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Wednesday, December 11, 1963


The following is the list of citations at today’s (Wednesday) ceremony of Presentation of Insignia at Government House: MR. H.W.E. HEATH - C.M.G. (Civil)

Mr. Heath has been Commissioner of Police sinco April 1959, and throughout his period of command ho has combined firmness with understanding and has drawn skilfully on his broad experience in handling the type of problems which Hong Kong so frequently faces.

MR. C.J. NORMAN - C.D.E. (Civil)

Mr. Norman has been Commissioner of Prisons since 1953 and during this period the Prisons Service in Hong Kong has carried through an enlightened programme, which included special institutions for young offenders and for drug addicts and open-type prisons. That the morale and discipline of the Prisons, ’staff are of a high order is due to the firm leadership of the Commissioner and to the excellent example set by him im staff relations.


Mr. Li served as a nominated member of the Urban Council and is at present a member of Legislative Council. In addition to his public service on official bodies he has given freely of his time as honorary treasurer to several voluntary organisations, and has also placed his professional knowledge and advice at the service of others.

/MR. Ho NODLE.......

P. T. 0.


MR. H. NOBLE - O.B.E. (Civil)

Mr. Noblo has rendered notable service to education since 1933> and from 1938, he has been the able Headmaster of one of the leading grant-in-aid Secondary Schools. He has also concerned himself in charitable activities of the London Missionary Society and of the Church of Christ in China, and has been appointed to serve on the Board of Education, where his advice is highly respected.


Miss Schofield has had a distinguished record of service in the Queen Elizabeth Colonial Nursing Service in Nigeria, Tanganyika and Hong Kong, where she came in 1957* Sho has planned the development of the Government Nursing Service to meet the requirements of the rapidly expanding clinic and hospital services, and by leadership, imagination and foresight has enabled this service to meet the increasingly heavy demands made upon it. MR. WOO PAK-CHUEN - O.B.E. (Civil)

Mr. Woo has given unstintingly of his legal knowledge and of his time and energy in many fields of public service, particularly in his work as the first Chairman of the Urban Council’s Law Revision Committee, and as a member of the Public Services Commission. He has brought to all his work a characteristic thoroughness and devotion to the best interests of Hong Kong. PROFESSOR WONG YUNG-CHOW - O.B.E, (Honorary) (Civil)

Professor Wong has been Professor of Mathematics at the University of Hong Kong since 19^8. He has served as Dean of the Faculties of both Engineering and of Science and, on several occasions, has acted as Vice-Chancellor of the University. His research work is of a very high order and he has built up a Department of Mathematics in Hong Kong which has an international reputation.


Mr. Cheong served in the Education Department from 1926-19599 finishing as Principal of the Queen Elizabeth School. He became a member

/of the ......


of the Board of Examiners in 1951 and has served as Chairman since I960. He has also interested himself in private education and in post-secondary education. His devotion to the well-being of the Colony and to education is demonstrated by his varied activities which warrant the respect he has gained in the Colony’s educational sphere.

MR. A.L. GORDON - M.B.E. (Civil)

Mr. Gordon has been Deputy Director of Special Branch, Hong Kong Police, for five years, and during this time the Branch has expanded and increased its work. Mr. Gordon has worked with loyalty, devotion and great ability during his long career with the Police.


Miss Kotewall is a woman of high ideals and integrity and an outstanding Head Mistress. The high reputation which her school, the St. Paul’s Co-educational College, has gained is due to her wise leadership and unsparing devotion to duty. She has taken a keen interest in educational affairs and also in the community generally.

MR. LI YAU-YAN - M.B.E. (Civil)

Throughout his long Government service Mr. Li has at all times displayed a very high sense of duty. His diligence has been an inspiring example to his colleagues by whom he is admired and respected, and has contributed immeasurably to the efficiency of the Rating and Valuation Department.

MRS. M.N. STAPLE - M.B.E. (Civil)

Mrs. Staple has been Colony Commissioner of the Girl Guidos Association since 1961, and under her devoted leadership the movement in Hong Kong is developing soundly. She has interested herself in the production of Chinese editions of many Guide handbooks, and has made special efforts to enroll girls of every nationality into the Movement.

/MR. BUNNAN.......

P. T. 0.

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MR. EUNNAN TONG - M.B.E. (Civil)

Mr. Tong has an excellent record of devoted and conscientious public service and of great personal generosity in his expenditure of time as well as money for the benefit of the under-privileged in Hong Kong. MR. TUNG MAN-TAK - M.B.E. (Civil)

Mr. Tung has recently retired from Government service after nearly 4-0 years. Since 1948 he served in the Commerce and Industry Department responsible for producing the Colony’s trade statistics. He did valuable work in preparing these statistics so that they comply with international practice and reflect in detail the growing volume and diversity of Hong Kong’s trade, and also in training the junior staff in his charge.

MR. CHOW YAU-CHEUNG - M.B.E. (Honorary) (Civil)

Mr. Chow served for over 30 years in the Public Works Department and at all times impressed his superiors by his capacity for hard work and by his good influence on the younger members of the staff - and this influence was particularly valuable during the time when he was in charge of the Training Section of the Land Survey Office. Mr. Chow also served for a number of years as a member of the Hong Kong Volunteer Force. MR. WONG LAAN-FUK ~ M.B.E. (Honorary) (Civil)

After meritorious service in North Borneo Mr. Wong returned to Hong Kong in 194?, and since then he has given outstanding service in the field of Animal Husbandry and in general extension work with the farmers of Hong Kong. Extremely conscientious and hardworking, he is liked and respected by all.


Mr, Chan has been unsparing of his time and service, as well as generous financially, in leading or supporting voluntary social work, especially in the educational and welfare interests of children suffering from disability, broken homes or poverty.

/MR. WU.......



Mr. Wu has boon Chairman of tho Hung Hom Kaifong Association for over twelve years and has worked indefatigably and successfully for the welfare of all classes in his area. He has set a fine example by his modest manner in the public service he undertakes.


Major Cattanach is a Nursing Officer of the highest calibre and has given 17 years of hard conscientious work to the care of the sick. During her service at the War Office she proved capable, conscientious and hardworking and inspired confidence in those with whom she came in contact.

She travelled to various parts of Britain in aid of recruiting.

By her calm efficiency she developed a close liaison with Recruiting Branches at War Office, Commands and Units. It was due to her efforts that in 1962 the number of recruits improved.


Major Treacy has over 13 years® service. She holds the Sister Tutor Diploma and is a hard-working, loyal and conscientious nursing officer. She gave particularly valuable service at the Military Hospital, Tidworth, where she was able to get the very best out of her students, and instill knowledge into the backward ones. She is a credit to the Corps in every respect. WARRANT OFFICER C.F.S. HISCOX - BRITISH (Military)

Warrant Officer Hiscox enlisted as a boy in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps in 1939 and transferred to the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in 19^3• His overseas service includes periods of operational duty in Java, Korea and Malaya.

As Armourer Sergeant with the 2nd Battalion ?th Duke of Edinburgh’s Own Gurkha Rifles he has been personally responsible for the technical efficiency of the units weapons and instruments, which have obtained the highest possible grading in the last two inspections. Warrant Officer Hiscox has taken a keen and active interest in the battalion and has set an excellent example to all.


P. T» 0.



Flight Sergeant White has recently been employed almost exclusively on Criminal and Special investigation duties, and has displayed outstanding devotion to duty and complete reliability. Apart from being a remarkably successful investigator he is a fine and methodical administrator. In his own investigations he has brought some 18 out of 23 cases to a positive conclusion. His unswerving devotion to duty is in the best traditions of the Service and an example to all. MR. HO PAK-FUK - PT"11'! EMPIRE MEDAL - - - ~   .   - .   —- ' T— * ■■ I • I I I ■■■!    

•Mr. Ho Pak-fuk started work in the Royal Naval Dockyard in 1928 and transferred to the Royal Air Force in 1930. Since that date he has worked as a clerk and is at present Senior Clerk in the Equipment Section. His complete devotion to duty, professional ability, great knowledge, initiative, complete loyalty and co-operative manner have been of great assistance to each succeeding Equipment Officer, and he has rendered 35 .years® worthy service to the Crown. MR, LEUNG WAI-SANG - BRITISH EMPIRE rTDAL

Mr. Leung has now retired after 33 years’ service with Government, He served in many departments ending up in the Royal Hong Kong Defence Force, Here his loyal, painstaking and unselfish devotion to duty contributed greatly to the high standard of the maintenance of Force records, MR, YOUNG WAH-PP^-JKLTISH EMPIRE MEDAL

Mr, Young joined the Ministry of Public Building and Works in Shanghai in 1920, and served there until 19^1« During the Japanese occupation he watched over British property in Shanghai. Since 19^6 Mr. Young served in both Hong Kong and Singapore, and ho retired this year after 38 years’ service. MR. MAK. LAM - IMPERIAL SERVICE MEDAL

Mr. Mak who retired recently from Government service, has given long and faithful service to the Government of Hong Kong. As No. 1 Driver at Government House he drove the Governor and his important guests, including members of the Royal Family, safely to functions in all parts of the territory.

/MR. LAI........



Mr. Lai has given loyal service in the Hong Kong Fire Brigade for over 30 years and has shewn an excellent example to those serving under him. He has received a high commendation from the Governor for his performance in operations.


Mr. Martin has performed his duties with enthusiastic devotion and to a standard well above average. He was Senior Commander in the Kowloon Fire District for years and placed his men and material to the best advantage at all times. He has shewn a good example to those serving under him.


Early in 1963 Mr. Lau was called to the scene of an oiled-fi red locomotive fire. He immediately assessed the situation and ordered the removal of two oil storage tank wagons nearby and then, directing the firemen to play their hoses on to one side of the locomotive cabin until the flames were out, he entered the cabin and, in spite of the intense heat, turned off a fuel supply cock which was feeding the flames. Mr. Lau displayed great courage in this action and risked his life in entering the locomotive.


List Of Supporters

Mr. H.W.E. Heath, C.M.G.

Mr. C.J. Norman, C.B.E. Professor E. Blunden, C.B.E., M.C.

Mr. W.J.D. Cooper, C.B.E.

Hon. Li Fook-shu, O.B.E. Hon. R.C. Lee, C.B.E.

Hon. C.Y. Kwan, O.B.E.

Mr. H. Noble, O.B.E. Professor F.E. Stock, O.B.E.

Mr. W.N.T. Tam, O.B.E.

/Miss B.G. Schofield .......

P. T. 0.


Miss B.G. Sohofiold, O.B.E.

Mr. Woo Pak-chuen, O.B.E.

Professor Wong Yung-chow, O.B.E. (Honorary)

Mr. Cheong Wai-fung, M.B.E.

Mr. A.L. Gordon, M.B.E.

Miss B.M.F. Kotewall, M.B.E.

Mr. Li Yau-yan, M.B.E.

Mrs. M.N. Staple, M.B.E. . .. . . . . - . —

Mr. Bunnan Tong, M.B.E.

Mr. Tung Man-tak, M.B.E.

Mr. Chow Yau-cheung, M.B.E. (Honorary)

Mr. Wong Laan-fuk, M.B.E. (Honorary)

Mr. Chan Nam-cheong, B. of H.

Mr. Wu Shing-shuen, B. of H.

Dr. the Hon P.H. Teng, O.B.E.

Mr. C.E.M. Terry, C.B.E.

Hon. C.Y. Kwan, O.B.E.

Dr. the Hon. P.H. Teng, O.B.E.

Sir Lindsay Ride, C.B.E., E.D.

Hon C.Y. Kwan, O.B.E.

Mr. Kwok Chan, O.B.E., K.St.J. (A)

Mr. Paul Tsui, M.B.E.

Mr. J.B. Prendergast, G.M., C.B.E.

Mr. G.D. Binstead, M.B.E.

Miss V.D.A. Silcocks, M.B.E.

Dr. Catherine Woo, M.B.E.

Mr. Chau Wa-shang, M.B.E.

Mr. Leung Tak-wah, M.B.E.

Mrs. Kwok Chan, M.B.E.

Miss D. Lee, M.B.E.

Hon. R.C. Lee, C.B.E.

Hon. C.Y. Kwan, O.B.E.

Mr. Chau Wa-shang, M.B.E.

Mr. Leung Tak-wah, M.B.E.

Mr. Chung King-pui, M.B.E.

Mr. Leung Fung-ki, M.B.E.

Mr. J. Cater, M.B.E.

Mr. Wu Wai-kay, M.B.E.

Hon. R.C. Lee, C.B.E.

Hon. Fung Ping-fan, O.B.E.

Hon. R.C. Lee, C.B.E.

Hon. C.Y. Kwan, O.B.E.

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