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Friday, August 21, 1970

PROVISIONAL TRaDE FIGURES FOR JULY Exports Continue To Rise ******

The value of domestic exports for July was $1,023 million, an increase of $187 million, or 22.3 per cent, over July 1969, according to provisional trade figures released today by the Census and Statistics Department♦

At $1,516 million, the value of imports showed an increase of $264 mil-11 on, or 21 per cent, while the value of re-exports, at $255 million, showed a slight drop of $2 million, or 0.9 per cent.

A spokesman for the Commerce and Industry Department said during the three-month period between May and July this year, domestic exports totalled $3,070 million, imports $4,491 million and re-exports $744 million.

Compared with the corresponding period of the previous year, these figures represented increases of 22 per cent, 19*8 per cent, and 12.1 per cent respectively.

Figures for the seven-month period between January and July showed increases over the same period of 1969 of 22.8 por cent for domestic exports, 22.9 per cent for imports, and 11.7 per cent for re-exports.

/The Census ...

Friday, August 21, 1970

- 2 -

The Census and Statistics Department said provisional trade figures

for July were as follows:-


Domestic Exports 8 $1,023 million

Imports : $1,516 million

Re-exports : $ 255 million


July $ Million July >.J269_ increase or decrease

$ Million $ per coat

Domestic Exports 1,023 836 + 187 + 22.3

Imports 1,516 1,252 + 264 + 21.0

Re-exports 255 257 2 - 0.9

May-July May^-July Increase < or

-J2ZP.. 1969 decrease

$ Million $ Million 1 Mn. per cent

Domestic Exports 3,070 2,516 + 554 + 22.0

Imports 4,491 3,749 + 742 + 19.8

Re-exports 744 663 + 80 + 12.1

Jan.-July Jan.-July Increase or

—1970 __1969 decrease

$ Million $ Million 3 Mn. per cent

Domestic 6,67^ 5,433 +1,241 + 22.8

Imports 9,768 7,946 +1,822 + 22.9

Re-exports 1,584 1,417 + 166 + 11.7

Friday, august 21, 1970

14EaNINGFUL SUMMER ACTIVITIES Helping To Improve Lot Of Villagers ******

More than 40 young men and women are spending six days this summer while on holiday to help improve the lot of villagers on Ma Wan Island.

They are members of a work camp organised by the Social Welfare Department and the New Territories administration as part of their 1970 summer programme.

These young people between 17 and 22 are building a 1,000-foot road and a bridge to provide a direct link between Ma Wan village and Tung Wan.

The summer work camp at Ma Wan Island was begun in 196^, and since then, thousands of young people have taken part in meaningful summer projects designed to associate them in voluntary work for the benefit of villagers.

While this year®s contingent are busy constructing the road link, 300 children from poor families are enjoying another camp at a holiday site in the grounds of the Fung Kai Middle School in Sheung Shui, organised by the Urban Services Department and The Friends Of Scouting.

Participants are taught various scouting skills by experienced scout leaders, and at other times take part in games, barbecues and out-door activities.


Friday, august 21, 1970

- 4 -

labour relations service Statistics For July ******

The Labour Relations Service helped employers and workers settle 209 labour problems in July. As a result of agreements reached, 276 workers received a total of $84,144.77 as outstanding wagos, payment in lieu of notice, and severance pay.

Officers of the Service also handled 1,009 consultations and enquiries on matters relating to labour laws, industrial relations and personnel management. They visited 19 establishments to help employers introduce joint consultative machinery to strengthen communication between labour and management.

as usual, the Kowloon office had the largest share of conciliation work, dealing with 40.2 per cent of all cases. The Hong Kong office of the Service handled 33*01 per cent, the Tsuen Wan office 12.44 per cent, and the Kwun Tong office, which operates part time, 14.35 per cent.

The Labour Relations Service functions as an independent and neutral party. It acts as a catalyst between employers and employees in an attempt to help them solve their differences. It does not in any way arbitrate or judge the rights or wrongs of any dispute.


/5 ....

Friday, August 21, 1970

- 5 -


To East Of Sai Kung Town


The Government proposes to reclaim about 21.2 acres of seabed to the east of Sai Kung Town, New Territories, for the dumping of surplus spoil from the High Island water scheme.

This was announced in today’s Gazette under the Public Reclamations and Works Ordinance.

Part of the reclamation will be available for the construction of resettlement housing to resite High Island villagers, and the rest will be developed in accordance with the town-planning layout.

The exact boundaries of the proposed reclamation are fully described in the Gazette notification.

Persons having any objections to the proposed reclamation, or any claims of private right in the matter, should submit such objections and/or claims in writing to the Director of Public Works within two months from today.

The notification, in English and Chinese, can also be seen on notice boards posted on the site.


Friday, August 21, 1970



To Shorten Journeys Between Aberdeen And Wong Chuk Hang


a new road about one mile in legth is to be constructed between Deep Water Bay Road and Wong Chuk Hang Road.

This new road, with the improved upper section of Deep Water Bay Road, will form a new link between Wong Nai Chung Gap and Aberdeen, by-passing and built-up area at Shouson Hill Road, and avoiding the narrow and winding Deep Water Bay/ Shouson Hill route.

Upon completion of this new road, journeys between the Aberdeen and Wong Chuk Hang areas and Wong Nai Chung Gap will be considerably shortened.

Construction of the new road will involve alterations to the alignment, width and the level of part of the existing Wong Chuk Hang Road Path.

a11 persons having objections to the alterations to the alignment must send their objections in writing to the Director of Public Works before 21st September 1970.

Notice of the proposed alterations were published in the Gazette today.


/7 ....

Friday, August 21, 1970

- 7 -


Three Basic Rules For Accident Prevention


The private sector of industry and government departments responsible for industrial operations were showing a greater awareness of the need for industrial safety training for their supervisory staff, Mr. Yiu Yan-nang, Acting Senior Labour Officer, said today.

He was presenting certificates at the end of a Labour Department basic industrial safety training course. He said since they were introduced in 1968, there had been a constant increase in demand for vacancies on the courses.

Mr. Yiu told the graduates there were three basic rules for accident prevention — to malce the working environment as safe as possiblet to protect workers from hazards that remained, and to train staff to act in a safe manner at all times.

It would be a vast undertaking to attempt to give safety training to all engaged in industry, but considerable progress could be n<de by giving priority to training foremen and supervisors who were in constant daily contact with workers.

”0ne of the greatest contributions that you can make in the areas of accident prevention is by the exercise of self discipline, in obeying safety regulations and by ensuring that those under your charge are instructed to perform their respective duties in the safe way,” Mr. Yiu said.

"a prominent British industrialist said recently ®There is no job that is so urgent that cannot be done safely* I commend this remark to you, and I hope you will remember it before you hurry to do a job.” i -----------------------------------0---------


Friday, August 21, 1970

“ 8 “

STORAGE of frozen foods

Operation Of Restaurants In Rural Areas


New regulations to control the storage of frozen foods in the New Territories are published in the Gazette todays

Amending legislation is also published today to regulate the sale of certain types of imported foods and tinned foodstuffs and on the operation of restaurants in rural areas.

These regulations are being introduced to bring the laws governing such matters in the Nev; Territories into line with the new by-laws approved by the Legislative Council last Wednesday under the Public Health and Urban Services Ordinance. These by-laws are also published in the Gazette for general information.

Under the Food Business (New Territories) (amendment) Regulations 1970, a licence is required for keeping a frozen food store. Certain conditions must also be observed. These include the setting aside of spaces for the thawing of frozen foods and the provision of facilities for inspection

The regulations governing the sale of imported foodstuffs, such as dried meat, sausages and leung fan, are now amended to allow them to be sold without a permit, provided they are contained in unopened hermetically-sealed containers.

But cooked meats, such as siu mei and lo mei, cannot be sold in premises which sell fresh meat.

The new regulations specify the conditions under which restaurants licensed to sell light refreshment may also serve hot Chinese dishes.

/Owners of ,,,

Friday, August 21, 1970

- 9 -

Owners of warehouses used for storing frozen foods in urban areas and the New Territories will receive notices soon informing them about the effect of the new legislation.

Today’s Gazette also contains two other amending regulations. These are the Frozen Confections (New Territories) (amendment) Regulations 1970 and the Milk (New Territories) (Amendment) Regulations 1970.

The main purpose of these regulations is to alter references in the existing law from the Fahrenheit scale to the Celsius scale, used in Hong Kong officially since 1966 in accordance with international practice.



The Victoria Park swimming pool will be closed between 2.30 and 7*30 p.m. tomorrow to enable the Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association to hold a swimming party.



Friday, August 21, 1970

- 10 -


Marine Department Advice To Boat Owners


About 700 people will take part in a long-distance "self-survival” race on Sunday at Repulse Bay.

The unusual event is being sponsored by the Hong Kong Life Guard Club to test the endurance of swimmers. The course will run from Silver Island in a north-northeast direction for about 1,800 metres to Repulse Bay beach.

The race was originally scheduled for August 9? but was postponed to this Sunday as a result of the approach of tropical storm Violet.

To enable it to be carried out smoothly and safely, the Marine Department today requested owners and operators of small craft and pleasure vessels to keep clear of the area for two hours from 10 a.m.


Friday, August 21, 1970

- 11 -


Reminder On Reporting Change Of Address


The list of jurors is being revised and the provisional list will be published on October 1*

Jurors who had changed addresses and had not yet reported this to the Registration of Persons Office were today urged by Mr. T.W. Carr9 Commissioner of Registration, to do so immediately.

He said it was the obligation of individuals whose registered particulars had become incorrect to report this to his office under the Registration of Persons legislation.

Form ROP 18 for reporting changes were obtainable at any post office enquiry counter, the City district offices, and any district office in the New Territories. Mr. Carr said they oould also bo posted free.



Friday, August 21, 1970



along Nathan Road and In Kennedy Town


With effect from 7 a.m. on Sunday, August 23, northbound vehicles along Nathan Road will not be allowed to turn right into Argyle Street.

The change will improve traffic conditions in the neighbourhood

Buses Nos, 3C and 9 will proceed north along Nathan Road, left

turn into Mongkok Road and Shanghai Street, before resuming their normal routes on Argyle Street.

Also with effect from 10 a.m. on Sunday, the Kennedy Town praya between Sands Street and Hill Road will be opened to two-way traffic.

Both areas affected by these changes will be sign-posted.

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