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Friday, Karch 5, 1965


f200 Killlpn frcpansion Programme To Meet Future

Electricity a—da Of font Kw_11fgj

The Hong Korw Gover-went has agreed in principle to jrant a site on the small island of to Lei Thau to the Honr Kong Electric Co., Ltd. for the building of a new power station to facilitate the oompany’s expansion plans, which are designed to Met the steadily increasing demand for electricity on Hong Kong Island.

The successful completion of the company’s expansion programme, involving a caoital expenditure of xoout 3200 million, s no old • nsur* adecuat-'eneratin^ plant an th< Island jf Hong Eon* to meet demands m the forusei-aolw future.

The site, co verity about 5**0.000 scuare feet at tne wester* tip of the island, is to be granted to the company in exchange for an area of about 82,000 square feet adjacent to the company’s Jforth Point power station in Electric Hoad.

This area in Electric Road is required oy Government in the future in connection with proposals for a second desalination slant. These proposals are at present under consideration.

The ip 1*1 Chau site includes an area of seabed of some 60,000 square feet on the northern side whicn the Hong Kong Electric Company propose to reclaim for use as a wharf.

/The entire


Th* entin area is to be granted on lease for a ters of ?5 y^ars .'roi August 19V* *-nd the ^aue is renewable Lor inotrwr oerion 3 ’

75 ’-ears. The site is restricted to ^sr only for thr generation end distribution -u electricity. There will be a building oovwn-int jf >10 hillion to 00 .ulfillwd in the first five years and 1 further >10 ail Lion mist be scent on morv buildings in the next five years.

In separat* notice® published in the Government Gasette today riday), tbs Director of Public works draws attention to the proposed granting of the lease for the cower station site and to the prooosed reclamation of about 16 acres of foreshore and seabed on ths southwestern side of the island. This reclamation is required by government for future development.

The notices call on all oersons having objections to those proposed undertakings, or wno may have claims of private right or compensation, to submit to the Director of Public Works their claims and objections in writing within two months as regards the lease or within thrac montns if these concern the orooosed reclamation.

amendment ?f Town Plan

as reported in tor Government Gasettc, th* Gcvomor-in-Councll has decided to refer th# Aberdeen and ad Ui Chau Outlin*. Development Plan back to the Town Planning Board for imrnebaent ox' this olan so far as it is affected by the proposed lease and reclamations»

A further notification published in the Government Gasette today refers to the draft amenrtownts to the approved town plan. The revised town plan will be exhibited for two months and all persons wno may be affected by the draft msndsnnts are invited to send their objections in witing to the Town Planning Board before the expiry of tho two-month period.

Before the exchange can be completed, it will be nooeesary to amend the existing statutory town plan for Aberdeen and ap Lei Chau and also to validate the two reclamations.

/lb order ••••••

inmtk ceowcorYiiKiWT win row.

CO 1030/1558 RCTHOCItTDWniim^ffBMiWirfN

■jf'jawatta is planned to be coordssioned; rt'crescnting a capital ‘*xpcnditure of about $200 nIlion.

Those figures cociparr with a orvsent installed capacity nt tu< i^orth Point generating station of 225 "w^awatts ind an ul tinate capacity □n that site of about ;50 to i*00 inravatte.

This total installed capacity couplec with the ap b*i Chau Suoply trill be adequate tc .«ct an estimated total corand of between }0C -nd 550 megawatts as against present iur.ance. -.suer. now approach 200 legawatts.

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Parade ?o Beheld at <ing lOcr^e 7 .irworial park

rfr. Solomon Rafeek, d^ief tarden of tnc Civil Aid borvicea for Kowloon and tiu lew Territories^ 4111 ins doc t sonr 200 numbers of the C.A.3. Worden Service froc the Tau *u T< \ -one at the Xin- lenr > V fUaoriil park in Xowloor. on ’,undav.

Thu inspection will t-akc tn- lc.r-5 of a oaritk. under the oomnend

the Zone Somander, lir. Lax Lux-cnoi. y

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th* oar ide Xu ch will

start at 10 a..xu

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