traitance. Whe- ther they were originally so, or whather a was the golden idea that transmused all humanity in them into a quality lied to demoniscal, it is impossilika tony. Gold hus noted than on a vast multitude of beman beings. But it in of the 37a immigranta from the Isle of Skye we have to sprak. The conduct of these people did a savour of simpla pamiviness; it looks, with all circumstances isken into account, much more like actual cogniradce al

??mischief with which they weze previously col unacquainted. It le dit?rul to conssiva that the crow had, by conspiracy, before they sailed, pro- vided themasives with the weapons they exhibited, Sailors are usually not so provident and far-think ing as to coopere lur a remate project ; and, it is probable, that they did not avea know onch other before they solared on duty. It is not at all likely that they had made provision for their prement mult from before their embarkation. It seeme more probable that they had borrowed the ven these was pose from the Highlanders on the voyage, and the conduct of the liter plainly showed their perfect sympathy was with iba ngremuts. It wa not like a méʼds in which the passions of spectators gol excited bad all the appearance of oo, debbare, and wicked encouragement of un cat ruge of the worm description, which one setion from them would have prevented.

Hand Quarter, Piszt Onvafort, 90ch Now 1882 The Cominder of the Forest hating call pl

a fozen af four gene and 3,000 troupe, for the pass pse of clearing the Waterkloof apå adjacent farv neaurs, there wars posted on this kashi Instant, an follows:-

At one thing we are somewhat pozzled on the part of the captain and ofboers-their ramínarso of duty on the voyage in regard to fra arma and powder All such things are required by law, if in the possession of passengers, to be delivered up to the master of the ship, and not returned

The Ride Brigado recupying a onmy at Nols, a fare commanding the gorgn of the Waterkloof where a field work was satablished for the severi ty of the camp.

The 73rd Regiment with a company 7th, and detachee uf Fingoes, levies, and siba lengu- laro, in camp, at Ninland's at the fact of, and com- manding the maio approach with the Krymore an

the seach vide.


10, Bob Rey, Francis, Singapore and Calcutta, 18. Jumaatjad Jarjesblog, Flexmaurion, Bombay. 11, Mary Adams (m), Harding, Macao


Put Abbati, Mr R. A. Harrison.

Por Akbar, Dr. and Mrs. Balfour and family, Kix of the shildren of Mr B. D. Chy, nud. Masters Pacher and Watson.


Pre London Camerong B Hamilla Mitchell, W. Leunder, W. North Bar, W. Hocklin, W. The Campbell, W. Ann Michell, B. Josaph Fletcher, 8. Naomi, F.

For Libe Note Vijante, M.

For Bomby Ann, W. Outowall, W.

For Caleutia. Rod Rover, H.

For Ban Froisso Anson, H

Emma idora, H. Fanny i jor, H. Nevarno, 11.

North Carolina, H. Hodeley, II. Water, H.

Lebanon, W.

For l'alino.

Elisa Morrison, O. Roma, W.

For New York.

N. B. Palmer, W.

Fve Sydney.

Sessa, H.



Amon Tome 1,933 | Australia.

N Nicolayson

Total in 'kong 1,292




PRICE $10 per annum.

TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION to the PRIUND OF CHINA AND HONGKONG GAZETTE, per damum, 14 Dollaro, payabon in advance, quarterly or otherwise, et option, Bingle Numbers, Sc TERMS OF ADVERTISING.-T lines and under, Dollar: ad ideal, 10 m Heyations one-third of the retortion. Ships-First losertion, & Dollern into 45 m

Advertisements to bare written, on the face of them, the number of times they are required to appoir, otherwise they will be published until termanded. A redaction of twenty are per cantonal charge May when quarterly auspunts are rundarad for advertimenta nedared to stand undisturbed for a period of three months

Full charge made for repultion of any Advertisement in the Grancaan Iman.




NOTICE IN and after the Present des THE Roll Business of the Union BAD Com- Pant in thầu day removed from the Vrovonta Exomanar le the premises adjoining the Avorion MART, Hongkong.

til forber notion The

Hi & C. B. P. Ca. Biovers

20th Dumber, 1858.

will ply regularly between Fgkong, Camion and Macao,

EQUITABLE FIRE INSURANCE every Monday, Weffesday, and Friday, (anime

COMPANY. 28 CORNHILL LONDON. previous colies of Deviation be given) as follows. The Boat leaving Hongkow, on Monday, and THE undersigned, having bone appointed Agata 1,019 Camon of Friday, will also fur the above One, are prepared to offam In- surance against Are, où Buildinga and Goode, In Cantos and Hongkong, including merchanding in sive Packhouse.

HOLLIDAY, WISE & Co Canton, 14th Augut, 1881,


7. M. The hour of departare ni other titwas will be8, and the Boats will preeted direct be tween Hongkong and OsalonWhen indzrezent offers, the Boats will call at Camsingmson, but previons saties of such deviation wild be given 990 ben practicable.

The fare will be as heretofore.




365 at Close between Hongkong Canton & Macao BB- Meno $5. "Raropeso Book Promager Pacogers arises of proceeding to Macao for short period may obtain return tickets ailable 800 for the Brat or escond Blamer after their arrests at the reduced rates of 98 betwean Hongkong and Macho, 819 beiworn Canina and Macao

Every firet Clans passenger will be allowed one servant free of charge.

The vessels will convey freight so the terms of their published scale on which, houver, som reduction will be made for large qunutition, by special agrosmunt,

LYALL STILL & Ca Agonda H ?& G. S. P. Co. Hongkong, Sib November, 1852.


have merly dispatch.

Fon Faniony. "Apply lo, WILLIAMS, ANTHON & Co Hongkong, 2nd Documber, 1869.



SUN PIR? OFFIOR, Common. Established in 1780. THE MANAGERS of the New Pan Ozon,

London, beg lanea to inform the British and ??foreign Rasdels at flongkong and Canion, that, they have cogeltuted surf appointed the ander signed up their Arvourers in Puliolée of

mor ugninei vinn on Duldings, Goods, Mar his and other Property at those plans.

Full particular of Batis &o, may be übialmed on application to

LINDSAY & Co. Berging and Coulon,

Hongkong, 16th. Angwi, 1862.


CAPITAL £644.000.

100 BAR or £500 mao.


Meter Lendrat & Co-Honghoog, Canton, Bhanghao.


Mauro Gluparanko & Co-London,

Luckie On-Bombay),


Brand. Farnated OutCalesita, Pany & Co- Madras-

THAT Commodious Dwelling Home, on the Prays Grande Minaso, known Jar as the late Revideos of Mr Jonn SMITH, decesard. Tarmu mademia į-apply on the Premises, | Bombay, Cultura and Mindras,

Macau, 94th August, 1869.


THE Umbreloed bereby giva notion that the There there godetes by the in Cantos

Will from this data be 'ourried on at Shanghts.

DALLAH & Co. Castos, 19h November, 1852.

With reference to the above, the undersigned are prepared to gras Polos Payable in Loods


China, 27th February, 1954


MARING INSURANCE New Your Murwal ImonAMON COMPANY, OF Naw Your. THE Undersigned in prepared to recept MA

JRINE RIBKB in behalf of the New York Meruat Innenlon Comeant. payable in London or New York.


TIGA ???а


?оноколо. British

WMARIGA. Amoriam.



49 699

Castle Eden


Eria, Bir.



Lord Worriston" 1,144 | Union

Marion Macintyre 201


Red Rover


462 Tone... 261 744




600 Amistad 212


Toas. . .

6,684 Eloa




Blaam Ap


¥29 Terusia



Emina laidoma

196 211

Fanny Major



Tose ...



Joshua Bates




621 299


North Carolina Hob Roy Shm

Toos 4.690

BTB Micno 491 Rosita TL6

Tous. ...



Ita -





360 Total in W'pon 16,431


Cornelius mi Sad Schieda

647 61)

ANOT. British

500 1,160

Clarine Columbos




Elettor Lanstar



184 drpdence


La Frlice





or the Clerk of the Cours wante


Rom Elina


Bir Thon Graham


Spin Fraser






Fit Morrisn Shanghai, Bur.

Toga... 1,497


Spanish, 700 Balla Gallega J. de Unanda San Andres




Tutal tons in C. 1,497



MSCAR British.



Robert Bowne



For Away. Alligator, H.

American, Genrade Mary Adams





870 General Chasen




H. E. Susana





Bom Accurd Curit




Liv. Sapi 18.


Wakam Park

|Lon. June 23] 8.

Gle Bapt 29 H. Lon. Oci


Toor ...

Total is Amoy






194 Ann Michell



946 Bride



- Deso




49% Dewan



198 Emily


Liv Oct 4 EL

874 Fatal Oki


Ferguson. Sept 26 H.

Jobo Phillips


Hoo, T. BUTLER Kino-Collector of the Port


Liv. Best &

1,018 Joseph Fleicher


8. U. Hopkins, Esq-disiumi Callacior.


Lo. Aug 17 S.


J. A. Corr, Esq -Naval Oficer,


Low Bapt #28.

Total in Macao

2,908|| Thos. Rayden


G. K. Gamu, Esq- Deputy Collector,


17. Giren Boodland verel


Lon. June 21 H

Water Wich


Jos. Venous Dacus, ExqU. 3 Apprulaar




|Lon. July 97 &


Wild Flower



|Lon. Aug 20) FL.



[Lív. Bept 26 &




Liv. Okt 20

Liv. On 20 --








900 Helen



163 Minoa


Hamilla Mitchell

6-10 Samuel Appleton


Jemina Pereira Leander






Nonb Har

612 304







119 Whampoa





Flavios (Am) N-aparel Primes of Orange Stephens Regina

Folger Brown


Pn. Nor 91 EL J061 Oct 17H

Then, Campbell

$20 Codea


¡Bom Sept 961 H.

Tons. . .

Cal. Sept 201 H.

??Nhân. Phinida, Wat. Wandard, Cand.

"Hongkong, M. Mam 1, Wh. Whangao, A. Amay, 6. shanghai.

The 60th Rides two guns, sad Laksman'a cospa : and irregulare, occupying Porta Fordyos on the mom af the Waterklund heights

Two guns. 4 Companies ?let Roglineni, and Cape Mustad Ri?en posted on the worthers haghts of the Watchlear

A detachment 74th and Burghers beongls from Relief, to watch the Dotleta ni Mundels.

A detachment 91st and irregulars from Blink- water, to move up to Fuller's ?look ridge.

These dispositions completed, the velcolm mand open the fastutuses they were to clear, at day light on the 15th; the columas north of the Waterloo, under Colonel Baller, the column

the moment of debarkation, In regard to milurath of Waterkloof nuder Lara Colonel Byre. the rule canoot, of coures, be bee stinget. This The operations of that and of the following daje requirement seems to have been strangely over- were enaducted with unsband vigour and grant' looked, and the negligence paid ita penalty. We are strongly inclined, however to think that this jugmaot on the part of the oflours in command | the troops biromacked anch night on the ground ef circapasos telle favourably for the say good their operations, and parsed, the following day. sire of the commander But it is a very serius duty to recore all suck materials of mechief, and the low provides for it. As to the lamentable issue of the affair-the lean of even ose guily life, which we wholly deprecate, and the Land of the captain's life placed'in such jeopardy. with all the other consequences.we arelly hope that it may be the last of the kind in the sa- nala of Australian immigration.

(From the Friand of fudin Dre. 16.)

dari zal which came here high commended, the arduous task of searching for and clusting the forests and krantara of the anamy These appeared to be parin striken, offering litte estases, but endeavoured to conceal the

where many of them were killed. in the cavere and crevions of the wooded hills,

Bo clearly karell the kloofs and forests of these mountains beau penetrated, that although

6- lorking Ka?ra way have avaded the troops, the result of the three days' operativos has been the evacuation of the Waterkloof and other fingers,

TEA FIRIT AND SECOND CAPTURE Or Prog.-- | by the Tanipookie chief Quabe, sad the Gaiks The Bay Times in one of his latest numbers chief Macomo and his scho-unia, the explain and now before we, munken on allation to the very large | testruation of the Hourokos ismuders; whilst force which General Godwin has de med it arces-d-e occupation of commanding points and the mary tu taka with him for the second capture of the establisheient of military posts effectually preclude Lowe and Pagodau of Pigu, as compared with the thuis uguin fixing themselves in those bawa'e. mumber of froopa employed on the fret accussion. Thame operations having been carried on under Bot the census which is implied in the comparison, the personal obervation of the Commander of the can have arisen only from the fact that the circum Forces, it is very gratifying to him to bare witness. Manco conmrcted with the original capture of the ed the anergy and ad-sirable conduct of the troops, place were very in perfectly known, and were not | burghers, lovies, and Fingoes; sod His Excelleony placed in the true light before the public. There consaya to the officers, won onmienioned officers, was no pobilia despatch on the occasiona yari long, and men employed in theme Insigning duties, his although we have heard il reported that the Gov. - antrafaction with the cheerful manner in which they eroor Cloueral did order hie theake to be conveyed ware performed,

For Basaria.

Bintang Aso, W.

Ternal, W. Vininden, A.

For Singapore, Augusta, H.

B Whanghai, C.

N. 6. de Los M.

8. Jo, M.

Doleyra, W.

Jemima Poraire, W.

Burgy, 11.

Amble, W. (in dock)

For Mania,

Slam, H.

El Tiempo, M.

Amised, W.

For Shangha Pacifique, H. Union, W.


Crystal Pala Early Bird Don Ricardo Funny Chapeo Cening Harriet Humble Haro Jadia


Mary honing un Mary Shephard


Lon. Sept 18] H. Loo. Ang to

El Tiempo

Caningham L. Ang 148.

Lan Oot ta

Liv. July (7) 8.

Becarily inte

Led-A1 Lannon; Katharine Sharee, Pla ma, and Eugenia.-At Livans001; Constans of Winton, Berhampore, and Elma Mora.

Urder in which the above l'evocis last Bagland Bajauhan, Criási Pulson, Harriet Bumble, 8, V. Utran, Ben Aa- port, Vancy Chynam, Mary Maingua, Sattad, Lampard, Carth, bevande May Meket, bank, Ladla, Das Heindo, Ban, cates, Katy Bail Bonny Marley.


N. 8. de Lan

Novo Viajante Koloko

Bam Jona Tremelga



William Watso



HR PESTONJEE RUSTOMJEE is anchorin- ed to sign our flem by proauration from the COWABJEE PALLANJSE & Co. Canton. 1st Januney, 1868.


THE Undersigned has sinblished birtelf in

MY CHANDLER Aver:sures, and General, SconKKEEPER.


Anoy, 21st October, 1852.


THE undersigned have this day formed a Copart- nership under the name and style of GOUID & MARTIN, for the tramasation of an Importing and GENERAL Cositasroer basiness.


San Francisco, 9th Jona 1858.





HK undersigned bege to announce to the Peblic Tene... 6444 Ket de span the bore Baiksing this day,

7,311 | Total in-8g'bae 7,891

Printed, and Published, by William Tarrant, Queen's Road West, Victoria, 1858.

??GOPERAL Commuvian & Aonnct Bagus Room, and will prramelly emperintend the anime suil hold an Auction on the premiers whenever a sufficient inducemem offers, having engaged Mr. Ozonas DUDDELL's verviced as Anchonner.

Victoria Exchange,

1st January, 1688.



W. BUTTON has commanerd Business

Kas on the Premiono adjoining the " Auction Mart" Vintoria, and bas Carringre, Horror, and Ponies for Him. Also the Break for training Herson

NB-Sibling to Lat. Ilongkong, la January, 1953.


GLOSTER, Chelder and Berkeley Chems, DIAS, the Proprietor of the above Enablish

Marmalado,--Raspberry Jam.

MAC EWEN & O Queer'ofRoad, Hongkong, 14th January, 1838. JUST RECEIVED par Bit. Shanghai,~~A fur- other supply of Singapore mads Fresh BUTTEL in B4 The Jara


Per Joskus Bat from London, a few he of very excellens CHAMPAUKA.

LANE, CHAWFORD & Co. Hongkong, 11th January, 1883.

FOR BALE ON. WARD win Grown Bar? "HYGEIA." Whumpon Rosch.

?�N extensive smorical of Bblp Chandlery and Cabin Bores, of the bou sad mox varied dea- eription, as qu

Couisa Canvas--Nos. 1 a 10, Russen de and Desk, Brotch and English Patent Blana Cordage, of all sizes, Hot's Patent Russla Bigging, from be to

English and Detob Sheathing Copper, from (0 to 32 ?��?wilb Neil,


mani, bage to inform the Pablla that the same has been removed from Praya Grande to the House No. 36, over the City Quia, lately socupied by Me Edward Boatrio


Macuo, 14th July, 1852.


EXTRAORDINARY CURES EFPROTED BY HOLLOWAYS DINTMENT AND PILEN. Copy of a Letter from George Breton, Esq., Depu ty Collector of Customs, dated Allahabad, January 24th, 1802.


MY DEAR SIR-Having for several your pas used your Pille and Ointmeet with oaking c crow, I beg leave le mration a few care which bave come under my observation. One wash Cam car of the right breast. The piloul was an uider- ily untive Obristian and the mothée of several chl- dren's she had suffered for years, and was under the treatment of several medical men ; the broat was entirely gone leaving a large ugly seen, which plantain leven, was complaaly bealed in a very after die application of your Dintment, spread apon


With other article too momezone for comprizal Andiber was that of a Child, 6 years old, the non in the limito af on aéructionment ; all of which can

of a Burgon; the Hula fellow's legu were covered bo oblekoud, siiher wholemts or retail, priers with sores: they resisted the treatment of his father, from tanto eco per cont loss than those charged and ble mother very wisely tried your remedios, (at any ochir atablishment in Chips.

which in loss than a fortnight affected a perfect cure. The third was boatman, who had splk the nall ___Whumpot, tih June, 1969.

of his great too sguínai a stick in the river, in which the mod anenalsted and formada pore; peglect ORAGNOMETERS, WATCHES OLOVES, 44.

eured proud Bush, and when brought to me, there DARKINSON AND FRODIĦAM. Chronometer

was over the nail è lamp of it so burgu sa a pigeon's Maker to the Lords of the Assiralty and gg. Pookies, sustice and your ?mimosi entire Hon. East India Company's Service, beg to culi the stination n�?the publia of India to the superior

ly cured it la luna than 6 weeks. mantulotura of their Chronometers, Watches, and Clocks, su proved by the number of prizes awarded the Chromemetare made by them amt on poblie trial to the Rayal Obestratory, Greenwich, and the reports published of their superior performance in the various solentilla voyages under Captains

Róm, Parry, Fresklin.

They strongly redeemed to the Gentlemen of te Naval and Millkory Bervices their improved de tashed Lover Watobre, as being specially adapted for horna exstelec, and not being subject to stop or | b? sikerwina juầncted.

Duplex Watches, Pocket Chronometers, Car- riage Plonka, &o, which can be forwarded by the Overland Mails, and insured to thele destination.

All erdera must be accompanied by a remittance (ov rufurance for payment in Londen ; or the ameGN {may be paid to their Agents in India on delivery

4 Change Alley, Cornhill, London,

This Compen, under the Title of the New Yong Instmanos Contant, was organined in of the goods. 1798, as a Jeter Sto Confamy. ?n 1861, it was reorganized on the principle of the Maan) | Bystem, and the profito efits First Year's Business ending March, 1852, returned to Contributore & Divided of Forty two par Cest upda the purwod




Premiums, payable in Cert.lcates bearing Sie peretion of Whaling Ship Maniera la par-

Cast interes per Annum.

Forticulars of Rarau, de, may be obtained on *pplemiš?n co

H. W. HUBBELL Canton, 11th December, 1802; ?|


· zejnessed to the grant advantageo

arising from repaire se Bhips being cflected of Whampoa 4, where the undersigned bare aavatul dry dockg, with dry and scours Sheds for the storage of dil or other cargo la the yarde adjacant; charge an the some, and for capaira, haing the most moderate made in any port in China. Thera are ;no part abergse on vaseela requiring repairs when THE undersigned have been appointed Agents ot

Hoogkong for the subeoribers to LLOYDS. | leading jisir sargons, and many benaliu ara dineira- Masters of Vranola ara pequested to communicate ble by coming to Whampoa which it is hardly pre- to them inteligemon of losos, nealdents, the spankable in apually within the Fimin of a single advar

ing of Vela, and any general information they | Bloement. consider of importance or internet to the subscribers.

LYALL, STILL & Co. Hongkong, 3rd September, 1862.


well sorted invoice of English Conlan,

A Cabras and Twins, Nelle of sizes, is Cha

of & ew-Round Bat iron.


Pale Champagne, Find Growth, Pole and Brown, do-Second do do.-Stool from Barelas

& Parking-Clarets and Benody, from T. Dunkin

Apply to,

LYALL, STILL & Co. Hngkong, 21st October, 1862,

Bam' Pale Ale,

'Brown Bowl,


Nam Town Docks,

- Whampoa lalund, 18h November, 1852.





Copy of a Letter from Mr. Thompson Chania, To Profesor HOLLOWAY,

"Liampasi, dated August 20th 1961,

Dean Bia,-1 am enabled to furnish you with

extraordinary cure effested by your invalu

able Chintent and Pitia, which has astonished every person acquainted with the sufferer. About 10 Tango, Mr W. Cummins, of Baltney Street, in This town, was thrown from ble bares whereby he received very serious injurica; ho bad cho bạn dical advice at the time, and was afterwards an in- mate of different indtmaries, yet he grew worse, and at longib a malignant running uler settled in his hip, which to completely srippled him, that be cowid not more witbent crutches for nearly 10 years recently he began to use your Ointuent and Pilla, whlob bare now healed the wound strengthened hia Nab, and enable him to dispense with his craiches, so that he can walk with the greatest case, and with renewed health and vigour.

(Blg mod) J. THOMPSON.

A MIRACULOUS CURE OF STROPULOUS ULCERS WHEN THE PATIENT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AT THE POINT OF DEATH. Copy of a Letter from Mr. R. G. Baster, General Merchant, of Ballina, County Mayo,

dated March 27th, 1851.

To Professor Holloway,

Dear Sin-Ban Dober, of Bally-Glon, nous this place, was for upwards of three years adicted with Bercfalon Ulcars, and of so vitulost a chat- ster that the bones of her arme und hands protrad- ed through the frah. She tried various remedies, and was in the Castlekar Infirmary for thirteen Konks, but sent out as incurable. After returning to her bome she was in so wosk a slate owing to the continel-charge from the aloers that the kept her bod for several works; and when reduced apparently to death's dour, Mr Jamm Carlow, the Bcotch Agriculieris of the locality, purchased (rom grand begs to unnotice to Comediately aught a most extraordinary change me some of your Ointment and Fills for her, which for the better, and in a few months she was restored to sound health. Ali iwe alcare are now dempl. 10- ly healed, and the un of bar aime and beads per- factly restored.





Formerly occupied by Doctor Berano. TME

manders and Mates of Vaurels and the Public 'generally visiting Metso, that the above Hotus is dow open for the reception of visiters. The Meep'ng Roome are ten in sumber, large and

TOW LANDING ex Joshua Baim frem London, alry, likewise two Biting Roome, and an exochent Dining Room, where ovary stention will be paid to the sccommodailun and comført of Unsideru 'As he devotes his whole time to give the utmo pute familon, he trusts for a continuanes of the Pablie Patronage which he has hitherto se fiber- Tully rataived,

Pale Sherry,

Bilk Tabrellas,


Beet Parts Nep'. Hais,

Drob Felt


Drub and Brown Jerrya,

BOWRA & Co. Hongkong, úth January, 1889.




This sweet loved Instrument will be sold chrap

MAC EWEN & C? Queen's Road, 4th January, 1859.


Tar-Bond ? Lobetes. From $1-50 to ga, Per Day.

the antes entrely depending upon orders for Manis.

"A" vahad to the promises is a good Billaun Tane

By Owner O


Sadan Chairs,


The Fille should be weed conjuintly with the Olmoment i mor of the filliming one: --- Bad Larg Corna (Bool)




Theamaliam Scalds

Comtacted and

pra Nipples

Fil Julate

Like of Moschetes Bephanilacia

God-Fan Fhiglas




kia-disse Bcurvy Berbenda

Glandular Bwell. Tomoara




Chopped bande Lumbago



By Mr. J. M DA SILVA, at his Bore

and by HINNAM-Hongkong,

Sr. J. M. DA FONCECA,-Hono

and Memes ACOW & Co.-Canton.

At 16, Bd 3 Bd. & 6s, each pot or Box.

There is a considerable saring in taking the Jarge pale.









???? ??

Panimulan & Ontental, Stram Navigation Company's StuanRUS

or Sydney.

Marts for Shanghae, by the P&O. 8. N. | Singapore regarding it says:- Co's Malta, close at the Post Office at Noon to-morrow.

It le rather singular that sichlog has been brand the clew. They may have been picked up by rome a sing ship, and as the weather has been very bad in Jan en les arrival has probably been delayed. 1 derstand that Mrs Candy was on board,"

( Tan P. & O. 8. N. Co. Birain Ship Malta,

The following vessels arrived at Singapore Capt. Putte, came in about Nine last Saturday from Chins after last report, - 801 Dec. Lable night, with the English mails of the 94th of Nov. Mory Wood, at Juny. Persia,-3rd Peking Up to within a day's run of the land, the Malla-5th Jemina Pereira, had from Singapore little or an wind, but a

ARJOR PAMING. China connexion, ~(since heavy swell. Close outside it was bl-swiog, us

last report) Nov. 18th, "Panama," and " May There, very hard on Saturday, with a high sơn,

gin, "---20th, " Walter Morrico, "~ Wall The following vessels were soon on the passage. Hood," and "Reindeer,"-23), "Mamachusetts, Off Pulo Jare (Straits of Malacca) the Arratoon


Hayes, "-" Antelope, "-" Aurora, Part Philip Apoor, Mauding to the Southward and Eastward Affghan, "--"Abargeldie "and" 8withamley,

Of the Rabbit and Conie stooring for Singa Deo. Brd, "Ben Witch, Champion" pore, the Lord Hungerford; and, about four bon Tartar,"-7th," Hornet,-8th, "Forfarare dred miles from Petra Brauce, the American and Whampor, "-Pth, "Menzies," -10th, "Ar ship Wellington bound down. The ship William gonaut" and "Danie! Raa,"-11th, "Mencius, Afitchell for China was lying at Pinang leden "Queen of England,"??Flying Cloud," and ready for sea. The Malta lald Nine daya ut

"Victory" and "8phyon,"~14th, "James Bod Galle waiting for the Mail, which was brought dington,-15th," Kremlin,"-17th, Astchu on by the Hindostan; the Stormer on the

and "Land O'Cakes." home side (the "Haddington" ?? having broken down with, at the time. 179 passengers on board, of whom upwards of a third wore un married ladies for Bumbay. The outward and homeward Calcutta and England via the Cape Scrows, both arrived at Gallo whilst the Malta



From Eloseg?NU TO

Swan River King (ieorge'd


Ladies or Gralieman travel ling singly,- Occupying a Berth in the general Cabin throughout


$310 00

0330 00



Children with their Parents,- Team Year and under

Ten. -

Under There You, no Bert












Passengers' Servants.---

Eumpeat, Native, -

90 00 46.00

153.00 75.00

165.00 83,00

170.00 60.00

18300 99.00

Return Tickets for First class l'asoragore av tilable for Two Years, including the rayoga mach way, between Hongkong, Swad River, King George's Soua'), Adelaide, Part Philip, and Sydney, grauli upon prepayment of $570.

Payment to be made in Hongkong in Spanish Dollars


One of the Company's Stenmore will teava Singapore for the abovementinsal Places, on or about the 15th of April arst. Passangers can be booked throughout by the Ma.) Sisemere lánning Hṣag hong in the Mouth of March

For further Particulars, apply at the Company's Offices.




Pesicular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company's Offico, Honghang lot January, 1853.




Partnular & Ouzontal Rohan Navigation Company's Seman-Buren.



Gentlemen ??Ladies travelling singly.- Occupying Borch in u Cabin with 2 or 3 othete



Molia Southampton

I was there, and are anid to be beautiful vesela,

| The arrangements of their Company for supply-


ing them with Coals do not appear to be very perfect, however, as, invariably, they have to draw on the generosity of their great rivale the P. & O.

Captain Parfitt of the P. & 0. Co now Acrow Steamer Paransa, finding that if he went first to Ningapore with the European inailafen:n Bydney he would be too Isto for the regular Hoamor, vary prudently steered for Gulle, and caught her, After loving Gallo for Singapure, when off Doader Hand, the Formon unfortun tely broke the row head of her machinery, and had to retura, At the repairs could not be affect. ed there, the broken part had to be sent to Cal. culte, so that it la probable the Shanghai will have 'to carry her mail throughout to lodia. Bumpe of the passengers from Bydlany, who came on to Singapore in the Malts, are rather lodignan' we learn at the mand about corre they were carried, for, owing to there hav ing been no coals at King Georgo's Sound, the Former had to be put under sail inoro than she would otherwise have bean These dee |: ogromans, at the omnmangement of our regular 74400

intercourse with Australis, are unpropitious. 9000

The nowe from England by the present op- 1,tu4.00

-portunity "are of more than ordinary interest" although the funeral of the Duke-the opening of Parlament-the certainty of the election of Mr Pieros to the presidency of the United States, and the equal certainty of the elration of Louis Napoleon as Emperor, Mr Robert. son's appointment tu the Amoy Consulship, and Mr Hillier's projected return to his Police Ma gistracy, are all things of which we were well Aurel before the Mail arrived. One item of

$418 00





Reserved accommodatio fur

tiratlemen a Ladirs,-

One berth Cabin,

490 00



Balf a meered Cabin, -


616 (47

A reserved Cabis,


912 00


Reserved accomadation for

Married Compics.

Occupying a trosed Cabin,



Children with their Parents- Three Years and under Tem,. Under three Yates, no Barth provided,

Passagers' Servan's,-

164 OU


240 00 Fero

988.00 Fred

Kurspoon, Native,

150 00




216.00 149 na


$12.00 FLOO

9:40,00 171.00


then presented bur Majesty with a copy of the Royal speech, which the Queen prosceded to resu ??fatlowe:-

The JORD CHAMORELOR, falling open oon knee

"My Lords and Gentlemen,

** I cannot meas you for the first time after the dissolution of Parliament without expressing my dorp sorrow, in which I am sure you will pirtis pala, that your deliberations uno no longer be idad by the counsels of that illustrious man whose gr achieraments have exalted (he name of England, an I in whose leyalty and patriotiam the interest my Thinue and of say poplu ever foum i no unlail in support. Italy with coo?Jense

your d'une to join with me in taking such steps as may mark your orra-ofile irreparable loan which the Cowdry, mutsined by tue desili uf är hur kaku f Wellington,

"I am bappy to acknowledge the readinots with which my webject? in guarral bave come forward, la pursuance of the Act of lam session, to jam the make of the miliis nad ooroudly trial the force thas raised by voluntary enlistment will le calculated to giva e?relive sid to my regular orang for the proteo and accurity "??the coun-17.

continue to rossive from all forsigs Powen surances of their anxogo destra to mulatuin the friendly relations now happily eubeating with my suvereni

Frequent and well-foa.ded complinte on the part of in North Ausricas Colts, of infre ?�ions, by oil (the Uoyed 8inter of the Finis ry Convention of 1818, induced to de-patch, for the protection of thuic int-resta, a slam of vani ala better adapted to the service than those which had bean praviourly employal. This step led to discussion with the Government of the United Sietes, and bile the righĩa of sny t-skj, sta lavvo lean ármly maintain d, the frivilly spirit in which the

?�questiop kng been treats) induers me to bopa tal the ultimate resah may hịu mutually beneficial ex tension sed improvement of our commercial insur Outras with that great Repablio.

the Prices President of the Frenals Republic

"The Special Hasion which, in concert with deemed it right to send to the Argentine Confede sation, has been received with the almost cordiality, and the wise and enlightened policy of the Pro vision! Director has already opened to the com merce of the world the great clerk, hitherto closed, which ard no scoves to the interior of the v Callment of South Amerien.

The Expeora of Transi through Egypt, ruhject to the l ?andni as of the Egyptian Transit Aik / intelliganos has taken as by surprize. We first that the sincata and Exalona efforts of the Guteri

ministration regulations, is included in the ratra to Mcha and South-mp4--D.


KPayment to be made in Hongkong in Spanish Dollars.

For further particulata, apply at the Company's Offices. Peninsular & Ocintal Steam Navigation Campany's Offer, Flongkong. Let January, 1868 WANTED



BIRTHAL Vicmela, on the 14th lustunt, Mr. Jor

N Experienced Sprokom for a Voyage from WCs of

Aoy, to Demerara. Apply to



MARRIAGES-41 11 Alloway-place, Ayr on the oth Nreaker, by the Rev. Willie Grant, Jow, of toogk-me, blos, to Jane. youngest daughter of the Jej Pe Me Caggan, Esq. Aft

At Henderson H, 16 November, by the Bay. Robert Person, R. Raq, Eq, Loadne, to IDILLA,

MRS. F. BUDDELL be reprefully in politie asghter of the late Juan Buaoban, Req., Marchant,

the Patronage of the Ladi-s and Elinborgh

of longkong in her Millinery and Haberdashery Business at the Victoria Exchange, and will be

mest happy to ex-cots any orders with which the

may be favored.

Viowria Exchang",

Ion January, 1989.

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noticed it in the Straits Time extra, but the post brought a letter in which we found the following passage-" Sir Georg". Boshan (ox "A part in the funeral of the Dike and has * been made a Daronet! The furco of Humbug * can no farther go!"

We are not in general disposed to fill our which our rendere are most likely to have al- columne with extracts from home papers,

ready perused) but we depart from the rule in the present instance, to furnish thres important

speeches-first the Queen's-second the Earl of Derby's, and lastly the Right Honourable Benjamin Llareli's. From the remarks of the noble Earl is now appears that the present ministry have resolved to conform to the cir comialences of Free Trade, and have pledged themulves to carry out the policy to which they before objected, with sa honcat endeavour as if Ministers wore the author of the policy." This is sacrifice to political expediency with a vengeance, and should satisfy the most rabid leaders of the Corn law langue,

The Bioronway's" in sti'l the best passage 14 J4 from Canton of the seasou. Thio"Challenger":" Jany d

run of 118 days from Bhanghae ranke No I The Challenge" 1yed the Surprizo."


struments in Cases, and a email Carvice of Sonych THE FRIEND OF CHINA & Nephew's choice Perfumery,


Per Rjadian. Clontlemen's black Ventilating sod Nesteric flats, Superior blon Cloth Caps, Shooting and Walking Bb-cs, Wellingt & Boots, John Hall & Son's Ol Gunpowder, Rabann's Gige old Port Wine, Manch's Brady of 1850 naligo, Bano's Palo Alo in Pisla and Quarts, Captains, Abernethy, Preiburg and Mizou Biscuits and Spice Non

LANE, CRAWFORD & Co. Hoogkong, 17th January, 1953.




| 410) # STRE R

4.1. P. 2. 19 Volbenky, 21-Thursday 21[Friday.

"Fall Mees on the 25th lastan,



6,43 8.40

430 0.11 5,45% Give 6.57 7.07

It appears that a ship, ten Inden, has been burnt off the coast off Java. According to the Singapo's Free Press of the 7th instant, the vesel in question was the Berenice, which loft Shanghae for Syilney on the 2nd of November last; and as the Captain had his wife on board, although dreadful to conten. plate, it is not altogether unreasonable to fear that we shall yet hour of another Faws or Herald catastrophe. A friend writing from

1 have the matjelection of announcing in you tment of Brazil for the suppression of the slave, som nearly extinguished on that cast, have cabled me to enspend the stringeut measures which I had been compelled reluctantly in ad-yt, a currence to which Lanxiously hopa may be pros da bo unaresbrary.

"The Government of ber Most Faithful Ma. joly have fully recogalavil the justice of the clan which my Government have long urged for the abolition of the discriminating darits on the export of wine, and have passed a decree for giving com. plate foot to the silpulations of the treaty on this subject.

You will, probably, deem it advisable to re-

same the inquiries which were dominanced by the subject of the fature government of my East lading late Parlement, with a view to leglotation so the poemsier

"Grutlemen of the House of Commons, "The rimates for the ensuing your will, in due me, be laid before you.

"The advancament of the fine aste and of proc. deal science will be readily recognized by you as worthy of the stication of a great and enlightened scheme shall be laid before you, having in vicw the HON. have directed that a comprehenre promotion of these oljects, towards which I invo your and and an operatió.

"My Leyds and Gentlemen,

"It gives me plen-ure to be enabled, by the bileming of Providene, to engin ulets you on the graczally improved condition of the country, and cape ally of the indostemus elasera. If you obok be of opinion that recent legislation, in contritul- ing, with other cruera, to ibla happy result, kas, et the same time, indicted unavoidable i-Jary na cre tais important laterests, I recommend you duper siorately to consider how for it may be practicable equitably to mitigate that injury, and to mumble the industry of the country to a set successfully th ita wlodom, has decided that it should be subjected. enrestricted competition to which Parliament, in

withstanding many obsclea, ha extended in le "trast that the general improvement, nat land; and, while I rely with confidence on your aid, shoult it be required

??restrain that unhapp! spirit of insubordination and turbulence which pro duces many, and aggravates all, of the evil which



het that portion of my dominions, I recommend try in those districts. When he comandared the nounced d struction to the only law which dece lo ne age whose boast of intellectual equal ty ?a- to you the adoption of such a liberal and generous circumstances which had combined to neutralize to be free. (18nar, hear) The providential super- tere all our well-complacencira, the world suddenly policy towards Ireland as may encourage and ureist

the injurious effect of the Free-trade system, die intendemos of this world anema seldom moru nani terally from the depression in which she has condurred with those who stulated them to the fast thas in the dispensation which ordinal that

acknowledges that it had lost the grastest of men been sunk by the sufferings of lets years.

in an age of utility, the most industrious and come great importation of gold and extensive umigration. the French Emperor and Wallsley should be born mon sense prople in the world could fad so veni With regard to the future, the noble lord said.- "Aoxious to promote the efficiency of overy

in the care your; that in the mume year they should for their wor, and no representative for their gor breach of our National Church, I have thought ốt | But, without looking to what may be the cauem why the system newly introduced in working mote

have simbraced the saras profession ; and that, na row, but the solemnity of a pageant; sad we-wo tu imao a commission to Inquire and report to me

Lives of distant islands, they should both have who have met here for such different purpose- hus far, in their opinion, the capitular institutions advantageously for the working deuses then we sought their military education in that illustrious to invigate the sources of the wealth of nation, of the country are capable of being made more Anticipated, I am bound to look, not to the oxueca, land which, sach, in bla turn, was destined to sub- to enter into statistical research and to encounter effective for the grant objects of religious worship, but in the peelies! result, and to look to the deli jagate. (Chore) During the long aruzels for each other in fiscal contraverty - we present to t herate expressing of the feeling of the people. our freedom, our glory, I may say our exidance, religious education, and ecolesiastical discipline

world the most sublime and touching spectacle u I have directed that the reports of the Com

When, at the commencement of th (sat session of Wellesley fought and wan Bleue pitched battles, that human chcumstances can well produre-the missivore fur inquiring into the system of loca Parliament, I had, for the Best time, the bonour, of the highest cluse, including with one of those spectacle of a Senate mooring ??hem. (Cheers ) tion pursued at Oxford and Cambridge should be vary unexpectedly, of addressing your lordabige arewaing letries which give colour and nepact Me Diaraali soneluded by moving an address to from the place where i w stand, und that it to blatory. (Oheers) Daring this period, that can comme leued to the governing bodies of those

her Majesty in return to her Majesty's scenengo on would be my desire to conduct the business of the be said of him, which can be said of no other cap. the subject of the funeral obecquire "- Bibl. Universities for their consideration, and I rely upon your readiness to remors say legal diffcukies out, through the semios then commencing, isin-that he captured 3,000 canon from the bich may impede the desire of the Universities without any reference to those impostsat questions enemy, and never lost a single gun. (Continund at large, of of the several colleges, to introduce each on which difference of political principle existed aheering.) The grastoses of his exploits was only that that point must be a point referred to the de- squalled by the diffcukies be erercame. Ho and mandments into their existing system so they may

liberate cooldaration of the country, so toned by to encounter at the time a forble Government, deam to be more in socordance with the inquire the souls of a geostal slection, and that by the factious upposition, and a distrustful people, aca ments of the present time.

result of that general slection, I and my colleagues dulous allies, and the mom powerful enemy is the The system of sssondary punishment has were prepared to abide; and, unless we had the fall world. He gained victorise with starting from usefully occupied the laboure of successive Parlle enction and support of a large majority of the and carried on signs without tools (choose); and, ents, and I aball rejoics if you shall dod i poronary, would abstain from proposing on those as if to complete the fatality, which in this saner sible to devise means by which, without giving masura la oar private judgment,deemed right, || always awaited him, when he had succeeded is encouragement to crime naportation to Van That appeal has been made; and I have no hesla eresting no army worthy of Homas legions and of Deman's Land may, e no distant period, be allo tion in anying to your lordships that with respect himself, this invincible host was brokee up on the getlier discontinued."

to the spation of any duty on corn and pro-ure of the greatest conjuncture of bis life, and he *The subject of legal reform continue to envisions, mot only le therm not that large majority, entered the weld of Waterloo with raw levies and gage my soxious attention. The act passed in the without which I declared that I would not submit diseomted allies. (Chener.) But the war of Wel r palad. He has been called fortunate, for Fortess


(From Lloyd, Matkason 4: Ca's Circular.)

London, November 22nd, 1952. The China Mail arrived on the 15th inplant, with dates to the and of September.

Chrysolita" Liverpool, bringing the first im- Our la circular somoonced the arrival of the portstions of Congens of the New Season, follow- ad shortly afterwards by the ~ Stornoway" and "Burprise" to this poil."

The market opened in Liverpool by the enles of two inferior chops at 1s 101d, which was followed by soles of a choice ona si to 1114 per lb. ; this market opened by onise of an inferise chop at Is 10%, followed by transactions in the cholou chops

Instansion of Parliament have been followed up | "uch a proposkion to the consideration of Parlia- looley a divinity that over fsroute those at a tid to Sazd: those prisou zangerom 3 t

covered ka firmness.






who are alike sugacleus and intrepid, Inventive and 5d per Ib. above those of last year, but the quality of the finest is much superior and fully warrants caled him ontoer. (Cheers) This alive schier. the advance given. paitant (Hour, "hone.). It was his character that

driven from the mind of the mihiary lender, for he mast think-and not only think-he man thisk with the rapidity of lightning, for on a un munt mara ar loss, depen la the fate of the finest co nhin. arion, and on a moment more or less, depende glory or shame. Doubtles, all this may be d?na in an ordinary manat by an ordinary man ; as we so every day of our lives ordinary inen making su cessful Minivors of Male, spoorásful speakers, suc- armeint authors. But to do all this with genius i sublime. Domb loss, to think leeply and clearly in the rear of a cabinet se a ?në intellooraal de- monstration, but to think with equal depth and aqual clearness amid bollet, is the sanat completa axeralee of the human foouluse. Although the litary ourer of the Duke of Wellington Wile so large space in history, it we only a comparative-

farior chops meeting with ready bayan, kod me veral of the form selling in small parcels at trease prices. Bonomores af good quality are in demand, and the new arrivals will mert with quick also. Santa Carrin-The fair qualities bava been taken to anme exiest at previosa prices, and the das here realised high quotations. Sosirea Onakon Pazors.-Salaa hava hego made to soins extent in the Incent arrivala ut full priers, Colones of good to fine qualities are niech wanted, the market being quite bara.

The market for Grass Teas has been well sup- plied during the month, and solas to soma enient affected,

Your Hon.-Common Canton, in fair re- queat, but the Twanker kinds ovoljava lu meet with randy bayers at extreme price, gond to fine trus klods are scarea. Hriors-Common to good have been taken mars fridly at an advanos al id per lb., the Gare quel ties have cvalized bigh geo Intions. Gospowders.-The low Cantin kindla | have been loss inquired for, but the rrocal arrivala of the good Twankay norwe have wist with rasdy begars at full raven, the fuer qualities without al- teration.

The Sales of the Month wate.

27th October 10th & 11th Nov. 22,376

Offered, Bold,


4,000* 7,2241

31,276 11,924

??These Bales proved off with more spirit, Com mon to good Common Hysone nelling at tð ad- Fance Cosmo Congous sald at nŷd par ib which was a decline of jd pár l�?

??At these Sales the description offered consisted ahirfly of boxon of Svented and Oren Tous, Those sald were without akermions.

by the orders accessry for pasting them in opera mart, but the country, by a very large and very tion; inquiries are in progress, by my direction, und"ubted majority, lacluding a vary considerable with a view of bringing into hermeny the testa, proportion of representatives of the agricultral dia mentary jurisdiction of my several courts; and billa trista themselves, have declared that, whether it will be submitted to you for effecting further immuight be desirable or not, so a maker of polios, ed his exploits and guarded him from vicitudes. In Common Congove some sales were made at provements in the administration of the law.

yat, in the present state of the country, they deter i was his sublimes self ontroul that regulated bis rather rosier rates early in the mouth, but the * To these and other measures Eecting the mine not to go back from that system of legislation lofty fate. (Lood cheura). It has been the fashion market sharwarde relled to 941 per ib. at which social condition of the country, 1, em pursuaded which has been established ; they will and consent

of late yours, to disparage the military barucior.qolation it is difficult to effect sales; the blackish that you will give your sarnest and parlous alien. to the imposition of any tax on the introduction of Purly yer of pests have hardly qualised us to be and strong kinds have fully maintained last tion; and I pray that, by the blessing of Almighty provisions. My lords, I say that that question car- aware how considerable and bow complex are flis | monik'e rates, but the wait of good assortments has Liod, your deliberatione may be guided to the well- | risa with it the whole financial policy of the arun- qualties which are necessary for the formation of shocked transactions; in the dner qualities unles being and happiness af my people."

try. It might bave been possilife to adopt a system grast geoural. It is not sough to my that he bare been confined to the New Season's, the in- The meat intense interrat was stineed in the of Free trade, nail is commonly ceiled, and to have

must be an engineer, a geographer, lasrand in opening sentence of the addro-a, in which allosion de cune particular articles options from that

human nature, dro in roanaging mankind, that was made to the services of the departed velepo in tal policy but is is not possible to lay down

be must be able to purfirm this highest duties of a war and antincil; and here a mouentury exilence * $yslow of pokes by which you should bare From Minister of Bute, and sick to the humblest offices of emotion on the rart u�?tha koyal speaker was

trade in oura and provisions, and by which you of a commissary and a aleck ; but be has to disphy mexifcaly partisipated in by all the illustrious should not follow up, as far as possible, the sume all this knowledge, and he masat de al show things,

at the same time and under extraordinary circums mbly. The Quern's voico, however, soon rs. prin-iple with regard to other mausra (Hear) t

I understand it which is julandad by the cominou tantos (Hoar, haur.) At the swim a moment, ho expression "Free trade," I take it ta monn this: ruust think of the eve and the morrow-f his finka that you will not impose taxes for the purpose of and of his reservu; ho must ostry wah bim ammu, protesting individual and local interral'; that you nation, pravisions, hospitals; be must calculais, si |will imposes txes for the purpose of revenue, and the meme time, the slate of the weather, and the Lord Danny commenced his addrum with th?��?of revenue only, and that, in the imp wilion of thos marai gasišties of many and all those elansatt, following tribute to the memory of the Duke of [taxo, you will 'bava sapecial reference to lightes which are perpetually changing, bo wat oamine Wellington-My Lords, before I proceed to entering the burdens which may be limp and upon thone ataid overwhelming cold or overpowering heat; upon those lopirs to which it may be expected I articles that mainly sater into the consumption somatines amid fa?nior, often umll the thunder of should allude, there is one apna which Lam sure the great made of the commute. Nos, in this artillery. (Hor, br.) Bobind all this, too, is your lordships will sellerpsis that it la imp saible system, i 100 much of adraninge ; 1 de noi deny the ever provval image of his condry, and the ?e me to avoid addroming you belefly, because that that I ass mosh of difficulty and future emborrado : demdful alternative whether that constry in to en- tope is one which, at this mon out, presses took mon (Lirar.) E soo great praeset udvantage; I or him with express or with kürzl. (Heat, only on your lordskipa" mind, but upon the mind am not sure - G 4 forbid but I should be wrong-| bar) But ull thues conflicting idạt must be of every man in this country i I may aằm m my of that that system may not lead to future expbarrass. every man in every notion of the world My lords, maul, by acarary consequent change in out ili impoemble that we should tasembla tagether in fiwaDemi ayalam. (Hour.) But I de out koritam Die House of Parliaments without remembering, to a y, after the openen which nes been pronounc her M"j "y has been planted in her speech tim ad by the cuquiry, whatever may be the views of member, the great lose wa baya avataínað. As I ayal or of my friends sa to what would hava rise to address your lordships, my ryse naturally ban the dosirable policy, that a recurrence to each turn to the head of thin tablu, and, looking at the policy is in itself impracticable, and then, if i seat to which the noble earl has so appropriately ware pinoticable, it would be most andesirable to alluded, I miss there one whens vanarable form oc. raise such a ques log of controversy among large cupied that place, and whose grey bead, resting masses of the people... (Hvar hvar) On the pati, upon his hand, praised to nasist his imperfect than, of myself and of my allengers, I bow to the henring, was listening with conraientions and labo dealsion of the country (laar), and, having so how riosa attention to the argumenta of von the hum ed, & declare, on their part and on mine, that while best ember that might be addreming your lord desirous to the utmost of our power to mitigas ships. (Hear hear.) Azala, my lorda, I sus him that unavoidable injury with the adoption of the rising from his eat, and, amid the breathlem policy to which I refer has fistel, and must in Bilemon of the house, in hemels phrase, addressing it, upsu important classes, I do not adopt it with ly small section of his prolonged and iliustrent to your lordships the thoughie a powerful mind, says niever. Und?jt it frankly, an the|| life, Only sight yesen ?elapon from Vimiera to which fard intuitively the very pho and murrww | d. cition of the coatry (Ho...r, bout), and honestly | Waterloo and from the date of his first cumingian, of the matter. Slowly and saliberately lio gave and facely 1 um prepared to carry it out as the de- | to the last saudio shot on the field of batle, souro- furth those pithy, and antentions musims which cinon of the custry, (13ear, brut) With regard cely twenty yesze can be crunted. (four) Aer were the reguk of his intuitive me gaaity, of lus large | in this question, I have Frankly stated that we wil and matured experience, of his deliberate is for endeavour at hinally to carry out the policy so It is, Indeed, upon no light Pieme that I now speak. which we bare balertu objercad us if we ware unts When contemplating the character of bun whose solves the authors of that policy (Henr, heat) Un les we now deplate, d Bull, indeed, is the task the other hand, I say, as frankly and a distinctly, to d jualow to iu grastone His unprenbeled that I will almain from no effort which in my achiaveients in the Beld, and all bis salons, mark- judgment, and in that of my colleagues, may bare ed him the grant lendur ; bis angacity in oransal, his | the effect of initigating to 10 who suffer from Joy-ly to bie Baracsign, his drep devotion to the -the unavonable effects of that policy which the interese of his country, his ouble salf ralianos, his untion has now adopted. The addthis was then firmness and zeal, Lis abnegation of villaslich views | agreed to. in consideration of the Interest of his country,-my lords, all these gram and high qual-tion have already beso written in the undying pigs of history-all

M" D'ISKA KLI'S SPEECH, thras are engraven on the bisarié au I minds of bia countrymen all these have been humoured by hit

MONDAY, Nov. 15.-The Dube of Wellington Funeral-Un the ton of Mi Walpola, leave Sovereign, all theto kaya been libasally acknow lodged and conferred by the world. (Chest) My given to bring in a bill for declaring that the de? lords, he is gone, le is gone where baman appointed for this funeral of the late Duke of Well honours are worthless. Y my lorde, bistoryugton shall, as ragarde the payment of bills of ex white recording his many visition will but be un change od pomisanry Doles be treated, and can. mladful, of pe grest trait chui above through his ordered sa tie lourd'e-day; in the ones of London sutire character. In all the vicissitudea of his bag and Westminster. career, in the battle, Arld, at the besid of his tenope, The bill was brought in, and passed all its stogar in the council of atateunen, in the cabinet of his The Chancellor of the Exchequer rose, anil, while enlleagues, in the shaoiber of bis Bovereign, in the the House lent him its deepra attention, spoke an embled Parisnot, unbiased by the blandite tollows:-The House of Camisas is called upon manis of ambition, and blinded by the use of to-night to fulfil a serrawfol, but a noble doy his own transcendant glories, edasily using It kau to congnixa, in 150 face of the tunetry súd | to listen to the 'rations of ambition, superior to the civiliand work (, the Iar of the most clarious all ble of political party, in every suge of km | of our citizens, mos ta uller tu tho nabae of the grout career, his actions were mostkud by a simplicity steparted the sub-min ungalah of a barcated nation and singleaf purpean, the mover failing curad The princely personage who has left or was born teriatio of every anal wind. (Cheers) Passing is no age more frule of great arents than may to that part of her Majesty's apereb, which spoke perd of recorded wine. Of those vast incidenia of the "improved conduion" of the industrious the most conspicuous warn bis owa danda, and these cleases, he wished to stala a few facts. From the were performed with the mallest names, and in incressed consumption of certain articles, such as | debance of the greatest obstacles, file was, there ira, jebacco, coffes, and sugar, it was evident dust | fore, not only a gross mau but the greatest man of the circumstances of large climes of the community Kraninge (Cheers) And the chane and cum had improved curuldumbly during the last three flagration which attended the nod of the last om years. In the meluga buake of the agricubuval, tury, there tose awe of those beings who seem bota | who perform the humblest duties, I dera" say there districts, too, within the same period, the deposits to massor mankind. It w nut to mich to say that is nơi n iman who, in his oil and his perplexity, bad been increasing as compared with the suma Napoleon cumbled the imperial ardour of Alox in not sometimes thought of the Dake mud found of a meet, ancured by two from bands, some piecre with-baw, woul, la the present year, they had be ander wah, the strategy of Lannibal. Tas kings | in bin example support, and solace. (ilmur, hear } of sail cloth with voal) pieces of European bh lanced one another. for the Bast time since 1847, of the earth sell betur hit fiery sad subrls gonsai, Never was the indurace of ten grexiness more ropes and a ven damaged boxos, containing ten, all when Free Trade gave auch a ser, so blow to indus- sod at the head of all the power of Europe he de- | completely asserted than on his decease. (Ilest.) marked as follows:


all ble triumphs, he was doused for another carour,

The deliveries for the Month are 4,091,695 lbs. against 3,770,011 is lost year.

(From the Singapors Fren Press January 7 )

The Screw Steamer Poon Shows, Captain Burt, the 2nd, and left for Chise on the same day from Calcuta the 23rd ult, arrived at Bingapore uo

The news from Jave this month are of a gloomy tenor. A severe castliquske bad occurred at Ba avia and other places, by which considerable damage was done. The Dutch ship We, which arrived at Batavia on the 13th ultime from Rotter - dem, was discovered to be on fire on the afternoon of the 23rd. The most prompt mestures were taken by the crew and parties from the men of wer success, and after working the whole night they in the harbour to extinguish the fire, but without

were obliged to give up the attempt. The vras- was then lakas in tow by the Steamer Borando and leid upon the mud where who burnt down to the water's edge The gunpowder was fortunately got out le time and no danger in life or limb nos carred. 11 cargo, estimated at 500 000, wat entirely consumed, except about $150,000 in specia balooging to Government which was re- covated.

and, if not to the prims, certainly in the perfazzion of manh rod, he commented a civil carest scarcely Lose eminent than those military achievem inte, which will live for ever in balory (fear, Thrion was he the Ambassa·lor of his šuveraign to those gral historia Congresses that suitied the aflaira of Europe; twice was he Secretary of Stat twice was he Commander in-Chief; and once he sa Prime Minister of England. Hu labours for his country lasted to the and. (Hvar, boat. A law meathe age be favoured the prùngat adv?narn of the Crown with his thoughts on the Barnoso war, 05- proved in a state paper characterized by all lie sa- realy and experience; and be died the soure the tradition of his glory. Mr D'orali then lo chieftain of that famous army to which he hau lait quently coalinued Never did a parson of such markve so long, and so maub in the public syu I would be bound to say that there is not a gentle man. In this house, who has not sona him ; me, y there, pia who bure c?uvara d with him; sone There are who have ached bis bind to inanca, his farın, his imeonor, his voice, ara Im- pressed un avary metery, and sound almost every ear. In the guld a selươn, an-l in the busy market plaos, he might be alike observed. The Very honey failures had occurred among the rising gra rasion will often recall his word of kind Chinese tenders, ther aggregate abilities being news, and the people tollywed him in stucts with a

stated at ??,200,000, and it was faced that other Bogening gyæe of reverent admiration. The Duke of failures among the same class of trad re would Welllion led to ale countrymen a great legary pi?teko place to a much more serious talent. ?�grastet eron than his glượy, Ito loh them the, Lo the Java Courest of the 16th December, wa ontemplation of bis character. I will not say that' find an advertisement dated the 10th, stating that his conduct retired the e-ass of du'yu Engined, four fishing probus had picked up in the see- I would not say that of our brutry. Hay that his

tween Colorjumis and Pekalongan, the follow log conduct inspired public life with a parar ned nine noticies-viz: a wooden finale figure head, bar. oculios trae I cannot doum. Ilia career rebused, ing a shoath with gilded straws on the back, the restlase vanity, and expitmands the Etrogular abul-

head being painted black, the middle part while litiuos of a morbid epitom. 1 dount not that, and the legs B-ah-coloured, the neme are wanting, among all neJors of Englisumen, from clives with apparently representing the goldens Diras,-heig the highest responsibilities of our society, lu shove from the head to the fees 1 el 5 hands and 7 inches Dutch, and which is fixed to part of the portly. burnt oak prow of a ship A partly-barat tank cap


L. P. & Co.

No. 1.


Sesson 1873 and 1953

Blenkin Rawson & Co.

the other sides marked with Chinese characters

and all with the appearance of having been sub jeeted to burning

erinde farther mentions that the her.

men declare that they had seen a fite at oro, and

different persons at Pekalongan declare that, three deve previously, they heard a heavy report, pm. bably the powder-msgazins of the vessel exploding. No intelligenor had been recrived of the crew at Pekalongan, but it was reported there that in emply heat had been brought to Tugal, which had bess found adrift at ass without any person it, but having some articles of clothing in it,





FROM HONGKONG. 14, Alligator, Baker, Amoy.

thawselves with their own rifles. They have re cently fought a pitched battle with their savag(r)

| Jan. enemies, who were completely defeated, though the Bera left thirty of their number dead on the Geld. if three wild stockholders ara fet alone, the on- tier in that direction will soon be cleared of the - 14, Andex, Glavar, Camsingmoon. Kafes

14, Walter (Ham), Drescher, Manila.

16, Fanny Major (Am), Cressy, San Francisco.

| 16, Castle Eden, Thornhill, Whampos. Cau, Red Roar, Macintyre, Calcutta,

-A eser was brought up in the Small Court of Calautin before Mr Wylie which seems 17, Rodales, Shiell, San Francisco.

16, Augusta, Brentny, Fingapore, to be important to beer shippers." Merate Alle-pp and Ce claimed Rs. 260 from Capt. Parish of the, Wellesley being the value of Four hingsheads of beer

spoiled in the voyage. It appeared from the avis

dence that the casks find been "spiled," that is,

Manga, Christha, Singapore,

Josh Balas (Am), Enderbrook, Whampoa



Fern Lily




Blender Brain Barokga Supply

La Cl



? Got



|Hongkong Store Skor


HI, M. B 26 |?upt Name |Whampoa | ?i M.rthbourne

Shanghe M. ander Chonghong Hmpu d Dr Hanking Whampoa 14. 14. BI Hongbong H. M. AL AH.M.Br |Whampoa |H,O.B

Hongkong U. B 10 Walker Likoro 33 | 4 Belar Mac Fr. Core 10 Kequrmugrel Wper. Str. De Vlas

La Capelous 18, B. M Str. Hermes, Commander Fishbourne,


the miler bad somrired to make a hole beiwoon. Dec.


the long and the stove, through which they could 26, Jemina Paviro, Marsh, Singapore suck the beer. The air and therefore get into the Jan. 14, N. B. Palmer (Am), Low, New York. ceska and rendered the liquos anus and umdrinka-



We believe there la little doubt that theor ate|ble. Ou the other hand, it was contended that. Dec. from the British barque Berenies, C'apusin Candy, the men could not get at all the cuales, and that 26, Parsia, Broadfoot, Singapore. which led Shaughna for Sydney on the 2nd Nov 190 of them had trukud uban zemored from the | last, with a corgn of tea, and which would thun hold. A decree was, however, recorded for the appens to have been destroyed by fire. We trost | phisti? the Judga observing that the prof-wiangl the crew bays been picked up by some rossel and|svidenco wao amply a- ficient to maklish the claim. that they will soon be board of.

Very heavy weather had hean experlenerd in the Java on, and ibu Alibi from this to Australia had been obliged to put into Bateria in a looky





-Louis Kohe, the B "mbay Hatter, whoes achieve. manus in advertising we recently recorded, has outdone himself. We questi in whether Tennyson could equal the bevutiful simplisity of the following lines-

Secundo ; -Most elegant and new Imported Black Beaver hate, that enn bu sported Also the fozrims sleela riding topes, (Which at other marta yeo'll only got a copy Of excording haanty súd a splendid maka, A regular met mud ant goed article, and no mistake."

(From the Friend of India Dre. 16.) We are mortal, and mortals are fallible. The advertisement of the P, and (), Company, which we published fart week, arrived almost too late for insertion, and we regret in End that in welting bur

-? mong nor ontructs will be found an article riedly from a bad prooi copy, we have stated a few

from the Britannia, republished by the English. matters of detail in a manner which makes the re-

mes, containing an account of the Railway scross form appears less creditable 20 the Company than it

the Incluimus of Panama I'wenty:Ava milve of this otherwise would have done. The reduction on the passenger rates low benefit in the public of Reven-important line, on the enstore aids of file Isthmus iren and a half, and not ten per cem., while the hive already bera completed, and opened to the In to the Company, from the Axed character of public, and about the same distans retine to be ennstructed. The line a estrind. through twenty the Transit charges, is scarcely less than twenty

milre of swamp, in which the rails are fatrned per cent on their own share of the passage money.

upon piles driven åvo and ineuty feet below the The "ten per crat, all round," was not intended lo in: lode frught, as was sufficiently evident from the reduction du Taw silk from R, 200 to Rs. 120, which was quoted immediately belove T'he redes tion in that department really varies from twenty Ave to forty per cent, which is we should suppose sufficiently liberal to trect gode to All both the alesmere of the month. We said that the reduction the smaller parcels was "alight", whereas the average is shoot Twraty s par cent hat though that average reptererwa no incouri letable dizan Lin of the Company'a quins, the aurovat mated ja tell "light" to the individu ila who chic By forward Tho e ptice. It might be suggested shit the Come


surface of the toll, wad two thirds of the work men employed are said to have died of marah fette in a single eramo, Alingelbar the chustruesing of this Hailroad will be nõn of the most brilhant achievements of scienos recorded in onginaering ante, and also nas of the meet profuble Already the average number of passengere ammomote lo 1000 a day, nod the averaga recripto, inabeling

freight for specie, amount to 10000 dollars per dira. This would give a total average ufque and

in half million of posusia sterling " your, but we suppose this largo amount is only attained in the ( vourable season. - Ibid


pany would find it advantagecies to introduce the The Hucker in an osticla upon the Great It i Paglish system was ergsed to such | twin Times, the manuscript nawspaper publiated on pisteels, and admit all belo" "lue cubic inchro at a | board the vmigrant steamer, to which we alluded uniform rate. This plan may be un dreille on last week, poista ost soother curious fouture in ite keraust of the space which would be required, but | enatants. The gatvering of emigranta was of the The Company will now have two tramite ingland | umat motley description. "There were separate con- of one story month. The ascending reslo "f etegestions of different pro's, among when the inches is uiter all, more thablesome than nariul ; | Wesleyana maen po zminant for the bannly u�?thair! nor half the persona net in basicese who are drumus | nimeing, an 1 there were Jams enough to form any- of sending home "linle parcela'? are usinenpible of inengue of their own, the first time an-quding lo

Nhum Solamon" thint such an event has over certaining the number of cubie toelies in a bind, #1

nored There were some longuriamı olan m

of minting Mr. Hind in his favourite singer (Deni

of weighing the planeta. Perhaps the Harkers | honed who nung th ??Mscovillaine, and who will pro- will call this a rifl'ction upon 2 dias artibmeticiosa, | bably make us gunt coloniste as the Gutmani. A but we know it to be the

- crurary benon, should an attempt be made to truos

We are very Sorry to hear that the phram "there | the "old (amiliina" of Aspiralin, the antiquariam în endured rates will be in fover throughout the year,"? | likely to be considerably puzzled to account for the was not intended to convey promise of farther

reductions, though, if the truth inust be owned, we hed ourore e dim suspicion that noch was the ease They were intended to announce that t e Poninsular and Oristal Company had determined to abandan the system of "lovatable" and "unfavorable"

of patronyrais

The Lakers Chemicle informa un, that he has

himself Inspected a specimen, n�?les grame at a place called Horia in the Kongre Diaries. It up- || peere 1 at in 1848, Dr. Jameson was trquested to Creport opin The gapsbilny of the vallega af Kon-


delighord with the locality, that be forwarded 'ski -

months, having discovered that the Anglo Iodina gr?ine the tes cultivation, and that ha waa on nach community pro more euseful of thele eranført than their parece There is monoter, to be only one steamer for Chine in the morib.

Lastly, we have lo encfect two typographical mistakes. The stoomera are to learn England on the 4th and the 20th of avery month, and nit on the Oth and 20 th, and Calcutta on the 6th and 20th, instead of the and sad 19th. We are happy even st the cost of acknowledging blunders to have had a areood opposturity of calling publ e attention to so great an improvement in meam communication.



ther a quantity ofine pant feum. Kumaon. The co-

ruh ban jast?ed his choice, and røveml hundred

pounds of go d black ten hava tūla seadas been pro-

| de ond, ingether with more than half a ton of avail

If the Punjsh can trally penduce fan, which

sure if u jierpetual market in Burope, the prospe city of the qountry is weared.

ed to on horcible u iste - Frid

-The mme journal hints, that the Nawab of Bhalwar is it persent engaged in the truly Asiatic immement of earring his elder brother to sianth. The presen: Nawah in the third son of the -We regret to observe a statement in the Bow- Inte Nawab, and ls illegitimata, but there is a legi bay and Mailman papers, thist Sir Henry Pottinger, timate alder berther alive. The latter was thrown inen consent befor bis father's death, but the Governor of Madras, has declined to comply with the order to wear warning for the Duke of Well. incarceration haa ecentis been rendered more se ington. On the receipt of the melancholy intelli-vere, and his food reduced to so small a queality, gener, his Excellency first fred a valute of nine- that it is supposed his jolor is desirous to remove teen guns, and when ordered to fire eighty-three, him, without creating a senation. The prisoner dedected from them the previous matalment. More han, is in sold, r. poutedly appealed to the British rer, a day or two fier, he paid a state visit to the Guvernment, anil i la senrrely probald that they Nowab, with his "Staff in deep mourning, an

wil alkw the eldest son of en vid ally to be doos bimmel in blue and benou " 11 is in the to try incredible that any officer,-or even gentleman, could allow his presses) antipathias or feelings to i terfere with a great public duty, or manifest ench infinite littleness upon sis great on veensier, thei - hope the Mairas Editors will forgive us- we can put no farth whatever in their statements

-The Bombay Gaardie mentions a new ioren. tion recently patented by " Mr. Miller of New Or leans, by which stemmern are en?bled to wao fresh water for the boilere on a long son voyaga, Irla, called = cnadenser, and returns the steam to the boilers in the shape of ou a warts, thos inducing the wame to an aimoat i-upperein le quantity A vessel carrying a few bogabende of water, would then be amabled to cross the Ail?mic without say danger of the boiler pepea becoming food from the sell, one of the most liequent covers of acculents


-The Englishman notices un nerouni pallished in the ape Town Mail of an expedí inn undertak. en by the Tuers of the Team Vaal Republic against the Kara. The independence of threr colonists has been schoonledged by the British Government, and as nesher. Holland nor England furnul ca theith an Army, they have defunded





?? понаково.

14, Str. Shanghai, Christino, from Cumingmoon.

The Bengalore, bonod so Shanghar, laf Port Phillip on the lm of November, and had got well to the northward of her port when she encountered A gale, or suther serien of gule, whiab continued twenty six days, and, on Friday last, Capt. Morgan was obliged to bear up for Hongkong.




21, Fay Mombarack, Day, from Whampoa. 24, Euterpe, Morton, Irom Whampoa

24, Mor, Alton, from Bloogkong. December

1, Sultana, Rics, from Macao.

1, Elise, Langu, from Whampra.

2, John Adams, Moore, from Whempos. 11, Charles Graal, Evans, from Whampon, 12, Part of Clore, Alcock, from Whampoa. 12, Mariane, McEwing, from Hongkong.

ARHIVALS AT London, October 27, Stornoway; Nov, 20, Surprise, 9th Mary Graham, 17th Challenger, 19th Challenge, 2015 Sca Quera-A4 Láserpool; Des 23rd Chry polls, Nov. 1Tib Racebo., 22nd Paine

Departorze voz China.

From London-Or, 29th Eugonin, 29h Ke therine Sharer, Nov. 7th Plamo.-From Liverpool; Oct. 24th Countess of Winton, Nev. 19th Cathays,


For London, Bemarang. H.

The Campbell, H. Flamille Mitchell, W. Lander, W.

North Rir, W. Rockliffe, W

Aun Mkebell, 8. Joseph Flachery B. Naomi, 8.

For Lisbon Nevo Vrojau, M. For Baby,

Ann, W

Ourowall, W.

For Batavia.

For San Francisco Aneon, $1.

Emma Leidora, H. Lord Werristuo, H. Navarino, H.

North Carolina, H. Lebanon, W.

For Callao

For Sydney. Surge, Fl.

For Manila.

Bombay. H.

6 |Bom

??Ellman 65pbang







Bangalore Etia, Sir.

Lady F. Histings Lard Warrinos Malta, Bir.

North Carolina Rob hoy

Dutch. Cornelius Smit

Stad Schiedam


619 Amity 877 Hindostan 850 Hurricane

1,144 Lebanon 1,300 Union


630 Algor

Total In H'kong 14,116 Sir Thos. Gresham 694


WEARPOA. American.



664 Joshua Hates





Marion Macintyre 283













643 Lien 212


Thus. Campbell 630

Toos. . .

Dutch Bintam Anam 8,489 Tamale







A neon Blumber


Danish laidora Hamilton

596 Colibri 213 700



2.9 Micona


572 Rosita




721 Tone-...









Total is W'pon 14,227



ANOT. British


197 600


1,977 | Atralia







Eleonor Lancaster


N. Nicola youn

167 Independence

Eliza Morrison, C. Ruska, W.

La Frlice

347 199

Rom Elan

Arabia, W. (in dock)

COMMON. British

Suphin Fraser 2+





Eliza Morrison





Bella Gallega


Total tons in C.

797 J. de Unstea

San Andres

644 673

MADAQ. Britisk




Gertrude Mary Adams




Tome... 1,617

American Robert Bown








General Chass Pleladce



H. E. Bundan



El Tiempo




Tom ..

290 Telat in Amoy






Howers Fawcet Peria Ferguson

499 Dean


Sam José

Uv Od H

198 Dewan


Lon. Bept 28 H.


876 Emily


Fattal Obib


Loa. Oci 28-


Richard Barclay

Liv, Sept 39

... 1,618 John Phillipa


!porph Fletcher


Lon. Aug 17 S.

Rapeon [Loa. Sepi 239.

Tomlin Maca 2,906



|Lon. Nov 7|

Thos. Royden


8. V. Given


Lon July 27 8.




WHAMPOA. British

Water Whab


Wild Flower




Liv. Brpi 25

Willem Watado 460




Lir. Oct 20




Lir. Da sol


Too ...


Cant. Eden




900 Filena





Humilla Mitchell Leander London

610 Samuel Appleton





North Mar











6 916


Pen. Nov 21 H. [Cal Ort 17 H. Bom Sept 26 H. Chi Sept 20 H.




220 Total in Bg bee


Bintang Auum, W.

Taronis, W.

Prolades, A.

For Singapore.


N 8. da Luz, M.

St. Jose, M.

Corcyr, W.


El Tiempo, M.

Amistad, W.

For Shanghat.

Str. Maka, II.

Andax. H.

Loland Queen, R.

Pacifique, H.

Union, W.



Bro Aca..nd Carib Countess of Winton Cathern

Cryst+) Pelnee Den Ricardo Early Bird

Eugenia Fanny Chapman Geelong Harri Humble Hero dia Katherine Bbaret Leopard Mary Montague Mary Shepherd Planet

towa Buckle Kilgour

Varrocoti Wakem Park


[Lon. Bept 18] £1. 1.on. Aug 108. Lit Sept 18 Liv Nav 19- Liv. Oa 24- Lon. June 238. Liv 3ept 20 H. Lon, Oct 8 II. Lon, Oct 28] --

Caningham Liv. Aug 149. jlon Oel 7,8,


Liv. July 17 8.

N. B. di Lan

Novo Viajante Resolução

16, Str. Mala, Pota, trom Bombay, Dec. 16th, Loading.--At London; Stornoway-At Live-

Gelle 29th, Penang, January 4th and Broo; Berhampora, Eliza Moore, Flying Childers, Corcyra #pora Tib

and Ashn.ore

16, dudas, Glover, from Cumsingmo n. 16, The Lampeů, Clark, from Whampon. 12, foud, Dowman, from Woo-nag, 8th Junonry. 17, Rajasthan, Wood, from Lendou.

17, H. M Sloop Royalist, Commander Bate, from

the Palawno

17, Acadie, Down, from Bingapore, 2nd Dec. 18, angolors, Blorgan, from Port Phillip


Per Bir. Malia, from Nomthepan, Meer R. Burgis, Wood, and Roberson;-from över, Col. 13. Marshall;-from Singapore, Mears Harris, Too Son autem, and 9 Deck pengeru

Per Acadia, Men Wiber and 9 Children, Mrs. Burrard and Children and 29 Chinese,

Per Bangalors, Mrs and Miss Morgon.

Order in which the above Tamelstaft England Call Harvet Humkin, 3, V. Ulem, Nan Acard, Panty Chipon, Mary Montagna. Bestiani, Tampel, Carik, antonia, Mary shipbord, Vecret, tada, Den Ripeti. Han, trasdong, Karty by. Littee of Wirten Kagan, Kacharike shers Fleet, Lathage.


Flavior (Am) N.apareil

Fulgur Brown Priaen of Orange Stephens Region


1. Liv. Liverpool, Bala. Kiialda, Wet World Fan DARA, BILA GRAN Park, Hartel, M. MON, Cal. Ch cutie, Bem, Kanning, Tath Tutorin, Mad, Madrin. Pan Frang.

·Whangen, A. Amoy, d.skingha


960 Ann Mitchell



Printed, and Published, by WILLIAN TARDANT, Queen's Road West, Victoria, 1853.





It has been

man, and to 'kelieve that tho China's, all, yet such in the capidity with which famina main deck the men are again singly examined, does it work, that lorge numbera of the dead b? | and if finally accepted aro passed to the advance y the victims of aggression, the in

dies are either devoured by wild animals, or left to table, to be indented and receive their siz dullere action, on its face, baare the mark of impro

Some etcape to sach. Erazy man now signa his agreement v�?ho purify by the scilon of this s Bilby; for, fecit is the clearest intero-t

the towne, such an Ainoy, for the purpsece of ene can write, and there are few exceptions, he get the Coolas shipper to keep matters in igration, and think themselves happy if they his siy dollam, and nearly all of their hand the na nooth train, generally, as he publy can

resch it; and it is from these poor creatures, how dollars to the broker, who has fed and clothed him. and no man of business, worthy of beint

ed down by a grinding de-politin, or starved from Perhaps three or four of the lot will turn revive ?�¬h order | doomed wich, will or would for a moment.

are fel, and the desirous of resvining out ur more dollare, a their homes, ibit the emigration dry have loan m; think of abetting so moiraganus a proceetling an and not from sh" gaoh of China, te lies hern stat | urodil - emouen, smil he escapos talo the ship', 'wova Khirty two iniles that of kidnapping, Il any possibility exists, or ed by persons in Ausraba, whom we charitably dorke, maybe with the whole six dollars, to the 14- On ronclùng Boun-existell, of his obtaining his object by legitimate hape at the tune knew nothing about the bistory and moment of the rest of the miên, the bru VOD. MAE He my - kid, but not scratch means. When therefore we find drit Amoy and of the people. When they roarb Amay, knowing ker hardly liking to ventura himself helia.

Cable atoms; and Commodore the whole fukcon province teem with Co. but little of the geography of the world, the inaj large najotjly of them give over the dollars frotis IVANS THE JE, and all the nautical men inle, but ten maxious to get engaged-if there try then have no Gred place whence to emigrate, sa doubters in rust esses they have received their T&Wade themselves acquainted with has been kiduspping it is reasonable to sup. but, applying to the broker who to supply the value in clothes, loud, tubacen, &c.

with clothing for the vayage, and food smil they |ase-rend by seine of the worst of the Chisme, on An entirely exonerated Captain pres that the villany has been that of the Chi-

become engaged, they ate thoroughly in his hands. their arrival in this country, that they bere aut a fom any blame. This indeed was was brokers only; and that the foreign Agent, They do it sulect Sydney (all Australis they been fairly pill this uz dallare: as far on iho -page than might have been expected fur the actual shippers, are as innocent of parti

know by that one) in preference to any other ships from this country ura concerned this state. als P, is a commanderson thirteen cipation na we are who live in Hongkong. Wo

Ingot is not correct; every man in given his siz dillare, they ate pat into his hand, and the set of migrants. Bngpore, al-fornia, Benin, are standing, and reputed to be one of the now learn that, evidently bent on identifying try, but all depeule upan the first ship wa one of the karling houses in Amoy with the meseserful and competent scamen afloat.

the Philippine Colants, the Polyassinn Eilande, his paying these ovat is perfectly his own net, the transaction by an inse and lezitimate we can possibly alleged nefarious part of the Cooloo shipment. Sydney, are all the rama to them, it being the in the moment the Herman reachad there, eum | teteat of the broker to get them off kie hands with tw, ae btween the representatives of th de perenni n:onses were inued (dated on a Sunday, and, all prasible despatch Having activid at Amay, hing the men in this country. It is the object al after an examination, the most remarkablu fes-in puria unturation, their salety is by no me leere Tait and the other pastire to ship the bols tore in which was that the Consul was ruined, resures. Large numbers of thein die in the city of the men in one day, and this business pot and advised by parties to whom our Consular from the elects of the fatigue and starvation which through as rapidly as possible -- fentons that tre shall low maka protent. The men now having The death in Ordnances pivo no authority, Mr J. D. Synn Ahey have wader gone to reach al


In the Singapore Free Press of the Bush ult. wo find the following interesting item -


dis, we believe, pretty certain that Sir Jamee Brooke

se has tendered his resignation of this Gur. emorship of the Culony of Labuan, and that it te of the firm of 8. Muir & Co, was fined in the rig. according to the extement of the Bruthached perhaps two smits of clothes, tobasen, In tratemplation by the Clorarement so make the the full penky of Two hundred Dollaceto Co solutly ammed in parts of the past declineals, and cater flute delicacive for the 15

| they Faro ever buon-they biva a fistle fortune, cursos ??deprodancy on that of Hongkong. This ovidence adduced going to slow that when car (1851) to twenty-fire par cent of the populaage, they are now ticker is worldly goods the

The great English agence at Amoy, for Chinees for let it be remembered that the major part of is probably the best arrangement which our Conlee broker fell into the handle of the

gent circumatraces could be made for Lalan Chinese authoriting, instead of going first to emigration, aru M-art. James Tall and Co., nasthoes then were never before possessed of a single it will allow of the s of Government officials Consul and gotting him to apply for lus release of the most reperiable hontan Chins, whe very dollar in their lwas, soch is the pores y of the Mr Byme went in the Police Station (tu thoj kame is guarantee that there in nothing there die- | lower order of Chincas ; they, many of them, now ping we reduced as to make the Jacome of the Co- Fly approximate somewhat serer tits outley later fut the walk of a minute or two, in the creditable in the system, and it is to this house that care not whether they proceed in the ship, wad will

try to escape to thin shira, Tuay are all of these

??Nah kitberto been the case. The consulate a distance of a mile and upwards.) the command of the earl and the curgem supar- We were formed of dili Os?ony at its fret, vatn.-

But it had grown soine how(r)-ten incin, inlordent adilcera Dimoreivæ, in mider to fulfil the expert swontware, and a mile on the water they Phat have been doubtedly in me mes-

bersal the turbulent unwashed had been killed, | inaru tione which they bito rooted from their lock upon as nothing. Or some of them have good Pppointed, as iu progress has fallen coast.

enaulty. Meeste Psit then apply to the head want themselves for not guing-thris brothere were abort of what was one time stripsland in our continual desire to make all the emplagera ere they scaled on their mission from this traces, or at least rassons that are actiefactory I mot now spnowlnim upon the anus of this; satisfaction, oven to humiliation, which lies in our ther it is to be ascribed to the over sanguine power, it became accessary that the Chines among the Clare brokers, we believe his was elusel, or these friends were rejected, and it ra Commuesioner luuld be informed that an Darato, who invarisidy has many huadreds of mosquires an uncommons amount of rigilance to pre- anions of its foundere, -the anpineness ar Bauf (act of its ufficiale,or the slower of Englishman had been fiel, and degraded (oba bande welting to entréte from a a suntry the discontented from carrying at their in Chinese eyes only) so that the int might be which pronaars nothing but starvation. From the antions. Perhaps those tricks as winked at by * Company, which, steering with such a mongul-

if they are tunate sunugh to irave at all, these chees of the Chinese, trick-ry of every kind la ust That combination of p-dambray and unreisel encouraged in repent their mudacity. This is when they rec. Any until their departure, the broker houseless, as exon among the figher nate and clothed (f, by the brokers, they lie only encouraged but practised; there seem to by as de in the Enbarn archipelago, has coated just the Decionn pdicy over again; and wo

'out in junke on the waver or in some of the la wational obsance of the important organ of con ralf with the mooapply of the weskinkite bede of cost | must my wo lonked for a different enured from

in Labuan, the only exp-rable artiole of mache old legationist as our present Plenipoten werched det in Au ay, from which dysentery and scientiousness. It is therefore the grant object of the bow typhoid fever if the Chicast are necet ab- |thuse in charge at theve men to get the ship to sea wales which the Colony se yet produced, and ary. which the Company has hisheria duled ait to shr

Nederstand that the enquiry was con-

seat. The head men, pureunit to hie agrenn et imitately that the men hire placul themele public in the mat lebaraly manner. We arum ducted after the must practiced forms of Con Mowers Tail, gathers together about doable those land. that the future of the Colony may be brigh'ar than"

Bumber of the migranta required, and at fir w'clock We now propose to put in the agro-ment be- sular management. Mr Syne w Grat ite post hus harm, and that she Company with which convicted of going to a Chinese Officer (load mourning, on a garen day, they are atted tween three of our calony, who live engaged the štu gras purity in so muchá, and up, wany prove by ??its setinna tho sincecity of three demonstrations ??nt to his own) on the exilence of his clerk - is a large zued in front of Mrests Tan's premiert, | Chimar, sud the Jaltet, sufanber proof of Jet, which in lately been making of a gronier motiv. Hyls its speradoon. To dir hum Strake the esteren of digration with the Colony Arshovli aug?ine, le a matter of congratulation, my do will be 1-flitres to devote his sporgies in sheen oljeru á public utility du which he has agan. May drugegation of which we inferfered

· -Kaspidina sai planes zalijem. she page of his haali pernite ad bara all, by rud hèổng not to the carpings of these, who aver the which to be means of accusation against found in his halling the Cocainership of L.. while the stall'afikia henlib forbøile ha pro- Arrey there, Trod kpahu indulget,cu al dheir puga. 'gether 'ned base martuations. He will be free to A général an his mielun to Siam or wherever she - pobile intereste may arem to demand nie predener, and en munat beż anticipate much advantage 16 Art commeren fenen lits futura väertions, should

whole Azchipelago.

ochos of Coinminjoner be tended to the


and then she convicted one was called on to appear as a witness against this very Clerk, was also in linted us a principal in the charge * al riut incitement." The qucina natural- ly aries-is not the Acting Consil e amperest fur the duvica office?-and why was not thin instigation made without direct instructione Labin. 15. Ma Plenipotentiary who se Hecretary to aid in the squiry ??Who the Saretary-what wrading fins be in a Consular investigation f

-* 120 000)

fur the purpose of undergoing an existing by that mything in the meter of this emigration in the surgeon pendent; the esgereers which free from the slightest saht of slavery. We have they display to corupy an verly place in the list of beru farul 13 prove a argalite seco whore the those in be cxsinised is pretty sound proud of the afirmativa has been totally unsupported by say great desire they have to drain their counter, and evidence: but we wish to see the question s'atel, that shed migration in porfectly voluntary on their vac by idle drelimation or andair inuendos, but 1905, 10 ke paasa the accotin king nyo nl the by posture prost; the following is a trus copy, AMERON bur olvced on thu tight hand, if he feels mantting user, ul the agreeineni, which bulb par- tu dan le cum to the lef." "If an betimi wa ame band to sketch the ¡ferent pevnée ih prevent

Mem: random of agrorment made nad sularıd the salinitis pl:ée t've read e might have s?ING

into the day af ,ễn the year of wat Lurdasa top of the Chiburan before and after chamin. We trom that the House Governnical

Twoseand right handtal and on the care whiro the pow blow takes to

. betweeg native of Chin, of the oas pin, and of will wiew this matter in an unbiased light : coneval any finde physical defrot that he thinks will and that a desire to protet vor Trade prejuture hân v? thu ngâạion of inn medien) 19an, ??the territory of New Bunth Wales, , of the ather from falling into the hands of torcigns, and arbin peally hulls in bus unud the destiny, life ut

par: winseth tint the nail

agters to surve unfortunato con MUTES. the exlubasin of an interest in upholding, uut desk, of many of these

the sa ,and auch person or persons whom ba I aiding to deery, the character in the British Some of them, so they drance to be a mine,trad

ano gruand with amazing wescanco, and sa they | ming plate in charge over the and

in the capace- Alerchant, will foark whyt further inny bo determined on in regard to it- F. of C.


Labourer in the said anrritory, fur the term of five Dec. 22.


In the same paper wo find the aurivals of the Porer and Pc as on the same day. The Postinger it appeara left this with coals bigh for three days and a half only, and, on Tourth day out, had to barn hen coops. nately an Aor was near, who all |_ want sahuro cuuing wood, and, after a lan of thirty six hours, aho Steamer was gnabled to proceed.

The whole district he co-l Arany is purely agri Round here put in nt Singa-cultural, the pee. Ir being chidy engord in rire

Line 20th u.-F. C. Dre 14.


TAIT & Co. Circular, Duermber B ts have takes place hare intely, and have been attacked on several prensione Sen. On the $0ub aliime one of the Rabe menced throwing ecomm and brickbats at

BY PAUL FAK. (From the Sydney Morning Herald March 13.) No. BL

bare their well knts at compact frame, they by of whepherd, derin and general servant, and

rejected years, to coinmance from the date of the arrival of

arm in may, " 6 din faylt if you can." come up with a degree of hestation, and doubt the sesuk of four decomsture, having bee by other partia", but still --o,ing that by sono lucky the said in the anid territory, and to obey all accident they may pres the much dreaded ordeal. bis lawful ordess and the orders of such persone sa may be placed in charge over him. And the mil egroes in pay the ssid three dollars

A number of theim'offer themselves, who cannot have rational ules that they will be accepted; disrawr having stomped them with satward mark which the ready má af the medical axaniner ine medial aricole, mard fun prasmes them to the left Without warkope is gone fron theos, and with downcast head they go way to die, the Chinees rarely weaver fin actere jadimuation,

per toorth, the oxid amount to be paid in id-d'arı, or in merling British money at the exchange of four ukitings per dollar. And also to pr viễn the fol luming nesklir ratiors, namely :-8 lba. Azur, or 10 s. nee at opilon ; el lla, must; 2 . of tea. And the said having received at Ainoy, from the dollars advance, agres by

repay them in New South Wales, (

planting, cultivating enca, &c. an', na is the cat

their obronnergy being too low tu combat with in other parts of Cica where they arodererwent on

any arrive durato. The Chinese doctors are very Agglombare, the people are vary poor. What will pini-l to counter irritation, by blisters and suber | agent of the son of the render think when he is told that for one dollar romedies, and many of the penpared candidrian for per day (Sve shilling-) he can obtain the humar of emiges ion hear marks of having undergone three den Chinens carpenters on ship board, and for this remedies ; look how shitfully those meo try to liide sixpro per day they would work talra hours them-they walk up with the most perfect self po and find themselera 11-that for half that amount somion, with what the French so well term anacho- be can obtain Chinwa labourers to work for the faker, the jacket is negligently thrown over the de

forlive spot, but the surgeon of expersace in the maitora bifu up the patiment, and pa-ars the man to

The chief of these districts, wherein the peos

the Europren Honges a party from H.M,Same petal, am happy use they if they can get per wet prompdy an tha apes and after very means of supernidy 'the tuob poseeful obligedo fire on them, when veral being wounded, they dhupersed, the town has et since, and business in wow isl�?y tramed. a for en further disturbekons, as the Manda-

pls are dependrut on ska riera etop", pre subject to the lift amid shoute of laughter, from the successful


deurortiv?. fools at irregular periods, but when they come they sweep sverything before them shoes who escape death by drowning here all the horrors of survation before them. The wretched į held responsible by 8.8 M. Conval for government of the country is either powerlom, or betin of Europen property, are ex-zing 100 indudent to grapple with these difficubies, tha o effectually to preserve the quiet of the | safety of a district uponding chiefly on the energy of the bend Mandarin, whose example all hla subi Cardan Commercial List Dec. 8,

ordinates fills. It he is a howane man, he sp. *A4, 8, Hermes which left this on the fith, posle Hrongly to the banerokace of the rich to Scopeying to Amoy Mr Norway, Salleh wap kitchens, and diaʼribates with a *to the British Trade Superlatendency, liberal hand die con wait rice stored in the public Ir Whyte, readonnu from England grass to meet emergencies of this asture; but as been sent out by parties compreted emppisig ha la of the upp site character, thiet ke Coolee emigration to the West Indies, ¦ us alotkiul and atrejesh in judulener, rojoring him- yesterday It was generally under- elf in Ennern lazulimusness, while town whe han the Harma, left that Mr Harvey's be governe usa perishing from waDI, Woo in the mor! They die by hundrade of ibousende, and had releum to the riots, heet het iscount of which appeared in our | Burgh the State is supposed to find calling for **The 8th jokam, hol a rabidity refletic of the propagators, reports have en wanting that shown or grew out of bered ill-gal, of certain English sub *ading al. Anny ; and it has been pretty Insinuated that nouring several of

eos coolem which have left Aday Fare soose Chinese, who, harug binnu, hepped from their nues, have been ay with the perfect and wiltul cg.

of the shoppers. Unless, however,

a predispusio to think hardly of

*A nemámt Grand wralog from Amy, wonder dan the [sch, nayo --- Thats, has been a row bera, i dught you wil hari besed many different talas about it; the troë www, Į

her, the Chiere, gathered in uah with mech saw and is of racisme, made, that I believe jhey would singly have chow-howed on Englabano at the slammink they nale bed their eye - plandar Be fore the Enablak per the in th to disperse they shot on and wanded juuston (I then


very blog in opened here, and every wine in a vesta c

The merchum e al undating wit aminetion by bude other party sont up fa un purpose."

Wograpat de weiter was abutingki-jlander wie tha mas object of the clotzen,


a monthly deduction of one dollar from bis wiges.

Bigoed by Mesue Taiy & Cu, as agends,

and the contracting Chinaman,

Sigurd in the presence of

A true espy of this ags-ement is printed in Chi- bere on the back of the originals, and the China man in supplied with one of them when he signs. Every precaution la taken that he shall be faisty dealt by That theco, new fauha in the system

candidata, who bive been keenly watching the result of this line rues. There and many other

ulo atufices nia practised to deceive ex requiring all low was to detect thom | but stop, there at present carped out weslo ust dray, and we shall not hide them. Wastaver experie"en we posaria in an uproar in the damp, a rave la advancing, and



a hundred eyes ute upon lùin, he is brought up by | styll be given to the proper consideration of the two or three men who push kiin alang usciremu- | pubject. - Phoni pastica in the colony shonld un- minusly; he is nocapsal se tio surgeon, known an justly asperto the e vacantare of there helpleva me", thing of henlivens. The man ebakes his head, driven from their country by the miserable govern and "Bo-kele" that in, he diso not meat to mout unfor which they have groanal fr go in the clip. Ona of his fricata negra húm ul yevin, in a matter to 'te of sormus regret. antena miest into the crowd at flor urcopted, seluck the excinoze which they make of a lend út slurra

tion for land of plenty-a tyrannising debution the Chinrar inerpreter text où na s?ciunt = sny fur one of the freest Gaveruments in the worbl,they soan to pur eker plug of his own free will. Meu | cannat bat feel the gua i fortune, that line befellun of advanced penis pick out there grey basta and thero Let no min in the happy kind sec tâum op- make themevivre, lank as young as pasablu, boga | pressed; but let no man whilper isto their cate try to appear men, the agenat which enigsins will that they have been inveigled in Australia under te accepted, bring well known to U' em all, Lunner ilo pretences. There are uw people in the world queuily no one in unilor wingteen ??de inorn than | easier lei netray then ma Chinese, and her who,under thirty-ibine, korurding to drawn account. the endus of friendship for them, tells thi in that Tun much gore on fat three or four successive | the agreements under which they were brought to mornings, et length the requiel number se urade this coalty are invalid, is as well an chewy 10

p. nad an airly day

imppointed for receiving the the Coinear, on to the general public. If left alone, emigrants on board the ship, lying in the harbour and by showing them that our lama make me dis- abutti a mile and a half hele se city. They caine, tination between foreigners and Enghalinen thera and with them at anug of brokers and films,,selves, that the law is based on bushanity; liwe maril cramming the ship to suffocation point, The strong enough to cope with the refractory, the Chips clerks the cepterentatives of Mesars Take | Chinese will show timeless as they have ja bouse, the commander of the vessel, the surgeon other fairs, good chizens, vace tamp÷ted with superintendam, and the leading Chinese brokers, and led attery by fulau representations, they wil take their pi-ces on the poop, the emigrants on ile | prove a curse to the community.



VOL. XII. No. 7.



PRICE $16 per annicom

TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION to the FRIEND OF CHINA AND HONGKONG GAZETTE, per Annum, 14 Dollar, payale in advance, quarterly or otherwise, at option. Bingle Numbers, TERMS OF ADVERTISING.-To linse and under. Dollar; adicional, 18 caute line. Repetilkene one-third of the art insertion, ships.-First lasertion, Dollars i agent Insertione 48 cen Advertisements to have written, on the face of them, the number of times they are required to appose, otherwise they will be published until counteruandel. A reduction of twenty dve per cent on woush charge usade when quarterly counts are rendered for advertisnonnse ordered to stand modisturbed for a period of three months Full charge mode for repetition of any Advertisement in the Oventana Imue.


\N and after the Pressoldate antil farbar neties The H. &O B. P Co.'s Stommer will ply regularly between Hoogkong, Canton and Macao, every Monday, Wederoday, and Friday, (uukaus previous notice of Deviation be given) as follows. The Boat leaving Hongkong, on Monday, and Canton on Friday, will call at Blueno, saching at 7. The hour of departure at other dimon will be 8 a 16, ved the Boate will proceed diroot be two Hongkong and Caston-When inducement offers, the Boss will call at Campingmoon, but presions seues of such deviation will be given when practicable.

The fwes will be or herchefore. Lat Class between Hongkong Canton & Macao 08- Macao 83. Beck Passengers European

Chioses -

Passenger desires of proceeding to Marso for a short period may obtain return tickets available for the Grst or second Steamer a?er their arrivals at the reduced cutes of 98 between Hongkong sod Mecao, 819 between Canten und Macro

Every at Clase passenger will be allowed ona servant free of charge.


These will convey freight on the tetme of their published scale; on which, however, some reduction will be made for large quantities, by special agrement,

LYALIA STILL & Co. Agents H & C. 3, P. Cz Hongkong, bib Nogember, 1969.



have merly despatch.

Fon Pasions. Apply to, WILLIAMS, ANTHON & Co Hongkong, Bud Denimber, 1852.


IS THAT Commodious Dwelling Ham, on the Praan Grunda Mudio, known ml(20) na the kete Rraktenor of Mr Jona SuITH, deceased. To sto maderman :-upply so the Premises, or the Clerk of the Court

Muous, 24th Augum, 1862,

NOTICE, THE Undersigned breeby give notion that the busigree hitherte conducted by them in Canton will from this date be extried on at Shanghts.

DALLAS & Co. Centon, 1215 November; 1852.


EQUITABLE PIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. 26 CORNHILL LONDON. THE undersigned, having boan appointed Agents for the above Office, are prepared so affeci In. spcancon against dre, on Buildings and Goods, in Cation and Hongkong, including marchandise in native Packhouses,

HOLLIDAY, WISE & Co Canton, 14th August, 1861,



PUN FIRE OFFICE, LowBon. Estarlased in 1710. THE MANAGERS of the New Fra Ovice, Landon, beg leave to loform the British and foreign Raidents at flongkong and Canion, that they have constituted and appointed the under. signed in their Arrounuys to laun Palicias of In swance against seen on Buildings, Goods, Mer chatice and shot Property at those places.

Full particulars of Rates dis, may be obtained on application to

LINDSAY & Co. floging and Canon, Hongkong, 18h Augmel, 1852.


Capital £50,000.

100 Swans or £500 NAOM,


Memes Landsat & Co.--Hongkong, Canton,



Merers GLROSTARE & Co-London,



Locate & On-Hambat,

Brand, Fatettu Om-Calonia, Par & Ca-Madre.

With reference to the shore, the untersigned are

prepared to grast Pultoras Payable in Lendva, Bombay, Calvulta snd Madres.



China, 27th P?brancy, 1859

MARINK INSURANCE New Your Mutual issuRande Compart, of New Yor

Undersized prepared accept MA


Nicole Lama Cloth Palmrote, Gentleman's Shirts (Liben Fronts and Cath) White kid Olores, Indle Rebber inflating (ashion, Paton Bimoting Belle, Letta' Dinelon for 1958, Marryatt's Bigoal Books (late Edition) Masstroment Table Books, Tape Lines of 50 and 100 feet, Mathematical lo tromata in Chase, and a scavil Invoice of Smyth `& Nephew'? oboice Perfumery,


Per Rajasthan.


DIA8, the Proprietor of the above Exabūsh- samo has been removed from Praya Grande to the 1. meni, boga to inform the Public that the Hose No. 36, ear the City Osts, lately occupial by Mr Edward Bontein

TERNS MODERATE, Macau, 14th July, 1832


RB. F. DUDDELL bogu respectfully to solicit M

the Patronage of the Ladies and Public Gentlemen's black Ventilating and Neoteric Hate, of floogkong to her Milharry and Haberdasher Superior blee Clock Caps, Shooting and Walking Business at the Voron Exumanos, and will be Bhoon, Wellington Boots, John Hall & Son's Glamot happy to execute nag orders wuh which abe Gunpowder, Robson's des old Port Wine, Manok's may be favored. Brady of 1850 vintage, Bara Pale Ale In Plo

Victoria Exchange, and Quarte, Captains, Abernethy, Prasburg and Mixed Blacotta and Spice Nuts.

LANE, CRAWFORD & Co. Hongkong, 17th January, 1863. JUST RECEIVED por Bư. Shanghai,-A for- ?�ther supply of Bingapore made Fraob Butter ip the. Jar


Par Jorkun Bator from Londen, a fow Case of _ary-assetheus Champagne.

LANE, CRAWFORD & Co. ¿Hongkong, 11th Janoury, 1859,


?N HẠND THI Grona Baur "HYGEIA," Whampoa Hrack.

·N extugalve nosortment of Ship Chandlery and A Cabin Stores, of the best and most varied der


Cotton Canvas-Nos. 1 = 10, Resin do. and Duck, Begieb and English-da,

Patent Manila Card, of all olur, Hoth's Patent Rosela Rigging, from one to

eleven Instira,

Bagah and Dutch Sheathing Copper, frum 18' 32 with Nails,

-With other articles tue numatons for comprizal in the Umits of an advetalsenonni ; all of which can beshigined, either wholesale or retail, at prices

TRINE Riar in cate the rep Fox from sen te flash per seat less then lon cherged

Mutual Insuraðs Company, payable in London | or New York.


many other establishment in China.

THOMAS HUNT. This Company, under the Title of the New Yong LURANCE Company, was eigen and in

Whampoa, 28th June, 1862. 1798, a Joint Stock CompANT. In 1881, k TO WHALING SHIP MASTERS was to prgonlæed on the principle of the Mainal

AND OTHERS," Bystem, and the profita cfits First Tour's Business THE attention of Whaling Ship Mastera la par. ading March, 1889, returned to Contributore

1 ticularly requested to the great advantages Premiums, pigablo in Certiflöstes bouring Blu pèr

Whampon hire the undaralgwed hava suveral Cant interest per danum.

dry docker, with dry and ercure Sheds for the Particulata of Harus, &c, may be obtained on

storage af eil or other cargo in die yards adjacent i application to

charges on the pause, and for repairs, being the mos moderate made in any port in China.

There are

[JR PRSTONJEE RUSTOMJEE le authoria. Dirled v vrty two per Cant upon the eatoedariolag frack repairs to Ships being eflocted at ;



ed to sigo our firm by proauration from thie

COWANEE PALLANJEE & C". Conton, Jet Jonvary, 1658.

NOTICE. TUE Undersigned hea rotublished himself in

TEM by himse

AUDISTAKE, Bad Gundral Sronaasuren. JOHN BELLAMY. Amoy, 21st October, 1852


NOTICE. undersigned have this day formed a Copart- Wership under the name and style of GO?LD & MART?N, for the transaction of an Importing

and Gabral Commission businem,


Ban Francisco, 9th June 1852.


* SAN FRANCISCO, U. 0. References.

Her, T. Buttra Kann.-Collector of the Port.

8. U. Horzine, Esq.--Assistant Collector.

J. A. Coer, Eng -Naval Oficer.

C. K. Grunn, Eaq-Deputy Callacier.

Jo..Vinone Breww, Esq.-?, S. Appraiser




e undersigned boga to sanounce to the Public (that he opone the above. Hallding ible day, na MORAL COMMUion & Agency Batue Room,

-ni vill personally superintend this game nad bold Luculum on the premiere whenever a sut?ejumi sament, offers, having angaged Mr. Guonor

evice at Auctioneer.

rahange, 135, 1883.


NOTICE. TTON bas commenard Business Ist Fauzien nod Lavery Stange ??Premiosa adjoining the " Auction 35 and hna Carringen, Horres, and Also the Break for Tevinlog

· ?-Stabling to Lei.

Win January, 1858.

H. W. HUBBELL. Cable, 11th December, 2653.

NOTICE. NITE undersigned have been appointed Agouts at 1 Hongkong for the subscrivens to LLOYDS. Msituri+f Vinele ara requested to communicate to them fitelig, neo of losses, necidents, the speak ing of Vessels, and any gmeral information they consider of importance or interest to the cubscribers.

GYALL, STILL & Co. Hongkong, Bed Beptember, 1852,


well asrorted invalts of English Cordare, Cars and Twins, -Nails of six?a, in Caské of % cwt,-Round Bar Iron.


Pale Champagne, Find Growth,-Pale and Browe, do-Becond de da.-Stout from Barclay & Parking ;-Clarita and Benady, from T. Donkín

Son. Apply to,


Hongkong, 21st October, 1882.

no pett charges on vessels requiring repaire whan landing that cargaro, and many benefits are doriva- ble by coming to Whampoa which it is hardly pon- sible to specify within the limits of a single adres.


COWPER & GROSVENOR. New Town Docks, Whampoa Taland, 15th November, 1852,


PARTIES baring their owD ENGRAVED PLATES, can have Cande printed from them on applies. them to Mr R. V101942, at the Office of the Friend of China

Hongkong, 1st August, 1852.



KAM, RUA DO HOSPITAL. Formerly occupied by Doctor Savaks,

NOW LANDING ex Jalma Hoint from London, THE Undersigned bags to sonounce to Com.

Bes' Palo Ale,

Brown Blout,

Pala Sherry,

Bilk Umbrellas,


Best Paris Nap Hats,

Drab Felt Do.

Drab and Brown Jerrys,

BOWRA & Ca Hongkong, 4th January, 1883,




This sweet toned lastrament will be sold cheap.


Queen's Road, 4th January, 1859.

FOR SALE. ILOSTER, Chelder and Berkeley Checer, Usich Marmalade,-- Raapberry Jam.

MAC EWEN & C? Quer's Road, Hongkong, 14th January, 1858,

1 January, 1863.

N. B. Bide entrance in Stanley stred


AN ASTONISHING CURE OF A DISORDERED LIVEH, WI?U A VIOLENT COUGH AND GENERAL DERANGEMENT OF THE SYSTEM Copy of a Letter from Mr Trekarne, Chemist, Carmarthen, dated Beptember 10th, 1862.

To Profesor HOLLOWAY,

Dear H-1 am happy to inform you that your for famed Pille have effected another curs. Mrs Eliza Davier, of Pontyberim, nour Carmarthen, was for many youre a great anderer from a die- ordered state of the Liver, with all jre atendent evils, as weakness of the stomach, bad digiton, lore al appetite, head arbo and general debility, in addita la which she bed a violent Cough, and occasionally severa fits of Argus. This complica tion of diens weakened her consiliation that ao bopre were entertained of her recovery, ot with-ining she ? "d the best inadical advice. At length a tired recommended ber to try your Pills, which happily she did, and by continging thest aw for a short period, she has to perfectly restored

to heakh



MIRACULOUS CURE OF DROPSY. Extract of a Letter from Edward Rowley, Esq., of India Walk

Tobago, dated April 8th, 1852.

To Prof-wor HOLLOWAY,

Dear Sir- Teem it a duty I owe le you and the public at large to inform you of a most clrs. culous recovery from that dreadful disease, Dror, and which, under God, se slected by your is. valuable i was mapped five times within eight months, and skilfully treated by two medical practitioners, hat could not get cored, until I had recoure to your remedy, and notwithstanding all I had undergone, this miraculous medicina curad me in the course of six works.


Extract of a letter from Mr 8. Govern, Chemia of Cliftom, near Bristol, dated July 14th, 1852,

To Professor Holloway,

Dear Sir-I am requested by a Lady samed Thomas, just arrived from the West Indies, to acquaint you that for a period of eight years her. seli and family suffered from contional bed bealth, arising from disorders of the Liver and Stomach, Indigration, loss of Appetite, violent Head aches, pains in the side, woskasse and general debilny, for which she consulted the most eminent on in the colony, but without any beneficial remulla; ot last, she bad recourse to your invaluable Palla, which in a very short time effected so great change for the bener, that she continued them, and the whole family were restored to health and strength. Further she desires me to say, that she has witnesg- ed their extraordinary virues la thone complains incidental to children, partlealarly in cases of Maules and Bonstatine, having effected poolfite enres of these disossen wkhao ether remedy.

(Signed) 8. GOWEN. These celebrated Pillo are tronderfully focus in the Following complaints J'ai Imagala.¡Retention of Urino

Srinda, or King's

Sore Thro

mandera and Maces of Voels and the Public generally visiting Macao, that the above House is new opeo for the cevaption of visitors,. The Morp og Bortar are ten in number, large and airy, likewis 1we Alting Rooms, and an excellent Dining Room, where every allentino will be paid Ame to the accommodation and confort of Boundera As he devote his whole diase to give the utmo esthaction, he trusts for a continuance of the Public Patromgo which he has bukerio to liber ally received,

ROOMS TO LET BY THE DAY, WEEK OR MONTII. TEAM-BOARD & Lorotno, From $1-50 to $3, Par Day. shame on litely depending upon orders for Male,


Attached to the premiere is a good Billiard TanGE By Canni & Ca

Sedan Chairs.


Patio Complaints Fevers of all kind


Bowel Complaints Jumat Culice


|no and Gravel


c-dory Bytomna

Coneipation of the game

The DukeS





Dopey Dyeray


1 aboali


Leer Complelay Venereol Action

|Worme of all kinda

Waaknem feum what-

ster, c..

Erysipola Bold by a Druggins, and ut Profesor Holloway's establishment, 244, Strand, London.

By Mr. J. M DA SILVA, this Bora

and by HINNAM-Hongkong,

Sr. J. M. Da FONCECA,-Macao.

apil Mera ACOW & Co.-Canton. Alls, 34 Bd. & de, each pol or Box.

There is a considerable saving in taking the large puta.










PENIMULAR & Oriental Stram Navigation Company's Steamure



FIRST CLARK Ladies Geniemen travel ling gingly.- Occupying Berth in the general Cabin throngbom. Children with their Parante,- Turn Years and under

TAN, -

Faou ?е она ?о


Swan River

King Clearge's



Port Philip or Sydung.


$310 00




ficiency having to be made up by a grant from the funds of the mother country

To the Blow of the Friend OF CHINA

Vistoria, Hongkong, 19th Jany., 1859 AIR-You will oblige me by publishing thie

The prestige of Hongkong is doubtless very acknowledgeal of a donation hounds, sterl Mr Alger

grant. Wo son every day suis remarkable per * "f Cleoscut's Lane, la mdon) of 'Twenty

ing, the osme being made to sor Socialy for relief formances in connection with its affairs that we of Destinata Sick, by Mr John Backet, of Wakedel, can bot feel the utmost astoniskument, the Gov. York, England; in grateful remembrance of the arnor's salary, exceeding in amount the pay of a medical and porobisty nit afforded, in 1951, to his son, Henry Hartly Breket. With every sup. Bocretary of State, is not deemed sufficient - porter of the Engiety von will, I am rate, be track | maneration, and Baronetcies are kept frum pleased at Mr Becket's liberality. 1um Bir,

Your abediant Servant, R. RIBNARCKER Tror of the Destints Sick Swiy


men, know to have done the state good service. to be bestowed on the lucky office holder when the state of his health becomes such that it is necessary for him to have a year's leave of absence to rectify it, The Colonial Secretary's New Advertismente will be received untű 7 �?Clack establishment alone exceeds in cost the whole

on the Bomines previous to publication, vis : Tuza-

expense of Government of some of our mal days and Fridage if van or two capire ara ve

Colonias-the Surveyor General's Office in quired of the ismers in which an Advertisement is insted, and applied for during, w within a 1861 cost more to maintala than the money roamnab'e time after, thi periet for which public value of the works effected during the period. ation is ordered, a charge will be made for the The Harbour-Master's Office is upheld st DC £1,906 por atinum-the office of If, M. ac


Hav. 94 Handwich tolands Nov.





Under Three Tours, Barth

provided, ---








Ragland Ouled Stalow Calen




Dea 16 Blac

Passenger Servants. ----



13. Mulla


190 00







14 | Bhasha

Native, -



110 00


192 00

Gel G. Hope


17 Away

San Francisco




Occupying a single Berch

120 00



221 00


Return Tickets for First class Passenguen available for Plus Years, including the vagaye sach was, Jatecas Hongkong, Swan River, King George's Baunt, Adelaide, Part Philip, and Sydney, granted upan prepayment of 0570.

Payment to be made in flangkong in Spanish Dollars


One of the Company's Steamers will leave Singapore for the abovem-ational Plicos, an ar about

the 15th of April west." Passengers can be booked throughout by the Mail Senamore lowsing Long: kang in the Mouth of March

For further Particulars, apply at the Company's Offices.

cording to Contemporary, l-eing the most Dee. perfect sinecure imaginable, the duty of visit- J667.7ing and berthing ships being entrusted to a Dea 16 Bengaloo Byrang, st $15 a month. The only Jany really ascessary establishmaple are ridiculous.

Jav B

Dec 19








Fiona Bets


34 184rday

444 ?��?言


23 | Randay

6,43 6,41



24 14 day

4 425 42


|F. M.

7.04 8,34 9,30

25 Tronday-

6.42 | 8,43 | 9,40 10,01

Full Moon on the 25th, at 1. 19 p. x.

Primula & Orinatal Steam Navigation Comapany's Office, Hongkong at January, 1858. REVISED RATES OF PASSAGE MONEY TUR?UGHOUT THE YEAR,




PERCULAR & Oriental Rynam Navigation Company'a Sthan ?mien

From Honekone To

Description or AOCDEMODATION.




Gouden Ladies trumllina vingly, Occupying a Barth in a Cabin with 2 or 3 others 336 - 9480.30| 98740-| 9624.00 $600,00

Revered accommodation fu

Genilemen or Ladies-

Ons berth Cabin,

Half a remerved Cabin,

A trend Cabin, -

894 01 576,00 Nose 108 On

60000 801,00

74400 Neos

Lus 00

Reserved accomms-dation for

Married Compla

Occupying a reserved Cabin,

$16.00 1,200 U

1 600.00


168.00 94000 B14.00 319,00 Free Free From F100


Children with their Parrals,- The Tears and ander Tin, - Under thres Yatra, so Bwith provided,

Passengers' Servan's,--

Burspoon, Nalita,



298 00

10:1.00 240.00 288.0

281.00 64.0 18.0 21.0 22101|| 1500,00

Passenger taking a antive Servant from Honghong to A-au or Bars, ot vice versa, and withis.g??him to go back to the post el embarkation, gan taku a veturn ticket for 935 and $199 compostiraly.

The Expanse of Trmait through Elyst, subject to the Canditions of the Egyptian Tressit Ad- ministration tegulations, is included in the extra to Mika, Mararilik, and Southampton.

k�?Payment to be made in Hongkong in Spanish. Dullars.

For further particulare, apply at the Company's Offices.

Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company's Office,

Hongkong. 21st January, 1859.



Amoy, to Demerara. Apply to,


Beperias alcal

ly small in expense when placed in compari- ann with those of the "looking on" departments. For instance the Police Force and its super" intendence figure at £8,979 only, an additional item being found " exclusive of establishment " emounting to £795-son total fur l'olice Purce || 24,000

That we can do a well without as with

??Governor at 20,000 a year is evidenced by the fact that, alihimigh Sir 8. G. Boabam had been slut the best part of a year, the Colony exicts, and is in sa fl vurishing ??condi tion as if he had favcored as with his presence the whole time. What the Colonial Secre tary and suite fod to do is a mystery.

The Treasurer and Auditor, for their vervlass

TP, & O, N, N. Co.'s advertised rates f Pamigo Mowoy between Hongkong and Ba- | in managing sny £70,000 (doub'e the expen tavis and Poets in Australia-and Hongkong??diture) are not ow?rpaid ; tho aggregato qual al and Adon, Bues, Malts and Southampton, have been altered since nur luat iwao; new rates being added, to the Advertisement, for Food Clues Pawengers to the first mentioned places. A new rate has slen boen made for passage to Murovilles, and there is an especial o`muse for retorn tickets for Nativo servante fmen Aden or Buca. The Company aro evidently desirous of obliging the public in These salutary amendments.

We have been favoured (by (nistake?) with a printed consul of subscriptions not expendi bure for the building of the London Missionary Society's Chapel and Hpital in the Upper (generally spoken of in English as the Lower) Bazaar, from which we learn that the Home Society advanced 0407 Spanish-ti, E. Dr. Bowring gave $15-subscriptions by some of the attendants at Union Chapel and others equalled 168.90-Members of the Chinese Charch and congregation, and others, gave 876 18-Contributions through De Hirschberg amounted to $114-the sum total of oolloo tions=#708 141-and of expenditure, that the original contract for the building acounted to 850, that certain additions in progresswelled the Aumant to #83; that after receiving 815 the builder gave up his o-stract, an I. tu cuplete the building, 993,52, and an addition sum of $40.86(=140.38) had to be "advanced "for the present by Dr Legge from contribu- tina pot at han disposal by friende in L'ocaster, ??England, for general Missionary purposes."

ionary Soiety are known to catertzio ex- traordinary ideas about the propriety of ac. sopting donations from people who make mo- ney by trade in Opinn. This, we suppose, socounts for the apparent determination to make no general application for subscrip- sare an appeal to either of the loading merchants in Hongkong would be readily responded to, and the monies advanced by the good people of Liccester might, without delay, be put to the direct uses for which they are said be sont.

their establishments being so ne hing like the per cent on the whole; nor are the Judicial ?�ervices such that we can well find fault with the expenses incurred Bat the Colony could be very efficiently governed at a redno, tion of certainly Ten Thousand Poumia par annun, sad the way we should like to son. The saving efected is as follows. But find we must desire those of nur waders who do not live in China to a nosive if they can, whit benet Hongkong really is to the British Pub- lie-and having satisfed themselves on that point. ask the question, -if we had no Governor

no Colonial Recretary to uphols the Aus- ourable character of our country)-no Registrar General-no Marriage Registrar no Police m'e Collectors, and but a limited Chinese population, whether as many ships would ant

come here

now-and whether would not

the public derive a greater hancfit in drawing money from the Colony to go towards paying the National debt, than in paying, as they now du, the average sum of £17,000 per annum 1??

But the scum of the cauldron, -owe Chine-e population-is the main stumbling block in the way of any great reduction in the expenditure

the Colony. The Chinese enme and go when they liko, and instead of being a terror to the evilly disposed, Hongkong, in the froili- ties afforded, in a positive benefit to the pira- tical bands which swarm about the Canton estuary.

By a judicious system of taxation (on the poll of every China ma that came here) there

N Experienced Sunauen for a Voyage from ADAMS," Captain Haroma, Some of the supporters of the Land Mia 1s no doubt but a good deal might be done



AMP AT Acow & Co's Canton. MEDICAL TRUATUR on Nervena Debility and Comitation Weekarts, with practical ob servation, illustrated by Anatomical Platre, in. Health and Divers

This work, emanating from a qualified member of the medical profesdon, the result of many years? practical experienes, in addresond in Ganilemen who suffer from the various disorders sequitað in early life. In ko pages will be found the cAUSTI which land to their occurrence, the syo-plom THE which indicate their presmos, tad moons to be dopted for their tymosi). By ? Physician.

Hongkong, 10th July, 1959.



To Sell on the fat Fideuary,


will be despatched on or about the 5th proximo. For Funient or Papaon apply to



Hongkong, 21st January, 1858.


JR. JOHN SCARTH is authorised to sign | tions in China. ? We


our Firm by procuration.

TURNER & Co. Canon, 20h January, 1863.


| QUANTITY of Carron foundry. Pig Iron,-

ALEXANDER WILSON, Mesicu Jaun.un Mation & Co's


Eam Print,

22nd January, 1859


THAT valonhle (`nown Lassanoca, Ingayo, Lat

Tax last published rgan of Government Not Scations furuishes us with an account of the Revenue sud Expenditure of the Colony during the year ended 31st December, 1852, showing a balance on the wing ale of

"No, 19, mbjrat in the registered assignment | £13 434,11,121-the revenua being £21,331..

of a moiety of the interam therein, the whole,m | 1,81 - the expenditure £34,765,19,5f Orthe THE Brig "MARTIJA," Captain" "prosent being in the occupsion of Mr Dasotze Fanwice, has Four Siste Roue kaprate, Watch Maker. This desiccble property,

Farthere a > leon than £20,494,15,23 went for eslaries, and

Governor Bonham and his And

and Four Steinga Bartra vanɩnisbatting on the Narth and East sides on Sĩa 80 Camp bad drawn full pay for the whole

For terms of Patgade, apply to the Captain on boord, or to

Quart's Rowd, Hongkong,

18h January, 1883,


and D'Aguilar Strecta,

??well worthy the attention

of parties wishing to make a patinament invest Fur terms apply to

Hongkong, 21st January, 1858,

L. JUST, Jr.

year, this would have been increased to £29,139 or upwards of £8,000 (vaarly 40 per cent) in excom of the Colonial income,; the total do


Towards remedying a portion of these evila There will, however, so long as the Chinese Government remains in its present help- less state, always be necelty here for ex pensive judicial establishments, whilst cases of great importance to the mercantile Com- munity are every now and then arising which render it imperative that the whole should be presided over by an accomplished lawyer. To summarise what has been said.-W. can do without a nominal Governor, and an useless Secretariat, but we cannot do without a good Judge, and that function-

Wenver now that most Trapelble of men. The Hanry. Pilger vi angry Loose when the Harbour Matar avan v�?kla Indian Eyvong so le filet remmary pani-hment on samen who had been consisted of "opilag i osek ??The Prine'a shipmentos bad ganesh in a body and sold thala Capita onawty mean was to be fogged it, at all eventi

should be done by one of their own onleer, and if Mi Durkey

did not go over the oble prosty quickly they'd barvo begi vest, The complainant në tale "sviacions conduct" fing" d

| agmunthime in die Henry-"I would have been mepetu a

- Baglolomen had acted differenly " mat. His Kateliký ond, with an addition, which norde not to be printed, ploiding no credit to the Harbour Master's department, bé direts ed, so the ?an was fogged by his own Boniawila, to them les the lar end."

??The Bum soul of Are yeare revenue la round numbers, la £119,900-the expendliare £904,000-alfa- reace made up from home-£63,000,

ymas be well paid Cu.mbine then the offi:09 Governor and Chief Justice (in the parson of the Iton'ble J. W. Hulane it might well and let the nominal Colonial Secretary ( ound lawyor like Mr Sterling) act on the banch as Puime Judge. Those who have had wo attend our Buprens Court during the tunt eathe of the year will know how almost ab. tely necessary it is that the Presidout should are some sasialance-the labour of sitting thres and four days at a time, from ten to dusk, without relaxation, being enough to try the brain and stamina of the strongest man in


Or the 8th December most of the vessels in barber had their Ongs balf mast high. en socent of The derous of Mr James Vigor Hervey, la'e Chief Offer of the Clipper Brig Basson Family belong. ing to Mevers David Bassoon and Co. of this port

He was the ees of the late Coloul Hervey of Her Majesty's 4th Light Dragons, an old Water los Offer and formerly British Longul for pain He was respected by ble Commander and brother Offers Bombay Gazelle, December 13,

In the Gazette's Obituary we see it stated that this gentleman was brother to the Bacre- try to the Governor of Hongkong.-ED.]


Bome time ago we observed a paragraph going the round of the fastion papers. to the effect that Mr Porter, the gerilemin who had ondertaken march for the wreck of the Packs, had abandoned the work und gens c�?to the diggings. We should bare at once contradjoted this sistemos, knowing il to be unuus, hat it was followed alm-et imine diately by a retreciation in the paper in which It originated, and we considered that it would only be saving in propsgating the alunder in notice i Mr Porter has, howover, requested us to bear t mony in his behalf, and wo therefore gladly say that it ecosiste with our own knowledge that ha persevered with his task as long as he funds beld set, and it won only on their Cabire and 150 re (a) of the Bombay supporters of his rabuong to axland further assignor, that he left this, not for the digging, but for China, where he hoped to And that nid in the prosecetine of his plan wajet kia Bombay friends' prosaieed but failed to give. From our intercourts with Me Portar wa wete impressed with the convic?�ion of his sucurity and ol his strong and anthurinatio desire to perseve to the aimet in the peomoeation of his schema - Ling From Pr. De $1.

It will be meul'eated that some time ago ona M. Pater slow frwan Burning Agent Dira Company for ruining the Pucha maemer sunk in the Siris in July 1991 with some $150,000 af Tree on kasti. Mr. Puter it was said bad Javnated in the "dizgine" with the Company' cash, but we "d he is in Chins," and has publish dan menant of his r?eripts and vanity whol ¿í onurol, akna that he is a mech injured on The much for the Pacha wana fajlové now there she must be mutil possibly enontloan agus brunt, when the sax bed shall have become aphosted to dry land, then, kuply; vona lanky (low man race be in existence-nod gold and silver of value-way come upon the dulluto and make ha fter whilst excreating the ground for what mar (1) be a Railroad to the Empire of Aumculia.- Ceylon Times, Dor. 14,

if the hu


here yesterday. Their ennants contain the most evading has evidently increased the irritation in the unexampled sistements of the incresan of the trade | Klaim, and national pride very generally ** Indorses ** of the plan, whole cargoes of ships being sold off the motion of the order of the Cone Blar." Indigna at nice on arrival with the utmost fasility W.

tion meetings preral). In the mean thưa, the Gov. have been favoured with

[ernment at Washington maintaina o tachaie si desocum, Melbourne Argue to the

In its attitude towards Cabe, and has sent a special


the trade, wilboat having any affect in aback in the system complained of."

I have the honor to be, Gendemain, Year, most obedient servant,

J. P. GRANT, Broy, to the Govt of ľudís, Onuacil Chamber,

of that mouth. The whole paper, ararly as large as the London Times is filled with advertisements steamer to character the reports are creatly like

~861 commhaloner in inquire into the exoluelen of the mail -torty two columns 11-a truly golden mine for the those that we have declined to receive for many

Propri-tur. Of thisse advertisements there are

thout one hundred alone for stolen or strayed ant- ile. Amongst other notabiliti u we dal that " E Moers & Bon" of voting celebrity have found their way there. We suspect from the larg amount of cattle stolen thas early in the influx of * all sorte" we shall are long bear of an enemy antalugun of crime We are unable to afford any

weeks, but the discalles on both sides luerase in this

storiæsting ratio. The present Impression from the intelligence la, shot war lå near at hand.


Chief Justice of Buhay, hat exund more str The duparinen from Ladis of Sir Erskine Perry, and e-koment in the native community, than that of any previous European. It is agreed on all

the 18th October, 1882.

(From the Birwits Times, Jan 3.)

Masonic.-The members of the " Lodge Zrtland in the East" No 748 held their Annvil Banqmat on the festival of their Baint-PL. J ?�hn's day-the Lodge Rean for the purpose of witnessing and a 978. olt, hiring previoudy assembled in the

| details of news from iba onune above stated We banda that he deserved the respect and good wishes sling at the interesting caromany of the instelle -

may remark that such in the crossed value of

ting of their new Master, the Worshipful Brother

horses that as grast a reward sa £50 is offered for of the people of the country; and if the men of W. H. Read, and the other oficers of the Lodge

their recovery-shit.

(From the Spectator of the 80th Oct. & Nav. 6.)

Again an Exstern question in thrown open by France) and in a manner far more formidable then the aspec.


ola and importance have delighted to honor him, how much more reason is there fast the less wad the mean, for whose alvration he has done so muck, should hold his memory in reverenon. The fala desa in which a converted. Hiado suught to oʻtals posenation of ble usconverted wife, and in which he applied in vain for habias ovepus, pot the

of affairs presrated in 1840. Although the money, caplag Mone on Sir Erskine Perry's popularity, market dispute respecting" the Turkish loan" burn, and carried him further into the good graces of the apon the pablle sadly, it has hoon only by degre. - Adindu commeatty, then all that be had formerly that we have come to understand that something mere than a money question is in agitation; but we co

dong, be the crum of native divention, Bome of

now form a onnisture as to the actual state of affairs, the Irading members of the Hinda pepelation of Medeau afve forwarded the Chief Justice " parting The present criale may be said to take its origin en three diderunt sources. One of them is a chronic | address, the tone of which, however, has by no cruss of unsaltem-the overwhelming power of Bus- masse slicited the admiration of a portion of the al, enerally sided by ber rival Austria. The seats Bebay Prost.-T. 4 O., Now. 17. and more immediately szeling mouse are thu álior-

genlood clate of Turkish finances, and the new opera- tions of France.

The Sublime Parse laboura under dileultles which ngarevate the penal firegularities of Momaksan tex-


We publish so day another official leger on the there. Of the amount allested from the people la semi barbarawn countries the porcies that willy | Opium sales, sådrossel by the doorwary to the reaches the central tomary la som ill; but to thận ge- |O'vva:oment of Endin, to the merchants who recom neral charnecaristic we may wil, that the Babime named alterations which is their opinion would Ports is bound to maintala 'a very sublime splendour

of state-that sea-fangled attempts at imitating kind to plorant groubling. The Inter to which repara Improvementa la commerce and manufacture, this is a reply, or the press-ling nas, was signed have been made under ceart patronage, and have only by ovary terpeatable individent in Calouin engage! become new opportasies for officia) robbery-and that | in the ?pin�?trade. The Hilo gamblers aluno the weamities of the state have draws around Ito tier- was never expert opiam, dackord to join the appli ernment a host of mercantile she ka The man of cation, nad it is apparently for these people that of f'anstalmople labour anday she two almdet incom- the Guvarame?t of India has shown such tauder palble infictions-the constant tendency of the 16-

onus to lease off, and the ao tem counter we consideration. The Government, it appears to of the regal expenditure is go on. In the hende Torped the matter to the Opium Board, wwith a Constantinople was vainly expected an Instrument for might have been anticipated, objected to any al- bringing once to a better ondition.

saration by which the Balu coơm may be modo lom The other of the excling ontem trust ho sought ln like a common gumbling house than it is at pro- Paris. Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, whom we do not | sont. We my, no oight have been expected" be- know at prosent whether to call President se Emperor, | wanna the Hurd h?o hoơn always the steady ap overtly confess to the dream of murrying on the pro p gmnt of improvement, fr "m the days of the low's Jects of his Uhele and in respect to the East he has and tranet daties to the present, di resistel to the

marked the purpose of his funtco cursor by proper-

ing to call biaset Protector of theHoly Places." stengt the prapord of the matchavis to establish 19la Ambassade. M. de Lavalerie, made goud his equal monthly zilei of Oylem throughout the entrance into the Bosphorus is on armed ship, againat yaar ; a whange by whých the venus has gained the rules of international law and the protesta of the many lekka. Tạo Givnen ment, kot bean cold by Turkish anibaritīras and he claimed to do so on she | Liene geschamen test the "speciẩn monaste proposed senes of the peculiarly tender interest of Fresas liwaald he i-soonvenient to many p rfins ongige lin Orkutel aire.

||the trade, withan having any effet in changing M da Lavalette took up his abode in Centinel the per complained of. If the Board find boon and, wiling his friend the Kultan deulties, what |

mere natural than to oder antistance and advies? We siled upai to furnish proof of the ( "atilation, gvaz next And the concurrent facts M. de Cavalette with the aid of the forener genies loci, it we-ild hard Greently adulam ble frienii la dificultion sa auek amaia. | ly have been atile to afford a estafactory one, tance in the willing-money markets of Paris and Len. The quhling is undertaken in the hope of an dans at d the Bank of Câneiantimuple, in which we adrason after the pain. Un vise do not takes place believe there is a French partner, who je authorisedly the grablace indoma d-fashiers, and the mpl 18 in the Sultan to contræet o laas of 200 ello 00ê PRALLEN-

clase a dill shir Ours


appointed for the present year, viz.

W. Bro. W. Read-Mustar

J. B. Comming-Past Paster, Bra, C. J Carrie-Annier Warden.



T. Tiven al-Junior Werden.

JC, Smith Treantar

C. Frommerse-Sur-lary.

M. Little--Benior Drucan,

it. (lastry --Junier Descon

G II. Brown-Organist.

F. II. Gotlieb-Lunar Goard,

C. Parroslu

W. Kraal -Tyler.

After the important, business of the installation and insitute of officore had been concluded, the Brothers at down, et ? piat 0 o'clock, to a well furnished Table, and mjoyed thomestret with that frlicious harm my which ever distinguishes those who rejoice in the badge of innocence and bowl of friendsily. The airangements for the occasion were all excellent ; and the good taste displayed by Brother Wilkissue, in the decorations of the Ben- queting Saloon, met with univarast approbation- The enjoyment of the avaning was much ashamord by the performance of the Bind of the 43rd M. N. I which, with his waval politeness rod kind ness, had bara leal for the occess by Colan 1 Cameron Bevejal nest and appropriate sporenas were made in the course of the evening, bei un th-y were all of course in immediate relvtion with cha srud, its objects and wote, wo bare soi bena uble so obtain a detailed report of them. About 45 broth- tan ant down to the Banquet, including 2 or 3 omfaring beribron-wks were the only garota... together with 1a Highsom Inn B?kan af Linga, who, sich-ugh he did not partake of the good things around him, at at the right hand of the Wor-bipfel Muster, and afforded a grwifying Maste"tina of she Fenellal inueness of the value of Freemancy, which can than being together, in honde of corsin! Jure and sympathy, earn of the most oppostie, sad,

in some instauera, the most antagnostic opinion und ered

The following wire the p (naipal, tousta of the avoning:-

1 The Queen blaann's laugher (by the W. M.) Air: "God Save the Q-soo,"

2 The Earl of Zetlandi, Grand Master of Eng-

land (by the W. M.) Air: " Maron's March "

Tá Marques of Di konsin, Grand Patron of the Ordre in India (by the W. M.) Air: "Draw the Sword Scotland.

4 The Dukes of 4thol and Leinster, Grand Masters of Scotload (by the W. &1,1 Air: " Lumo, Sweet Horna **

5 The Worshipful Master (by iba Transarer, in

7 The Pa Master (by the Senior Warden.) Air. "Taus hast gone and left un a" Jamie."

6 The Part Wardona and O? sare (by the Tres. norer, in the hernen of the Pan Mister.) Air

Wandertag Wilbe."

.000 0001. sterling-in te maken. The momayagula put up ta sumtion. 14 it long ago, unarly would have came were opportunuly; but in the mend three deer of rupea worth of opion was thus te- salt. Thas overy" benar fedt, parcheer is injured, Probably for we have only the results and no state- yet no far from any attempt being woda in punish the abonone of the Past Master) Air: " Wa'co a ment of the cave-the representative of Humla took Chaos defaukers, we deabt whether their bida at 299; neldin." slarm at the singularly intimsta posities of the French next sale would be refused. The tenderness with ¦ ??The Txum (by Brother Sparkno) Air: "fron Ambador, who came to save the Hulton as his which the gamblera are treated dumitada strong-

grow the rushes ob BOTTLE LOGS FOR gates.

master had saved society; and wa wazi and the Sulino, ly with the worst conduct of government to other From the Rambey Timar we take a notice of the confessedly under Russian influence, withdrawing kis fact that the Grat of these logs given to Cap'nise of section for the loss. Specalators in the London and who fail into arrears, and be no pirrallel that we skipa in Bombar, was in the Bikos's posts are in a rage, for they are appointed; aware of except when civil servante brcame

bar so are the Uemen and the Conservative party of defaulter which had broa pickas up of Cora We grond They, who have perjudican against money daling, not say that we shall be obliged if Dr. Buist wil erpecially with ddela Feaner lo angry Ituovic and - the ampport of the Bulian; and the front wu wì h a few blank forme which, wo abdl do

English repentative, li to naid, now taken the some our best in distribute, haing convinard that verry ase here connected with the ai ipping interest wil alde de his be i to aajst in glucid ?�ting the courses of the terrente of the coran with a view to the formatuo of Chere which when enmplate must prove of vast Tij praedral witne in navigators in Eastero Sous-

Ibid, December 17,


Thus the matter standa at present. The French

The refuel of the local government to make any attampi in check thi??mischiavuus gun'ding, contruota stringir with the of the English adınımis. trailów which we see by cho lust mad his resorted the mon geringe ii m agrees to pit de vo gam. bag on the Hop daty, though by no mong under the same oral ahligation as the India government, whịnh hay the webele Opium trade in His hands and makes what regulations it plostro for itt væn ad.

9 Brother Wo Seau, the Patriarch of the Ledge and alert Brethren (by Brocher Marshall } Air: Auld Lang Syar."

10 Pone and Deted Brabeen (by Brother Campbell) Air: The heart than can feel for an.


il Out Bas faring Brethren (by Brother Tiven dale.) A: "Wooden Walls of old Englaw."

Ambasador theassens to withdraw, The Bultan and his supporters aṁlliera so the a?atus quo. The occasion which has allied ustria and Kusola se intimately on Turkish ground must be one of grata impartanor and In ikis Oriental oriete akoni s paluy moury lên, thr | rnolage. As the local authorities are delerinland 12 Our distinguished Brother the Bukes of advocate of "peses at all price" should s?n how ittle

nat la interiors with this gambling, it is a phy thay - Lings (by Brutber Leisk} Aar; * Welcome Royal should not get so netblag hy it, and surely the v Challe We have received the first return of oneware depends span the mere negative will of this country. ?fring.she Botila-Legs which we have for ??enaple of! The crisis exinto; the consequenors canot be caleal. nelly of the zaroane authorities le officient for

he past been inreing to those desiring them, fed and England must be prepared for what my the enggestion of a fouxibla plan. If no better can'


In Paris, Loule Kapolam airs at the receipt of the. sirical representations which reduce studied station 10 tableau vivants and odes are Hung at like feas the stage, impudently echoing a signal truths bis Hordeur profelone a complicity of nuiserie which lirli with the characterlasically Impenetrable allença. He acts, and orders others are left so ocitline, with no sit from his countenance er tongue.

The elucidatory comments on his proceedings come at time in the hope of distant eventi. The an Idenly disclosed intrigues in the East throw light of conjes

are on his condwet in liberating Abd al-Kaler, Wronged by Franes and her farmor rulers, the Arab shell leave Kurope by favour of his new bonafactor, to take up his abeds at Brass, in the very centre of the tron l'aresman ragion. a fanello to his faith, he wan

· be thought of, we would recommend a member of the Board is at the sales and bid largely, no he || can always itseni if the market goes against him, All his guins will therefore be clear profit to the Government --Calosta Englishman, Nos, &.

No 769.


(From the Timco, November, 8.) The American Union has sustained a heavy law in the death of Daniel Wabats. Though be had tracked the age of 70, he still necupied so large = space in the attention of bla countrymen, and on promluros a position in the service of the Republic, Fax J. P. Grant. Esa, Secy, to the Gost of that his demise will be felt throughout the Union aan public antemity. The newa?apren aro ?fked with expressionée of grief, and at all the towns which the sad news had reached meetings had been hald ned mouras ed?plad to evinos the sorrow which

och a low had in-pired.


To Musu Aokuvaner and Co., and OTHERS,

Died the 15th Oct 1952

Gentiane,-I am direct- ed to acknowledge_the_ros eipt of your letter,dited the Sat August lost, propos cart in skerations of the

A bottle thrown overboard from the steamer Sin. More at noon on the 20th October, in Lat. ?e 16 N.. Long 7987' E, was picked up at Calisro, Ceylon, 16 miles south of Colombo, at 7 a non the 24th Oct. Colombo, is in Est. 7 = 4o N Long, 79°50 E. and the battle had thus drifted in for days a distance of about six1y målen. 11 is not stu- ted whether the boule found on shore or at 2o9, 10 it may have normpird less time than this on he journey. We should feel obliged to parties leochlag messengata of intelligence of this work, no those pleking them up if they would subscribe their ames, as protection against playing tricks parties given to persilent jaking might otherwise lead as most grievously stay in jm. We shall look very own for number of returns of this sort: the offers of the Indian Navy, of the P. and O, regarded in Mauritanian Araby with a sort of ered Company, of the Bumbay 8 N Company, nod of veretion, a feeling exactly the reserve of the anter

ralesi by sound Muarulmans towards the Earepants rules under which the Governosol Opiu a sales large amber of merchant ships, b?ra been pro-

now take plac From Brouss to Hegdal in bat vided with botin logo, and if they use them with ing abd-al-Mejl diligens, battles containing per enchures aldry spordily be found bobbing about in a parte of the sea-preputed to tell the tale of their sonderings as soon as their outbs are spraed, Partice draining to be provided with bottle lagoon be sa na applying at the rooma t�?the Grogt-phi- tween Christendam and Islam, were to have for his 1 does not involve the further admulation that the friends, relatives, and admirers who surrounded bis cal Bociety or offs of the-Bond1y Timar


Lettere From Melboome by the Formord, die Singapore to the 15th of November were received

A travellers is da H & C. Packet Haughing (on board at which ves) Mr Porter in Chief (err) do not ared to be told. We shall hope to see it - In ??tommand before long; fut all whom we have beard speak of him admit that sa ia a very deserving and energie Oor-Ep F. or 0.

Home Department, Supt. Bureaus.

2-lo mply I am drained to aharren that the Most Nohla the Governor-General of India in Council will not diapote that a raekleno agutami of

an easy journey, from the abule of the peener on parole to the seat of the Kalifs of Begled. The wrong ed Algerine may kate France; but the promoted ad ventorer might forgive to the conquere of Parle the defeat of Algiers stenged on the 2nd December. And apetalation in opium is the source of many evils if the Protenor of the Holy Pleors medi-ting be- and ot much sullering. This adintelon, hower protégé the restored Kalif of Bagdad, the event wou'd | Gavernment con provide any cure for the evil. Det bewilder then the 'dream of either Napoleon, Hor

3.-If it could b?ve beon shown that she pro- than the project of the 2e Ueceber would have pised modisatie would have been effectual for seemed if the silent-adventurer had divulged it other

ibe prégase intand-d, while they would not art in- wise than in ita accomplishment.

|jenduly in o'her ways upon the interonta af mer- falilder converted, with the trade i opium, the �?Døder an exasperation, perhaja not menapuude kuala lärage Gaserni in Gouncil would have been pro- la braving her great adversary the Unltedigters in parts to pametine Obsir aslaption; but after consul- Cabe. The local Government has resorted romane. Ing the Beard %af Ravense through the Gloverament which amount now-Intero so with the Unned Biates; wel only private ships being kept out of tubend Bengel, Hardship la council has come to ports, but an American mal Stemmer under dommand of an ion in the United States Davy. This last pro-

On the previo Tursday not the slightest dungor had benu apprehended fro Mr Webeler's illness, which was disent of the bowels, accompanied by dropical aertion of the stomach, and biphysis saticipated that he would be able to resume the

deties of his office in a few days, but on that after. Buon the disorder warsprovedlý nosumed a mora menacing aspect, and he gradually grew wore and works. He was fully susible of approach. ing oad, bat looked forward to it with magni resignation, and among all the erroris

couch, and with whom he conversad freely, un was the most placid, merece, and wad clod, Nor in this lust scene and preparation for sternay we the from man unmindful of his duties te his family, hie huweshold, and hie country. On Thursday foramoon be received bie mail an mount and gav the directions for answers to his letters, many of which were sent to the post one at Boston by e- prove the same ovoning To his warksen në his farm he also gave dirvatione na to their operations

the completion that the sprei?e mmsaren proposed for the day, and in the date of the rening ha would be inconvéniami to mnay partian engaged in ??proceeded to complete various matters of busines










Trainpiar & Oniental Stram Navigation Company's STEAMERS

Daschtrrion Or Accom.




Swan Heer

King George's Sound.


Port Philly ar Syduty.

To the Blitar of the Facand of Omina

Victoria, Hongkong. 19th Jans., 1839 Si-You will oblige me by pu?�licking this acknowledgment of a donation (through Me Algar of Clement's Lane, 1, den) of Tessy Founda, Merl Ting, the same bring made to our Society for relief

ficiency having to be made up by a grant from the funds of the mother country

The prestige of Hongkong is doubtless very great. We see every day such remarkable per.

formances in connection with its affairs that wo

of Demirane Bick, by Mr John Becket, of Wakefield, | can but fool the u'most astonishment. "The G Tork, England; in grateful remembrance of the ernor's salary, exceeding in amount the pay da medical and peenblaty akt afforded, in 1951, lo his son, Henry Hanly Becket With every sup. porter of the Gneisty you will, I am wre, be much

I am Bir, pleased at Mr. Buckaťa liberality.

Your obedient Servant, R. RIENARCKER Treasurer of the Dustinte Sick Bwie y


New Advertisements will be received until 7 ? Clas? on the Evenings previous to publication, vix ; Tuco- clays and Fridays if one or leo copirs are va quired of the less in which an Advertisement is inse ted, and applied for during, or within a rosomas's time aftar, the peril for which public stinu la oršerai, na charge will be made for the


Socretary of State, is not doemed sufficient re muneration, and Daronetcies are kept from men, known to have dono the state good service In be bestowed on the lucky office holder when the state of his health becomes such that it is necessary inr him to have a year's leave of absence to rectify it. The Colonial Secretary's notablishment alone exceeds in cost the whole expense of Government of some of our small

Colonies-the Surveyor General's Office in 1851 cost more to maintain than the money value of the works affected during the period. The Harbour-Master's Office is upheld at £1,200 per annum-the office of If. M. so cording to a Contemporary, being the most perfect sinecare imaginable, the duty of visit Jaying and berthing ships being entrusted to a Dec 14 Bengaleo Syrang, at #15 a month.* The only

Nov. 24 Randwick Islands Nor,

FIRST CLASD. Ladice or Genitemen traval

ling tingly, Occupying Berth in the geral Cabin throughout. Children with their Parents,- THE Year and under


0180 00

$310 80





155 00


Under Thies Tour, no Barth












Dec. 19 Labuns


Dre 12, Melia







Kov. Shangha



110 00


122 00

G. of G. Hope

N1 Nov.

IT Away


120 00





Pawengers' Servants.-



Bucono ctate. Occurring a single Berth

Return Tickets for First class Passengotu available for Tan Yaws, including the vagays such way, between Hongkong, Swan River, King George's Bous), Adolaids, Pun Philip, and Sydney, granted upam prepayment of $510.

Payment to be made in Hongkong in Spanish Dollars


One of the Company's Steamers will leave Singapore for the abovem÷ntione! Places, an or abent

the 15th of April weal. Passengers can be booked bronghoat by the Mail Binschere Lousing Hong- how in the Month of March

For further I'articulare, apply at the Company's Office.

Pinaular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company's Office, Hongkong 2161 January, 1853.

Ban Francisco


Dec ja Blagspore

Dec. 9

Janr 8

Dec. 1








9 Saturday


A. N


23 Sunday


24 31-y

25 Tuesday

Full Moss on the 25th, at 1. 19 p. m.




?ער ?

PERENPULAR & Outantal Ayram Nav'oathon Company's Seran Ships.


Gentlemmar Ladies travelling singly.- Occupying a Berth in a Cabin with 2 ve 3 others

Reserved accommodation for

Gentlemen or Ladies,--

From HundROSS TO


Amer Mob.

Cowhaap | gerocilina

Jasy really necessary establishments are ridiculous. ly amall in expense when placed in compari- won with those of the looking on" departments. For instance the Police Force and its super" intendance figure at £3,979 only, an additional item being found " exclusive of establishment " amounting to £735-sum total f?r l'olice Force £4,000

| 6.42 | 5,63 | 0,40 10,01

That we can do as well without us with HION WATER

??Goverone at 20.000 a year is evidenced Riana

P. M.

by die fact that, although Sir 8. G. Boobam 643 841 Teu JA4

has been about the best part of a your, the 8,49 | 6,41 || 8,16 | R39

Colony exists, and is în na flourishing a condi. A 43

tion as if he had fuvcured on with kis presence the whole time. What the Colonial Socre. tary and suite find to do is a mystery. THE P, & O. §. N. Co.'s advertised rates of

The Treasurer and Auditor, for their services Page Money between jongkong and Ba- | in managing may £70,000 (double the exam. tavin and Porte in Australia-and Hongkong | diture) are not overpad ; the aggregate conf and Aden, Buce, Malia and Southampton, | their establishments being so ne hing like threa have been altered since our last issue; new per cent on the whole; nor are the Juchcial rates being added, to the Advertisement, fre ervices such that we can well and fault & cood Clam Pamengers to the first mentioned with the expenses incurred Bat the Co'ony could be very efficiently governed at a redus, places. A new rate has alus been made for a pamage to Marseilles, and there is an experial tion of certainly Ten Thound Pounds per d'ause for return tickets for Naŭve servanta

annain, and the way we should like to see the The Company aro saving effected in as follows. But find w? evidently desirous of ohliging the public in must desire those of our readers who do w diese notary soondments.

live in China to enceive if they can, what Benefit Hongkong really is to the British Pub lie-and having satisfind themselves so that

4336 0 $480.30 95760-| 8024.00 $600,00mm Aden or Hoes.

One berth Cabin,


Half a reserved Cabin, -

408 00

A remette Cabin,



$78.00 Nove 7460 600 00




Reserved accommodation for Married Couples --

816.00 1,200 14

Occupying a reserved Cabin,

Children with their Parents,-

The Tears and under Ten, Under thres Yam, no Barth provided,

Passengers' Servan's, -

?оге?ади, Nativa,

168 Du 94000 312.00 Free Free F100



212,00 312 00



19100 240,00 282.0

64,00 128.00



We have been favoured (by mistako ?? with a

printed account of subscriptions and expendi??

point. ask the question,-if we had no Governor

ture for the building of the Lordan Miamonary -no Colonial Recretary (to uphols the Aut-

Society's Chapel and Hspital in the Upperourable character of our country)-no Registrar

(generally spoken of in English as the Lower) |

Baanar: from which we learn that the Home

Bociety advanced 0407 Spanish-11. E. Dr. Bowring gave 15-subscriptions by some of the attendants at Union Chopal sod others equaled #189.90-Members of the Chinese 288 00 Charch and congregation, and others, gave $78 18-Contributions through Dr Hirschberg amounted to $114-the sum total of collec tions=$798: 14:-and of expenditure, that the original contract for ibe building amounted to $860, that certain additions in progreseswallad the amount to :83; that after receiving 815 the builder gavo up his oʻntract, an 1, to

Passenger taking u nalive Servant frum. Hongkong tu 4-an de Bues, og viðu veras, and wishing??him to go back to the part el embarkation, gan taku a return ticket for 996 and §192 resprocively.

The Expense of Transit through Drypt, rabjart to the Condiskons of the Egyptian Traselt Ad- ministration regulations, in included in the rates to At ika, Mararilik, and Southampton,

["Payment to be made in Hongkong in Spanish Dollars.

For further particulars, apply at the Company's Office.

Peninsular & Oriental Bleam Navigation Company's Offler, Hongkong. 21st January, 1953.


| N Experienced Soxokon for ??Voyage from

Amoy, to Demerara. Apply 10,



AND ST ACoW Ca' Сли?ой. MEDICAL TREAvisu on Nervous Dability and Constitutional Weskures, with practical ob sevalinas, illustrated by Anatomical Plates, in Health and Diunda.

This work, emanating from a qualified member of the medical profession, the result el many years' practical experienes, is address in Gentlemen who suffer from the various disordera seguiral in marly bfs. In Me pages will be found the cigres which land to their opeurence, the symptoms which indicate their presence, and means to be dosted for their removal. By a Physician.

Hongkong. 10th July, 1881.




To Svil on the lat Fhiruáry.




THE A 1. American Barque "MARY"

ADAM, Captain Hanbins, will be drepstched on or about the 5th proximo. For Fluent or Paradu apply to


Cente Hongkong, 21st Javasry, 1858.


General-no Marriage Registrar no Pulice Due Collectors, and but a lonited Chinese population, whether as many ships would ont come here as now-and whether would not the public derive a greator benefit in drawing money from the Colony to go inwards paying the National debt, than in paying, no they now do, the average sum of £17,000 per annuit But the scum of the cauldron, -nur Chine-e population-is the main stumbling block in the way of any great reduction in the expenditure of the Caling. The Chinese coine and go when they liko, and instead of being a terror

to the evilly disposed, Hongkong, in the facili-

on plate the building,693,53, and an addition ;] ties afforded, in a positive benefit to the pira-". sum of $46.88-140.38) had to be advanced | tical bands which swarm about the Cantos

for the provant by Dr Legge from contribo.extuary.

* tion: put at lus disposal by in L'acester, By a judicious system of taxation (on the England, for general Missionary purposes," poll of every China man that came here) there Some of the supporters of the London Mis no doubt but a good deal might be dona sionary Sciety are known to entertain ex-

towards remedymg a portion of these erila traordinary ideas about the propriety of ac. There will, however, so long as the Chinese cepting dostions from people who make mo-

Government remains in its present balp- ney by irado in Opiun. This, we suppose, lose slate, always be necessity here for ex accounts for the apparent determination to pensive judicial establishments, whilst cases inake no general application for subscrip of great importance to the mercantile Com- We are sure an appeal to munity are every now and then arising which either of the leading merchants in Hongkong render it imperative that the whole should would be readily responded to, and the more be presided over by an accomplished lawyer. advanced by the good people of Liecester To summarise what has been said.-We might, without delay, be put to the direct uses

can do without a nominal Governor, and for which they are said be sent.

an useless Secretariat, bat we cannot do without a goal Judge, and that function.

JR. JOHN SCARTH is authoriand to sign | town in China.

Our Firm by pevcuration.

TURNER & Co. Carson, 20h Jawaary, 1853.

FOR SALE. QUANTITY of Carson foundry. Pig Iron,

ALEXANDER WILSON, Metro Jaru.or Mathrior & Co's


East Point, 22nd January, Its

FOR BALE. ['HAT ralosble Crows Laaangata, Intano Lar No. 68, subject in the registered areigasson of a moiety of the intrant therein, the whole, at

THE Brig MARTIA. Captain prom being in the sccnpstion of Mr

Fantex, bas Four State Rowan | Larnate, Watch Maker, "This desirable propert, and Four Biretage Beata Rabatting on the North and East side on Stanley

For lerine of PAMade, apply to the Captain on sud D'Aguilar Strects, is well worthy the attention board, or lo

Quern's Rond, Hongkong, 18th January, 1853.


of parties wishing to make a patebanaut investment. For terme apply to


Hongkong, 21st January, 1859.

Tag last publied rgan of Governmeal Not.fications furnishes us with an accent of the Revenge and Expenditure of the Colony during the year ended 31st December, 1859, showing a balance on the winng aide of £19494,11,J??s-the revenue being £21,931, 1,81 - the expenditure £91,705,18,24 Ortho

letter e no lese ihsa £20,494,15,2) went for salarios, and if Governor Bonham and his Aud do Camp had drawn full pay for the whole year, this would have been increased to £29,139 or upwards of £8,000 (nearly 40 per cent) in excom of the Colonial income, ; the total da-

??We never ww chai mont. Learesble of men. My Money Puuiloger a ??angry so once when the Elarbour Master senzat ble Indian Brang to ladies summary paal-hassat on a Belabl segmen who had been convicted of " spiling a mask ??The

વ�? Prisoner's slepczator bed guno si in a body and told their Captain that a century reên wan to be fogged it, at all ovesť)

should be dues by one of their own crlene, and ifhir Darker dal not go over the silo pretty quickly they'd haar hach uver. The compisisaom of a la fondacions conduct" (ang i al

ather in the Honry?��? would have has a serpe

* Kaylahmen had acted differonity "maid His Kamelliky and, with roaddilen, which neede mot so be printed, pleiding no credit to the Hachons Master's depenment, be directi ed, me the 33an was dogged by his own Boatswain, to themt let the mater end."

The Bum 10ial of ve yene werende in roond nombers, la C1 18 000-the rapévilltare £94,000-81ất rece made up from home-£63,840.

y must be well paid Combine then the offices of Governor and Chief Justice (in the person of the Hon'ble J. W. Hukne it might well and let the nominal Colonial Sucretary ( send lewyar like Mr Sterling) act on the bench en l'uiene Judge. Those who have had altend our Supreme Court during the hot months of the year will know how almost ab. ely necessary it is that the President would are some amistance the labour of sitting kres and four daya at a time, from ten to dusk, without relaxation, being enough to try the brain and stamine of the strongest mea in



On the 8th December moat of the vessels in barber had their dags ball mast high, on secunt of thedecesos of Mr James Vigor Harvey, la Chief Oficer of the Clipper Brig Bassoon Family belong. to Mesra David Boon snd Co. of tble port "He was the son of the late Colonel Herver of Her Majesty's 4th Light Dragons, on old Water lo Officer and furmanly British Cossal for Apain He was respected by his Commander and brother Offcrre-Bombay Quseste, December 13.


bere yesterday. Their content contain the most | weding has evidently increased the irritation in the unrampled sintaments of the incretis of the tenda Miata, and national pride very generally "ladores of the plios, wlude cargoes of ships bring sold nif : the notion of the order of the ~ Lane Bfar." |_Judigns- st once on arrival with the utmost Esaility W. ilan mor?lage prevail. In the mean time, the Cors have been (neonted with a Melbourne Argus to the


the trade, without having any affect in aback in the system complained of,

grument at Withington malotalna a technical deoscum. I of that auth. The whole paper, nearly no large | commitaisnes to inquire into the exclusion of the mail ?n iu attitude towards Lube, and her sent a special se the London Times is filled with advertlarmente steamer 3 charseter the reports are exactly like the -fusty two columns 11-a truly golden mine for the theos that we have continued to receive for many Proprietor.

Of those advertisements there are | wooks, but the di?eulties on both sides fuerensa în ?a shout one hundred alone for stolen or simyoil ent- screwing ratio. The prom Impression from the ile. Amongst other antabilitīs we dat ika" B

intelligenes is, that war li mese at hand. Moers & Son" of outfitting celebrity have found their way there. We suspect from the larg

info-ttle stolen thas only in the influx of all sorta" we shall era long bear of sa sormuse catalogus of crime We are unable to nord any details of news from the cause above stated W. may remark that such in the erased value of burers that so great a reward an £50 is offered for thair recovery - Zbit.


(From the Spectator of the 80th Oct. ??Nov. 6.)

Apala in Eastern question la thrown open by Pronor, and in a manner for more formidable them the spec. of sales presented in 1940 Although the money, market dispute rrapeering " cha Turkish lawn ** burt, upon the public videndly, it has been only by dagroe that we have come to understand that something mora than a money question le in agitation; but we can

1la the Gazette's Obimary we son it stated now form a own) cture to the actual state of affairs. that this gentleman was brother to the Secrethree different sarees. One of them le chrnke

tery to the Governor of Hongkong.-Eu.]


Soms time ago we obeerved a paragraph going. the mend of the Indian papers, to the effect that Mr Porter, the gerileman who had undertaken " march for the wreck of the Pack, had aladoned the work and gone off to the diggings. We should beve at ence untradicted this statement, knowing it to be untrue, but it was followed almot imina diately by a relaciation in the papur in which it originated, and we considered that it would only be asisting in propagating the slander to navicel Mr Porter has, however, requested me to bear testi mony in his behalf, and we therefore gladly any that it consiste with one man knowledge that ha persevered with his task so long as his finde held out, and it was only on their Caipire and the re ful of the Bombay supporters of his tabaus to extend farther nuisance, that he left this-not for the diggings, but for China, where he hoped in Bed that aid in the prosecution of his plan which | his Bombay frienda' promised but failed to g?r? From our intercourse with Me Porter we were impireerd with the naviotian of his sincerity and at his strong and enthusiastic, danica ??permence se the moment in the prosecution of his scheme - ting por Fran Prem. Das 21.

The pement crisis may be mid to take its origin in

cause of unssalnem - the overwhelming power of Russ sla, generally aided by her rival Austria. The sente

and more immediatly exelilng mates are the altar- gaalsed state of 'Tarkiub Ananom, and the new opera- tons of Franes.

The Sublime Porto labours under di Brafiles whleh

Chief Justics of Bombay, has caused more i

The deparises fersen Indin of Sir Erskine Perry, and es komment in the maire community, then that of any presivos Keropean. It is agreed on all the people of the saunity; and if the men of haude that he deserved iba respect and good wishes

nesto and imporianos have delighted in honor him, |how much more racoon lo there that the musta lesa mid the mean, for whose olvation he has done so much, should hold his memory in reverence. The Este sise in which a converted (lind suught so oʻtain pasaresion of bis unconverted wife, and in which he applied in vein for habias oupas pel the oping-tone on Sir Erskine Parry's popularity, and carried him further into the good graces of the ??illude community, than all that be lad Gormerly dose la the cruis of caliro alucation, Bons of the Trading members of the Hinda population of Mideno aleo forwarded the Chief Justice ??parting

address, the time of which, however, has by no tanna slicited the admitution of a portion of iku Boy Pres.-T. 4 O., No. 17.


We publish in day another official letter on the

gravate the winal irregularism of Musalmas ux- gatherers. Of the smogut llected from the people lo semi barbarous countries the portion that assally | Opium 'sales, addresoul by the Soormary to the reach the central tresury la om'di; but to thin gái

Gerazument of India, to the merchants who reco.m-

neral characıaviacio wa may mất, that the Babiline beaded alteratings which is their opinton would

Porto le bound to cuuintale a very sublime splendour


I have the banne ta ba, Gentlemen, Your, most obediant servant,

J P. GRANT, flecy, to the Govt. of India. Oncil Chamber,

18th October, 1952. ~8064,

(From the Straits Timas, Im 3.)

Msomic.-The members of the * Lodge Zetland in the East" No 748 held their Annual Banquet on the festival of their Bant -91. J ?�hu's day-the 27:b. alt, beving previoudy assembled in the Lodge Room for the purpose of witnessing and se slating si the interesting ceremony of the installa " W. It. It-ad. and the other officer of the Lodge sing of their new Master, the Worshipful Brother

appointed for the present year, viz.

W. Bro. W. Head-Master.


J. B. Camming-Pust Paster. Bro. C. J Carrin-Bamior Warden,




T. Teramalo-Junior Warde.

J, Smith Treanter

C. Frommurg-Boer-tary.


M. Little-Senior Dracon.


? II. Broum-tanht.

H It. Harvey --Junier Descon.



F. II. Gallisb-lunur Goard,

C. Parroslu??

W. Krasl -Tyle

After the important, bosiares of the installation and invraiture of officers had hean conchaded, tha Brothers it down, st ? pist 8 o'clock, to a w furnished Table, and sujoyed themselves with that felicious harm my which ever distinguishra those who rejoice in the badga of iznevence and bawi of friendship. The strangements for the occasion were all excellent ; and the good tasta displayed by Brother Wakizus, in the decorations of the Ban gueting Salonk, met with saitarail approbation,

of mete-that ass-fangled attempts at itating Eu-end to prevent gambling. The I-tier 17 which The enjoyment of the eving was mach sahan-d repeva improvements in cominere and manufacture, this is a reply, or the preseling nas, was sigued by the performance of the Hind of the 43rd N. have been made under court patronage, and have only by every respectable individual in Calemin engaget - N. which, with his usual politeness sad kind

bass, had bara lent for the occasion by Oolan 1 ecome the portales for official robbery and that the pin trade. The Hi-500 gamblers alune

meeles of tha aiste have drawn around fro tior.


who never export opium, declined to join the appli Cameron Several nest and appropriati operenes srument host of mercantile as a The Amazon of catjon, and it is apparently for these people that

were made in the course of the evening, but xa th-y of 'ansietoeple labour under the two sladet Incom- Che Guvernment of India has shown such wonder were all of course in inmediata relstion with che pudbla infiction--the consent tendency of the TO-

consideration. The Government, it appears re-azah, its objects and uses, we have not been while -vame to leave off, and the ne les constant tendency

of the regel expendliwne te go on. In the Bank ac¦ Corend the matter to the Opium Board, which sa obtain a dulalted report of them. About 45 brath- ren at down to the Banquet, including 2 or 3 Constantinople was vainly expected on instrument for might have been anticipatel, objected to may al

wration by which the Sale cosm may ba mida lem omnfaring bertheus-who wore the only garda- bringing #nance to a better pandition.

The ether of the exciting muều thuật be sought in | kku a common gimbling hross then it is at pra- together with the Highnom inn Bidan of Linen, Parle Loule Napoleon Bonaparte, whom we do not vent. Wo my, 40 oight bare bina azpreted" be who, akhough he did not partake of the good things know at present whether to mall President or Emperor, canan the Band b?s bera always the steady op kronud him, ostat the right band of the Worshipfal verdly confrm to the dream of carrying out the pro p amt of improvement. Er m the ?dīgu of the Town Mamer, and afforded a gowifying illustestion of the Jects of his Uncle and in respect to the Emi be ba

Teneral influences of the value of Freemancy. marked the purpose of his fathers outer by propos. and trunast durian to use provent, et resiated in tha

which ran thus being ingether, in benda of corn ing to call kimse Protector of the Holy Places," mg (8) proposil of the merchants to establish His Ambered. M. de Lavalette, made good his equal monthly ailed of Opium throughout the love and apopathy, men of the mat opposite, nal, in some instasera, the mal a?lagoalstic opiniona Free Into the Bowphores in an armed ship, against your 1 a avenge by which the rumus kas gained

the rules of international law and the process of the|many lakhs. The Qerarnnent has been told by sad creek Turkish authorities and he claimed to de no the turbo gombumen tust the *'speciấc "estira proposed sence of the peculiarly under interest of Fence to would he i convenient to many penggelia the traide, without hyving any viset la changing M de Lavalete took up his able in Constantineule the sea en plained off the Bad kad how and, Endling his friend cha Hattan in diffealites, what more neural than to our lance and adrios? We culled up to furnish proof of the į atitution, arres next and these coneurrent facts M. de Levalette with the aid of the former genius loci, it would hard

rently advises his friend in dificulties sa anak amin. | Ly hare køen able to affizi a astiafuariry naa. tance in the wilNng souoy markete of Parla and Low- Th? qushling in andertake in tiss ?hope of an don 1 ad the Bark of Constantinople, in which we advanen after the pain. If a rise do not takes plson belleva there is a French partner," mää ja auchorlaedly the gunklóra kanoma defaulters, and the mpi en is the Sultan to contract a loans af 980, 680.000 putemen, agus put up to samina. 14 it long ago, nourly 9.000 000l. sterling-in (none markets. The man?y theme Low-r $5. ropna worth of opia n was then pes would have come very opporimody; but in the and sold, Thus every hour parkinner in injured, time did wity occure

Probably-for we have only the revolts and ne state- | yet so far from any alsopt being made to punish ment of the causes--the representative of Humla took these defaukera, we doubt which their bida aethai alarm of the singularly intimata poultion of the Pranch ongs enle wauld be refused. The tenderanes with Ambasador, he came to save the Halten se his which has gimbina are franted tanta strong master hail aaved anclety; and we next And the Sultan, ly with the unit on duct of government to other confully under Russian Influence, withdrawing his

who fail to arroats, and his no pirrallel that we auction for the lead. Speculatorn in the London and

I will be col'ected that anmte time agn ene H. Pater at net from Bunny as Agri Company for rabaing the fucke stemmer sunk in de Ste-ite in July 1951 with omme £150,000 af Treasure on board. Mr. Porter it was snii buil loraind the "dirgins" with the Company's cath, but we & he in`ls Chins,* and kes poklisb daconus of bla recripta sunt expenditure whol oneret, we that he is a much injured man Tech for the Pache.waan foiluva -au alvere akr must lie notik pamilly raaniless agar bruce, when the sen bral shall have become uphotted in day land then, haply, samu lucky flow if the be min race be in existence-and gold and silver be of value-may come spen the dollars and make be tune whilt stenvoring the ground for what may (1) be a Bailroad to the Empire of Australia.- Coyles Times, Dec. 14,

Gelones) alkies.


The following were the p moipal toasts of the avoning.-

1 'The Queen-n. Mason'a daughter (by the W.

M.) Air:God Save the Queun,"

The Karl of Zelland, Grand Master of Eng

lead (by the W. M.) Air: Mason's March "

3 The Marquase of Du beanie, Grand Patron of the Order in Iolin (by the W. M.) Air: "Deve the Sword Beatland,

4 The Dukes of Athol and Leinster, Graad Masters of Scotland (by the W. AJ,) Air. " Home, Sweet Home **

The Worshipfal Vasar (by the Treasurer, in the sbance of the Past Master) Air: "We're a maidin."

The Luke of Brother Sparkes) Air: Žream grow the rushes obj

7 The Past Meter (by the Senior Wardan.) Air." Tous best gone an' left us a" Jamie,"

9 The Past Wardens and Od sro (by the Tren. aurer, in two obernce of the Pan Mister.) Air

BOTTLE LOGS FOR BAIPS. From the Bombay Times we take a motion of the fact that the Grst of three logo g`ven to Cap'nina of ship to Bombay, was in the Editor's pression, Paris muskis are in a rago. for they are diappointed; are aware of accept when civil servante brcame

but so are the Uers and the Conservative party of defaultern We und which bel bran picked up of Cera

Turkey, who have prejudicna aguinat money deslingo, The refuel of the l?eal gironment to ruske | " Wandering Willa." not my that we shall be obliged if Dr. Buist wil | erpecially with infidels France lo angry Russie and any allempt in check this mischiavone gun'ding, Austria cima to the support of the Buken; and the | entrusty strangly with th�?of the Engkilindimonis. fun wih a few blank forum which wi, sh k�?do var best in distribute, being convinced that veery que hero connected with the atipping interest will dù his be ( to assist iu elucid sting the course of the enfivuts of the soran with a view to the farm of Chers whichh-o complete mest prova of vast Ti precizal utility to navigatora in Eastern Sems.

· Phid, Drommber 17.

| English reprxsentative, di le salil, now takes the same tration which we mu by the last mal bus rosestad |


Thas the matter stands at present. The Frosch Auber thesize to withdraw. The Sultan and his supporters adhere to the status quo. The oocaslow | Which he allied waria and Rasela to incimately on Turkish ground must be one of grave importanor, and in this Oriental erlain aluat s paltry money loan, the advocates of ** peser at all price" should sou how little depends upon the mere megative will of this country. The crisis exlets; the coequences caunot be cairal- stol and England must be preparod (we what may happen,

Brother Win Scott, the Patriarch of the Lodge and at Brethren (by Brucher Marshall } Air: " Auld Lụng Spar."

10 Poor and einsmad Brethren (by Brather Campbell) Air: "The beart then can feel for an ethos.

the most cringe it in naires to pot de vi gam bling on the Hop daty, though by no tome under the same moral ahligation so the Endla government, v?nh bay the whole Opium seade in Ka hands and 11 Our Bes Caring Brethren (by Brother Tivan minkes what regulations it plastra for its own ad. dalo.) Ate: " Wooden Walle of old Englaw!." vantage. As the local authorities are determined 19 Our distinguished Brother the Bukes of not to interiors with this gambling, it is a phy they - Lings (by Brother [misk) Air:* Welcome Royal should ant get so nething by it, and surely the sa- guelty of the revenus authorities le sufficient for ??Chu suggestion nľa fossible plan. If no better can be thought of, we would recommend a member of the Board to ak ut cho anden and bad largely, no ho cno always invent if the market goes against him. -All his gxian will therefore be clear profi to the

Government-Valentia Englishman, Nov. 5.

We have received the dust return of answers Che Bottle Lenge which we have for a repla of kha prat been ruing to those desiring then, A boule throw overboarıl froin the steamer Six. Ropere at noon on the 20th October, in Lat, B16

In Paris, Loule Kapoleon site at the receipt of the N.. Long 70 37' E, was picked up at Caltars,

strical representations which reduce studied 'adulation Ceylon, 16 milet sonik of Colombo, at 7 am on

to a tableau vivants and odes are flung at him from the 24th Oct. Colombo, is in lat. 74'N Long. 7950 B. and the bottle had the drifted in for the stage, impudently echoing es niemal trutha bi Hordes professions: a complicity of nisserie which days a distance of abom sixty miloe. It is not pin. he receives with the characteristically fopenstrable ted whether the boule was found on shore or st

ience. He acts, and orders others are left to criticize, with no sid from ble countenance or Longue, ,an it may have scrupird less time than this on

India. The elucidatory comments on la procellage come its journey. We should feel obliged to parties

The on Idenly at thnes in the shape of distant events. launching messengers of intelligence of this wert, na those picking them up if they would pubertibe disclosed Intrigues in the East throw a light of conjes their samse, as profection against playing tricks: tore on his conduct in liberating Abd al-Kaler. Wronged by France and her former rulers, the Amb parties given to preabral joking might otherwin Sheik leaves Europe by favour of his new benefactor, to lead us most grievously may in jis. We shall take up his abode at Bromms, in the very centre of the lank very anne for bomber of retorne of this sort a l'w.comun region. A fanatie te ble faith, he wan

Nu. 759.



(From the Times, November, 8.)

The American Union hue attatained a benvy low in the death of Daniel Wabetw. Though be kad reached the age of 70, he will nacupied sa largo e space in the attention of his countrymen, und we prominent position in the service of the Hapublic,

FAM J. P. Grant. Esa, Srey, to the Gext of that his demise will be left throughout the Union sa public calumnity. The newspapren are Glend To Musim Askavanan and Co., and otheme.

with experations of grief, and at all the towns which Dated the 15th Oct 1952

the sad news had relied innelings had been bald and more adopted to evince the surrow which Gentley,I am direct. auch a lose hid inspired. Home Department, ed to acknowledge the ro

ceipt of your letter, dited the Sept. Bavroue.

21 August Inst, proposing cart in keratines of the

On the perio'Turaday not the slightest dang?e had been apprehended fro o Mr Wokater's illamos, which was disease of the bowals, accompanied by dropalol Bertion of the stomach, and his physie na

the officers of the Indian Navy of the P. and O. regarded a Mauritanian Araby with a sort of secred Camptoy, of the Bombay 8 N Company, and of veneration, a freling exactly the reserve of that enter-

??large avmber of merchant ships, have been pro talned by sound Mpa"ulmana towards the Europeanis-ruleo unvine which, the Government Opiu o sales anticipated that he would be able to me the

sided with bot'fe logs, and if they use them with diligence, bottle containing & per exclures haldry speedily be found bobbing shot in parte of the sea-prop rail to tell the tale of their onderings au soon se heir mouths are opened, Panties draising to be provided with bottle lg-on be so applying at the rooms of the Geographi cal Boalety ur office of the-Bombay Times.



Leticia from Melbourne by the Formons, vis Singapore to the 15th of November were received

A travellers in ile H & C. Packet Hooghong (on beard at which vessel Mr Porter is Chief (err) do not end to be told. We shall hope to see kie P- le a commend before songs for all whom we have heard sprak of him admit that be la a very deserving and energede Oloor. Bo' P. op 0.

Ing Abd-ul-Meljal From Browse 10 lagdad is but an say Journey, freen the shule of the proner on parole su the seas of the Kalife of Bagdad. The wrong ed Algerine may hate Pranos; but che provanted ed rentarer might forgive to the conqueror of Parla the

defiant of Algiers avenged on the ind December. And if the Protector of the Holy Plaers, mediting be- tween Christendom and Islam, were bare for his protégé the restora) Kalif of Bagdad, the event wou'd Po be wilder then the dream of either Napolion, w than the project of the ad December would have seemed if the silent-adventurer bad divulged it other wise thats in its accomplishment.

Under as excoperailow, perhaps not unnajma), Bipola to beasing her great adversary the United Prates to Cube. The local Government has led the water which amount to non-Intercoms with the d States; not only private ships being kept cut of cuben

State, but an American ma'l Sismer under bommand of an item in the United Batas nary. This last pro-

now take place.

duties of his office in a few days, but on that after. 2.-lo reply 1 am droire-l to where that the

ten the disorder onespresedly resumed a mora Mos Noble the Governor-General of India in, meumring aspact, and he gradually grow wore Copril will not dispate that a rackless "yatain of | and worm. He was fully sexelble of ʼn approach.

peonlation in spies is the source of any evil ing end, but looked forward in it with magnanim

Tragostion, and among all the arrow stricken and of conch sullaring. The ndalssion, her does not involve the further admission that the friends, relative, and admirers who surrounded bi Government an provide any core fut the evil. ch, and with whom he conversal frocky, bo wat

-If it Goold ive been shren duit the pro-

the most placid, serezo, and wand cted. Nor in pred modification would have been e?ecimal for this last arene and preparation for eternity was tha the purpose intended, while they would not met in- great man comindful of his duties to his family. Jeriously in 'her ways upon the interests of mer bis household, and his country. On Thursday "chinja sansected, with the trade i opium, the Q?r forenoon be received his mail as usual and garo drnor General in Council would have been pre- the directions for answers to his letters, many of pared to sanction their a?loption; but after conjuk- which were sent to the post ofas st Boeten by ot rag the Band wf Bavenge through the Clovernmen prava the die evening Ta hla warkopia v? bản df Bengal, Ila Gerd-hip in council has come to farm he also gave dinctions as to their operations

the conclusing that the specific ventes proposed for the day, and in the curse of the evening ba would be inavuvialent tú many patika sngaged in | proceeded to complete varione mallers of



which he coperised to be of importance. On personal expeness; and therefore, his salary was Thursday evening he executed his last will and fall saved as a lead for his owo professional odeon- testament, which had beru previously prepared, and

to the details of which he gave particular attention On Friday afternoon he had the people employed in his family and upon his farm called in, und, sher g them much renew advice upon matters temporal and spiritual bade them last farewell.



Un receiving the announcement of his spproach ing rod, he requested that the female members of bis family might be exiled in and to each, cal ling them individually by name, be added few words of rewril and religions con-olation. Next he had called in the male maubeta of his family, and the personal friends who had been with him for the last few days. Addressing rack by name, ha refurred to his past rulations with them respon Heely, and, car by ons, bade them as afectate farewell. He now had or Peter Elarvey called in and said to him-" Harvey, I am not es sich bat that I know you; Iam wall enough to know you I am well enough to love you, sail well wough to call down the richest of (leavon's blessings upon you and yours. Harvey, don't leave me til dend-don't leave Marsh?eld till I am a dead man," Then, as if speaking to himself, ho onid ??On the 94th of October all that 16 morial of Denial Web pier will be no more." Ife now played in bio na- lural noual voice-strong, full, and claus-ending | with-" Elouvrely Father, forgive my slas, and receive me to Thyarli, (brough Christ Jesun,"

Conversing with great exactness, he seemed w be anxious to be able to mark to himself the final period of his disolation. He was told that it might orcer in ens, two, or three hours, but that the tinse could est be despitely calculated Then," said ka, "I suppose I must lis bere quietly till it com a "? Dr J.detirs offered him something which he hoped might give him oson. The dying sintoman re erheathing more Dorionmuse I want restoration." Between 10 and 11 o'clock he re


peated somewhat indistinesly the weeds, "Pool, poetry-Gray, Gray." Mr Fletcher Weintor ro- pented the 81st line of the elegy. The curl | tole the knell of parting day."*"That's it, that's " said Mr Webster; and the book was brought and some enstar, read to him, which vormed to gira bim plectors. From 19 o'clock till there was much tratlesers, but not much suffering the physicians were quite confident that there was no sctual pain. A introns oscarred, which led him to think that his douth wao at hand. While in the condition some expressives frió from him indicating the hope that his mind washi remain to bim completely until the last te spoke of the difficulty of the pracers of dying, when De Jider reposted the vesio. ??Thoogli 3 walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will four no evil, for Thom it with me: Thy tad and Thy staff, they comfort ass." Mr Webster dimsteulately. "The fact, the fact I That is what won! Thy rod-Thy rod! Thy stu�?Vhy stuff !'' 'T'hara were his best words and he died at 22 minutes beluts & 'clock on Sunday norlag, in perfect tranquiltay We abridge from the Niw York Herdd "f the 26th ukimo, the following ekvich of his paroge


ting and to help his brother through sellega. Der ing his residence at Fryeburg, Mr Webster hor rowed, and for the first time read Blackstone's Con mentarias, la September, 1909, be returand to Salisbury, and resumed bla pludien under Me Thompson, la whos odios he comin d for 16 months, eztanding his kaan leige of law, besilam giving much time to georral rouline, really Modying the Latin choler, English kimary, and hakspeare, He also read Pufendor's History of England in Latin,

"Being desirous of witneming a more enlarguil course of pract on in the law, Mr. Wabiter want le Boston, and took ap his rundenen ihate in July. 1001 Previous to entering upon practice, he por sued his legal i fles for six or eight months in the office of the Hou, Christopher Core, a distin- guiebel advocate, and afterwards Governor of Mchards, who won saw and spoke propheti. cally of the stents of his pupil. In the spring of 1806 Mr Webster was admitted to the bar in the Court of Common Plees, Boston, and soon after returned to bls native Suite, and commented prot lice at Boscawen, near his father's residenc Julge Weber died the following year. to May 1907, Me Waber was admitted as attorney and counsellor in the Superior Court of New Hhup shire; and in Sep'amber of that year, kraving bla office in Bowen with his brother, hu recieved tention. Her be remained in the practics of kin to Porta-math, in confnemity with his original in- profession los stor success years. He soon the profession, ap bared in the leading axom in all with auch mien as Smith sod Masoa, amierat in

the data. His precies in New Hampshico; how- ever, won never lucrative, and chhough exclusively devoted in his profession, it adueded in only bare velihood,


For Landen

Bemarang, H.

Hemilla Mitchell, H. Castle Eden, W. Hochlife, W

Ano Michell, 8.

Joseph Flatcher, 8. Naomi, 8.

For Liverpool. Leander, W.

Fr Bombay, Bir Erin, H. Ann, W.

For Balavia. Bintang Anam, W. Tornai, W. Pialader, A.

Flir Singapore, N. 8. de Lua, M. St. Jose, M.

For West Indies L. Flor Hastings, H.

For Havarna. Novo Vijas, M. Australia, A.

For San Francisco ?пе?н?, 11

Emms leidom, H. Lord Warriston, El. Navarino, II.

North Carolina, 11. Mary Adams, M. Amity, W.

Lebanon, W.

For Callao,

Elis Morrison, C.

Rosita, W.

For New York.


Folcbe Lou. Ca 26| 8.

Fanny Chapman Caningham Liv. Ang 14 8.








Lon, Brpt 16 1

Bon Accord


Loa Ang I



Liv. Bapt



Liv. Nov 19 A

Countess of Winton Crangle

Liv. Oct 14 S

Crystal Pulses

Narrocoll Loo Junota

Dos Ricardo


Early Bird


Liv Sept 29 L Lon. Oci 8 11.



Hurricane, W.


For Australia. Martha, H. (lai Feb.) B, H.

Bowen Herria Humble Fawcal Flero

Pirrie India

Loa Ost 1,8

Liv. July 178

Liv Oci H.


Loa. Sept 26 EL

For Manila,

Katharine Sherer Manu Leopard

Loa. Oct 26 EU


Liv. Bept

Maty Montague


Lee. Aug

Mary Shepherd


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Can. Nor

8. V. Given


L. July 27



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Liv. Sept

Becurity Tinto

Bennington Lex,


Liv. Out

El Tiempo, M. Amistad, W Hindosta. W.

For Shangha Audax, H. (today) Laland Queen, H. Pacifique, H. Union, W.





Nov 10 dan Frw chew11. V Edwards



Fle. T


At Hongkong


Bell Gover



Belt Heart

Dut Am


Get Vanderwal Yrates 450|Jaminans






Ames, sp During the exritement which prevailed on the | Andar, schnazor declaration of war with England in 1819. Mr.Web.Hambay, y

Bangalore ship wer participated in conventions of his puthical Chetan, stenber Glends, and in bla spreches and comnya displayed onion stem ech extraordinary ability that many of the pro minst men of the Bists were angious to ane him in Congreso At the election mest omaning alter the declaration of war in 1413 he was brought for ward sa candidate fo. Congram, and elwolad na n Eural ticket, in November, 1819

Curuskan Bali, barges Emma Jokdere barge Eil.

Valeo, y

Fair Haradan, brig

Fruck, brig

Elo took beamika Wichell, shp

at at the firát session of the 13th Congress, wh a.) wag an extra ocasion, onl'ed in May, 1803, "A pro- Pratiment of his ability had precaled him, and en the organization of the Hodge he was placed by Mr Clay, the Speaker, upon the miles for elgo afairs, which was the leading commits in

time of war.

On the 10th of June, 1913, Mr Webstag de vere his maiden sech Cangas, na veris al resolutions in irol by kimaolf, relaties to the te peel of the Berlin and 16-14 decres of the French Pmperor. Mu full report of this up- och was pre served, hot it took the loss by sarpela frun the

cam amount of historien) knon kdgu am) power of illuo'rations which it displayed **

From this plat comernced Mr Webarren dio

and early lafe, which will be read with interesting-hed cater so nublio mas. He astighe The father of Daniel Webster, Ebenezer years in the 1toues of Representativas an 1 (9 year Webster, was a nikable mno, 5 feet in height, in the Senate, and darinst the waule of that persal, and of commanding appearance. In warly hía kë entred the military servion of the cul-arce va a

by his great powers of elig saw?s and he remark able abilities, ka ezvtrin? se immam milwar Foto soldier, and served in the war woh the French, under Bir Jafony Amherst and Waltry. He also este lished for small pre

over the domestle and the foreign key of h the invasion of Code Hera-e to the rank of Captain before the end of the war, and, having ob tained a great of land for Lio service, settled in the


Han, sky

rlangkang, sleute

Laws, Metalneg

Lead Union schonnor




ir Port Phillip

|Rawia.Drinker and an

San Franchco Early 1. Matheson and on Shanghae Today

ant and c

Hirer barl

10. Edinand

1,vall, Felt and co.

H. & Canto


Turner and

10. (3) dood


John Burd and

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an FrancoWme, Authen and on San Francisc Thankan

Ten outh Parle Pant and an

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Lady For Husayn, ship Land Warren, ship Marion Malatyra, busque Hel Iškiam, berge

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Nymph briganti Majachman obli Pields. ship

Kuh day, all�?

superang, the

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Zephyr orkantora

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Masy-Adena, barque

Para pili as an advocats. He the pecat de kan, berla Secretary of Sat: in the bustory_maha Uson who have Viajante, Barque bas died in her, and telo jonly regarded by konya, bile watermen of the Repulia,


twas of Salisbury, which was at first called Staven-antryme entitled to a foremost rank among

WOD, on the Merrimack tires, in Now Home thir Boon sher his settlement, Balabury, bis fira wife having died, in married Abigail East MAN, A WOMAN of more than ordinary intelliet, who became the mother of Exchial and Daniel Webrier. Bhe was proud of ber some, and ambitions that they should excel in publia and private life.

*Daniel Webster was born on the thts of Janu sty, 1782, la the lost your of the war of thateralu | 18, Nymph, Wilson, from Fon chow-foo, 8th Jan

Uon, at Ballebury, in the home which his father had established on the outskirts of estilízalina. The early opportunities for education with which Mr Webster was favourod were of couron vary limited, and when quite young he was daily erat two or them miles to school, in milwater and on foot. The school, which was kept for only a small put of the year, wena of an ind?fferent character; br under the diandrasingas he showed a great engar aca (or learning




19, Fair Barbadian, Griffin, from Bambawa,


20, Mazeppe, Hyrin, from Namos, 19th Jan. 21, Homilin Mitchell, Hill, from Whampoa. tt, Freak, Birley, from the South Pacific, Jap.


17, Hurricane, Very, from Honghong.


Der Nymph, Air Larone.



17, The Camp, Clark, London.

In May, 1796, Webster was taken by his father to the Academy at Exsier, which had been andowed in 1781 by the Hon, John Philliya Ja Jan. this elebrated school ha exjayed the advantage of soly a few month instruction; et, short as the period was, hia mental poware wore il ncearly da veloped, and bu exhibited to him intructors svilener of his superior in Neet After a few month

19, Niam (Am), Ring, Manila.

211, Str. Halia, Pults, Shanghes.

20, Nurge, Maurice, Sydney.

21, Acadi, Dann, Whampoa.

the ship

Ham Jest, schoo

Tommelge, bergan




Ann, ship

Ano, ship

Amble, har

Nilang A, Ivergan

Castle Kalyn, only

sor, hargne

Je Baces ship

Pet, barque

Line, barque

this i

Ladou, ship

Ni cend, bange

Ruble, que

Multa, bilganin

Silny, brig Tornado, brig

Uclan, ship

Best Coast

Gazelle, schooner

Amoy Alligator, rig Amana, ship

21, U. 8. Sloop Sarga, Commander Walker, A


Exeter, be returned home, and having passed his 15th year, was placed by his father with the Res. Samuel Wood, of Ilosenwen in six months from February in August, 1997, ha completed his pro peration for college, under the instruction of Me | Jan.

31, Alappa, Hyrie, Cocaingmeen


Wood. This preparation was, of contes imperfect, 16, St. Lo C'assivi (Fr.), Do Plus, Macao.

bat the dard of classical literature stood very | 17, Cornwall, Maundrell, Bombay.

low in this country at the close of the last century

17, Coragra, Kilgour, singapor

in 1797 Webster catered Daimonh Callogr. 19, North Star, Smith, London.

ai Hanover, New Hampshire, where, after four yenes of noniduwne application to his studies, he graduated in August, 1801. He was not only die tinggianed for his attention to his collegiate duties, bat devoted himself to general reading, particularly to Buglah bistory and literature He took part in a small weekly public-tivo, to which he contri bated soletion and original article. If al deliveerd Bilderes before the college societies. Its persuaded his father to send his brother Ez kiel college, and during the ver"tions taught school to aid in furnishing menue fr the preparation of his brother Allegiate course.


Elener Lancaster, barg

General Chaves, barque

Independence, brig

J. de Vazneta, ship

La Folles, barque

Peladas, barque

Robert Bui, nhưn

Per Str. Make, Mr Mr, and Master Hogg, and Amten, shập servants, Mesus Walsh and Edie,


The Mappa spoke the Ship Troubadour of Shalantow on the Sibi




"Immediately her Laving college Mr Wibster Clap entered the office Mr Thompson, of Saksburg, an a studeni of law. Me Thompen wat a lawyer of high sanding, and represented Now flamp-bira at Mindan

[Senich, Mariet



The Mankir

Tariens times in both bosses of Congrian. While

|Whampoa 14. M. B

in the office of Mr Thompson, Mr Wehater coept

ed an offer to take sharge of an academy, at Frys

burg in Maine, where his solary was 91 a ky.

Barga Bapply

Ele was abir, by acting as naista-Lto the Registrar |

of Des for the ouauty, to osim enough to pay his


أ??ات ?ا

Abby|| |18hantuan (11,C3, Mtr #Haplona

MU. | 20 |Welker Hongkongkorn Uk 4 Blender

Nacy. Corej 35 Muqurma

Mr Trion, ship

Bephia Fraser, barque

Bastan, harga





Na 10P book

141 Vawwlak

Deo 21 hempan


Jas chan

350 guld


445 Wod


Jan Pramelaco

-Lyall. 2018 ved ank, & Canton

Mathru and es.

Dent and co


. Mathema and s Mando. Del chee and co Lyall, Still and on.

|14 từophomson and on

Anthon and Heat and on

માથ�? મળી છ�?.

June 24 Jan Francisco). Fastene




Wool lathes Early Han Francisco Early

Poil Phillip Feb 1 an Franclocultay

Francisco Fast

Doo New Zealand). Mathisen av den


ledclay and on



Jan - [ilver beat

b) C. Kimd

|Cyell disini avd as


Line Bry

Tanner and o




Houl and

Hot Tullock

New Whampas

Hawson and so



131| Kyrie

Fian - Hongkong

J. Mathand co

A. A de Male and cold spots...

|Lyxl', Neill and o

Valy wly

New Barand

La Porvira

Part 1


Am 816 Jarding

- Pact | 200| forma

P- song



Jan 14 Whampoa

June 1-Ingapore

'sal back

thea saringapore


Proper nahefur & endan Franclac-Feb. 5 JM de from


-- any


Jah+ Bard and co

V. Jorge

F. de ?fvalza.

Has France Farly



Now 10 San Francisco)).

July 19-angku

1. Blanqueo


Ver 40 rundas 07+ Well

tel 816 Dess

Pas 11 Singapore Dee Ma

A F Vandenberg

Belt Walker

Sir Darla

| That | S|Halstyn

Die Stengene

Say tamara-g

| Heti | 530|Thornhi Paw theyday

Dan oppholdt Das Prinzaparo


Am 106 Cashing


Nye, Partin and to San Fransimo Early

10. Livingston and or


Chuche Hong


Den and on.

New North Icerder


168 Francisco Uussell and co

ca 30 Land

Nye, Parkin and o THRIFT && ob


and co. Limtralia






New York



Bay Vrancken Early

Hape god en

Legler & &tlenses

King and co.

In deck

at Spplesim

1). Muchosen and ev. London


W. Habinet.

Hept 11 Annata


|43|| Mall

Ropalug Batavia





Helt. Gray


3. Dannell Hellman

Peru. 231 Lazeros RAL

·Peru. 18Pane?

Bric 140



?? عادة

Tuticorin Mace

Fan Blagapore

Now I Ma Na


Dee tu alla

Deo 14 loughing

7 Hamela

King and on.

Voltageman and oHepairing

Jängler & Allaneet

Carvalhe and en

av Frundloom A. Hoard and on.


Magban Use Hoegang

Brk Baker


Bell 947 ch

Mpan 544| Auctomsche

Dat. Perry


Doo (5ydney

5. Mathanon and on.

San Francisco Tilt and an

New Port Philip Tult and so

Van Hougtong

De Ian's

et Manila

| 32/thanghan

||Nov 2014

194 Hopper

201 Bierman

16 Marshall





PRICE $10 per annums




ON and after the Preet dele SHIP AND CUSTOM HOUSE BROKERS. Cenres and Twice-Nells of discs, in Carts Makers to the Lords of the Admirsky and

until further notice The



References. will ply regularly bot Hen, T. Berzan Kina,-Collector of the Part.

TERMS OF BUBBORIPTION to the FRIEND OF CHINA AND HONGKONG GAZETTE, A, 16 Dollar, payable in advanon, quarterly or otherwise, at option, Bingle Numbers, TERMS OF ADVERTISING-To lines and under, Dellar; additional, 10 cents ??Hics. Kupatil?ena son-third of the first insertion, Ships,-Pirst insertion, & Dollars; absequent insertion

Advertisements to have written, on the face of them, the number of times they are required to appear, sherwins they will be published until countermanded. A reduction of twenty five per cent on usual charge when quarterly accounts are rendered for advertismente ordered to stand undisturbed for a pupil of three month Full charge made for repetition of any Advertisement in the Oran


CHRONOMETERS, WATCHES CLOCKS, &c. well coverted Invoice of Bogliah Cordage, DARKINSON AND PROD8HAM, Chroster of % cwL,-Round Bar Iron.

Hoa. East India Company's call the attention of the publie of India to the superior insafnature of their Chronometers, Watches, and Clocks, as proved by the number of prizes awarded to the Chronomatars made by them sent on public trial to the Moyal Observatory, Greenwich, and the reports pablebed of their superior performanc In the various salenti?io voyages under Captains Bo, Parry, Franklin.

B. & Q. 8. P. Co. Susmen

Honghong, Canson and Macao, every Monday, odwodes, and Friday, (unle 3. U. Horarne, Eng-Assist Collector.

1. A. Cost, Esq.-Naval Oflour, previous notios of Deviation be given) as follows.

C. K. Gaar, Eoq-Dopa?y Collector. The Boat Having Hongkong, on Monday, and

Jos. Venom Brown, Esq.-U. 8. Appralem Canton on Friday, will well si Muano, starting at T. The botir of departure at other times will

NOTICE. b. and the Bows will proceed direst be tween Hongkong and Cantoo-When inducement offers, the Boss will call at Camaiogmeos, but pretiose notice of sech deviation will be given

bos practicable.

The fares will be as heretofore. 1st Class between Hoogkong Canton & Mueso $8- Macao $5.

Book Passengers Europesa


Passengers desirous of proceeding to Mecao for abort period may obtals return tickets available for the Brat or second Steamer after their arrivale at the reduced enim of 98 between Hongkong and Maono, 19 between Centon sad Macao.

Every Best Clate passenger will be allowed one servest free of charge.

The role will convey freight on the weme of their pablished scales on which, however, some reduction will be made for large quantition, by special agreement.

LYALL, STILL & Co. Agents H. &C. & P. Ca

Hongkong, 5th November, 1852.

THE undersigned have been appolated Agents at

Hongkong for the subscribóct to LLOYDS. || Masters of Vels are requested to communicate

to them Intelligence of losses, acaitlents, the speak. ing of Vessels, and any general information they consider of importunes or hitacist to the subscribers,

LY ALL, STILL & Co. Hongkong, 3rd Bepieceber, 1852.



TH6 undersigned begs to announce to the Public that he opens the above Building this day, on

??GENERAL COMMthton & Asuney Balls Room, and will personally superintend the mme and bald an Auction on the process whenever a vefficient inducement offers, having engaged Mr. Gaoken DUDDHA' ervices as Auctioneer.

Vlotocia Exchange, 1st January, 1863.



MR.W.BUTTON has commenced Usin

this day a Panuaru and Levnat Stamo Karen on the Promisos adjoining the " Auction Mart Victoria, and hun ?neringon, Horses, and Poles for Hiri, Also the Break for training will | Horses.


have onely dvopaisti FOR FABIONT. Apply to, WILLIAMS, ANTHON & Co. Hoogkong, 2nd Decmber, 1889.

FOR BAN FRANCISCO. THE A. 1. American Barque "MARY ADAMS, Captain Hamdino, will be despatched on or about the 5th prox. For Faxisir or Pama¶n apply to ---MRYER, SCHAEFFER & Co. or to Mesas ANGIER & ALLANEON,

Canton, flongkang, 21 January, 1858.


To Sul on the lat Fòruary.

THE Brig MARTHA." Caplala

(1 Pravice, has Four State Reome

and Four Simeraga Bastão VACLU?

For terms of Pamars, apply to the Captain on board, or lo

Quest'e Road, Hongkong, 18th January, 1882



THAT Talable Crown LEARNOLD, INLAND LOT No, 18, subject to the registered amigament of a moiety of the interest therein, the whole at prosent being in the occupation of Me Dov LAP, Wacob Maker. This desirable property, abutting on the North and East sidee on Stanley and D'Aguilar Streets, is well worthy the attention of parties wishing to make a purmánect inversement. For arms apply to

L. JUST, Jr. Hongkong, let January, 1859.


Mor Firm by prosuration.

K. Babling to Let, Hongkong, In January, 1858.



Establined in 1710,

THE MANAGERS of the How Fran Office, London, beg leave to inform the Brkish and foreign Residents longhong and Glanton, that they have copilased and appointed the under- signed in their Atronages lo imus Pelister of fa REMOS NENOM Vann on Buildings, Goode, Mar | shandise und ?her Property at those plesse.

Full particulare of larsa do, may be obtained on application to

LINDSAY & Co. Hongkong and Canton,

Hongkong, 18th August, 1962.


Estarsund in 1852

Caritas £50,000.

100 SAR or £500 man Serdarias.

Metro Landsat & Co.-Hongkong, Canton,



Morato Opuderaïks & Co.-London,


Lacuta & Co.-Bombay,

Szand, Fammin?. Co.-Calvetia, Paunt & Ca--Madeus.

With reference to the above, the undersigned #16

prepared to grant Policies Payable in Londen, Bombay, Calcutta and Madra



China, 27th February, 1859



TR. JOHN 30ARTH is authorised so sign|FTHE undersigned, having bows appointed Agjenta

for the above Office, are prepared to affect surances against fire, on Buildings and Goods, in Canton and Hongkong, Including merchandise in native Packhou.


Camton, 20th January, 1853. NOTICE, THE Undersigned hereby give notion that the besinem bitherto conducted by them in Canton will from this date be carried on at Shanghes.


Canton, 19th November, 1859.



Fletcher and co.

seo Viacoat

Tak and no.



Australia, ship

Halla Gallega,

5000 Lenavides

Fair and en

Clarion hażyn


as witobla

Tait and on.

L'olumbus, alig

47 Hallan



Takt und o

Tait and o



Symo, Melt and an.

Dyma, Mule and esteranno


Nr. 100

Tall and cn.



dyma, Mair and co. Baturia

Am. Gemen

Put back

Hym, air and ca




Nov 1

W Headng

Bou $73 Jul

pass, Male nedan. Hamma




H. Hal





Tal and co.




Uet Bydney






Too Whee

Nov 11 Varila

Brot, Paulo and c. London


Fimith, Klog and


Nathables and co

Hargitates aid to




Jan H+mchez

and co, Lladasy and co


67% Forer

Den 16 aw Zealand

Smith, King and o fardog



Jan Hangbang

10. C Edmond

O 11


As and e

11 do

Halliday. W load ce London




Nya. Parkin and co

Bell White

Ravelry co

37% Hano


Dest, Heals and co


Dec 19 Cardi

Dent, Heale and co

Brit 132 Mewitt


Loday and on.

Lyall, and en


Ana Mite, y 4'dan, ship Drachenor kally, barque

Fattal Oble, barque

Helena, sl

Juho Philips, bargne Joseph Pleiches, skip Malta, slower When


Naomi barque Baro Appleton, ship

1 has Hayden, ship

Water, que Whompoo, baryng

Mid Flower, shap

1am on, barque



25+ Grad



Jana lembay

Dec 11 Liverpool

Des 164

Am Peller

490 Snepharma F -(Hongkong

Band on


Queen's Hoad West, Victoria, 1858.

ed to sign our firm by procuration from this COWASJEE PALLANJEE & Co. Canton, Ist January, 1868


HOLLIDAY, WISE & Ca Canton, 14th Augum, 1881.

MARINE INSURANCE. New Your Mutual Insuramos COMPANY, of New York.



Pale Champagne, Fir Growth,-Pale and Brown, de-Second do. do-Stoot from Baralay 4 Perkins-Clerete and Brandy, from T. Dunkin #So. Apply to,

LYALL, STILL & Co. Hongkong, Slet October, 1852.

FOR SALE. |UST RECEIVED per OvenLand Mail,

Nicol's Lams Cloth Palerous, Gemileman's Baire liber Frode and C), The Gloves; dis Rubber isfisting Cashless, Patent Swimming Bette, Lotta' Diurim for 1858, Marryatt's Sign Books (latest Edition) Mansorement Table Books, Taps Lines of 50 and 100 feet, Mathematical la- strümmts in Cass, and a small Invoice of Swych

Nephew's abolos Perfumery,


Per Rejtan. Gentlemen's blank Ventilating and Neoteric Hats, Beperior blue Cloth Cape, Shooting and Walking gbber, Wellington Boots, John Hall & Bow's Glas danpowder, fedeon's fine old Port Wine, Martell's Brandy of 1860 vintage, Ben's Pale Ale in Plate and Cmris, Captains, Abernethy, Presborg and Mized Black Spice Nuts.

LANE, CRAWFORD & Co. Hongkong, 17th January, 1853.

FOR BALE. QUANTITY of Carron loundry Pig Iron,

ALEXANDER WILSON, Motore Jannine Matnnion & ?o's

Godowns, East Point, 22nd Jamarry, 1863.




Og view at the BroRMS OF THE UNDEREN?s, NEAT COTTAGE PIANO, 64 Octaves, by A COLD & CHELLED,

This sweet toned lostrument will be sold cheap

MAC EWEN & Co. Queen's Road, 4th January, 1855.

POR SALE (HLOSTER, Churidar and Berkalay Chessay Bootch Marasalada, - Raspberry Jam.


Queen' Road, Hongkong, 14th January, 18SS,


N extensivo amortiment of Ship Chandlery and A Cabin Stores, of the best and most varied des eription, ;-

Colton Cara-Noa. | a 10,

Ronda do. and Dock,

Bootch and English-da,

Patent Manila Cordage, of all sizes, Hoth's Patent Bossla Bigging, from na to eleven inches,

English and Dutch Sheathing Copper, from 16 to 92 cm-with Nail,

With other articles too numerous for compriza! the limits of an advertisement ; all of which can be obliged, either wholesale or retail, at prices from tanto five per cent less then those charged at any oibar muablishment in China.

THOMAS HUNT. Whampan, 18th Jose, 1862.


AND OTHERS. THE atention of Whaling Ship Master la par. ticularly requested to the great advantages arising from rapaim to Bhips being oflected at Whamps; where the undersigned bare several dry docke, with dry and secure Sheds for the orage of oil or other cargo in the parle adjace sharges on the same, and for repairs, being the most moderate made in any part in China. There are port obarges on vessels requiring repairs when landing thair cargoes, and many benefits are deriva- ble by coming to Whampoa which it is hardly pos- sible to specify within the limit of a single adver-

THE Undersigned is prepared to sacept MA,

RINE RISKS In 'behalf of the New York | Mutual Insurace Comrane, payable in Londen or New York

This Company, under the Title of the Nuw YORK INSURAKos Company, was orgnosed in

1798 as a Joint STUCK COMPANY. 10 1851, was reorganized on the principle of the Mutttal E undersigned wave this day formed a Copart System, and the profite of its First Tour's Business THE

nership under the same and style of 13OULDding March, 1862, returned to Custribote MARTIN, for the transactios of an Importing Divided of Forty tue per Cast upon the Premiums, payable in Cart?fiossen bearing and General Coumposion baniment.

Cand interest par Annum.


San Francises, 9th June 1852.


THE Undersigned has established himself fu

boringas at AMOY -SHIf Chandler AVOTIONER, and General BrorBLUEPER,


Amoy, Fiat October, 1852

Particulare of Batra, &e, may be obtained application to


Canton, Ith December, 1889.


COWPER & GROSVENOR, New Town Docks, Whampoa Island, 16th November, 1852.


MR. P. DUDDELL begs repefully to solicit the Patronage of the Ladice and Public of tongkong to her Millinery and Haberdashery Business at the VICTORIA EXUMANOS, and will be mpel happy to execute any orders with which she


Propeller of the shore Embals

menų, bago if, inform the Public that the Jame has born ramdha from Praya Grande to la

N Experienced Sororom for a Voyage from No. 26, martie City Gata beinly scenele

Amey, to Demerara. Apply 10,


by Mr Edward Bontain

Ke MoparATD, Iptasio, 14th July, tha.


They strongly recommend to the Gentlemen of the Neral and Alilitary Services their improved de- for horse starcive, and not being subject to stop or sched Laver Watches, as being specially adapted be otherwise seated.

Duplex Watches, Packa Chronometers, Car- riage Clocka, da, which wo be forwarded by the Overland Mail, and insured to their destination.

All orders most be accompanied by a remittuce or referwoes for payment in London; or the amount may be paid to their Agents in India on delivery of the goods.

4 Change Alley, Cornhill, Landon.




Copy of a Letter from His Trubarne, Chemist, Carmarthen, dated Bepimeber 10th, 1862,

To Profemor Holloway,

Dear Bir-1 am happy to inform you that your for famed Pille bere affected another euro. "Mira Eliza Dorion, of Pontyber-m, near Carmarthes, was for many years a great auffører from a dia- ordered state of the Liver, with all its attendant svila, na wanknom of the stomach, bad digestion, lone of appetite, head ache and govern debility, in addition to which she had a violent Cough, nod occasionally severe la of Ague. This complica Lion of die zo woskused her sonstitution that ne hoper wire mtertained of her recovery, Bol- withaoding aho had the bout madionl advice. AL length a friend recommended ber to try your Pills, for a short period, she has bens perícatly restored which happily she did, and by coatining their use

so health

(Bigned) J. D. TREHARNE.

NINACULOUS CEAR OF DROPSY. Extract of a Letter from Edward Rosairy, Eng. of India Walk.

Tobago, dated April 8th, 1852,

To Profesor HOLLOWAY,

Dear Sir-I deem ita duty i owe to you and the public at large to inform you of a most mira- culous recovery from that dreadful disease, Dorst, nod which, under God, was affected by your in. vaJoable Pill. I was tapped fre times within eight months, and skilfully treated by two medical practitioners, but could not get cured, until I had recourse to your remedy, and notwithstanding all I had undergono, this miraculous medicine cured me in the course of six wacka,



Extract of a Letter from Mr 8. Govern, Chemist of Clifton, near Bristol, dated July 14th, 1862.

To Profesor Holloway,

Dear Sir-ut requested by a Lady named Thomas, Just aurived from the West Indies, to acquaint you that for a period of sight your her- soll and family suffered from continual bad health, arising from disorders of the Liver and Stomach, Indigestion, loss of Appetite, violent Hand aches, pain in the side, weakness and general debility, for which she consulted the most eminent men jo the colony, but without any beneficial results; at which in a very short time effected so great change Jast, aho bad recourge to your invaluable Pills,

for the bower, that aba continued them, and the whele family were restored to health and strength. Further she desires me to say, that she has witness- incidental to children, particularly in cases of al thale extraordinary virtues in those complaims Mesales and Bourlatina, baving sfected positiva antes of them disossen with no other romely.



Sore Throa

6. GOWEN. The selected Pilla are wonderfully e?lenciana in the

following complaints

Jumala Insegala-Konation of Urine Alba


Scrofula, King's Bone Complaints Fevers of all kinda Evü

Bevel Complaints Gont Coli

Headache Compation of the Indigeno

Botele Ceception Debiliry Deopry Spicy


Indain matk


Home and Gravel

Jecondary Symptarse

The Dundercu


| Liver Complaints Veneral ASections



|Worm of all hinda

Wonk now from whol

term, &c. Ba.

Sold by all Druggims, and at Professor Holloway's

kliknout, the flimad, London.

By Mr. J. M. Da SELVA, stble But

and by HINNAM-Hongkong,

Br. J. 31. Da FONCECA - Massa

and MACOW & C�? L'auton

PO" There is a considerable mving in making the large pot.










Primular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company's Steamuko




Ladies or Gentlemen travel king ringly,- Occupying Berth in the guneral Cabin throughout. Children with their Parents,- Thara Youn and under


From from ONU TO


Swan River

King George's Adelaida


Port Philip

or Sydag -








Under Three Yours, no Berth


- --



155 00






Pamtengeri Saromda -






Native, -





$44.00 100

Occupying a single Berib

120 00






Return Tokate for First clam Prasengers avalable for Two Yours, including the myoge such way, inberum Hongkong, Swan River, King Georga'a Bown 1, Adelaide, Purt Pallip, and Sydoey, grebetet wym prepayment of 0576.

DJ Payment in de mada in Honglung in Spanish Dollars.

One of the Company


Steamers will loova Singapore for the abovementioned Places, en or about the 15th of April mod. Pussengers can be booked throughout by the Mail Bisamera Joosing Hong kong in the Mouth of March.

For further Particulars, apply at the Company's Offices.

Peninsulas & Oriental Steam Navigation Company's Ollos, Hongkong 2tal January, 1858,







Peninsular & Ontunyal Straw Navigation Company's STRAN-SHIP


Gutlemen or Ladies travelling singly,-



To the Editor of the Entend or CHINA.

Hongkong, 14th January, 1839. B18,-1863 bus commenout, and happy forms are to be seen at the Grand stand in the happy Volley of a morning sipping their coffe und aibling the

ve Bacsite, while watching with anxions thu (noon of the di?erent animale about to col for the various prints on the fat, 2nd and 3rd F. bruary, 1859. Alow me Mr Editor to prevent my humble opinion so tư the mesite of ikonu anl

Bay's favorite, Katblees, now, there's onenechlag, if you like, apolls by "bad stable management, and over training."

And so Peep-o'. Day-Day must be rather aurry be wrote

Pretender's Lameness, get up Rory's condition, and Quod bra. Bir vent for sudden to cuer put that stable to rights generally. Year's


male, if considered worthy of a plass in your vale THE FRIEND OF CHINA

able paper. The first Heos on the first day is the

Wongusichung Binks, for which there are six an trice; amongst those we see our old friends Prince and J. P. saither of which can rece, but the new importation Fusbos wil de dret, Prínco 2nd, Pay- oock, 3rd, Fidget 4th, the rest beaten of

The "Canton Cup" will be won in a canter by St. Andrew ; Eriu go bragh war any favourite, but an accident, I four, hoa thrown away his chance;





6,4% 6,41|



HION WATE Hress Bols A.... 6.43 14, 10.39 54411,0 11,17 8,45) 11,36| 11,57

at nli ayants, for the sake of sport. I hope to see a || 261 W adunarlay, good race.

27 Thoday The "Valley Bikes" Rory (if he gone) will win; 28 Friday, if not Canditor will do it with the Tib, extra.

Now the Grand Race of the meeting, the Cup presscted by H. E. Bir ?. Bonham. Bt, colored for which are all the creeks of the Colony. Pretender i have to not to go, and which le wine of his post |||ing omst, so L'iser he could not, akar marrying the 71b, extra, de much (ovan if he wins this which would be very doubtful) the rest of the meeting Maggie I find was sese walking with and an ber leg; this looke bad, I therefore place I've Non dret, Margie or Cheviot Rod, the rest in the rach. If Maggie's leg should prove a slopper, I conclude Preiduder will be read to represe

Mon-Last quarter ea the 1st proximo.

The Mail for Europe and Jodis, some of nor readers perhaps require to be told (the paper in which it is advertised having, we believe, the smallest local circulation) closes at the Post Office at six o'clock on Thursday evening;- supplementary mail being made up, as usual, the following morning-the Office closing, final.

the stable, and in which was he will bare enough 17, at ten, as the Evin is circulated to leave a

te du to win, and I placu hiss Brd; take the Two.

extra of sad be will be nearer No. 157ib exiza in

| 9 miles on an old horse le no Joks.

For the "Scurry Bikes" you will are Roty valids (53 rank and filedropped clear of the Tax Samarang with the Season's garrison in the from Banks or the Manderia payog Cred-shupping yesterday, and leaves this morning

'sex's untrance foo.

Struggles 2nd, Hup Brand Bid, and a very close

"Hack Bikes" ??mile will be won by Pudiar, we learn.


2nd Day. The "l'oney Welter" will be was by the Bhaik (if he may be called a Poney) the rest nowhere.

The lighlander Cup will ornament Mr Chaos's side beard, if Presender done not go for the Plasipu; but if he does go I thick enough will be

Ten non-arrival of the Prow skum,or some other otowe, appears to have had the effect of sending Patna Opium men itse minimum price of D time past (9482) up to $485-at which rate ¿t ruled in Canton on the evening of Monday-- Henares standing at 9425-Malwa 450-Tur

lakes ont of him with the Tika, extra to let Pouline and the Grey Priar show him their sails the former ; koy $215.

to win. tf Meggie goes she should wisi Little

Be Perp if not sleep may do it next year. The Ova racing friend The Ghost appears to have Commit Ihour le too fal,

For the "Lies Plate" the Sheik in a canter.

the time in lucky.

The Arab Wolter" will go to the East. The "Bydary Bakes" should be a good Racs.

Docupying Barth in a Cabin with 2 or 3 others $385,0 480,00 $570,924,00 8600,00 Praline dess not gn; The Queen, Cheriel, Lory.

Herend accommodation for

Gentleman or Ladies

be does, or as the Shanghm Crepon. "What's

been in some doubt whether he should sign as

awer for once that if we really know that of our


Although he may beva Il some up, we shall be delighted to see his sporting owner again on lainaane TTM is a commuou saying.-We can an kners resiving the prose from the band of the Molia. Semihany morocities, fair maker in 1954, and proving the nid aửnga of correspondent, we should have it in our power to my that we could testify na tu the probability of Get we can only guess to be one who is in his knowing of what he writes about.

no way sorporeal repressotativa of the eng- norben he avourne. W+ may thin cm?andu ?s a hint to him that in futors his letters will bo buttor en

omod if they come "handicapped" with mom- thing more than the writer's complawaute" That knowing hand at prophecy Brother to Pegands" Alas! is far, far, awa-It is, bow- ever, some comfort that we have a Ghost to and

. : }:


One berth Cabin,


576,00 Nome

Half a tovorved Cabin,


A reserved Cabin,


600.01 884,01

704.00 Noos NOBU 1,194,00


Rearved comadation for

Married Couples --

Occupying a remorsed Cabin,

810.00 1,200,00||



Children with their Parvule,-

168,00 240,00 312,00 Free Free From

107,00 240,00 988,


Thres Yeare and unda T Under the Yanzo, no Berth provided,+

European, Nativo,

Pang' Servan's,---

312,00 $1200




198,00 291,0 $91,00 291,00,

Pasanger waking a native Servant from Hongkong to Adm or Suns, ot vien varm, and wishing him to go back to the port of embarkation, can take a return ticket for $96 and $199 compomirely.

The Expenen of Trans through Egypt, subject to the fooditas of the Egyptina Tramit ??: mialstration regulations, in included in the intro to Make, Matreilles, and Southampton,

Payment to be unde in Hongkong in Spanish Dollars.

For further particulars, apply at the Company's Offices.

Peinanlar & Oriental Steam Navigation Company's Offies,

Hongkong. 21st January, 1888,


Liserpool, 31st July, 1852,



Canton, 20th January, 1883. WITH reficence to the Nolicas prefixed, I be

to intimate that the businere bitharta eurri d on hete in the name of DIROW, GRAY & CL


1 and Kathleen, are four bard to abuse a winner fran pould say our old friend Kathlee; but fear she has sent too many Christahan days in Chi- We thereforgive it to Lainey, if he goes straight, the Quira 2uil, and the other well up.

**The "Mila" Hacke." Sangles wine, Hap 24, Resin the Band, and Collion Kue seal in the dilek, which is to be hoped will improve her Juckey drete. King. Jahn is supposed to be a Centon Iris all by his sporting owner in the gurinn,

3rd Day.

Much depends on the two former daya running le names wawer for the Civil Service Cup; wither the winner of the Plesio or Highlander will do it. therefore give it to nese of Clubs, of Cheviot,

sad say no more.


filling his place. After this was in types we received the letter frors Tattersall Jauior; whore opinion that Perp o'day Bay would do well to keep his head under the blankote till breakfast time in future, is entitled to the con-

deal; manating so it does from one we can cartily a qualified to say something about racing matters.

-Victoria Plata," Shalk in a calor. the Cormit or Cheviot ancond, the Sheik third, and

"Hongkong Phate Little Bo Peep in a consideration of that exceedingly olover indiri. the rest wa.wborn.

For the "Beling Stakes," I pinee the Payosak and nyar the Grand stand as the Jarmeelem Astickoks- Alarmmo let and 2nd,and the Gullnot Butoighing Kilkenny Bay like Kathlons I fant han haen toe lung in China. I can say no more as the others el on the day of the Raora; etifora wisking good spart and that the best horse may win-I in,

Sir, Your obedient, The Omer oF THE VALLEY.

To the Editor of the Pains or CHINA.

Top of the Black Rock, Tuesday morning. Jany. 26th, 1863- Duan Sto-Pop-o'-Day-Boy may as well keep Je faire, Ips for the sake of his pocket he don't think all ikat at a high figure.

JOTICE ia bereby given that the partnership will he gestioned by myself under the style of W??| his head under the blanketa all brankfast time for

subaleting between the undersigned, ontrying

en botinam na East India Merchants, is. Linerpool, under the fris of DIROM, DAVIDSON & Co. ni Bombay in the East Indian anda: the frm of

DIROH, HUNTER & Co. and in Chias ander


W. W. DALE."

barsby sive notice that the Aarti the frm of DIROM, ORAY & Co. was this day

signed L. Jost, Junior, with gofrnamen.ig.p disenised by matust consent, su far as regarde land Lot No. 18, in whally unwalkermed by the WILLIAN WILKINSON DALE The bindersigned, who is registared to Joint Leases, of the Liverpool, Flombay, and Shanghen house | with L. Juni, Junior, in equal shares of the mid will for the future be carried on by the undersigned | Loy, and that no Sals therea?, concluded by the ROBAT DILON, Wawan Fotoren Honesa, mid L. Jul. Junior, without the concurranse of THOMA FORSYTH Ghat Daning Porran and soderalgoed will be valid, and binding, Charlas Ryoun, by whom ali dolle due by or to

the aid respective houses will be paid and recelvart,








Liverpool, at November, 1882.

in the Sist place, on horse here can live along eide of Pretender, harris' ous, and his owner being

Chat, the animal is neglected, se mall as the railings of the courar,

is of no use to write it is high time a change should be made in matters connected with the llongkong Police." Things appear to be getting from bad to worse, and the fiua! upshot will be that some of these fina eveningu a few of our citizens will be quietly mannered, and then, probably, thought will be given to the amendments which ought to be made at once, We say that things are getting from bad to worse on somewhat good grounds, having had our premise robbed twice during the current month, although when we remeinber that an European Puliceman is seen oel on this Western Road on an average of twice in six mothe, we can but consider ourselves excoed-

Wong-uni-chung at any Pony entered, but Fazbosingly

Fidge should bare sa goed a chance of

tak-Erin is safe pot for the Cast Hory has the Valley Stakes for a cerminy--I don't in and to give the world at large my wrinkle in the Plenipo, bat "the Boy" will be astonished-Ele ho named the right one in the Scarry, though be contradicte hierlf to do it-Strange, considering the stable; that Pedler should be thought for tha kalí miða Hack! Let us hope "ke Buy" may be tare to are be match with the Quren of Clube

fortunate. On Torsday evening, to our extreme surprize, the phenomenon of an English Constable was actually observed by "Thieves Hamlet the chustar of tumble down houses near the Naval Stores. We were sure porn. thing wonderful had occurred, or one of Mr May's anyrmidons could never have got so far as that, without a special order; and as wo anti-


Black and White Newfoundland Bitab, about

nine months old, answers to the solo-The car (1) bas the Pany Wellet-more wifcipated so it proved. It appears that a report


of "Juno" The deder, bringing the mine, or contradictive in the Highlander-ila's hardly un- notifying its whereabouts, to the Editor of this pa- durstood in the Ladies' Pusse, and shoul, speak per, will be liberalty rewarded,

"Friend of China" Uffos, Hongkong, 25th January, 1962.

REFERRING to the aborn Notice we beg to : Pagland

add, Ma W, W. DALE commences basses

in Canton, on his own account, and will act for

and our Bombay and Shanghas houses at that Part




Ualed Sume

Nov. Bandwich Islands Nóv, a


Calesija Bombay


19 Laburn


16 Blogspor


De #


Kor 14 though

C. ii. Hope

Nat 17

San Franciaco

out plain ; if he wants a $5 note from "the band. some Jock," Ind him ask for it like a man-The old Saini sam win the Arab Walter-The Hydoar will fall to Cheviot, if they stop tralalg bim on the Maneroo principle-Hop has not a ghost of a chance against druggles, that pervaring crow Obavior (with another pilot) packs the Cul Ber- vice Cup-Rory, the ill-conditioned, has the Vie

was given at the Police Office

the effect that

??carriage had been attackod about mundown, on the western road-hence the Police man on patrol. But it was at the sashoard where this alinck was made, not the wastward, and the particulare of the matter we find to be a fol-

lowa. A gentleman and lady had reached the extreme end the carriage drive at the east.

Jany. 7toria-and the Hongkong Plate is Little Boward, and the Phaeton was just turned round

De 16 Peep's, if the owner acts on his own judgment,

Japy U

Jy and starts him with Tetoy's old rider on his back to return, when two coolees came up, one f


Next year nothing will touch hun.-A for "the whom attempted to stop the carriage by seiz



ing tho pole. At once perceiving the object of No. 31, just below 8t. Paul's Collego, is as rendered by the Steamer under my command ett be azoept through the United Bus Consul. It was the miscreants the driver whipped the ponies central as can well bo; and the plans, pre- Prates Shoul. I weed hardly any it will enka Oce then endeavored to ascertain from Capi, Porter the and they made a plunge forward. The Chinese at parod by Mr Nurveyor General Cleverly, saperisocal, not nely by myself, but I am sure Consul, and whether it contained a disavowal of the in mo wnail dagras the lealings of entlafkonom nature of the decummut he washed to wand to the the horses' heads then drew sword from under Senior Warden of the Zeiland Lodge, gire I may add, by the Officers and whole ship's com- charges against Mr. Smith They were infemel drom, and made a cui at the coins, but did promise of an erection that will prove an pay also, who so suly seconded my exertions, so that it was a protes, and that it referred to the two not succeed in effecting his object, although it unique ornament to our City, The Provincial cessful discharge of our duty, we have boos en the same time, it was written le plain terms. The know thst in the more than ordmary risk sud suo- former disarawals made by Capt. Porter. But, t was first thought he bad, for they (the reina) Grand Master and Officers of the Grand Lodgeabled to gain the approval of the Indian Mercantile object was evidently to get some kind of apology or parted (broke) and the poulos ran on without of China, with the Mastors, Past Masters, Of-como-ty of Chine Mupping for nearly a mile over a moet dan ficers and Brethren of the two washers Adira, it may be only for temporary period, to

acknowledgement of wrong on the part of Mr Bmith, ! la conclusius I can only say that le bidling that would en b'e them to neula iha affair, which gerous and unprotected part of the road.-11 lodges, will convene at 11 o'clock on Tues: the shores of Cain, it will eminently add to the ever, they received no asiance from the Crescem was becoming rather troublesome. In this, how. appears indeed quite providential that the in day morning;

ceromony taking place at feelings of pleasure wah which I look back upon City, and after me di-en-sion amongst the Span Dites of the carriago escaped unhurt.-it ber|| noon. To complete the day's fomtivity, the Dow been determined to have a Police const- Zelland Lodge have inued numerous invite chaos of the Forsige community, that I carry Consul They thought it could be door, if it was

the period of my stay in this country, and upon the ish ofBeers, they offered to go on shore and see if

any kindners which I have reovived from all was ant possible to gut the protest delivered to the able on the road in question every day between tions for a Ball at the Club house, of which wo with me such a liberal wkes of the seleem and ¦¦ Arat negretained whether the document contelor threo and soven F. M,

bope to furnish a full account in due time good wielas of so infusatis) and important a por anything cổmaito in the Spanish Governmani, In- tion of it as the Ladian Merchania Again thank formation on this matter was denied them; antwith-

Br the American Clipper Barque Mermaid Captain G. J. O. Smith, we have received half a dosen copies of the Placer Times and Transcript, and have been favoured with the loan of a couple of anpiss of the Alta California, Intony dates being November 25th. News, excepting the items from Cube, are of slight importance The following shipping intelligence is of meet general interest -

November 22nd,-Arrived Sarah Hooper, bence (60 days)

November 24th-Sailed Ship Racer, fo Shanghae, Jorish Quincy, for Menile.-23rd, Mandarin. for Bbangbae,-17th, Harmony, (Brit, ship) for Shangbao.

Rico was fluctanting at from 10 to 20 cents per lb.

the meeting being taken advantage of to prsing you for the kind manner in which you have sent to the Right Worshipful Samuel Rawson expressed yourselves to me,

P. G. N. a valuable token of the esteem to which he is held by the Brethren is Hongkong;

I remain,

Dear Sire,

Your obediant Berram,


P. & D. Naskawansun Camasza & ROSTORIC Brands & Co. and others. g. d. dc.


CAPTAIN Burns of the trading Brig Freak bay ta] Mantes Pagronene Franzer Cama & Co. from Capaia Rowley of the American Whato chip voured us with the following information obtained Haly-Four days before the Kaly anchored, in the mouth of December last, off Qualem, or Btrong's Island, a milowary station in the Pacific Ocean. Wipd,in the Bombay Gazette of the 17th Nov- about three hundred miles from the land of Au-

ember last, a very interesting paper, copied cension (in 6. 48' N.-156. ' E) a Captain in the New York Independent, upon the now Brown, with two cative bays, stated, in a Whale Caloric Ship."Ericsson." If the Ericsson is en. bost, with the intention of proceeding to Ascionabled to proceed on ber voyage, as promised but when the italy got there, on the 1st instant, Cept by the builder, we shall soon have to chronicle Brown bad not arrived, and fears are entertained that he was cut off by some natives of islanda en,

one of the highest achievements in modera rows where he would most likely have landed. The science; and the commencement of a wonder- Captain Brown is question had been pat sebore on

pel revolution in the made of propelling vessels A programme of the longkong Spring Meel. Quales in the early part of December last, by the the ocean. The path of the invention will ing has now been before the public upwards of crew of the Beig, Gamii, which be commanded-The be found described in the concluding part of two momke, and it will be nowa only to thean

Genii, a Whaler of Sydney, the property of Captain the article; the writer of which, although tell. who are sbsent to say that Tuesday next is the Town,aid to have been built in Weymouth. Eng. ing so that tim thing has been already proved first day of the sport. The first race on the Isod, some thirty five years ago, formerly a cutter, by an experimental engine, still appears to card in the Wong mei-chung Stakes for all has ogasea tack, a billet soroll band, round Hoes doubt whether the slenderen volume of air, as ponies under 13-bands-Sa are entered, Fid flush deck and is painted black-bad a mixed crow

rushes into the cylinder, can speedily be get-Pony cock - Mandarin--- Wagutublar-Flex. | of 24 Englishman and Islanders, who after rengi, ¦ come 'round staut and portly as an Alderman" and Prince. Raco and is for the Canton Caping, and potting Capuin Brows ushere as stated and, on retiring, like and uniko, its former self, by Araba-Mam Trooper, St. Andrew, Grey stored to the northward, with insmullen, it is suppor" | gs forth slim, as it entered? The invention is Fier and Brim go brag, being named as con- ed, of proceeding to California. There were 30 mimply this. Cold air, by being admitted into barrels of Oil on board. The Frack Jak Ascension the company of hot, instantly expands, and petitors. 3. are the Valley Htakes, to be run fur by Creditor, Rory and Prince. 4. The 29, Be14. Bailed the Missionary Schooner Caroline,

on the 2nd instant and reporte follows:- I'lenipotentiary's Cup-Quern-of-Cluba Kh

Am. Ship Milon, Cupt. Joum, 500 Barls. Loen, Paulino, Pratender, and Alaggio using Sperm, arrival 19th ?ct, uvilad 4 Oc fivs old favourites out of the Eight enterol. 19, Big Eleener, Capt Wooden, siled for Chins with Sandalwood &c sallad only for Race 5. The Scurry,--6. 7h Huck Stiker The first day's fare is not, to our thunkog, by any means a brilliant oua,


Am Ship Mohawk, Opt. Swan, 1,500 barroa Herm, arrived 20m Out?, sailed zná November.

For Wednesday, 100 second day, we hava, 12. Bchnener Sas Nymph. Capt. Maksamis

final-The Poway Walter, in which die little borne Allein izakus his first appearance, to com- pete with Rory, Creditor, and tho Pay-cock.--- Raco 2 in the Highlander Cup ;-Pauline-Kath leen-Pretender-Maggio-Lauder and Mon Trooper being the entries most known to faine, 3. a for the Indies Purse and Plate, by alj Ponics-( Sheik and Prince of the eight named wese our last year's stark) 4 The Arab 20, Welter in which we have Sir George Bou- ham's Temptation against Mom Trooper, Hi. Andrew and three others, 5. The Sydney Staker in which Kathleen, Queen of Chib??and Paslon run with three more. 6. The Hack Stakes for untrained horBOR.

trading voyage Am. Bg Ines, fapt. Barnen, 40 barrels, Sperm, do. Cocos-ant Oil, arrived 26th Ort, mild 17th Nove aber AbeBold 'aptain Roys, 9,000 barrala Whale Oil, aortod 7th Nov, madal 18th November,

There is no good, we think, for expressng any perform the part which steam new full

úubt as to the practical succes of the cx- periment-we may at onco record it as an fait accompli

standing which the offers did go on shers with Mr Morales, and after an no time the acting Veneul, Mr Moreland, came alongside in a government boat, in company with the Cautain of the Port, Don (301 Jarmo Charon The Canal was not, however, por mited to come on board, not allowed to write beze by the Gramont City Capinin Purter delivered his protest in person ; and being informed by Mr More. land that nothing more could be done, the cresc City put to, neither subdued nor conquerat. An she passed this Custom House thousand sware ap sembled to witness her departure The star-spangled banner was con up to bar fora-topmaat. Net é sound

was heard from the vast malidade on shsse, bot their heads as the steamer, andur fall atuam, awapa many silently rated their tropast, by uncovering by the nole Ar the Crescent Cky named the Mo- ro, she find a gun in honor of the flag that Bostad to the frowning castle of despotluca.

The fall-wing is the protas, made by Capt For- for at Havana:


proudly at her firemost head, than harlag delanos

Wanda, the fret article of the treaty of amity be

twa Spain and the United States, dolares there ahea be a firm and inviolable paste and sincere Créantskip betwem his Catholis Mejorry, ble rucnomers and sub- Joots, and the United Storms, and the citiem hereof, without exception of persons or pisos.

Article 4th of the same traty promines moto on distance and kindly arts towards the ships of ather Power when in the paris of the other, engaging to dan fand and protect them to the extent of Jartoflection by land or by om; and Article Bih secures to the citizen oraciofach free access to the courts of Justice be prosecuted by over and sathority of law only, and of the other, in all cases; and provi·les that all cos that the parts shall have priviligo of counsel and delman flow for the "panish nathorities in Cuba kove conformed to the tranty, le apparent from the fact that they have arbitrarily, and without any form of proces of law, cowed a United States stanssikjp, mgaged in the part of a loglzimate and peserful busines ta he turned from their port on que occasion, and refund communication on another, merely for an impacted of- and which offenge, if actually commited within their fance, committed in the twritery of the United States; own territory, the paalah amiberitim had no right to polan American citizen for. On i ocasione the undersigned has, in plain terms, danied that Pursue ith wet snything against the Spanish GovernISONE in the newspapera of the United States; but the work of an officer (who has ber-tofore enjoyed the can ?dence of his Government and the company he serves) has been a entirely disregarded by the Cuban authorities, if they were ignorant of the pallay which governs civilized nations On the contrary, they have par

vindictive and unfriendly comme, blob mus, l�?persevered in, het gesat and serious injuries on the commerce of the United States; and agaisnt which couran, as applied to this ship, or any of the company'a allps, the widersigned one inore strongly potenia

VERY IMPORTANT FROM CUBA. The finding (ach of intelligence by this arrival in the fact of third invali, biring newt given by the Cuban qushorul esi au American vansal 10 will be recalled that the first was the riding of them mails of the ship Carmelia. The incult tư tuo sten mor Crascent City, together with Leal Porter's pro taal, was puthabed some days since. The third in- alt occurred to the mme stanmer, on her refura Dip from New Orleanato New York. She entered barber of Havana at the break of day, and it in supposed that it was owing to her not being rena andi) she was well inside of the barber that she was

Brig Frank, Captain Burns, 100 Tanath Bandalwood, arrival X3rd Dei, sailed 2nd Jovoy.

Am. Banque Italy, Captain Rowley, 1,800 barrola whale Oil


A Meeting was held a Canton on the 18th inst

malted. At daarin the Captain of the poet cebe al guide, and sand for the ebanalou Me dma, who he was told wae still on beard. He then informed Capt. Poster that, ne the ship was in part, ne itape woul?t be taken to turn him out, but the Du domumentination would be allowed with

thements, or with any one from the shore. Capt. 10 a. in the house of Meware P, P. Chota & Co., in order to presoat as adire to Capin Porter shendowed to present his promet to he Commander of the H. & 08 P. Camere shore for further orders. By day of enfore-

Conagh, whereupon the Captain of the port retur furngmag, on occasion of his leaving Closing the Captain Camera's first order, guard bas

for his nativa country-About thirty of the Indian" || Ged with the police were placed on all sides of Residents were present to witness the ceremony.

the ship. The poor follows in the Terad och Mr R. Fram of Meur P. & D. N. Camajos from the bant of the sun, and looked very much se was proposed to the chair.

The Chairman then addressed Captain Hilla fwment by the sailing of the steamer. Capt. Purser if they wished to be relieved from their imprison. worda and requoted Mr D. Kalonjac to read the adstree

Day the third commences with a race the Civil Service Cap, value 100, presented by the Officers of H. M. Civil Norvice in China (of whom we have eighty and upwards of the third or superior clem so that $100,being after the rate of $15 each, is no great stretch of liberality). We haul this Cup with much pleasure, being the first of its kind, and as ear. nest that a more liboral spint, ilan has hitherto exited, has now sprung up in the ranks of our Civil servants.

Captain Hill then rose, and addressed the most All Horses may rar, foring, returning hie sincere thanks for the honor those of the civilians who do koop horses being they had done bim,

After which, Ross water very careful that it shall not be won by one of dowers (nosegays) were distributed, and the mods theirs. Those old favorites, the Queen of Clubeing core soon after 11 . .

The following letter was afterwards sent -Pretender-Kathisen-Puriline unit Maggiptain HN

Lauder (and three others) are entored, and we have no doubt but the race will be a good one. Race 2, in for the Victoria Plato, Sheik and Prinos are two of the four entries. 3. is for the Hongkong Plate for all horses, and if Sc Andres and the Shick really join with those already named as entered for the Civil Hervise, this also will prove an interesting match --No. 1 of the 1st day comas me the Selling takes, aftar which there will be a forced Handicap - Beat- Handicap,-and, last of all, use Nation


Mr D, read the address* and onid " Captain Hill, the plate alluded to in the address i now under manufacture and shall be forwarded to you by our fred Mr M. Pastonje,"

Dan Saxo,



Canton, 17th January, 1859,

gale in the karbor.

The undergood beg leave to draw the attention of the Spanish Government in Cuba, to the fact that the * Crescane City" uiled from New York with a large number of Cuban and American passengers on beard. every one of whom kada potrport from the Spa lah Cat No Fork growing him permission te mil in the "Crescent (

art of safe land? For the Port of Havana, with

z on the shorza of Cuba; mar- over, that the Spanish Consul at that place did not in- form the passengers, or give any notier to the United State Mail mabip Company that there was any likelihood the "Craomi City" being prevented from auturing the port of Havana. Te la true that a mani- fonto who imed to the undersigned, but the company were in newise hound by such manifesto, baring per- fect right in consider it cha hasty and ill advised set of ??subordinate oflar, Martin Gallan, (by whom w

goed.) which act, If parserred in. would Interrupt

the friendly interentre of the two countries; and which they would likely not repeat after the divowal of the imputed offence by the undersigned no such intention and ordered the can to bet lo

The Spanish authorities in Cuba have, in the most arbitrary work painting the outside of the ship, as though he

course parsed by them, violated the treaty of amity intended to make a long way. The police were in

exing between the two comnteles ; have in lezat dispair, but were soon rehered by boats from a fri-pany. Interests of large amount are likely to der by serione injuriesen private individuals and on this cam- ibe non-deliverance of the maile mtrusted to the Ger Al 9 o'clock, the Captain of the part came along.erosent officer of a friendly untion; and the wheels side again, and informed Captain Porter that he

of commeren, an fay on regarda shie ship, are entirely at a stand. Me mith, the offer in quilon, has born a would not be permitted to lay his protest fore be American Comal. He was asked by Cap, fall knowledge and previous countenance of the gamin

long time employed in the Company's marrion, with the Porter of what use a Canout was, if American va authorities, who bare d-from him from their barbar sale in difficulty were not permitted to communi. and it is a well known fact, that the undersigned, and cate with him. He was told that in any civilized these under his command, have always sharaw from tetibe ? Consal was recognized so the represent any set of interference with the officers of the Island, tive of Sila country, and the law of nations entitled either by spooch se act, though it might oaturally be citis 'as to have a to hun The Captain of the posed that they could not help but sympathing with port declined entering into a discussion of the mat

the misfortunes of unfortunate captives.


In colon, the undersigned takes this opportunity to protest again, in the strongmi terima, again the l defensible disregard of the treaty of amity and law of clor and legal accusation of offence, or opportunity of nations, by which American dilame are without bo defend themselves, subjected to proseription

It is with feelings of sincere pleasure and genti|ist, offirming, which was true, that he is ex- Beation, that I have to acknowledge the receipt of ertising so anhority of his awn, but acting sotite poor kind Address, scoomplaying the very hand-by ander neders. The tuberriaw terminated; se some Testinonis! which you present to me; in did the outside phinting; and steam was ordered which you are plasted to convey, on the conson up. The Captam intended to drop two cops of fered of my departure from Chias, your action bus Proton board an American bark and and severe mercanule les; the Bag of the Dalied duthe while in command of the Steamer" Hong mat was about moving whard, word came of that with the manner in which une priormed my bag lying in the lower harbor, when, se tún Cena- dieten treated with scorn and contempt, and the Gas- ernaut treated with diarerpeet in the parton of ita kong,"

Mr. Morales (of the house of Drake & Oh, sad, shows who, though commanding a ship owned by a ugani af the Company) had obtained part

Lempuy, is placed in his position by a writion order of the United States Government, and by law of the ceme nhưngude, which he did a few moments after Coogram of the United bratem. sa a abare boat, bat accompanied by a Govern ment boat with three officers.

Turn you that I feel myself totally Inadequate to express to you my thinks for this mark of your approbation of my o aduct, rendered dombly no- Deptable by the flattering asurances of your re It has always boss my andes- gard and asteem. TERDAY Best has been appointed for laying, our to contribute, as far as lay in my power, to with dee ceremony, the foundation stone of the comfort and convenience of Passengers who have been onder my maro, and it la with no litua Masonic hall in Honghong; a building, the want pride and leasure that I receive the kind and va of which has bean, on several occasions, of Tod tarsimony which you have burne to my c? serious inconvenience to the fraternity. The site of the intended hall, on the Inland Lot

*Mecellug more than £900 per aDBOM

dug in this respect

You have kindly referred to the service researly

??This addcom was published la une tape of the 5th instant

or by Afr Smith a-oding a written denial to the Mr Morales thougui usw difficulty could be got Captain General with regard to the accusation ul Plee Hicks The Captate Porter refused mi, as he bad made hima- if two disavowals, which bad not been rceived ; nor would be permit any cor- respondence from any officer on board the ship to go to the authoritier,

Capt. Poster alw refused, on his own part, to hold any corespundence with any one on this maller,

The undersigned also protest against not being allowed to make known to the American Casual the wet positively permission is communicate with ro altsalon in which he la placal, having been refsard presentative of the United tetes in the Jelands of Lube when appeal to the Consul of a country in era repeated amongst the Barbary powers, from whore a knowledge of the law of catious is not so mue to be expectel

Hespectfully sabinitund,

D D. PORTER, Ben U.. Nory.


October 14, 1882.


The news that the Cresent City was to arrive in having two small fire-doors, each furnace capable j New York was telegraphed on in advance, together of holding, perhaps, three or four bushels of oval. with the Intelligence of the third insult. An Patha. A ton of anthracite will start them all. Each pair siamic meeting was immediately held at which of cylinders constitute an engine. Their voted Itrong raclutions were adopted A Juam of Cu- power in transmitted to a single crank upon the ban patriota has been installed with imposing co main shaft. The agent that is to give motion is remonies When the Crescent City was sailing is air, expanded by the heat of the furnaces already to the harbor, guns were fired in the Park and amo named. The detail of valvos, dze, must be, ín cầout ther mass meeting ommbled After one or two identical in all reciprocating cylinder engines, epeeches they bred in procession with banners whatever be the motor. In the onlola engine the (the one at the head of the procession being inscribe | valve shiesta are just like those in was in the audi ed wib the word "The American Rug shall not wary 'benm angins * In a word, the caloria engine be insulted") and marched down to the wharf, off | is a steam-engine made to go by slamic expansivo the end of which the Crescent City lay Capt Porteam at a higher pressure. Honor the necessity ter was then slated from the wharf with guns. The of in many and so sporous cylindere; for, the salute was returned by the guns of the Croc City and another of the company's vessels lying


pressure upon each square inch of piston-head being less than in a steam-angino, of course the area, or number of square inches, must he increased On October 16th, orders were received from the by the ata ratio of factor that measures the de Navy Department the sloop of wer Cyan to reeson of preware If we would secure equivalent proceed forthwith to Havana' the miled imme-ffects in the two case. This is doas by four daily The stems frigate Müsissippi was also folding the area of each cylinder, and by doubling ordered to follow her with all dispatch

their number. Four 19 fost cylinders, with a

The Times any that 2,000 men and boys she under arma, drilling daily, in the streets of New York, and ready at any mornant to leare for Cu bat mentions, however, a rumor that the Usi- ted S Government, as a cheans of redressing the insult of Calm, is about to take stringent mon- ?�ures for the suppressions of these Fillibusters.*




For London Bemarang, H.

Hamilla Mitchell, H. Castle Eden, W. Ann Mitchell, B.

Joseph Fletcher, 8.

Naomi, 8.

For Liverpool, Emily, 8.

Wild Flower, 8.

For Bombay.

Bar Erin, U. (28th inst), AND, W.

For Bateria Cornelion Smi, H. Bintang An, W. Ters, W.

For Singapore. Fair Barbadian, A.

Sumo, H.

BL. Jose, M.

For West Indies.

L. Flora Hamings, El.

For Arran

Bad Behidan, H.

Mr Law had notified the Government that ho in-pressure of lib, to the sach, friction aside, will tended to send the Cresent City to Harman again yield as much power no one cylinder 18 inches in with the same purser, und that if she was fired diameter, with 1616 pressure to the equare inch. upon he should surrouder the vessel

The advantages claimed for the caloric engine ste imposing. 1. Economy of space. A moment's inspection Justifica and admit this cialm1 9o Sqfety from explosion and accidear. This, tos, is un deniable. 3 Incidental ventilation for the entire ship, since it is proposed to draw the supplies of si from the ship's hull. This, also, seama indiepaja Wie & Economy in fret cost. The engine is about equal in com to a slasas-angina, and hence Confirmed accounts of rigid mensures adopted as the cost

of balleru, having so non for them' & by British cruisers in the Fishing grounds, tooth Economy in running, requiring bos on 6th the us from Prince Edward's Island" "The schooneren.? This remains to be proved. 6. Lastly Ausa Elisa, arrived at Portsmouth, N, H, reporte sod chiefly, economy in fuel) a saving of sine that obe was twios fred at by 11 M atomer De

tenths, or at least four BAha, the fool or linarily monstration, and was forbidden to go into Cape consumed by steam engines of rqand power. Bay for any purpose whatever American Tutela This, remaine to be proved. Will they work 1|| are also excluded from the Bay of Chalour,

A tough question. The writer sannst hanved as ope | Corsalat Balt, baryan sion, not having seen the soul of the invention, the E Inkówas barque regenerator, as the inventor bae christened it, an tachment sustaining the same relation to a team-ku gine, 'c'heet is no question as to whether air will en pand by boat espanding, it will drive a piston, no

The Br bark Balloo, Wm McCall, master, which miled from Realejo fur Mouatlan, on the morning of Oct, with a gomarul casgo of wines, liquors, etc from Cadiz and Bordeaux, was wznak by a squall on the sight of the 36 which lasted for half an hour It was afterwards found that the ship was making considerable water, and gaining every hour upon??the pomps. At soon of the dib, alt bade took te the boats : In short, two hours later, the ship tool a beavy roll und went down hend foremost about 70 miles westward of Realejo, where the crew, 18 in number arrived on the 6th and 7th, all well. The vel and cargo we baliovo, wara lusured by Rob't Yeard of Mazatlan.-San Francisco

Now, 20


doubt about these elemental postulates there can

Andas, schoon

At Hongkong Amma, Hasteko, Ca Bothway, ship)

Bria, stane

Fale Barbadim, brig


Hamilla Mitchell, ship Hamilton, shly

Daily Flors Handings. Kilpi

Isbad Gusen, schatper

Land Warviotow, aby

Lachlann, hazana

[ena, sebenar




North, heig



For San Francisco. Aneon, II. Emma Laidoen, H. Lord Warriston, H. Navarino, H. Mary Adams, H. North Carolice, LL. Onyz, M.

??балов, W.

For Callas, Elina Morrison, O. Novita, W.




Lon. Bept 16 1.







PRICE $10 per annum,

TERMS OF BUBSCRIPTION to the PFRIEND OF CHINA AND HONGKONU GAZETTE, par Annum, 18 Dollars, payable in advance, quarterly or otherwise, st option, Dingle Numbers Må orui. TERMS OF ADVERTISIN -Te lines and under, 1 Dollar; ad titlenal, 10 coute line. Repetition o-third of the fest insertion. Ships.-Pret Insertion, & Dollars; absequent Insertions 45 cent

Advertisements to have written, on the face of them, the number of times they are required to appear, albérwise they will be published and salermandai. made when quarterly of dunia are randared for advertisements ordered to sland andisturbed for a period of three months

A reduction of twenty five per cent on usual charge


Bop Amord

?о?а Bookle

Lon Aug 10



Liv. Bept 19



Liv. Nov 19 3

Count of Winton Crangle

Liv. Det 24

Crystal Palaso


Lon. June 238

Don Ricardo


Liv. Supt 29 FL

Early Bird


Purk Falobe

Loo. Oci BIL,

Lon, Oct 98| 8.


For New York,

Funny Chapman Cuningham Liv. Ang 14 8.

Hurricane, W.


Harriet Humble

Bowete Pawcats

Lo. Oolj 8,

Liv. July 178

For Port Phillip.



Liv. Od H.

Martha, El. (lat Feb.)



Loa. Sept 26 H.

For Manila.

Katharine Shater


Loa, Oci 28| 11,



Liv, Bept 35

Mary Montague


Lon Aug 17 &

Mary Shepherd


Leo. Sept 23



Lea Nor

8. V. Gires Bootland



Loo. Aug'

Audax, H. (to-day) laland Queen, H Union, W.



Liv. Sept

Bacurity Tinto

||Bannington Liv, Oa

Jonas Liv, Oct 20

Bombay, 11

El Tiempo, M. Amistad," W Hindos, W. Joshua Bates, W.

For Shangha






Loa July 97, B.

Nov 22|San Francisco Tapt 23 H. F. Edwards. San Francisco

Den 153. Machosa and co- Changian Ib Port Phi New Deot and so


31.Drinker and on Handle Newpers July 14 Purser and co dan Francken Oct Shanghas


23 Perry






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Dut. | 647|Vanderwal


Brit.| 151|Junior








147 Dommed




Batavia Was, Anthon sad av San Frandonn 40.0. Edmond Bambay Des 12 John Bard and on dingspåre Mathews and co. Jan 19 Deat and on

Leader 25/Wa. Anthon and


|Dee 10Ban Prunalom/?kat


Deo 27 Liverpool


300 terw

clarke Malatyan, barque Brit. He has

Mary Adams, horque

be no question. Moist air will expand by higher raŭloa ikao dry air will incream its volume over 10 per cent by receiving 90 degrees of host ordancy atmospheric air lacrvene ita volume 30 per diui. between sero and the boiling point. (Exeye, Mr. Punmat.' (190 21.) But the question. Can sir be quickly hes tad and quickly cooled on it be Mrusade to shrink in the cylinder instantly, as steam North Caplan, dig dose when it escapes into the condenser ?-this is | Himani

From the Boundary Gasstis, November 17. Tus following article on the Caronio Amir Enross is from the New York Fadeprudent, and is written by the celebrated Congregationalist of Brooklyn, Henry Ward Heacher brother to Harri Brecher Blowe, authorss of Uncle Tom's Cabin Mr. Beecher says, publicly This cautio principle will be the gosiasi mist'anary ever wat forth :*-

The Brians in externally " fiert class masm skip, perhaps a tollu kanter, trimmer, and mora gener?ul shao usual; meningly a steamship,-the sure contrast of bluck and gold, the pas a high arching pole bunca, tevesking the red iron wkurla and Bonte, this me half way perparation for Canvas But really and within, what strange work ! No alum, and no bailers to make stessi, and m place to put them if they were wanted. No smoke, kud no chimsays worth naming. No mom hise and roar, no more explosion Hesafter all is to be sley and still. This is the onlorie ship. A colly experiment truly, rod, if secreful, destined to work on entire revolution is mechanica, nothing Ires than an entire disons of stram as autor There is something sublime in the during chaplayed

in this undertaking ; a single invention entering the

Mermaid, beyna

zama, Grie Clara, bis

??question which the writer cannot answer. Caplain | 145 Kay, ông Ericson regerator" is intended to accomplish Bumerang, thy this it is to beat the air as it cushion into the cylin|Hers Jets, der, and cool the air, or receive back the heat, all|sama, bring

Mal Fatir dan, ship bat 30 or 40 degrees lust by radiation, se the nig

Dam moon make its escape Furthermore, is to decharge Film Morrison, blag this fee promptly, instantly, no that the slenderest || Maiyya, sabonner volume will, on, become rood' and stout,

Macza be alletuso, will disgungu ila getungs, and go and purily as na alderman ; but, on cutiring, valiku

EJ Tempe brig that it come, and learn ila honi and oplden Gerirely th portlinem for the next sccupant. The furnacia | H. K. Mihinsa, barque bare seed in supply only the little low of 20 degrees - N. # de Las brig or so wut of 400 or 500 which the air reotives by in

Novo Viajante, härgeo beritance from its pr-drocators, manly the look angle, ship

Onyx, brig age by radiation. Such cisime as these excite scap. Ha Jeté, ticism. They do not necessarily suvolve an absurdity Tramelos, barqno and if the regenerator' wil do what is claim

Varendon, bargue ed to be doing already in an experimental engine, then beyond - questia the calo so engine will amituly barqno

Whampoa work, and the days of strom ura sumbered. ? fow|Amttyylip" weeks will gitle the question. The Ericsson in An, orga alost, and be engines are wall sigh complete Expectation is on tipton."

Amble, harqee

lete and ahallenging the parfacted work of ages. Jac.




The dating wine attention and commande intenst 21, Flavius (Am), Folge, from Singapore, 7th Dec. interest. The marine steam engine is the result of years of experiment and study, and penasquent | 22, Nana (Dpi)," Habarbier, from Fambawa, 13th

program. A very few years ago no work abop in The world would bare dared to undertake such mastive work. Castings of 40 some weight, and complicated to the last degree; shafts of wrought iron welded up big as a pine tree; cylindare large anough for a comfortable bedroom. Had any man dared devise the work and ofcoate the drawings, no shop could bare satisfied the conditions; but How, by short, and slow, sad saay maps. every dimension has been increased inch by lush, until at Tast our enginea senam like the very wheels and machinery of nature. We build iron cavern,

pour is an oreen, and set them over volcano modestly call them buily ra and foroaces, se if it were

??mere device to boil eggs withal. A pair of fr


29, Nowpareil, Brown, from Caloutta, and Nov.



Bintang Asem, bargus

Caller, brit

Beer, barqu

Freak, brig



Am. Te Harding

Belt | 4a Pal



Bet 100 th

Dat. Harkerbier

Brit 400Wo Am.

| Belt | BU Akielek

| Brit. 797|MoColleck


|Part] 18458v6

||Span | 190| Vosbunad

Part.) 2500vales

Dat 43|Nablasım Part, 260 Fa

Brit PL 99 Fernadas



Britto Denu |Span]||29||Fayng

Hels. 600 Walker

die Brows SagDevia

Det 84 Halstyn

Brit 130 Thorki

Mian tr]Woong Dee J Mathers sad es.


Dest and on. Det F. Rågst West Lodice

Nav 21. Mahwah and on Man Francisco Det Rawie. Drisbee and an

||Nov 14|Pas book

Pert thade Jan salMacus

Paškas Franeken Nov. Sa Wam. Anchen und on

Despoten und sollen Francion *11dan Fransisce Out 24 mm. Anthon and so San Franciscs

Past and as.

Phase Lindsay und an,

Piwo 200m Francisco|Apr 35]J., Lamont

Dea & New Zealand Dot 112, Machines and an. D

Jan gillarebama Dan John Bard sad on,


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Nov 11 Wh

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Jan Ebben

- Libe Besion

Diese sõlingapore Kat DeLMA

Pan Pat book Due 14gapore


July 12 Hanghang Jai -{Batavia

Fan 116ingsporu

-- "


Pax 18Sydney Den Kopparbaldt Daa sõjalagupare Jim Bidingspora


| Belt | Sia|Jura

1900 Very 495tarbrook


Jaramina Gersett, ship Bitter user

Jukas Balan, ship

Lima, berçoi

23, Mermaid (Am), Smith, fross Ban Fransisco, tiam diye

28th November.

21, Jeremiah Garnett, Hentras, from Tutario. 24, H. M. Br. Hermes, Commander Fishboarer,

from Canton,

24, Mary Adama (Am), Harding, from ?lasao. 25, Mateppe, Ryrie, from Camangoen


25, 0.8. Sloep Plys, Commander Kally, from Jan.


22, Ema (Port), Oliveira, from Lisbon.

Verondon (Dut), Welget, from Beta vin.

clam da laver marias angines, slowly swinging Jen.

thrit immense propustions to and fro in pondrow


???? ????????.

silence,approach as oraz to sblimity as it is lawful | 21, Zephyr, Morrice, East Consi

for the work of than to come. He that can los? | 22. Nomparti?, Brown, Whampon.

upon them with na smotion af aus, sud, so thrill 22, Freak, Burns, i bampon,

of apprehension, will do well so be anxiouest once 23, Jeremiah Garnett, Huntres, Whampo

ab-vot his soul. Notwithstanding this, and uca- bashed by the imperial renowa and majowcy of the modern, "ugins, there w come an unknown cham

29, Flovine (Am), Folger, Whampo

33, Pacifique (Fr), Darid, Bhunghan.

25, Mecpanid (Am), Smith, Whampoa, Jan.


21, Rockliffs, Cergey, London. 2, Lander, Gray, Liverpool. Doc.


19, Antorcha (Fr), klorguen, Singapore,

pion into the Wate to dispute the empire and claim the first rank to itself. Nut by slew steps of pro- gress does it propose to ise to donision. Not by ??long apprenticeship or slavery to pumps, mills, ferries, and river bosts, the steps by which mos attained to Royalty,-not so will the caluric engine win its way, All or nothing. All at once of nothing And on the ball in builded and launched, such a bull as bus oever bafuru kwen sant beauty, wrongth, and overlianes. Her register in over 2,000 to There are uol len steamers in the world larger than sha, and nut sue of equal Clempara workmanship in respect of seaworthiness and Harnes strength. Her engines are buint with the name elegance and precision that we should noticipate were they the Both instead of the Arat of their klad. Four huge cylinders, soch lå fent la diamotar-D tuches is the largest diameter the writer over an given to a plena cylindas-are to be met la alime along the keul Under auch is a little furnace, Bar

Supply La Caprici

??They had better recommend Mr Law sa get bâr Dmách nother paznership-ED. F. or C.







Lily Minda Rapid Royalist

||| 1680. 4 Filimono Shanghon (1 M, 98, La Fondren

Dr. Mankier Whampoa H. M.




است ?ا

MU, 8 Walter [Hangkanyara ?b] 4 dinala

Moy.Care. 36 Requemetri

Pt. 3. De Plaa

Landen, ship

Nloran, barque

Nepal, harga


Hom 360 Patre

Fr. 330 Boumet Bric. 421 latest

Peru 231 Marc

BHI $30 Frown

Peru. 101 Agullat

July til Lyall. Still and on. Arm

Ner & Thrase and on.

Now tell. Koman and on.

Jan #1]J. Matheson and on

4. A de Male and ar

Hangul, Sell and so. Manila


Kawie, Drinker and on

[la Porales

J. M de Jan.


Jabe Bard sad derechos

Out 10. V. Jorga

- de 1 de Oferoine.

Judy 12/1. Mary.

Dao Nero, Marray and on


IA. F. Vandenberg la ica mega, Parkin and

Nov 130. Livingston and as

Deo 16 Anger & Alleman

Ost bew Hong

Nov 14 Dant sad an



Tückwoman and R.Merge

Des Rawls, Delakarand an

| SUSA Prolda m iDent and

Sept 20 Mossell and en. #10Ben Francions Nov 10 Russell and ca.


gall, Bill and an ||July 31 Nya, Tarkila and so

Dee 94 King and






ON and her the real date Tours in Corby give notice that the

further soties The

H. & C 8. P Co.% Bloomers will ply regularly hotweca Hongkong, Capton and Macao. every Monday, Wednreday, and Friday, (uniung previous notice of Deviation be given) as follows. The Boot leaving Hongkong, sa Mandag, and Camon on Friday, will call at Blucao, sterling si 7. The hour of departure at other times will be and the Boats will proceed direct be wero llongkong and Canton-When inducement offers, the Boats will call at Corsingmoon, but previous antice of such deviation will be given when praationble.

The free will be as heretofore,

business hitherto condusted by them in Canton will from this data be carried on at Shanghna.

DALLAH & Co. Canton, 19 November, 1855.


THE undersigned have this day formed Copatl: THE

nership under the name and style of UOUTD & MARTIN, for the tracasction of an Importing and Gewal Commersion hunimems.


Ban Francisco, 9th June 1851


In Cinas batwson Hongkong Canton & Macao E Undersigand has emblicked himself

Macao 85.

Deck ?оми?е Eк?о?ина - az.

Chinese-- Pscogere desirous of proceeding to it for a short period may obiais recura luckola available for the first or avond Summer after their arcivala at the reduced rates of 98 between Hongkong and Blero, 19 between Castes and Mocas

Every first Class passenger will be allowed cos terent free of chargs.

The vowels will convey freight on the time of their published neule; ná which, however, some reduction will be mada for large quantition, by special agreement.

LYALL, STILL & Co. Apmate H 4 6. 3, P. OK Hongkong, bch Nävember, 1952


have early dapatob Fon Fanions Apply 10,


Hongkong, 22nd December, 1862.



besis at AMOY 18-Snip Chandler Avor:?nnen, and General SrokKARAPAN, JOHN DELLAMY.

Amoy, 21 October, 1852,




Hon. T. Hur Kana-Collector of the Port B. U. Hormann, Eng -4o istant Caffactor. J. A. Carr, Esq - Naval +ficar. C. K. G, E-Deputy Collector. Jos. Vince Bacwn, Esqui=U. 8. Appenier


THE undersigned have been appointed Agosto at Hongkong for the auḥeorioevo tu LLOYDS. Masters of Vessels are requested to gommunicata to them intellig.nce of lust, secilenia, the spank willing of Vreels, and any general information they courider of importance of interest to the vubscribera.

LYALL, STILL & Co. Hongkong, 3rd September, 1884.


THE A. 1. American Carque "MARY ADAMS," Captain HanoinoG, Beker will be drapeliod on nt but the Sili prozimu. For Fauzomy or Paraum spydyto


Hongkong, 21st January, 1253.



Theil an the 1st February.

THE Brig "MARTHA," Captain Fawwice, has Four Sista Rooms and Four Blewtage Beatus vadint. For terms of Passads, apply to the Captain on board, or to


Qosen's Road, Hangkong,

18th January, 1858

New York


San Franc Nev 125okumason and co- Repaking and co.

Anglar Allan

Din si Le


Nov 10 Me Ma

'Dea 102al**

Oct King and

Jan 21 Caloutin



How to Hongkong

Den 19 W. Habinet.

Br. 164

· ??Allansoo



Dat??434 Han ALB

Jas Historia

Blast Coast


13 Judd

Gazalia, sebooDES




196 Morris

| Hidang, brigantine

| Zephyr, achoamer Amoy

Alligator, brig

Australia, o

Halla Gullegs, ship

Clarke, baryna

El Lancer, burg

General Chemo, barges

Independence, brig

J. de Unsueta, valp

La Valles, qua

Helados, barque

Robert Bow, ship

Hos Kos, bargeo

San Andres, ship

Bir Thes Graben, skly|

Haphia Fraser, barque

Spártam, barque


Aan Miltowed,

Fully, barque Fattal, barque

Helens, all

Jeeps Fleicher, g

Whampan, harqe

Sid Flower, slip

Sallad Leden, ship

Jebu Phinya, barque Maka, aler Fastique, Mo Homes Appleton, ship The Rayden, skip

Water Wito, buqes

Watan, darges

|Belt.|| 197|Bakar



Les Vines)

Pieu Nable

||Span || 400|Benevides


467 Hel

434 Lodge

Die 400 g Bolt 147 mītis

pan Hd Auriamosh



No+ Buses Frangings Oet Lake Hated and us.

Nev -Chunghan Designg

Jan-Rangkong Dee Lydon Nevet Pho Des 18 Hongkang Uot thoughne


Dee Is Com Uct 10 Manila

Den 26J. Mashanam and as. Lawn Dows and

Jan 14 Take and co.

Tat and on. Now RiTalt and on järgi Bi Talt nad on and co Tall and

byme, Muir and so.

Muir and







Lyme, Marie and co. Batavia,

Dyas, Morandi q5.


Ost 19 Talt and so.


Put back


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Out 13 Ha







Apee 37 Jullen

E214|184 Hopper





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AM Se Care

Brit. Organzat


Det smile"

Brit 477 Hewitt

|Holet | 200|[pland Brit 305 esta

1300 Petta

360 Varld

Am 780 Dena



979 Manu

400 Macpharop

Dee 10ingspers

Oot day

Nov 11 Mala

De Liverpool

New Bingapore

Des IdAustral

Set Dent, Reale and callandse

Jaks Hargreaves and Liverpool

Out 100, and aspara

- and as.

Dre threw Zekad ties - 22h, King dan Lad

Den 11 Honghong

Des 19 Candi

||Nar Suliusani and no.

Holiday, Wise and anandoa



Deal, Heale and ca. Sydney Nov-Lindy and co.


Nor Saltmish, King and on. Shangtan


Des R2 Linday and co


Jan $10. £, Lond


23 Rasel and as

Den Nye Parkin and on.

1ml and co

94, Dent, Benin and on

Jan 48. Raw and


EDITED, PRISTED AND FORimko, dy tri Proppeuron, Willian TazuANT,

Quma's Road West, Victoria, 1888.

Liverpool, 21 July, 1832, NOTICE in hereby given that the partnership sulleting between the undersigned, enreging

VICTORIA EXCHAKOR TEK undersigned beg to sunce to the Public


Pull charge made for repetition of any Advertisement in the Graslany lun.

MARINE INSURANCE. NEW YORK Mutual ImŭranOS COMPANE, NEW YORK. THE Undersigned is preparad

accept MA JRINE RISKO is behalf of the New York MUTUAL INSURAR ComeANT. payable in London or Now York.

This Company, under the Title of the Naw YORE INSURANCE COMPART, we organised in 179 #JoinT STOOL COMPANY. In 1851, in was re-organland on the principle of the Mutual Byslem, and the profits ofīts First Year's Business ding March, 1852, returned to Contributore a Divided of Forty two per Cand upon the earned Premiums, payable in Certiflostes bouring Biz per Cand intertal për Anoka,

Partioase of Ratne, &e, may be obisland on application to

H. W. HUBRELL Panlon, 11th December, (683.


well amorted lavice of English Cordage A Canvas and Twins-Nalle of cisca, in Caske

of 2 ew,-Round Bar Troo

Pale Champagne, First Growth-Pale and We, do-Becond da da-Stout from Barclay 4. Parking-Clarets and Bundy, from T. Dentis #Som Apply by


Hongkong, Stel October, 1888.


JUST RECEIVED por Overland Mail.


Nicel's Lame Cloth Paleron, Gentleman's | Bylyu (Linen Fronts and Cuffs) White kid Olaves, India Robber inflating Cusblocs, Patent Swimming Balts, Letts' Dacion for 1058, Marryatt's Bigand Becks ( Edition) Mesurement Table Eks, Tape Linea of 60 and 100 feet, Mathewwical lo meni in Cars, and a stuvil foroics of Bmych Jp Nephew's shoice Perfumery,


Per Rjasthan. Untlemen's blank Terbating and Neoteric Hats, | that he opens the shore Building this day, as - Saporiot blue Cloth Caps, Blusting nod Walking

??OUNERAL CONNtaton & Anuxcy Sales Rowm, Skas, Wellington Buoin, Jake Hall & Son's Glas and will personally superontend she me and hold Gunpowder, Roleon's me old Port Wine, March's An Anelium on the premades abestvér a sultiniant Breply of 1860 viningu. Hass's Pale Ale to Plate indues sont offers, baring angagad Mr. Guouaz

and Queria, Captaice, Abernethy, Preeburg and Doppelt's servicva no Auchoner.

Maked Biscuite and Spice Nuta,

Vich-tia Exchange, 1-1 January, 1^63.



W. BUTTON has commenced Business

If chi

Kerran on the Premisor adjoining the Auction Muet Victoria, and has Carriagee, Harta, and Ponies for Hire, Also the Break for training Horace.

N. B-Stabling to Lot. [longkong, Ist January, 1888.


LANE. CHAWFORD & Co. Hongkong, 17th January, 1863


AQUANTITY of Larren laundry Pig Iron,

ALEXANDER WILSON, Mein Jane Matheson & Co's


East Point, 92nd January, 163.




RS. F. DUDDELL bage respectfully to solicit

of Hongkong to her Millorry and Haberdashery Business at the VICTORIA ExHawa?, and will be most happy to execute any orders wab which she may be favored.

Victoria Exchangy, tas January, 1750.

N. B. Bide entrance in Stunity stred


EXTRAORDINARY CURES EFFECTED BY HOLLOWAYS OINTMENT AND FILLS. Copy of a Letter from George Bretan, Esq., Depu ty Collector of Customs, dated Allahabad, January 24th, 180R.

To Professor HOLLOWAY,

MY DUAR BER-Flaving for several years pas. ned your Pelle and Ointment with unfailing mo. cm, I beg inte is arolion a few saare which bave come under my observellan. One wars Com cer of the tigh bravat. The patient was un elder- ty bative Christian and the mother of several chd- érem ; she bad suffered for years, and was voder the treatment of several medical mrs: the pro-4 was entirely gone laving a larga ugly sotu, which after the application of your Outovani, spread upon plantala kava, was completely boiled in a very

short (ma.

Another was that of a Child, 6 years old, the som of a Bergson; the lulo fellow's logo were covered with uses: they resisted the treatment of his father, and his mother very wisely tried your temedies, which an lose than a fortnight off-cted a perfect cara, The third was a boatman, who had apli the sail of his great te ngrisst a stick in the river, in which the mud accumulated and formed a sors; angleet csured prood flosh, and when brought to ise, theta water the unit a lump of it so large on a pigove's egg. Puolliers, caustico and your Ostraval entire- ly cured it in less than & woke,




Copy of a Letter from Mr. Thompson Chemist, "Liverpool, dated August 20? 1951.

To Professor COLLOWAT,

Das Bin,-I am enabled to furnish you with a é exiaordinary cars effrowed by your invalu able intent and Pills, which twee satugabad every perasu acquainted with the sufferer. About 10 years ago, Me W. Camine, of Baltney Nivet, in ibi seno, was thrown from his born whereby lis received very serious injuries; he had the but ne dical advice at the time, and was afterwards on to- mate of different infirmacies, yet de grew worse, ?�nd at longtha malignum sunning vicer souled in bie hip, which so completely crippled him, that he could not move without crutches for pearly 10 years; ON VIEW AT THE Storm of Tan UnDRASIOXED, recently be began to use your Ointment and Pilla, which have now hupled the wound atspogthened hia limb, and cable him to dupense with bio ervices, so that he can walk with the greatest ease, and with rebowed heskb and vigour.

(Bigned) J. THOMPSON. A MIRACULOUS CURE OF BEROFULOUS ULCERS WHEN THE PATIENT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AT THE POINT OF DEATH. Copy of u Letter from Mr. R. G. Baxter, General Merchant, of allina, County Mayo, dated March 27th, 1852.

N Experienced Songson for Voyage from A NEAT COTTAGE PIANO, 61 Octaves, by


Ampy, to Demerara. Apply to,"




London, beg leave lo inform the Britlab and

an business as East India Merchant, Ic. Liverpool, under the son of NIROM, DAVIDSON & Co. Bombay in the East [wifins under the 6rm of DIKOM, HUNTER & Co. and in Cline under THE MANAGERS of the Sun Fter Oppier, the frm of DIROM, ?H?Y & Co. was this day dialed by mutual conaret, no for an regarda | Foreign Residents at flongkong and Canton, that WILLIAM WILKINSON DALE. The business they have convituted and appointed the under. of the Liverpool, flombay, and Shanghoe house signed as their Arronnees to i-que Policies of In will for the Futore be carried en by the undersigned race against zake us Buildings, Goode, er ROAT DAROM, Willis Forsten Hustodie and our Property at dinen places. Thomas Fomyth Gray, Dantes Perran and Pull particulars of Revit da, may be obtained

on application to Chantza Repun, by whom all delite das by or to

LINDSAY & Co. the old respective hagone will be paid and received.

Hoighing and Caxias, ROBT. DIROM.






Liverpool, at November, 1989. þEFERRING to the shore Novice we beg to add, Mu W, W. DALE commences basic in Canton, on bis own account; and will set for ne and our Bombay and Shanghar houses on that Port


Canton, 20th Juruary, 1858.

ITI reference su the Nolicas prefited, I beg

Pongkong, 16th Augus1, 1062.


Estandard In 1832.

CAPITAL £80,000,

100 8AM or £500 HADE.


Memory Landsat & Co.--Hongkong, Chin,



Mars Gludstanke & Co.-Landon,

Lroxin A Co-Bomboy,


Bwana. Familisé Co.-l'alcolle,

Panut & Gin - Mutas-

With referenor to the whore, the wailaraigned to

to intimate that the busineva nitherta osreled herr in the name of DIHOM, GRAY & Co. will be satiward by my under the style of W. prepared to grasi Poticase Payable in Londra, W. DALE & Co


NOTICE. MR JOHN BARTH is authorised to sign

Our Firm by procuration.

TURNER & Co. Camon, 20th January, 1883. NOTICE.

|][a FESTONJEE RUSTOMJEE in such-tin- ed to sign our firm by procuration from the day.

COWANEE PALLANJEE & Cu. Canton, ist January, 1663.

Bombay, Calouste and Madras.



COLLARD & COLLARD, This awest toned Instrument will be sold chap.

MAC EWEN & Ca 'Queen's Road, dih January, 1859.

F?R SALE. ALOSTER, Chelder and Berkeley Clear- dcotch Marmalada,--- Raspberry Jam.

MAC EWEN & Co. Quear Road, Hongkong,

14th Jennery, 1858.


ON BOARD THn drous Bate "HYGEIA," Whampoa Hesch. Hextensive assortment of Bhip Chandlery and A Cabin Stores, of the best and most variol dan. sription, an

Colton Chan-Nan, 5 a 10. Resin de and Duck,

Beach and Engliab-da,

Patent Manila Cordage, of all sines, Weth's Patent Russia Rigging, from one to aleven insura,

English and Dutch Sheathing Copper, from 16 le 32 on--with Naile,

To Professor Holloway,

Dean Bin, Sean Dober, of Batty Glen, near

this place, was for upwards of three years affected with Ben flow Uloers, and of so virulent a cha?- now that the boren of her arms and kande protrod. ed through the Arab. She tried variowa setandies, and was in the Castlebar Infirmary for thirteen wroka, bot sent out as incurable,

After returning

to her home she was in sa weak a state owing to the continute discharge from the ulcers that she kept her bod for several worka; and when reduced apply to death's dour, Mr James Cariaw, the Seeb Agriculturist of the localsy, purchased from me some of your Oroiment and Kille for her, which immediately wrought a most extraordinary change

With other articles to numerous for comprize! in the fruits of an advertierwan; all of which can be obtained, either wholole or retail, at prices for the better, and in a few months abo was restored from ten te Bileo per cent lem then these chargedly healed, and the use of her arma and bands per. to sound health. All the low are suw complete- fectly restored.

at any other establishment to Chion.


Whumpor, 18th June, 1862.





The Pills should be used compaintly with the Olment in

Bad Let'

Bed Breas Barna B

the wing:-


Cons (B)

Contracted and

Bi Julia


Eke of Mancheson Bephantiatio

and Hand-Flies Cuba

THE Mention of Whaling Ship Mamers le par.

ticularly requested to the grant advantage arising from repaiza Bhips being alleled at Whompm; where the undersigned have several der duck, with dry and ture Shede for the storage of oil or other cargo in the yards adjacent; Ch charges on the same, and for repairs, being the most moderate made in any pert in China. There are ne phat charges on vowels requiring repaire when | landing iksir vergoms, and many benefica sto deriva- ble by coming to Whampoa which it to hardly p

China, 27th February, 1959

EQUITABLE FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. 28 CORNHILL LONDON. "THE underwegard, having been appointed Arseu

for the abura Odios, are prepared to effect în encances against fire, on Buildings and Goods, in | sibleż? uposily within the limits of a single adver.

Canton and Hongkong, including merchandise in tienda), native Packhouse

HOLLIDAY, WIBE & Co Cantue, 14th Augum, 115',


COWPER & GROSVENOR. New Town Docks, Whampoa istaud, 15th November, 1832.

Churiais Chapped hands


buts Nipples

Buse-thivale Shin-dbeases

Bcurvy Sure heads

Glandular Bwell. Tomeans

lagu Lumbago Piles

Ulri W


By Mr. J. M. Da SILVA, et his Biore

and by HINNAM --Songkong,

St. J. M. LA FONCECA-Macan

and Mesaro ACOW & Co-Caton.

Alla, 6d 3 Bd. & te, noch pol or Box.

There is a considerable saving in taking the

large pula.











Primulan & Ontental. Strar Navidation Company's Steamrud


Descmption of Accom.



Fou llow �?�?

Swan River Wing Graco's,



Port Philip or Sydning.



ACEWEN & Co. will sell by Public Auc

Trok, This day-Saturday 26th January, 1859, at noin, precisely.

By order and at the Godown of Mosers JADINE, MATHON & Co. Eas: Point for the benefit of the concerned.

A Quantity of øð SHEATHING COPPER, U TON - Empty WATER CASKS. COTTON YARN, and zinndry niber Gnola.

TORNO OF SALE - Cask befwe delivery. Hongkong, 19th January, 1859.


FOR SALE by Proud Acorn, on

next the 31st ínat, at 10 a. N., on soaquat ef whom it may ongos.

R ?or in bags,-Rolls of Mauing, and Goils of Cordugo; loded, damaged from the Brig Orga.

"aano, Caun in Spanish dollara,

JOZE MARIA FONSECA, Mecno, 26th January, 1853

BIRTH-AI Missa, in the ided January, Mie. W, C. Eleven, of u žien.

BIR | HAAL Victoria, on the Thì instant the Wide of Me 8, Clinton,cla Sin


Ladies or Gen'temen traval ling singly.-- Occupying??Berth in th

general Oshin throughout. Children with their Purants, - Tanks Year and under


$150 Do

$310 00

$330 00



Under Three Years, no Barth




158 08









Und Calcutta

Pamtengeri Servants.-





207 00






18 Blogapore

13 Masila




110 00





14 Shangha

C. of G. Hope

Ben Frascico

Nov. 17 Amoy Nov.


Orrurying a single Berth

120 00



924 00



Rotern Fietsto for First class Passengers av silable for Tian Yours, including the payoga nich may, ishates Hongkong, Swan River, Krug George's Boun 1, Adelaide, Purr Philip, and Sydney, granted upon prepayment of 9570.

DP Payment to be mate in Hongkong in Spanish Dollars


One of the Company's Stonmore will leave Singapore for the shoermentinnel Pisces, an ar adnat the 15th of April urat. Passengers can be booked thro ghoul by the Mul Simmera leaving Hong-. kong in the Month of March,

For further Particulars, app'y at the Company's Offiens.

?ة اعتب

Peninsular & Oriental Biotin Navigation Company's Of?os, Hongkong 21st Jrodery, 1853,

0. G. EDMOND,*-*





PERIAN & Oriental Bream Navigation Conrang'a Sruan-Smere.

Pescuition OF


Gentlemen or Ladies travelling singly.- Cheupying & Berth in a Cabin with 9 ve 3 others

Reserved accommodatim for

Faur Hunukona To



$336,0 $480,00 $53000024,00), 8408,19,

576.00 Nove 744.0 Nume ?ίναι α

104,00 801,00


Gratieman or ladies-

One berth Cabin,


Haarved Cabin,

A porrved Cabin,


Reared norma:dation for Married Couples-

Orcopying a roarved Cabin,

$16,00 1,200,00



Children with their Parts,

Three Year and under Trn, - Under thrus Yours, no Berth provided,

Pasongwri' Berman's,--

188,00 240.00 312,00 Free Free Fire

$12,00 31900

Fron Free


Eurepear, Nice

102,00 £40.00 288,0

94,0??198.00 291,0 1000

Nov. | Bendwich Islands. Nov. 4


Dec, 19 Labs


A Hendent of law la the Imperial Cullego having been found addicted to the vice of Opium smoking, sidd him to obtain the ansious drug, were sep logmber with four servants and others who bad by the Director of the College to the Cansell of Justice, to be there tried and punished accord ng to the laws.-Ibid.

The Governor of Hunan reports the discovery of a plot to blow up to seventh gate of the Metro- politan City (Chongsha). The mice was mere and the gunpowder actually placed (hy the rebels) when the plot was treacherously made kon and the danger averted; the powder balog re moved by some Imperial troops un ! followers in the train of the Imperial Commissioner Hai-alınug-ali,


A report tracked Peking that the Civil Magi trate of the departure of Hukwang (in Shan Lung) instead of baving bren killed by rebels us. Brol atated, had drowned bimaeli-and, Investiga. Lion aring been made, it was found that he really has been killed by the rebels, Dis Majesty rected the Governor of Shanging to have his fath recorded in the Archives of the provlace corneily. -No.109 of the 14th and 18th October.


The Governor of Ngan hŵní baving posted the animal of certain monies for the perpe of paying the troops to Luoso, Elis Majesty, in ac Jay,koowledging the reports, direcla duo card to f Jan 17 taken for preservation of the money, and a proper JaDyn dutribution of il- Ibid. Jan 31 Dey El








Jake ? Fast,

Hin Bess

6416 45

A. M.

097 1,574,10 1.07

30 Sunday

841 6,44 31 M whe

0.41 6.17

1.00 Tuesday

6.40 5,472,311,68 Moon-Last quaster on the 1st February, al 136

P. M

Tan Conton with the mails and passengers ez- Set C. Forbes arrived about four hours before the Erin left yesterday. The Sir O. Forb was afuet before the Canton left Fust bar, and is not mjured by lying on the mud bank.

The Minister Ku-che (a City in Turkorion) reported the bad behavinar of an offer of the 5th arside, sud prayed that he should be dismissed. Ibid.

The legal exon.iner, directed to proceed to Fokren to make examination of the law students, prayed one month's absence të anable him to di vergo from his direct route, anil worship at ike tombe of his ancestors at the family sont Ca


The Glaveros of Cuils reports al that the Officers and youpla of the proviste bid omtribeled 187,000 Tarka toward payment of the trumpa. - Ebid

The Governor of Kweitbaw memoristimad the throne on the impossibility of the Magidratra of Hing " ant Pio ing presenting themselves at his Majesty's Iron, for they were busily and incos- annily engaged with the Oneit of Fixanon derming i-sus to repel the starke of the subola wi were impally approaching-Ibid.


We bave much p?omware in continuing = fa

(From the Overland Friend of China, Jun. 28.) Tourable record of the sustory condition o�?



W confine to havin; boen (unavoidably) es ming lately in the bosons of verking "intel ligence from the interior; and unless closely sought for it cannot be obtained, for news good or all, in China travela very slowly. That 100 Barometer of the country, the Paking Go- zetta, ludicates still increasing troubles, as will be seen in some of the translations at fuot; Shan tong and Kwa-chou, the provinces ad joining Hooqoang, being both referred to by the Emperor having within them robala in


Translations from the Peking Gazette. The realdue oferiais Tribats Rice, received at Tang Chow, after the Tartar Troops were say

No. 100 of 8 and 9th October.

$58,00 988.00 Med, was ordered should be sold at curreal zalek.



Walow of a Tarter Uffer, King la to sdopt a Mr. By Impesial dresen peraioni o la given to the

-nephew as her son - ¡bil,

Pumsenger whing a native Servant from Rongkong tu 4th or durs, ut te vesh, and wight him to go back to the port el embarkation, can take " 1sturn ticket for 898 and §198 tṛspectively."

The Exprure of Transi through Egypt. subject to the additivos of the Rzyptian Transit 40 ministration regulations, is included in the eaten to M-ka, Mutarillen, and Southampton.

Payment to be made in Hongkong in Spanish. Dalları

For further particulars, apply at the Company's Offices.

Panicular & Oriental Strom Navigation Company's Oiler, Hongkong. Die Jwaury, 1868


Black and White Newfoundland Blick, about





The Imperial Censor memorial-ged regarding a at of Chile, guilty of the bo write of his (the L'en's) Lethar, and 1.- urduetion of the Ce wife, and prayed that the Criminal abnub) | bid to take the female and keep her sa bin

The Gwent commanding Prking reported that he had surrandated to fustice he former Se oretary, guilty of beving ill treated a person who hereby give notice that the Advartimentet reperat bis iubility to pay ground rent.

vigne b. Jenr, Junior, with reference to In


The Governor General of Chill reported the death of the General of Hong chon, and prayed the "ppointment of another officer in his pince,- Fidd

nine months old, answers to the same land Lat Na, 18, in wholly unauthorised by the of "Jono" The Goder, bringing the same, or undersigned, who is registered wi Jolat Love antifying its whereabouts, to the Editor of this pils Feat, Junior, be equal shares of the red per, will be liberally rewarded.

Lot, and that an Sale therent, concluding by the aid I Junt. Juding with the concurrence of undersigned will be valid, and binding.


"Friend of China" Uffer,

Hongkong, 25th January, 1863


DIAS, ibe Proprietor of the aburn Emabllah

ment, bega to inform the Public that the pama has been removed from Praja Grande to the House No 26, nor the City Usta, lalely occupied by Mr Edward Boutelo

Tenzo ModerATU

Macao, 14th July, 1652


AND AT Acow & Co'-CANTON, MEDICAL TREATION on Nervone Debility and A Constitical Wesknees, with prarural ub mervations, illustrated by Anatomical Plava, 10 Health and Diornon.


Il-ngkong, 24h January, 1953,



iena. Perovina, or Chilian, for which, the best rate will be given

DOUGLAR LAPRAIR Hongkong, 27th January, 1889


PHILE 100 Bramu, THE waist, + half, of dat valimide Lewirbeld

originally arnoted to the wadetsgoed vad the Colortal Seal and Reguered as Inland Lit Mo

per La


111s disitable property, shutting on the Ngith and East sides on Stanley and D'Apüler Strela, is well worthy the attention of parties wishing to make = paru.dargl, je verument.

This work, emanating from a quali?c? member of the medical profession, the result of many years' praatial experience, in addresse) in tientlemen sbo au?er from the various dieerdere acquired in early hie. Iu ke page will be found the courtspan which lead to their rorurence, the symptoms which indicate their "prisener, and means to be dopted for their removal. By ? Payaicisa.

Elonghong, 10th July, 1852.

the Carrieu, Since the 27th of December, the date of our last statoueul, the European porting of the force has been very banlalay the only death being that of a man who had his skull fractured on Clyistmas Day, and died from the jury dope to the brain of the 15th instant. Among the Ceylou Rifles neither has there been any death; but the Gun Lascare kave been less fortuanie, no less than three having deceased-one from beri-beri and two from disease of the lungs, Ol seck in hospital yesterday the list stood as follows:-


49th Regiment

Ceylon Rifles

Gun Lancars





Total period of last year, and 116 of the year pre- Forty thres in hospital against 62 at sama


The Semarang, with those whom it has been deemed necessary to send bear to their native air (59 rank and ?ls) left for London, touching at the Cape of Good Hope, yemorday morning. built ship, and we are sure that under the ef The Samarang (Wigrans's) in a fine frigate ficient command of Captain Escolt the utmost comfort will be found on board. A batter selection from the Chios fleet could not have been made; and, although we do not know at what figure the invalide are taken, Gover

The Emperor seceded to the request of the Cyment could well afford to give a Lundred or ?�rmot of Kinng tì, that the eam of 100.000 Tela (wo extra and still be gainers. Unlike what should remain inabo Pegrinaial Tronty for ur we heard of the Apollo,wa shall not have to be gent paspoors of the Province.No 107 of 10

adviced of many deaths on this homeward route. and 18th Out

Colour Sergeant Hooley, who, after twenty two years service, on reaching England retires on his pension, is (under Captain Gordon) in charge of the detachment ; the 50th Regiment thus losing a soldier k might be wall be prood of. The absence of Captain Gordon (formerly A. D C. 10, and son in law of, General SiavO iy, nar lato Lieutenant Governor) will also create a Rovan, in the society of the Co- lony, not easily filled.

The delinquent Magistrate of Ching-you, having feipoed niches when on led to appear before the Connal of Justice-by an Imperial de tres it is ar dered that he shall be sent to Kanak. Togeiber with his acumero, and there be tried.-- Zhid,


'The Balconer of the Cauneil of In-ties unbut ted an opinion as to the propriety of slitecting thing in di tubed sitrete, the Bouirey shad immedia joy turn out when they heard there un tires esigual that they were quired-bid.

The first com to the undersigned of the whole Lunarbold $6,000; and at the average of the your's Renal would yild on the abur men. and sum of $1,500, n met interest of Savantern per eni per nonum rad upwards. For terms apply to


Hoogkong, 27th January, 1868.,

Fur Cenote of the Coast having accused ap individual of having internetda criminal in the mode in which he was to defend him, in dividual in question was inèra mia c?kody. - Ibid,

Public Office having contributed some of money inwards defraying ibe exponera of the troops, His kiajesty directs that each contributor o pro- mot use step ; those mom libera) to have either a pracock's feather al oece, or their names seened ed for furthur Toperial pleasure-No 108 of 12th


The great base of the month is that of the Races in prospective, horeca have been imported and are in training. Two or three new

and promise great things.

Of mattera Naval we have got much to notice beside the return of Her Majowy's Nurveying Bark Royalist, Commander Bats. This reful little vessel, once known as the Mary Gordon, Opinin Chipper, has now been in actual cuin mission eleven years and a half; and when her


her about Noon yesterday, and the Mail and Cargo, before the Erin leaves, may yet be here,


By late arrivala fr. Audralia wo lave Li tore and Papers Iron Port Phillip, to the ad

term of service expires it is not yet possible to well. The Royalist's last employment has been polno ordinary usefulness; and we shall took anxiously forward to the ume when, the busines being completed, Captain Bate will be enabled tulurnish the public with a detail of his labours The service to which we allude an that in of November. A friend, who left Chee for which the Hoyulin, since she left this port in New South Wales about wovon years age, and April fast, has been engaged, in too survey of has been in that country over since, writing, the western coast of the Palawan laland. To under date the 39th of October last, speaking complete the chart, the shoals forming the outer of Melbourne sayı: --- passage still remain to be explored, and to do this it will be neodssary to have the aid of a Hosmer. It is of interest, in connection with

"This city is to an extraordinary uste, the gold has unsettled very con and every thlug. Between the Landlords and pallets on the our side, sad the la

boring are on the other, the intermingel


24th Jany.





OPIUM MARKET. Wednesday-20th January, 5 z. 1.

Patna Boontes Makon

64771 49%




AMERICAN QUOD,- Full supplies of frills have been placed upon the market za Mary Adams, Biam, and flombay, and priore have in eonarquence given way to a very low fzure-Auction Bales of damaged good kavo also depremed the market, and rendered it a matter of mach difficuky to plece even small parcels si quotations.

Jose-Romain without much change, and in fair demand.

Sheetings -kal? ta ba in short sick, and a sell advance, D. Fates now givid, expecta J. Sheetings 38 in. by 30 yde 02 91 a 2,25 per pieos.

Skin: by 40"

30 Jardi 40

2.96 ? 100 Drill

2,18 ??201 290 295 per piece. Joona 30 Inferior 2,40 2,15

COTTON YAN-His been in mo anquiry, and prices have given way-200 balce sro mid to here 667been sold.

291 478

304 1631


68 5001



359 1067)

309 2400;

ESTIMATED STOCK OF OPIUM. al Cuasingmoon --22nd January, 1853. Jang. 15th 758

DATA Paton Benarse Malan Türbeg TOTAL what recently appeared in this paper, to know will hard struggle to exist-Haus-1901 (6

ties A hover that formerly would let at £30% Imperto that the Longitudes of several places, as they year, cantow be had under £100 or 2350-1 com d Dolgut reo for an offler under ihres pounds a me k Hand on the old charts, have been found erro

£100 would procure, 19 menthe age, mere omforts Deows the Royal Captain's Bhowal for iomance and nectaries than six time that amount can procure Dom-ami, who then bar & or Broome to theen- infully six miles too far Basl. Hall noon

and York breakers are correct.

"The Island of Palawan, some two hundred and fifty miles in length, is said to be a beauti- fully fertile country, containing many good bar hours, wanting only to be known to become Josirable places of refuge, the more likely to be visited in future years by reason of the Taluable coal beds presume to exist near them. The northern part of Palawan is under the control of the Spanish Government-the south arn is infested by numerous Malay pirates and Data, owning allegiance to no man since Sun loo succumbed to the Governor General of the Philippines.

wives, most new alow themselves away to two or three

Deliveries 310

Jon 92.

70 629



9311 239 1869)

Prin current -


No. 16 ??24 $26,50 = 29.00 per pocul. Ita 130

28 ??? 300 ??35,50 459 索您

38 42 34,00 ? 40,50 and let the realwing ones, to meet the great incr

COTTON--lite al paniripated in the generat depfumed state of the inocket'i quotations show a in the price of w?y thứng-wam in nor si, a rock-It was 10% during pers of the winter-learl

Op-Bince last Cirooler the market for reduces on laal months, except for Tanielly, of Brewood, that will last about

Patan had stand ärm at 9475 a $485 all the which has slightly improved-koldevo remain Bris, dayi, nelle tattival of the Bleace Shughes on the 10th leat owing to small Impons Bales reported, Rombay from 40 to 60%. The sik loof sells at în dd -

Meat, which formerly sold at 1 or 2 lb. fetchen

with the hot solo drug, when priors somewhat 8.000 belea Bungal 4.000 boleo, Madras and Tin. e-Immigrants are pearing in by hundreds and declined. Since then thê non arrival of the Pau nivelly 4,700 bales Suck, mid to remsia, Houbay shan (with about 1,800 obawia), has caused an ad- | 50,719 Lalon, Bengal 45,512 balto, Madını and thousands daily, many of them as poor that they are able to sell their aletlies on the wheef, I fe there will be great distress amongst us, notwithstand-

Finmisdily 13,248~-Towį (48,874 bales In the undoubted abundance of gold-Nane but persinge

Prices curtai accustomed to burd work can bald on long of the diggs, and the inej srity of our new arrivals appcar

Bombay, ordinary to be clerks, and others jully anemical so auch a life. The great expense of living in the town has for ad many familles to remove to the digxings, be la g and live in tents.-The Southern side of the town Zon- alace altogether of tents-l'he winter has been us usually hong and relay this year and many compensado families have suffered much I have been creditily In. formed from want of engl wish the gold was all dug up and out of the Colony.

**For in now wiling at 1000 per chest-car

we shall have a famine-Alt no can see bekl 240 ton. Uulo nome American vesela ence in with ing on with the four in their stores, haping that is came down with a mesh, and that those who are spa with forch famius priom-1 elncerely hope that it will culating with the lives of their fallows will bitterly in-



Br the U. S. B. Plymouth we received Diaries

Ty tye, of theso Spanish settlements,is spoken of at lighly improved on native custome the Governor, a Spaniard, Don Guimanes, beur, ing a most liberal and talented mas. The of. frers of the Royalist speak in high terms of this gentleman, and of asistanos which he rendered to an expedition formed for the pur pows of savertwining the height of the Mount I Past, otherwise Melampay Hill. As there appeared to be some doubt whether any Being wool had ever been at the su?m?nit, Cap. tain Bilo gol Gwernor Gunnauer to ullera de Manike to the 17th instant, and in the paper reward to any nue who woukt place a izan, of the 17th we find the following interesting tho peak. The flag was planted, and Captain account of pleasing intercourse between the Date, (concluding that wherever man's fast Citiz¬s of Manila and the Ollisors of the U. 8. weet, there the Briank Railor's could follow) Nary. It reads in marked contrast with the reared on the journey; the spirited Gunn sex feelings entertained on the Atlantic side of

Cube:- determining to go with them. The distance to be travelled may be conceived when we say that they were two days arcending, and noe in returning-a long day being spent (aloft) in making the necessary obervations. The peak was found to be some 1000 feet above ma Jevel

The following detail of a thrilling inci- dent is a fair specimen of the dangers with which surveying service is attended. A party woler Mr Calver, tho master, had proceeded on shore with intention of fixing the position of some headland, the Royalist tying off at a distance of eight miles or so. With four men, he had got two thirds of the way between the beach and the peak, a tiresome and steep ar cent, onverod with long dry coarse grass-the Theodolite carrier, by anose Fowler, sose the tance behind, and the Interpreter (Peters) at the low, when, ell at once, the hill caught fire. The interpreter in a light bad ?ong the pink among the gram, which immediately ignited like prepared inach paper Mr Calver and

The Chiefs and Offerte of the U. 8. War quehannak pad the Frigate Plymouth gates Fri day, a aplaudid ektariniatiment, at which were present II. E the Liest General with big Lady, Daughter and Aldeeds Camp ; the Brigadier Bub inspector of Acillery, the Americas Consul, the Gulmela of the Regimento No. 1. and No. 3. and their Ladira, the Oderes of the latter met on guard, and the Capusin of the Halberdiers, Den Francinos de Urbistanda,

ed for the embatention, they procured to the frigale From the Custom house Wharf the polat dasige "Plymouth" she which sufured the suite with 65 guns, the obliging officers regaling than with an slegant lunch; At post 12 the invited proceed ed on board the "Busquehannah" where they were cacaired with an equst entute of Artillery, and a brillivat band, whose sportive notre excited dancing, the mare animating on account of ka baing impre wishing with dancing, bot even in the mean time the viard. A post an appetiting dinner was served, fi- excellent music was kept up, and the polite ston Lions of the Officer of the ramsels abors?ned the momente and made the time qum at the tabla with a surprising velocity Separately in another cabin wasserved, with prufuaton, icra and refine ments, this being the last attention, for after shir the guest book Truro, deeply impressed with the recollection of the pleasant, somenis eponi, and still more the politeness of the Amerien marinen.




16, Napimo (Spon), from Shanghae. 19, 8an Benita (Spon), from Bhanghon, 19, Martin Luther (Brit), from Bydney. 19, Ternate (Dus), from Batavia. 13, U. 8. Bloop Plymth, from Formon. 30, U. 8. Sưr, Susquehanna, from Amoj. January,

his men flinging off their shoes, ran immediately to the summit, which they, with difficulty, ma- naged to reach in time to fling themselves over; and so avoided the dreadful aloment. Fowler the Theodolite bearer, poor fellow, was not so fortunate and, becoming apparently insensible was teen by the boat keepers rolling over and over down the hill "úill he reached the bottom. where, though afterwards partially reviving be was found so much burnt be could not be recognised and, on being taken on board, died within two hours; kie only expressions being *Ob, that stupid old man, (Peters) to do such athing" (to at fire to hill) By some circumlocation Mr Calver and his comraden 15, N. B. Palmer (Am), for Flongkong.

got back to the boat in safety, but the interpre wa mising. Whocked at what he had done

he ran into the wonds, whence he was driver, the following day, to search for sirli fish, and Was isken on board again, only to be diamined directly the Royalist reached Labusu.

At going to proams, the Steamer Sir Char-


1, Europe (Am), from Hubert Towa.

3) Marinelas (¿pan), from Cadis and Singapera. 3, Churruss (épe?), from käterpook


Perfect (pa), from Elemburg and Singapore. 11, Mait of Orlor (A), from Ferfos Islands,

4, Bwo Frienta Eugenie, from Hongkong.



15, Australia (Am), for New York.

20, Amistad (pan), for Flongkong.

21, Hatton (Am), for New York.

22 Ternate (Du), for Whempat.

21, f. Eli(e), for Sydney.

74, Napravo (Span), for Singkpore

21, Medusa (Span), for Bingapore,

27, America (pan), for Cad z. January,

Fen Forbes, with part of the mail for the Erin, 6, Tarr (Brit), for Sydney.

14, Sno Frigate Engerie, for Bing-père,

Manila, 17th Jan -Exchange -Do England 6 monthe airbase. töd. Bank billo 30 saya night to, 9d. to 48. 94. Os L'anion & to 6 per cent pre-


sada dosen passengers has not arrived. The 13, Martin Zather (Bril) for Sydory.

Charles Forber left Canton Wednesday 12 Comale (Span), for lacso night, but, as in Hongkong, the fogs about the river have been so depan lately, both by night and by day, that, to as a figurative expression, *it has been almost possible cut them with a miem, nominal. anide," and she goi aground between the Bo-£4, nominal. Te Australia £ 16. pasion. To Freights-To Engkod. Sugar £? per son, Edemp goo and Whampoa.

The Canton len to join America $10 all round.


27ad December last,-

?�The following show prives for Bengal Drug

Droomber ad Puins 0475, 23rd $482), 24th $480, 25th $180, 90th 6475, 276 0478), 29th 0175, 29th 8475, 2016 0475, Kim 81928, Jan. Sat | | 6477), Rnd 0476, 3rd $672), 45 § 170, 5th 8470, 8th 9470, 7ik 94724, 816 94874, Vík 0470, 10ch 9420, Erik 94211, 18h 8475, 18th 94723, 14th $470. 15th #168) 10th #4631, 171h 04014, 18th 43883, 19K 84674, 2014 $467), 21m $170, 22nd 8479), 23rd 0477), 2416 $485, 25th 0427), 20th 0487

December 22nd, Benares $495, 23rd $605, 940 500, 25th $500, 28th $500, 27th $195. 286 $ 195, 29th 8405, 801h 8405, 21st 9500, Jas. 11 9500, 2nd $300, Sed 8495, 4th $406, 6th 9195, 'Oil $195, 7ch 8502j, 8 h $197), (6, 9500, 10th 8500, 12ık $500. Tah #195, 13ık $495, | 14th 1490, 18ch 6490, 18th @390, 17th 0400, 18th 0490, 19th 3487), 20th 9487), 2em 9490, 22nd $498, 23rd 8490, 2405 01914, 2516 04943, 20ch 14924.

The following in copied chiefly from the Circular prepared by the Secretary to the Canton Brith Chamber of Commerce.

Candon, 24th Juniory, 1853.


middling to good best Bangal, onlinary

Tel: 50 a 5,5 par pecul

0,1 6,8


6,0 7,1

5,0 58


middling is good



5.0 5,6

66 70


Madras, ordinary


middling to good. Women

* bat

6,0 = 68

6,7 7,1

7,17,7 4,9 = 6,0 Imported from tot Jaunary in 2) December, 1832.

Bonuar --- selca 245,165 )

Tikal MADEM 17 (19) TRANIVALLY 42,410)

59,381 bul CALOUTTA

387,993 82,131) WOOLLE31-8PANts Stripm-During the

month, sules have been made to the extent of about 1,500 piros priess now quoted shew a dochor of 2 to 8 coole per yard,

Long Luis-Are fully 10 a 20 casta lower- low are reported at 1,300 pieces, taken chiefly ace wint of the low Ezure, Imaring the artelo CANLATA-The mist are about 940 pinero, al further deline

90 yard 1,03 1.13 ...

Span. Stripes, Into Bd quality c. 77 a Habit Cuth



1.20 1.40 ??


650 0,50ppies

6.55 000

marked by much inactivity, and transactions have Superior Broad Ch

The market during the great month has bus | Mation Cloth been limited, owing to the continued unfvourside Long Ebu El H assorted prostate reprived from the Loterier, preventing washed of the near approach of the Chias |Dealers gasing rid of their Blocks -Money is

New Year, on the 8th pration, when banennen wil Caminte Enzkak, sasorted be optic-ly sospended until after the holidaya * Camlots Dutch, atrorted $1900 a 21,00 per piece.



Cerron Pusan Onsen,-Gray Shirtings- Hova | Hombu2+1000 declined, tin-transa-lome of the manufare 35,000 Lutings, X5 inches proes, sold at a considerable reduction on luat qum- Latios, there being Htle dispuestion to opersi Hhises, have sho declined in price. Salce 7,000

Price current.

5480 reeds 6272 lbs or 6 53 ca 81,76 1,90 Shirtings, Gray, 40 in: 384 yde G. E.



1,00 2,05

1,30 6,40

6,30 = 6.35 - ..

15,00 x 19,00

13,00 14,80


6,50 8,10 13,50 16,CU Metala, Inon-Stil konja dem at advancing rates, and likely to improve-mack males, Balas 2,500 puculs of all kinds.

quantity said to remain in lock. American nom

Luan-Englub bas declined 10 come on last

·monsb'e quotations 2,200 peculo sobi, sad a like at mark

TIN PLAT-Wabont alteration, treactions

2,08 = 2.85 89 or 617 M 999 or 771 2,50?200 small.

Shirtings, White, 38 in: 40 yards G. E.

$64 65 ronde $1,70 a 1,80 per piece.

2,16 = 2,40 05 = 72

2,60 = 2,76 Chitrar-la no domand, and most difficult to


Prbre curval Chip and Printe Bandarable, eructed


$1,002,00 per ploce, 16 per dozan

??Prion current signify Cash in 3 months, daly pala y mid Jury belsur sa Infowo.-7


Gray Shirting


Meetings, Drilla

China Priam Handkerchie


Bruss-Nothing new to notice. Laad, Pig, America


Steel, English ..Bwedwb

Tia Plates BAROS TIA traite Ti

Lion, Bat Fist


66,30 6,50 prcul.

6,10 ??6,40

4,80 5,00 par tab

6,40 a 500

6,80 700 par box.

2000 a 21,00 p. pecul.

17,50 1,60

1,75 a 2,00

1,76 2,00

Rowed dail

9,80 & 4,30

15 9.35

BJU 0,20

Nail Rod



8,20 8,00

Copper, American Bloathing $31 a 32 p.pacol.

English Bold outside Stad Ginseng, -The market is firm, and prices re- mala no before.

Ginang, Claribed $130,00 a 145,00 por pocul.


80,00 114,00 Cochineal, Mexican, 105,00 a 116,00

15 cents per pros









IR cents per men.


per preul.

4 maca

& cenin per yant.

63) ani par palce.

Cables Englan, assorted. -



Bunbateries and Landingy


Bell, Mitch und Bredlak

Lead, American and Reglab,


per pecul


Tin plaim


per bur

jer prepl




and Super Lang KD



Brad Cloth

Hand B


| 8,10 cents per perul.

Wang, Clared




14 14


Cochines Stei




Pepper, Wine









On Exroati

$1,111 eenia par pecul






Handel word. Mephanis Terla PMAN.

Champhor CHE, LAgen



Bar Asaber

Olf of Anaid








Bager, White


Db Brus


Do Candy dlo



94,00 90,00 Sandalmond-81orks are all 1,200 preuta South Sea Island bare been sold at 07.26. Mala- bar has advanced in prica,

Sandalwood Alfaber $10,00

South Boldlands 7,00


10,50 p. pocul.


7,00 8,00 4,50

5.00 # Sharkhas & Fishaous-No change to notice. Fish Maw, Data - 852,00 ? 68,0) par proul-


Bbark From Liga

45,00 a $4,00


18.00 2200 $6,00??80,00


Rice.-I come gornce of large Imports, botla

by Foreign vessels unit Nativa craft from the righ touring provincia, " derliue has taken place since the deputure of list Mail-present rates are a...m mal quoted as fi flows. -African, $4.65 = 1.75- Bolly, $1.75 | 66-Pangasinang. $1.80 a 190 -Y loco, $1 90 2-the world stock, ol all kinda to the bands of Foreigners, in enimated to be about 20,000 prenla.

truts Producs.-The secivala of supplier, and Lengermens on the part of here so sehen, the market has been rather depressed, widen however during the month tieve been comparatively sma!! vis - Besalut, 8,000 pecula soil fie #2 40 ?n x.80, | the remaining stock hang shayt 8,000 preals for which the dealers are wawilling to make an offer. Rais,-3,000 pecais enlit at $3 40 " 3.60 for Ba jarmasing-83,10 a 3 90 for good Suwite,-


mod 02860 ??2 na tur. Cuinion, the reimsiking soch, about 3,000 pacules

Pepper-Black, 400 preuls reported sold


$7 a 7.60, and for that left in the market, say 2,000 preala, hullets sie asking 8-of White, there is none, the first arrival it is said may bring $13 a 14 per prcul-


Tra-In the early part of the month there was

bat a moderate business doing, but on teoript of


100 Dullo, Commercial Bank of India-No rale

on Calestia or Bombay. Ea lodis Company's Paper, Accepted 234 Rupees per 100 Dellata.

Beli-BTC Silvan, & 1?ndo per Ceal pra mium. GOLD, 100 touch 821.10. Muzivano, 7) per rol ducant. Ceroine Dolans, Gjë per Mil premium.


By the Ima market advices are recived up to

the bi-monthly Maid of the bih November, considers | the Nth in tant, when Maiwa was orking at 410, able aritlements wetu made of Congnus at higher | and Potse "1 9410 a 120, with ??Brock of 3,170 intes, and Green Teas have also commanded svins | thena, and 1,470 chavia respectively. attention during the last few daya, so iket tha

sock of nearly every dvocilption is now ucusuill)

smelt for the period of the sessen.

AMOY, 19 Jan

Rien likely to rise about New Year time-

Cong The purchases for the month are fully Wise Ylucas selling at $2,98 Panguisas $1,43 == 60 chops, and prices may be quoted 1 T's, higher; | 31,as

bay for second and third erope toyuck 17.5 ??20

The second crepe Moming 17 & 18 Ti, strong

crops wasım 16'" 17 'Ta, second eropa Kysow 17

??19, and fair evam a Binchucki 15 ? 16 T

The stock is 10 chops, for which very high zulas new asked, Of the old crop �?chaps of ordinary guably have been taken, at 12,5 19, leaving 0 in 150 market

Bouchong- chops oruké at 18 To for lair, suð 94 e 21 T?, for medium to good quality -there stu not more than 1,000 chests left in stock, and Chews are of very common qualiaire. In the old Tars there has been a fair smount of besuam doing during the past werk, seulements of 18 chops og reported at 18 = 29 'T's for fair to medium sorts- the stock is now bely 10 shops.

Flowery Pokes--Balm ate pat at 3,000 pickagos, sad sinch 2,000 pach-gra-quoc-tions are 30 a 25 Tv, for fair to quod, sud 23 e 28 T", fur common, Plein Caper-409 b?z?n sold at 14,8. Th. fram ing more in the market.

Plain Orange / aks-The settlemenın dave been large, and chiedy on American sorosul, my 4.800 packages at 13,5 a 15 To. ilsto ura mode ramaio

g in stuck.

Aukey-2,000 packages sold at 11,5 a 12,5. Ta and 4,000 pachagan left.

#ource Opium 530,-- Peina 506


For Louien Chatlo Fdon, W.

Ano Mitchell, 8.

Joseph Fletcher, 8. Naomi, 8.

For Liverpool. Launder, H. (la-day) Cmily, S

Wild Flower, 8.

For Baby, Ann, W.

For Batavia. Corvallis Sit, JE. Blutang Ama, W. Termai, W.

Par Singapore.

Fair Barbadian, H.

Susan, El.

Catton-So 170 Baler Bengal 89,80 07 Bombay 7,15 JOO "




N 8. de Las, M.


Shipping at Shanghae say?-

Dritish American Duch,


B. Joxe, M.

For West Jadion

For Arre

For San Francisco Emma laidora, H. Lord Warriatun, H. Navarino, 11. Hory Adams, H.

North Carolina, H.

Ooyz, M. Lebenom, W.

For Callao

Roaks, W.

For New York.

Elurricane, W.

For Port Phillip.

Por Maxia. Boobay, 11. Amined, Hindustan, W. Joshua Bales, W.

For Havanna. Nora Vujanie, M.

Ausrulla, A.

Ban Andres, A.

Sir Thom Greabam,

M. Mendenge M. Manan W. Whampoa, A. Anny, 4. thaughan.



Liv. Bept 25 &

Benningtone in ી�?સમ Dones

th". Dave

At London; way-41 Lizen reon; Berbampere, Elian Moore, and P, Chulden




PRICE $10 per annum,

TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION to the FRIEND OF CHINA AND HONGKONG GAZETTE, per am, 10 Dollars, payable in advanos, quarterly or otherwise, at option. Single Numbers, comis. TERMS OF AUVERTISING.-Ton lines and under, Dellar; editional, 10 cents line. Repetitione me-third of the dret losertion. Ships.-Piret surtion, Dollar Inperions 43 wante Advertisenta so bave writs, on the face of them, the number of times they are required to appear.otherwise they will be published until countermanded. A reduction of twenty five per cone on seal charge made when quarterly secounts are rendered for advertisements ordered to stand undisturbed for a period of three months. Pall sharge ads for repetition of any Advertisment in the Ovastane land.




ON and after the Present date Undersigned has established himself in

antil further notice The

H. & Q. 8. P Co.'s Bam?tu will ply regularly between Hongkong, Qualow and Macao, every Monday, Padariday, and Friday, (unless previous notice of Deviation be given) as follows. The Boat leaving Hongkong, on Monday, and Canton on Friday, will call at Macao, Marling m 7AM. The hour of departure at other dies will be 8 A. st., and (be Boats will proceed direct bo tween Hongkong and Cunton.When ludusemant offere, the Boats will call at Comsingmoon, but previons notice of such deviation will be given when proctienbla


Amoy, 21st October, 1882


THE onderoigoo have this day formed a Copart-t warabip ander the name and siyle of GOULD & MARTIN, for the transaction of as limporting and General Commentor business.







Lan. Bept 16 It.

Bon Accord


Lon, Aug 18.





r. Sept 18

Liv. Nor 19

Countess of Winton Crangle

Liv. Oct 148

Crystal Palace


Len. Junea

Don Ricardo


jir Sept 29.

VOL. XII. No. 10.

Early Bird


Icon. Osi lor,



Fanny Chapaso Cuningham Liv. Aug S

Lon. Det 251 AL


Harriet Humble

Martha, H. (lat Feb)

Bowers Fawce Liv. July 17 B

joo Del 1,8



Liv Oci H.



Lea. Sept 26 L

Katherine Bbarer


Loa Oca 28



Lit. Bapl 5

Mary Moolague


Lon. Aug 17

Mary Shephard


Lan, Bopt 23


Buckham Lon Nor

8. V. Given


Lon. July 27



Loa. Aug 201

Tone 8,444 1,675 30% 400

L. Flora Flamingo, H.



J. de Uneasta, A.

Becuddly Tato

Bead Shim, Fl.


Trial Tone 7,851

Tome 4676







Tone Total





Toms $.948

At Hongkong


Jan 31 Whompos


Lyall. Brill and on.



Bangalore ship


|Bombay, ship

Hell. GST: Marian Am

Men BrDermott


Dent and ou



Boston Newport

Emma lablara borgien



Var Batalan, bilg



Falem, vide


Here, Chip




Hongkong, Flamer

town, schmer

Total Tot

Lady Horn Hastings ship

Lander, har q





Towe $30

Land Warriston, why

1144 ble


Dap Intrep


Marthe, Brig


My Adam, barqué

jewich Amareland

Jan 24


Dee 21M hampaa

Worth Fare fan, all


831 Vever 404

Jas in Pubchen

Hot 4 Wood





Shipping at Amey may-

Brutook - Ameriere


Dutely -

Shipping at Whampoa say




Frach Datch






Nagrag 4 Oning-Common to fair cargo 35 = 16,5 Tr. medium to gued 18 a 20 Ts. tractions Deast to 11,000 package, which Aave been taken at a slight reduction on last month's tous. Neek is 60,000 packages.

Bemird Tose-love been in fair demand at full rales, way for commua to good Caper 12 a 16 7%. common to fair Omage Pekoe 16 a 18 'T, and middling to guod 20 a 34 Th Of the fine qualities ne mies are reportal. The seulementa ura 1,000 boxes of Osper, and, 8,000 boxes of Orange Pokos. Green Thee-The Americana have brâu buying anther freely during the past werk and for cargo kinde of Young Hyson priara kutu advanced 2 43 Ta For Engad there has bees las or nothing Joss, and now that the stocka vra no small there is not much probability of prieve failing to an ex em that will induce shipments being made to iba Country. The tuku -

Twunkey, 400 puchares at 19 To a 25 Ta for fair to fine obck aiu 1.500 packages-Skin. 3,500 jackoge: 4 15 'To 17 in for common and at 18 Tea £4 To Car Iiro Boa Bochure 1,500 perk

Shipping in Il'kong.

British. American, Dalaby

French, -


Tone Trial 14,715

Total quantity of meresatile shipping in China of the Macan River Summers, fing

up vessels and constura ) may $1,000 Tons, agrimat 18,000 Tons of lush cups-1."





#go-Hym, 140 park t?eo ni 30. 150 7% 25, Lemder, Gray, from Whompon



faie tu sa Bokunts 3,000 packages-Young || 47, Amistad (Spon) Thyag, from Whampoa. #yor, 15500 puckng " ni 92 Vom 40 To for common ta Ana, storka aru er 500 packages-Ja perial & Gungsdr, 2500 packager nå 30 a 33 Te ??47 a 50 T" for late sa fine, sucks are 1.300 mchagua

Canon GreenSettlements have been rather large any of Young Hyuna 6,000 half chests, "l 10.6 12 T fur goot ordinary to fast cosaini U. and of Gnupender 10,000 boxes, and 1 500 half cheste, at 12 a 14 Ta for common to full, and 16

??Te for goed is


Raw SilkSales comprise 200 Inlet, nearly att | Sewhings, of which 1:20 men for the Home market, the rest for Inde, oveting 9935 for £rool, and $295 for lower qualkies. Prices asked for the amall stock of and Tayname beer, pro clude operatiure, they are normally 0.80 500 for Trator, and §350 for Taysanmi,

Of Canton Bier-The market in quico bare,

and prices rule sveno 010 Lighṛt, uwing to the great demand for piace goud manufactures."

Bugar-Sales reported tur India, si quotations. Price(current-

Sugar, White No. 1 4 3 84,90 ? 6,25 pet pecul.

Brown 13 2,40 2,50

Candy Pingle

6,40??6,50 6,50??6,60 Can-3,000 pecula sold, principally for the Continent-Prices a little easier. Oil and Buda

Prict current-

Camin Ligura

$18,40 18,50 per prcal.



- 11,00 $1,50


-215.00 916,00




Verica (Dot, Welger, from Macao. 23, Neopred, town, f.wo Houghway. 21, Acadís, Danu, (raw (loogking. Dec.


22, Fortuna (Span), Velo, from Manila.

9, Medina, Kudlard, from Adalaide Judgery,

b, Zarak, Langlais, from Singapore. 12, Nepaul, from Port Phillip.




26, Audes, Glover, Woorong

25, Mermaid (Am), Smith, Singapore

25, Homilla Machell, 111'), Londim.

26, Alutep"n, Rytic, El Cos

26, faland Quanu, Alnefarlane, East Coast.

21, Samar ng, Escou, Lolo


Cornolesale, barque | Dat 447|Vanderwall


Marlon Malatyra, borque| Belt | iD

Nymph brigantine (Maimihen py

??l; +harles Forbes, Mr

tenak, bele

niai variedam, dip


lar, belg

Lestrade, p

H. K. hassen, barqin Na de las brig

Now Valance, Marque

Handel, whip

Zamo Juak, schauer L'omela, barque



Amity, p

Anu, barque


[Port) lave


471 Hebina

Port. Da


Port 4*ades

Howie I-ker and ev Handla

July 14|former and co


??Francielet 4. Auchan and a ten transduce

190 13 Jobo Hard and co

Mathroom and

en Franulim Jet Wan Anthou o das Jan - Hiver bank

Ja, Bella d so` [Dog SJ Mathesun and co-

Nov 14 Pai bank

14 Tarass and

West Ladies

Now J. Marboven and sofen Freusison

Lyall, Bell and on tapadrine

Port Philip

Fan 30 (Layar Behandler de soltan Frenchon Des 14. Bapanya und er fan Francines

11 San Fransisco1300 34 Wms. Xochon and do San Franciscu

nout and ov

Jan zilbarakawa

100 15 dacy




Tale of Sompara

Chat 9: Lina

�?Put back

1-re 25 ~ingapore

Nov 25Val Flanela20)

June 2|Lindmy and so.

Den Lake Hard an

so - C Bimend

Paty Tallyall Bila ada.


A. A de Pond co

Cauta Deloker under

IL Ferries

I do from


John Hard and on

Jat 10J V. Jerze

July 12 orglug Valy

Pan Eng

[Don 27 l'enang

Dio latinos

Dee 30 laden's

. V da Oliveira.


theo Vease, Murray sad co

that go. Parkle and ce

Nov 13. Livingsten med an

Dre 14 Angler & All




an Fenelon Atopapers


พุ #




403 Parson



Pas Singepr

Arabla, Gargna

301 Davis

Dat. Saiya

95 Sagra

ForDONT με?α

B. Cherak!

|Collbel, brig

Nov 10 North Pole.

[Nar 14 Danc and on

Bowman and on. R Me


Fan Bi Singaporn


Brit Ha



31 Seth Pacie


Jeremiah Charupit, Jashan Bates, ship Lebanon, chip


97, US NJ Pigm ath, Commander Kally, Haenary, brigantine

27, Asson (AI) Petty, 8an Francisco.

29, Str. Ersa, Jani?inu, Bombay.



- Alíza Merrison, McCulloch, Callao. Jan,


10, El Tiempo (par), Yochani, Manila.



30, La Foice, Shaw, Stigapura Juanary,

Col, Holton, 13.

Star Andood-Of Ord 200 a 300 prcule left, of B, Spartan, Marshall, Bydnay.

inferior quality. Od market cleared

Prices current

Bur Auuavo, old - 813,23 a 13,50 per proal

new.. nosa bere


Ithubarb No.1 & 2, old $44,00 45,00 p, pecul Alam (Bought outside) 1.75 193







16:00. 16 25

300 a 1,28


47,00 48,50 p &


00,00 9200 Rkubord-New not yet astival, FLOT-To Engled £3-no great dein-ni for Tunnege, there being "nly one Vessel on the berth for London-for giber Porto Vela with employment To New York $10 12 for Tea, &c., and 9:20 " 25 for Bill.


12, Crime, Richle, Singapore

16, Fortuna (*pin), Velasco, Mualla.



pria atram

Nur at Matheson and on. Já patrola Det hischem Hong Jan-rail, telli and no

Raw Drinker and on Denta

dopt 2kusell and so.

14 Presence New Er Hassall and co

Turloo la

Asterbrook Des 30 Land


Ham 300 Pers

[Den 300 alla

Dee 14 Tonghong

Set: Anatom

galls Belt and

July 1 Nye, Portland

then 91Klar and co

Oct 1 King and qu

|Den 19jW. Nabinas


Agias & Allenam

Carvalhe and o Wan acting and ga


+ Prancisca


Metaria Mayring


New York Ma



13 Bankst

|Nav In Ma le


Hrit. ++,)*Mman

Jan 7 ngapara


10 Audine # 2

and co.


Ahorne, bary

|Vern-|| G|Jazeros


Namparell, basque


Jan aletta



Kolla, e





·Trougie, barqar



Varunki, barque

be Walger



East Coast



15 Jedd





Island Whores schoener




Harp, chaveer

Zephyr, admone



12 Viori


Alligator, belg

Brit 197 Beker


Don if Thit ailes.


100 Vlacent

Deo Txyday

Amtralia, shly

Nor Pet Phi

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Span Jan Benavides

Deo rangka

Nav RoTalt and co.


Out Bydney

Jan Hooghong


Tal and an


Bymo, Maje ant on

Sco. Hevance

Her To


·Bella Gallega, ship



Floor Letter, bare Krit 494 Lodge

General Choquching Independence, rig

J. de Vasuria, skip

Medias, Mip

Piandes, barque

Drama Fillas, haryan

Hebert Hawne, ship

Pas Somereng, D-plais Ourdon and Gemily, Lewin, Stoff Sargent, 62 man of the 69th Regi. MCDL, 3 W and 6 children. Capt. Cameras,

Mr Chimondley, and two valided Morinen.

Pur Hemilla Mitchell, Mre Elill and family.

| 2000 Andro, ka

ir This Ormiẩm, nhập Vaphia Fraser, baryee

Zarah, barque


Par 2. Erin, for Southampton-bla. Jia. A. Futbes-Furus Don Joss Lanes y Ganady, barque For Bombay, Captain and Mes Lark-For Singa- pore, 8. Gray, Esq.


Fattal, barque Halen,

Belt 147 with

Jan do.


gan. $44kuriemache tre 10 Ma

Den 13 Adelaide

Jan 12tore Pup

Now hanging


Hongkong Desingapore

[Nov 11) Maula

Dee Cheespool

Nav frivingapara Dee A

De 14 Sooland

Dea 2 Slatheson med co.

Deat and co

20). Matheran and co.

310 and so.

Det 10 Syam, Maia and on.Bateria

Mymo, atuir and ou

W Modding

| yao, Mide and on. Igrama

Oes sill. Hela


getult and co.


dept 10 Drat, Resin and on. Lamin

Lule wtfarginers and on Liverpant

etching Lade

fa Hallday low and an Landes

Hell. 1000 Sandford


Dat. Perry



New 18


473 Julen


69 Hupper

291| Bran

47 Langua


the Griede


Am. 30++'ave

Jovoy richer, ship


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Des Le Cardif

| 477 Hawic



EXENANGIS-The tr"nsactions this mast's have


[[hunghong | Shee Bâle

Jalth, Mala

been very lunked, and at present quotations there Cle are few sellers.



Den 26). Matheson and to Shangha


On London, at 6 moetbe sight, Oriental Bank Lilp Carpuration. 4 Lid per Dollar. Commercial Book




Whampoa [15, MA: |Hongk?�•ng H, M. 86


+ Ch


Hammer Appleton, shly

A 400

4 Wayne, vidy


WI.C. Bu






Hab, Berge

Bolt. | T|Man


|Hongkong) tare dh

LaLa pro

M. Br.,De Plan

of ladie-No me. Firm Clam Private P-per, and Auserican Credits, 45 11da Ba vee Dullur. Salamander Bank Put Billo, ás 11;da de per Dollar Documentary Paper, Se fel a 3d per Dular.

Os ludia, Oivotal Bank Corporation on Bombay st 3 dore night, 233 234 Rupees per 100 D.

ats, Os Calcutta, në 3 days wight 294 Rupees per




Le Cassial


U. " 14. '10 Wilber

Ale. Carr | 36 Regnema ural

Nood barque


Whampaa, kutya

14 100 Flower, a Balled Andas,uer Codan, ship

"John Khalilçın, karyna

ataka, glomer

Vidique, ship

Dent, Kent and on 9,4007

Nov-luding ned on.

Ner Maleich, King and on

Des Linday and en.

an 910. C Lam

Uea Nya, Parkle and co

The farm will be as heretofore. La Clas between Hongkong Canton & Maeno 88 Macao 05. Back Passangere European


Chinese Pasogers desirous of proceeding to Maceo for short period may obtain return tickets available for the Armor escond Stramer after their arrivals at the reduced raing of 88 between Hongkong and Macao, 12 betware Canton sad M400.

Every Best Class passenger will be allowed one servent free of oburgu.

The vers will convey freight on the terms of their published scale; on which, however, some redaction will be made for large quantities, by special agrement.

LYALL, STILL & Co. Agents H&C. & P. C. Flanphong, bib November. 1261.



*JIB A. 1. American Barque "MARY ADAMB," Captain flanding,

will be drapatched on or about the 5th

Promo. For Freidier or Paisaga apply in




flongkong, 21st Juvuncy, 1973.


To Smit on the fat February.


Fanwice, bas Four Biate Room and Four Broernge Banras vazoni. For terms of Panaos, apply to the Captain on beard, or to


Queen's Road, Hongkong,

18th January, 1859.

Liverpool, Bist July, 1858. NOTICE ia beroby given that the partnership aubaleting between the undersigned, enrrying business Best India Marekani, in Laser under the firm of DIROM, DAVIDSON & CA at Dombay in the Best Colles under the frm of DIROM, HUNTER & Co. and in China under the firm of DIROM, GRAY & Co, was this day dine deed by mutual consent, so far sa regards WILLIAM WILKINSON DALE. The busines of the Liverpool, Tombay, and Shangho hnuses will for the feare be entried on by the undersigned Robant finom, William Forstra Honzen, TO FORSTT Gray, Danis Porren and Channa Hram, by whom all debts das by or to the mid respective houses will be paid and resolved.







Liverpool, November, 1862. REFERRING to the shors Notice we beg to

_ odd, Mn W. W. DALE commences hasinana. in Canton, on his own sosonat, and will for un

and our Bombay and Shanghor hours at that Port


Canton, 20th January, 1853.

Ban Fransson, 9th June 1852.




Hon. T. BUTLER Kino-Colinder of the Pari 9. U. llorand, Esq-Assistant Collector, J. A. COST, Esg-Natal ficer.

K. G, Eaq.-Deputy Collector.

Jos. VINCENT Brew, Esq.-U. 8. Appraiser


THE undersigned have been appointed Agents at Hongkong for the subscribers to LLOYDS. Matata of Vramels are requested to cominusicale

to thans intelligence uf luonne, acci·lent, the speak ing of Vessels, and any gmetal information they ecovider of importance or interest to the subscribers.

LYALL, STILL & Co. Hongkong, 3rd September, 1884,



Hndersigned begs to announce to the Public that he opens the above Building this day,

??GENAL COMMUNION & Aоncy Balus Room. and will personally vuperintend the sume aad hold Auction on the premione whansvar a vafcient induerment offers, having engaged, Mr. Usonon DUDDELL's survicze as Auctioneer,


Victoria Exchange, 1st January, 1968.


LER. W. BUTTON has commenced Business the day a Fargine and Levrey STABLE the Premis adjoining the "Auction Kera Mort Viatoris, and has Carriages, Horres, and Ponies for Hire. Aleu the Break for training koren.

N. B-Stabling to Lal. Hongkong, In Jaconry, 1883.





MANAGERS of the Now Fire Orson

London, beg leave to Inform the British and foreign Residents at flanghong and Canton, that they have copiloted and appointed the under. their Atroneurs to inse Patioles of In mace najam sins on Buildings, Goods, Ber chandise wid other Property at those places.

Pull particulars of Hayes &o, may be obtained on applicativo to

LINDSAY & Co. Bergkong and Casson, Flongkong, l&th Augmai, t�?2.


Egrant and


CAPITAL £80,000,

100 Bages or £600 ZAGR


Meter Lamar & Co-Hongkong, Canton,



More GLADSTAN?s & Co.-London,

Loan & Co.-Bombay,


Brand, Famlink Co.-Calcutta, Par & Co-Madis

With reference to the above, the andayalgoed are 'prepared to great Poliates Payablo in London,



WITH reference to the Notices prefized, 1 beg Bombay, Calcutta and Madras.

to intimate that the business bisberto carried on bere in the name of DIROM, GRAY & Co.

will be continued by myself under the style of W. W. DALE & Co.


NOTICE. THE Undersigned hereby give notice that the business hitherto conducted by them in Canton will from this date be derried on at Shanghne

DALLAH & Co. Canton, 12th November, 1859.

Chinn, 27th February, 1969

MARINE INSURANCE. New York Movdal (spuranon

COMPART, Or New Yong, TIE Undergoed is prepared to secept MA

RINE RISKS in behalf of the New York Myrdal Ingunach Company, payable in London or New York.

This Compone, under the Title of the Nrw YORK INSURANCE COMPART, was orgenmod in


EQUITABLE FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, 26 CORNHILL-LONDON. THE undersigned, baving been appointed Agents for the above Office, ara prepared to affect la. erences against fire, on Buildings and Goods, in Carton and Hongkong, lacluding merchandise in najva Packhouses.

HOLLIDAY, WIBE & Co. Canton, 14th Adigum, 1881, NOTICE Thereby give notice that the Advertisement sigud L. JOST, Junior, with reference to In- land Loi No. 18, is wholly unnathorised by the undersigned, who le registered as Joint Lees, with L. Jusi, Junior, in equal shares of the old L4 and that no Saka thereof, concluded by the ald Just, Junior, without the soncurrence of undersigned will be valid, and binding.

D. LAPRAIK. Hongkong, 25th January, 1958.


Pain 1500 SPANIEN. THIE molety, or half, of that valuable Leasehold originally granted to the undersigned under Hi Colanini esl and Registered no Inland Lot No túas per L.


VRI. F. DUDDELL bags respectfully in solici J the Patronage of the Ladies and Poble of longkang to bar Millinery and Haberdashery Bastness at the Victoria Exumares, and will b most happy to execute any orders with which she may be favored.

Vistoria Exchange,

Ini Jawuary, 1263

N. B. Bide entrance in Stanley sired.



Copy of a Latter from George Braham, Bag., Depa ty Collector of Customs, dased Allahabed, January 24th, 1962.

To Profesor HOLLOWAT,

MY DRAR BL-Flaving for several yours pam used your Pille and Ointment with unfailing moe- o, I beg leave to motion a few ocene which have came under my servation, Ons was Can- car of the right brosat. The pilot was an older. ly tive Obrilian and the mother of several chi- dren; she had suffered for youre, and was under Bant idea on unity and flow Shafer the application of your Ointment, apread opon bl desirable propeng, aboiting on the North the treatment of several medical men: the brea-4 was entirely gone living a large ugly soro, which a permanent ineimen. is well worthy the attention of parties wishing to The first com in the undersigned of the whole choll was $8,800; and at the average of the pay your's Rental would yield on the above men uded sum of $1,500, a net interest of Sorasteen por clat per annum and upwards For terms apply io

L. JUST, Ja. Hongkong, 97th Januors, 1888

FOR SALE. well avorted laveise of Raglish Cordags, Chavan and Twins-Nella of disco, in Cosku of & cut,-Round Bar Iron.



Pole Champagne, First Growth-Pale and Brown, do-80sood do. do.-Sinet from Barciny Parkins-Clarata and Brandy, from T. Dunkin Spa. Apply to,

LYALL STILL & Co. Hongkong, 21st October, 1851.

FOR SALE. QUANTITY of Carron foundry Pig Iron,

ALEXANDER WILSON, Messe Jankinn Matumon & Con


Past Point, 2nd Juntney, 1889.


ON VIEW AT TEn ?roums or vuE UNDERGONED, NEAT COTTAGE PIANO, 61 Ocures, by A Costa & C

This sweet towed lowtrament will be sold cheap

MAC BWEN & Co. Ginsen's Road, 4th January, 1853.

FOR SALE. LOSTER Chator and Berkeley Chess, Ut Bootch Marmalade,-- Boepberry Jam.

MAC EWEN & Co. Queen's Road, Hongkong,

14th January, 18SS.


ON BOARD THs Srons Ship "HYGEIA." Whampoa Rock. Nextensive speriment of Ship Chandlery and Cabin Shores, of the best and most varied dee eription, ;-

Colton Caava-Non. I 10. Rela do, and Duck,

Beatch and Engllab-do,

Patent Manila Cordage, of all alsen, Hoth Patent Rusele Bigging, from one to eleven (ochre,

English and Dotch Sheathing Copper, from I l? 19 - Tinh Phiki.

With other articles too numerous for comprizal in the Hmits of an advertisement; all of which can be obtained, alther wholesale or reall, at prices from tan to Ben per cant less than those charged at xúy osber'establishment in China.

Whampoa, 28th June, 1858.




THE attention of Whaling Bbip Masters in par. ticularly requested to the great advantages arising from repairs to Ships being effected at Whampoa where the undersigned have several dry docks, with dry and secure Bbeda for the storage of all or other entgo in the yards adjacent charges on the same, and for repairs, being the most There are

NOTICE. JOHN SCARTH is authorised to sign 1798, as a Joint ST-CE COMPANY. In 1881, h was re-organized on the principle of the Muinal Bystem, and the profite file First Year's Business moderate made in any pet in Chin TURNER & Co.

mding March, 1852, returned to Contribue a Divided of Furty has par Cast upon the warned Premiums, payable in Cort:Bosses bearing Biz per Cent interesi per Annua.

Cavan, 20th January, 1857.


Des 24 Deat


and co

Uhless than, barque..

Forres, Paunrad and Proliküp, BY THE PROPRIETOR, WILLIANn Tarrant, Queen's Road West, Victoria, 1853.


JER PESTONIEE RUSTOMJEE is authoris. ad to sign our firm by pevauration from this COWARJEE PALLANJEE & Co. Cinto, st January, 1863.


Paniculate of Ratna, do, may be obtained on |

?�pplication to

H. W. HUBBELL. Canton, 11th December, 1883.

no port abarges on votarla requiring repaire when landing their cargoes, and many benefits are deriva ble becoming to Whampoa which it is hardly pre- sible to specify within the limits of a single adver tlsamin),

COWPER & GROSVENOR. New Town Ducis, Whampoa Roland, 18th November, 1832.

plantain leave, was complualy' baaled in a very short to:

Another was that of a Child, 6 years old, the son of a Burgeon; the little fellow's legs were covered with erre: they resisted the treatment of his father, and his mother very wisely tried your recodies, which in less iban a fortnight affected a perfect care. The third was bomiman, who had split the nail of his great too aguinal a stick in the river, in which the mad accumulated and formed a sore; aeglect cared pread flesh, and when brought to me, there was over the nail a lump of it as large as a pigon's *. Pustiers, ouusties and you: One entire ly cured in less than 6 weeks,


A CRIPPLE BETA ASIDE HIS CLUTCHES APTER TEN YEARS SUPPERING. Copy of a Letter from Mr. Thompson, Chamis, Liverpool, dated August such, 1962.

To Profawer HOLLOWAT,

Dean Braam wombled to faralab you with a fost extraordinary care effooted by your invalu able Ointment and Pitle, which bae naloninbed every person arginted with the auderer. About 10 years ago, Mr W. Cummins, of Baltney Street, in this town, was thrown from bis borse whereby ho received very acrious injuries; ha had the best me dical advice at the time, and was afterwards an is- main of different infirmaries, yel ba grow worse, and et l?ngth a caligusot running ulcer led la could not mere without clothes for nearly 10 year his hip, which so completely crippled him, that he recently be began le bas your Gintrsent and Pille, which have now healed the wound strengthened bis limb, and enable him to dupense with bir armchen, so that he can walk with the greatest ease, and with renewed heakh and vigour.

(Bigned) J. THOMPSON. A MIRACULOUS CURE OF SCHOFULOUS ULCERS WHEN THE PATIENT WAS SUPPOSED 'TO BE AT THE POINT OF DEATH. Copy of Letter from Mr. R. G. Baxter, General Merchant, of Ballina, County Maya, dated March 27th, 1862.

To Professor HOLLOWAY,

Dan Bin-Ban Dober, of Bally-Glen, arat this place, was for upwards of three years afflicted with Scrofulous Dicers, and of ao virulent a char acter that the bones of her asar and bande prowad ed through the flesh. She tried various semodica, and was in the Castlebar Infirmary for thirteen wooks, but sent out an incurable. After returning to her home she was in so weak a state owing to the continuous discharge from the ulcers that the kept ber bed for several weeks; and when reduced apparently to death's door, Mr James Carlaw, the Scolab Agricakers of the locality, purchased from me some of your Oleument and Pilla for ber, which immediately wronghi a most extraordinary changu for the beer, end in a few months she was restored to soned health. All the alcore are now complate- ly bealed, and the use of her arme and hande per. Sactly restored.



The Mile should be red confondly with the Dinment in

most of the fullurslag ook:~

Bad Lega

Bad Breat



Corns (Scott)


Conuraced and

Aud Jolie

like of Mascheros Elephasilan

and Band-Flies Fintas

Coco-bog Chigo-bos Chitials

Chapped hands




Bure Nipples





Glandular Swel). Tomoan





Wubada YAWO

By Mr. J. M. DA SILVA, schip Stora and by HINNAM.-liongkong, St. J. M. DA FONCECA,-Macao, and Mera ACOW & Ca-Canton,

Al la, od se Bd. & 6s, each pos or Boz.

There is a considerable saving in taking the Jarge pota,





TURDAY, Fendant lær, 1853.


Mr Pollard's services-in that Case however

the verdict was appoaled againal, and the matter plumbered. After that cam was

him? In this Cor repont, that I fint my Judymoni uzun the day Ground of Might, not upon the Circumi.ces al

Delisty of the Caes.

so disposed of a Mr McDonald of Nhanghao | Judges on the subject.- cominenced an action against the Company


And having spoken to the Cominon low

Chief Jets of the Court of Kin's Bench and Com

His Lenkkip, this sy stated, that he had requested the Pls and the Chief Baron of the Barlaquer,

Files that he had been inforrsed by Lard Filleshagh, of the Opinions of their respective Course upon the obse

arising out of the mme collision business, and in that case Mr Pollard acted for the Company.

and Land Chief Justice Gibbe, that the Oplubs if there -There was also another case in which Ezrah

ons were, that on fitur ay sould not be slower i and Jedah were (are) the Plaintiffe, and in that

t; that he had slam spoken to the Master of the Roilo, also Mr Pollard had been consulted. Owing || and the Vice Chancellor, and sat der possuind in the

Oplan be had mi yet been able to learn the Open. to some error in the pleading, maiters of the Court of Hockeyer, which, however, be would was dropped and all seemed quiet. The fat re-

1. The Wong nei chung States, for all Ponies under 13 handa. Weight for inches. Former Lainer was a yearly one-the second was for

winners of this Races excluded. Entrance, 3 dollare nach, with 20 dollars from the Fund. Once mand the Course,

1. Me Vranov

Kino's, A.




Emp. Friars

12he Bin, Bột Tik. Blue sad White

387 12 3 6 7 9 8 7 12

c. h. 1. p. The Paycock,Jatt J.P. 12

b. m. j Fidge

bm Fur

Scarlet & White Elloop-Borle Black and White Hoop [Cap Yellow-Blos Bireres & Cap

The Canton Cup, ale 150 dollars, presented by the Canton Community, for all Arabi. Weight: 10m. 4lb. Entrance, 10 dollare each. One-and-half miles.

1. Mr Kino's a b. c.


Erin Os Brigh



br. 4. h.

St. Andrew

bra. b.

Most Trouper

3 The Valley Stakes, for all Ponies. Weight for inches

carry Tib, extra progressively. Entrance, 3 dollars each, with

round and a distance.


2. 3. p. Rwy

3. n

2. Nowxau's


d. i. p. Orditer

g.m. p. Prines


M'bita-Green and Gold Cap

Blue and White

Former winners of this Race to 25, dullary from the Fund. 200

961. 716. Green and Gold 00

Cikoson and White

9 T Blue and While

The Plenipotentiary's Cup, valve 200 dollars, presented by His Excellency Bir George Boukam, K. C. B, for at Horses, (bona fide) the property of the Persus entering. Weights Arabe, Bar, 10lb. Hydney, Cape, English, or Hrud Bred Iturnes. Ita. Jolb. Parmer winters of this Cup-once, Tib, extra ; twice, 10lb, extra ; no Horso to carry more than 10lb, extra, Any Horse beaten for this Cop when carrying 1016, exten, will be allowed 31b.. until again a


MA?RAM O MODs as he received in


This Morning the Lord Chazarfler informed the Counsel, in skin Chase, that since the Bohject was las tarathnanje bul received from the Lord Chief Bars of de Coat of clear the Opinies of that Court, which was, that an Baklar, the holdery nagged as such in me bile, muid afterward

references did not apply. Mr Bridges then read To this Mr Pollard replied showing that the the affidavit of O. C. Edmond, Agent for the P. & O. 8. N. Co., and a letter under date 29th December, 1852 (a copy of the one ak leged by Mr Pollard to have been marked pris vate) in which, aftor saying that having under- stood from Mr Warden (Clerk in the P. & O Office) that he, Mir Edmonds, was gotting bet- ter, and would song return from Macao, be hel deferred saying any thing about the determin- ation be bad arrived at to conduct two cases that had boon offered hin against the Company Company in all other matters, but he could that he was perfectly willing to act for the got afford, for the amount then previously re ca.rcu as a general retaining teo, to lose a szinte of his toes in the cases he had been requested to pressing surprise, and enclosing a check on the conduct." To this Mr Eden and replied, ex-

Oriental Bank Corporation for $190, the mencing 1st October 1859. The third letter Aunt of retaining fee for to hali your cou

read was that frem Mr Pollard to Me Exmond. returning the check, and reminding Mr E.- that the professional business of the Company bad bean inther hands since the 1st October, which Bir Pullard said he considered onuruly exonerated bita.

winner, and when carrying Tib, will be allowed 716., until aguina winner. Entrance, to him was so marked private-Mr Pollard reiter- | ter of 8800 or which would be the amount

dollars each. Two miles.

1. Ble BanomAM' b. 4. b. The Carvair


bra.m. Queen of Cinde CAMPURIL'S bam Pauline

4. Liawitlyn's b. a. g. Christ lata. Dover


Blu-Criman Cap Whoe and Red-Red Cap Black and Silver

six monike only-the alturating being made because Mr Pollard stated to Mr Edmond that he was about to leave for England. This half yearly retainer expired in September last ; bot though the period had so expired nothing took place; and certain business having com menced in India, also connected with the Pacha and Erin collision, Bix Commissions came on bare, three by Deat & Co, and three by Jardins Matheson & Co. Examinations took place upon those cornmissions, and subes quent to the expiry of the retainer period aforementioned, Air Pullard undertook three of them on behalf of the Company. lu Do- cember last Mr Pollard wrote a letter to the Agent of the Company.-Mr Pullard here checked the learned counsel sod said that so that letter was marked private it could not be read-Mr Gaskell, who was with Mr Bridges in the antion, denied that the copy furnished ated tint it was, and appealed to His Lordship whether the reacting should not be restrained He Lawdslip replied that good feeling might | pronjat the withholding it-but though mark

ed private such marking chid not warrant the

client from being read. Mr Bridges raiṁt a client had the privilege of rouraining any latter so marked, but the privilege did not fie with the Solicitor to this His Lordship assented, re- peating however what had been said about good feeling, and then asked. Mr Bridges whe ther he would, or would not, withhold the lat ter marked privato. Mr Bridges replied that so far as he was concerned he would willingly wildraw the mention altogether; but ho was only acting under instructing and had an option-Mr Pollard said it remained entire- ly with Commal to withdraw, if he pleased day part of what might be before him-Tóceived -excepting in one instance where it was thin Him Lordship ussontod, but Me Bridges res gretted that he could got withhold the letter, for it formed a principal feature in the case antrusted to bim. Mr Bridges then weal on to say that a Solicitor could not feare the .ervices of a Company as Me Pullard had, and that it was not proper on the part of a Solicitor Lo leave one cave and take up another on ac- count of getting more fines; and referred to the case Cholmondley " Clinton, in which the law was distinctly laid down on the point.

5. The Scurry Status, for all Ponies, Catch weights Entrance, 3 dulars each, with 30 restraining any latter between Solicitor and dollars from the Fund. Last Pony to pay the second Pony's entrance. Half a mile.

J. Mc NawMAN'S

dip. Cradider



d. mp. The Allerman



Imp. The Payench

Common and White Grain al Gold

Benelet & Whas Hoop-Seacht

6. The Block Stoker, for all untrained Horses. Catch weights. Entrance, 5 dollars each with 20 dottern from the Fund. Half a mile.

1. Mr Canon's



ka. b. Pollar

b. Strouglas

cam, Codien Rus

??Lirut Tor's Regt. hub, Baườn the Haru lato John Göpin


Amoy, to Demerara. Apply in

Green and G.

Baw. Black Cap

Red, Green, Lilar & Brown -Back and White Cop Blue Red Strip-Red Cap

Wa gire above a copy of the Firm Day's Race

A period Sumonos for Vayage drom card, the Horses being placed an ibay came in

Ten leag

the Pacu Nhan came in Monday night, having had to put in at Manila for Cels




ican. Peruvian, or Chiliam, for which the bl rate will be given


Black and Whole Newfoundland Bitch, show oine months old, answers to the name of Jono The Ender, bringing them, or modifying its whereabouts, to the Edwor of this pa per, will be liberally rewarded.

"Friend of China" Uffice, |Hongkong, 25th January, 1883


of China

Hongkong, Jal August, 1862.


FOR BALE. HAMPAGNE of superior qoslay, Clanut, BRANDT from T. Dunkin & Son, Naise of

??act in Cask of cut. Apply to

LYALL STILL & Co. Hongkong, 31st January, 1858.


Tun ceremony of laying the foundation Boos of the new Masonic Hall was duly performed yestar. day; but the long law report, to be found below, precludes the possibility of saying mats then that "verything wem off excred ogly well, and that a full report of the procedings will appear in the next or an early issue.

Ir has hitherto been generally supposed that the OBoers of the Supreme Court were par fectly in o der in excludlug reportérs and other PARTIER having this or ENGRAVED PLATER, from the Judge's Chambore, when His Lord

Cau printed from them on applichip the Chiel Justice was engaged in civil??ties to Me R. VEDIGAZ, at the Office of the Friend bunnen. We are now glad to find that they were not in order, and may person wishing to hene a casa argued before the Judge in Chain bors can, in future, have ready admittance on application to the Usher at the foot of the stairs, We were led Court-ward Mouday | foremona un bearing that a matter of some in terest to the public was about to be gone into The business to which we allude was on's motion for a rule to restrain BT E, H. Pollard, Sulicitor, from acting in two saits instituted against the "Pemosúlar and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, on the grounds the r Pallant had bean retained by the Agent of the Company to act generally at a fred sun per annum-that during such engagement be had acted in a case the tacts of which were iden- tical with the suits in which the Company were now desirous of restraining him-and it Dec. Dwas urged that a Solicitor, for pecuniary mo. Jany. 7tives, could not leave one client to go to an- Jan 17 other such client being desirous of retaining Jan 21 | bin services.


New Advertisements will be received until 7 Click on the Evenings precious to publication, wiz: The paya and Fridays. If one or two copies are ve quired of the iscurs in which an Advertista is inserted, and applied for during, or within a reasonab's time after the print for which pakic ation is oriwal, no charge will be made for the


bagian? Unked Blakes





12. of L. Hope Kan Francisc


Nov. 24, Sandwich falauds Nov. 6

Rasala Dec.

19 | Labuan

Dre 16 Singap

Ilec 13 Manila

Kuv 14 Nkanga

NOT 17 Amo

Nov, 25 Niegpo


Dee. fal




*ON ntaw w veka Roses Bets A. 30. || ??M

8,462,19|||| 4,00 4,46 634 6.31 5,40 6,Del 0.40 Moon-Last quarter yeslarda?, at 1 36 r. m. Perigo to day.





8,40 6.4


Mr Bridges then said that the First ground

of motion was that in McDonald's case, when Pollard woe with the Company, the facts of

affidavit, in which it was sworn that if Pollard Mr Bridges then went on to read from the

was not restrained from acting as prayed, that it would be highly detrimental to the interests of the P. & O. 8. N. Company--and the wris ter denied having retained any other profes "ional man until after Pollarda, latter was yan necessary to have the sorvions of a mutary about a change of masters-and it was farther alleg. od that there was one practising Attorney in the Colony, Mr Moresby, whose service were Pollard was retained. open to the Plaintiffs in the caves in which Me

Mr Pollard requested Mr Bridges to read the whole affidavit sæd not parts-Mr Bridgen reminded Mr Pollard that he had already urged spon him his ability to leave out what over part of case he pleased, and there was no neces sity for the reading of the part to which Mr Pollard alluded.

His Lordship's attention being thus drawn

introduced on the files of the Court-it was not language for an affidavit-no state of, factu gave Justication for such language when a inan was taking a solomo oath".

His Lordship then read the passage, which was to the effect that the party complained of had hawked his services from one to another, accepting a retainer from that nda in which h interests were most forwarded," such fan- gungs as that, His Lordship ropestol, should not be made use of lo rny papers placed bolora bin in a case for decision,

that case were identical with one of those to the affidavit, on lasking at the oipy before in which he was now retained against the bin, characterized the language of it as very Company-That since the expiry of his re-improper, and such as should never have been tainer Pollard had acted for the Company in matters arising out of the Pack and Brin cul lision-(Mr Pollard mid he was retained ex- preply to attend to those comania-ions four months before the period of his retainer; and that in conducting them for the Company he was only finishing off work in band). He Lordship asid he should require ? to be shown to him that facts had been disclosed connsated with the identical cases in which a role war prayed to restrain, Mr Bridgen said the second ground was that Pollard had otherwise acted for the Company, after the period of the half yearly retainer, and the third ground rested on the position that the Court could not sanctioning a Solicitor, for pecuniary motives, to leavo one client and go to another-client being willing to retain such Solicitor. Mr Bridges than pru. ceeded to read from Cooper's cases in Chan- cery the report in Cholmondley Clinton on

wel had beca a Solicitor for one of the parties in suit, from becoming Solicitor for the opposite party; wherein it was recorded that Lord Chancellor Eldon said :-

Mr W. T. Bridger, Acting Attorney Gemotion for an injunction to restram Moutrinu, neral, on behalf of the P. & O. 8. N. Cp bo lore reading the affidavits with which the

motion was supported. Uri fly explained to Lordship the Acting Judge that Mr Pollard had been more than eighteen months retained by the Company as their legal adviser,-that daring the period he was so retained Impor at businem was gone into in consperion with the collision of the Braam Vessels Pooko-and Erin, that in part of thai biisidem Mr Pollard acted against the Company.-Memory Dent & Co. the Plaintiffs, having a preferable claim to

Mr Pollard thanked his Lordship for uphold- the character of the officers of the Court, His Lardship rupled that where one indo- cancy was permitted-one falso stop.taken- it immediately led to more.

mood Warden, Clerk in the office of the P. & Mr Bridges then read the affidavit of Ed-

D. 8. N. Co. to the effect that he had had com. veraations with Pollard (Me Pollard said on his oath he had denied what was so sworn-it was a direct perjury, innocently enough it might be, but on loss a perjury.)

His Lordship said from what had transphod be was satưfied the retainer was at an end--it would now remain to be shown whether had there been or was there likely to be, a breach of The confidential relations which subaiat bo- tween Attorney and Client-was knowledge

Tarder the Queilen te ho, nakedly, whether a Porns having bran long - leivong in a Cum on the Holand alda dikarging himself, no 1 mast taka in that anau did in the Cat, by the Diaohuius of Partnetop, Mu afterwarde base the Au mey on the other side is that Ca 2+, I may have overlooked streamatinces in my Life, but it, do not reflect an Instanou c?k in kam seur befe happened. In the bane of Freedon Law approring up the Baljeet, the resecumbenate of the Thing | acquired whibat Pollard acted as their Attorney

as he acked in Busara e by de Pan can it be, the kie having hoon on dishared by s vivall ho sou very Roneva why the other Party shall employ

which could be made use of to the prejudice of

the company and their suit


going up for the sake of a drive duwa gela which wisked them to be simply styled "Eilao," hebben bedecked ladine who accompanied and had the same privirgse calended to them as the them. To short, jaunt to the Diggings had be members of their order had on the Hobart Town. come, among da certain class, a very fashionable Boureely did these fellows &nd themselves, however,

intentione left them in a moment. They bad brad this from their infancy, and warn of by

"pra" and the "Nymphs of the l'avo," with beer

once more set of the prison gate than with good



(From the Correspondent of the Tluas, Oct. 25.) Naw Youu, October 9 Half past 10 a. m. My letter on the Love Star morament resched

Mr Potard then replied, denying that he had ever gained, whilst conducting the Company's businem, particle of knowledge more than wight have been gained had he been a by-

fanny men and the fouls meonpalized the best Mander at the trial Dent & Co. versus Tron-

"ain out" on the road. It was do anoat thing

his country just as our lending journals had be -the fact in that case being identical with

to see one of these cobs with a half load of "isuty, habit and inollaation, and all the premebing and come aware of the extent of that society, and some cases in which he was retained, and a gently driving up and down the principit etre t of momlizing in the world couldn't alter them. A what informed in regard to do operations. I had alent to the world-having been published Melbourne to give the ladies an opportually of ery few days suffoad to prove to the cleolate derived my information when I wrote from what newspapers-Mfarrover, in that particular paving their charme, In order to attract the siten

thai all the crowed penitence of the "Exit" dar I believed to be authentic arces, and I am sorry tion of men of Inate and disctiuniantion sail by this ing their incarceration in the jails of Eugland was | now, in addition to what I had before Kell, to be trial, bc, Pollard, was, na now, retained against van ours a good load. "Come sloeg Tuin" sothing but a share to spedits their liberation, obliged is communiste other facte, which not the Company, whatever knowledge lo gained who would cry, as she recognized a?me oil anqusin

Thay Kid had enough of that sort of thing la Eng. ; only ostroborate all that I said, but which impart was from Deut & Co. not from the Company lace sed Tom, if he had the least spark of lind, without suming all that distance to look for will deeper signification to this matter Your

gallantry and the cash to up-re, would jump is so- the facts in the affidavits brought to support cordingly.

it there, nod this was the manner they trouted all weeks on the same subject were iminadiately Jemade made upon them to go into the interior. copied into some of nur newspapere, while others the mution were meagre and bere, to say noth-

Ime with a considerable number of Californians Nothing short of starvation could induce any one gure the suberance of them in their own odourist ing of the spirit. As to what he had done in the in Melbourne, some of whom had met with taler of them is quit this elty, and if the obstacler of the articless but my letter by the last steamer will

able unces at the tainas: the most of them com esses of Macdonald, and Ezrab and Judah, it plained, however, how hard it was for them to ove cortainly had, for the moel pen, one redeeming petrated upon our flag by the authorities in Havan Vandemenian emigrant was none of the best, they have already informed you of a grow ouɩrugo por- related merely to the pleadings-and his advice

money in Australia; the women, alsa. were bair quality, and thatwas, they would go to work. As sub, and you will had in nearly all our Allumie was not taken. In the case of Exral and stumbling blocks. These daron critters (I boord for the Exiles," bey took an exsier method of journals of the last work varmest language concern. Judah he was never coulted-and Ezrah termark) are so many for a Eller that there is getting a livelihood, and soon bad the sitefactioning that occurrenes.

no getting away from sham; they are the kindest | of being provided for once mere in a Queen's prison, and Judah had now requested him (Pollard) to merials alive while you treat them to gowns and whither their conduct soon took them. After this, in Elarannak, as well as the remarks of our most 1 rail not tell you that the eeeeat acourrences bring another action against the Company, whisky, but the moment you cos quiog hond the Port Philipsons took a similar stand to the prominant newspapers, not only confirm the trunk Me Pollard submitted that the facts refuted with them they'll sweat at you like wicks a break- people of the Cape of Good Hope, and donuanced of all my sistements in reference to the Lone Star themselves, and proceeded to read his affidavit, and go of with some other filer. Al-chau

Conviction in any form, and have got since receiv. | Order, but they corroborata to an unexpected ex. ic and borers were receiving the osma wagon as | ed, any further addkin to the envias population. test the tendency of publia upisios lo this country in which, after admitting receipt of certain foo

thues in William's Town, but they, with low ex The-e "Exiles" were known after this as "Lord foreshadowed . The truth is, that this is anto October, it was stated that on the 18th ceptions, sent their money almost as fast as they Stanley's (Grey's) Pate," but the most of them soon likely to prova a very ugly business for us all. E of December last the Company retained Mr Herned it, Fow, very few, could be prevailed upon sitar their arrival in the salong, were transported to | outorials appraksonians showi k which I cannot to work more than two or three days in the week, Van Di man'a Land for crimes committed upon so shake o�?" I see a drifi of pu'ilia feeling among Tarrant, as well as Mr Gaskell, to do their bu raquiring the balance of the fits are life wib chaty, upon which they should not, sad probably Finess-weering distinctly that in the case of the skickaters, or in other words to spoud their esen usver will again be fet lover. McDonald, in which he had been commited, he inge in eurookng nod drinking. The merchants, bad got learned a fact which he did not

were having a fine ilma of Suoh days of pros perity they had never seen before, and they were know a year before, when conducting the making hay while the sun abano. If the lower case of Dent & Co. TransON. Neither orders of society in Hobart Town are currupted und. was Macdonald's cuss analogous with the muila contaminated by vire I think those of Melbourne a great deal more so, and this is not to be so much of Jardins Matheson & Co, and Tuken and woodered at when it is know that the scun ul Ally, referring as it did to the prices of Opium both Bydney and Hobert Town make Melloncos | at Shanghao at a particular time of the year :

their bond quarters. The monjority of the ostrica, AND immediatly the term of their punishment expiree aso Me Pollard ploaded that the relation of

in Van Dean's Lant, take the firm oppstvunky Astorney and client must be; between parties of trasporting thetanelvan & Port Poilp, wher or privies, reading from an analogous caso in being exture strangers, they can hava frank start and act their old parts with lapanity, Gumbling Moure and Bonti's reports ou a Chancery

is strictly prohibited by the government, but never sunt, where the Court refused to restrain ;-andtheless there are several low dens where it is cut. Mr Pollard asked if his services were restrain.

ried on, and the propri turs of these "ariba" keep | ed what then 1-A decision had been given by etios of the police. It is the hardest thing in the up a very diligent watch, and thereby cape the Chief Justice Hulme in that Court that no

world for a stranger to get adimiselun lnte nos of pary in suit could entaiu more than one At theas house; he must be broug it in by one whe is well known, and he is expected to comece torney, and to sanction othewise quinunted in

gambling the moment lie ontore. On doparidag, on

??denial of jiution-that it was the practice to oath of accracy is administered to hiin, southe give the party previously employing an oppor. penalties utlending say treachery on his part aro twoity of retaining-

minmely and clearly pointed ont to him. Fiddling. dancing, singing and Bghting are the principal amusements of the lower classes in Melburne A *free and many" as now cornur, and a dancing and Company,sparting orth at the other, meet your eye in all your

His Lordship said he had but one question to determine, "Whether you (Pullard) obtained juformation, while retained by the which you can now make use of,



| perambulations.





Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company



India Hanghong Shanghat.|4'tralla,


Cat. La To



Gosen, and



of Party 'obl to The 160 PCIE ad val

orem....." Spel | 1080p.a) 11 #p. 01 |

The Rate to Maravillon the mme, and to Buex twothirds of the above.

The Company will not be responsible for dam one arising from insufficiency of protection is the pickoga

Elwadreds of in looking fullows are to be en Application for space should be made as ently as fonding about the city, whose only sejret is plunder, possible, in writing, stating the description and and who are reedy at a moment to avail themselves | Trips of Goods, which must be alongside the of any advantage which might present (teelf in their Steamer three days previons to the date of bar particular line of husiness. Ouce these goutlemen

miling. koow for a fact that a wad has money about him,

To insure Gonda keeping up with the Maile in they reckon his case more than hilf gone through Egypt, no package should exceed I owt

"Goode to be distinctly marked on the cover and wherewith, for in gel this information is the most diffou

part of their work, and His generally ounveyed to inner packages, or the Company will not be an |them by a female confod, rate,

uwacable for wrong delivery."

Mr Pollard "I submit that the affidavits touch nothing--the Clerk of the Privy Council of Appeals knows as much as I d?"

Court. The words applying are * secret ju "formation which may be used"-ruch me. times grow out of conveyancing can, abstracts of donde and muaiments are made- in cases also between Merchants and profos, Cak's revolving piatuls ware magsely sought men, where probity and good feeling at. I knew " Férochman who took out from

| San Francisco ffisen of these fica orma, and who - would be broken by disclosures. In the one patted a prodt en chain at Mount Alexander of | before me the facts are certainly not in strong$250. at I expected--that there were confidential communications Mr Pollard's affidavit fully answers-it does not appear from what han Come before me that Mr Pollard was in a p"" sition to make use of what he might have learnt in good faith, and entrusted to hit for one purpose and no other-it does not appear that he can be in a position in the forthcoming can to do sught to break faith. Under the circumstances, His Lordship said, I feel bound to make no rule on the motion.


+ font-

Do, and I lach


Dr. Ca % 20


4 8

7 8


8 12

* 40

Do and inches 6


D 19

2 65

Tool --


10 8

1 00

Dr, and




3 10

7 0

JЯ 0

3 85



12 13

* 60



13 8


Do. and 2 inches


14 4






15 0

4 30

Du and inches

Parcels under one quarter of a cubis foot mene. rement will be taken from one ropes four annen, of Melbourne has been to some extant a ponal noiile- || 60 conía, unless containing valuable articles; al menu... A few years ago the British Governmimt | and above that morerament at the following gra in ise parental" solicitudo for the walleru of the duntad scale, including all charges to the Port of polonios at larga, endentured to establish the ino- Delivery. tiation of Convictiam by all possible envané, not culy in Port Philip, but alan at the Cape of Good Hope; but the appesence of the first is ship before Cape Town was only the signal far a go neral tising of the Public meetings were held in every part of the colony, and resolution passed andomontory of the memures and resolving bul to suffer the land of their adoption to be saddi d with a convich popul-tion, declaring that if such a estamtrophe could not be prevented by fair and co Mr Pollard-Will your Lordship allow oneta?itu fonul means, they would have come to arms Pacher than permolt a single convict to load on their Judge-If you think it necemary to make an

share. Bush noble condnot on the part of the application. A connection between you and Cape people had its proper effect, and Lord Stanley, who was thru Secretary for the Colonies and the the Company has existed, and Gentleman ana-

projector of this scheme, wisely ordered the convict beeled with the Company consider themselves whip off to Bydney. Melbourne marcheats and emitled to your services--you may claim your country eattlers were at the time subscribing large Bans of money to bring over some of the idling thousands from Van Diemen's Land, for Port Philip was never in a more prosperous conditina, and the Inborarket was quita exhausted, laboring men could not be procured at any price." Regular agencies were accordingly established in Hobart Town, and all those desirous of a change of scene had only to say the word and their wahoo were soon gratified.


Mr Pollard said the spirit of the motion wan much that he certainly would not stand any low upon it-be could not afford to lose money through Mr Edmond's whims

His Lordship rejoined that the spirit exhibit- ed was certainly to be deprecated, and un that account he would allow costs. The motion my accordingly dismissed with costs out pocket.


By this means, many thousands of the very drege of society were intenduced into that young colony, for the great majority of the emigrante ??were expierra, men who had peard through all the animale of the convint chamber, and who proved theone Ivan a curte rather than a horsing to the (Prom the Daily Alla California, Noe. 20)

netiara who employed then. Lord Stanley (Grey) Dow came to their sasialance u kiformed them that Malbourne la decidedly what a California ne- quentar es of mine had previously told me in Ade the patientiaries of Ragland contained great sun. de-seme pumpkins of a place. Is thronged her of young mun who were confined fut the most recia, crowded hotels and its overlating din

trivial offences, with a view of tracking them wrongly reminded me of scenes I had before wit

Truden, and working out a general reform "tiua in their cunduot. Ilumireds of thong had already Deed in San Franciero; all was life and anime-given ample mofs of their improratet, and the

Bome of the principal thoroughfares were slmost rendered impassable by the aumbar of cabe, Particular cines his boriship now preposed in and which were contrally arriving and starting would dad them for better close of laborers then over in Port Phillip. He was ornain the Colonies for the mining districts. The saw road through thate from Van Diemen's Land. These the wate the Black Forest had just been opened, and some

of the crack stingra were going ??through in a duy.", subiequ a'ly landed at Melbourne, and Lord Grey

I was however askket from the appearance of the bed arranged that they were not to be termed "Ovo tralkers that a great portion of them were merely | ~??Grey, If you please.-Et, P. "r G,


Do, and I inch

And for every additional incl measurement twelve na 24 Peninsular and Oriental Company's Bier, and two rupees sight antas whee forwarded by East ladi: Company's Steamer. If the package weighe more than 20 lb. to sha Cable Fuel, additional weight will be charged.

Pecals should be delivered two days before enn:Bramer's departure,

Periodiese will be charged eight anoas such, Package exceeding on cubic foot must be in strong wooden cases, or they cannot be received.

Liquide canust be received ; and if sunt, with out Notice, the Shipper and Consignes will be held reponsible for damage arising thareftom.

Jewellery, Silver, Wascher, and other valmblé the Company roserving to themselves the right to Articles, are taken at the Specia rate on their value, charge by value, weight, or measurement. time of booking, or the Package exonut be re Contrata and Value.-Moat be declared at the catved A wrong de laration of Tulue or contents subjects the Consignee is charge of double freight, and the Package to seizure at the Castor


of eight of ob Pare-1, in which Particulars of Reacipta will be given an delivery and payment Risk and all Charges will be specified.

Phicola cool le applied fur to the Company's Agents at the Port of Delivery,


Superintendens.-Parcel Department, IN, LuadasMALL STREET,

January jar, 1883.



the American people which batokens the precipi tation of events that I think every friend of this ovuntry would try to weert. But there is something else that I regard ad sull more important. The prosesi Capt. General of Cuba is the worst enemy Spain bas, Inspired, perhaps, by loyal zæl for his Sovereign and patriotia ferlinge for tie country, he la prahir, things to such an erisms that he a waking up the indignation of shat very class of ser people who will thus be mariod into a pulisy whish, but for such courage, would ment, with no favour *xcept from the Lone Stir men and their intimatu adberesia. The trantinent which several of our officers nad vowels had already experienced afford. ed some theme for walk about national irault, Amer rican power, Republieno empire, din, ; hot all this would have allpped by, and men of sense nad disore. tion would have overywhere other overlooked or palliated what huo beạn ?ane ; but the late "pgro alone and inzulis to the Cornelis and the Cresent Gly have excited universal inHgnation. The Bri- slak prople have søvar rabmitted very lamely in any period of their history in insulta on the ser, and should never be forgotten in any jdgam which Englishmen fura abost Americans that wa are only Anglo Saxma much sen mbling our fath- ero of fat ages and our brothers of 1988 on tha other side of the Atlantis, in our goal and our evil things. But it would be strange conazh if this wat diffrence in our history should not work some modifcatione alas in the deve?eparat of nation charset i and popolar feeling The American have grown in ho ioorg sensitive on the subjoot af Luterference and aggrrad in on the noran ikku erra Englishmen are themselves. Ingrat say diseply all that has happened in our relations with Cubs place the first landing of Lopez at Cardonna. Dild ont lament his árat impulse, nor did I much regret, on the whole, the fiul Gie be sailored, nor did I much regst the fate of my own countrymen, any further than my humanity might have been stirred by the brutality of their dustbe. But do not desire to me my comuiry irritated into a new and prerpitate launch upon the territoriva of our neighbour Heaven la leading us Ista anough, without having the unholy impulers of bid sions to drive us. Láka all other Americans who take time to refect. I wish my country to spread bar & minion no faster than she can extend k by the arts of ponce, or by friendly negotiations, Por these reasons, I regret deeply the course the Captain General of Caha is taking ; for it requires do gaps of a seat to forense wh Uwill be the resuls. And then suppose the upshot of the matter-what would be a war with Spsin te os 1 She was too wank 30 years ago to repriet the independence of ber American colonies, and if she now has to con tend for the supremany of the last of them against the whole force of the United States, un skall only wilsem a spectacle which we would not with to contemplate, the Goal degradation of so the uldest and most venerable Bates in Europe.

How much wore is to be desired that at the pre- sent aroment some friendly Power would whisper wise counsels in the ear of the Cabinet at Madrid 1 It would sem now that unless tho present Captain Gasaralis recalled, and,bie place filled by a wiser man, Cuba will be revolutionised, rod the Gem of the Antilles lest to Apaís for ever. There is a ferocity about his administration which recalle vairs of barbarous times, and his recent airo- eilles have curdled the blood of our people with horror and filed them with Indignation.

The Affair of the Crescent City at Havana. -Aspect of the Cuban Revolution in the United States.

Our New York correspondent, in detailing the oircumstances of the late disculty between one of our steamers and the authorities at Havana, furn ishen the following interesting information:

Immediately on receipt of the news of this out. rege, the sloop-of war Cy?ne was ordered to Hu- vane, where be bus probably arrived are thin. The U. ? steam frigate Flowhattan ole sailed for the island on Saturday lart, having on board Judge Conkling, the now Minister to Mexien, who is 10 re

post the facts in the case of the Cornelio and the Crescent city, and then prosced to Maxico by way of Vata Crus.

The owner of the Crescent telegraphed Lieut. Porter, at New Orleans, to take no board the Has tuna maila sa uaual, preowd to that port again on his return trip to New York, attempt to enter the | harbor, and il fired inde to urtetiker the vessel at oneo, thus making a duse ol glava importance, which would not, and evuld not be passed ovet by our government The Crescent City sterivad you. today morning on her ramen trip, having tweb. ed at Havana, waste abo wat permated to enter,


Tut not allowed to cutounicate in any way with

the shore.


the Lobos I-lands, and we are brought up suddenly by the announcement that British credituro will admit nothing of the kind. And barnia la nu s- pire of the most influential sort. It enables the gararament of St. James' to rol?, under ona prelazi | or another, onu half of mankin'), )1 romeryva lo

of the world's market. Et broke up and at all picta confirms the commersial supariarity of that wond erfol people. It places the clos of every political rovabination in the British Foreign Secretary, and hids the American stand aside, so a party initial.

There is no question that measures are in sctive propum bere, looking in another effort as Cuban revolution. There are three hundred Cuban exiles || bete, who are regularly to make arrangomonia lu connection with the the enterprise. The organi.the B-itish manufacturere end skippern iha arena zvijon al-o numbers many of our an gene, who have influence and means at command. It is stu led that theU & Government has received rehablu information relative to the morament of this organ ization, and that despatches have bean forwarded to the US ficer of this city, snjoining a strict O forcement of the neutylky law, as well as the forcement of trusty obligations. The government stipriamu itself acquainted with the places of landes Tous of the recruits, and that they number 2,000. I am inchoed to behave the government are devel ved, and that they have taket scant of a belt desigu- c�?to draw their suspicions of the real moremai of the revolutionist.

All these cirotuners land rapidly to develop pubile splaion in favor of Cuban Independence or Anneration. That Coba most be either indepen. dent or Americas is necessity that mere policy casant long street. She is a jewel which Bpois cannot 1918. She would gladly sell u Spain; but it is clear that we would dot tolerate such a disposition of a fertilo island which ranta sight in the grest maritime gangway between our Nath and South-Ben Francisco Paper Nos. 22.

(From the Placer Times and Transcript, Nov, 20)



ed in the ways, and means of interna?i-and diplo macy. There is perhaps in the whole mamarly system which hoa giren to the commesse of Eng land its persona superiority, no one thing more potential iban this method of bringing foesias na Floma into debt. The debtor, whies thern was no | ezumption lama, is still serqual to the creditor, ad a debt to all powerful England, in talber moze bind- ing in it force, then one due to a less competit lender."-Ibid.


Dreadful Outrage on two Germans by two Chi samen.We learn by the Sonora Herald the fol lowing particulare of an outrage committed out Page's Hanch, by two Chineers on two German amet Adam Baker and Giddig a seama the Germany had agreed with the t'hivaman to casty their baggage from Stephen's Bar to Cup Hon. All four stand t-gether, bot &nally the Chines Commenced lagging bakind. About 12 o'clock, having ou?rly tenched Page's ranch, the Germans set down and waited for the arrival of the Okinas, The latter, on overtaking their omaluyara, slapped

belonging to nae of the German, Heered $2

Tor Japan Expedition and Soufry of Taup, and one of them inquired the prior of a gi Chita Sual-The Stoner Princeton ds-We learn un sadoulud authority that the preparations |for it, which the German refused, regairing 96. for the U. & Expedition to Japan ara rapidly ?�puod ing to completion, and are on a scale of great ill Cirocy and completeness. The expedition is to be mook mare formidable than was at året enniumple ted, and will consist of there superior steamships of -and all this not withstanding the many remort from trave to time that the expeditina had been abandanad, and which have as often been ontradic ted by our wall informed correspondents at Wash ington and elsewhere. *



Por London

Acadia, W. Camla Eden, W. Ano Mkcbell, 8.

Joseph Fletcher, 8.

Naomi, 8.

For Liverpool. Emily, 8.

Wild Flower, 8.

For Madras, Nonpareil, W.

For Batavia. Comalie B, E. Bintang Anam, W. Teresia, W.

For Singeport. Fair Barbadian, H. Susan, H.

N. 8. da Luz, M. St. Jose, M. Bangalore, W. Fatal Ohib, 8,

For Matila Bombay, H.

Amined, M. Hindostaa, W. Joshua Baies, W. Bella Gallego, A

For San Francisco

Emma Laidora, H.

Lord Warristen, H. Mary Adams, H. Onyx, M.

Lebanon, W.

For Callao,

Micro, W.

Rosita, W.

For New York

Hurricane, W.

Helena, 8.

For Lima.

Rose Elias, A.

For Port Phillip. Marthi, H. (6th Feb.)

For Australia. Arabia, W.

Eleanor, W.

For Bava

Noro Visjunto, M.

J. de Unsueta, A.

Ban Andres, A.

Sir Thon Gresham, &.

For West Indies.

Australia, A.

Eleanor Lancaster, A.

La Flora Hastings, N.

H. Wanghong, M. Nuom W. Whumpas, A. Amary 1. Mangham.


Hambay, okay

At Hongkong

unto, sonomar

(oración Smit, barguo Fade Hardian, hel Dale of House, nhấp

Hamilton, ship

Falcon, sp



Hoogkong. Her

The Chin-man immediately dred off the gun, club. hled it, and struck the German. (Gidding) two blowe with it upon the head, at the same dine that the other Chinaman struck Baker with the Samboo stick by them in carrying bardana Giddian had his head broken in, and Baker ran de his tie, The Chicama who ad used the gun, then presed Baker, leaving his partuar to deal with Gidding Baker way overtaken some banderds of yerde ol. snd a desperate Uruggle event baturons hlin and The steamship Mirianippi, Capt Izing, as part the Chinaman, The Chinaman snapped an of of the expedition, letos from New York from Allen's revolvate at him without chest, and for thebat to the Dth of November, and will be accom

some time they fought hand to head, without won panied by the steamas Princelm, Capt. Lee, so the pon. At kngth the Groan got the better of hè Bag ship of Comodure Purry' commanding the expavery, and struck is vee the þaud wit's the dition. The Princtim, is now in the harbor of

gau Gneral, llling him matawily. He then west in Baltimore, receiving the aplaudid new Brilato and in Me Page's ranch and lodged if so. other machinery contracted for by Memen. Murray | Mr. Page, with others, weet to the art of the Mario šlalutýru, barquej

Louisiana, barque & Hasler, of this city-and s? für from bar bei murder, where they f-god Gidding nearly dead and the brig ing" condemned es unfit for servio aqQuarra�?perfectly dolirione." His since has died, without be

Mary Adam, barque tably stated by some of the New York pap ro, she ing able to testify. The alber Chinamou had, in Farn them, stamm

Nymph brigantiae u now deemed, since her provnstruction at Charles

the meantime, taken frons his body the sum of Rajasthan skip town. Hovery model of naval architecture $1000 in gol dum, in [wo separata bago, (ane | Hale stay, ship Owing to the fort ibst on such boilers as those 1400, the other 200 dollars) and sensped. He plays fig now being unde for the Princesam mese ever befor wours a black wool a hat, and blue dongatur puasa, Vatan, bolg

Mie thailes Forbes, dir constructed in this country, and 10 secosity of sad is a middle aged mine. Ibid. from time to timu, altering the plans as the work pengar d. for the purpose of verùmplishing certai valuable improvements, consderable ware frame has been tequisite for their owmpletion than would other wiss have seen worded ; but the wurk no board the elemer i now nearly fiabel, val

the way to their final destination.

trip Jen.

With regard to the survey of the Chicas, 10 he made under the appropriation of $135,000, late ly granted by Congress, we loncu that the sleep of war Finommer in in be the dog ship of the aquailton, and that it is designed to purchase two other vowels for that service. They will have to be of light drought, of course, such as een our Daltimore clip pers, sad the Guvernment could not do better than look to thir qasrier for the restola that are aseded. Com. Ringgold has charge of this surveying expe dion. The Vinemons, it will be recolleted, has Just returned to New York from the Pacifs, after Three year's cenie.






U. S R). Plymouth, Commander Kelly, froes


29th Novemb-7.

Str. Pans She, But, from Caleta 3d Des. Penang 25th de Bingapore and January, and Manila 23ıd do.


95, Jermin? Garnett, Hanigans, from Hanging. 25, French Correa Le Caprinose, Captain Bo

quemaurel, from Macao,

Macao Amistad, barges

Jarn, brig

Bertrade, ship

H. K., balese

N.& da Can, brig

More Viajante, barque

Days, brig

Sam Junë, schaanet


Casale kdan, ship

Flavini, malg

Freak, brig


Fanny Chapman Caningbam Lis. Aug 149. Bowen







Bon Accord

Howe Buckle

Lon. Bept 18 11.

Loa. Aug 1080



Liv. Sapl 11.



Liv. Nov 19 &

Countess of Wiaton Crangle

Liv. Ool $48

Crystal Palace


Leo. June #38.

Don Ricardo

Barly Hird


Wakem Park Falchs

Liv Bept 20 EL.


Lon. Oci 11. |Lon. Cei 28| S. Las Dol 18

VOL. XII. No. 1).

Harriel Humbis


Fawcet Pleri

Liv. July 11 81

W Oct R.



Lon. Bept 26 11

Katharine Sharer Masa

Lon Oct 18 (1.



Llv. Bept $S

Mary Montague


Lon. Aug 179

Mary 8 bepherd


Lon. Sept 133


Buckb. Lon. Nov 78

8. V. Give


Lon July 27' 8



Lon. Aug 90 H



Liv. Boys 258



Beanington Liv. Od 2 Bones

Liv. Car By FL


At London; Soooway,-At Livan Fool; Berhampore, Elisa Moore, and F. Childen

Order in which the alone Vasaizie??England

Prises, Market Mumbia, & F. Chrom, How Acteed. Fanny

Mary Mwangan, kedad, Lepard, Carib, An

sharen Planet, ?mbers.






Beki Dorot Dutt Vanderwall



news Urd?kar and eu Mundia lan.. Edusend Jely 1 umer and c

Hatavia Ban Francisco de

Dne 13 John Bard and on

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bell Part.










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1144 ablas

Jan elbourne

Una 9J. Matheson and on. Nav


25 Drew

Dec 13th


253 Uhana



TOON Britsslutbeom

247 Dewman

11 Harding

Heitto Lon



Dec 160 Frame Wm. Auton and co Don

Jang, Silli qed on.


Nowy 14]Pot bask

Jan 31 Macan


Le 17 London


J. Maths and a Han Franciser

et a Hawla, Chither and on

Lyall, and on

W. Rarity


Port Philp

Jan Mopar Bahor & Franc

Ueat and

Dec 11 Dret and co

Dean Madsy and co,

Franchion 1pr 29J. Gament

Jan 29

Dee Bydary


Pat. arberblat Brit. 141 Consu

| 200| Vilelak

Span 294 Toyg






Port, J

Heft 300 Eng

Port, 49erminder



Llan biffiongkong



-14 Lieben


Teme singapore

That Selle

Pat hack

free 30ingapore

New Tamanco

Dee (3) des Hard sad on.

Nov Tarper safe.

|Jan 25 Lyall, fill and co.

4. A de Mando a d exf Iedan

Nawik. Deloberantem

J. A) du Jemma

and on


let to! V. Jorge

12 bargure

- 4. P de Cillendra.



Man Francisco



Neare, Marray sad on Lendan

Uai Nge, Parkin and

Nav and, Livingvine and c

Dea Bey Caledonia Newstralia

Nor to Dent and

Dee Movie, Defahr and ec

down the harbor in early contemplated



The third steamer tu compose the Jupa 1-spodi

106 U

on is the Alleghany, now aliuting and repairing so Extensively at Goapost, Va. She, bowever, in nut expected to mal before January neat, when she will


uke of Bronte, Barclay, from San Franciscs,

Trenalyn, barque





join the other vier mete si some convient poist on

U. C. Bir Saqacka-me, Commodore Aulich,

from Manila, 27th January.

Acella, olly



Han IT Singapore


Amity, p


491 Purses

Dea 37Penang


Ann, bergan

Bril 900 War


| Arailey barqzo



Hangalore, hip

071 Marc

Jan Plant

| Amami, barqne | Dic



Chinahaw Hang



Jan - Lgal, Hill and en


931 Thorbi


klamer, hargan

Nor North Paside

B. Mor


100 Folger


24 Mars

212 "




10das Finalson Nov

24 Kanel and co

New York

Jeremiah Barnett, silp

Bek. 447 Hatras

gall, Brilled


Nye, Parkland colla


Art $111an Peinazar.



Des 10 'all


King and on.

Sam Yaelico

Nov 18 Ander & Allamen


King and ea


296 Hrown

Nov sladay and es


Peru. 10 Aguilar

Dre lengkong



Deo 19. Gieblaas. July






.id Walget


Jan zufKing and on


||Nov - Shanghan

Ita Fingibbon



Jan BaDent and ou

ITI Ryrie


**). Muchosen and so,

Commodore Perry paid a visit to the Princen bere in our harbor last week, and was pleased with the execption of the work, and we sea by the New York Herald, that the Hon. John P. Kenedy, dec retary of the Navy, in company with Commodors


Par 842, Paow Sham, Mr Hichardson.





28, Fama Issdora (\m), Yraica, San Francisco.

| 25, Lomder, Gray, Liverpool.

39, Hangalore, Morgan, Whappen.

19, Nerarina, Paige, Ban Francisco.

30, North Lansine (Am), Foner, San Francisco.

I will pay an ufficial visit to the United States 10, Amistad (9) Tayag, Macao.

men Powiatles and Missippi on next Tuesday, 30, Lady Fims Huntings, WW, Mattoa.


at the Brooklyn maey yard The Herald adds some-11, Riad Schiedam (Dui), Wellph, Singapore and thing about the Commodore dearing to supply the place of the Primottos with the P. whatian," but we have rawn to believe that this is a moistaka - Bali. Hum, Oct.JOR

Collision-The steamship 5, 8. Lewis came in contact on Tuesday evening with the brig Valent and barque Alabama, lying cơ North Beach. The Jutter vonel suntaimed only low of jib boom, but the Velast lost jib-boom, bowsprit and entwine-bl


The Chinese language bas only 330 words, but by modifying the sounds, a doses different dans are expressed by the same character.-bid.


16, Lian (Fr), Bonnets, Bordeaux. 27, Lima (Ham), Potein, Aimuona.


8, Calibre (Dan), Kapperholt, Hamburg.

10, Ann, Brown, Singapore and Bombay.


Per Emma adora, 80 Chloase.. Par Navarino, 102 Chinese,


The Duke of Broute, on the Ich Janasty pasting the Islands uared Gaspar Rics in Lat. 164 89' N. Long 168° 42??E distet 1 mile, nw the wreck

Hurriösna, di

Jasa Bores, ship

London, ship


Nonparril, barque Hola, belg

didaay, brigantine


tarios, barges

East Coast

Ustali, chooner Isadoran choose

Zephyr, sokoning

Amoy Alligator, belg

Eisner Lancaster, bary General Chaans, barque Ladepandcace, brig

J. de Umaneta, alp Media, sp Kapan, chip Plades, barque Haber Howe, ship

than begyn

San Andres, ale

The Great, ship Taphia Fraser, bariqno

of a large abip on the East side. She bed white|| 21765, b?ryne ades and black_palosid porta, miten gaat and how

pri stoung, bolb poided white. The surf at the As die M


5, barque

te ronding very high. There appeared no sign Balls, haryan of life on the Islands, which are low and dangerom, and extend a mik" N. and 8. and E. W.



tlongkong or Blip


"The Empire of British Capliol."-There much truth, and deep subject of refretion for the American people, in the following remarks, which we find in the Boston Mirror, wahribated: "The element of empire posersed by the English which crosses nur path at all points Capital. BT monas of nonsy I-odung, shu bas brought balt of ankind at her fim. We count r the annoying mashes of the system among our diplomatic air. All cacles. We treat with Spain about Cohe, and are pre wreed of by British ereditor of that moverchy.

Herman We negociate with Mexico fo Tehuantepec, and fed British Capital riding, Apollyon-like, p nihwart the path. We enter spoo preliminaries with Portugal, in relation to certain Inderunities, sa a ples for certain commercial favars we happen to clave, and am again beaded by Brush bond bold- ers. We make up out minde to buy or appropriate *Your ec respondent la nos half so well powed up a local contemporary of ours Brother Placer-K. For C.


Kupalat Halamander miracle

Plymouth Suppr


1. M. 90 Shanghan 3M, E2 11 006 MAN

Tonghong ||

homped H.

Houghững H, 10, 50 & Und

Amoy JW||


& uphem

20 Walker


Hongkong U. IN 20 JAN

Mocan U. B Honghantary B

Laphampante Cars. Matt, Ses.

Le Cassini


??Com'dure Aulak

36 Roquesopral

Joseph Fletcher, skip

No barqu

Agen, saksaker Whip, baryba for, alp Bailed ández, schemar Codan, skip

Phillips, barqar

Lady Vlera Harlings.ship

Arbook Dee Landen


ا?دار د?

104 Waslarlame

13 Motria

Brit.] 107 Baker

|600|Vincent ||100Nable pa vichan Hirkt 424 Lodge Dat

40 Hang Brit. 147th

pan 14 Aartemache Birk. 1000Banderd

DAL. (1 Petry Am. 104 Games

Hept 11 A




Den 18ydney Navalon Phil Deo In Hongkong That Insydery

Jan - Hooghong

Den It's

et Manila

Den 99 Adelaida

Angier & Allasten

Den 101. Maimon and co

| w=2)]Cheat and an


Tal and co.

Det fetal and so.

Thit and o

Nos Tait and e


Fell and on

Ono Mayas, Muir and ca.




Bye, Matr and co. Haran


Thật und er.

Jan in Port Philo


Nov Mykhanghan


19šymo, Muls and co. Balaria

Put back


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694 Hopper



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Am 594 Cave

Brit. STE Famer

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Dea Li Liverpost

Dea How Zealand


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Hareka Stain

Sept is Dent, Reale and co. Landgu Jals Hargeaves and on verand Oct 10, 8 and do.


rt-Haith, Aing and co to don

Now 2 Kello.

13 Halliday, Wles and a Londom

W. Devidam

Deol, Maria and ca. Sydney


Jan J. Machete sa ca dhang kan Now Rendah, King and ea,

Den Australia

Dec 16 Hongkong

Mri tury






Dec 17 Carts



417 Hewitt

Nov-Lady and as.





400 1 pland

Helt. 20 Monje

Des 2 Lis and os,

Pan B1 V.


110w| Pacia



22 wall and .

Am. 100 DDD


Nye. Parkio and co

Tom Kaydoo, ship

Hell. Whe

in 12 avelland


Union, sh


4. Heard and on.


Water tack, barque

Heit 575 Mam


Dec 14 Dent, Beals and o


Won, barque


Dan of Newson and co


Queen's Road West, Victoria, 1830.

Malia, smer

Pacifique, ship

Bamon Applese, ship

Era, PainTED AND PUBLIMED, By The PaopataToR, WILLIAM Tannine,


PRICE $10 per annum

TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION 10 the FRIEND OF CHINA AND HUNGKONG GAZETTE, per darum, Le Dollars, payabe in advance, quarterly or otherwise, at option. Single Numbere, 25 cm, TERMS OF AUVERTISING,-Ten lines and under, I Dollar; ad Itional, 10 cents ??Uno. Rapocítite one-third of the Brat insertion. Ships,-First Insertion, £ Dollares os buoquent insertions $5 cents Advertisements to have written, on the face of them, the number of times they are required to appeur, otherwise they will be publiabed until countsresanded. Action of twenty five per cent on usual charge made when quarterly somunia are rendered for advertisements ordered to stand undisturbed for a period of three months,


ON and after the Present date

until further motion The H&ca. P. Co.'s Steamer will ply regolarly between Hoogkong, Canlan and Macso.


'ME Undersignad has cotabilehed himself Ju

bosis at AMOY -Bir Chandler Aucrz?nuke, and Gannual BroUKUMAYAN. JOHN BELLAMY.

Amoy, 21st October, 1882, NOTICE.

and Gornal Commansion bosimens.

every Monday, Wodaraday, and Friday, (unless

THE undersigned have this day formed a Copart previous notice of Deviation be given) no follows. The Boot leaving Hongkong, on Monday, and | 1 merakip noder the name and style of QOULD MARTIN, for the transaction of an Importing Canton on Friday, will call at Mlacad, starting at 7. M. The bour of departure at other times will be 6. M., and the Boat will proceed direct be tween Höngkong and Canton.When ducement offers, the Boats will call at Cumsingasova, but proviens notice of such deviation will be given when prectionble.



Maceo 85.


The fores will be as heretføre. Ist Clans butwest Hongkong Cantos ? Macao 68

Back Passengers Europesa

Passengete desirous of proceeding to Macan for

??short period may obtaki return toketa available for the firm or secood Steamer after their arrivals at the reduced rates of #8 between Hongkong und Blace, $19 between Captum nad MACAO

Bvery first Class passenger will be allowed san avryant from of ekarga

The venerle will convey freight on the terms of their published scale; on which, however, some duction will be invde for large quantities, by special agresist,

LYALI, STILL & Ca Agents H 4 V. S. P. Ca. Hongkong, 5th November, 1882.


ELE A.1. American Earque "MARY ADAMS," Captain HandITO,

will be drapatched on or about the 5th prožimu. For Famour or Parsawn "pply to



Hongkong, 2bt Janusty, 1918.

Liverpool, 81st July, 1832. NOTIO2 is hereby given that the partnership aghelating between the undersigned, oarrying un bukturno na Eser Jadia Bierchants, in Liverpool, under the fun of NIH?M, DAVIDSON & Co, Bambas in the East Indies under the firm of DIKOM, HUNTER & Co. sod in China owder The firm of CIROM, GRAY & Ca. was thin day dissolved by muinai coment, no far sa segurida WILLIAM WILKINSON DALE. The busin of the Liverpul, Hombay, tud Shanghar hosesa will for the future be carried on by the undersigned Rosu Dom, Wizzzam Fokaten Beste, TOMAR FoMyth Guar, Daniel Potter and CHAWLES RYDen, by whom all dalits due by or lo the sald respoctive houses will be paid and received.







Literal, November, 1552, DEFERRING to the above Notice we beg to Donald, MI W, W. DALE commences besincer, in Canton, ou his own pooount, and will set for us and our Bombay sud Shengas bout that Port


Coston, 28th January, 1883. reference to Notice prafixed, I beg


bun Frenales, 9th June 1852

NOTICE. THE undersigned have been appointed Agents al

Elunghong for the subscrioura to LLOYDS. Meator of Volo are requested to communicate to them intelligence of losses, accidents, the apsak ing of Vesels, and any general information they consider of importance of interest to the subscribers.

LYALL, STILL & Co. Hongkong, 3rd September, 1852,


R. W. BUTTON his commenced Business Mthis day. Pas mane Barnes


Kexere on the Premians adjoining the " Auction Mal Victoria, and bas Carriages, Horses, and Also the Break for trailug Ponies for Hire. Hors.

N. B-Stabling to Lat. Hongkong, Jat January, 1888,



Establired in 1710.

THE MANAGERS of the Hua Fine Orrier, Lowdon, beg love to inform the British and

Frign Hasidants at Hongkong and Contin, thai they har oplated and appointed the under- signed so their Attorneys to i-am Policias of In zvanot against vian on Buildings, Goode, åter- chandise and othet. Property at ikom plowe

Full particulars of Havko do, may be obtained on applicativu to

LINDSAT & Co. Hegion and Cawson, T?B?kong, 15'h August, 1963. -


Estancianed ex 1852.

CAPITAL £60,000,

100 BANK or £500 naoM.


Meters LANDSAY & Co-Hongkong, Canton,



Moesis Gludstanks & Co.-London,

Leon & Co.-Bombay;


Guard, Fainured On.-Caloutta, PARIT & Co.- Madras.


Full sharge made for repetition of any Advertisement. In the Oven lene.




COLLARD & Omlard. This swart toned Lustroment will be auld cheap.

MAC EWEN & Ca Queen's Road, 4th January, 1853.

FOR SALE. QUANTITY of Carson foundry Pig Iron,

ALEXANDER WILSON, Mesa Janine Matheson du Cos


East Point, Mnd Jawery, 1889.

FOR BALE. THE molety, or half, of that valuable Leasehold Pam 1500 SPANIB,

originally practed to the undersigned under the Colonial Boal und Registered no Inland Lot No Lab-per Lease.

This desirable property, abetting on the North and Bust sides on Stanley and D Aquilar Streets, in wall worthy the attention of parties wishing to Bake a permanent investment.

The Bret cost to the undersigned of the whole Labébold wie 96,500; and at the average of the your's Real would yield on the abura men and sum of $1,500, a wal juterent of Seventeen por??njat per annum and upwards. For terms apply to

*Hongkong, 17th January, 1888


L. JUST, Ja.

On board von Arona Buie "HYGEIA." B'hampoo Brach

|N antrealva nooortinant of Bålp Chandlery and A." Cabin Bieres, of the best and most variod den. wiption, e-

Cotton Canva-Nos. 1 a 10, Ruia de. and Dook, Brotch and English-do,

Patent Manila Cordays, of all siano, Talk's Patent Ruosia Rigging, from one to olven "imanes

Englah and Dutch Sheathing Copper, from 110 19 32 14-with Nails. With other articles 140


MRI. F. DUDDELL baga respectfully to solisi:

the Patronage of the Ladies and Public of Hongkong to her Milkorry and Haberdashery Business at the VICTORIA Exumamon, and will be most happy to execute any orders with which abs may be favored.

Victoria Exebang",

1 January, 1959

N. B. Bide entran:o in Branley street.


AN ASTONISHING CURE OF A DISORDERED LIVER, WITU & VIOLENT COUGH AND GENERAL, DERANGEMENT OF THE SYSTEM Copy of a later from Mr Trakarna, Chemis, Carmarthen, dated September 10th, 1862.

To Profemor IGLLOWAT

Dear Bi-- beppy to inform you that your fat-famed Pills have effected another care. "Mr

Eliza Darien, of Pontybarem, near Carmarthen, was for many youru a grant sufferer from a dia- ordered state of the Liver, with all ita sitendant vile, na wakace of the stomach, bad diguetion, loss of appetite, bead ache and general debility, in addition to which she had a violent Cough, and occasionally savers fits of Ague This complica- tion of diassen so weakened her sonstitution that as hopes were on stained of her recovery, not withethouing she hid the best medical advice. Al longth a friend recommended her to try your Pills, which happily she did, and by continuing their s for a short penod, shu kas buen perkecily restored to health

(Bigned) J. D TREHARNE. MIRACULOUS CURE OP DROPSY. Extract of a Letter from Eduard Rmelzy, Eng, of India Walk Tubere, daird April 6th, 1852.

To Profumor Holloway,

Dear Sir- ceem it a duty I owe to you and the public at large to laform you of a most mira- culous recovery from that dreadful discs, Drorer, and which, under God, was a?ooted by your in valoable Pills 1 was tapped five times within eight months, and skilfully treated by two medical practitioners, but could not get cured, until 1 had facuarse to your remedy, and notwithstanding all I had undergone, this miraculous medicius cured

in the course of six wacka, ·


cous for comprizalms

in the linsitu of an adrottinement; all of which can be obtained, either whalomla or retail, at prices from ten to Mesa per con: less then these charged så any other establishment in Chian.


Whampoa, 18th June, 1852.


AND at Acow & Co's-CartON. MEDICAL TERatun on Nervous Debility and A Constitutional Wonkets, with practical mervations, Ultrated by Anatomical Plates, in Halth and Dinossa

PLAINT, WITA INDIGESTION AND VIOLENT HEAD-ACUES. Extract of a Letter from 117 8. Govern, Chemist of Clifton, near Bristol, dated July 14th, 1852

To Profesor HOLLOWAY,

Dear Sir-I am requested by a Lady named Thom, Jost arrived from the Wan ladke, to acquaint you that for a patiod of eight years ber obali and family suffered from contion? bad heck, arising from disorders of the Liver and Stomach, ladigentian, loss of Appetite, violent Headaches, pain in the side, wank and general debility, for which she consulted the most eminent men 10 the eulony, but withatit abg beneficial results; at est, ebe had secourse to your invaluable Pille, which in a very short time effected so great change for the better, ilat she continued them, and the whole family were restored to halth and strength. Further she desires me to say, that she has wine ed their extraordinary virtues be thom complaiola incidental to children, particularly in cance of Monica and Scarlatias, having effected positive oures of these deance with no olhar remaly.


With reference to the whore, the undersigned are This work, emanating from a qualified member prepared to graat Poo Payable in Londen, ofthe medical profession, the result of many years Bombay, Calcutta and Madras.

ptical experidoca, in addressed to Gentlemen who suffer from the various disorders sequired in etty life to W pages will be found the cause which lead to their opcurrence, the symptoms which indicate their presence, and means to be dopted for their removst. By Physician.

Hongkong, 10th July, 1882.

Chien, 27th February, 1959


MARINE INSURANCE. New Your Murdat IsapaanOR CORPANT, OP New York.

E Underelened in prepared to accept MA- RING RISKS la brbalf of the New Yo METUAL INSURACH COMPANY. payable in London

or New York.

Weften that the lasinan nithesto extriedy

on here is the same of DIROM, GRAY & 00. will be continued by myself under the style of W. W. DALE & Co.


NOTICE, THE Uniregood hereby give notion that the business hitherto conducted by them in Canton will from this date be carried on 21 Bhanghon

DALLAH & Co. Canton, 1h November, 185%.


JR JOHN SCARTH is authorised to sign

Hour Fiza y progunation.


Camon, 2016 January, 1883




ed to sign own firm by producation from this

COWANEE PALLANJEE & Cu. Canton, fat January, 1868.





Hom. T. BUTLER Kanatellector of the Pert

9. U. Horzine, Esq.-Assistant Collector.

J. A. Cars, Esq.-Namal tificar.

C. K. Gan, Esq.- Deputy Collector.

Jos. Vincent Brown, Esq.-D. 9. Appraiser

Comp under the Tile organised in



THE suation of Whaling Ship Masters la par.

ticularly requested to the great advantagon

arising from repairs to Ships, being offeeled

T'kia Company, of the Naw

Whampoa ; where the undersigned have several 1798, as a Joint Stuck Company. lo 1881, i was re-organized on the principle of the Mutual dry docks, with dry and accurs Sheds for the Bystem, and the profit fit First Your Basing of oll or other cargo in the yarde adjacent

charges on the same, and for repairs, being the moti ending March, 1852, returned to Contributote a

There are moderate made in any part in China. Divided of Forty fee per Cast upon the sermed Premiums, payable in Ceruscates bearing Bis pering that sargose, and many benefits are dariva

Cent interval per Annum.

Particulats of Rates, &c, may be obtained on

?�pplication to

H. W. HUBBELL Canton, 11th December, 1889.

ne port alarges on vemels requiring repaire when

ble by coming to Whampoa which it is hardly po site appoily within the limits of a single adver-

COWPER & GROSVENOR. Now Town Decks, Whampoa Island, 16th November, 1852.

WANTED. N Experienced Sunocom for Voyage from

Amoy, to Demarara. Apply to,

EQUITABLE FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, 96 CORNHILL LONDON. THE undersigned, having born appointed Agents

Fe the above Offies, are prepared to affect la A surances against are, on Buildings and Goods, în Canton and Hongk?ng, including merchandise la native lackhous

HOLLIDAY, WISH & Co. Canton, 14th August, 1861.

FOR SALE. (IHAMPAGNE of superior quality, Clanto,




Jana. Peruvian, or Chilian, for which thu bavi rah will be given.

DOUGLAS LAPRAIK Honkong, 97th January, 1858.

LOST-SUPQOSED TO HAVE BEEN STOLEN, -?? Brick and White Newfoundland Bitch, about Ahe months old, answer to the name of PJ** The Bader, bringing the mme, ar whereabouts, to the Editor of this pa-

ket in Chaks of w Apply t

LYALL STILL & Co. Hongkong, 31st Janunty, 1838.

FOR BALK. LOSTER, Chedar and Berkeley Chastly

Bootch Matronlada, --- Raspberry Jam.


Queer'. Road, Hongkong,

14th January, 1858,

|-par, will be liberally rempedak,

TPBskend of China" Office, Hongkong, 25. January, 1883.

B. GOWEN. These welchentot Brille we wonderfully oflcacious in the

Allowing sample Jemal Traguljavention of Urine

Sescola, or King's


Bare Thro


Complaints Favors of all kinds Evü Bitch on the Bowl Complaints domi Celicn Constipation of the Indigration






tread nebo

Enamma Jaundic

Sand Gravel acoudary Bym piedal

The Deals


Liver Complakata Venereal Acti



Ichoruzna tinam

Worms of all kinda Weakness what.


Bold by all Druggists, and at Profesor Holloway's

stablishment, 244, Strand, London.

By Mr. J. M. Da BILVA, hir

and by HINNAM-Hongkong,



and Mera ACOW & Co.-Canon

At 1. Gd te Bd. & fs, each pot or Box.

There is a considerable saving in taking the Large pata.



Contents September, 1859, Legends of the Burmese Bodha. called Gandama.

By the Revd. P. Bigandet. Nice of Pinang

Concerning the Tan Tae Hory in Singapore, will please forward their armes and addreres ta Parties in Chino wishing to become subscribere the office of the Friend of China and Hongkong Genetia," Price $6 Fp. per annum. Victoria, 11th Janusi7, 1863.



The Horses placed as they came in.


Wednesday, Fanuary 2nd, 1853.


1. The Pony Wellar, for all Pooing Weiglu: 10% for 13 hands and under ;. Löst. 71b. for ower 13 bande. Entrance, 3 dollars each, with 30 dollars from the Fund One indle

??Air Muirhomer's

bap The Sheik

10. 7b, Blue and White

2. The Highlander Cup, value 150 dollare, prenanted by a Member, for all Horang Arabe


. 4lb.: S-doer, Cape, English, or Btud Bred Hores. Hat. Winner of the Plenipotentiary's Cop (1953) carrying 516, extra. Sutrance, 10 dollars exch, Ooo-and-half miles.

1 Mr Chance's

25 Kingh APG

3 Campbell's




beh Protonder

che Erin Go Bragh

bam Pouline

bom The Corsair

bg Cheviot

bra Mass Trooper

Back Black and Bivat



THE A. 1. British Ship' LONDON," Ospisin Tilkmann. For FasioMT


or to Miss ANGIER & ALLANSON Cantart.

Hongkong, 4th February, 1853.

**day wơs always what phon kaumrai, bai kauw always

what th?n sayes."

To the Editor of the Frausn or CheNA.

THE MONTHLY Masting of the CHINA BRANCH OF THE ROYAL ASIATIC 80- (IETY, WIN be held on Tursday neat, the 8th Fe arkery, si half peol 8 o'clock . . Papers bare been received on the Laws of Afinily and Inherit. anos in Chae-on some ?ncitat (cins. Weigh's and Moores the Chines-on Infanticidla,-no il other subjects.


Hongkong, let Fabroary, 1868.

Tan H&C. Co's Steamer Conton leaves for Canton direct this morning at Nine.

THE P. & O 8. N Co.'s Malta returned fro:n

Buroan leaving for England, Captain Clark of the Thomas Campbell, furnished us with copies of certain correspondence which had passed between him and our "Fics" at Whampo; to gether with some extracts fron his log book. We only now find room for tham, and must leave comment for another opportunity.

Hongkong, 3rd February, 1859, Bir.-The Editor of the Ighong RegisterShanghae on Thursday. Three days and siz published lately, among other relect extracts,

bours on the passage down. Rhe reports the the sbave good apborima. Following so I did Water Witch detained in the river for wan on the heels of some very stupid aduociala, I have of water to crom the bar, boan led to write you these few lines, propoung, in doing so, to show that it is exceedingly way to give rod adros but not so is furesh prac ajdigal illustration. Take the lever of an Admirer Felded pestry in his heat iswa (and, if it is not the dad *14. **

4. Böjtor's own, it is woundily like the style of the White-Green & Gold Cayman who works the newcle) and what evidènos have Wiita and Rrd-Red Tap ws that the Welhot know all he was saying se was desirous of giving szpremon to. G... on to his lunder anapulogy for not before printing ter fom Sir C. E. Trevelyan to General Jurvoin. Ta whom wat the apology doe I-to himself it must being complimented for having behaved with great have been. An apology in his spirit of graules an liberality (86) and beonining spich, ku the matter of going up a subscription to promote emigration - from the|flighlande and lelands of Scotland, Thom "our Races"the rumour about the Hermes guing down to the Pratos Shoul (a "rumour" only, I be lievethe imperinence spent Louis Napoleon Norman Remonial, to use his own word And the French Leguion-iku remarks on the the "humbug" of the things in short, wam op the

Bldu' and White

3. The Endics Pares and Plate, ralce 50 dollare for all Ponies that have run at this Meetings Weight. Bat. Winners at this or a previous Meding, handicapped by the Stewards, not exounding' tu. Exitsee, & dollars each. Ona mile.

* Mr Muirhouse'


bap The Skeit

41 p Crulitor


The Arab Welter.

Weight: 101 10lb.

Grey Flar

Blue and White Crimson and White

Entrades, 5 dollars each, with 50 dollars from the Fund, Winner of the Plantpotratiary, Highlander, or Canton Cup (1889) entering dib, exim4 of

twn, 716, extre, One-and-half miles

Mr Varnon's

Blue and White


6. The Sydney Rakes, for all Sydory Horses Weight: 10L T. Entrance, 5 di-Bars each, with 50 dollars from the Fund. One-and-half miles.

3 Mr Lee's

" Burcham's


hr Queen of Clube

bag Chec


Aloe Crime Cap Black

Black and Silver

6. The Hock Stakes, for all antysland Horns. Weights 10ul, for 14 hands 2 lo, and under; löst. 71b. for 35 hande and under; Ist for over 15 banda. Entrance, 5 dollars each, with 80 dollars from the Fund One milo.

Mr Mitchell'

bob Struggles

13. Oi, 10, Olh, Straw-Black Cap

2 Aleraer's

bog Hop Hard


at Lieut. Toni, B9 Rech, b a b l? hiện thực Rova


4 Mc Durnal's

??Callien Kuo

15 1

* 11 11

Orren (Rei Cặp Bine and Rad S?rinm?m 0

Red, Green, Lalo nad Brown-Black and White Cap

is China. for all ran


THULIDAY Fannvart 3nd, 1869.

hule maw of twiddle, and what svidence have we ibat the Militar bepri wall in mind the advice

· * know sinaj? whai thơs myost."

bay. Captain Tregear, came into harbour a lit.

Tus P & O. 8. N. Co's Steam Ship Bom

tle after One yesterday, Seven days and Twan. ty two hours from Singapore, The Bombay is a fine new screw Blommer of 1913 tuna register -288 lor power, and is said to be a beauti- having been direct in the teeth of a strong ful sea boat the passage op the Chine sea north enal galo, and heavy head oès; ut one theo, uff Pal? Hepara, bluwing so hard. that it was nece vary to po wune at the fore,

But i have something more than card in my and all sails, and keep two points off a proper


Violasting. B ̧ther the opportunity to prasa remark wtwo upon the router which, with many, mor Important, journale the Honghong Register parsive In connection with the elevation of that good and great man Louis Napoleon, Why if he had not acted in the way bu dil, Franer, there is every own to believe, would now have been in te of bloody smereny? Vez ppull, tus Dei; and hea ther not her a sufficient nunc bar of Ayrato sa inľa be most rarion that is the will of the prople he | ob uld swung the imperial diguity To sprakel purk n'mibo no 'n party kercener that has jlund- e id tho

ple of their parate property and now when to dine in tujury by calling himerl: Napoleon the third" and then to be surprised, an ki veni kompetty opisa, k?ester the French turgution dreHardeobearbrag ang munte ta blu paper. A pre ching up cimet, trale, of the Estivor's obliky to con

elpallic opinio. En Izgalīdu Francaise in China och weiter of this. The brading of his bill in ms will allerd to sed up ander the abused, French, ducaled of is. English, reminds of a month once made by a foreignet in my bracing Why does this fellow addrën me un the duver of his letter na Illustrious "enhor, and inside perita in the English he writes his countrymen with-il Blue-tremado Cap

he willes inside in English he had baiter sopars Cap White-Green and Gelbe Register and his Legation Francais on Ckine

cribe ble letter in the ama langu"gu" sod su w. nối nhan phải gf that in all kia stock he'd bao. wri Inglish skogether; and of one thing be eared that Louis Napoleon has personal friends in the country who will not allow he good name

bu itapugned with the ingunny the Kaginer ap.: peare to imagine be can.

Tee Bl Your abadwat servant, AN ADMINEN OP STOPID EDITORIALS


1. Civil Heroics Cup, valus 100 d-llars, presented by the Offhosen of Her Majesty's Civil Service Weights: Aruba, H.; Hyd.e�? C÷pr, English, at Med Brad Hurem, t?n, Winners of the Plenipotentiary's Cup, to carry Tib, astra i Highlander and Cuaron Cup, carrying 426. zara, of two, 10lb, extra. Ertamen, (0 dullugs unch. Que-and-hall anime,


1 Mr Chaner's

bali Protender


bra Queen of Chuba



bab The ferme

King abo's

chah Erin Go Bragh

Grave and Gold


2. The Victoria Plats, valua 60 dollars. for all Horses, 14 hands and under. Weight for inchei. Entrance, & dollars each. One and-a-quarter miles.

1 Mr Mairhouse's





hap The Sheik

dip Creditr

mb Prince

9st, Tib, Blue and White




Crimson and White


7 Blue and White

1. The Hongkong Piais, mive 160 doliau, for all Horers. The winner of either the Proofpoted Gary, Highlander, or Canton Cup of L-63, szeleted. Wright for inches (viz :345 handa Zin, sind up- wards, carring 12-4. Tib, allowed for every inch below. Betart at the 2 miles starting Post. On round.

" Luglio's

Mr Barcham's



King's, a...






bra b Lottery

chem Maggia Lauder

br Quen of Cinde


brb St Andrea

bap 7h Sheik

Extrance, 10 dollars molų, going to the Fund.

14hr, Bin, 10st, 76, Binek

15 1 "


15 2 12



0 12 0

Blow and White Bles-in Cap Beard Wite Hoop


9 10 0

Buls and Whe


7 7

(Beach Cap


4. The Belling Stakes, for all l'onies. Weight as follows: 60 for dollare, 100l. 76. for 50 dol Jara, 10; for 40 dellaer, D. 71b; for 30 dollars, Da.

The winner was put up at Public Autation

immediately after the Runce, and sad for 13 92rplus over ik Enanos prios g sing to the Foad Es tranes, I dollar bach, with 25 dollase from the Fand, Three-quarters illa,

? Mr King's, DG.

bmp The Paycock

bp The Gallant But

40 des, Ral 7lb. Scarlet & White Happ

(-Scarlet C 60 10 7 Graun, and Bod

n J. Thomas's

6. Forced Handicap, far ell wientog Herson doring the Morting, optional to the minnar: of th· Hark Stakes, to be handicapped by the Siewerda Wright declared at the Clab House by 1a.x. the day of Hace Entrance cheela o'clock the man day, male, to the Clerk of the Gnares. The winner of the Civil Service Cap and the H-angkang Plata, bandreapped immediately after each Rice. Entrance declared to the Clerk of the Cure immediately the weights were made known to the Owner Entrance, 5 dellera nach, with 30 d?�llare fron Fand One nod-half miles

1 Mr Batch.m's

2. Vernon's

., Mitchell's

brah Lattery



Gry Frar Struggles


Blue and White

Braw-Black Cap ??

6. The Bean dicap, for all beaten forns during the Meating, handicapped by the Stewards. Weights dreiered at the Club House by 1 a, the day of the Hacs. ellat 2 o'clock the same day, made to the Clerk of the Course. The beam Harpe of the



Civil Servia Cup and the longkong Plair, were handicapped bamedias-ly after aneb Flues. trance declared to the Clerk of the Cuoras immediately the weights were made known to th�?Owners. Entrance, 5 dollare each, with 50 dollars from the Fund.

Mr Mourbon's

brah Moss Trooper

* Livet. Town's 69th Regs, bh Horia the Haw

3 Me Burnet's

am Callion Roa

7 Nation Parse, valea 10 dollars, for all Ponles.

One and half mile

Blow & White [Flo.Kap

Blue & Reduipes-


New Adverti amanta will be receiveduntil 7 O'Clock on the Reenings precious to publication, wiz : Tuen cava and Fridays: if our or two apies are se queen of the issue in which an Adorrtisement sa ina ird, and applied toe du lax, we within a "sraumab'a time after, thi perint for which public at is ordered, no charge will be made for the


The Bombay, besides some 2000 Cha-ts of Bengal Drug, brings as passengers-Mr. and Mre Walker and family-ins Firth, and Mes-re Bush and Irakius. The only voue||| soon on the pamage up the Sea was a Back endor Peruvian Colours, off Puto Sapata-The Rob Roy was signaliz ?�d off Pulo l'isong. The undermaptioned ve-sols (China notion) arrived at, or departed from, Singapore after "sur Inat i-port . --

AGRIVED.-Jany 9th Triumpho-100 La Falios-13th William Money, and Clarendon -1ệth Martina-17·le· Gangas i 29, 3-sta bhoy and N 8. de Lux -23rd Shanghae (81 ), Columbák 29hd Rob Roy, Jamakijod Jojna.

Spartan, Wi ch of the Wave, Red Rovar, and Clarian.

DEPARTOR-For Chinn, Juny 11th, Lord Hungerford-12th Arratona Apcar and Syren displace other matter to make rours for the -13th Bosannab-94th Sir E. Ryan. Wo

following interesting extracts :-


In our lest yra abused that the voting for the Km- pire had begun on Sunday the lat ok, and we were enabled to give ap to the leat hour the resulta of the alection in Paris. We are now in perseusion of the Boal close of a proceeding which has been condursed throughout with such skill and energy na to leave no doubt of its triumphant issus.




The Senatore ware introduced into the Gallery of Apalle by the Meat-re of the Ceremonis, and took their pliere sacompanied by the Cardinals, Marohala und Admirala. The Council of Stata nest entered, and were conducted to their places I're- semily there was a hush of expectation, when Louis Napoleon, in the uniform of a Clonotal of Division, Trimãi Mare Bland, Colombo, on the 27th for ax King Jereme Napoleon Bonaparte, as diarahil untered the gallery auraded by his busshol), and

??retinue of officers. He bad on his right hand the ember, 1984, M�?B. R. Hanover, of a Daughter.

DIRTH-41 shanghas, on the 2nd January,


DEATH-AL Canton, on the With January, the Rev FARMERICE EL BIAW/TER, Minimary, of Windham, Conn., U. §. A., aged 31 year.


Nov. 94 Bandwich Islands For, a

England tapet Blaze


10 Laborn





13| Manila



14 Shangha

C. of G. Hope



San Francisco




Jas. 96 JAD IN





Red Queen, pc and

Browo-Black and White Caprar



Catch weights.

Indian and Chinese-riders:


One mile.

8 Tuesday.

Die and White

Post entrance to the Clark of the Course, No outrades for.

1 Me Vermos's

2nd Ms Johnson's

mp Prison

Amp To Paycock

Scarlet and White Hoop-Scarlet Op.

plain clothes; and behind him the Minisers of of France; on his led Prince Jerome Bocapane, in State, M. Baroche, and M. Berger.

loud acclamations of Vine l'Empereur!

The moment be appeared he was mlated with

M. Billauk, President of Legislative body, in a firm and scophatic vulos, then read the following speech.

"Sire, We lay before your Majesty the enfoma expression of the the national will. In the midst of the avations which were decreed to you by popular swthusiasm, you showed no anxiety to secure a crows which was off red, you un all sides, luat dru aired that France should have time for reflection; you wished that the supreme decision by which a people, master of itml?, disposte sovereignly of ite dretmy shouldly be taken coolly and in coin- plete Hberry.

Your wish, Fire, is accomplished; a ballot free, searst, and open to all, has been honestly ex amined under the eyin ofall; summing up 8,000,000 Totes, it gives to the legitimacy of your government the wide basis on which any government in the world bas ever been established. From the day when 6,000,000, collected for you by the Clo veramont koelf which they called you to replace, HIGH WATH depoaked in your hands the fate of the country, Hi Bets 4. N. P. M.

France, at each new ballot, bus marked by addi tional milkons of votes the contine finerosen of hor 6.86 5.60 7,027,94 condence in you. Without us within her manicl- palkit, in bar fat as je her voten, ovarywhere har Galinge bare baret forth; from cave and of the coun try to the other. A thing on your steps. hastening from all parts, to salute the man of their hopes and of their faith, our people have sufficiently made





5,80 7,87 8,97 5,61 #59 0.10 532 9,44 10,08

New Moon on the Sib, ai 1. 10 P, K.


known to the world that you are their Emperor, (about a fortnight) they have conducted themselves the Emperor chosen by the people; and that you quietly, and I have never had the slightest troubla with them. The men wore shipped at Whampo estry with you that national spirit which, on the cal parked out by Providence, crowns new dies of or Turner & Co, by whom a liberal supply er, and seats them in the place of these which is of provisions of every description was put on bward, and the only reason for the Clarendon touching t a longer eximates

Taking sheker ander an immense recollection this port is to take in a fresh supply of firewood

1 remala,

Your ubedi servsak

GEO. BILTON. Commander.

of glory, under what is bolde most precious i vod water.

our abroad, its ancurity at home, and those im

principles of 1789, the firm basis of new French society so powerfully organized by the Em peror, your uncle our nation again raises up with prowd love that dynasty of the Boonpattes, which ng from him, and which was at overthrown by French bande But, while preserving a proud remembrance of the great events of war, it hopes to

BONY EXPORT Mankar, dr. Jany.

COTTON.-In the early part of last month, three

from you the great things of posca. Having was an active densad for this staple for the Ka already soon you at work it expects from you are glish forket, and prices rose a nsiderably, while low, prompt, and prosperous Joverom me. In orre quantities changed hanila, Latterly the de aar to a you in, is surrounds you with all iemand greatly stated, armpathies, it delivre itself wholly up to you take then, Bire, take from the bands of Franse, that glo- slose crown which abe offere be you; never han rogel brow wern one more legitimate or more po paar,

From the Singapore Free Press Extrs.

Singapore, 16th Juhuary, 1858 The P. & O. Cay's Meamer Bombay Captain Tregeot, arrived here this afternoon, having le Calle on the 19th fust. She brings the Mall of the 8th December. The news ajo kot part cularly interesting. Mr Villers' mion regarding Fren Trade was lost by a majority of Bu and Lord Palmerston's conciliatory proposan adopted by ike groster part of the House. Lord Derby refused to propose in the Elotee of Lords the motion which bad koen parsed by the Com?nnas and accepted by Me D'locali. There would thus appear to be a was of harmony of sentiment between Ministera. Me Discseli bad prodiend his Budget, whioù in dscnbed as being very domiprofensive and com picmel. The Shipowbars ara la récuiva relief by certain tolla, bcht-dues and valvage chargue ba leg run-ferred to the Consolidated Fund." The Agriculturism ard to have the M-14 tax and Hop Daly reduced son half, which will involve the merillon of whom two milliona, af revenus yearly.

doubled, and the larongo for egteúdod sad the lat ter is also to be levied in Lealand

Tos.-There is a brisk trade, Common Coogau 10 and for murta la, Ojd, being Ud, higher than but week,


Arrived,-Now 26 Ľudy Manaughton, Chian;

since nur ist ; and the price of the day for best Optum There has been no export of this drug Malwa drug le not higher than Rs 930 ??950 per Chest, thers being fille diepvertise lo spwonlate.


Thres have farther advanced since our lol, and we quote the intro of the day at 44 per Tom to London a £1 £4, Liverpool To Chint there is no quotation and nothing doing. - From the Bombay Barella.

From the Canton Commercial List, Fiby, 3.

MONEY MARKET. Canton, Teenday, 3rd February, 1953, Bullion RateM Gold -


6:1 50 par 7.

31 19 per cent prom. Tá per cant disquent,

Metion Dolla Carolus Dollers -

per cani premtura.

OPIUM MARKET. Closing Rates-5 e M.


- #065





430 325


al Caneingmoan-290k Juniary, 1859. DATE Pat Benaras Malwa Turkey votal Jany. 22nd 459 248 0311 $39 Imports


ALIZ: Bias Erg.

shied deseriers on board of the Steam Ship Semir, My Dear Bir-On arriving fast night from Can ton, 1 Juurned that your cansable bad found my


I will feel obliged if you would cause them to be convry-d on board, I am suffering ovvately from rheumatism, so much sa shat I can a areoly turn in bid, or I would have seen you per?�onally, bat will do to ne soon sa I can venture cul.

By the tựa la the Communiling Officer of the **Samirgoia" not liable to a prosecuting under the Merchant Sesman's Act 7th & 8th Victoria Car 112 Bection 10 for harbouring deserters knowing them to be such,

Lam, My Dear Sir, Your mest obedient vervant,

Thomas Clark.

Alka: Dino Esq.

December 17th, 1861


replied that the Captain of the ' Semiramid" stram ship would be the host judge of that, and that the thing would to dreided by him. Iasid a very unfit peroun to decide such a core, he being so deeply arrested, and had said to the Lizmenami that he must have mea by book or by crook. The Vine Coneulesid that he would hara'nothing to do with my chos, nor would ha tieton to me on the subje bu said he would give me a summons on Men day to appear before him on Tuesday under the merchani se mere Ast,7th & 8th Cap, 112 Mec. 84, and that I would have to pay 20 ??for each ova


I said that he had projedged the co well as that of the case of digetilon, and again entrested him to have my oure beard, but he in Lin Namal violent manner, refured to do so, and declared be would not haten to any thing I had to say. [ then askrá him if he would forward my appoil to ff. M. Consul which 1 intended to make; k+ said In a vicient manner be would do so such thing. I B. M. Vice Capul.

remarked that I canoldered it was his duty to de so, be rald he would do according to law." ! re. Bir-1 beg to saknowledge the receipt of your letter of this date with a Copy of one from 11. M.

marked it was rather a strange way of administer. Consol, dated 4th January, 1650 annexed, and nd- ibebek, nod said ba would not be insulted; he would ing it, when be again viotasily broke out and roug dressed J. Millar Ev, Whampoa, in reply begand for the Onniable. I asked him to look at the In ette that I coulder the three men alluded to as entrys in the clal log book which he refused to dapesters and am, most angious to have the case do ? tbạn l.fì him, I am now fall with a ship of tried; I have also to add that my ship will he die 830 tons Register in a distrubed state with only trend, by digcharging chase three men, which is

10 able case, one of whom is sick on board, therefore ouroagile eolicit you to bare the case provias in H. M. Consul's letter on the subject. I

=== uried so too ne pomesble, and oblige. Bir,

Your west obedient servant, THOMAS CLANK.

** Bird mi wo answer to this.

No. 1, (Copy of a Latter sent J. Miller Esq.

British Consulat Canton, Camon, 41b Jany, 1850. Bir,--La reply sa puur Jester of this date request. ing to be informed whether Beaman enlaatooring for the Honorable East India Company's Varied Palenbos" are entitled to the some privileges in men emerlog Her Majestion Naval Service" as provided fur by the 51 Bao, 7 & 8 Vio- torin D. 10%, I have to state to you that the "Phiraron under existing circumstances forme

A portion of Her Majesty's naval force in these Masam theref·ce of opinion that my should

be viewed to vatnairer för her upon the same footing na bay would were they entering Her Majesty's navy, provided always that the metelaut Vanill be not distressed by it,[ have dr.

(Signed) JOIIN BOWRING, fb. M. L'antel,

Joka Milano Esq.




239 1860)


141 128-


to Chelaria China & Dine. Ortmno, Pang Deliveries- $33 A brakamų 1, Singapure; Sie 11 Partinger, Think, Drpwird, Nov. 2 Flying Childers, Chin; B-bampo e, Chien.

THE SEAT OF WAR-BURWAH Intelligence from Bunush had been received at C-1 to the 10th of January.

From Burnish thaia-was no qaws of importance. The Governor General was to leave for "Arraban on the 20th January and it is thought he will go a to Hangrol.

First (Calcutta) Opium Sale. The following exhiblio che risult of the Bula of dig:-

Chaste Highest Lowed Avejako PM 1,000 2.703 965 979's af Bower 1,000 1,086 910 979,6,43

The Bombay took 25 chance for Pinnag, 75 for Bingapo and 2,000 for China, the d?row was to follow with Dearly 1,000 chemo. Tunnage al Caletta was getting stares and a nail revidis of 200 to 400 lader mach wanted-Singepers From Press, Jan 25.

COOLT Hou Again,-On Saturday at the Babish barque "Spirtin," Captain M-rabull, poder convoy of the Ainerican Clipper " Witch -??the Wave Brived at this port, having been the teen fame of those Cooly Putrages to which we to draw public attention for pane months pa. The esso in at present in contre ofþövestigation, so that the public will receive full clatila of the mock- ing astrigat perpetrated on board. For the pre- so we are only able to give no outline of the sfsir.


Jan. 99, 120 168 6991


NETRACIO. PRON LOG BOUT. No. 1. Want on 'bhard the Fine C'oninfa Chop sad ledged a comokijut againe Juhu Wyld who wa drunk and disalıeyer orders and gave me a great deal of a's, bet Mr Bird would take na

,, &c, Wampan True Cry,

(Signed) Aur. Bray,


N. 7. Deamber 17,-An offrer dressed in the H1B 1. Cay's waiform caso alongside in a boat and come at hoved and unid to me that he was pencher three man's clothes, I renlied that I would not give them without na sedne from the Consul, Altar phasing a fouromarko ba pulitly howed and want one the site. This officer ( busters was Mr

The following is taken from the China Mail of Thursday:??

In the evening (afilo tat) the Brethren guro a Ballla the Club Houer, which, we think, was more numerously allonded, and which, we are sure, want off better, than any previous one in Hongkong After a very elegant supper, the W. M ross and proposed the Ladies, somewhat in the following manner, offering a ginerful, apology for the azelu - sion of the fair sex from the privileges of the order 2- Gentleman and Bentheen,-Out morting- as I need hardly sell you, would low is chief obara. were it not graard by ibe praemmer of the line

will therefore call up in you to je o ma in pledging them in a bumper, and ask you to do as in the presence becanes I have sa explanation to make to them.

I tell that the ladies generally look upon our order with suspicion, if not with displeasure, be ess our calea exclarle thens from participsilon la our mysteries; and they reminonly attributs that exelosien to our ungallars want of con?dero- in their ability to keeperet. But, let them believe mo, och is not the case,

Their exclusion la to be tremi to two cars, both of which are highly complimentary to them, in the Grai place, Marons in the Lodge are expected to be wholly intent on the work they have in hand and how evold such attention de nivou of their er and bencie weer subjected to the distracting lafle- ence of fra le beauty? Thure propre lub we would bewegter nay mute, jalaumee night arts--- strife and bickering (for Lavre in mighay, and a Magna is but a man) might enam, and those Ma braio mnaments, "bictherly love, peace, and kar- mony," might be endangered,

notice of it as the man was drunk, and said that Burn ; this entry kan boons read over to the quarter Free Masone were perearsed by the powers that

Bailosa would du and my way thing when they were dronk. I replied shit if a min committed murder when he was trunk it would not save him Geen the Gallowa; he mid he did tot once he would make me notice of is


No. 3 Dec. 18-John Richardson, William, Whitney & Thomas Wadalay, tell the Ship when I was below, after my redwaing them their discharge this entry has been read over on the quarter deck,

No. 3 Dre 15-Boat collce in Alex. Bir Eg. B. M. Tion-Cant that I had reason t believe some of me vrew were going to desert the Ship In night, of which the areompancing astr No. 1 lin copy this sutry his born rand over on the quarter dark,

December 13th, 1863, 8 r. . Alex: BIRD E-q. Sir.-) have reason to believe that some of my

It appears the "Spartan" lek. Amoy on the fah, inet with 300 Chinese coolise for Sydney. On Monday the 13th iemant whilst the Master and grow are going to draert the ship tarkkala, of which 2nd Mate wern down the form huich, ezanining the | I take the earliest opportunity of informing you,- Male of the 'ween dreks, they heard a rush above,

and immediately returned to the deck. The reward,

it appears, was cleaning the table kniven none the

Caddy, and the whole of than weapona wofe a- izd

by the coolies, who forthwith sitsakad the Captain

I am Bir, Your obedient servant,


No. 4 Dv 16~John Richardson, Williams

id 2nd Meto. The biter was killed by a sab Whitney and Thomas Wadsley, have socraterned lificed upon him by one of the Chiest armed on board; they are therefore treated and onnaidared with a carving knila. B?mo of the Chin-seroskedas deportars; this entry has been read over on the in the Caddy and removed the bayonete fram the

merkens, and commanded að stirsk on tffe alifar qurier deck. officer he was on the poop. The officer was rerpowered and fell apply dead. After much

No Doo. 18-Sent mulice to Alex Bird dically the Captain suecasted in gaining the E. B. M. Vice-Coneul that John Richardson,??Caddy, where he acized the gaskeen, which wern William Whitney, and Thomas Wadsley, bad da loaded ready for use, and coinmiraced a smart Breasted the Ship last night of which the following pon the Chisms. Others of the the Craw behaved noen Nu.-2 in a copy, this entry has buen raad over 118 mot gallant manner, and under the fire of on the quarter duck.

katy the Chinese retreated below: The hat- ches were plead and secured. This offer took place off Palo Supata. About 12 or 16 of the Ch Newer klled or jumped merhard and mela Watery grave. The dot mat and the Capimio were wounded, the former seriously. In our next two we shall be able to give full details-Bireur Zimes, Jan 25,

TO THE EDITOR OF 9ne Singapon Fann Pem

Bingopose, 12th January, 1858, DEAN BIR,

December 186, 4. E.


No.. Dec. 17-Another offoar deemed as ahora ama slonguide in a boat full of men and same as lost, and said that he wanted the threa wat'n gl-shra, which I refused to give until I got an order from the Cowen!; be held om susarul i therals relative to fines dcc. and said that be bad meders from the Captain, that if did not give up the clothes he was to take them by faron. 1 - plied that of course I could not resist so powerful a fores, but that if he took them by force be meat Lake the compagnoncer; be said that thay had com- up -here for man, and that it wro the 'Captaia's lotan- tion to have them hy hook or by crook. After some mara aktoreation he desired the thine meg viz Joha Rich-roso, Thom¬s Wadsley, and William Whit vey to come up out of the boat, and when they ramt up hd naked them where their Clothurn were 1 they replied in the fore castle, when they left tha ship. F'said they were now in the calda." He then went over the esde in to his boot; this entry has bon road over on the quarter deck.



No. 9 . 17-Recalved a letter from Me Bird, together with a copy of one from 11.?�M. Con- and al Canton aprozed stating that it was bis opinion the that men were analiled to their wages and of feets, this was done without hearing the cou. I komedijitaly replied to Mr Burd's later and stated that considered the three toon demetiers and parusally entreated Mir Bird to have the case tried, 1 listed that I considered my ship would he diurned if I were to discharge these three ava |wb|oh?l? agird voma u grasimilo H. M. Dunruly- letter, ghd requrated to have the osso tried, of which the accompanying note No. 4 in sjc^py; This entry has boun read over on the quarter deck.

No. 10 D. 17-Three mon came alongsida 'la " Bampan with the word "Bamiramis" on their

kat riklone & I luve no doubt went for the purpose | of përounding my men to leave the ship, and enteri Alex: BIRD Eq.

an boud of the "Yesilcamis." Infused to allow Bir,-I beg to inform you that three of my them, come on board, when they incondinely crew deserted the abip last night vin, Joba R�?begra ip shues me mud said a great many more handen, Theme Wadelry, and Wiliam Whit. of my men would leave me, and called me all ney, Bahas called to Canton at this ently dirty apen their dirty mouths could cepere This hour, or 1 would bare called personally.-1 am, Sir, | notey Bas bean raad over on the quartet d?ak,

Your must obedient stream.

No. 6, December 17-Seat wotica to Alex. Bird Esq, HB. M. Vice Consul requesting the three Having seen in the Straite and China papers,, viz Jan Richardam, William Whituey sad alone accounts of disturbanore ou board of vessala

Thomas Wadley to be sent on board of which the Carrying Chloe emigrants to the West Indies, I beg to inform you that on board of my ship, following note No. 3 la a copy this entry has been

Clarades, I have 937 Chinees for Trinks, read over on the quarter deck. sad that during the time they have beso on board,


140. f D. 18-Ai 10 a. ??mben alongside of the Wide Consul'a chop, carpeatly requested to have the avan of desection rebite to these three motioned. vis Jake Richarden, William Whitey and Phomsa Waddley, tried, which Vien Coneul Bird very indiquantly tufword.

I then said that my ship would be distroad wore I to discharge these three mon the V Consul

be traned to things caile and barbarous agrafos he But the principal enure of their exclusion inte Hemembered Free Masonry and Civilization hava ever goes hand in hand-these ruse agra whra ware. It was felt to be not only improdeat, but in ban, 1 expose the gentle sex to those hardshipe and cruelties which often proved too much for the fortitude of men; and the brethren resolved in pra- root their abering our miscrice and misfortunes, by forbidding their participation in one wysteries and privilages.

fest that this explanation will be considered satisfactory by the ladies to whom we are ladabled for the grace of their presenes this ovuning 4 na I call on you, genelechan, to drink the health of and on you, brethren, to juda me in wishing that the ladies who have honoured us so this sccasion, each one of them who canont new, may sooner or later boast one ar other of the dia'inguishing tưľno of-wife, sister, or-mother of masons,

Jastractions, Ne, 5 1001.)

By command of the Pastmaster General. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC.



GRUSZAL POST Orrian, Feruery, 1881. On and for the tat Merch net, Printed Books, Magazines, Reviews, and Pamphlets, (whether British Colenial, or Forrigo,) may be terasemitted by the Post between the United Kinsson and

Tan Barrie Ware Trains, BERMUDA,


Honghong, via Southampton.

do. da




at the following reduced Rates of Postage :---

For och Pack not exorading fib in weight, to d


9. 13. and not can alb. 3.

Ch, and not age 20, 20 eceding Bb, and wot ez alb, and an en Inesssing One Shilling de ovary od?išant Bandit Fruction of a Pond,

Provided, however, that the following Condition be carefully herved:-

Cover, or in a Coser opes at the Fade or Biles. lot Every auch Packer must be went without a

(whether printed Book, Magazine Review, or 2nd It must contain Bingle V-lume only, Pamphlet,) the several Shorts or Parts thereof, where there are more than one, being rewed or bound together.

Breadth, Walth, or Depth.

Brd it must not rored Two Feet in Length.

4th It must kan so Writing a Marks upon the Coner, or its Contents, except the Name and Addres of the Person se w'om it may be sond.

5th The Portage must be Frapid in full, by axing outside the Packet or its Cover, the proper number of tempe.


fi any of the almure Conditiona be violated, the Parkel must be charged us a Letter, and treated no such in nih respects.


colony. It is a large culten kaadkerchief, with a drab ground, large black spots, and bread black border. This novelty has been exhibited at the store of Mr George Spaarinan, D'Urban, dad has furnished matter for consideration whether those dyes could not be exported at a large rècomerát

To prevent Obalacles to the regular transmis at Leitern, any Ollicer of the d'ost Office may lay the transmission of any such Packet for a time not exceeding Twinty-four Hours from the|log profit.- Ibid. home at which tha sene would otherwins have be mo forwarded by him.

Tham Instructions are not to extend to, or in- terfere with, the 1 anumission of Pinted Volca and Procedings of Parlament, or of Printed Papore



A case of some interest is likely to afford am

allowed to pass by the Psai wudes the Newspaper | pl yment to the gratlemen of the lung robe. It is privilege, ali of which will coulious subj et ta tha | simely this. The widow of a wonlthy semindse Existing Regulations.

600 1.33


handed over to una of the relativet, Vompany's peper to a large aminout for the purpose of drawing de half yearly interest. The paper was of our

· kisuk undorsed, but the faithless relative, instead of drawing the intere i dus un it, sold and applied

the money to his own private purposes, paying the interest, hawever, to the widow, and anjing that The Company's paper hail doon kept by the wossizes for the purp vo uf cliceking certain novounts. A e-nsiderable time baring clapsed and we papar be ig forthcoming the wilow was induced to make j Inquiries regarding the property, when to her atto-

(From the Shipping & Mercantile Gazette, Oct. 9è Natira Tridas.-The following are the member of the Commission appointed by Liaw a worger Pine to inquire flu and report open the best mode for the future government of the Native Tribes.--- President: the ifos. Waber Harding, Esq. rot it was I dud out ibet the page in quee Tutor Meinhare: the Hon. Joka Hird, Beg Jon was seld, otuð sturʻperchesu paid for in aush. Acting Surveyor Gentral; 'Theophilus Bhi patons,

All meant having fail-f in recover the money from

te legal surasures. The above prores the risk th

Esq, Diplomatic Agent J. N. Hothof, Eqeder celative, she has been obliged to have recourse gists of the District Court; 11. R. Riley, Feq : Dr. Adson; P. A. R. Qus, Esq ; G. C. Cáo, Eaq, J. P.; Frederick Schoopers, Esq, Field-com

sandant of the Moei Rover Division Bokmon Maris, Beq, Field-commandest of the Klip River Division-Becretary : Edmund Tubam, Eag?? Juterpewter: H, F. Fjos, E-q.

The following Instructions, addressed to the Commitslon, are taken from the Natal. Indepen -1:-

Colonial Office, Natal, 27th Sept. 1831 Girona - The Government has for some ting past bad under iu anzi-us consideration ile course it may be mpellent to adopt in reference to the future government of the Native Tribes ithin this Drier,

This subject luvalves, policleslly, the pesce and welfare of the District; and its importance, morally, so comor¢i=

od with the civilisation of many thousands of our fellow creatures, the self-evident.

9 lo veder that the matter may be falely dealt wlid, the fallest Information is decemary. This should a fer a possible bo collected to such a manner, as will allon an opportunity to all present, of furnishing any Infartstion within their power, whilst the mede in which it is proposed to reach this info mation should |

is always attweliad to buying Company's paper

blank endorsement and paying but it in shak this insinude the money boun paid, as ie

| mught to have been, by a cheque drawn in favor of the late-lorert, the widow could not have bee defended of her property except by furging her : vigueure -Bangað Hucháru, Nov. 19.




?Т ????коло.

Alligator, Baker, frum Amor, 19th January An, Walker, from Whampon.

Ann Brown, from Vì hampon.

Bu. Malo, Pons, from Weosung, Blac Jany.

Arabin, Davis, from Whompon

4, Str. Hammbar, Terger, from Calcutta January


18th, Penang 24th, and Singapore 27ch.


4 Bangalore, Morgan, from Hongkong.



For London. Acadia, W.

Castle Eden W. Crystal Poison, 8. Ennadela, B.

Heine Homble, & Julis, 8,

Nile, 8

Satnual Appletna, 8. Thomas Huyden, S. Whamp, H.

Per Liverpool. Fanny Chap (an, ?.

Fhe Bombay And, (Brown) 11.

For Madras, Nonpareil, W.

For Batavia. Comelle Bank, H. Bintang Anam, W. Tornati, W.

For Singapore. St. Jose, M Bangalore, W,

For Manila. Bombay, H.

Amistad, M.

Hioda, W.

For San Francisco Hamilton, H.

Lord Warriston, H.

Mary Ademe, H. Lebanon, W. Londue, W.

For Callas

Miceno, W. Rosits, W.

For New York.

Hurricane, W. Munderin, 8. Unive, 8.

For Lima Rosa Elias, A.

For Port Phillip. Martha, H. (6th Feb.)

For Australia. Ambis, H. Eleanor, W.

For Havana. ?άνο Vinjente, ?.

J. de Unzueta, A.

Ban Andres, A.

Sir The Gresham, A-

For West Indise. Australia, A. Eleanor Lancaster, A Flora atings, N.

Hanging H. Mann, W. Whampan, A. Aany 3. Bangless.








Loa. Sept 16 11.


iv. Nov 29



Ur. Bapt



Liv. Nor

Countess of Winton Crangle

Liv. On

Doo Ricardo



Early Bird


Lon. Oci

VOL. XII. No. 18.



Ilon. Ca

Flying Childers

Liv. Nor $91



Howel Pirrio

LAB. Oct

Liv Oet


Ferguson Lan. Sept 26

Kalbarine Sharer


Men Loa Oct 28 Richard Lir. Bapt

Lon. Aug 11


Loa Bepi 238,

Buckham Lo Nov

Darle Hlall

Los Aug 20

Mary Moologue Barclay

Mary Shepherd




8+curity Tisto


Liv. Best 25 A

Bennington Liv. Oct 20

Liv. On 20 R Loading--At London; Stornoway-At Litig 2001; Elías Moore, and Ashmore.

Order in which the above Vormola kest England May Musings, Gentland, Lenarth, Dupin, Attemsda, Mary Tate, Bamely, Coundon of Viaton, Dugania, Elisabet shelter, ty Hote Panel, Dechaj

Lon Landes, Lés. Lowe, Se". Wat. W

Carl, B. Vanna, Hart.

100. Mand, ON. DE cut. Toll-Latinaria, Nat Med.

"Wh. Whampon, A. Aloy. *. ohangl H. Menghang.






Flag. Tes




At Hongkong Alligator, Lig Awe, sip


197 Haker

Fab Amay

+40 Brown



ser Davia


Lamellus bait, barque

|Am || 406|| Jeri Helt. Dat

4Clea the-tun -Whampoa

647| Vanderval


Brit sarclay


Am | Tom Keller


147 Downban

Aan, barque

Arably, barque

Hambay, daly

Bombay, stromer

auton, Hamer

Uska of B, Welp Falcon,


Inn, schooner

3. Samuel Appletum (Am), Doane, from Hongkong Lambaiana, barque -, Comance (Am), Scudder

be in open a manner se circumstances will permit. 3 With this view the Lieuirmont Governor has sa- lected you to form a Commission for the purpose et | Jan. lenging such an enquiry, by means of the examina- tion before you of all persons whom you may think espable of allöciling infarination, well so of unch persons as may beadler you their evidenes generally, or on any particular part of ilie various subjects to which your attention will necessarily be directed

* Without wishing to limit the scope of the investi- gation the Lieutenant Governor would direct your ronalderation in the

heads of enquiry-

Jest instance, to the following

1st Approximately, the number of Natives to the die

urlet who have aboriginal claime upon the Govern mail_of_the_menutry, slistinguishing then as far an poble by the names of the chet,

and The countries from which they came, and the cwhich led to the introduction and settlemenst

of natives nos aboriginal,

3rd The means, if any, of preventing fatura croach

mms of natives from adj. ?wing contin

B, Greenfold (Am), Fullanaben.

| By Ergalit Palace," Narrocoti, from Land n, taj


| 11, Ensedule, Moore, from Bingupora, 2d Nv.

11, Larriet Humbt, Fowest," from Liverpool,

17th July.

14, Fanny Chopma, Conningham, from Livez-

pool, Tâl vu, nat

16, Juks Philip, 1-ol, from Hongkong.

19, 8. V. fioren (van), Kream Avocadon, 2015 July.,

19, Thomas Hayden, Whi, from Hongkong.

£5, Runzi (Am), Bangs, from New York, 14th


13, J ?no Virenum (Du, Bradia, from Malacca.

4th The station, size, and advantages held out by J, Benthen, from Sydney,

the native location an at pement de?wad, aid the

25, Nale, Loveeny, trum California

best mode of dealing with claimants of (and within,

wach locations.

or Malau, Pets, from Hongkong.

21, Union (Dumo, from Whampo

5th The cases of the proment Emigration of the ma- | 11, Handerin (Am), swlbard, from Callforwin.

tivo fewn this Datafet un parta bevond the British rale,

4th The powers anthorities, and functions esercised

by the native Chieft, and the number and mars of the persons entitled to bereditary Chiestalnakipa

7th The propriety of continuing those powers in the

Chiefs, or if noi of modifying them, and "f rmploy lng the ( hinfa an Gavernment offerijai pail misetes. 8th The laws of the nativos ne silministered among


A. The age of majority, male and fanale,

B. Mariage, and ita legal requisiten,

* Succion Le property, bow regulated.

D. The recovery of debts.

9th The native law so relates to crimen and punish.

manu, and how enforced.

10th The Removal in times past of nativen (com par-

ticular localities.

12th The expectancy of the proposal of removing the Dalives, or allowing them to wave over the Um. comaus, de beyoud the district afrogolber

19th The causes of the want of labour, and the remo

dies applicable se sumare labour,

These are generally the heads of enquiry to which, it has occurred to the Lieut Governor to direct you, and which wil. 1 lave no doubt, again divide clin

lves into other branches, or other hetimet hesda of enquiry may asian, as you proceed, ina uch can you will einsider yourselves at liberty, so has already been indiested, to pursue any new band of enquiry which | may be relevant, although not contained in these in-


The enquiry will be conducted pubilely, reserv. ing, however, to the Commission, or se any member themof, the right of excluding strangers at say the when it may appear desirable.

7 Five members of the Commission will form ??quram for the despatch of busine

??The Commission will who have the power of up- pointing sub-committam from amongst their wumber, should it be doessed mecmary or couvenient for the furthersee of the object in view.

The oflcers of Government will be directed subenit to the Commission, at its request, any docu- ment for which they may call in the cone of their invention.

10 When your examination has been counluded), a am to request that you will cause the gridesce, to gether with your opinion and report thereon, to be printed at the Government expenas, and transmitt L?m for the informatino of the Livus. Governor,==] base, &c..

Malta, ciasmar

Haukka, Brit



1144 whit

Am??195 Umw




Jan 29 Mokkar vod co

Beranen 110. Livingston and a abad, and co. Amatrilia Jan ta90, 49 kids d Jae-Hawla Tiel kerander Hella

July 31 awer nad on

11- San Francioso tov in/ardios. M. and on.

Dardian. M and

Dec (6) Sam Pranalitet 22 Fam Achey

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Har Hality, barque


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Maryd, busque

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neb say, stip

Buses, b


20 yar

Prou alen, sinAMET


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1 mma, bilg

Gestral, skly

HE, barque

Karo Vlajante, barque Duga,

kvalach, agu

| Sam Jusk, schoon+y

Jermalan, barque


27, on cord, Buchir, from Landon, 12th Aug. | Amy emp


Par Bir. Malta, Mr W. B Wetmorn, L. Boros

- V. Caldea, L. Bloses. J. Napiar, J. Wallington, W.

Bell | Ma


261 Hart

Nyon pa




Punt Popul

Jedo Elling

10%-Live STAGI

Bilt. Den


Han Fru care Jano, al and ca. Jardine, M. and on Yan Francines Mamis. Del shrewd mo

C. Vdnesd



Port Philly



|Crall, Bull and es.

Jan Mayer Nehadet á co

Jam 2 lady nad co

(use onlyn Fiaschos|Apr 25). Latient

Juo riembawa Dee (aka Hard and on. Lea dary


Tumor and as

Feb Hangbong


Ment and on.


iDeal aden.


Jan 3 Honchong

Lates |a|Huston

Dot Lieber

Jan 29|6yal), Fill) and on.

PA de Ma


Naple Blaker and on

FL. Pareira

Fatin and


(Dot 103. V. Jorga

Tec singapore |Nov 25mm Fan

July 62|longko

Nev ramanang

Jam 17ngapore

Am. 405 Panons


671 Morgan


Header, baran

13 dia


age Folge

|ás 21|Singapore

Hindi, dip

Belt 24 Am

Warden, W. Kay. E. Wabour, and now (Seconds, bu Clown) ir C, Cooke, I Beaman of H &t. tola Lily,

2 Europeon prisousta and I distressed Beaman.




1, Nymph, Wilson, Cun-ingmaan.

1, Str Pan Shu, Bull, Cursingmont,

4, Fair Burdodaun, Griffin, Singaporn.



- N. 8. da Luz (Port), Janne, Blagopu", -- Feb.


2 Joshua Batza (Am), Emterbrook, Manila. Jan.


6, Joseph Fletcher, London.

6, Wild Flower, Hewitt, Liverpool

Aan Mitchell. Witken, Londou.

Emils, Orizdale, Liverpool.

Patral Okið, Smith, Singaporn,

Helena (Ani, Cava, Nuw York,

Nami, Cothay, London

24, Commer (A), Scudder, New York.

25, Wabe Witch, Staur, Hongkang.

Andivalt at London,

From China -November 26th,

Lady Man naughter," 20th " Chrunis," Doombor And, "Bir Ueory Plunger."

Darantunza PO CHINA-



Matriona vidếp

Caching 104 Very Jeranial Gamalt, obip Belt. 437 Mastrom

Am G Hals

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Brit. N




flan Hay

Nov zu North Pande


15h Pacie


5. § da fílivnica.

aly 12 Margars


Ha- For ala


Dos Neare, Metray and co Landen

at siya, Parklu and co

Jan si Dant and on

Get Chuchee Hang

||Nar si]Dons and ga.

AR. Mergor

Deslawie, Drinkersad so

Deat and

Sept smell sad on. fejša Framalaco Nav zu Kessell and co

gali, Bill and co- [Deo Siling med en.

Sept 11 am


Nov --Shangkas


Nov Anger & Allman

Clothing and an

Nerdy and so.

||Den 149. Mallaws.

July 2:?�Angler & Allanson

arve and en

Han King it on

Pet 22 Captai

Deo lardiae, M and co

Jan 20 Dent and s


arion, and et

-fiumell and an

Bijini anda.

16 Tudos



Brit. Sinnati



Peru. 111 Maseton


Dao C

Para 19: Aguilar

Jan ontt [Deo 14

aidacy, briganas





East Coast


Giselle, select

oland Sincan schooner


larschoones Mascher




*Kapkye, schooner

Brit. 13.


Long Long


Atstumu, okep

Brts.600 Vicent

Des 18 Myday


Tals and an

Australia, ship

Nav Port Philly


Hella Dellega, ship

pan 44mavidan

Den Hongkang


Tald and co

Clouser Lamomeer, burg Hirit

414 Ledge

Tall and on.

General Chame, barque


40 Meng



Calt and co



Doo IC


gym, Mair and co

2. de Unis, skip

Hirtz. Loosblandiord

Use 19 Adelaid



Port Philip





| Am. 101|Gems

a back



Now th

Die Tom Orion Help

Spas $72 Julle

Grit 194 Huppar


sophie Vent, barque


Zarah, Burquo






Hongkong oper de

Det m H. Han


14/Tal and co

suffull and en,


Brk | Buckla

Jan 31 London

Hel 47 ORO?I

il Landm


BAB Moore

Ludapados, brig

Nopani, p

sinnten, barq

Habari Nonne, ship

Kosa Kiss, baryan

Now &cord, arque

Leden, skip

Cryoral l'altro, ship

,"Flying Childers," and Bat-Fanny barger





longkong Store Bäde






Gold-It is currently reported that a party of men have ben uut in search of gold for the last || w two daya in thu neighbourhood, but whether an talaciary indicatione have been attained we are | Salamander

usable to my.- Natal Independent, Sept. 23.

Naini Dyro -The Orst piece of ealico printed In Natal has bon accompleled by Mr Devonport,

of the Impingy, entirely with the native dyes of the


My moth



?جاح?ا ??ا

Odlot darke

dani, Mar ||EL SA, B} 90 |Laps Stanle


[(Whampoa FL, M. BL Bana [Hanghong|M, M. SLI

Amey 11.36304] 0 [mon Whamn [13,C,


MU. [Hongkang] tore Sh

hampar. Care

Alexão Pr. Str.


Hella, older Jane Birna, barque John Philly, barqa

Prater, p

Kille, ship


* V Gilson, ship

Ram Appleton, p

The Rayden, Wilg

Union, op


Whampna, barqno

Urit. Jud Vawestr Day Bow Bradia Brit. 38%) Panta



Br. Evmey



48. Kanp

Dat 140ydary



11 Honghong



14 Hongkong


25 da

* New York

37 Olvan


1 Landen


AL)2 Bax100


Andas, Shutte



Lady Vloral Hastings.ship||||||



Maber ofte, bergen

|| Hcb. | 375| Mann

14blem it when, barque | ??

Carver Anak

to Wear 46inalar

34 Kul




New York

San Franc

an Francfice







Brand Havan Tho.


Oct 19-yme, Moir and co. Balaria


yun, Mule and on, Havanna

Amy 10|Mackanzia. B and co

New Math, King and on

JJune 22|Li-dang and co-



Nor z Prát, Bosis and co. |Landem Aug 14 fardine, and coLiverpest

thew Hand and on Cork

July 1: scene and ce

Kenedy and co

Dec 22 Lindesy and co.

Condes Shaw, Bland and Lands |Angui?ine, ti ad o New York

Jarden, bl, and neg Landen

July 1910. Livingston and an.

Des Ball. Nye and co.

Smart and a

Jan 24, Heard and




New York

Dant, Hala and co. London

Jan 20 Fardios, M. and on. Sheng lan


20 Mameli and so.

Dest, Beale and os

Hand an

Hongkong [Shangha

| 100|Macpharvon ...... [Hanghong

EDITED, PHISTED and Peaches, at the Phornicron, Willian TahnAFT,

Queen's Road West, Victoria, 1888.




PRICE $16 per amenim

TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION to the FRIEND OF CHINA AND HONGKONG GAZETTE, per un, 18 Dellare, payaks in advance, quarterly or otherwise, as option. Dingle Numbers.. TERMS OF ADVERTISING-Teo llors and under, Dollar; edicional, 10 cents live. Repetition one-third of the Art Insertion. Ships,-Pirst insertion, & Dollars, moquent Insertions sé cons

Advertisments to have written, on the face of them, the amber of times they are required to appear, otherwise they will be published unill countermended. made when quarterly so wants are rendered for advartiostante erderal to stand undisturbed for a period of three manche Fall charge made for repetition of any Advertisement in the OvantaND INDO. A rifaction of twenty dve per cent on anal charge



ON and after the Present police at


H.4 0. B. P. Con Buster will ply regularly between Hongkong, Canton and Macso.

every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, (unless previos notice of Deviation be given) na follows. The Boat leaving flongkong, on Monday, and Canton on Friday, will call ei Macno, miarting at 7. The bour of departure at other times will be AA. m., nad the Boats will proceed direct be tween flooghong and Canton.When inducement offers, the Bonus will call at Cumsiogmoon, but previons notice of such deviation will be given whas practicable.

The farm will be as heretofore.

12 UI.

lat Class between Hongkong Caston & Macao #8- Macao $5. Back Passenger European -

Chinese Passengers desiroos of proceeding to Maceo for ?�bori paried may obtain return tickets available for the first or second Steamer after their arrivale at the reduced rates of 88 between Hongkong and

Macao, 11 betaden Canton and Macao

Every first Clas prasenger will be allowed ono Get free of charga

The vessels will convey freight on the terms of their published scale; on which, however, reduction will be made for large quantities, by special ugteoment,

LYALL, STILL & Co Agents H&C. I. P. Ca Flongkong, 6th November, 1282.


Ibusiares hitherto conducted by them in Canton will from this date be ourried on at Shanghus.

DALLAH & Co. Cantoo, 121b November, 1859.


NE Undersigned bas established himself in busiuose at AMOY -8MP Chandak Avor:SES, 1nd Great Bromsaran. JOHN DELLAMY.

Amoy, 21st October, 1882,


THE undersigned have this day formed a Copart. merskip under the name and siyle of GOULD & MARTIN, for the troussction of an Imposting and Ganual Commisan bana.


San Francisco, 9th June 1252.


SAN FRANCISCO, W. ". References.

Hon. T. BUTLER Kino,ollector of the l'ers. 8. U. Hurazne, Eaq-Assistant Collector J. A. Cor, Esq.-Namal Uffer. C. K. GE, Esq-Deputy Collector. Jos. VINCENT BECwn. Esq.-B. 4. Appraiser


THE undersigned have bean appointed Agents al Hongkong for the subscribera u LLOYDS. Master of Vrowls are requested to monicals to them intelligence of losses, secilents, the spank thing of Vessels, and any gmesal information they consider of impurtance or interest to the valacribera,

LY ALL, STILL & Co. Hongkong, 3rd Beptember, 1852.

FOR SAN FRANCISCO. Pond, PHE A. t. Amerions Barqos "MARY ADAMS," Captain Handino, will be drapsiched on or about the pet For Pamone or Pasaor apply to



Hongkong, 21st Jananey, 1913,


THE A. I. British Ship "LONDON,"

1. Copinia Tiguumana. For FaxNET or Paonanım apply to

MEYER, BCHAEFFER & Co. Hongkong, 4th February, 1859.




EQUITABLE FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. 96 CORNHILL LONDON. THE undersigned, having been appointed Ageois .... for the above Oos, are prepared to effect in- supunees against äre, on Buildings and Goods, in Ophton and Hongkong, including merchandise in Sativa Packhoede.

HOLLIDAY, WIBE & Co * Canton, 14th August, 1851,

18 FOR SALE. HAMPAGNE of superior quality, CLARETE, BRANDT from T. Dunkin & Son, NaLLe for els in Casks of 3 wt. Apply to

LYALL STILL & Co. Boogkong, 31st January, 1868.

LOSTER, Cheridar and Berkeley Cheese,?��?

POR BALK Bootch Marmalade,- Raspberry Jam.

MAC EWEN & Co. Que's Road, Hongkong, 14th January, 1858,




swot toned lustrument will be sold cheap.


Queen's Road, 4th January, 1863.


AQUANTITY of Carron foundry Pig Iron,

ALEXANDER WILSON, Mere Jantar Maturion & Co's

Godowns. Eaal Point, 22nd January, 1469.

FOR BALE ON A THE Secan Buty "HYGEIA." Whampoa Rrack.

extensive mortment of Ship Chandlery and


MR. W. BUTTON has commened Base Cabin Mars, af the best and most varied den.

Pollen, Cosmen-Noori = 10,

Reala do. and Duck,

this day as Panutun und Levany Seasription, Karpur the Provides adeujning the 25 Apotion Must Vidro," End Ena tafringes, Homes, sad Ponirs for think Also the Break for training Heroes.

N. B-Subling to Let (longhwag, to Januszy, 1883.



THE letion of Whaling Ship Masters in per. ticularly requested to the grant advantages arising from repairs to Bhips being effected n

ESTAPLURED IN 1710. Whampon where the undersigned have several THE MANAGERS of the Wen Fthe Oro, dry docke, with dry and moor Sheds for the

London, bug Juave to inform the British and storage af oil or other cargo in the yarda adjace foreign Roldents at Hongkong and Canton, that charges on the same, and for repairs, being the most they have constituted and appointed the under.. moderate made in any port in China. There are signed as their ATTORruts to imue Palicion of in no port sharges on vessels requiring repairs when or against Fish on Buildings, Goods, Mar landing their gorgers, and many benefits are deriva- | chains wad other Preparty at those plnom.

Full particulars of Hasan do, may be obtained

LINDSAY & C. Hongkong and Canon, Fungkong, 18th Augner, 1862."

ble by coming to Whampos which It a bardly pa-

sible le apelly within tha limite pẩu single advice | on application to


COWPER & GROSVENOR. New Town Docks, Whampoa laland, 18th November, 1852.

Liverpool, 81st July, 1952,

NOTICE bereby given that the partnership subalming between the undersigned, carrying en bovine as East India Merchants, in Liverpool, under the firm of DIROM, DAVIDSON & Co. at Bombay is the East Indian padst the rm of DIROM, HUNTER & Co. and In China under the firm of DIROM, GRAY & Co. was this day dissolved by mutual consent, an far-na_ragarðla WILLIAM WILKINSON DALE. The businow

the inerpool, Bombay, and Shanghas houses will for the future be carried on by the undersigned ROBERT DIRON, William Fortry Hunter, THOMA FORTE Guat, Daniel Porren and Chakthi Rroku, by whom all dolda dos by or to the mid zespaclira kosten will be paid and revived.







Liverpool, at November, 1852, NEFERRING to the above Notice we beg to

in Canton on his pen becnunt, wd will art for and war Dombey and Shenghae houses at that Port

DIROM, DAVIDSON & Co. Camion, 20th January, 1853. ITI reference to the Notices perfixed, 1 beg to intimate that the business hitherto corried en bare in the name of DIROM, GRAY & Co. will be continued by myself under the style of W. W. DALE & Co.

W. W. DALE..

NOTICE. JOHN SCARTES is authorised to sign eur FIT by procuration.


Caston, 40th January, 1888.


CAPITAL £50,000,

100 SBARKS OF £500 BAON.

Servelerite. Memory Lindhar & Co-Hongkong, Canton, Shunghee.


Merca OleosTANE & Co.-London,

Lace & Co.-Bombay,



FHAND, FAIRLIE Co.Calentin, Pant & Co. - Madras.

With reference to the above, the undersigned are prepared in grant Policies Payable in Londra, Bombay, Calcutta sad Madras.



Chinn, 97th February, 1962

MARINE INSURANCE. New York Murdal Exeunamon COMPANY, OF New York.

THE Undersizeml is prepared to nocept MA

RINE RIB?S in behalf of the New York | Meydan Inovnach Company, payable in London

or New York.

This Company, under the Title of the Naw TORE INSURANCE COMPANY, was organized in

1798, at a Joint Stuck, Courant. ?n 1858, il was reorganized on the principle of the Mutual Rystem, and the profita fat First Toor Designe ending March, 1862, returned to Contributore Divided of Firty has per Cast upon the earned Premiumo, pryablo in Certificates bearing Sin per Cent interest per Annum.

Particulate of Rarus, &e, may be obtained on *pplication to

H. W. HUBBELL Canton, 11th December, 1982.

Scotch and Engllab-do

Patent Manila Corda,,, of all sinen, Hole Passat Russin Rigging, from one to alaven inclics,

English and Duleb Sheathing Coppor, from 16 to 32 -with Nails,

With other articles too numerous for comprizal in the fiults of an advertisement ; all of which cas from tan to Geen per cant lose then those charged be obtained, either wholesale or remil, at prices at any other establlakment In China.


Whampoa, 28th June, 1962.


N Experienced Benczon for a Voyage from

Amoy, to Demerara. Apply to,"



CIRCULAR. MRS. P. DUDDELL boge tolpectfully to solicit the Patronage of the Ladies and Publis of Iloogkong to her Millinery sad Haberdashery Business at the VICTORIA Echanon, and will be may be favored. most happy to execute any ordare with which she

Victoria Exchange, Jut January, 1883.

N. B. Side entrance in Blandey stred




Copy of a latior from Mr Trakurma, Chemist, Carmarthen, dated September 19th, 1862 To Profesor LOLLOWAY.

Dear Bie-1 um bappy to inform you that your fat-famed Pille have effected another care. "Mira Eliza Deries, of Pontyberem, nemz Camwtbro, was for many yours a grout aufserer Cron dia- ordered state of the Liver, with all its endan evils, a menkness of the stomach, bad digestion, lone of appetite, bend ache and ponerat debility, in addition to which she had a violent Cough, and ocessionally severe Site of Agoe. This complice. tion of diseases so weakened her constitution that no hopes were rustained of her recovery, not- withstanding she had the best medical advice. At length a friend recommended her to try your P which happily she did, and by cominning thair um for a short period, she has bosa pa?fectly remorat


J. D TREHABNE. MIRACULOUS CURE OF DROPSY. Extract of a Letter from Edowed Rocity, Zaq of India Walk. Tobago, dard April 8th, 1862.

to beakib

To Profimor HOLLOWAY,

Der Sif- Ceoil duty I owe to you and the public at larre to inform you of a most mire. eulode recovery from that dreadful diaman, Dnorax, and which, under God, was affected by your in- valuable Pille I was tapped ore times within eight montha, and skilfully trusted by two medien? practitioners, but could not get cured, until I had Jecourse to your remedy, and notwithstanding all I bad undergons, the miraculous medicine cured me in the coutre al six werka,


Extract of a Letter from Mr 8. Govern, Chomist of Clifton, near Briski, dated July 14, 1852. To Professor HOLLOWAY,

Dear Bir- am requested by a Lady named Thomas, just rived from the West Fodies, to acquaint you that for a period of right years ber. sell and family su?ered from continual bad beak, arising from duorders of the Liver and Stomach, Indigention, lose of Appetite, violem Hood aches, pain in the side, weakness and geostal debility, for which the consulted the most eminant man in the colony, but without any beneficial resuka; at last, who had recourse to your invaluable Pills, which in a very short time effected so great change for the bear, that abe continued them, and the whole family were restored to health and strength. Further she desires me to say, that she has witness their extraordinary vintura lo those complains incidental to children, particularly in cases of Maples and Sourlatina, having affected positive cures of these dioses with no other remedy.


Aarin Haight Palmer, Counsellor of the preme Court of the United mates, Direckr. ith etablishment was founded under the l Imediate espions of loading Benstors, and Mamber of Congress for the proscention and re- covery of Cline on the United States, before Con gress, the Expnotice Departamenta, and Boards of Commisioners sitting in Washington -Seulement of accounts with the Executive Departments, and obtaining the remission of Fines, Penalties, and Fortius, for alleged violations of the Revenue or other Laws of the U. 8. ;-Recovery of Debus Legsoks, and laboritances in the United States and Foreign Countries -Investments in U. e. anded Site Securities, Collections generally, Remittances to any part of Europe, and other monay business; --Paribas of Gavegament landa for Foroigo Emigre, s. It has efficiam and reliabla cor- respondente in the enrarul States and Territories of blesk Bab agencies in the principal commercial the Union, and arrangemote are in progress to dis milles thereof. Prompt and faithful aureating will be givin' by the undarulgeed to all business coD- rided to the Agency. He is solely authorised to westle the concerns of the late firm of Palmer & Bali. Letters most be post paid.

Office oppose the Treasury Department.

AARON H. PALMER, Willard's Hotel,

Washington, 20th March, 1?52 LOST-SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN STOLEN.

Black and White Newfoundland Bitch, about sine menthe old, answare to the name

of "Juna." The fader, bringing the mme, or edifying he whereabouts, to the Editor of the pa per, will be liberally rewarded.


"Friend of China" Office, Boogkong, 25th January, 1889



ip, Peruvian, or Chitman, for which the best rate ju be given.

DOUGLAS LAPRAIK Hongkong, 27th January, 1853.




The riched Filla was wonderfully efleucine in the fallowing complaints. ['emale Irregula-Retration of Urine

Scala, or King's hose Complaint Favers of all tied Evil Blatches the iPho

Bere Throats


Secondary Symptome

Dewel Compilat Colon

Hood athe Corpasion of the adigestion

Hoge and Gravel

The Desi





Drectory Exquipele

fdamomil Jaundic


Live Complainte Veneral Adm




Wer of all kinde


verden, die .

Bold by all Druggists, and at Professor Helloway establishment, 244, Burand, Londva,

By Mr. J. M Da SILVA, able Store

and by HINNAM-Hongkong,

St. J. M. Da FONCECA-Macam.

and More ACOW & Co.-C'enion.

At 14. 6d is Bd. & Os, each pot or Box.

There is a considerable raving in taking the Large pots.

COPPER-PLATE PRINTING. PARTIES baring their own ExonarED PLATIA, can have Cande printed from then on applica tion to Mr B. VrDtoal, at the Office of the Friend of China

Hongkong, 1st August, 1863.






THE AMATEURS will Paform, on Saturday THE



(after which Me Augustus Caesar Pompey will slag an Ethiopian meg is cancer)

and conclude with the mma laughabin Farço "SLASHER AND CRASHER." Hongkong, 4th February, 1953.



Sato of Tickets to Miss Hayor' Convert-Chalon Br. Tarrant then read the inscription on the am to address such an assembly as I now r



gathered round me, I feel that I must tail, and hould cease the attempt, were not that I am apps to that bright Jewel of our order,-CHARITY, and claim that fadaigrace for my shult com.iugy HER MAJESTY QUEEN VICTORIA whirls 2 um confident you will grant me whilst

| Sent of $11951-At 19 m., tó-day, Mosare Theo- | plate, as follows:-

deta Pajat & Co, proceeded to sell, at the Amo- ricon Theatra, the tickets to cholen sent to Miss Catherine Hayes' Third Musical Const. barge crowd kid collected, and the stórlament win, prest. The dron sicket after much competition," was knocked off to George W. Green for the emormidest of One Thousand One Hundred unit Tiwenty pre Dollars!

Mr Greativa butcher in the Pacião Market, 05 Central wharf, and the worthy Forease of Empire Engine Company No 1. The ticket wat (pot down in the namé "f that company as the fore- man folt = peculiar pride in oraing in plond mumber nen in the chaise of texts, as well as in the regular lines of the Fire Department, The rorosiader of





To 10.

making a few, very few, abort observations,

First, let me congratulate the firechten of a y Zailand Lodge on the happy vecasion of the cre mony we have met this day to perform soquainted with, and who fik, the difficulties which thestrued even the existence of the Lodga tat a few short months ago, it must be a soufer ol aur prise and congratulation that in such a luier peind whole prospacio ate changet, sad that in place of having to lament it diselution, we are met this day to lay the foundation slons of a building tuil creditable to the craft in general.

chaice senta sold at a premium of Iran vele By RW. BROTHER SAMUEL RAWBON aids to the increased number of its members, an

MIR LIONEL MOGES is a Partner of the flavon | twenty lollara.-{bid.

ISAAC MORES & BROTHER. of New The figoro-hend and a portion of a wronk, le- York, and will conduct the Business of the Firmered to be those of the "President," torn bom C'mon in his own Name, during the absents cast on shore un,one of the West Endis takada- The new saver Princeton, which was intend of the undersigned,

ed to accompany the Japan Expedition, weder Care, imodora Perry has been prososmoed a hilare, and cond, med as unfl: für service

A B. D. MOSES. Canton, let February, 1663.




RUSTOMJEE BYRAMJEE & Co Canton, Sih February, 1953.


FOR 1853.

THE SHANGHAE ALMANACE 105 MISCELLANY POR Sale at the Offes of the Friend of China

??Prics Two Dollars and a kvif.

Hongkong, 8th January, 1869.



Contrary Ostober, 1859, Report the Geological Phenomena of the le- land of Labuan and Neighbourhood, by J,

Motley, Esq.

A few Remacha made doring the Voyayo of the Huamalah la [197, by the hain G. "Tradescant Lay. Eq.

Concerning Colourf Forquhar's going to look for

??Place to establish a Sanlerent.




Laying of the Foundation Shoma of the Zeiland Lodg ? DISPENSATION having been granted by the Rug Worshipful Provincial Grand Master to lay the Bions of a Masoio Hall in Victoria Central, the Canton and Hongkong Indges assembled in the Zetland Lodge r ons Queen's Road West, shortly after eleven o'clock on the morning of Tuesday the let instant, and, a little before twelve ranged in front of the Lodge and formed in order of proosmico sa


Tyler with Drayı feth,

Band of H. N % (vh Reglarni, Brethree nee member of any L`dge in this Freebies

walking tow and wi



Partion in China wishing to become subscribers | Howard | Hanure of the Ryal Bures Lolgs { Bioward

will please forward thair names and addreare lo

the office of the "Friend of China and flongkong Gazette," Price $8 Pp. put andum.

Victorin, 7th February, 1851.


New Advertisements will be rectired until 7 & Clack on the Evenings precious to publication, sin; 7ure ways and Fridaya if ena va two cupira ara ve quired of the itsura in which an Advertisement sa inotted, and applied fie during, or within a rensonable time oftar, the prein: for which public atian is ordered, no charge will be made for the

MARRIAGE-AL Yankee Him'k, un Wednesday evening, the last, by II W Niles, kis, Mr A W Daw Ms Lara, all of Pheer county, Calirimia, KATI-On boned bark Wilhelinius "on the passage firm Honghong to San Francico, Elancaran NoLK W




Nor. 94 Gandwich Islands Nav. 4

Dec. 99

United Classe



19. Labusa



Jan. 90


13 Mealla

Jan 19



Jan 30

c. of G. Elope




As Pracco

Now. 17 ?он?

Dee Li Ningpo





HIGH WITH dets. M. | PR

661) 10,2 10,43



Rica 6,07


5.5 11,0 11,19

6,36 562 11,87 11.51

10 Thurday


New Moon yesterday, at t. 10 p, . In Apogen

on the 15th

Ta Europe and India Mails per Malia close 10-morrow el 6 P. w. with the trowl supplement at 10a.m. Friday. Whether or not there will be a direct Samer to Calenta this month, the P. & 0, Co's Agrot is not certain,

Fellow Craf

Master Mana

Secure with Bank of

??Commitate no on a Cuklon

The Colama of Junior Warden-borne by a Master Mason, Junor Ward, with Flamb Rule,

The enhuma of Bruise Worden, borne by u. Monier idoneo,

Banket Warden with Laval,

Junior Exams, with visi

Video of Sacred Law 1


Worshipful Mostar,


Prov. G. M. of British Masons in China.

The Retourable W. T. MERCER, EM, W. M. C. Pr. GEORGE CLEVERLY, E66, 3 W.


C. & GEORGE CLEVERLY, EĦ, Archkeet. The plate was then placed in the cavity of the lower stone, together with the different coine of British currency and a copy of the Honghong Ragiste published that atoning, cun- inking, amongst other things, a programine of the coremony in progress. The P G M. thon spread the mortar over the stone, the plate hav ing previously been soldered in, and (propition moon) exactly as EI. M. 8. Cleopatra made the sigual that the sun was at its meridian, and the belle proclaimed High Noon, the upper sons descended to its place, and was properly adjusted.--the Hand playing "God save the Queẹn," "The P. G M. then asked:

Br Janis Warden, what is the proper Jawel of your Office?

7. ty. The Plumb rule, Right Worshipful. P. G. M.-Its uses?

J. W.--To try and adjust all uprights whilst fixing them on the proper bases,

The P. G. M, then tried the stone with the Plumb.

P. G. M. then asked.--Br. Benior Wardon what in the proper Jewel of your Office 1 8. PP.-The Level, Right Worshipful. P. G. M.-:n unex

8. W-Toury levels and prove horizontals, The P. G. M. tried the Benue with the level, The RW, then ??ked-Worsh pful Master what is is the proper jewel of your office!

W. M.-The Square R.:W, P.-G. M.-Its unde?.

W. M.-To try and adjust all rectangular corners of buildings, and assist in bringing rado maiter into due form. The 1'. G, M. then tried the stone with the equare, and having found it scaler Donne, with wed, of a perfect dye said-" Having now tried this stone with the Plumb. Level, and Square, it re- mains with me to Baisk this our work." The Broward Banner of the "Zelland Lodge"{{Maut | P, G. M. then struck the stone with the Mallai

Band of the U. 8. 21. P. Juryuskamma).

Entered Apprentic

Fellow Craf

Corwerpe with Cas


Ever with wine

By P.M.

Ever with Betrand By PM

Hecretary with Book of Comelontana

Trust with the Phial acawining

then, to be deposited in the kann,

Junky Worden with coloma and Plank Bala, The Calm of Bonies Warden by a Master Manan, Semive Warden with his adaman, Level, Plain of the Lindgre

and Plata with ripalon

Josie Daser with wand Vole of Bacred Law

by & Mater Ma

W. M.

8. D, with Trony) and mullet, P. G. M.


On arrival at the site of the new Lodge the Procession halted and fell inwards, when the P. G. M. and W. M. walked barwenn and took their stations Exst of the Bapon-the Senior Warden and Architect fil'lid West, Alsa Junior Warden in the South. The Mid? hav- ing ceased, the R. W. P. G. M. offered up the following proyar-

"Almighty Architect of the Univarss, Cregter of all things and presrever of avery thing thou hast ande, mercifully took upon thy servonta now se- mbird in thy name, núd bless and prosper all sur works, begun, cantinard, and ended in Thon. Gimn jour-strength of mind in all our difficulties, and the slowly bestow upon us wiedom in all one doing.

beauty of barmony in all our undertakings, Chasity the trait of our obedience to thy prosled Je faith be the foundation of one H?ps, and

Ws have had two arrivals (his week from San Francisco,--the Anglo Amar-can built Ablp James- down, and the American Eureka, the former 57, the Clipper (via Bandwich Islands) 63 days from Cal. formis. By the Jamestown wa have San Francisco papers to the 11th of Deo.--by the Eureka Polyne Pinna to the tot uit. (letost Californíuno per E, to Sib Nov.) Blace our last report we find in the Shipping List of the Herald the merival reported at the W'She' mine (Danish Bark) hence on the 7th of De.. (00??days) and the departure for Shanghan of the North Star as on the 6th of December. In the same

we have the following loterewing item:- Et venis as if peace had for ever bed from the Spanish-American republica. Bearcely is the blaze of revolution ratinguished in uns quarter when it breaks out in another (i will be see from the late nows we publish to-day, that the Argantine Cou festeration is again in a ferment. Els who, for big services in expelling the tyrant Rosas, was styled the well-deserving General Urquias, and was wel comed by the Argentines with the title of LiberaİON. has ja twin brên üverthrown.sud o-nipelled to affer pr. posals to the triumphant in voluijanists, - San Francisco Hauld. Thursday, Dee, 9.


To which the Brethren responded-Bo mote yt be"

Br. Cleverly then presented the plans of the new Lodge, of which the R. W. P., G. M. was pleased to expres kis approval,,.

Granby name and saute too -E, P. OP. C.

??P. M. Companion in the B. &. Degros.


three times, and prayed,--

"May the Almighty Arebliest of the Uni. verse look down with benigally upon our present undertaking, and crow? the adillos of which we have now laid the foundation stone with oracy


To thoes Brethren who as warmly assisted ma in my endeavours to promote this happy result, i think this a most suitable opportunity to fler my public banks for though from the Office I have the honour to hold I was able to render is encas sistance, TM, without the valuable aid and co operation of many of the brethren whom t

round me that I could have done would harn bean in vain ; but we have proved that-" Union is strength" and long on the W. S. Wardens, and Brukers at combine with the me soul and anonimity that it has been my pleasing lot to witor- in the "Zrtland Lodge" no fear can exist for th sability, pistability, and Happiness. **

To those around me whom we cannot humber a Brethren of the Cruit, I would that a more clo quest tongue than mine were here to expaliste os the beauties, and principles, of Blasonry-but I mun content myself with polating to the long list of mor Ibira, emliant for Rack, Station, Talent, and moral

th, whom we have numbered, and still do nin bet, under our Banners an prima facia eridraca, that though cartsin secrets are geniously suspi by the Craf, the principles of the ordeal the of Truth, Honour and Virtue, and that there is

thing ash in the buist that

"Thera " mought but what's good, to be un


"By a fire streepted Mason."

In the proven nga it je werless to rates into tha refund charge that bevate it is a Secret Suciaty there must be a thing improper, if not even dangerous, in consent. To any of the uninitinted who may now hear me 1 woubt only my that our Order has a negralmanta with which he would bus the last ensorra. The secreia only consist in what pertains exclusively to itsoff; namely be initiation it ita mysteries and there maske ty which Masons are known to each other, and di Linguished from the reat of the world,

is principles and purposes have deen publicly proclaimed shougged times and are a part o the world as to the most enlightened Brother.

Thuss principles and purposes may be summard up in the imprevare. words,-

"BROTHELF Lora-Raijue-Truth * ·

To the Brethren who spiraald me I woukl briedy odd-Let those principles be poniously pract Lived and maintained by enah and all of you, that when a map je said to be a Marey /

know that he le one tohom the world w


may pout natin sorrawa,-to a-beto the dirtrOF ed may look for rebaf - whose konta in guided by jqesice-whoa bard in extended by benevolence, Beal my Brubren are the gequine fanata or prio? ciples of our Order May they be unemised through the Roland Lodge pure and continent for

many generations"

back to the Lodge Rooms, preceded by tho The Processon then re-formed and marched Bands playing lively air.


The W. M. then addressed the Lodge as ful

To which the Brethren again responded" Holow mute 31 be."

The I. G. M then took the Cornucopia,

and, strewing com on the stone, said,-

Brabran,-Our Lodge has been convened this day with two objecta-the frat te prsform the case- mony of lying the fundatim store of a Budding for the accommodation of the Brethren of the

I throw this corn as an emblem of Plenty."Zetland Lodge, and for the general purposes of

Free Masonry in this easy!

The PG. M. then pouring Wi-e mid-

* 1 pour this wine as an emblem of J?y," The R. W. then poured Oil saying- "I this Oil as an ambie:n of comfort" The Iratiron, inking time from the R W., PG. H. gave the Grand Honoure-after which the B W. offered up the following |prayer,-

This task has just bran s?mpleted, and let any after the building kavĮCobalt be Gnished chorld be disappointed, and think that it be inconsistent with the grandour and solemnity of the octeney that, though the base to be releed will present with which it was commenord, let me remind such humble face, its internal attributes and pra parties are to be regarded, and out lia agternal


Let us hope that our meetings therein may con bine pleasure with intellectul profit, and that out hearts may learn humility from the modesty of the Building. Let us remember that every temple owes

"May the Creator, the Archdiret and the bounter one Author of nature, the Omnipoteos, Omalpresent, and erreful Father of all, bloom each of us with Oor, Wier, and Oil, and all necessary vets alances and comforts of Life; and may the same Almighty Powat make un bun,bly grateful for all bia mercies"

To which the Brethren responded, -

"So mote yt, be."

The P. G. M. then said,~~

Brethres-In the name of the Grand Architet of the Universe, I declare the building of which wolkavu ibia day laid the foundation Mone, dediat ed to the purpean of Freemasonry. May the ge nine truths and principles of our Order be trans- ||mited throned it for many generationa."

value, not to its outward magnificence, but, to the proper spick of its frequenters; and let us take warning and example from a memorable instance in the annals of operative masonry, from those en- sient soos of Edom, those mighty nellieer of Putra the divine, who cared did rdidos, but fell in the pride of shoir rebrísinno

gorgeous fares and plen bearta bafure the just wrath of the Great Architect of the Universo-

From those provd children cf a wayward Hea, Who wronght the maniafo to their high design. What though they eulptai'd dome and culonade, And the clif beasten'd, and the rock obey'd They lacked the lerslier aft-tide abierali, To fame the soul to a Creator's w.101

And in fure proceeding to the second point, which I would intro.mes, I wub, as Almates of the Z il nd Lodge, to turn the beat thanks of myself and my brethren, the ubers of the Lodge, to the R. W. P G. H. the W. M. and Bethren of the Rayal Surat Lodge of Canton, vnd to all the other visiting Brothran for the favor of their presence and satence on this interesting eccssion ; I would Officer and Udicare of H. M 60th Regent, and Ikea express our thanks to the Commanding to the Officers of the U. H. Steam Frigato "Sub- quehanna" for the ready kindness with, which they briefly repeat the wish alandy fully sad so have on materially willed our ceremony, and I would

General response "So wote yt be." The Right Worshiptal Provincial Grand Aamer then made il:e following addrem-

Bethsem.~ It is customary at the concision of soch a commony at that we have this day mat to oleme su for the Presiding Offer to offer to the Brethrew a low remarks on the import of the forms we have observed, and to take advantage of the premes of those nai admitted on ordinary do casinan to our ceremonies to explain that these are which has just been performed has a bespliful, an idle for, but that each part of the ceremony theogh, to the eniulled, concealed moonlog.ably expressed by the P. G. M. that tha" Baring

protezeeedingly that I feel on little competent in fuff this part of my duty with erodis is myself or satisfaction to the brethren, but circumstanend an

us, and advance the interests of the Fraternity at jual commenced may promote harmony ananget large.


o express their sentimente towards you by pre orating you with a token of their sport, this presentation was delayed is, as you know,



Brethren, the other object with which we have although Captain Blassey had decided the case in lory of Bhangrang bundriss of years ago. llefore poop deck with 6 state-roume. Her full compli

is to do honor 10 Brother who has done my favner he could not do an beyond an appost; and ghel resto la present position as the desti mal t in the era.-R. W. Br. Rawson-the breadrised the Carpenter to go the Admirality whim in time pomalence chlpel from the vivre la derer 5,407 square yards of canvas, aroarding to the Iment of mile is 47, to complete which requires thren of the Zetland Indge some time ago reseived wat bome sa make a coda Isked him there sometimes shipped Law, forther protection of Brillah man of war, and requested ba

estimate of the mail maker. Abu soils well, parli up the Tangen klang and now inacable in 1887 That

would aim me in'getting the Outpekter's to-d+

the celebrated Commier in, when Truter al

cularly so, when she is deep and on the wind.-- which ha refused, has said if the tools were mine te

Nankin, was deputed to Kuparissend the despatch of

Soon after the commencement of her present voy. a dargé feet of Jukka with. ?svernment Girsin; and ?�ge, Capt. Welch informs me that she made 909 the memorable miles in thres sucessivo days. During her present mine, and the trols were his, but he had extra waren | blackerie of the Government Orals Best Brethren. Bred not occupy time by explaining is detall from a silor, which was an allowance for his tecle. In this port to April 1868, when our local policies did the feelings by which the Brethren are influenced.

After this he rail winces and unene portion** mungandel,"

In good wiling trim, yat she canda 750 in throu of a similar kind took place, aller which i and the the approaching spring wa lesen there le to be sa 42- By all 31sons they will be used and appreciated

Noorly all of the distamas from San Fra In 1980s love avensise shipment took plzen In benufficient to obearre that, when from soci. Carpenter left the Steamer. This entry has boun

eco has been made in 10 days, read over on the gar deck.

port of shout a million and a half of paculs, any neme

Bha carilao back to Hongkong about 250 Chi righty thapond tomar an each Junk tram only whaal s ren, whose dementior Uhus for has been very quiet thousand perule, this will require a very large deel. and inoffensive. Of her ratreprising and energetia Gevarnost payı abont é of 10 cents Fright per Commander, Capt. Gro. E. Welch, 1 need not percul,-nus half the cost of conveying the Grain in lis speak, so you have sirenly the regimeny of bie

ramel-marigading-barges; and the case lookfac were to the Junk-owners, who often contrive to retals passengers in teference to him -Ibid. some rode for other sargo, which, being under Oar. ernment Chartar. they have the privilege of landing

EDITING & PAPEL free of Duty at Tian sala

oning to circumstances beyond the control of the??would assist me I aanwored that she Carpenter was mast of our local readers must cosuling of 140 junks | prange the wind has bear light and the voturi nut

dental circumstances the Roll of this Loigowasthin. ped, and the ranks of the associating Brethion in this island unfortunatly reduced, you, in a vincere and

No. 14 Jan. 14-Sant motire to Mr Alex Bird areworthy Masonic spirit, came forward, a pure the Vice Consul that the Carpenter John McCann

peal inconvenience to yourself, yon propped up the had doserred the ship. broken inbrie,go rostored the leasing colu an teile just and upright position.

Yan antared the Zelland Ludge; you lost the Brethree your invaluable aid; you poured with Brother's hand the oil of Fraternal Love on the dickering dime of Masonry and the pire, the

allowed, the mysterious light once more illumi the Masonlo Temple.



To shelsie any dificulties however, in the way of editing a newspaper:

prouring alleant connage. Gotamment laye Embargs, mass months before hand, on sil the junka

Bass what the National Intelligenter any about Many people estimate the ability c�?a dewspaper, dima, noua being permitted to leave until the requisitatorial matter kcentas. of the class required, that arriva la port during that and the industry and talent of its aditur by the vdi. It is comparatively an mamber li engaged while they are forbilden so iemain ??easy usk for a frothy writer to put out daily oglinds the port with other flaws.

gratiation at the Port from the extraordinary overlasting fod, and his command of language columna of words-words upon any and all anh- The intelligence of an Export of Oralu by se sjects. His ideas may in one wishy withy Inpal it gives to Trada, and we doubt not that the

Foreign commerce of the place will largely parilaipata | may anable him to string them together like asians a in the improved feeling which is confidently rapected and put his paper may be a meagre and poor com- so perall, when the New Year holidays are paai. cern. But what so the tail! n�?auch a man who

|dleplays his landed metter largely to that imposs

No. 13 Jan. 1-Called on board the Yiss Consul's chop and has let him a cols, the contenta of which was thing him if he had any grounde for Mopping the ship Thomas Campbell's papers should they be sent to him from Csaton, Hazeplied that he had sent them up to the Consulate at Can. *** in für alia, Brethren of the Zetland Lodge, 100, sed after my show ng him Capiola Blanc's letter to Mosure Gibb Livingston & Co. he said that you be given me authority to present, in your

that if I bewed Mr Elmalie that letter to him.pruch , to our . W Br, the P G. M. tolmunial of our sincare regret at his approaching depatture bably Mr Elmalie would give me my papers,

(Mr Elmdie kindly gave me my papers wishe from the Province over which bo provides; of our

showing him the letter.) I asked Mr Bud for at reaprol for bin Masonic character; sad of our gr tetude for the serviors he has rendered Free Ma. alstance to apprehend the Carpenter who bad mary, and this Ldge of Free Mons peuliarly dearted, which he (Mr Bird) cafused, alleging so In the Game thee sedan bahalf of the P.M.,M.W., excuse that he bad applied to the Governadesi Officers and Brethren of the Zetland Lodge, I beg for an additional Constable en bis Establishmael which was no odlicient, zod said that he coul? pet Four nocepin' R W. Br. of the gift that is placed

free-though intrinsically of moderate pare his Constable during office haures liliough work, I may point out that in its design it is em. he could have got any number of man to vol an bcastic of this erantry in which you originally Conerables from the "Bemiramin' and ultimately said that the low gave me power in inok after him assisted to plant the Banner of Masonry, and la which under your fostering care that Banner bar Draef. Bhowed me the Art pui refused to araİN (38. Now, I trust, iakou a firm and a deep root.- This entry has been rand over og lan guastar dock will moreover be espoolally prized by you, in that it in, so I havo k in my power to assure you that ki , the spontane sie, the ananimous, and the hearty pigs of the storm and affection with which the Birskron regard you, of the gratitude they feel for the bonita yuu have confertud upon ihain, and of that respect which your merit was abilly dau Masoncho aver fad to inspira

*That you will accept is in therepirit in which it is offered, and when für distant from us, bear the dower of it in your fraternel regued, is the united balies, as it is the united wish, of the Brethren of do Zetland Lodge.

At the close of this beautiful address, which listened to by the Brethren with the most itose interest, Brother Rawson mee, with the intention of replying ; but, in the words of an eloquent brother (Crucefix) when placed in a gimalar situation, it was no sigma tha', le- caque the heart was, permitted in enjoy its * one great holiday, this tongue took advan * Inge of coeling and refused to do its common * duty." The R W. Br. was operpowered and obliged to all down. This, however, was only the signal for spontaneous Grand Honours: after which Br. Rawann briefly retgreed thanks for the gif, sud poured the Brethres of the interest he should always take in matters connected with the order; nor with hims would that feeling die, The gift of that day would be trusted, remain as an heir foon in bir family, and from bin son go down to his son's sons, all of whom he hoped would inherit the love be had for the principles and practice of Free Masonry,

The exquisite piece of handloral presented to R. W, B. Rawaon, referand to to the foregoing remarko, in a pbused silver Ep-egor, emptorra-i na a stem of interwoven foliage, with a trisugular P" destel, bear or on ita sk?ra, begirla the great of the Raw family, and the Jawal of a P. G, M, tha Allowing inscriptio





EXTRACTE FROM LOR BONIE (Cosilaned from bo. 11 Page 42)

No.12 Dee 32-Went on board the Vice-Cosule chop, volumtarily, to give evidence in the case

No. to Jan. 14~Went on hoard Mr Boat's. The American Vios Consul's, chop, sed requested him to ai ca in foding out the Carpenter, John M Closs, who bad deserted, sa Mr Bird 17, B. M Vice Consul had refosed to ag-ist me with which he wadily complled, ust not abwall, but without success up to the morning of th? 15th Jannery, when the shập left Whampoa Baash.


By the Aligator Market adviere are ressitað up to 29th January,-

Treactions were limited swing to the wear approach of Chiron holidays.

COTTON-BA's amount to some 200 bales, at rutan ranging from 66.45 a ??95 for poor to medium Bombat and 67,60 e 9 50 for poor to good HuNGAL, Highest offers were 911 35 for small peront of very Ave Baxual, and 99 Jur good. Bonnaz- Stocks about 4,000 bal.

Yaun - Boley of 238 bvies, Nos 18 a 24 medi m

quality at 829.30 29.50-Blocks little over 100 Eaton,



on a judicious, well-jnfirmedrddor, who exercis Karina New Year's Day.

his vocation with an hourly consciouen-es at his afestling upon the ladies on New Year's Day the conduct of his paper with the same care and s We are glad to learn that the pleasant customsponsibilities and duties, and devotes himself so will be Topi up this year, and that many gentlemen sidolty that a sensible lawyer bestows upso a quit, are co-samplating going the rounde among all their |? homane, physician open a patient, without ra seganistanosu, un that ocossion. Some have fifty gard to show or display'? - Indood, the mere "erit- Daines already upon their fista, and if ila wasther |ing, part of sliting a paper, in bot a small portion is propis?owa, la boda fair to be a busy day for the of the work. The core, the time employed in palace- gentlemen so well as ladies of Ifavolala.

ing, is far more important, and the fact of a good

We like this praction, and ara aled to porosiva | editie is better known by his selections than any. that it is making way, and f?ding more and more thing che, and that we all know sa hilf the battle, favor oming the foreign zouidonia of this city.

Bet as we bare acid, na a åtur ought to be ratimat. ad, and his labore widerstood and appreciatal, he the general conduct of bis paper, it lona, i'a tem-

We here horn naked whether Her Majesty the Opera, and flis Esoullency the Guvernoi, will re- crire vivida ou ¿hại duy, so is the a wore in other per, la unidorm consistent cours?, its principles, koustriga. We have ?ội heard that they stand ta | nima, da mankštumo, šta dignity and propriky. Te keep gian bnas ou Now Yoir's day, but beliora | preserve these as they should be preserved, is on- je vodil vloed the grasiat piensors to all to be ongli to orcopy fully the Hline and areation el soy able to call and asagratulate inue with a Happy 1996. HE to this be nudad the general suparritina Baw Yout-Piyacüian Doo, 15.

!of the novopaper mtablishment, which mest edilar. hara ta e counter, the wonder is le they and sime to write at all-Polynesian, Nov. 27.

Finoy Nawattan Cavalry.

The above re-mpany was organia"d on the 7th jest, by the chain of the following oficors.

14, Bea, Captain,

T. Turner, Lieutenant.

P Mantai, Comet,

Hirory St John, Orderly Bergonai Edward Blunt Breretory

BI Dowsett, Tresanter

A combu

STRAICH PRODOOR-Pepper, 250 pecula sold at $7.20. Rattans, 92,10 per pocul offered fr Stemitu, OPIUM-Bales at 65:25 for Benares, and $495 for Pass, and 350 fue Turkey.



Cause $1,000 balet against 43,000 in 1861. Yarn 9,500

4,000 Shirting 40,000 place 95,000 Bomer 30,000 pieces of Shirtings warn on hand at beginning of 1952-thin meenunts for the deersson | in Laporta-Canton Commercial List, Pob. te

(From the North China Herald Jan 21).

a meeting on the 1 the Scorplary was di

His Majacy. The following re-olution was also pussed and ordered to be printed, Jan Down, for the trouble he has taken in Bendrad, Thai a vote of thansa bo passed to Mr

forming the sostitution and by laws of the com pany and the regret the company feel at his depar

Auto from the shores. - Ibid.

LOST OF THE " WATENVILLE" Funbar particolare of the loss of the Waterville from M. Rolases, supera irgo of the Moctezuma z-

The Watervilla was struck by a houry sa iu 3. LAL 66. W. Lon. 160, which swept ber decks of alinnat avary thing; sorrying away her three masts, bowsprit and rudder, filing the cabin with water and also the fore boll. She also sprung a lank 17 la an ill wind that blows nobody good. The dandywas kept adat only by incest pamping. when Dunlab Grand Canal near the Yellow Hiver seems to have be- | brig horn in sight and rescued rome chioule, Too much water, and to Hitla money, conveyed them to Valparaiso abandoning the vas is the complaint. It is one of long standing, and if thesel Which would in all probability not be long bare acasoms are not mere proplitess, or, if a sudden stop in- water. Nothing whatever was saved from her. bot put to the rebellion, we fear the dietress and mise- ry of extensive districts on the southern bevilers of Kibun-lung are likely to be perm

ayed and broken down sondition of the banks of the | Oboʻʼwan In this condition fint on board, and |

Dejtsition of a Fluzband.-The English languaga Lèt a copious na If we had not been previously aware of the fret, i wauli) have been unde evident Įto our undarnnaling by trading the following { parage-pli do u Mearch paper: - What is a bus Chand P-lfeur a lady's defuition +le in,' and alio, 'n anvṛling, crumy, sullen, tasty, forward, cross, gruffy, injudy, enabled, snappish, tari, splanetic, serly, dry, brutish, firren, moensa", starp ish, ourrish, hanrisk, freifal, deerish, baffisk. silky, taurby, fractions, rugged, klustering, capt- ing, upish, stara, grating, frumpich, bemoms, aus, îll naturud, tasty, charli-k, grawling, mavodder. various, dng in a manger, who pailler mats himself

Imor Inta others ent, Schors!


The greatest hospitality is generally to be frand content to live according to their means, and saver morgenme persons of small incomes, who are

give any erual dinners-for nothing can be further from true hospitality thus the spirit in which auch antertainments are generally giron.


The Model Husband -Mes. Smith has company

to dianar, and there are not strawberries enough, and abe looks at Mr. 8, wlih a sweet soila, sad offers to help him (nt the same time kicking bim gently with her slipper wuder the table) -he si - ways replion; * No. E thank you, my dear, they don't agree will me, "*


Anecdota of the Duke of Wellington The Intely Government of that Province in allow the soldier appointed Bishop of Nova Soitin applied to the

of the garrisen to present arms to him, which Str John Harvey permitted wolil he beard from the Commander in Chief The old Duke's answer was, "The unly attentione the soldiers are to pay the Bishop are to ble sermons. "

The Water-lia milad (rem Liverpool in April, with a valuable cargo board to this pors. It is sel But these very contou are likely to prometa che pros. dom that vesela bound to theas islande met with parity

of this our Port of Shanghai. The canal beleg disasters, and this, we buliera, is the firm total b In such a site, Government is compelled to and she of a ship and cargo we recollect to have heard of tazze pobl in Grala, by this and the neighbouring da- | for twenty your pin -Ibid. partments, to Tlen-tsin, by ant. The Chines on any part of the coons are not certainly very sonaplemous for

We notice in a late Detroit paper, a speech mrds selence in naval architecture, or skill in navigation, and less of all do the Junks belonging to this port, v-| by A. Tm Fyok, Eng of Culfarnia, in which he Ty appropriately nemal by them " Bka-shave." and greatly consures the whig neliviscention for me an barges, recept credit on their capacity for skip-ballding ring the catsion of these islands to the Uaked The unwieldy buze all at a pace that might induce Stem, which he assume wore coded by treaty about Block-yard, did we not know that the Gore Jabriy of our allmate, the amount of undeveloped their neighbours Strange to say, their place of de 1 year ago. 116 description of the islands the as-

as to think them the work of China Goráriímaní

It is hardly prosary for us to again somert, so

it is by no m?ana improbable that when the Burmese diepule is settled we may have to engage in a liute war further eastward According le the Straits Times, the Malay peninsula, which is more or lem ander British control, is invaded by a Tribe of Bamatrans, olleil Rawake, whe having been expelled from their own enuntry by the Goteb are seeking a new home at the expense of

barkation in the British neuloment of Malacca. where they pricare arms and then adva"ot into the interior. They have already driven away the Chinese who work the tin-minsa, and sulasa

of the Steward nervus the Carpenter, for all to Chion, are as much superior to private commilled by the 'arpenter, as entered in this book they are the Boutrary in Britain. Hat although slow. ngrientuaral rensarons, the imports:te of nur geo they are talarhly pure und pf the three thousand | gophies) position, our commercial impartanDS, ALG bearing dito 2015 luit." "Afar witos a had been ex-

year from the Yang... | Jury are smirly noreno, akhough a licis overdrawa; amined and the case gone through by the Vine junks wiling twice or thilon Consul, he decided that the Carpenter s'ould he Bord -klang to Shan Long, at the gulph of Beche-les, but as ho seek trusty as he atencios has ever benn

45 and in the event of nonpayment that he the properdon 1001 le very small." Hometimes It baph | närodletni, bis argument band on that assumpli, Mapped abort in their oneers, bid fair to become

pens that they are driven among the shouls and lolénde, of ourse, te the ground. should be imprisoned for 14 dago. The Consul them of Coren, perhaps on the west coast of Japan ; cacade sked him if he could pay the ?ng, and the Carpenter vally they founder, or are deleon down among dia Chu-

cking at me, and that the Capt. would pay it out sen aldez and are frequently they are lou in far as our island anders are concerned, that neither of his wages, 1 si 1 did not think he hail any dus erly gales on the dangerous and back lining sie coast This Majesty nor the people of these islands, hare having forfaited them by shipping as forrige the Yang rse-klaug and the Yellow Hirer, when he was a British subject. The Vion Count But with all the risks they get slong conveying their then went in to the arse and examined the Car-care in tolerable safety, and we wider sat at their penter, who acknowledged that he was a extinct of propere, but shat in a contrary gale they are not wholly manageable. The opinion of Chluène merigstore la Q. Britalo, and mid I knew it when I shipped him, other countries is that which I daniel The Contil then muilho bad for- comulag they keep the land within their ken," them, and in which they participa. They have the the Interior of the country, but it woukl be very

filed lisa wagre, This entry ban ben read over co the goceter deck. The Carpenter has entered on board of the H. E. Cog's een ship "Semirams.


No. 19 Jan. 19-1 want on board the II. E. Cay's Steam ship Semirensis with an order from Captain Mamey of H. M. ship "Cleopatra" to Commander Stephens in nture John McClean Carpenter of the ship Thomas Campbell Con mander Stephenaid if he was the Carpenter he would appeal to the Magistrats of Hongkong; that

the last desire in the world to yield their sighs in

monsters of large portion of the Pedinmla The British Government is bound by treaties to some of the Malay chiefs, though we do not kose whe- ther those whom the Bawaka bara attacked ara ja the islands to any other power on ohh, so I gcluded in the number; but the trade is carried on thrie tights and their acknowledged inlopsad.ncs by advances from the inhabitants of the British sot at trapeced And why should they? The islands tlements, and if their debtors are ruined they will They bara govermont that site severe sufferers. It may be difficult in get at those invaders who have already procerdal jute

are their

and this they are only to glad sa when circumsan perfect acknowledgment of their rights, gan. es permit. But in alting from the Yang-asa.klang tamod by most liberal Constation. They are to the north, the exunaleg wands which wech oil pesse within their own borders, and with all the from the low equat compel the meriner to keep well out

world. They cherish their own little awa lamb wo to ano, far beyond the sight of land. Taking lila depare the apple of their ayn, and where is the Daved that tore from Na-wei than, a rocky falet of the north

would weat from them-f

entrance of the river, he steers shoot due north for the lefty west of Shapfung. Unlearoul in the must And he wdy by mysteries of Astronomy

on and lead, log and lookent.

The Chinese have not unfrequently resorted ia alda means of conveying Grain to the Capital. They sent Grain by ships from the yellow river round the procton-

easy to prevent them froin receiving rainf"ron-

Meists, as they must cross the Straits, sort could

be prevented from pating by a single s'gamner.

'The Chinese settled in the Poniunole ura a lar bulent body, banded together in prorat associations, and the Bestials authoriilee may not be awry to see them in the hands of grønter novagas than the The ship Bureka, in which I took_pstage from selves and mida sensible that they require proteo- San Fransisco in Honolulu, is a dos clipper of time. But if a tribe of barbarian Invaders is a low- 1,100 une ruginar, but carrying 1,700 tune of ed io cave shout, and plunder and enslave the cargo | | 1-2 youre obt, with a 'Aus onviu under ber people at their plessure, thees will be an and to



the pencefal industry of the inhabitants, whither we are essentially "wrant" Our Mission," sa natives de Chiaror, and ike Malaya will be thrown Mr. L, formerly obeteved, is " to moku t?m pa pur back into a barbatium no deep sethes of their | pay ; end if thát and does not answer at. Honent, raders. It appears to us therefore that interferit may de so elsewhere. As an andest Fo ence can hardly be avoided, if merely out of hu manity to the Malaya, who hare now for some years leaked to the British authorities as their protectors,-- Englishman, Jan. 19


Tem all along of Mr. Riddell, llow this campus came to pas!

If it wasn't so, why blow me,

'Tigh',--and weke me down an Am!

Tol da rol de rol de rille -


A correspondent of the Englishman, who is evid- emily the Cupten of a merchaut vessel gives us

Buch as wallop his awn Jack-see j' sonie singular infurmatinu se in the state of aổnus

- Unpublished fragment, by G. R. W. However, we are not altogether sure shot Mr. In Melbourne. De arrived in Holeon's Bay Mis latter end of September, sad found that the bouts Riddell is the perty to blams, ar indeed that any body is to blame at all. The nezane who works crews of the health ofloor, the harbour master and the pilots were standing out for 21 ? day

The Dribi Gazette in Mr. Placob absence, wishes na to howl in oncert with him beamsson, forsonih, wagen per man, or rather more than three times the salary of an English Carste. To be Delhi (as also Marrus) in the early morning, instead the oponantry dawk is accelerated, and leaver ung forest of masts, neatly one hundred and of the af peponn as before. Are ble" banda" an deli. vessels having beeu deserted by their crews; the

are entirely their on a maslar. at the officers, that a litle sight work must needs diangire



For Landon

Castle Eden, H. (to-day)

Acadia, W.

Aun, W. Crystal Palace, 8. Fondale, 8. Herne fluble 8.

Jalis, 8. Neto, 8

Sameel Appleton, B. Thomas Hoydes, 8. Whamp

For Liverpool. Fanny Chapman, S.

For the Cork. Groendak, 8.

For Calcula

have to tavans of coercion, and the writer ligte with them ??Wo ste poi quita en aquaacalah bart 1 | Sur. Maka II (10th fan)

that in some instances, even the latter here proved if perenal, merely Inos), complaints were the

wafithful to their trust The Englishman sug- grate, that it may be necessary to avoid two or three ships of war to bring up the vene la, but who is to krop Her Majes?y's sailors from running away to The iron discipline of a man of war will de much, but it will scarcely prevent Jack from trying to make bis furtuna --Friend of India, Jan, 16,


THE MARQUIS OP LISBOA, With much concern we 18pend the death on Fri Jay evening of the Midshipmen, belonging to 11. 8. Hastings, whose injury through the uninten. tional agency of a brother officer was delicad in on isaun of this day week. He left Bir William Bur tan'a circle with Prince Erwest on the 10th for

short excursion to the Red Hills, full of youthful spirits, and on the same day received the wo and which within the apsce of ons akuri week terminat ed fatally. The mical officer of the flaring under whose cere young Lisboa had been, reported bim out of danger on Thursday last and it was in tended to recove him on board b's ship for further Treiceat, bal becoming debelous, at the nitries of Dr. Scott and Mr. Colo this plan was relinquished and he again berama the guest, though under mourn lolly altered circoinnstantes, of the l'uieno Suatics. No lingered bot a few hours after his arrival at Mowbray Gardens. His remains were lail in their lest resting place on Asterday evening, followed to the grave by Sir W. W. Burton and a few other friend,

The ill-fated young officer whose exureur hon bewa thus prematurely terminated, had been liberally andowed with the quilters that win an enay path- way intothe warmest all??c'i-as of the human hepat Ardent, brave, full of high um) konovrable princi ple, he was a great favourite with the gallant Commodore, at whoso side bo wan during all ho recent enterprisen up the Terawaddy, galing himself at the taking of Bassein, where he wacth, third that surmonsied the stockades From the immloent perile of wat, the fire and sword of dend ly cosmies, be seaped unhurt to paci-b by a friend-

ly hand in the hout of security and relaxation;

The tempt is forbid to spare.

The man that's stenngled with a belt. The lockles and unistentnual agent in this tra gedy, in not yet avvero of sta. fetal issue. He weal on board the Hardings in the belief, kun led on the report of the Medical man, that his friend was vot of all danger. A warm ist macy bail existed for same time between the Prince and the docend Che reflection that Lisboa had been canloved før (K through his means, called forth expressions of the nout poignant regret :-what language can mom - ut the intensity of nie anguish when bu learn the

tor of Hu wah which we chose to All war Columor, what on vararthly yeli wa might out p on the subjet of our immediately-to be-abandoned Worte daktowanis Umbella, Why the more. though no doubt adopted upon very Jalebin Ecoonda of public econoy, le fruglis wih silat ta m-that is, it would be ruinowa, if we simply throm nurselves down on the rout, and roured for novi - aner instead of seting decisively, on clegumoovadra might require. We intend treating vi) such rob tunery Usirs with that "calm indiferent, and philosophical contempt," that best become ho enlightened wind, and do beruby adjmura farther discussion of the matter until Thursday the oth of Januar 1953, on of about which date the ~ Mama bers of this Company" will at some place herefter

Twelfth Night, or what you will. o be nucified, profures the popular play of

The growlings of the Delhi Ganette's vob-editor have led us away from the original object. Baj it unly reshus to say that we bere gut Colonel Boileau's ingenious Scales lithographed though the will pa for the deed. We shall very holy enther indiferently) at a Native Prem here. L compiers Establishment of our own, in the live.-Mofuscilita, Nov. 15





4, Hannibal (Am, Whaler), Loster, from Ancon

sinn, 16th January.

5, U. & Sleep Santage, Commander Walker,

from Whampan.

6, Mary, Rytie, from Namos, bek February. 6, Chebe, Brown, from Melbwarar, Sub Dre,

6, 166bdmin (tiwaina) Bellar, Gom German

26th December

8, Jumral -100 (Am), Bloors, from San Francisco,

19th December.

6. Nie line (Ham), Valliaen, from Mammasat.

1, Eure (An), Watch, from San Francios,

6th December

2, Nexian, Davis, from London 20th Augas.

7, Monongahela (Am Whaler), Benburg, from

Sandwich 1-lls, 20th November.

Str. Paon Bhum, O.

For Madras, Nonpareil, W.

For Batavia. Bintang Anam, W. Tornais, W.

Far Singapore, St. Jose, M. Bangalore, W. Am, A.

For San Francisco Hamikoo, H. London, if.

Land Wariston, FL. Mary Ademp, E, Lebanon, W.

For Celina

Miceno, W.

Rosita, W.

For New York. Hurricane, W. Mandarin, 8. Union, 8.

for Lina. Itoza Elias, A.

For Australia. Arabia, H. Eleanor, W.

For Lavanna

Novo Viajante, M.

J. de Unzuela, A.

San Andrea, A.

Bir Thee Grosbeck, A. For West Indies. Australia, A

Elenor Lancaster, A. La Flora Flamings, N.

For Manila. Bombay,

1. Hongkong, M. Manso. W. Whampas,

At Hongkong

Bombay, skly

Castle Eden, skle













Artemesia Berhampore


Lon. Sept ik 0.


[Jv Nov 29 --




Kilgour Winder

Liv. Sppl 18.

Liv. Nor f

Countess of Winton Crangle

Liv, Oct 24

Don Ricardo

Wakem Liv Bepl 29 11.

Early Bird


Lon. Clet 8



Lon. Ca 289.

VOL. XII. No. 13.

Flying Childers

Liv. Nov 29



Lon Oct 1



Liv Oct (2


Len. Sept 26 13,

Katharine Sharer

Lon Oei 261E


Mary Montague

Mary Shepbord



Buckbam Hall

Lob. Nov 1 Clv. Brp 25 P

Becarity Tidta

Ferguson Man Hichard Liv. Sept 8 Barclay Lan. Aug 17 S Ropeon Lon. Sept #38.


Beanington Liv. Od 20

Liv, Oci sul it Loading-At Lowes; Stornoway--Ad Lıvan root; Eliza Moore, and Ashmore.

Order in which the above Vomvisiest England. Muy Ming Laggard, Carib, stand, Mary Shepherd,

1 Don Mcard. Here, Geskung, Karty Birds ( Semurity, Chatma of Wlatans Engenia, Balizes tharms Panel,

London, Liv. Lirapani, Kids, Malakia, Wal, Watford Candreams, Hast- Kartingood, MN. ME, C. Cak Bumbay, Todi. Ta?iau, Wind, Madera. Pus. Pranay H. Wanghang, M. Mano, Wb. Whampan. ?n diery, 1. seming trade



dan Francisco Nav vallardine, M. and ca.

Una trdar

Det l'am Achey

?�San Francisco J. Drinker and on. Wheling

Flag Tour





Jatt Park.



Brit Set Dark




Web gom

Fab Whomps |"ob ... ¡ Jarda.a. M. and on. Asatrulla Tandman to Nov 1. Dri-ker and e Whang

tane R. Drinker and as Manila Febent and


"Duke of Kreato, ship

son Harry


Karche, ship

Am Wel

TOO Keller


441 Lester

16 de Fab Ascension

$140 Moore


Bril 578 Me Donald


$1 (Tillmans




Lokiona, barque

Deo Jafregon

Hal. 12 Pet

Mario Malatyre. Korque


Nov 14 Pul beck




171 Marle



John Gray, ship

Landes, chip

Lord arriten, elig

Hary Adams, barque

Mooriya abou

Mi, ekip Nymph, briganti Najasthan ally


Bredand, ship Slow, bl

Leak, barque Wilhelmine, veh


Low, super

Pass shoe, sitamas


2, Burther for (Am. Whaler), Establ

from Soudrich Jalands, 20th November.

1, London, Tilhan, from Whamp

1, Lawle Eden, Thorahill, from Whampoa,

7, Nymph, Wilson, from Cumslagmeen.

Water Witch, Mann, from Shangban, 26th


1144 bit

AR. 47 Seeburg Brk






27 Ma


Ham 180 aller

Hola,191 Tregyar



301 Hart

Port. 10va

Agen L GE


an Franco Dec 128 Drinker and so. sydney


Fob Nyokander & suction Prancis Not Jardine, it, and ea. San Francisco

Chot ka Nawfu, Jiri kecand o

Jan 110. C Edmond

Lyall, and co.

Jan Sayer Scheffer & San Francis

Feb Jordier, M. and ve dwich InBev su?. Drisker and so. Camelogos (Fab font and ce

Jadway sad co,

* 1Lendon

muan Francisan Ape ). Lemons

on serumba wa

of-hunghes LU

Feb Hongkong



Jan Li-bo

Fab Man

Pen Blicken


Amma, belg

Gestrade, ship


H. K. dan, barque More Yljance, bargua Onys, belg



4|| Habine Parame


Jençler, ship

8, John Gray, McDonald, from Sydney, 234 Dec




fall measure of the catastrophe. Happier for a Cometa (Span), Suarez, from Manila, 19th Jan. be who died, for many deatha has the survivor sus fred T-Madras Aškenaum, Now, 23.

To the Editor of the Telegraph a Comrier.


"Tarn ob! turn those eyes away,

Sparkling Wke the beams of day,

For on lustrous in their light,

See the curious stats look pula,

They dim the brow of stuery "ght,

And ask the clouda theis alusme to rail,

They dread the wause of the alios,

Becauso 'the like thy brillisot eyra "Seile not with that radost smile,


6, Thetis (Am), Thupe, from Manila.

6, Alligator, Baker, from Hongkong,



Ban Juak, schoense


Alligator, brig

Amity, ship

Bangalore, shie

18, Girof Dirk III (D), Noubaji, from Blings- Frook, beg

pore, it camber.


Per Jamestown, Memes Avery, Paises and 173


D'or Eureka, 300 Chine




4, Alligator, Baker, Whatopon.

My soul may not withstand its wile,

4, Morika, Fenwick, Pon Phillip

Let me live and I'll adre

Batuli! in merey smile to nine.

Speak, but not in inaas so sweel,

Lest I worship as thy feet,

Angela in and are rare on earth,

Bot you are sure of heavenly birth p

The beauty smiled, and threw her arma,

Around the youth who praised her obseme,

Gazed for a name"t in his vy,

And then drew back with wild surprise.

Is it thus, the weeping cried,

That you won your destined bride a

Oh I let me go to my Memo(r)

You'ce smoke' you wereich ! a vile cigar!



December 1852.



6, Str. Hombay, Tregent, Camsingmoon.

6, lona, Dowman, Camsingmson.

6, law, Brown, Bombay.

6, vicine (Ham), Valle, Whampoa.

1, Chaberta, Brown, Whampoa

1, Cornelius Smit (Dot), Vandarwall, Singapore


and Batavia.


??Amistad (8pro), Tayag, Manila.



1, French Corvette La Capricicus, Caplen

quemoore, Sacso

7, Hindation (Am), Cashing, Manila.



20, Hom, Luz, Singapore.

27, Huphin Prayer, Brooman, Singapore.

24, Pirlodes (Dus), Parry, Samarang.


Ierican ship

Misons, barque

N?mçayı il, barque


budney, brigadas

Tang, barque

'The barqu

Verde, arque

Fast Coast


Port 40% ernendes



It Baker

Hum] 40% Vallen Hrit


Peru 19 gulint

Bril 19

(skad dosen schoot Brit

Mizma, cheer

Het Lisbon

Pat back

Dec 23 Hugspore Nov tasan Franc

Jan 17 Singapore FabHongkang

Deo 27 Pemang

Ja spore

Nav Homaring Peb

1. V. £doni Qepish fluid and co. Nos furor and so Jon 25 Deal AUB OB-


Fab 10. Edmond



sterilue, 11. aud se.

A. A de Mallo and te


Jun 13).. Jorge

Hawla, Delsker and an L. Pareira

IV. Jarze

John Bard and

Met 10 V. Jorge

~J. F. da ŬNyotru.



If the thing



Havanda For Kale Singapore


Das Neare, Murray and Fab Momar and co Det Nye, Parkin and co Nov 90. Livingston and co London


Han 15Dent and co


Chlachew Hang


Turner and cg, Vik



Nov 15 North Panor

Jan 31 Singapore Un

South Pedon

Feb Manila

7 Hawke, Drink

Dant and we hope

miRossell and ch 15 New York

If yall, Bill a c

Dee 21ng and co.

King and ca

Pain and co Cadey and on

King and co

San Francisen |Hopairing

Sing & Madran Repaling



Bile si Dan

Ann, Maroo

Am 400 Parsons Belt


Feb Hengkom

Mining Annu, borgua

St Halety

Chobarte ship


Ang Brown

lemur, baryes



Bill $43


4m 100 Very


InSan Francisco Nov

Jeremiah Garnett, skip

Brit. 437|lowtress

24 too la

Lebanon, ship


Ute Meca

wen. 291) Maser


Miralce, skip

Feb MacET

Pas my Calenta


Deo 14 Jongkang

Dee 12 W. Keble.

Hej 1 16|Annatam


angles & Allanova



AM Boo Thaps


56. Weiger

Ion Macom

Jan Skiing and on

19 Vacfarlane Jan



Jan Sallent and co.




Brit. 400 Viocant

[One 15 any


Khet 10 Talt and go.

Open 400 |Henavides

Dec t Honghang


Tall and an

Get Chea, barque






|Des Delant

"pas | $44| Aurtemache

et Male

Dec 29 Adelaida



Jam 12 ore Philip Now I


Wa Mrading



|:ymo, Hair and os, Haranns

Oer 1.


34: Langlola



Jas 33 Londen








sis stone


Zaplye, sekarang


Amme, ship

Amiralla, akip

Halla Gubugs, ship


Brit irri

lonner Lanter, barrit 494 Lodge

3. do Ummmata, shấp

Ross Kiss, bargno

Ban Andes, sh

Rose T

Biru. 1000 andford


Pers Barely

Span 470 Jan

Zare, chip Beit #94|Hopper

Bow Actor, aryso

Codan, ship

Crystal l'anca, shly

Panedala, bergsa Fenny

Horiet Hala, akių Jane Mrunna, Faique Juhu Khilipo, barque

Plander ship

Nie, chip






[longkong Mere Bhly


IL M. 620 |Lapt. Mamie




Dr Madhat

Thee Kayden, tälje

Rapid Royalist

(19 Maipos 14. M.



"We are not proud!"* 19e also received certain proof "slipe,"-with "the following enneise instrue tion" plenar pulbiak thìa in your next paper (signed), 1. 11. Campbell, Cap. Artillery." It was quite im possible, for trasons alesa?ly stated. Gie so to de prist the Proceedings of the Simli Meeting on Friday Alliga Inst We do on, with much plenawce, to day. Cap. mnia ('ampbell in an entire stronger to us ; he could have no possiblu ol·ject in affronting the Editor of this paper, and wa therefore think u right to ante, time publicly, that the idea of Captains C,'n feiling in the mual courtany," never eten occured to us. We are still less able to comprehend the osture of Captain Camphall's offence in baving got his Minutes printed at?-h ra. The sccusation dees was Bapely coon-rt with the principles of the Mofundites for Susquehanna like we friend the Fri" (ot to speak of 32. Laug), La Comisi La Capele

Salamander Plymouth

Amoy | 6 | Elmas

Whampoa H,C. Na




U. 8 Wate

tor Bell

J. V. Str. Com Au

Alican Fr. Car

Fr. Str.

De Plan

Bevánt Appleton, ship


Whampen, haryan


Andax, hear

Lady Flore Hathanga,oh|p|

Penn, ship


100 Canningham

10% Folabe

Host 183 Fawcett

Delrolle Hr. 189,Pale

to Macken AT1Stockard





43 Hang

17: Olva

720 Uoame

|HILL. | GOO|M Mile



Brit 14 T


280 David

Wis?am w winen, barque | Mich. | 200|Macpharma

Det Sydney






JB, Honghung

1 Sydney

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Queen's Hood West, Victoria, 1863.



PRICK $10 per annum

TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION to the FRIEND OF CHINA AND HONGKONG GAZETTE, per damm, 19 Dalları, payah-e in advance, questerly or otherwise, si spilem. Single Numbers. 94 ormir, TERMS OF ADVENT16JN+).-Ten lines and under, 1 Dollar; ad liional, le conte??line. Rapacities o-chird of the test Insertion. Ships, ~First Insertion. ??Dollars or boquent insertione 48 cont Advertisements to have written, on the face of them, the number of times they are required to appearacherwin they will be published and counteraanded. A reduction of twenty die par went anal charge Made when quarterly souventa are reudered for advartlesmente ordered so stand undisturbed for a persed three month. Pull charge made for repetition of any Advertisement In the Uvascias (news.


N and after the Present date until farther notios The H. & C 8. P Co.'s Blamet will ply regularly between Hongkong, Casion sad Macao, way Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, (anlam previous antics of Deviation be givan) na follows. The Bearing Hongkong, on Monday, and Camton on Friday, will call a Macso, macting ni 7. The hour of deputjate at other times will

A., and the Boggs will proceed direct be tween Hongkong and Canton.-When inducement effers, the Basta will call at Camsingmeon, bol previame notion of such deviation will be given when practicable

The form will be as hartinfara.

tat Clane batween Hongkang Canton & Mamo 68- Macao 85. Bank Passenger


02 Chiame-

?i. Passengers desirous of proceeding to Macao for short period may obtain return tickate available for the Brat second Riramer after their arrivals at the reduced mins of 88 between Hongkong and Here, 819 between Cauton and Dincao.

Bvery drst Class passenger will be allowed one servant free of charge

The venele will avavey freight on the terms of their published scale; on which, however, some reduction will be cuide for large quantities, by special agrestiscal,

LYALL, STILL & Co. Agente H4 G. & P. Ca Hanphong, 5th November. 1689.



HEA 1. American Barque "MARY ADA3:3, * Captain Haryono, MS will be drapatched on or bout the 5th Him For Famour or Pamana apjdy to


or to Ma-ons ANGIEH & ALLANSON.

?dv. Hongkong, 21m Jaroste, 1813. -


IFR LIONEL MOGES is a Partner of the Haven

of 18??O MOSES & BROTHER, of N York, and will conduct the Buslow of the Fiem

in Canin in his own Name, during the absence || "PER of the undersigned.

A. R. B. MODES, Canton, Let February, 1963.


YR PESTONJEE DINSHAWJKE i udupited Partner is our Firm from the fat January.


RUSTOMFEE BYRAMJEE & O Canton, Bth Febroery. 1653.


THE Underload hereby giva noiles that the business hitheno conducted by them in Cunton will from this date be surried on at Bhangina. DALLAS & O Chaton, 19th November, 1832.

NOTHICK, FIE Undersigned has established kitonal in

burimpen at AMOY -But Charmign AUCIONESE, and Ganunal Stonerantes, JOHN BELLAMY.

Amoy, 21st October, 1852,

NOTICE. THE undersigned have this day formed Copart Anership padar the nama and ex9]% of GODLQ & MARTIN, for the trayantine of an Imperting and Gonna Comissoran bugimens.


San Franciscs, 9th Jun 1889.




Hon, T. Bertan Kino,-Collector of the Part. 8. U. Horuin, Esq - Assistant Culigator,

J. A. Corr, Req.-Nand Ufler.


THE A. 1. British Ship "LONDON," | C. K. Gruno, Eaq-Deputy Collector, Lupienia Tasmane. Per Earner, Jan Vingeup Bacza, Pool. 4. Appela

or Passado apply tö MEYER. SCHAEFFER & Co. Hongkong, 4th February, 1868


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THE antice of Whaling Boi grant

Geularly requested to the grant advantages arising from repairs to Bhips being effected as Whapon: where the undersigned bave navazuj dry docks, with dry and grosse Shops for the storage of eil or other mazgo in the yards adjacsos | charges on the same, and for repairs, being the roast moderata masia is any pots to Chin. There a no port abregas on venneļa requiring repaire whan lending their cargoes, and many benniga ara doriva. ble by coming to Whampon which it is berdly pos- alble to specify within the limits of a single adres LDEMARL

COWPER & GROSVENOR, New Town Ducka, Whampoa lehad, tüith November, 1852.

Liverpool, 81st July, 1832. NOTICE ??hereby givan" that the partnership Nanbaiming between the undersigned, carrying en botiga East India Merahania, in Liverpool, under the firm of DIROM, DAVIDSON & Co. Bombay in the East Indies under the firm of DIROM, HUNTER & Co. and in China under therm of DIROM, GRAY & Co. was this day dissolved by matosi compant, eo Ext_na"regurða WILLIAM WILKINSON ?ALE. The businaan. al the Liverpool, Hombay, and Shangkas bousse | will for the fore he carried on by the undersigned Rosa Dion, Willian Fonar HongKH, THOMAR FORSYTH Gray, Daniel Petrus and Charles Krom, by whom all doble due by or to the mid respective bo?am will be paid and received.


W. W. DAL?.



Liverpul, 1st November, 1882. REFERRING to the shore Novice we beg to ad, la W. W. DALE commences hariness in Cams on his can econunt, and will art for and our Dombey and Shanghar house at that Port,


Cantón, 20th January, 1853. reference to the Notices pie?ized, i best to latiuate that the busimaan hitherto carried on here in the name of DIROM, GRAY & Co,

W. DALE & Co.


THE undersigned have been appointed Agaste at 1 Hongkong for the suhenricers to LLOYDS. Master of Vegerile are requested to communicate to them intelligence of lunes, accident, the spank

in der ofte era and Emeral in the salieribers. consider of importance or intera to the apiscribers.

LYALL STILL & Co. Hongkong, 3rd September, 1884,




WR. W, BUTTON by sommard Businger thin day as Wannten and Levmay Star

Kuur on the Promises adjoining the " A Mart" Vistoria, and hea Carriages, Horens, and Also the Break for training Poles for Hire. Hote

N. B-Bublleg to Lat Hooghong, 1st January, 1863.


CAPITAL £50,000.

100 man or £600 maoW.


Mesere Landuay & Co-Hongkong, Canton,



Meere Genderanza & Oo----London,

Login & Co.-Bombay,

Brand, Fairlie& Co.--Caloutta, PARTY & Co. - Mindeza. | With referanan sa ika abata, The undersigned ora prepared to graat Pozorga Payable in London. Bombay, Calcutta and Madras,



China, 27th February, 1852

MARINE INSURANCE. Naw Your Mutual Inboramos CONFART, New Yoiz.

THE Underviened is prepared to accept MA RINE RISK#9 in behalf of the New York MUTUAL INDRACE Company, payable in Laden ut New York.

Thu Company, under the Title of the Naw YORK INSURAKon Company, was organ?ned in 1796, " Joint Stick Company. In 1881, W was re organized on the principle of the Meton)

will be coblinged by myself under the style of W. System, and the profits fits First Tour's Buss



R. JOHN SCARTH is authorised to sign



Camon, 20th Jandery, 1683.

ending March, 1859, returned to Contribut Divided of Forty two per Cast upon the earned Premiums, payable in Certiflosses 'booring Bis per Cant interest per Anmum.

Particula of Barsa, &c, may be obaledon *pplication to

H. W. JUOBELL Canton, 11th December, 1852.


FUR FILE OFFICE Lombou. ESTABLONED 1710, MANAGERS of the Now Finn Oros, Landon, beg leave to inform the British and feariya Ranidoute aj flenghong and Canton, thes they have constituted and appointed the under signet e their Avvonneys to imus Palicias of In mande ngalan, vinn on Buildings, Groda, "Mer ahong and other Property at those places.

Ballparticulars of Bayus &o, may be obtained sa applióption to

LINDSAY & C Hongkong and Canton, Honghong, 18th August, 1852.

"?QU?TABLE PIR? INSURANCE COMPANY, 2 CORNHILL LONDON. (PELE undwolgand, having been appointed Agents der the above Ofles, are prepared to effect in romances against Aru, on Buildings and Goods, in Came and Hongkong, including marchandios in sutive Parkhouses.

HOLLIDAY, WISE & Ca Chpion, 14th August, 1851.

16 TOR BALE. HAMPAGNE of superior quality, Clanto, U lakwow from T. Dunkin & Son, Nama of nʼano in Cooke of 2 cul Apply to

LYALL STILL & Co. Helgkong, Stat January, 1859.

FOR SALE. ILOSTER, Chakdar and Berkeley Choose,- on Marmalade, Baspberry Jam.


Quer's Hood, Hongkong, 14th January, 1ASU,



ON VIEW AT THE Sroams of the Undrantoned, KAT COTTAGE PIANO, 61 Octaven, by COLLAR & COLLAND.

This awest towed lostrument will be sold cheap.

MAC EWEN & Co. Queen's Hood, 4th January, 1859.


QUANTITY of Carren foundry Pig Iron,

ALEXANDER WILSON, Monora Jansının Mathon &


Red Point, 22nd January, 1863.

FOR BALE ON BOARD THE Brónu Bhay "HYGEIA." Whampoa Reach. M-autonalve amortment of Ship Chandlary and A. Cabin Skores, of the best and most razied den. Pripon, 17

?eston Canvas--Nos. I = 10, Rei do and Dook,

Both and Engliab-da,

Pateni Maulla Cordage, of all sloes, Heth's Patent Rusala Rigging, from one to olives, inches,

Babad Dolob Shasthing Capper, from 10 to 99-with Naila.

With other articles to unmetons for comprizal in the Amite of an advertisement ; all of which can be obtained, either wholļo or retail, at priore from ton in Akron per cant less than those charged at may o?ber stablishment in China.


Whompon, 98th June, 1862.


AND AT ?com & Co's-CanTON. MesoAL TREATun on Nervous Dability and

A Comakuvaat Weakers, with practical ab Pervations, illustrated by Anatomical Plates, in Health and Decade.

This work, emanating from a qualided member of the medical profusion, iba result of many years' pristal experience, in addressed to Gentlemen Welt mitte Troca, the various disorders acquired in early if in s page will be found the cause had to their occurrence, the symptoms was indicate their presence, and mesas to be

for their tumors. By Physician. Hoogkong, 10th July, 1852,




OR Bale at the Ofen of the Fund of CALLA

Price Two Dollars and a half. Hongkong, 8th January, 1859.


N Experienced SunOKON for Voyage from

Amay, is Demerara. Apply to




loso. Pararlin, or Chilian, for which the bost ruin will be given


Blangkong, 27th January, 1838.


MR8. F. DUDDELL bega respectfully to elicit Mibe Patronage of the Ladies and Publis of Flongkong to her Millinery and Haberdashery Business si the Victoria EsUHANOS, and will be most happy to execute any orders with which she may be favored

Victoria Exchange,

101 January, 1983

N. B. Bida entramen in Stanley stred.


EXTRAORDINARY CURES EFFECTED BY HOLLOWAYO GING MENT AND PILLS. Copy of Latter from George Braton, Esq., Depu ty Collector of Customs, datad Allahabad, January 24th, 1882.

To Professor iossoway.

My Dear Bin-Elaving for several years pas used your Pills and Ointment with unfiling c crow, I beg leave le mration a few care which bave come under my olasivation. On with Com cer of the right brist. The patient was an older. Jy native Chriellan and the mother of savutul chil- drum ; abo bad suffered for years, and was under the treatment of several médical mën : the broa was entirely gone leaving a large ugly sors, which after the application of your Ointment, spread upon plantain leaves, was completely healed in vary short (mu.


Another was that of a Child, 6 years old, the som of a Bargnon; ibe litla fellow's legs were covered with uren: shey resisted the trustsent of his fiber, and ble mother very wisely tried your remedian, which in less than a fortnight oổi cled a perfect ears. The third was ??bestman, who had spit the m of his great los against a stick in the river, in which the mud accompleted and formed a sore; neglect cured proud Besh, and when brought to me, there was over the uníð ? lump of it na lu?gu so a pigeon' egg. Poulticrs, coustics and your Omument antire. ly cared it in late than 8 weeks.



A CRIPPLE SETA ABIDE HIS CRUTCHES AFTER TEN YEARO KUFPERING, Copy of a Letter from Mr Thompson. Chemist, Liverpool, dated August 20th 1962,

To Professor HOLLOWAY

Dan Si-am înabled to furnish you with a must extraordinary care c?rated by your invela- able Ointment and Pilla, which has astonished every person acquainted with the soferer. About 10 years ago, Mr W. Cummins, of Balinay Steeri, in thie town, wie thrown from his hum whereby be received very serious injurica; he had the best mo dical advice as the time, and was "?erwards an 18- mase of different infrmarios, yet be grow wores, and at length & malignant Pending 'ulcar settled in his hip, which so completely crippled him, that be could not move without crutches for dearly 10 year recully he began to use your Olotosepi and Pilla, which have now hauled the wound strengthened bla limb, and amable bim to dupenes with his erutches, so that be can walk with the greatest sees, and with renewed beakb and vigour.

(Bigoed) J. THOMPSON.


Copy of a Letter from Mr. R. G. Baster, General Merchant, of Halkas, Covaly Mays, dated March 27th, 1862.

To Professor Hellaway,

DEAR SIR,-Son Doher, of Bally-Glen,_near this place, was for opwarde of throw your silicud with Bercfalon Ulcers, nod of so virulost a char. acter that the bones of her arme and hande protrod ad through the flesh. She tried various remedies, and was in the Castlebar Infrosty fur thirteen weeks, but sent out ad incorable. After returning to her bome abe was in so week a state owing te the continuous discharge from the ulcers chat cha kept her bed for several wockat and when reduced apparently to dowth's door, Mr Jamon Carlaw, the Scotch Agricukurist of the locality, purchased from me some of your Ointment and Pills for her, which immediately wrecht a most extraordinary chang for the better, and in a few months she was restored to sound health. All the ulcers complete ly healed, and the use of her arms and bands per fely restored.

ROBERT BAXTER, (Signed) The Pille hald be used conjointly with the ?lacment in

most of the felly &

Corns (con)

Rheim Scalds


Conrad and

MIA Julais

Le of rheton Blephantianis


Bore Nipples

Bare-thinte Fin-dis





and Band-Fley





Glasdelar Swell- Tumore



Chapped hande

Lumbago Pil

Woords Yowo

Sold by all Draggins, and 91 Professor Holloway' establishment, 944, Birand, London

By Mr. J. M DA SILVA, le Store

Bad by HINNAM.--Hongkong,

Br. J. M. DA FONCECA, Macao.

and Mare ACOW & Ca-Canton.

At la. Od is 8d. dc 6e, auch pot or Box.

There is a considerable saving la taking the large publ.




Black and White Newfoundland Bitch, about nine months old, answers to the name of "Juno" The Gadar, bringing the same, or potifying its whereabouts, to the Editor of this pas per, will be liberally rewarded.

Friend of China" Uffier, Hongkong, 95th January, 1853 THE JOURNAL OF THE INDIAN ALL



(From the Overland Friend of China, Foð. 19.)


GENERAL Sonnant, Those interested in tho affairs of China will be aware of the opposition we have experienced from our contemporaries when furnishing the public with information regarding the progress of the rebellion. Tien con was a Contrats Oclaber, 1859,

myth-bic army a host of hungry rogues, Report on the Geological Phenomena of the la

who wanted "seven half penny loaves is land of Laboan and Neighbourhood, by J,

be sold for a penny, and a thres kooped pot to Molley, Eaq. A few Remarks made during the Voyage of the hava ten hoops "-the inscriptions on their bas

Himmaleh in 1937, by the late (2. Tradescant uera, and in their mantly, were mere slegow, Lay, E-4

for they nevor, it was sail, inade head political Concerning Colonel Forqubne's going to look for

??Place to catblish a Bettlement. Parties in China wohing in become saherriherr will please forwed than samas and addresses in the office of the "Friend of China and Hongkong|| Garite." Price ?��?Pp. per annum.

Victoria, 7th February, 1851

COPPER-PLATE PRINTING. PARTIES Baving their own Exomavad Plates, can here Camos pristed ('anthers on applies) ties to Mr R. V1010al, at the Office of the Friend of China

Hongkong, 1st August, 1852.


WANTED TO CHARTER. ANA. 1. Ship from 400 600 Top Register. For paniculars apply to


Hongkong, 11th February, 1853


New Advertisements will be received natil 7 �?Cinch on the Evenings previous to publicatio, sir : Tuzo danand Fridaye... if out ce tipo copira ere ve quired of the timura in which an Advertisement is inserted, and applied fie during, se witkin a resumab's time after, thi preint for which public ation is ordered, no charge will be made for the

DEATH-A) WMont, on 14th January, Jam-ulu xi, Esq. M. R. UN aged 30 years


Dec. 8, Handwich Islands Nov. 6

Ratla Dec.

act ted States

Dec. 129


19 Lab



13 M


14, Shanchor

Jan. 26 Je ly Jan 20

G. Elope


is Amore











ly; and repentedly it was asserted that they had dispersed in search of food, and all to be done was to "Counter finish" whilst our plan of furnishing information, just as it came from the peus of native correspondents, was polaoly treated as an attempt to gull. Let readers of the following statement of affure, from the North-


Bald the rebellion si pugrams, as we use no read uppressions of the Mandarins are no longer to be botue True, these Mandarins In nine care out of ten wes Chinese, yet the responsibility fos their modends is laid to scouval of the Supreme Gutermani.

diaba, and stead, se k then probably will, so the very barst of the Tea and Sak, pe duo vý. Districts a small supply ef both these articka mast brevishly result, and Silk rapecially, aut very sewerly voller, in being an a tiele of mook prost valer, and coquizing that careful attention, which it will be Impunidade tu beater, is a oncatry verrconded or scanpied by rekla

This derp feeling af diamattulacilon has twen adroitly turned to account by the rebel len'acu, and while they esact contributions from the they ostentationaly hold out profiellon to the por The frign Their discipline it is said in severe.

of 'l'in leb is to usher in the dawn of efficiul v tw and in shart the Padies Refrem by all fall to be neary, ls them to be feled!

The Editor of the China Mail gives public ity to a repart that Jesuit Fronchines are on- allod in the ranks of the rebol army. Wo heard as much upwards of a year ago | but the closest enquiry has envisend us that the re-

As foreigners resident in this quatry, the spec. port is without foundation. The Tien tak cabal

mcle v�?a great nation convulsed tu its centrò c atand alone. That Louis Napoleon when the struggle for empire, not only eballenges our he has disposed of his European enemies earnest attention as gravad piktzoal problems, but may deem it worth while to make some domou- a concerned in ite trada i also bebores us to laik in the future, und endeavour to discover how our ration, there is, we think, a good deal of printerests are thereby in be affected. Ele may

months ??have elapord, the rebela will have con bability and, more than that, which over side

menced their descent in Nanking,-so say the un- His Majesty espoused, we think it likely the

tives, and the perumalon of Chin Kinag-100 will interference would be beneficial, China has

give them the command of the most valuable pro

On the th November Ben reported his arrival at from Chang-she, to which place be and hastened Hing chow, bring almut two or three day's march

forward be mys a detachment of three thea and Fakien valamisers under the command of a shoe disate floor together with some of ble mest akik ful officers of artillery. From this date we have no intelligence regarding him on which we con implicitly rely, but it has been amarted for several wedka past, that finding himself after all his vent ing, uiterly unable to cope with the rebels, he poisoned himself by swallowing gold þraf, and serb

great respect for France; and Chinese diplota alists well understand that a war with French- men would not be concluded by concussion of China Herok! of the 15th uk,, now setia?y | sample. business facilities, the means with themselves how far we were right in theining | which, in reality, they coerced our English the effusions of such writers as based on "ign-a- | fevico ance, linacy, and overweening ane?cit," Commissioner General Sew it will be sccording to late repons, despairing of sec cess, has committed suicide, whilst, advancing on the Yangtzekiang, the main artery of the Empire (the possession of which enabled Sir Henry Pottinger to dictate terase and bring the late war to a conclusion) the rebola have seized upna Wachang, situated on Its south bank, the capitat of Hupah, cessing the Shaneee merchants to fly, and putting a stop to all trade; that the oest places to be pitch. od ure Han yang and Kew kiang, the fornier a place where large quantities of British manufactures find a realy neurket ; that at every town mud place un the liver as far as Chin kiang foo the Government fonctionaries

are in a state of cousterustion, and that Nan king is indeed the gaol to which the insurgents now express their determination in push on. may indeed because, when in our monthly nam" may for September last we raid that they. the rebels, were working stendily towards the ancient capital, the statement war onondered the theen in ibe worth especially) as something more than would prove to be the case, Bel now "their superarity in ak:ll"-mys the Editor of the Herald.." their numbers and determin- eil el grafter cau- im to chufess that our, kopes ' of the rebel program bring arrested begli to disapear." Our worthy contemporary has been no hurry to express this opinion; as may be learnt in the same paper from the letter of an Exquirer, who expresses surprise that the great point of interest "Tus RxBALLOW" seemed to occupy the Editor's attention the inveres ratio to ite public importance-the writer deer


virs on the south of the Yang tukang. But we know that gevat changes sr�?of slow operation In this country 3ks Chinoša cena?tli Frenc commence and cueclude a covulation in a week's


We can then be

Surprising as the conquest of China by the Man chows most ever be regarded, yat they fought for an age are they won the Empire; and the standard of bellion against the Alongols bad bera horar fy the founder of the Ming Dyay comnaoid the various leaders for a aries of years, erb Hung-wa liberating of ble cumairy. lieve that the present Dynasty boasting on its so male the illustriouses of Kang hand Kisslung, can yield dominion without a proinaged contest neliber the history of the post, nor the appearance of current events permita sia to do This indend wo contrive to be the most gloomy view of the subj et; for as the Governindal seems powerloa to crush the rebels, so na the other hand


may perhaps prove to be true. This is raisin, that to us that jest? must go by ore they can expel the latest accounts from the west bring news of | Manchows, or the nation be restored to a late of dicaster. The rebels Ending that on at Kweinequality, during which period the material in in it would cost more time and trouble to affect tersis of the country must greatly miller. the capture of Chang she than the place was worth,

|ng the soul of the munt ex'sauté Commerce ja 1500 cat-ped,

It is akogether a mistaka tu suppose that mea to have directed their progress to the north | of rank or wenkh have declared for the insurgenta, at and about ten days ago hawn reached this Men of rank will höld by the' Government that place brought by merchaou to 30 chow, that e; bestowed their boom,heir adhesion is not portion of the rebel forces advescing to the Yeugeouried by the rebels; and wealthy men, when they kinng had teised upon Wo-obang the capital cannot scape it, wii) contribute their quota eran of Hu pok-chat business was there at a stand som money for their town. All will propitinte the the Bhan-e merchants, and others who could, My-

favour of the conquerere, like the people of the towns Waing from the place. More unfavorable news for

foreign re interested in the trade of Chine, should Brideh Invadera ut. Ningpw, to algosfy their sub- in Cho-kenug, who swot a portion of earth to the this prove true. it saver has been our lot to record. minion, and all will perhaps without reluctance If the reader will again fer to the Hap, he will opt the change of masters when inposed When cheerve that Wu chang-foo iz situsted in the very a whole matinn best men involved in such a alrúg - heart of the country, on the south bank of the Yang gle, the adhesion or delection of men of rank or tane king, where that gevat river receives one of wealth will little affret the course of evants ; grains its chief tributariee the river Han, from the wurth and free of individual character overcoming all west. At the mouth of the latter lies un one side obeticles will then ties to the surface. Thes the town of Han-yang opposite to Wu-chang, and Hu?�g-wu from a menial in a Mummery became whela plac being called by iradera žlun khm on the other extrusive subarta, the name of the

master of Chira; thus rose the great warrior of (mouth of the Hun,) well known to avery Chiar man" is about to emerge in Chins from the the west, Napoleon; and thus peshape the "roning interior of the country. Not only is an Immense active trade carried on there, but to Han-khow is also sent a very large portion of the British and American Manufacture and Opis imported perhape over 800 miles, but as there is a doust through Shanghus. Its distance from the son is that the Tang-tam-Liang in navigable thus far up far the largon ships, it is destined whan the great hereafter an Important sent of the Foreign teada. river la opened to steam communication, to become ing it occesary to appeal to bin veoma of pro- | The Moning Ten Dietrics in King one are but a priety whether it was consistent with his duties abort distance to the south, and for Lise

Editor, or his interest as prophetor, tolle for the Hooman (Ou-nam) and Hou pel tinue such indifference. To quote from the

(We pack) Tene it will be the natural omlet, letter in question, Enquirer say

This then is the place which if not strende esined upon, ve laid unde estribution, there is too much resona te fear will soon be so. Purther down the king, the eest place to be attacked; it is of les river at the entrance to the Payang lako lien Kow to actually of potent excrcing adorable litery pool. We here we do not anggente wham valos no a trading place, than an ss in portant mi up the everlty "

of You de dar uppger for the naten në the miles dianggan setion that no buon más d'uper we say that the Goerrament Su dioniles at every the greater paliva of the richer, and must papakatown in place along the ler down to Ching-d or not so valed last year, le not yet very close vino in Chian, by a zmareful nudi "novonalne leide of plan- deres, wun under je tonen uť ambos cũng thu Tarvae D) nasty.

fuo, are in a state of cumplate comternation. At Jeron suminouad for the Criminal Semions rohing rapid pe gresa northwarda, laying wanita munny pari bere bing pull-dr'own, and the commeung Tuesday the 15th inst, are-Apple-mour at defiance, Then, formare, in 100 m-mack may kun ciem Capit d' of China, is sow the goul to which

I their rout", and souventally a clog the G y 100 City wil paired for defence, Nanking the n ton Hamuel,-Armstrong J. M.,-Barzeltu J. A., to the probable, the, merckle comarquenom, that

11 need further confirmati a, but I wish to draw you see the inaurgeois avow their Intention in push on -Drinelow J. W.,- Drinker Sandwith Ellis ult from any orasine o stream of this rebel hona i

and viewing diapassionately the numbers of the William,-Gerrard Robert.-Kanup Franz-by the premut of die Gevement in dude hocusing on, a

- that the mlimate chance of any shesh bring alone į brigand host, of which every recent emite givan Jasond Withan, - Lane T. A....-L.apreik 1),-

na will deng-for, in add to the compulsary intonating to ferocity; the determined character of far de 50 000 men sheir realuta conrage McQueen F.,-McAlter G-Murru Y. J.,

of the prople in the disturbed duscicts, a growing sadpathy the Kwang-tang and Kwong se men who formed every desirable lamity in this respect. ko shoe premput zulars, is no drabi eredeally gaining sver -Stephonan James-Nago William,-Tar

many men of grant roah, sed wealth, to the heavens of the the unchus of the rubel army; and their superionly rant Wilhan-Woods Frederick.

ingrats and should an advance the Lapland be decid




1: Surday

Hig Seta

629 554

11 Sunday

6.35 5,54 0,43

0,27 Lot

14 Monday

13 I'vealey

4.34 550,18 1,34 6.24 865 1,58 212 Hoon-First quarter on the 16th, at 10.48 a. m. In Apogee on the 15th,


To prevent misunderstanding as to the depar. ure of the P & O & N. Ca's Vemals with 11. M' Maile for England and intermediate Ports, the text Vessel with the Maile &c. w2) leave on the 28th instant at 2 P. M


We mentioned in our last comme that (although It was reported thest that No. 1 Clipper the Eureka had gondu but a ten day run from San Francisco to Honolulu, where ale arrived on the 18th December last) wo land only got Ca forain papers by her to the 5th November. The remark had the effces of bringing 10 our office, about noon of Wednesday, no lew Ihan perleen imora But if the Eureka really did leave California in December we have not got the lst at dates yel.

llow ex- ceedingly singular it is that papers get detained Futlus way, and how fortunate for " ime propla that the law lends them aid in lite contre temps of the kid. When one day quietly eu plan ing of such a laxity of principle on the part of the detainers of packets legibly addressed, we were very colly asked.-" What would be

to use vi burding expenave Chipper Vessels

unless the owners could do as they pleased in uch pliers We confess to have been ag.

If not for your own antinfaction, so host ?a the of our friends at a di tonas, en amouruty na- pres you will be made motion span a mere ale of men achoslodged hug stana, bar on which


in skill as well as numbers is the Governm

and obecarity in which be in un yatew We have not space to treat of the present crisis sarve that while reties that censet, og the dr Sci- la curamoscial a?ire at this Post, but we cany ob

in the expert trade have combined to render manay ency of water in the interier, and the great increas scarce, one by retarding arrivalo Erum the laland provinces, and the other by the large sume taken Paklia Opinion when wa my that the paramount into the country, we are only "apreling the Chine

the rebellina. Trade is at a stand at Han-khow, use of the persent depression, is the progress of capitalists at Son chow are withdrawing their money from basinate, when they see euro signs of ap prouching troubles in the preparatione going on to pat the neighbouring city of Chang show, and also Heng-ahow, into a state of defense, and when Nacking they know full well the alarm which reigns

King Tan Theil aucher King in the opt

# The Presender's Title as our readers will recerrohrs.

the Thi plag Wang. Whether the selginal Tian-tch A person who tovondly catered to the neighborhood wit- need the entry of this ev belo leto one of the towna in Hom ôi ho dantzibar or a punih of ab at 39 pourn of am. He was borno in a Yellow Chels by sixtoon boamne, Kjemah k�?tin chic advies an eblecly mee in a groen shale. Afrs-them me the Kinga ti?en, thirty dla in la Chinais apavulickout for a H?ng (Waw), would Gom wumbur, utrried in so many chairs - This member sớhough a very inadequate lieska häislament" for an Emperor (Hwang

late mer

amnagements wil dalam be made. The palmiy of Bee-chow and Yang show will

the Team of Manking, when he s


ed wn, it an abrendy suspected & bebly show of trope, we confess our hopes of their progress beiber 7. ale haven wich what we spartel of them two jues aga. En

sinta or would be made, I have an Intourias, hower 1, af q'tempting in det-led him TV, "E" Thar sho Chenove rebellion. re the prioral stake it policited Groll og la den modern, in lo que deficient to know that the most comdete mediate lampu benalan, are verandi a tale slanki aquality Mastiffa.

mences, far beyond the usere pronting of that on That such a state of things should produce depensis, and distrose, to Fresign Thde with Chin, & of the mechat her Imp zo, in its proant depluralis anndition unpreceded ikka for couns and in severity

inmixy parts of the mustry, and thus har m


The principal come generally consigued for thin doggusion, Scarcity, may aint anumite theme of webat another leave if the iparrasing diequër tarka, which i stually indera Capit laro ko withdraw thule a Town ordinary charlement, and to keep the selve pinpared brilhockight otherwen, st

stany mat, vel then in ruin When she in odách a so this, off pufficient cause for mu ney balng rearte, wa beer, that wo len pf di Karu oru sont unekly from Bhing The her new are tribina proguidan, all spolia at han, Ly anding in ing lawning the Impacul Tran any, and that The diapostban of the circulat g medom, at rooi arvoca michongh noc na vse apper handleth, he be the casettur ? ell

of the silicon, were short time, arcaire the

ron Mapuria na hi hoo elvandy ? me an Langbem, -either Foreigners must pay for the Tre and Sük, bu anmarkriabla ganda -- new comency unit be introduond

arrested now begin to disappent.

The imminence of the danger la thoroughly falt by the Government; all the disposable troops from She north, and south east are ordered to hasten to the defenen of Nan-king and Kew-king, but the picky of soultere in such densely popole ed equalry must excite surprise. The Geser of this mormous country see pasitively omalle to bring together at any one point a fures of 40,000 man--in faoi saything Coserving the name of an army, and the insan atalgoed is the want of no

y. During the past work the mikta mandant of this plure, of the 19uk of Culowel,* de- pared for the wire at the head of ons ku-dr dre i guists, and as mung more ralentres, contemp. tible lures surely from a wealthy and populose dis- Dict

pathy of the people and is the prospect of a clung Bet the gorion to have the rebels the aynpa

Tu Sir O, Forbes gut on shore close to first her. She had passed the shipping at Whampoa all right, and the Pilot was looking out whon she want aground, and was soon left high and dry. Captain Stephens of the Semiramis after receiving the Mails wanted Captain Connew to give up the treasure to him; but Captain Cannew would not, and some words took place. The Cantos, with Me Warden Chief clerk in the P. & 0). 9. N. Co. Office, roached along-ite the Forbes ab 8. 30. s. the night following, and Capt. Mac- Dermot and 'Mr Warden wont on board. Mr Warden approved of Capi, Counow's refusal

to give up the treasure to Captain Stephens,

of mature wilcame to the cation at large and it was settled that the Canton sinuld tow the

king the plain of any ostires we beer cuir 0. Forbes off of at high water. Mr Warden ted on our guide, we conclad- that nkhough the

men with whom the Insurrection originated are afterwards toll. Capt. Connew he must at once

Dher Meine nor liked by their unrthen bre- give the Canton the treasure and ceigo, for e

an is the most Uhrly alternation, the Kayni must eam for a thien, yet any chargek u believed nawat bu for foo mens - Jorded by the sale of burger 10,

tir, or be conducted on a scale commemoir only wicked belier, and throughout the country the feek. had beard that the venal culd not be ent

få ses monthly, lo at that

rely used-oran Jack would say "pauled". Potrict but Canbus la conceiving match phận.



be gr wing deeper, that the evek


four days* Capt Connew having signed


by Pabll'a depasture we have sinos learned

dannut take place he a day of the jel

We say macha, elthough momy in Chlen prose le Texaggerato, spook zí mocke, ur oven days,


oll without asistence from any one, and had


From Daily Alta California. Nve. 8.


One of the evil consequences of the inferael,

idul urnes intercourse is Australie than any


not wret the flag of England Exed` plaster, rooted 1 pray to know where you will go that you will

If you genorthward, it matra over half of this Continent of North America, which you on the Bermudes, the Brhamas, and the a we call our own If you go southward, it greete

rest with any degres of antissaution in the part of | be world, en lung, at all events, as the existing alan that if I could m ke four or five months tour state of affaire continued, and came to the conclu into the very burch? of Australia, sod earn anyibing like wars at my trade, I should officialy prefer it to going to the Lige From Hubars Town I went, in compray ribbes Islande

trella 1 from thence proceed to the sity of Mai- with Mr G to Adelaide, the Capital of Bowh Aus-

On the Foulkland Jelunde in gaurde the Stroian of Magellan; on the South Loke, Capital of Victoria or Port Philip, sudah Horn; and in Adelaida Talend it warns you that Bhrdland Jalands it watches the passage found the day of three months wroceeded in Byday to you have reached the Artic Citele procure u pamage for California What 1 mw

Wh-n Jo ascend long the southwestern count në Ame and exper eseed in these Colonies will be camion, it is seen at Oslepegne overlooking the fath nished to the public in a few days through the mat of Panama ; and having saluted it there, and widely cl1gulated Alia, cupha of which I mei nee

at Vancouver, you only také krave of i la the for Nor host, when you are entering the Aetic Coun

guarding the coast of Games and Bierro If you call Africa, you And the same victorious Leona and St. Helena Town as you pass into the Indian Ocean; while wa It watch you at Cope the northern parage to that vast era, it demands your reenguision from Gibenkar, no you eater tha MedHerrannan from Malte, when you pass through the Sicilia Miraita ; on the Jomina falende It waves in protection of Turkey t and at Aden in gourds the passage from the Red Bon into the Indi in Ocean. Whenever Wretera Commerce has gained an entrance to the Continent of Asia, there that dog is en waving over subjugatoil millions --at Bombay' at Caylow, at Singapore, at Calen at Lahore, and at Hongkong ; while Australia und nearly all the islands of Polynesis acknowledge its protection -Polynesia.n Nao ST.

Mils of lading for the treasure, and for which de was personally responsible if lost, naturally objected to alter arrangements already deter mined on; and as it then only wanted a couple of policy mamioned in my last is, that there are more hour or so of high water, after which there emple, comparatively speaking living in 1 alat of ample time. If the real would not came off to other part of God's creation; for when the lef transship treasure and reach Hongkong before of their transportation has expired, the consists of the Brix left, refused to comply. Mr Warden beth sexes break off from their unequal partners, then left for the Semiramis, and returned with for wins they seentestalund any other feeling number of men who compelled Captain other of the neighborg colonies, form new alli then disgust, and in Van Diemau's Land, or sumu Coonow to go below while they took the Tron-

aces themselves, without the aid of either giv ware and Cargo away. Mr Warden than gave arnor or person. This practice is formed in Ame charge to Mr Bowen. Chief Officer, and left monining the beach," and is as comsiqually with ta my ramblee in this part of the Pa-

Imon Habari Town, and some other places in cift. for the Canton. About 3 30.4 Captain Austrel, as among boys and girle st children ought to state that during my stay in Hobart L'onnew anticipated, the Sir C. Fieber con

parties in our country. The government oficials | Town, I met a considerabl? mumber of American and ennsequential set of humbugs. They give guration him so to his reasons for remaining in of Van Diemen's Land are an arrogant, puded up silor la menting sea of these I never failed to anchored all sale before the Canton left,

thrinsalves se many mira na " Chismo mandarin, Uhd solony learned invariably from them that and act from the lower orders every The above was in types on Saturday as the Brin lek on Friday ; but, for reasons which reprot their resilencies can desire. If they had left home on a whaling rules, but thi you ow their treatment in thrae vessels was so bad, we to there is no mood to state bare, we refrainou uns of these in the street, his presence would im Induce the to sun away the fat port they came pire you with contempt, to mark how be struts so publishing until samured of the erectness of the tiptoe as the growds take off their hats to him as he vist the Colemies and hunce the presence of these into Greal sumbere of American whaling ships detail. We now learn that Capt. Coanew has passes Pshaw! Talk of the grades or entre in mde We all know what silors are generally been displaced from he cominand (we mp Demas's Lod fiere, at least, i am sure they what they term, the meet life: and

; I don't at all come up to it in Van They are always most ajalled where they can see, Inse suspended only until communication are equally sumer us and defined sa Hindistons wage are pretty high in the colonies, und na has been had with the Directors by whomever knew how to make them. Of course, the of he was directly appolated in the service.) Acials have the beat opportunity of procuring as it will be wa saay matter to induen three tuts to their servals the best of those who are avail-klo 1 According to what we have learnt of the

return home as long as things wear the spect eprcially do they keep an eye upos the safer they do in Australia," matter, Capt. Chanew bae thas been treated sex" and if any handsome won in is on the lowka

Yours, & with a degree of harshness by the Superinten for service, there is a great rivalry display-d jn dent here in no way warranted by the cir cumstances. In the long run, however, wa do not expect to find him muok of a sufferer by what has occurred.

Asarvan fast evening, tho Broman Whaler Americk Heineken 470 tons, Geerken, Master, from Ascension 24th January, wah 1.400 bar* rele of right whale Oil-19 mouths out --L?�fj ut Ascension,bound here, the A. Whaler North America. When at Wellington Island, in the North Pacific,heard that Cast. Brown formerly


order to shuin het. Birange isles aru eul-ind of some of thate fellows and oot, I think, without reason, respecting their nomanen with the convicte: indeed, the late Governar of the Joland bime if Bir B Wil-was accuad of meddling in the nefarious Latinase trierend to, und was discharged in consequen100 His offer was Inken from him, brought let him, but he died in Hobert Tums nod be was ordered bone to answer to charg

of a broken heart

** Vine and women" are in abundance there alen,

John Rosanto.


From the San Francisco Herald. Dec. 9. Americans to the Nescue.--The N. Y Herald con taime very into and important deva from Hoyti.

tanya -


Tus American ship Juhn. N. Go ler which left

quipped its semy, and placed 4 un as effective a Saugus, the block Emperor, moruild and re- Caldorom upwards of three months ago,

fighing so the resuroes if his empire would per winde ber appearance yesterday v�?Chek-chu In Australia the term "canvio!" in nover applied wil. He was bron die rebuting angles and croutes with 158 Chinese pasengwes, lenky ant not in any one in conversation? ke je simp?y styled u | pí ph? Legion of Homer, sud canku and tides, sad overstocked with povidlyus. Th: John' Nonly be autoning yell to no doull amount of

*prisure" To call auch un ume e osavica would in fact imitating, in every particular, the modes re Gilar went into Guam for water sod stock we fuauit, especially should there be prearni su espí

sisted t�?by the most splendid autocrats, to emure learn, and whilst there lost an anchor, Besides rs-and you can harily address = company of

or reward the fidelity of lang. The addres from the throwe to the dougregated wisdom of his her passengers, she importa another beautiful three persons without there being we at least of spire, in Bunma sammbled, is a document worthy specicoon of California Crews -nse of which of the inhabisen's stand by the prioneers on allodically reed in the British Husse of Lords

this kidney amongst them. The native partion of sending side by side with those which are peri tried the fleet of a revolver on the Captain emergencies! they are maluly their up ing, and ??gure an analysis of the condition of the empate. whom he severely injured,

this fict of dame semua ta for it For Gir calle strution to the sin of the poldie no ki, the of seara pun the respect-ble chaasan kove been in | budget, internal and exterual tenda, curtam h-418 9. the habit of holding publia mratings, 1-o shject the cups, the my aud vy, the foreign emlations af which was lu do away with transportwilon fine | of the govmammut, poblať instruction, de. Ju a that island. Should say one of the opener.coms lation to the nemy and suvy, two naliliput stair that out agnitat the pirason na in his aperek, by wsking they na Jespeciable footiga dhów o at the allusion to the devadíal crimes commited by them, pricione advaninges ahirk the c-wairg uny desira or even haut that their promenon on the island was in them What advomagre new, while se "gainst the primo ples of co-summon ja-tira, mây thông | than sixdowed out in prospectu, sès not difficult, în of the kin) would be baasesivi ly answered by yells | dipine, particularly when taken in onwanation with and cum ih mantives and expirers who gene" procuding paragraph, referring to the Owminicana, rally attend these meetings in pruut sumber, I have shure paulo, que sitimate the direction of his pe??beard it stated that the i?elala, whose intre et it kay; in nhau nguillcent wurde: in of course to keep up this is stitution liaven girat number of fellows in pay, to defem, no work no posible, any resolutton that should be brought far- ward having for its sim the discemtumatica of trans. with.portation in the Colay. By this se 1 may, 1 |

konw that in thean moetingu ibera le alwa?? a vast deal of uprose and excitement flowever, the system of transportation is beau to go by che boned speedily, if it has not alrandy ; as the landing

to overthrow k. Buccels attend them.

I cannot close this sketch of Van Diemen's Land without adverting to the dreadful depravity of the lower oniers of fem-les in that cubany, it is to some thirty thousand men, while that of the Dominstans in hardly more than two-third is no vecumaal thing to 100 crowds nf the fruil sc

of that number ; but yet the ln tar neome qulta ade- state-rouge the Police Commissioner for drunk

rants and other disorderly conduct and for all protect the erpublic from the cruelty and | kunnen sfit fame in Holmet Tawu, their name is rapacity of the mirague who then.ten it.

The women I refer to march up to the CAPS We att informed from cespear .ble

Americans Excuring to aid The Dopin her and call for their gin like many suljettity, that two American gentlemen, ulic's oft By the by, speaking of soldiers, I must state the dura mea în the city regular "Badger Houses," ujar of the Dominican republjo, ja iba ielsod of med three plaust air from nightfall till be beating the United States fur &e purchase of a steamer, May1?, bore menle arrangemente with cestain pattern of the tereille, crowded with red evita sad pawns.

of the Gurk, had been there with a boat, 6 women and 3 or 4 bovs, and after remaining there 2 dava had left for some uninhabited Is land. While the A. H. was at Ascension the hoal came into the weather karbone, but out Captain Brown, who the crew said they had left on Raven Island, about sixty milea from Ascension. Captain Gearken also reports

We hope then, thai chu Kastern inkabliants, moderatand bug their une interests, will schoowledge, after a mecient còn ?ược thay theo nly pilble and ral brothe siga in mingling thel, criance with ours. Or, in other words, submit to the absorption Into that government of their independent republic.

The Dominicans on the ther part, d? m?t noem to be metal frighted by the humile indication 25 ibund by thrie woully banded weighbors. Though much inferior to thair advemarine in nam

that quarine. The urmy of Soulouque probably enry iecurs?on which may be made on them frùm

THE AMERICAN JAPAN EXPEDITION. Accounts from Washington represent that the equipments for the Japan expedition are still going on. There will be in all bui siz vesonia, and thes sic will aurry bu' 80 gana It le doubted whether

sáð athletic people, and skillful and oruregveus, a very imposing esot can be produced by ale farce apes the Japanese They are described as a brave though the oma tmr cunnlag and treacherous. They are much more formidable in war than the Chiros.

pembed. dom Perry was in Washington on the 20th of

He who waits for goed look ta como is destined to die in poverty--- Ibid.


* Indo Schaus, East Indiana, Eunasiams, Country Hoes, or as that " zeeprctalde ly ganclaman" Me W W Dirl, tells the Charter Commites Umair · gomman Baron" is, Hall-Castes, -way put on sackcloth and n-kiss Me W. W' B'nd has given a very unfavorable opini a në them to the abovem ational ('ammitee." They air, ba saya, looked down upan en aru si Lof their extras tinn and none of them dere horn fona-l to ha very eminem." ~" in but derberation. by the way in opposed to a provisus statement of the witarea, that * there ser soma uudividunia umong them who have the honorable ermitaman's anti-na ní eminanor an risen ta eminence." I might alan be objevted fat

somewhat peculiar, for he sage in another place that there have been insta-ers of passeua in the ancovarala gervice rising to high situations hat none in any eminence 1" The highest "ozoven ted sitestions that Mr. Bird knows of a fos of the Principal Sodder Ameene' with onlariva * annsething very handsome, ka should say 600 or 600 rupee month

But Touching the Borusiana. They may onl themselves with the re?nction that the men who

two Whaling vessola cut off by natives of Leland men + all the t o'ngira bara longued themselves bess, thaj bare condidence in their ability to replcnald way andlig hatter for them then that

in the Pacific,

Tau American Whaler Joku O. Wells reports the cutting off of Tires Whale ships and the murder of all hands. The following sout regarding the Exon has been kindly fur- nubed in us for publication.



Binement of George Muhew relative in the cut

ting of of the Brig" Loen" Capt. Barnes of New Bedford, by the natives of Pleasant fr kand. I arrived i Plezanet Island in January 1854, in of all cuture. Every night fill the railing of the Ẩn which shay prupum to take a large number of the Brig inc. Cartain Bamas, and by my own drums in the batınoke, these pour devilo sta in that eight hundred men have already euland for Dupimua. We understand further, request was felt sohare there and remained about | Thele el ment. Afar the bestùig of the revoilla a 12 monthes on the 286 November 1852 in the strong military patrol marches though he'l sication among the Duminicus, the tre

uffered being highly advantageuza to men of exter formoson a vessel kova in sight which I boue-led in in quea of the drunken soldiers who have a price and intelligos. Eight hundred Americas A canon (and a crew of natives), and she proved to thought proper, or been in a penpor condition ta be the face. On my arrival I found he Brig crowd-stand the morning's muster ; anil the polica ure

in the repaulio of Dominica will s?en muke she ex- ed with nativen who had k�?the beach before ta aleo on the qui vive, and as thean gentlemen have put of that and of Hayti an important item is tur Captain Exrara came out of the cabin from break

West India trade in plical view, eight bun. * deep interest in getting for inflirad, ne hinged unterprising Americans will not only be enti fast so I was getting wear the Brig's rail, and emo escapes their notice. The price and the solvent to protect the Duslujeans against the black to me us soon aaho saw me and asked if I who

ate always at war with varlather. It ofte bip Emperor, Bulugan, but they will be very mpl to better than when be left me hera, After fo

pene that a couriet Bode his way to sue of the pub- More quetions as to what was to be kad anh -re | he binare patronised exclusively by the mili?nej,

"party be war into Afries," wali au ayo to the The evils dc., he told me he was going to tack and | The handlord has his sospicions that the fellow along of the sees of freedo

worshippers of the odorifarone, woo`ly beaded and out to fetch our satılement "u th??next læsel, is wrong." (this is one of the many long term, in this country, bad ter look sed that he should go and cut the cannes adrift, for convict.) and secretly gives Information to the her, oc Fandis the First may be Paust the Leat

This Dominican movement in of the anuset kopors

great number of them have quali?rd thementera qu can be much depended upon knows as little of writere and enpyista" and wha" does not think they

his sublime ignorance on this subjret, we may refer them so he does of the Patagoniens, la provf of to an ngecdote which we have an goed authority. When the "respectable elderly penaloom..." was Deputy Governor of Bengal, occaaun araze for tha temporary employ en fan expert copyist at (Jo- vernment Huone. The furest sectioner in LAS D�?the Bretelerial's was de,u'ed to supply this d nu Fast Indian scribe posseating a wonderful facili. ty of hand, and hardly to be kaowo from no Eure. pann ange be hieman. But when he huality pre- anted himself before the great man, the taint of mix- od blood betrayed him, "Pompasa que h?a nativa origin so 'rongly macked in his contenace that ke deemed it necessary to addrem Nou in the Mon- rish language. Thom koon hai ?? &c., and persisted in the use of the vernaculars ducing bie Amited intercourse with the dumbfounded keranen. -Bagal Harker, Now 10.


Dib Faberry. Shanghee, - Sio January Amoy.






New Pains

There au telling how for it ranches of intended to reach. Who knows?




that they were tying sstorn. He then turned from p lica, for by so doing be anven himself from a

and went ft This was the Isat & mow of Capt. | hoe The trips are soon at hand, but if the sen Berpes. Shortly after be la me I wae arised and vist is what is called 'good company," that in iftae thrown overboard by the naives, I sacereder is he can sing a good song or give a recitation, they getting on board of my came, and wie obliged to will stand by him to the death On [thave oc Mop there by the natives who went on plundering the onions some hard fighting generally takes place, wl. Afer taking the light things that warn in and wor to the convict if he should be trangul

Two Chinamon, A yow and A fow, were arraign.

the reel the misha com with me go lato Red However this is arkdam the car, for the feled on the enarge of Asme, the kurpur of a Que their ennoa and padded sabors,

The 4 tone I low on the approach of the crushers." (the cula tebe broth-1. for attempting to dite his fimae na D. the vessel she was bedel to the Eastward with sial aleg for courtsbles) with the aid of the rut Palmat. It turned out, however, that the Dre, all mail on her. When I left the island in the ship dires, disguise hina-lf an effectually that recoguibably the vault alan soridast. The accused, how wbrb had boều odmunicand l-u bel, wa? p?u Jo Walls there were two men firing no shoration is out of the quration. belonging to the Brig, and who had hea spared by the natives, but I had an chance to walk with them One of them as a whire man, and the o heroire of some other land After le conting off of the Brig I was in continua dresd of the astiron, so they en threated to take my life, and I determined love the first opportunity screeded in doing so on the 3rd of Jany. 159 in the Jolm Walls, Capt F. Cross, of NB mod this in all shas I know is islation to this affair.

I was full Moon two days previas, and aknavar sek Wendes that that might then wand won he he he of Une springs, let him interrat.

During my way in Hubert Town 1 employed en, had acted in a very disorderly user, and wyra required to pay the cost Amor, în giving tea my IC in company with Me G-3, at my doug, took the meal Cinese with, burring (ch maker), and as be had brought out upwards prose paper. Cum ore, one of the winners, and of thousand dollars in 6na specimens of Culik e

??debused minete of the brothel, Rated Tags ske "I was fully occupied in making vest was not yet frurteen yousa of ago. -ta Franci-co choir, pint, sud rings for a number of his old Paper Num. 24. castomers, who expressed a particular liks: fur Califorsin gold. The secounts at ibis time from the mines were exceedingly contradicity; men ware going off every day and others sežurning.

some without even a shilling, whilst other append



We exituat the hill-wing ramarks from the Hon.

ed to be well exufied with what lack they had W. 11. Seward's speech in the exunto of the U. B.,

oat with. For my part, I found that I could at July 29, 1852.

Na Business reported

von are unt of New

Year Huldayo.

From the Canton Commercial List, Fiby, 9. ESTIMATED STи'K OF OPIUM.

at Cumpingmoon-8th February, 1953. DATE Patna Henares Malan Türktg total

1:20 164


151 12094


Jeny, 29th







SHE 8391

161 21439

Deliveries 150

Feb. 5.

48 92



206 6114 161 17174


Canton, Wednesday, 9th M?ruary, 1959. BULLION HATI old-

21,50 per Te


Alvin Dullara

Carlos Dollars.

F's. 10 per oral prem

7 per cent ducunt,

3 per cent premcaid.



On London Back of England Post Willa 44, 10d. Heriors and Brown's Credits 6 mm, 40 116 On luha D. Bank (s. 234 per 100.

F. L. Co's Bills acerpied Rs. 232 a 230 por 6100.


For England, £2 IM ??£1 101.




New York, 19 for Tos &¤1and $20 Silks,

San Francisco, $20 per Tun 40 cubic furl.

Bombay, 20 cents per pecul

Calcutta according to value of Merchandise,


Jamary 21st, 1953.


America Brown Drilla-40 yards, $2,00-8-loo siroe 14h ukimo 19,600 pieces-30 yards $2,20- Sales 3,3M pinero.

American Grey Shortings-40 yardı 92,69 for 10 sty-2,00 for 113 catty~3�?garde $2-No


Jean---30 yards $2,53--Sales 9,200 pieces. No Stock American Goods in first baila Grey Shirtings -Considerakda supplira have been brought by the Isto arrivals from England, and a fair amount of businene has been doon, but pelsci. pally in harter.

The Cash quotations of the day may be given as follows-

5 to 54 cauice $1990 1.90

7. Th



2.00 2.06 2,25 2,40

White S'irtinge-Contimon at about the arma for low reads, but the better qualities uro squin lower, owing to a quantity having been pressed on the market against produce.

66 reede may be quoted at about $2,40.

M'collens, - Spewish Stripes --Remalu in the same depressed vive us before, The enire amount lo ali 2,000 pieces. A good assortment of fair 10 Ga quality may be quoted at 65 a 90 ounia per Jurd

Long Elle-The supplies have again been very heory; but prices are about the surma se last month, vix-0020 for EIII Searket and 80 C(1) Scarlet. 'The vales reported amount to about 5,000 piecos

Com'cts and Lastings-No transaction. Menda Produce_We quota nomingly - Black Pepper-Biam, $7,50 ??8 per prcal White l'epper-011 " .3 por pecul. Rattens--$3,20 ? 3,80 for Bizeits,-and $1 a 4,848 for best Banjarmasing, per proul.

Sandal Wood Interior, $44.50-Fale to good, $5,50 10-lodian, $10 a 12 per pacul.

Flowy-Ceylon, 1,60-L"ferior 60 cents a 01

per perul.

Flint 60 cen's per pocul

Clone-182 per preal, for best.

Supen Food-01,60 jar preul

Sre Wend 92,00 for Inferior, and $5,50 a 6

for brat.

The~Banca, 018 a 18,50 Straits, $11 por pecal,

Faces Waod-83,10 a 8,50 per pecul. Mangrove Bark-Singapore, ??,00 1,10- Prag and Siam, 91,78 a 1,90 per pecul


Black Tuad-Conges-Notwithstanding heim prosed recounts reccived from Engkud a law daya after the date of nut last report, the wurker kan ben comparatively quiet and the trend set

inted, che By owing to the ousually small supplic. in the market and the great Remners evinced by The Ten men to hold for higher ratos, Cong-ta about 30 chops have beats tauled at an adramen of

??Thel on common and ??Tuci on all good Mackish leaf inda, Present quotati ma s20----

14! Tools for common to good comman 32 413 lor falt 10 good sinehane kinda 35|


16| Ningchowa and Wopacks. The arrivals hava bien very small during the

month, and the unsold stock is consequently te duced to 24,000 packages or 40 full chops whilst at the period last year, there were upward of 150 chape on the marke

Green TagIn the absence of supplies, the Transactions have necconiríly.bgen very trifling, and Jo Del mount to more than 2,000 packagra, at slightly advanced rates. As the neol stock (10.000 packages) consi-u almost entirely of can my 8kina and no funbar nicivala of spit. able Tese are expected, the market may be cosai dered closed for the sonson.






our not advice we quoted it 6456 high Nos. De the 11th instant, it had declined to $ikh high Nos. nad $389 for four figures, it had od 14th Leaproved to 04:26 high Nas., but cannot to-day be quoted better than $419.

Estimated deliverire 700 chasta,

Stock about 1,100 chesis.

Exchange.-Billa en London, 8-me 56, 33ke a

64. 4.

Company's Bills and Oriental Bank's Bills on Bombay and Chlewita hare been sold by Tes and Bilkadan at Bupero 250 & 155 per 100 dollars, und Dis on Canton, also at 10 a 12 per cent discount.

Freights. To England,

£1 15+ for Silk.

£9 36. for Tea, and

Ta America, 68 for 40 ouble fool. Sym-8133, per 100 Table Gold-Date, #188 a 100 per D. 71, Sa Mexican Dellar-18 per discount, nominal. Chopped Dollars-None.


By the ligator Market adricas are enoòlved up to 29th January,-

Tranmetions were limited owing to the neur spproach of Chiarna h-lideya.

COTTON-Sales amuel to some 800 halus, at rates ranging from $6.95 ??7 95 for pour to medium Bowman;and $7 60 e 9 50 far pour te goed HangaL, High) offers were 911 35 for a small patoul of very fist Basası, and $5 but good B?kua1- Stocks about 4000 b?l?d

Yann-Katra of 296 balea, Nou 10 a 24 medium grolity st $20.30 a 20.50---Stocks, little over 100 balet.

Banner-Sales of 1000 pivens White Si eved, at 62 05-Stocke 4,000 pieces. Grey-Stocks 3,000 piee a just imporud,

BASTA Monuca-Jepper, 950 preuls andi at 87.20. Rations, 97,10 per prowl aderad for Strake Orion-Sales " 95?5 for Benares, and 0498 for Pala, sud $350 for Turkey,

Cotta $1.000 bales agilsst 48 000 l 1981, Yarn 2,500

14 4,000 Shirtinga 40,000 piace


Some 30,000 prove of Shirtjuge were on hand at beginning of 1652mt'in aroumula for the decreio | in lisp l?m cho h?nh ?ược thi


Shipping at Shanghae say :-

Nunsh, Dutch

Botub, American,


Peration, Hamburg.



For Landon Castle Edan, H. (today)

Acadia. W.

Ann, W.

Crystal Palace, 8. Enadale. 8. Harriet Humble, 5. Julin, 8. Nile, 8

Samoel Appleton, B. Thomas Hoyd, 5. Whampa,

For Liverpool. Fanny Chapman, 8.

For Cork.

Greenfield, 8.

For Calcutta

Str. Papu Shun, W.

For Madras.

Nonpurail, W.

For Betaria. Hiang Amm, W. Tornais, W.

For Singapore. B. Jone, M. Bangalore, W. Bidney, W. Amagoa, A.

For San Francisco, Hamilton, E. London, II.

Lord Warriston, H. Mary Adams, H. Lebanon, W.

For Callen

Rocks, W.

For Yew York. Mandarin, 8. Union, 8.









Artemesia Berhampore Carib Cathara


Lon. Bapt 18 H.

Liv. Nov 29 -

Kilgoor Winder

Lir. Bept &

Liv. Nov 19

Counters of Winton Crangle

Liv. Oct 24

Don Ricardo

Early Bird

Walrom Park

W Sept 29 11.

Lon. Dei



Lon. Cut #bl

VOL. XII. No. 14.

Flying Childers

Wv. Nor 29|


Rosa Elias, A.


Bowers Plecio

Loa Oel


Ferguson Loa. Sept 96 H.

For Australia.

Katharine Share


Loa, Oct

Arabia, H.



Av. Bope B

Mary Montagus


Loa Aug 17 S

Mary Shepherd


Lon Bopi 23 R



Lon. NOT T



Liv. Best 25

For Ling

Eleanor, W.

For Hanna.

Novo Visjante, M.

J. de Unadeta, St.

Son Andres, Bt.

Sir 'l'bca Grosham, St.

Far West Indies. Australia, N.

Elenor Lancaster, N.

Flora Hastings, N.

For Manila.

Bombay, H.

Flavius, W.

Micano, W.

Lean, M. Mamo W. Whosen, A. Ame 17. Paul, 3. Fuglin, Kg. Happ

Security Tiolo

Bennington Liv. Od 20 8. Jente *Liv. On 200 FL Loading-At London; Stornoway-At Livan- POOL; Eliza Moore, and Ashmore.

Order in which the above Fomola left England. Mary Moolant. Lepant, Couth, Artasanda, they Mapdari, Kupinin, Katharina Bara, Pan,

Les. Land, Láv. Liverpool, Shin. Shielda, Wai Wabashed, Fark Card, ona. Fream, Bart. Hartlapani, 1016. #tford, Ont. Cal cuits, Ban, Bagus, Tell. Tullosada, Mal. Malta. Pan. Yang M. Wonghong, M. Nama, \h. Whompen, A. Lamy, 4. skangina



At Hongkong Arabie berge


SET Davie Averick Meghan, skip |Hrum Goerkon Marlene Oonal, sk Hombay, ship

Peatland, ship

Gemn, bulg

\helming, achesmer


Halt. Davies

1 tarberblar




ab Jadi, M. and estrell Jan Tarder

Nuv H Tyl-ker and os June 18. Polaker and os Feb0ent and un

Pan Pan Pancho Na 'ardino. A. and es.

[Fab 4| Loconalon


Het 4] Tum Acùng


Ian Franelace

Jan 4 Wan Authon and on. Whing

" maringen Fob sarikas, 11 and on. Wanning

Fin Fronation Paty za 14 h. Anthon and an

Belaher and co



H. E. Ma

harur hore jeste, Dargus

Hevelse, shila

Helt. 11: Froguar


pan 3 Fetvara

4 Habinets Port Pa-400


Pt 49% sades



Feb unam

Feb Hangkang

Jam 24-ban



Meyerberatan Francis Dardino, M, and on an Francisce


?? ا?ا? ا??رع

Jan Biopar Babe for ac on an unclass

Feb Darine, 13. a-d co

Dec 12 on Hurd and an,

A de Malla and on,

samle flaker and en

L. Porvira


Flag Ten





Fob Whom S



Tdwich Is

| Carte Plan, dip


These ball

Feb 7 kampa

Trake of resta, silp burn

$60 Hareizy

Am 104 Wela

Feb 1 da


7- Keller


40 ter

Jons, coher

Helt. 247 DowMan


¿Man Primulecules (M. W Hubbell

John Gray,



Tona 4,514

STe McDowald Howar

American, Du ch. Eluletain



Juhu C. 1 gin, ship

Am. Cra




London, ship

Belt | 41 ||TUbmano



Londres, hip


Total Ton 010

Marbon etulyse. bitque Very Ads, barque


Nar tafar back

Mapa shower


110 lording


Jan T

Fab may

Shipping at Amay vay ¡-

Manongahela bly

.497 barg


Toms 6,174

Web Ap


Wing 30am Faucon

Sandwick In Nov 1918 Drinker and on

pr 3. Loment

WheBag Ha

1517 400

- Dolgot

{Jam ta`minta ma


Total Tone 7,505

Deo 31 day

Navorser sad se.


De 1rder

Shipping at Whampoa say:


Tone 4,159

Vab 10. Edmo





lara, Mig Comets, brig




fon Lisbon

'an 121. V. Jorga


Tuul Tome 9, V5


Det Lisbon

V Jorge.

Put back

John Bard and on

Havan For Kala

Tone 728



at 102 V. Jorga



Bans Juab, schoones

Nov 29an Prancisod

" -J. 1. de Oštrolea,







117 Baker

Total Tone 14, 103



413 Par

Ann, Marque


Will ar

Bangalore, skip


Chandon, my

ang Ama, bergen

| 12|Singapore

Yob #Honghong


14+ Halstyn

Nor lemarang


40% Brown

||Feb Melbourne

#leaner, barq

Elariga, ship



Freak, bng


11. Harma

Jennish Ogrnetl, ohilip


||Am ||60||Hare Hosa

||Dea to Macan

231 Matern

10 Cellen

How 402 Vallinen



Hangarvil, barque


Jan 22alesta

'ken, tvomer


241 Mart

Feb Cumologunos Fab

dret and en

485 god

1. Tangking

Lindsey and 20,




19 W, Kalcont.

3du07, brigantino


164 Kubb

Sept | | Vonat


Ternate, banque

But all

Pan 7|Hatavia

The barque


Bu Thage

Navalce, kargoa


56: Weiger


375 Mana

Best Coast

Laland threen or Hek

104 Win

Pan -

Mana, abonner


104 Petter

Nymph, krigsäso


Low Hom

La terrie



Br. 190 Vac

Amtralia, sp

Shipping in F'kong.

British, America

Durch, .


Total quantity of mercantila shipping in China (exelosiva of those

Macas, River Beamers, lying

up vesele and constars) any 40,000 Tons, against 44,000 Tons of last repórt,





9, Jahn C. Wella (Am. Whaler, Crom, from Ho Matihan ship

polula, ist October.

9, lina, Dowman, from

10, John N. Goslar, Bower, from Ban Francisco

10, decrick Heineken (Bremen Whaler), Uwerken, erwisch, basque,

from Ascension, tách January, 2

Sit-During the month there has bran bat l1), Str. Bombay, Tregor, from Camsing menci demand and the operations have been limited to

hout 900 bales principally endless, for which Job.

clam, prices have been rather casler. Tayman

hove maintained this former po-ition.

The sentiments to date ale abiat 28,400 bales,

and are not expected to exceed 25,000 bales for the


The expects now amonal to 22 350 bales against 11,000 b.les same period last year

Sald Stack 360 balen,

Unwold Stock 450 bales.

The andermonone) are the current tes

No. 1 a 2 (405410

7.. 380 290




f No. I


'I bemon, ---


23,250 ??LO

340355 365370

Orirm-Malino-At the date of one last, these existed no deused for enher kinst of Drag, the quotations being quite nominal-prices gradually declined, and after the arrival of the Andes no 22d uk,, and steamer Eria on the 24th, it became inposible to efl et casti asles at any rate. quo- tation for Malwa being on the 6th instant, 9483


6, Str. Paon Sheen, Bon, from Camsingmoon.


Pet Joke N. Go-ler, 158 Chinme.




8, Rajasthan, Wood, Whampoa.

9, Water Wick, Mann, Whampon.

9, Nymph, Wilson, Ex Cuna.

9, Louisiana (Am), Drew, Cowan,

[11, Bur. Malim, Pots, Poim de Galla



8, Hurricane, Very, New York.


| Zephyr, sahuan Y

Mella Dalegs, ship



para ellos

Eleanor Lancaster, barg Kri

God Dick ULL, barque Dut | 647 Noukajia 1nlopendenes, brig

Medies, ship

Zarah, barqu

Ben Acourtne

Coden, ship

Crystal Pilson, ship

Rosedale, harq

Per P. & D., Malta-For Southampton, Mira Hyslop. Merer W. H. Padder, Brubs and ser

-For Bombay, a Seaman of the Semiramis


on tl. kb 415-and on the 11th, 8380-at Allest which Istiar rate, native Merchants were o?uting






to all their orders for fire quality Drag. About L

the 14th, priom bad improved to $420, but it was

not possible to cổoot anden at this rate, from that Rapid date up to preval time, the quotation has varied Ro

from $110 415-the latter may be considered to-mess

day's rata for 6 quality,

Deliveries ralimated at 1,200 chasis.

Block 3,000 cheats.

Patna--Has Alwerted as much so Mahes and

bae been almost as difficult of sale. At the date of

10. M. B



longkongo Bldg

| M62 4 Plakariene

|14 hampas | 1. 54 60 4 Bana

Amy 138-0007 | 0 ?an








tore B

4 Mucia


. s. Bu

Come Asich

LAC prol


Fr. Care

20 Humeural



Brit.] 147mith


br 1909 and rd 16.



Span 075|Jallan



ite arrot

| 312|\laore

Mieler || 200|(plend




Grck, ship Tracelet Hambla, wher

Jane Blues, barque John Phittips, barque

رباط? ?ا??? |


A Sa Volianabee

163 amorit

Dut. Usado



40 Pangs

Mandara, salp


Kile, p


Blend, Halp


Y Olsen, skip


homas Apleton, ship

Heyden, pip


Lion, p

Whamyan, barque


1st Olver General Chambarque Du 401 Kehing Lady Hera Hastings ship, Helt. #74 WHO



· sí abán, barque | Bali, | 310|Macpherson

Jan 179ngapore

Doo 21 Penang

Nov 1 North Vadka

Jan singapore

sa?ation Ja

Dee to do

Feb Mgalla

Feb 10-hangham

Dee 10%ydong North Des to Hongkang Det ydway

Jun 11-Engage ra

tren 11 Mari Das 20 Adelaide Jam (Port Philip

[Nav ?nl




Jan 21|Landen



Nears, Marray and co Landen

Nge, Park and co

Nar REG. Livingsins and on femden Janet and



Detachew Hang


Terner and en. Nor AR Mor Des Walmer ind

Band Den 24ng and co.

Prstan and on.

|Nov 2|Lindsay all ou

Angler & Alanowa

arvath and

Lening and on and n chant and

Jan SeDont and so.


- Huarall gird

Dent and on.

Jun 21 Dost ned on.

het 10/Tale and on.

T-11 and o

Not Take and on



IT-M and on

1 it and on.

ye, Mair and co.

ع?ا?ة 34


San Francisco Manila





West Endles Hatana

West ladies

8), and co. Havanna

Nev Tait d



1, yma, Male and on. Havanna

Mackenzie. Bandc

Nov 22 Smith, Bing and.


Wm. Mandag

Det 2015, 1

Fast and co


June 25 Live

Is Liver

Aug 14 Jadina, M and

Nov 12haw Hland and so


July 1

Le deu


d. Knerdy and

is Hongkong


Lindsay and co


Continasi La


1) Lapora


zil de

32 New York


10 do

Uno 17hartiỀ

İrdany and so. London her Dent, Mesis and on, London


Show, Bland and

vagusiae, ii xo New York

Jardino, M. and on Landen

||ov|13|Numell and on.

July 110, Livingston and co

Da Nyo and co.


and co


3:W kampan


A. Heard and


Dent, Haula and ca.

New York London

.............. Hongkong

||Jan 20|Jardino, M. and oo

Mayer, Hobart

dhang han




Hell and o

Kan?d de

Edited, Prifted and Publiinto, by the Phorainton, William Tarrant, Quam's Bond Want, Victoria, 1843,



PRIVE $10 per annum

TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION is the FRIEND OF CHINA AND HONUKONU GAZETTE, pa darum, 10 Dollars, pajake in advance, quirterly or otherwise, at option. Bingle Numbers. Soria, TERMS OF ADVERTISING.-Ten lines and under. | Dollar; ad fitional, 10 cents los. Repetitions Sue-third of the drst laserloo. Ships, First Insertion. Dollars acunquent Insertions $5 cente Advertisements to have written, on the face of them, the camber of times they are required to appear, otherwise they will be published until countermanded. A reduction of twenty five per cent on anal charge me when quarterly ascounts are rendered for advertisements ordered to stand undisturbed for a period of three months Pall charge made for repetition of any Advertisement in the Orgataan İmos.

MARINE INSURANCE. New Your Mutual InsurAMOR CoNFANT, of New York. TOE Undersigned is prepared to accept MA BINE RIDKB in behalf of the New Your MUTUAL INSURAon Company, payable in London MAC MOSES & BROTHER, of pony, under the Title of the Nuw


AN and after the Present date

MR. JOHN SOARTH is authorised to sign

Our Firm by procuration.

Camon, 20th January, 1883.

H. & 8. P Co.'s Staniwers will ply regularly betwecu Hongkong, Canton and Macao. every Monday, "Wednesday, and Priday, {muloor previous notion of Deviation be given) us (allowa, The Boat leaving Hongkoog, on Monday, and Camon on Friday, will call at Macne, starting at

The hour of departure of other times will be 8 a. m., and the Beats will proceed direct be- w Hongkong and Chaton. When inducemen offers, the Bonus will mail at Comingmoon, bot previons notice of such deviation will be given when practicable.

The farts will be as heretofore

Deck Passengers Europeso


La Clase between Hongkong Canton & Macao $8- Mecae 85. ??- $2

Passengers desirous of proceeding to Macao for ?�hors period may obtain return tickets available for the first or second Sesmer after their arrivala at the reduced rates of 8 between Hongkong and Marno, 819 between Canton and Micro.

Every Bra Close passenger will be allowed one servant free of charge.

The penuela will convey freight on this terme of

published scale; on which, however, amine this be raade for large quantities, by

special agrosmont,

LYALL, STILL & Co. Agonis ??& G. S. P. Ca Hongkong, 6th November, 1852.


THE A 1. American Parqun "MANY ADAMS," Captain FlatbINO, will be despatched on or about the 5th pronome For Pament or Paraur apply te


Canton. itsmyknog, 214 January, 1?53.

FOR BAN FRANCISCO "THE A. L. Brkish Hals "LONDON," || Capuin Truemann. For FasIAT 68;or Paouanku apply to

MEYER. SCHAEFFER & Co. Hongkong, 4th February, 1853


| N A. 1. Hhip from 100 a 660 Tone A Register. For particulare apply to

FLETCHER & Co. Hongkong, 11th February, 1859


AND OTESKO. THE susation of Whaling Ship Mestere le par. úcularly requested to the great advantague arising from repairs to Ships being oflcted at Whampoa where the undersigned have several dry docke, with dry and roure hade for the storage of oil or other cargo in the yarda adjacent i charge on the same, and for repairs, belog the most moderate made in any port in China. Thote are no part charges on vessels requiring repaire when landing their cargons, ned many benefits are deriva ble by coming to Whampos which it is hardly pa sible to specify within the limite of a single adver-


COWPER & GROSVENOR. New Town Docks, Whampoa Island, 15th November, 1852.

Liverpool, 31st July, 1832, NOTICE bereby given that the partnership eubelsting between the undersigned, exrrying na business as Evet India Morahante, in Záverpool, under the run of DIROM, DAVIDSON & Co. Bombay in the East Indies under the firm of DIROM, IIUNTER & Co. and is Chides ander the Brm of DIROM, GRAY & Co. was this day disolved by mutual consent, so far no regarda WILLIAM WILKINSON DALE. The bovinom of the Liverpool, Bombay, and Shanghon houses will for the future be carried on by she undersigned ROUT DROM. WILLram Fourth Uostra, Thomas Forsyte Quat, Danirz Perran and | Charles Ryden, by whom all debts das by or to The maid respective buses will be paid and received.




C RYDER. -800-

Liver, 1st November, 1259. DEFERRING to the shove Novico we beg to add, MW, W. DALE commences havinent, in Canton, on his own account, and will act for w and our Bombay and Bhas houses at that Part



UR LIONEL in of the Flower Now York.

York, and will conduct the Buriness of the Firme in Canton in his own Name, during the absence of the undersigned.


Camion, at Fabrumcy, 153.


unaxon ConPANY, was organized in 1998, as a Joane Broz COMPANY. In 1851, it where-organized on the principle of the Mutual By, and the profits of its First Year'a-Businon siding March, 1862, returned to Contributors Divided of Porty heo per Cent upon the earned Pasiums, payable is Certificates bearing Ble per Particulars of Ratus, &c, may be obtained on application to

MR PESTONJEE DINSHAWIKE le denied Ceper Annum.


??l'artner in our Firm from the 1st January, RUSTOMJEE BYRAMJEE & Co. Canton, 5th February, 1653.

NOTICE, THE Umorsigned hereby give police that the busiaras hitherto coaduried by them in Canton will from this data be carried on at Shanghts.

DALLAS �??ền Canton, 128 November, 1852.


business AMOY as 9 CHARLE THE Undersigurd has established himself in

Auçr:?nsen, und Gantral Brondkassar, JOHN BELLAMY,

Amoy, 21st October, 1882.


THE ondersigned have this day formed a Copart

Mership under the ważne and style of GOULD & MARTIN, for the transaction of no Importing and GENERAL Commp-scan busi


San Francisco, 9th June 1882.




flop, T. BUTLER King,-Collecter of the Part 9. U. Horzise, Esq-Aaristant Calienter.

1. A. Cuer, Esq.-Noval 41ficar.

C. K. G. Enq,-Deputy Collector.

| Jos. Vincase Bucwn, Esq.-U. 8. Appraisse


MR.BUTTON has command lease

this day se Aursun and Layout Stally Karen on the Promises adjoining the "Auction Mart" Victoria, and has Carriages, Horses, and Ponlee for Hire, Also the Brank for training Horass.

N. B-Stabling to Lol. Dongkong, 1st January, 1883.


Cartral £50,000.

100 Buake or £300 BADE.


Mense Laxdal & Co.-Hongkong, Canton,



Alesso GLED TANKS & Co.-London,


LKORI & Co.-Bombay2

Smand, Fairuz Ca-Calculla,'

PARET & Co. - Madras.

With reference to the above, the undersigned are prepared to grant Patotas Payable in Loqdeo, Bombay, Calcuits and Madras.



Chien, 27th February, 1861

EQUITABLE PIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. 26 CORNAILL-LONDON. THE undersigned, having been appointed Agnola

for the above Olloo, ara prepared to effort In surances against fre, on Beildings and Goeda, In Canton and Hoogkang, including merchandise in Dative Packkousos.

HOLLIDAY, WISE & Co. Canton, 14th August, 1851,



FUN FIRE OFFICE, LONDON. Extanleko is 1710. THE MANAGERS of the Sun Fian Orion, London, beg leave to inform the British and foreign. Residents at Hongkong and Canton, that they have constituted and appointed its under.. wigned as their ATTORNETI in íus Policias of in vance again Fink on Buildings, Ganda, Ber WITII reference is the Notices prefixed, I chanting and other Property at those places.

Full particulars of Katrs do, may be obtained, on applicatum to

LINDSAY & Co. flogkong and Can'an,


Canton, 44th Jowwry, 1033.

to intimate that the tmsinres bilheto carried on here in the name of DIROM, GRAY & Co,

will be continued by myself under the style of W. W. DALE & Co,


Flugkong, 16th Augen, 1862.

H. W. MUDDELL Daten, 11th December, 1882.

NOTICE. undersigned have beso appointed Agents at Hongkong for the subscrivere to LLOYDS. Masters of Vesouls are requested to communicate To amimalligunes of lusves, accidents, the speak ing di ?Voitele; and any general information they comidae of importance of interest to the subscribers.

LYALL, STILL & Co. Hongkong, 3rd September, 1852.


FOR SALE. STHAMPAGNE of superior quality, CLARETS, Brandy from T. Dunkin & Son, Natte of ale in Croke of cot. Apply to

LYALI, STILL & Co. Hongkong, Mat January, 1858.

FOR SALE. MOSTER, ?he 'dar and Berkeley Chiccor,~~ Un Neolch Marmalade, Ropherry Jam.

MAC EWEN & Co. Queer's Road, Hongkong, 19th Junusty, 1838,



O VIEW AT THu Srokas or tan Undruaxed, NEAT COTTAGE PIANO, 61 Octaves, by


This swot toned Lustroment will be sold cheap.

MAC EWEN & Co. Queen's Rond, 4th January, 1853.

FOR SALE. QUANTITY of Carron foundry Pig Iron

ALEXANDER WILSON, Mensen Janmına Matheson & Co's

Godowns. Boot Point, Sql Junnery, 1883.


Ou BOARD THE 8rona Bay "HYGEIA." Whampoa Heuch,

N extensive amortiment of Ship Chandlery and A Cabin Blares, of the best and most varied des eriklen, wo-

Colton Car-Nos. 10, Russia da, and Duck,

Bootch and English-do.,

Patent Manila Corda?", of all sizes, Hoch Patent Busola Rigging, from one to alorza lu?kes,

English and Dutch Sheathing Copper, from 14 to 32 -with Naile. *With other articles too numerons for comprizal in the limits of an advertisement ; all of which can be obtained, either wholesale or retail, at prices from ten to fifinen per cent less than those charged at any osbar establishment in China.


POR Sale or the Office of the FND OF CHINA

Price Tree Dollars and a half. Hongkong, 8th January, 1953.

WANTED N Experiebord Bonason for Voyage from

Amoy, to Demerara.

Apply to, TURNER & Co.

CIRCULAR. MRS, F. DUDDELL begu respectfully to solici MR

the Patronage of the Ladies and Publis of Hongkong to her Milhnery and Elaberdashery Busioms at the VICTORIA Exumanas, and will be most happy to execute any orders with which cha may be favored.

Victoria Exchange, Jet January, 153

N. B. Bide entrance In Stanley sired.


EXTRAORDINARY CURES EFFECTED BY HOLLOWAYS OINTMENT AND PILLS. Copy of Latter from Georgs Breton, Esq., Depu y Collector of Customs, dated Allahabad, January 241k, 1882. To Professor HOLLOWAY.

MY CHAN BIR-laring for several years pas used your Pille und Ointment with unfailing so. cras, beg lear to mention a few care which cer of the right breast. The paient was an elder have come under my olesrvatlun. One was Cam y native Christian and the mother of several chil- dree; aho bad suffered for yeare, and was under the treatment of several medical men: the bree was entirely goon leaving a large ugly sore, which after the application of your Ointmení, upread apon plantain leaves, was completely healed in a very

bort toss.

Abother was that of Child, 6 years old, ibu son of a Burgeon; the liuls fellow's loga were covered with cores: they reaised the treatment of his father, and bis mother very wisely tied your remedies, which in less than a fortnight offreted a perfect cure. The third was boatman, who had split the mait of his great we againat a sick in the river, in which the mud accumulated and formed a anre; oeglect caused proad Alcoh, and when brought to jun, there was over the unil a lump of it wa large as a pigela's egg. Poultices, cavalies mud your Untment entire ly cured it in late than 6 week..



A CRIPPLE SETS ASIDE HII CRUTCHES AFTER TEN YEARS SUFFERINO. Copy of a Letter from Mr Thompson Chemist, Liverpool, dated August 24, 1953.

To Professor HOLLOWAT

DRAR BI-I am enabled to fornish you with

??most extraordinary cure effected by your invalu able Ointment and Pills, which bas astuniabad every person acquainted with the sufferes. About to year ago, Mr W. Cumming, of Saltney Street, in this town, was thrown from his horse bereby be received very serious injuries; he had the best mo dical advice in the time, and was afterwards an in- mate of different infirmaries, yet he grew worse, and at length a malignant running ulcer settled in his hip, which so completely cripplad him, that he could not more without crutches for nearly 10 years; recently he began to use your Ointment and Pitle, which have now bealaf the woond strengthened his limb, and enable him to dupense with hie crutches, so that he can walk with the grantant ease, und with rosewed bealth and vigour, (8lgood)


A MIRACULOUS CURE OF SCROFULOUS ULCERS WHEN THE PATIENT WAB BUPPOSED TO BE AT THE POINT OF DEATH. Copy of a Letter from Mr. R. G. Blaster, General Merchant, of Pallina, County Mayo, dated March 27th, 1852.

To Professor HOLLOWAY.

DRAR 81,-Juan Dober, of Bally-Glen, near this place, was for upwards of three years afflicted with Bcrofulous Ulcers, nod of eu virulant a cbar- acter that the bones of her arms and hands protrud- ed through the flesh. She tried various remedios, and was in the Cantlober Infirmary for thirteen weaks, but set out as incurable. After returning to her home she was in to weak a state owing to the continuous discharge from the ulcers that sha kept her bod for several weeks; and when reduced apparently to death's dour, Mr James Carlaw, the Scotch Agricukurist of the locality, purchased inom me some of your Ointment and Pills for ber, which immediately wr..uplit a most extraordinary change for the better, and in a few months she was restored to sound health. All the ulcurs are now complete ly healed, and the save of her arms and bands pers facily restored.


ROBERT BAXTER, The file should be read conjointly with the Ointment in

mut of ho fall co



Corus (Best) Cancer's


calde Bor Nipples

Bad Legi

Bad Breastr

Contracted and

Rold Jalan


Lite of Moschetos Elephantasie

and Band-Files Geo-bay




Glandolar Swell- Tumour


Inge Lambagu


W radds Yaw

WANTED. HUNDRED GOLI) DOUBLOONS, Mex- ioan. Perovian, er Chilian, for which the best aste will be given.

DOUGLAS LAPRAIK Hongkong, 27th January, 1853.


Black and White Newfoundland Bitch, about she months old, answers to the name


of Juno" The Onder, bringing the some, or nothing: Jó whereabouts, in the Editor of this pe per till he liberally rewarded.

¿Friend of China" Uffice, Hongkong, 95th January, 1853.

Chapped bands


Scarry Bore.beada

Sold by all Druggins, and at Professor Elolloway's

tablishment, 244, Strand, London.

By Mr. J. M DA SILVA, at bie Store

and by HINNAN-Hongkong,

Sr. J. A. DA FONCECA-Macna

Mere ACOW & Co.-Canton

At 14, 6d ed. & Ga, osch pul of Boa.

There is a considerable saving in taking the large puls.




Contents (letuber, 1859, Report on the Geological Phenomet a nf the la

Isod of Labuan and Neighbourhood, by J, Madre, Esq.

A few cha malo during the Voyage of the Tommonlch in 137, by the late - Tradescant Lay, Eq

Concerning Colonel. Farqabne's going to look for

??Place to establish a Seklerat Papies wi China wohing to heroma subarriherr will please forward their names and sodren to



New Advertiamante will be received until 7 O'Click un the Evenings previous ta poklisation, v? ??Take- nau and Fridays. If one or two aspire mes Ve quared of the issura în which mim Aktobervice.wonl La insted, and applied fie dwing, or wathin a rammable time after, the portat for which publie atin iz orderal, no charge will be made for the


DEATH-At Print des The Ceylon, of Laverndale, Mr Rate G-wen, late.Chiel Uferral the PA Uqal, N. C's 34

Ibe rifice of the Fr-end of Coina sa-l Il?ngkong Mo 8. Messer, Jeeply ingrested by: The

Clavette " Price Hi Sp. per annum.

Victoria, 71k Fahr?ary, 1851



THAT Connie Fire momed Houer, with compound and out honees, No. ? Gough M

DOUGLAS LAPRAIK. Hongkong, 15th February, 1833

MEDICAL HISSIONARY SO, JETY IN CHINA. QUE Annual Meeting of the Medical Mission-

ARE SUCEPTY in China, will be held in Caalna on the 23rd of. F'ebrwery, at the Resilaner of the Rev. P. Pannen, o, commearing at 11 o'clock, a N

8. W. WILLIAMS, Rre Ne


TELE undersigned publishes for the informalin Enderriendo, that, by New H gulation, Versels having cast anchor at Aimpanan will co be aliowed to load ebewhren in the day, Ventelo to his consignment must threefute proceed direct

1. Pudong flank eight miles south of Ampason- Place doted by a Fing St-ff

Padong Brak.

Amy Bay, Lombok.


VICTORIA EXCHANGE. FOR BALK SUPERIOR Eight Day Astronomical Lock, with Mercati-l Pundulom, in a Mahogany Choo. Price moderate.

Queen's Road,

14th February, 1851,


FOR SALE. CUPERIOR PORT WINE in Quarter Cooke, jost arrived from the JOYAL UPORTO WIRE COMPANY.

ALEX WILSON, Mestre Jaudina, Maturson & Co.

Fast Point, 10th February, 1855.



FOR SALE at the Store at the undersigned,- Fine Arts, Architecture, Sculpture &c, Natural History, Agricubaru &e. Medicine, Surgery, Anatomy, Chemistry,

Physiology & Mathematics, Mechanice, Physica, Nural

Philosophy &c. Foregs Literature, Classics, Translatione, Theology, Murale, Ecclesiastiral History &c.


Standard Retenti?e and langues) Labraries,

Novels, Hilustrated Works dc.


The Coronation of George 4th, handsomely bod in hall M-rocco (1ighly illustrated.) Clilley's Caricatures, do. Grindley's, views in India,

Hortic Animals of Southern Africa.

#lolbela's Coon of Henry Vi

Low's ease Animals,

McKenny's Indian Triben of North America,


Queen's Road,

16th February, 1053.


DALE and Golden Sherrr, Dark Sherry, Pale and Dark Brandy, Old Tom, very superior Dollands Qin, Alu an?�Ão3+au! -Pret Wine, &c.

MAC EWEN & Co. Queen's Road, 15th February, ?RS3.

MAGAD LOTTERY. THE undersigned, has for sale a few Traunts in dhe ahove Ittany, of which there will in a drawing in about two route from przeant date. The Plan is on follows:-


I Prize of













Do. of 50










16. of





1. of


(The Law Blank)




204 Prizes,

1,796 Blank, 15 per cent off $4,000 - " 000

2,000 Ticketa, at 92 each -




Und da


Kandwich Islandy...



19 Lab



1 porn


13 Mesila



Jan, 20

Cul G. Hope

Nur. 17


Ban FoĽU

Dvc. ape






His Lordship muid he did not altogether agree with the decision of the Jury, soil thora. |1 för in Beted a moderate punishment.

(We throght the verdict of guily a vary proper one)

The only care tried after the recom was that standing" foarth on the list of seven, in which || Leong Ayow, mid to be a very old offender, was tried na an interment charging him with having stafiber, with intent to do grievous bodily harm, one Joseph Mitchell, an Ameri- ran Seginan. This cum fell in the ground. | and the Jury were directed in return a verliet of not guilty. The faera olicited werd as lob lows.

Police Constable Murphy was sent apprehend the Prisoner on a charge of larcony (a chargo which afterwards fall dirnugh). The Prirower ran, was pursued, and explured. Whoo down and struggling, Mitchel came up and seeing him with a Kiudo in his hand, put his lout on it, and kicked at hun with the other. | But the Prisoner had another knife in his other hand, against which Mitchell kicked his foot and received a wound which fook s fortnight lu heal. This was not stabbing, and the 1'ri- joner pleading "po intent to stub" was acquit- Jod

Case & has been postponed. The cases re- maining on the Calonular for trial to-day are, Que of Piracy with woundog, another of murder and pracy, and, we believe, an abduc- 100 cas

(From the Canton Commercial Fist, Fab, 10)


Canton, Monday, 14th February, 1957. BULLION HATHL

old Bycra-

Miraino Dollars

621.50 per Ta. To. 10 per cent prone.

4 per cent dive--unt.

Cats Dollars

3 per cent premio.

Monday, Nih February,-Cloning roles 5 ??M. Old l'aten




New l'atus


Old Bewarcz

New Benares- Malwa





Bunday, 13 Pebeoary, 1852, Old Palna New Pains -


84-54 1932 493



Old Benares

New Bouaret









at Cuuringmoon-12th

February. 1853,


0.8 667 63x 556 6,37


An Officer of the Nemesis writing to a friend in Hongkong, muter date December, thua.

February describes tho. Rangoon war.



16 Wednesday, 17 Thursday

te Friday,

Moon-First quarter yesterday,, s? 10, ?�?aial,

We regret to learn that Lieut. Da Laili, who with Mr Curling was so brutally cut abuặt po' the Kowloon rbore, when the Singapore wanda?? here, was left in Bombay in a stili progajique state. Mr Corbng we are glad to And a shaoist as well as ever, barring the uas of his left barely,



2083114 181|27173| 96 561 16 395 --

26/1487 827 961 224 296511 17631044 238 51 66 8/2011 4 6611 Feb. 19 | 59 | 904| 189 387 410 172961

"Here we are in the War. War! het hal ridiculous! War, my friend Mounder tells me, means "ligkong," but in what the fighting con- | Deliverica sits fun puzzi'd to Bled out, uulgas it is wob the Musquitos! Of the latter, there are an in nemurable number, and tuele furecity is actuvily beyond all drecription. We are reguler manlyıs a them, and I must deciddly vote that in case any Medals are given, on one side of it shall appest in mớy Jurya Masqa to. During the day It is with

which, so far as the fore finger concerned, lieky one can take his meals, and at night, how

disabled for life.


Tuesday 15th February, 1858.


In the last Home Newt we abwrva a notice of Meurs Jardino Matheson & Cn's new crew

Bloomer Louristom, (commanded by Mr Bay- aver expert you may be in going under the car, who was many years out in this coun taine, your friende will he there slag. Our poor trys) It appears that she made the run from locks koop pacing the docks nearly the whole night, caring and swearing like troopers The proba?cie nť jagse bruten is fully this length---

Plymouth in Teneriffa (part of the way against

strong head wind and seajin six days, being,

LATOKO pleaded guilty to a charge for her's body. Fancy Owir eṣinguishing lighted Berow vene! In the same paper it is statert

having obtame, on tales protancesyn Hoof Canve from the Stares of William Bandy Sentence, One year's imprimoment with hard labour,

Tuna Acow, Pawnbrokers was placed the bar charged, with, baring Foodied the above mentioned Holl of t'anvaa?, knowing tha


and every part of it is insered into the pour sufit is said, the quickest run ever affected by n winter! cónðlu vhếm - different times in the space of

*The Barn, strepting at the taking of Ran- koon, kave never come to open örbi, but s'o guler bath rangers, popping at their enemy when deg con, I will try and give you an idẹn" of the

that the Enst India Company have determined to renew their sitempta in intendase Ten into the Himalayas, along with Chineno okiðľuf im the art of preparing the leaves. Mr Fortons is

isking of Pemie, it plnen about half way to Ava. | again sharged with the operations. He ar

The Desire, with traps on board, consisting of rived here, as our readers will see, by the Sie

which, by heat reports as e inlen?ed by the roBelag ??

ave to have hees solen. The first service, Pune, Pro-gapore, on rows to the Tas districts (part n called was Lee-Avon Fah Koirahierta: fetzing Matihi gethan," "Manasmowy," and var- things of Me Ecay, and that one thy hing stated that he was in the kabit alipoicheskiy) jelen. (Plemons) wachond off the wire shoul: 10 f. mag'and' were' employed throwing akala ko si Intervala daging the way, as answer? to go shot in the store, Mr Emeny Bank-keeper, Ni

from the many Noul was visible on Bmith, said "Ayow we have a long..BUY

Khure, and all to be sero was ?ve a nick & tabel against you, and intead scading down for some money shortly to which he replied that he was not aware of owing much, and deed in pen the hill, when be discovered thai. Twelve Halls of Canvas were charged toglym |

filling. The Antillery and H. M. 80th and

afterna, the 18th Royal In the next merging. At fest landing some shuts were fred or party from the bush wood, but hell as bur aber wo mera ip quiet posession ul to place, sud

sivar agon

of which ho had no knowledge, On the Burmestible. With the exeption of this enquiry ho found dan bos adopted Son (the Kä? | grm? mugagement in which 4 or 6 of me side were Ayung who pleaded guilty) had mond hia ng?no

Tepanded, we have actually done us thing unce our to obtain the said twelve bolts, and he thage

but carry throue mud provialune up be lore gave him in charge of the Polles, upon

Fireme work, and I long to gui away which Lo-Ayung gave up Pawa - Tickets for

What further steps are to be taken at one seven Belts (Pawn 'Fi-kels prodnced in from the Shop of Ye ? e and on searching with Sergeant Clifton the Prisoner's July ) Tape following literal trapolations from the found the Canvase in question, mother Canton Court Circular furnish corroborative Bolts Mr Emeny aware that the Colleges, textway to recently published reports of the romit was ben, mind Archbold bis Minrara rebel progre poved delivery in the of Ayor the value debited being 90 per Ball

Inspector Clifton stated that when the thren Dots wero produced, tl:s people in that unge sand they had no more, but Ayow's sad they had four more, and that the Poker had the tickets for theu. On searching

above he found seven more bolla

Mr Caldwell, Asiank Buperintendent in Police, deponed to haring examined the pris anner's bonke at the Police Guy, and found that one entry of four Bolts of Canvas reon ed had been altered.

The P&O &. N. Co.'s Steam Ship' Singa pore, Capinin Evana, arrived on Bunday mora-

back so the Colony H, E The Governor-The ing the Lak instant about, 19 a 1, bringing, Honourable the Chief Justice-and the Chick Magistrate of Police; Ingether with the bollow. ing passengers-Prom Southampton, Moarra Fortune and Markham, and Ensigns Hawe, and Williams (50th) -Prom Ringaporn Mesaro. Burd Lubeck, and Forryth (81. C. N.)

News from England, this opportunity is, brought up to the 94th of December, the most, Important of which is the resignation of Lord Lordship told his Peern, by the weight of an, Derby, and his Colleagues, horpe dow? at Hir, unprincipled enalition of menibart of the Com- mons, and wanting in the support of the great The tree of lumen were as the department · fq;nsorrasive party of which his hardship is the. T-how, and had ik me most able and consistent member. beste that wein returning from Puking, n�? r having sellele in that capital. They the crumed har Pang-ng-ban, and sharked, in the yen in the Province of Ha-puls which on the ginning of the flik moon, the dẹpatient of Elan.

mid, fox Hamens commiting robberies in all its 1 other hands; from these they vikipity from Hitam (on of the districts of

The Viceroy Sax siled immolutely where H, E was) for Wu-chong in, the metropolla

194 mestopalip-that might required

It in mito imid Usai the zebels of Hopeh at


what may be gallicred; from, his, speneli, sa, thes 20th of December, it is not altogether.certain, that the Earl of Aberdeen has yet miscoede that harmonious mingle the "best informal" in combining Torina and Whigs together in

termination to out the late ministry by any. would have us believe. That there was a do-

man traps and spring guna" as Colonel Sile

thorp expremedit, they finally succeedzi. Bit

let us hear what word Derby thinks of the site of air,

In Delener the Prishner made some unintéto the frontiers of the meimpulia, and is seperated

of Hyph. (The department of tinn yon in sumator | mdens, is most evident; and by the aid of ligible explanation about Five Tickets having from it by a river which crosses, and is only been left to aid in redeoming athers, and called distance via low, le) H. S. May inmediately sent the manager of the Pawn Shop winam da vedere in make all preparations for the defences of his behalf, win depërtat When ton Brat bolt was brought be asked the boy to whom the Canram belungest, and he answered ha father-be did with the second, and when the third was brought the lather came, or Inan representing lumell to be his father, and asked his had not brought Came to be pawned-the Father afterwards brought fixa. to the river. tickets and left there. other witness write ing ?at 11a pek, un the departments, of Han pan ní Tickets, corroborated this statruct/> a. charid tin chung. 'The girater part at TH? ?

the end of the les moon, divined themselves in

chin in Kinng-sex, in the departmeal of Ki-n-diness to be dartaka the formation of a new ad- -di? rout bodero, and marched from then yan to king-fr. The Gorroor ordered all the Gston (whisk divido this department from the Province Hu pra) tu be closed and intercepted the road A band of the tebels were quasier

His Lord-hup then eminent up; and the -herpe ro of Han cost alwaplord their shope, la seva Jury, after 1ngthy consolation returbed's sheqerives frụm talking into the beasts of the reb. (4. verdict of guity, and the Prinnet wit seyfi $4,000

The Alagistrate at the durṛct of Iran (in reneed to be imprisoned for one month,, with^ Kuona tung) having apprehended upwards of 20 hard labour

Man, rolberg, men inking them, personally, un the Bih in Hot before returning a verdict they had 186 - #99, (14th January) ta' Kokon (where the witnem 1-Avow back.od on quenong biin Viceroy Xewn to be found) ping by the found that the Pawn bruker (whether it addict of Kin klang, he was slicked by a band of Primmer or not witness sould 1h1,0west) hua: robbers, bo liberaied all the prisurers, and killust Erasers of the Constsoles and Bars The Mac.

The Fifteen per cent deduction, my 960, will be given to the ?iovernment. Ttrauter for the be of the Public Works in hand, and in accopil of which this Lottest bat have dreigned.

Tie-igned in Marne by 11. E., J M Pinto, (Judge.) A. 1. Bura, (Commandant) noi la Blau- a-79, (Frocurador.)ub gurnukes, may be obtained

??each, or Sami Ticketa ise $1.


Wellington trel,

Hongkong, 14th Fabrnuty, 1863.

licen cautioned agairal receiving Canras from dein was himself wolated and died on the 13th his Bou, why he found bad plodged for bolts of the moon (23rd January). Ordets wete Eq which he must have obtained in other than a toly ord by H. E Ye to the Magirate of the lawful manner.

culprits within 10 days. so that they might be diaries of Kin-kiang,5("e the "pprehension of the ¦ | roveraly punished (il caught 5)

Prouer said it was after the whole was pawned that winew came.

The Earl of Aberdeen the other nobleman whom fre leed, and bis Landship, wded in her Maje, and veri ad bet Majory aminando,-walch he vieni?ed ble tat malinen what prinsipient sat admini-track-n le tr Le (mord-how it is to be couped-f what water via ar iegel cipka-l know not, weshalt. I prvoman, be?io were bag, recess in the anda carl him

fall declaran of hie intentione and views that malý gt- 2 member, and probable your bed hips will rem meer alt? 1 the noble cast hoe on up in the in this dread ther, the yarnalım - d fore sender exc~| Wdp he knew ditvena pai beiwego kinalf and her Maj my pre est mereument centil 19 the intrusina of the onkin peel, and I shall believe la anuð 3 hear his canadier is hitem N, in any on the guterement, sho in able to form ki, ayın siricite dimerevaalto pelo zipi í (end in a odmevatten spice. How that principle le ve ba IA enzied nas ni present | omfret i do not know penden

in dots and salty with regned to the liby

emerging was auch pincipe, the au civil-me and v

put in 2 sporebead the we bie rari mant avail himself of the farm & g, mecum But of then I will my notblogs Exbetnin fras a single apenasin perjuiging she was welch may Luroned by two meble earl; thus, however, I wsy ven semgin bir alunan na 1 wald in his prane var,

dent be releandja, ersten Erbe anon fum iba girato atrative pany with whom I ha the kamals hi vớt than that a narrativa party has oureviche- and at the hende d others, I will venture to prvnim that if the government beat we be Semed by e?ndusted ove




mina was that the surplus revenge of the couvry into custody, with the seoult, that after for a enn. would be very on-siderable at the end of the year siderable time perusting in their ariginst etory, 113454; ke belicred, too, that a great athing they at het confessed the most frightful crime heated out instances in which admini-testive many years past, and plated that they write the might, but "Erated in the public expenditure, and which has been perpetrated in thean waters fr enfigma kat bun ar might be sceomplished, very thenight, by the your 1955 55 and it would ba

crew of an England ship to which they gave tha Pontulerable catre-ebments being penetrable, he name of Branis (Berenice) which was commanded the Gult of the House of Commous if in that year the Caplai's wide, a mate named Roberts, an by Captain Cadu ((wwfy). There were on board dại ont dnd the public service toore Merrni as Amboganesa christian entlad Aastany, Buzio

Govement was oppored might, he ob well as less costly. The coalition hy which the called Ali ne batswain mud. 15. ustive mil-tt, a sorted in conclusion, he successful; but it had been

well as French passergei. always found that the trample of conditions were wybiel; and he appealed form that coelition lo the public opinion of the a-ventry.

Igating England to its fate, and we do not remember the day when we had inore renang to fear for ita fortunes, we cross the Atlantic to our friends In America, where we find an swers to several questions which, during the Pask your, have caused some atir in the political world ; and flest un regards the Fisherion dia bute, President Pillmore says,-

aricepes, end walet the new and preces if the dog ind Louched this fund. He replied, to reliers the

wer in the constitution, in that grant the able seal many

('analidated Fund from this annual charge, and zely upon bosing, if got the oʻrial, at all precke the air cere The cometentiras support of the meat consentito porte

to put a stop to a machinery which wasted the pub ichie amoury ; and that he shall End, If be ma exam

lie money.

The manner in which he had sonda gether forge that polling shell is the 4100 act upon the reduction of the public bence on public aff-les and he shared by an Elder. Me Disraeli expounded to the committer veird un the past að myself sal frinada by no f"C??\ cantanding that the cure be find oured was in men oppailme, and mel b part I need hardly say that I conformity with the obligations of the law, a will

unprincipled combleart:n, (Hour, heat.) mg awa port |

personal cilden in quitting offiew, and that it-of-

with the commendations of Parliamentary sarda ma ke grownda e peronal regret My bed, it would been deep mattifica low to me. it, in melaning the

He then notiend the second attrigait ment of bir financia) statement ky Ni 13. Wond, car which was reposed in my hands be my marian I

quy in a lie autant that way, the wakefur had been supped to make whirl 1 found in z but I tej for to think that, short me ho

in the estimate of 1854 83, through The semi repeal how the peri d during which 1 ord my onllesangs haar beld

of the mesh city, which he showed lo had properly der, that serial has no been wilboat we advantage

esmed at | 204,00)'. 1]" justified the calcula'kin the feel more sing

ke had made of jae neomul of music drawbacks, tra curried; and that we she'l Iuve the country i

seal per ses funds. My lords, I have and his deferring the actual sepast of the duty until wling, with regard to the foreign relate Octaler Respecting the Coffee war, the 'leme of be crucity, that they are in a much more sail-any

be kind mode, ka said, had been entirely substan platin-that one foreign relations are far more leadly And mossetry sken when my nelle friend the Foreign Nor

tinted, the best despach of General ('sthan stating rary trend in desire in that deportment and I re

that "the war of relwllion may now be cnuskokered juice at having this opinarnaity of besting me sentim of an at sat and lasuplied to Me Gisulkurn's objection that no allowance tind bars maila for the lona u�?tevenne by refining sogar in bead, that he did not heline there wohl be the slightest live. Approach: ing the subject of the house tax, he ranged rapidly mier liners part of our es el no Ip which had to be accomm?d seed to the policy unrestricted on speidion observing that the G were Mirat had to fix up-o anus direct faz to ruable them to entry pot fi cangi il reforın, and ha rataštel with great keroncin the clatge of andstroming recklessly to increase the direct taxation of the Domaly upon Bir G. Wood, who hid properd one day in double the income and property tax, and day told the flow he had succus waya must menon, without The following prange was Demosthraeau in ita "fret "po- the Houer- "I have lwen acoward by the immer for Hal Vax with making " prop-isition, which recklessly increas the direct taxation of the Unity. (Cheers) have bena uscured by the mamber for Carlisis prompt in necuration xi all times-(load | ebrero)-with having pushed dierot tiles to Budne kimi's The right ha. goutlemen ch-eges

ae, than the moon be more springly and unjeady malinued...-1 vehlow to vay në may noble (innd that beds fest to last & have bed an arme for anything but a-lf. congratulation in having obtained in such a department the attices of man who without previ og e fitoalexperience, has seunghien bene on amount of dilgeren, ability, and good jp?ement mì vền ???irs of that great department, wich has argent, the hilchard, credit in lume 16, and which. 1 mor concurs say, with fear of winterdiction, ?ar ezusted the pénite and timiroslots of old and surevjangal disdomsala, chas views be on more thus are magician has had to m bat, and has had marmefully (How, beer.) IG my beds, we look to the department of the law, we all kni 1 dl great e intervenement and reform have malena placu i unst department within the last vrahm months than frmony, previa a yo"m"tefients. The in guitado and (ma staven d which have on freely soksowirdged on brak ide the

haw, and be which tha e a try and tha e Vanmam 100 [adehjul to the unworriedt wal and midity-in the do Waghed talent and ihmeeagh polnai ant knowledge of my noble and learned friend who que on the senolneck, and in white sand, "kna be quite ir, it will be dillosh For any pörungent in bed any on case who will not give enige ka a gure kin having led it. (Ho�? hate ). (thensemide in The government for the fcanadal state of the country; III ? más salta onedit to them fe haying done this-that they have, be the first tre, be ken thr neh thất xpadky, which fe so many youen -given to shal dangerous ope ervice will argued in the jornal the injury the defaces of the pantry. And if we leave the affairs of allu -Thon Sity from abroad, with friendly any with a four-fi M?U M nên nói thì thanh mạnh l?m vi isabela e condition of self-def non partially offanied, and Te bether pagina in w-fah we have sinady in the mand, which arem will not be abondamed by then whe sy moved on. (Hour, boox.) ( tram they will we ha neglectful of thour great elements off-defence which we Mies vaccumefully ended into sparation, nemay, the mintáli mant of that comerizational furto, she mi lie of the engNTET) and in the Best Instanca, the arfety and hom er of this enquiry depend, (lanc, how.) My loglu, we leave, then, the ad. ministration, with this onesty in a Main E. hips of triaquli- My, element, and prosperity and friendship with foreign proses; and increasing at all emacs, if not yet completely áce mpfabed, manna ef self-dependenon, (Ilear, beard Under then dreamatinone is le në peršinal morifice to wander the r-fan of allos... I still sjuice ti san that d?r sterma-telek lydend those pesenzel difendien whigh ( enques but think they have rented fw, thementius-baya -menencivily couy eunk 1a moonmplish. I tran they will so on in the amorán c�?a vini Improvemark, and slave 'The enam- by on that fusing na which it muệht in wand. I tro this? with pevant to theen vrani iamdarna and nigrew thee mar ge an and samplers the norm which we fem unprofully wed; and sty bumble and forvent peurer le that this

ANTONATUL slame is enjoy, freske at

Marnesing pros cty among at elemen of the people, by who aver ated it may be the will of Providence, then the affales of thie goal coality may he guided. My bele, Ebara ny fiber sie in your lord-kips, and k le kordly money far ma te de pe afac wha: U kino shroudy mated, that L'ând mor adangan hold our affcan only strik i-ar sacorwitu skall hann bent nog & sip), and must the wetle anıl, in whom the pik kan beny gntrusted by her Majesty, shall be sile lu jarmat for her Majemy's uppadel, sind produne in 10hs and burster honor of jarkomani a governmens with which, la bajudgment, he may feel hing all asrable að endurting The aim of the city. I have resolved a sommanica, th the amble and thin string a morsication which has not bad me some 111-te zurprise, be one extele anche Bad, nije is all that he teken piece, after the Irequences which have pecared bec-en da vari vm parties, and th??very derledes step which has been aduan od of pasting the governine, 1, on the earhaat soossinn, in a meng-I thought that nut 4, peshable med 24 hours, wald har slaped brethemble all be in a daiva se subinli in her slapenoy'a approval the preme of the fur garamagot. But 1 Fave thin day teen ved a grant stasies. Irves the quble quel mrgentina ikut E soul | jane she will comment of the hose motil, chia tay mek. Ųder these citeaintskom kom anxious te kanellista mán plakne; but I skin; at the pers d??(the your, and to the ag qe nomrenirage which will be rennkinod, ti mtop of jene lend-hopu, by being datale ed in pomisaor Christman Day-curve all wher a niðarves se mant, he h porequent one of provi, the poser

ing to the great importance. It the Deel, subject to his appeurak, thith propose to move the al-

Thatched the meblo verì, my bavo modo vach progrem

he should he have advanoet by Thornly. ? ob volt le pergaard to mew the adj, menment from Thurulay mani


Jure lust, unil frem ikenen, neeneding in the story The ship went from Ningapore to Shanghua in of the criminsts, they art nut for Java with a enrgo of tea, their ergspement belag at an end there. It appents, however, hit when they trach ed thu Java waters, the Captain tol·l than that ha ing them an increase to their wages of a dollar Intented in ptnered wirnight na to Bydary * prom - math, and a larger daily allowaten of led t gament, but when they found that the inernand The crew were not much plawd with this Arena- allowance was not made, they fugun to grumbla amongst themselves and at Ivat resulted in tako the ship.

On the 2nd December, about midnight, two cf

??fa-che stone at the last rullmer emelleralde anxiety them made no smak, sol nåled by the other mur. wangamad for a short the by an ofell intimation Tend the Government of tires. Prsia that orders had been

dered the Captvin, Alain and the Ambogans-e. given by the promcilon of the Beberies upon the cogit of

They then diagged the Capt-in's wife on deck and ine British profices in North America arcles the alfred despatched her with their clasp kosten wher which evenachurata of the i

the fishing vessels of the Unlied Buses they rolled all the bodice up in ambelo'k and ank and France The shortness of this antler and the scams of the year seemed in make it a matter of mugent Imposto

theas in the ten with weights The French pa anchi want Bru apprehenand that an leers sed savai enger and Bengali servant of the Capain, an duct the Bitta ftus plus in the overboari, Aker temsining based ten day, fores had been ordered to the king grads in early lase witnessing thres murdernse prorarding jumped coupeaches of 1848, le release the true intent of which the mandrere set fire to the ship and precorded on the two gon roments alder. i was a discovered that recht was but the design of Great Hobale, and sustafactory

ahore in one of the boats. Before le particulars expkinstion of the meal objects of the mearuto have bera

were obtained most of the crew had left Tagal, gides both here and in London.

Let an active ereich being made ten of then ware | captured and taken back to Tagal.

The matjaded di?er, however, between the two Rovere un to ie Interpreta leu ad the diss article of Amerion & Sthing vangla within alas of ten years have [the posvetilon +??RBcd| lo sill) u mailer et importance.

ás chic uzelanium was relased a far as concem the Sean ecluded Com was to which they had free scom For any Ave years after he begoelakon of the treaty. hollyboormirrat, in sompéiance with what we think the Bay of Fundy, but the just and theral intration of the trmeja meubels of the convenile, in pes all the other cool baby in car febermen, was abandised, in coope quinak all the rageftion of the ev'ailes Notelbstling ik. Unked sales have, ece the Bay of Feady was c-feel to ne i-hermen' in 1845, porsaed the mos br toeside the colonial king size By the jew law of 1866, the ileure in culmiul E-h enter- Matti jaga vam very pre-lly reduced, and by the Ware. housing Act it is allowed in he entered in bond without pigment of day. In this way elubial dish bas acquired The monoply if the expat trad

eur market, and i Tuning l? nhómo extent into the home cumplion. These off Kaise mittry at the incremeni su question facts were among show which lagreased the sensibility of

From the Jasa Bade wa alea extract the follow- ing account ofa feniful ostaral disturbance which occured in the Moluccas in November and D.. camber last.

By the screw ulemmer dažom, which arrived at Bourabaya on the 18th January we have eco-iv-ak the following my ?�wful news from the Blolucc

On the 16th November about 20 inkautes to in the morning,

avy vertical oscillatino of the ground was felt at Bondo Neite which soon chang

ed into a rapidly increasing undulation from the N. E. to the S, ? "bich led for more then five minutes. Every ane left his house, to cemita sund ng was impossible; people were obliged to taka s tem fioki ul something or throw th-merites on the ground. In the mourning a light answer of rain frli, bet olkerwier the weather was not va favorable.

At the Brst shock nearly all the home wea thrown down or very much shot meni The Gore ecument buildings, the Church, the Offực tr? -u- suffered the greatest injury; the Chines querer was a heap of rodes-the active vikings on the Zonne?at was 1-jé wat The Paraber fill partly in and to humbu heuera upon h dissppear- ed and on Great 'Bande the houses of the park-

with pushing direct taxation to a rash exirvise. (fear, hear) Wull, that is a vory, heavy charge, yet enmehody has the courage to say 'hour. bear' In the fret place, the propastion w ich 1 þare submitted on the part of the G wornment, longtrad. of increasing the amount of direct taxation, if it was adapted, would not occasion so great an amount of direct inqution an prevailed when the dances were under the experintendense of the | right honourable gen?�lems? iha member for Hall fax, when he enjoyed no' only the income tax but window tax, bringing into the revenue 2 000.000 mare) Loud cheers) The right hon. gentleman the member for Italifax paya, "Aya, but I wN ¿Tube chromosomers sad the invite to alluded aware that you should nas increase the direct îng? haj? jed me to thich the tn mest favourable fra real. ting of the counter. Tron, had my property and

dajad of the endes nah) xt of the li horen on the smot of income-tax ; but I took cars tu reduce the i 950,- baral kuding of tapprom? privilnes. A willigens in 000 which I ronived last year ( om the window. | maat dan in gongo peronpomeni ut tal- klad is widerstrad ze bx, and I was contented with tha qudrat sum of | ekarza de pory of Creus 3 icon, with a desire on her part 700.000/ by way of commutation from the human ladude in me mange besides realement she ma) (Chwers.) I coumes forget that the gentleman anding), në te smeeranial kineconeser before the 11 Lind mation, proped a cumpleto communalen, and who charge me web reekirmly pashing diren i avocamEATURES Mar befonde on three (wn ruljesto it la -

Qu�?that her entenend in soparam armeras - keepers, thele out homura apd smoking houses f made this hum-tak·lergat in amagat ihan mine. | band The Mines sad drack of the la'n Heerpiary of Bissa the Autmeze underwent the same fate; overy thing (Loud and continuat chuoro) Bạt in th�?một Từo | Mitel ile ammorboigms of the contemplaced wag site right hun gentleman who charges as with in-lily | guard by the details of ison an arrangemen

hop Pelan Jego jern-takaa, se avëver the salad baret

there was also thenwa dawn oe gevaty injured; pushing dievol box stion-what he be duse him. in Soreded with a maid-evile d'enly. It is to tend pre- keep of coins. Bamo was terribly abilerd self. Why, there is the Ministry, who with a pro- | Gorile de bine de un agament manevally acceptable to the

while detected places of cock lay every abura scel perty and imenova L-g -f a bell numuut who, with org parint, Cheroni me may be calidel in the caref tered row There were an death, howev z 10

window toxin wllinen, which yielded them

the gap wielu The end ends over all the femrat and anly one peroras were slightly bruisod 2,000,000/ gamme dona to the Uauan of Comania.

pricakjes résuch, sa strangement in the rever, or wounded will of cara be traced Kad to a startled avarinlily prepared to double the property wed income tax, iland and ewithawed chora.) by air, 1 lak upon recklessness De carelessness of causes-uces, as the on luat of a may, who hat and well wri¿bed ike enterprise upon which he inna eikarkað. it oft eight hit, gentle had at the doubling of the incomodax- we heard a good deal of the dowling of the win. Enly rolled for which would recupy such lying in the edad, twice touched the grand, afire.


4 mthing is visible of the village Inntho bat

Billa the purnt pour-dicial net were receved from Leg glassets of Finnen and Kugland, I venting has govschionn of the Waited Bisses to boormen party with Grel Bruni and Picass is a tripartite verben, viriwch the diese powers should severely and collectively dis nose pod bar the fuses, att inovacion të obra?a poserming of and of Unha, and hindi bad chargeiras to discount- and, all siprop?e ta that affect on the part of any power a latildea what his invitation iso Sran pect

daw tay-lus if he had antries his proposition formen la doubling the property lipcane tix he might

semanalesti se to odete în decall, DUR, lithe so chink that the pang, ved mense world linya been fairly charged wib recksonaly incredi

| virai s?mania.wolty, imp dals, and anavulling. I hans, sing the dorat tagation of the cowary. (kond | byla ponamun winniel Cardo, die charts) By then.ost curious thing be that the ali- -|- the Tulsad Bums rosenala and mens against Cuby ba of Fronen and Engled & be vetered that nister whenme forward ta make that ponposi,,] that, as she contrary, 1should regard it iwe avonta timo, which mutha e but the moti grave aritutatione the dipërm at the proövat timp so fraught with seziono p,rik,a could han sentsorisut, at the first murmur of the Opposition withdrew that preposition (Continued cheer) Talk of recklessness i-what in the bla frightening account o the fate of the Berenice, From the Singapore Free Preas we take a ty of finance equal to the tackleseness of that proving, as we anticipated, to have been (Centround clenny And what were the growida

ky bên arvingen enim da da teke pre hired the pun Welt he entrared his mopat Wom were the brought about by her murderous Javanese binderinking the public series: but fadded that if grounds on which the Minister withdrew such an crew. Hongkong Jurors will have to sit in Everdous propostion which only the pec:lled

n-ty of Fine could live jured?

on the wretches wo suppose, on the What were the grounds no, which the Monster whinese grade that they had to try 1'e Herald's weightened, foited, wird defeated-wiat were met Earthquakes about the Seraite appear the grounds na which he threw his propel to live been at the most fearful kimi,es will be

Monday, and your lord-lipoam are will cheerfully so. I have to thank y ar bond-hipe for the goat athon pink laich you have li-soned to me, and to meẹo the ad-

Mr D formelis defence of his budget in woon? Why, that he had refereeseen, in the account fallowing the Berenice worthy of being meneded : ??

kuvig tremurar to a sch a plan. (Continand cheer. (ing) Why, sir, history will not credit it-the fa ture historian will not be hellered when be calmes Mind the Minimar ram dien one day tới d


1 1?? Stoomer Botanica merived here on the

But the misfortune did not stop here About 8 'clock a disturbance of the arm (Zee-bering) on- corred, which älled every heart with fear and dismay and eased voert one bu fiy in the kizhrat ground. In quick purecenin the bay filled and empiled and at times it appared to be voly a file river.

The ship Atiat of Rackman, laden with rica

like H. M. brig de Haal which had anchored the day previons, having been driven buchverls and forwards a number of time; hat this an oake Increased in frigleful manuer and ikice ref whelmed Great Buda and Seirs with the largest rollar; the last place they renched covaral Te bigle in the bouer, and burst the donio open. This channel of Lanthoir and ren so high that they huge waves Ormed in the Zonegal and in the

hill on which Pt 19-igics is built, carrying every bratorer Fort Numo and reached the foot of the thing with them in their reflux, bot at the ans time learing behind a quantity of Bahre. prabos in the raids were driven amongst and against each other, and exerie) to and from th


shore; they fou vlere ne draws in the Zwineg where they struck on the shore; anly a f. c.rold ed to the Bare and Kry islanda sud Ceras and a part of their crew, linding the no Ives on alince, save theme Ives by flight. Thron prahu bolong-

sought obekter in one of the sheds on the old pier, bas.hey could not withaland the force of the tiller and in a moment it as we born out of their place of shelter and driven senwarts, there m'enculty to perish It is estunted that sixty men low their

res in this way.

The chancellor of the Excheques rose after four nights' criticism upon the propasitinus ba bukande in the Hope, in order to Neate them De bood | thu income and properly TX, Vietnám ton the 2nd jailand, Trym Balerin bringing news in the stened, he said, to nothing wbles in his opinion, next to any that lie in and inst ways and minus 24 From the Jos finds we learn the follow- bad mecefully impugnad ilia polev he had rewathom it. (Lown them) And then he tells me dog firriculare regarding the fate of the European commended, and he was prepared to show that ibe (eintinaed the right kon gratlemen in a sodraful anʼbard the Brisak boqun herenies, whicen dira. Mierrable was the entition of the inhabitants, bjections urged gains is were entirely unfounded tune), is not very mudest and sesterly Perbumes by are we rolled in our paper of the 7th who row the way, 26 feet high, ruiling on irrea. and illusory. He first addressed himself to the tary language, that I do not know my businnas pary, and expressed u l-pa that the crew, re ably towards thein, theratumbing to eugull them ; the bject of the Exchequer Loan Pant, of which he (nadoveerd) The House of Commone is the best tahding whom nothing had then been ascertained, ground continually rocking under their Get the kad taken 400,000l. as maya and means of the vant. | judge of that, and if I have not learned, I care nit.

had been pk-ked up by some passing vemel. It will | atmosphere echalig with land reports like canon He explained the origin of this establishment to learn of him-if he han learned his business, be

he sun, kowever, that the burning was w?fal and | aho's, filling their hearts with fear, and this all (which be proposed (a wholiak), and n'a-rveiktist, hins get to learn some oker things to learn as prerated by a fourful tragedy. On the deractive, indaseride piste of things, lasted when his testinn was drawn this food he found that profanes in nut steam, and i sulaute inol

morning of the 6th Dearmber a heal come to the merely for five minutes an hour day-hat In this department a bilance of upwards of 380, | invective (1'mlonged cheering)"

Calench at Marilaya ("cáidency of Tagal}.containing for successive days; for the frightful natural 0006, lying ille, " law being in cristauer pæremps

In providing an eum af diris 16, who immediately separated and pro phenomena only ceased on the 22nd Decem inity requiring that this unproductive hinner hair purpose ike Government were guided by two cars. Inland Qu the same day, however, is whole all that lime acuterly an hour pissed that the should be increased every quarter; and he sled principles-fert, as regarded the lenime to, to cisting of 1 Bugis, 19 Joanese and ground did not have sail shake, now in the heat ext cars in width, heist, the Minister of the day had establish a distinction between realised and profhe Malaya at "Kagal, stating that they were the

ure Biolagu, pre senjod themselves before the hand manner, and the bghter, but always so that di-trust ailed himse'f of this pablia fund, virtually without in inces; and secondly, in enlarge the ba

and fear remained imprinted in the hearts of the the cognizance of Parliament, and as a folkbernais of cherret indrina Deli-ring that the hour-l

cơm cốp pechu which, in proceeding from Rhin, inhabitants; who perily ut wholly ruined, without qondered which had escaped the vigil-nce ven

enable, J., and heurdeist wear, wind inded with ginhiet, had been cap-ied by a heavy habitations, sheltering in Fight bambu boa, lok Mr Huma. 26000 had Eren fem to the that would my ple the prevainty momount of disc es ??qubit of wind, by which, a. boy of tå jevrs of age forward to the ginamiest future and will perhaps

tion they had th decid-ugan wh al group bhi barily recorder their lives. Then on the received.

had barn' down bed and that they the neelyre bad never be able to recover the bisw when they have burat tegen they should operate, and they are sopii. Hal their appentence and other circome-

the n-new-ion that they shold act upon tinde

During these earth and sen quakes, which last however did not een beroed the darth-site of

Thames Tunel, of which not a shilling had been supaid. Bastersen park, me of the most enful of presla'ns, had had an advance of 15 1,000

had a catalogue of parall I instances, from 1924 to 1990, in which a 12 a very like such of 70 000 kad bern advanced-ti. Grab alleged. to entry gentlemen

sucks which entered into de um The food kancile Lumapition, a striet enquiry was inmi people, wad w ich were chien tie the large med regarding them, and game of then, were taken

His selvetin of tie mali doy be defended

Prealdent Fumoen's_apenuh, (purts ulir) will be con. "tinued in our se24-ks Pón D."

tie bad beyn naked why ba | ugniust the varied stacks, mule wpú, st. then mpi



and to the south wie of Grat Bandar,

which port the Bereador cleared from Shanghne- God of



Avarung ?ạt was y mencent and no alteration was ubaerved in the smoke preveding from it.



Artemesia Berhampore

cemnik in the general business beyond a gradually of prices for the little that has been done; The seco from the intends Roungein and bat such is the scarcity of rawa of all claims thei Ay were even mure rengies! and the destruction two forge flatures, together about 80 balen, Brui there not kre great. The apice parks Kelio and of their respectiva districts, bara betu buught for Noorwegen on Great Dan is, the last which to this mycket at very high prices Three Altures, maril standing, also at length fell in, and at pre-al-bough weually received here sooner or later der sent there are notre than two habitable housing the senson, are now never sent an consignment, Carib in Nean. The cadency house has suffered much. ad are always the object of much competidae Cather Hock sail earth at pa from the l'apenberg occurred to rutin sik the athly unloading was 140 there for a length of time,

-all the Mestoup, * 74 ?ales" were taken on The sama disastrous accounts had bevo received lavding at an advance of 3d on the pries of from Cerain. Ab eth and sen yanke bad looth the residus, being of the for clears, ban occurred there on the 26th November, and caused been sealy all exported foreign markets consulat Krom damage. The beavy rollers of the are had to sford etter prospects and prices Is Prideeloug emopt away the houses in the bench and thrown with, the unlu sling cave 400 ballete; one pareel of Haro more than a hundred prahus ou skorn, of which a 300 ballots, being of a favourite work, well selected, wander had been destroyed, while many persona and ruiʼablo for the prosent requiemonte of the tell vicon. to ifiis tertible commollon of nature. home trade, was įskin immediately at rether foll

From Anboyta mo shao lvaro that on the morn-


|pricra -the ten-alsi g 100 Gallos ware subsequent ing of the 201 November, ulout & pail 8, the ty old for export - Daily News, Deo. 24,. earthquake was felt in u direction firms N. E. 10 W. 8. W, with Curation of about five mood a The was preceded on the 19th by some shyl elrocke The disturbaros of the s ulou tesk place, but not to such a destructive and henry, v frat að at Bands, alibaugh on the same day. Verj little damage was cause. The account from the i-lands at Ambuya are not so favorable. Nearly all experienced the extraordinary commotion book of ses and lok. The buoren at 8parus and many ative boats were seriously injured, and very loss)

luts his boca exured.

A Teronte a well na B?chian two beavy shorks of earthquake were fill the 2016 Lvoviroler at the Ins place thry mete tepunted for most days afterwards, but without doing any damage at either place. The womber wid gobernily`rala and although the mountain of Trinate did not give out |

more smoke than uson), a subteriansam noue wat beard in it but not very load,

The caribquake which occurred at Batavia and





11, Emily Morgan (Am. Whalve), Ewory from

Strong's lelle, 24th November.

11, Kathen, zination, frons Panama, 18th Nov.

12, Perenne (Am), frem Syduoy, 24th Dec.

13, Sit Staropre, Fivann, from Bombay 16th Ja- nuses, 1 and r Galla 27th do, l'enang Zad February, and Singapore Sih ilo,

13, Frowr, Woodai, from Whampon.

13, Thomas Nge(An. Whaler), Aling, from Ochu,

Rad January.

13, Annia lucknum(Am), Barber, from New York


26th September.


Duitentzorg on the night of the 2006 December || 13, Eureka (Aus), Wekh, from ¡langkong.

was slau tek in the residuncica of Krawang, My- gelang. Buntain, Banyumas, Tigal, sud Peka bongaŭ, mud tu the Lampong Dusticia. Cholera bad broken out at Paloog vod a Lutuber of persona kad did.

13, then, Straton, fram Hongkong.

19, Euls of Gronic, Encclay, from Hongkong.






Kilgour Winder

|Lon. Bept 16) EL. Liv. Nov 29 - Liv. Sept 1 &

Láv. Nov 19 8

Countess of Winton Crangle Early Bird Don Ricardo Eugenia

Wakem tark

Liv. Sept 29| FT.

Lan. Oci 8 II.


Flying Childeru

Lon. Cu 26??8. Liv. Nov 291-


Katharige Shater Leapart

Blowers Pictio Mann Ferguson

Lon Oct

Mary Montague

Mary Shepherd



Richard Barclay Repson Buckham [Hall

Liv Oct al ti Lon. Sept 26| tl. Leo. Oct 2|| 11. Liv. Bept & 5. Loa. Aug 17 S. Lon. Bepi 23 S. Loa. Not B ||Civ. Beặt 25| 8 Bensington Liv. O f Joaca

Security Tioto

Liv. Ou 20 11. Landing At LIVERPOOL; Eliza Moore, and Ashmore.

Order in which the above Vesselslast England. May Mango, Legpard, Cu, Artemerin, May Purpband,

Lada. Duo Blonde Harry Seating, Earty Vandelay, Urnation of Wilanen, Kuphila, Kahgina Ma Kalkara

La tendon, Liv. Liverpool, Okie. Maielda, Wac, Waterford, Card, Card, Bela B, Hort. Hardapon), MM M, Cal. Cal. evtin, Bem. Butabay, Tual. Tutlenia, Mud. Mudens. Pro- Tomang- Mochi, B. Những HT ), Nihongo. ?. cong. I. mới trong l?n




For London

Acadia. W.

Aco, W.

Crystal Palica, 8.

Encadale. 8. Harriet Humble, B. Jolk, 8.

Nile, 8

Samuel Appletno, B. Thomas Hoyden, B. Wbampos, M.

For Liverpool. Marion Melatyre, H. Fangr

Chapuso, 8. Fir Cork.

Greenfield, 8.

For Calculia Bar. Pauu Shus, W. For Peint da Galle.

Str. Bombay, H. (Fch. 36)

For Modras.

Nonpareil, W.

For Batavia. Bintang Anam, W. Ternate, W.

For Singapore. Bangalore, W. Bodney, W.

Aman, A.


For San Francisco.

Humilton, 11.

Looden, él.

Lord Warrison, II.

Mary Adam, 13.

Labation, W.

For Callan

Rocks, W.

For Yere York Mandarin, B. Univa, 8.


VOL XII. No. 15.

Rots Elias, A.

For Fima.

For Australia.

Eleanor, 11.

For Havenna.

Novo Vijantu, M.

J. de Unsurts, SL

San Andres, Bi.

For West Judire

Eleanor Laser, N

L Flore Hostingo, N."

For Manila.

Amity, W.

Euroku, W.

Flavine, W.

Micene, W.

For Shangha ingapore (to day stra)

Hanging Coming, W. Moves W. Wheat, A. Abang.



Flag Tea






Feb 11 New York


Sept 16der Fam 44 Jeder

borgar Am Per Hr. Singapore from Southampton, H. B. Bir Amrich Helaskan, sky team 176 Geesken George Bonharu. Hart, Denable Judge, Hulme, Bartholomew pink, in Am A. saca C. t. L'alber, Math, and R. Fortune,Featur, harque images Wills and Howe, 69 b legs. Alwoers, Faily Sta-gas, ship

Haming, struber Colomer and Caitilli; from Bombay, dr P. Ran

Hea meelp Au and 6 Natives; trom zugspute, Capt. J. Bard, Hamitsal olalp Mr W. A. Forsyth and servant, Mr la A, Lebeck, Jamestown, slate

We kam from the Jana fiode that a number of persons 3.7a bave liberated their slates shately or prospectively. We treat this beerloo canngle call be cxtrusively followed,

Following is a statement of Singapore ship. ping movements, (Chwin connexin) since last | vnd 4 Natives, report. The P. & O, §. N. Ca's Chuado ar- rived from Sydaoy wholet the Singapwa was

at anchor, and in the event of the Furmana ont




being ready, would leave again as on theke of froir, clay, Whampos,

Bib, A Steamer (opposed to be Oriental, Irum Calcutta, with the Formonu'? repaired machinery) was secu vill Ceylon us tho Singu was leaving

AMITED, Jany. 23n| Clarissa from Away -27th Augusta from Hongkong, and Corcyra fruns Whampoa - 30th l'attel Oleb Iran Sha pline.-Feb. 14 Conwall foam Whamp -3rd Erio,Steamer) from tungkong

DEPARTED.-Joy. 224 Hir Edward Ryan for Wimwpoa-27th Bombay (Steamer) for Hongkong-28 Regina for Clona-29th Spartan (El. M. 8.) for Hongkong-31st Lady Raffles for China.

The American ship ( Aarles, Captain Andrewt, which left this on the 27th ult. for Hateve, de fortunately struck upon the NB point of Bintang The same evening. "Ow the news reaching this, the 11, C. Simmer Hooghly was immediately despatch: on Sunday, it having been found in povable to get the Charks off and brought with her the chromo- meters, &c. The officers and crew of the C'harica will remain on the put to try and are as nisch of the sloten da, na powifile, but we believe a1) hopF= of eg the remel i'mlt have been abandone The Dutch Authorizjes at Rhu on bearing of the dinater, dispstelied a man-f war achantier and 1wo gun-beals to the put for the protection of life and property and to reulve wrastaura,-Overland Singapure Free Pren, Feb 3

ed to the spot to reuder amsistance but she returned


Mincing-lane, Dec. 23.

TEA-I're have been fully supported, bal the demand has been limited. The importation in 1.amion from Isi Januvry to 10th Deceader War 47,193,000 119., ogainai 49,981.000 lb

to the

same period in 1951; the delivery 45,596 00 lb. against 42 918.000 iba., in 1851. The preseAl muck on hand 14 36,107,000 lbs. #grimet 32. 129,000 Ita, at this time last yeat. Etuck in the United Kingdon 19,337,000 lbs., again 44, 548,000+

Io in 1851.

SILK MARKER.- We have aga?o to report co siderable beamten in sik, and contined large de liveries; but the possible cflect of the very large quantity ur arrive during the meat two souatls in not without an influener upon both buyers and llen. In Chion silk, the i proved feeling tepon ed last month hd to the taking of the whole the cargo by the Challenger 1,000 baler, im dintely upon landing, wt a further advance of ?d per lb This has been followed by the clearing

of sundry large parcels of old suk, at ge dusly improved prices, stil! 3d. to 66. per lb, under the new silk." The stock of Tayanan was nearly Inated previously to the strival of the Nightin gle; that resoul has furnished a supply of 700 Intra, of which 900 bules had l an soki for arrival - of the residue several parcala have been taken al full pre

The wivance upon all China silk way now be quoted 94. to l per lb upon the opening Pries of October. Io Canton silk, Tu bakes, just landed, of middle mar, have been sold at full priera. Zu Brigal silk anything of the lower classes and

12, Burla{m} Welsk,

Whampo 1, 2 tarn, Struik", Whumpon.

17, faxa, Dowman, Woneung. 13, Arabic, Davir, Sydney.

13, Gaute Eden, Thirnhill, London.

11, Bombay (10), Merril, Manda Feb.


1, St. Jozé (Pon), Olivais, Singapore.

FROM JAMOA, ??Australia, Noble, Trionded,



BOMBAY SHIPPING LIST. ARRIVAL 24, Lanrick, Crocked, from Hongkong. Dec.


21, Saman Family, Dring, for Womeng. Jan. 1, Sar 11. Compton, Brown, for Woong

by Mor, Alsion for Wosung.


Jeho Orgy, ships

John to Gensler, ship

John C. W'etis, skly

London, al

Brit. 1217 Frogat



Am. 165 wer



The Ker


Hrik Ste Donald A487 Harves


Tandle Now il-ker and co



11 tamagon Feb 11 Edmund


Jards, A. sad constrells englanda Nov 24 'Fedor Bao 16 on i ranches at Ya Acry Fabolen Jan 16, Anthou and



San Francion Uno #2H. W. Habbal


Jefa. Franplace Nov 12




" 7-


Lord cristo, p





Varioa Malatyır, birque

| 3^8|Duns

Mary Adams, baryon

31 lording


Vaskaakela skij Heer,

Drolland, Anj

Shows kile

ndagaperr, sinsert

Bush, brig

Thomas Nga, shijs 14.

171 the



Hel. Davies



312 rich 481falm

Nov 14 Pal back

Jan 24 Macao

Feb 71andon

the deg

Anthon and co

Whaling San Francisc

Usher und ca. Whaling

Mayer, Sara Frees

Jardine, M. and co

Lyall, and co.

|sms Frantic


Fanyer Nero San Franc


:)Juridine, M. and co

Nov Uriaher and org

W. Amikon and co

Deo i oko iland and co

Has 10ft (, Edimend.

*Not Faros and co

Jon Ordal

Des 21per


Shangha Ittepairing Galing

Fab my


dwich is




clace Apr 21. Lamout

v?n 12, A L

Hun tieun

Frb 12 Hombay

Feb 13 isho


Tinwa| 160|Saller





Jan 1. Lisbon

an 13. V Jorge


Giustamalo, Diddy




H. Kara harunt



Noru Vijate, barque



Cup, hog

and co.

Heroe Por Salo

Kevelação, ship

Macao lars, heig Cometa, brig

Tremonies, barqar

Whampoa Acadia, ly Alligator, brig

Amy, vidy

Anu, barque

Billing l'ormanden Starli



JU? Haker

485 Paren



at beek The 13 thngspara July 12. Longling

Jam agapore

A. A de Medo and

L. Porvira


That 13. V. Jorge

'uly 1ste lanques.

Dea Nere, Marray sad on London

lagaparo Batavie



1De Lang


Vincher and co


Nye, Parkland o

Jan 15gpera

Nov 250. Living

Bangles, ship



and nondoa

Frant and

Batang Aman, haryan


New Stiemerang


Chinchow Hong

Chaieste, ship


40% Bro

Fab Melbare


Turner and an

Duke of Bronte, ak?p Fathen, barens


so Harley

In Hongkong


12 Lyall, Bill and on.

Am. 1041 W

Jan 31 Sagapen

De Wetmore and on.


91600th Pal

From Chine-D.c. 9th "Somaauth" from Hong, Long, "Versaila", from Shangban, "Nightingale," Flavius, aly from Shanghae; 20th "ífunaibu," from Bosog. | Fran, bng

has and "Tartar," from Whimpun


December 21, "Seu Queen," for Hongkong. SHIP OP WAR IN CHINA.

· Carnott, velp

Nina, barua

Kamparell, beque


Belt 14 Mar

437 Huntre

Am 196 Hels Peru

11 MOLESPL Ham 48 Valleu

445 and [Vern) 10"|Aguller

Hrk. 15


200 ?и?е

leoline, ship


230 Hrawn

Perú Shun, sicer Kajakan






Hello, bailar

Bulvey, Wigan?a



Juny korghe Sah

Smith, Mostag



28 Cap Kel

1 clics, boos


Date: Walger Brk

37% Mamu




Past Coast


Og, schwar



104 Harlan


Man, boner



Nymph, brigantine



| Vysoth

Aapy Op


H. M.

honghae M. Bp. -Longkong) fo Mampet. M. R Hang ng L, M S

Amey HM

|Hongkong|U 8 Si

Dr Mankir


UHP 20 Walnut







Macer be. l'err


26 | Kuqnamaneel

| Ft. Str.


La Camming


Teini, barqar

The bargus

Merck, barque

Ishad Queen schoooo:

Zephyr, wit


Amama, skip

Hella Gallego, ship

Uso Mace

Pub 12ardino. I. and co.

WAachen and colla

Jout and

all, and on.

Dee 242lag and es

10 Calle






T|King and on

WP and co Nevndsay and ou

Feb camsingen Vebat and co

Kept (Annatam Jan


Fan 3x Mace

teb bangkan


San Francion


rice 14

fheo Paly

day and co W. Hoblet. Angler de Allenden

S&Mad Calta Nepodbu



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2.King and s


Such Dest and on.


Jardins, H and co.




Dewt and ce

L+ ??Shanghas

-Kell and co


Uent and co.


Dec 18ydney