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Monday, April 5i 1972


Site investigation of the 3115 million airport tunnel road is already in hand and construction work is expected to start in June this year.

The tunnel road is to be used for vehicular traffic and it will constitute an important part of the North-East Kowloon ^oad Network. When completed, not only will the tunnel road relief traffic congestion in the Kowloon City area, it will also serve as a main access route to the fast developing town of Kwun Tong.

The airport tunnel road starts at the western end with the main approach ramp in Kowloon City Road. It then passes under the airport runway, the aircraft parking apron and the link taxiway before rising to cross Kai Tak Nullah by a bridge, and terminates on the eastern end at ground level on Kowloon Bay Reclamation.

The tunnel road is about 2,800 feet long. It is designed as a twin box section with two dual carriageways, one in each direction. The width of the carriageway is 24 feet and the verticle clearance is 16 feet

9 inches.

/Ventillation ••••

Monday, April 3, 1972

- 2 -

Ventilation of the tunnel will be provided from ducts at each side of the main structure fed from a ventilation building at the eastern end.

The construction of the tunnel is by the cut-and-cover method. Work programme of the construction shall be so phased that it will not interfere with the Government’s overall scheme for expanding the facilities of the Hong Kong Airport. Furthermore, every possible measure shall be made to ensure that the traffic handling capacity of the airport will continue smoothly.

Construction of the tunnel road running through the airport is expected to be completed towards the end of 197^------------------------------------0---------


At Junction Of Tonkin Street and Pc- On Road


The Post Office announced today that a new Post Office located at the junction of Tonkin Street and Po On Road will be open at 9*00 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday), April 4, 1972.

The new office to be known as i<ei Cheng Uk Post Office is to replace the present So Uk Post Office.

Except for acceptance of insured letters and boxes, a full range of Post Office business will be transacted.

The hours of business will be 9-00 a.m. - 5*00 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays; and 9*00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m. on Saturdays. On Sundays and Holidays it will be closed.

A atamp vending machine has been installed to give a 24-hour availability of 10-cent stamps.

Monday, April 5, 1972

- 3 -


For Week Ended March 4

Statistics released by the Medical and Health Department for the week ended March 4 are as follows:

Notifications of infectious cases (previous week’s figures in brackets) - total: 312 (300); bacillary dysentery —11 (10); chickenpox -26 (34); enteric fever (typhoid) - 4 (13); leprosy - 1 (1); measles -22 (54); ophthalmia neonatorum - 3(1); and tuberculosis - 245 (186).

Births - total registered: 1,726 — 412 on Hong Kong Island, 1,032 in Kowloon, and 282 in the New Territories.

Deaths - 387 from all causes — 132 on Hong Kong Island, 234 in Kowloon and 21 in the New Territories.



More Than 16,000 Doses Given In Three Weeks »«*»***

A total of 5>24O doses of anti-polio vaccine were given to babies and small .children during the week ended March 18.

Of these, 1,534 were first doses, 1,690 second doses and 2,016 boosters.

They bring to 16,031 the total number of doses administered since the drive began on February 28, 1972.



Monday, April J, 1972

- 4 -


Major Effort By Young People To Mark Children’s Day 1972


More than 540 young people between 12 and 25 will mark Children’s Day next Tuesday, April 4, with a major cleansing effort in the Ngau Tau Kok Resettlement Estate.

The project has been organised by a group headed by Mrs. Margaret Au, Officer in charge of the Ngau Tau Kok Estate Community Work Office, Social Welfare Department.

The YWCA is sponsoring the project, and assisting organisations include the Resettlement Department’s Ngau Tau Kok Estate Office, the Urban Services Department, and the Jordan Valley Chiu Chow Clansman’s Association.

The 540 participants come from the Student and Youth Section of the YWCA, the Estate itself, and primary five and six pupils of schools in the Estate.

Mrs. Au says the project is the first to be arranged by the Group and Community Work Division’s office in the Ngau Tau Kok Estate. The aim is to encourage young people to take part in community service, and to emphasise the importance of environmental sanitation.

Areas to be cleaned will comprise playgrounds, football fields, basketball fields, and all open spaces and corridors in the Estate. To do the job, volunteers will assemble in groups of five, under a leader.

An interesting sideline will be follow-up donations to the Community Chest, because the participants intend to approach relatives and friends for contributions ’’matching” the amount of refuse collected — on the basis of so much per basket.

/In the .......

Monday, April 3, 1972

- 5 -

In the Tai Hang Tung area, Children’s Day will be marked by a games rally organised by six children’s groups attached to the Tai Hang Tung Community Centre.

More than 240 children will take part in the rally, conceived and carried out by the children’s groups as part of the ’’Children for Children” scheme of the Group and Community Work Division’s spring programme.

The rally will be held in the Centre’s assembly hall, ball court and car park. There will be group games and competitions, climaxing with a distribution of prizes collected and wrapped by the children themselves.

In Wanchai, Children’s Day this year is being marked with a fun fair for 1f500 in the Wanchai Kaifong Welfare Association School, starting at 2 p.m.

The function is being sponsored by the Social Welfare Department’s District Community Work Office for Wanchai, and was organised by the Wanchai Youth Social Service Team, with the assistance of a number of district secondary schools and groups.

Mr. Ko Kai-man, District Community Officer, will perform the opening ceremony. He says the function is intended to help create good relations among the social service groups in the Wanchai area. The fair will comprise 15 stalls, *******

Note to editors: You are invited to have all these

functions covered.

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Monday, April 10, 1972


Residents Urged To Make Use Of Facilities Provided


The Commissioner of Registration announced today that a team from the Registration of Persons Department will conduct registration from the Peng Chau Rural Committee Office in the New Territories from Wednesday April 12 to Friday, April 14, 1972.

Business hours will be from 10.30 a.m. to 3-45 p.m. on Wednesday from 10.00 a.m. to 3*45 p.m. on Thursday and Friday.

The visit is to enable (i) parents or guardians to register their children from six to seventeen years of age for juvenile Identity Cards (ii) young persons 17 years of age and over and holding juvenile Identity Cards, to register for adult Identity Cards.

All persons living in the area are reminded of their responsibility (i) to register themselves and their children for Identity Cards and (ii) to report to the Registration of Persons Department any changes of employments or residential addresses, nationality or marital status or any other particulars which have changed since registering for their Identity Cards.

Children from six to seventeen years of age who have Hong Kong Birth Certificates or valid travel documents need not attend for registration, but children who do not have Birth Certificates or valid travel documents, must accompany their parents or guardians when registering.



Monday, April 10, 1972

- 2 -

Parents or guardians must produce both their (i.e. husband and wife) Identity Cards for inspection when registering juveniles.

On registering for adult cards, young persons 17 years of age and over must surrender their juvenile Identity Cards and produce (i) the Identity Cards of both their parents or guardians under whom they are registered, and (ii) a Hong Kong Birth Certificate or evidence of their residence in Hong Kong during the past two years.

Persons who do not possess any of the above mentioned documents must register at the Registration of Persons Branch Office in the Causeway Bay Magistracy, Electric Road, Hong Kong or at Canton Road Government Offices, Yaumati, Kowloon.




The Port Health Authorities announced today that quarantine restrictions have been imposed against arrivals from Danang (port), Vietnam, on account of plague.

Meanwhile, quarantine restrictions imposed against arrivals from Moulmein (port), Burma, on account of cholera have been removed.



Monday, April 10, 1972

- 3 -


Protection For Low-Lying Land


Work will begin shortly on the construction of a second bund to protect an area of low-lying agricultural land in Tai 0.

It will be constructed behind the salt pans near the existing Tai 0 seawall.

The old seawall was constructed by local villagers many years ago and is in such a poor state that constant repair is required and there is a risk of it being breached in a typhoon.

When the new bund is completed, the old seawall will no longer be maintained.

The new bund will be approximately 2,000 feet long and about seven feet wide on top. It will be built up to the same level as the new Tai 0 Road.

Construction is expected to begin in early June this year and should take about 12 months to complete•

The works have been designed and construction will be supervised by the Port 'forks Division of the Civil Engineering Office, Public Works Department.



Monday, April 10, 1972

- 4 -


To Be Posted On Thursday


The Registrar of the Supreme Court, Mr. John Oliver, announced today a further list of common jurors will be posted on the notice board near the lift inside the south-west entrance of the Supreme Court building on Thursday (April 13).

The list will remain posted for 14 days during which period any person may apply by notice in writing to the Registrar, requiring that his name or the name of some other person be posted or removed upon cause duly assigned in such notice.

The Registrar shall in his discretion post or remove such name accordingly and shall, if necessary, alter the list.



23,706 Doses Given Since Start


During the week ended March 25, 1972, 7,675 doses of anti-polio vaccine were administered to babies and children by the Medical and Health Department.

Of these, 1,682 were first doses, 3,616 second doses and 2,377 boosters.

This brings a total of 23,706 doses administered since the start of the second phase of the anti-polio campaign on February 28 this year.


/ 5 ....

Monday, April 10, 1972

- 5 -


Gets 5214,^83 Donation


Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation is richer by S214,583*71•

The amount is the surplus from donations to the Public Farewell to the Governor and Lady Trench Fund in October last year.

The Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation, established in 1970 with an anonymous donation of S3 million, commemorates the governorship of Sir David Trench.

Its object is to encourage recreational and related projects aimed at the development of the individual, particularly the young, his identity and his involvement in the life of the community.



Monday, April 10, 1972

- 6 -


Lion Dance Equipment For Inmates


Inmates of the Tai Lam Addiction Treatment Centre will be presented with a complete set of lion dance equipment by the Lee Chung Shing Medicine Factory.

The presentation ceremony will take place at the Tai Lam

Treatment Centre at 2 p.m. on Thursday, April 13*

Mr. Luk Chi-fu of the Lee Chung Shing Medicine Factory will present the equipment to the Commissioner of Prisons Mr. T.G. Garner, who will receive it on behalf of the inmates.

The new equipment is expected to be widely used by the 400 odd inmates who are receiving rehabilitation treatment in the Centre.

Note to Editors: You are cordially invited to send a reporter and/or photographer to cover the presentation ceremony. Transportation will be provided by the Prisons Department. A mini bus will leave the open air car park behind the Tsim Sha Tsui Post Office at 1 p.m. on Thursday, April 13- Officers from the Prisons Department will be there to assist members of the press.



Monday, April 10, 1972

- 7 -


Commissioner Of Labour Meets Workers


The Commissioner of Labour, Mr. Paul Tsui, who is concurrently the Commissioner of Mines, today spent more than four hours visiting the Ma On Shan Mine.

This is the fourth of his meet-the-people visits to factories and industrial undertakings.

Accompanied by Mr. I.R, Price, Deputy Commissioner of Mines, and Mr» J.H. Knapp, Superintendent of Mines, Mr. Paul Teui toured various parts of the mine, and saw many aspects of its work including the air compressor building, the ore-loading stations and the ore-dressing plant.

He also saw a display of breathing apparatus and gas testing equipment in the mine’s assay laboratory.

The mine is the sole iron ore producer in Hong Kong. It has a Mine Safety Committee and a well-equipped clinic which advise on, and take care of, the health and safety of its workers.

-------0 - - - -

Monday, April 10, 1972

- 8 -


By The Royal Observatory


A severe earthquake was recorded by the Royal Observatory seiemographs at 10.16 a.m. this morning (April 10).

A Royal Observatory spokesman said the epicentre was estimated to be about 6200 kilometers west-northwest of Hong Kong, in the region of Southern Iran.

The tremor phases recorded were sharp and clearly defined and lasted for almost 90 minutes, he added.

Preliminary determinations of the magnitude is about seven on the richter scale which agrees with the determination from other seismological stations, he said.


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Sunday, April 1972


Over 328 Million Allocated From Government Lotteries Fund

Government has allocated more than 328 million from its Lotteries Fund over the past 10 years to aid voluntary welfare agencies.

Mr, Alex So, Chairman of the Government Lotteries Management Committee, said the Lotteries Fund had a total of 80 beneficiaries and had aided 115 projects at the end of last year.

He said the scope of these projects was wide in order to meet the needs of the community.

The projects include children’s youth activities and residential establishments, nurseries, play centres and creches, vocational training and education, rehabilitation, and services for the handicapped, ex—drug addicts and ex-prisoners.

’’The Lotteries Fund also benefits projects which provide services for the aged, families and the needy, surveys and researches," he said.

Nine organisations have received allocations from the Fund over the years, each getting more than 31 million.


Sunday, April JO, 1972

- 2 -

These organisations are the SARDA, the Community Relief Trust Fund, the Social Welfare Department, Po Leung Kuk, St. Christopher’s Home, Good Shepherd Sisters, the Society of Boys’ Centre, the Yuen Long Community Centre and the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

Other agencies have been allocated sums between $10,000 and $1 million from the Fund.

The Government Lotteries Fund, first set up in June, 19$5, is intended to assist in the development of social welfare services in Hong Kong*

Allocations from the Fund are made to voluntary agencies in the form of capital grants or loans repayable with or without interest.


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