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Wednesday, December 12, 1962


The following is the list of citations at today’s (Wednesday) ceremony of Presentation of Insignia at Government House: THE HON. ALIA}! INGLIS - C^.G, (Civil)

Mr. Inglis assumed the important post of Director of Public Works in Hong Kong on 50th May, 1957, after a distinguished career in Malaya. On the Department of which he is Director falls the responsibility of providing an ever-increasing programme of new building and engineering works to meet the continuous demands of Hong Kong’s social and industrial development.

The Public Works Department is now one of the largest in terms of professional and technical officers, and discharges a very heavy responsibility for large sums of capital expenditure. Mr. Inglis has directed the activities of this important and complex Department with conspicuous ability and success. THE HON. D.R. HQH.ES - C.B.B. (Civil)

Mr. Holmes is an officer of high integrity, great ability and singular versatility. He has completed 24 years of service in a variety of spheres. He lias recently been in turn the head of three major departments and in each case has carried through systems of re-organisation which have proved to be of lasting value. He is an officer who has undertaken exceptional tasks and fulfilled them exceptionally well.

MR. KWOK CHAN - C.B.E. (Civil)

Mr. Kwok Chan has devoted many years to public service in the interests of the community and Colony of Hong Kong. He served as an appointed Member of the Urban Council for seven years and was a member of Legislative Council from 1955 until June this year. He has interested himself widely in social /work..............................................................

P. T. 0.


work, particularly with the St. John Ambulance Association and has over the years, set a notable example in devoted public work and has not spared himself in service to the community.

MR. S.J.G. BURT - O.B.E. (Civil)

As Principal of the Hong Kong Technical College, Mr. Burt has played a major role in ensuring that the Technical College has expanded to meet the increasing demands made on it by local industry and commerce. He has been responsible for establishing the close relationship between the College and all sections of industry and commerce, which has resulted in generous assistance from these sections of the community towards the equipping and building of the new College.

Mr. Burt is held in high regard not only by members of the local industrial and commercial communities but also by international technical educationalists, and he has helped to build up the College’s excellent international reputation.

DR. TENG PIN-HUI - O.B.E, (Civil)

Dr. Teng is one of the most senior Chinese members of the Government Service. During his service he has worked loyally and enthusiastically, earning the respect both of his colleagues and of members of the public. His work at the University of Hong Kong and in Urban Council has gained him the trust and esteem of these bodies, and he lias set a fine example of devotion to duty throughout his career.

MR. CHAD WA-8HANG - M.B.E. (civil)

Mr. Chau has been in Government service for thirty-nine years and of these fourteen have been spent in the Inland Revenue Department and its predecessor, the War Taxation Department, which he set up when it was first formed in 1947* Mr. Chau is held in profound respect by all his fellow officers for his integrity and wise counsel.

MR, D.H. JORDAN - I.I.B.B. (Civil)

Mr. Jordan joined the Colonial Administrative Service in 1948j and has proved himself to be an officer of marlcod ability. As Visit Director /for..................................................................


for the visits to Hong Kong of His Royal Highness, the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in 1959, and of Her Royal Highness, the Princess Alexandra of Kent, in 1961, he was responsible for the planning and supervision of a

• • • - • • • • • —• •—••• •• • — - • ........ .. ..... . , . . ,

detailed programme of engagements. Mr. Jordan performed his duties with great care and efficiency and contributed in no small measure to the notable success of the visits.

MR. J. KELSALL - M.B.E. (Civil)

Mr. Kelsall served as a Captain in the Royal Signals during the war. Later he joined Government Communications Headquarters and here his work entailed training incoming personnel for.the Radio Branch.

MISS IAU REI-YUK - j/i.B.E. (Civil)

Miss Lau has devoted her life to her vocation of nursing at the Nethersole Hospital. She has set and maintained high standards of loyalty and devotion in the care of the sick and the training of nurses at that hospital. Since her retirement she has again given her services in response to an urgent need, working for a time as the Matron of the Pok Oi Hospital in the New Territories.

PR. MA. YI-YIMG - K.B.E. (Civil)

Dr. Ma has made, a valuable contribution to social work in Hong Kong in general and to education in particular. In addition to being the Principal of a large and well-run girls’ school, Dr. Ma has played an —•••••• ... • • - ...... important part in social activities of all kinds.

MRS,. J.E. RIIEY - M.B.E. (Civil) %

Mrs. Riley joined her husband at the Gurkha Depot at Lehra in April 1956 and remained there for three years. She devoted herself to the welfare and health of the Gurkha families and by her efforts helped to raise the standard of living and of health. By her unselfish and devoted service she built up a high state of morale in an isolated station.

MR. WONG KING-WAI - M.B.E. (Civil)

Mr. Wong has worked in the Post Office with outstanding loyalty and devotion to duty for thirty-three years. He has devoted most of his off-duty /time......................................................................

P. T. 0.


time to the development and activities of the Department’s very successful staff welfare organisation.


Mrs. Chan is a most energetic social welfare worker who has devoted much of her time in recent years to the Hong Kong Juvenile Care Centre, with very rewarding results. Mrs. Chan has also played a leading part in the affairs of women’s organisations in Hong Kong.


Mrs. Chan is a sincere, warmhearted and indefatigable worker in a wide field of social and educational work. She has always been a most active member and supporter of causes sponsored by organisations ’of' which she is a member, and her qualities are widely recognised throughout the community.


Mr. Cheung has devoted much time to social work in the widest sense and earned for himself the respect of the community. He has interested himself particularly in the work of the Tung Wah Hospitals and the Five Districts Welfare Association, and through his part in the Lung Kbng Association he has done much to create links of interest and goodwill between Hong Kong citizens and colleagues overseas.


Mr. Tang has been Superintendent of the Five Districts Business Association since the end of the war. He has enabled the Association to raise substantial funds to maintain a school, a free maternity home and clinic, and to carzy out a wide range of welfare work for the community. CORPORAL HODSMAN - BRITISH EMPIRE MEDAL (.Military)

Corporal Hodsman has worked with resourcefulness, intelligence and integrity throughout his tour of duty. Through his efforts and tact there has been a marked improvement in the health and welfare of the servicemen stationed in Hong Kong.

Air, lam........



Mr. Lam entered. Admiralty employment in 1958, and, except for the period of the war has served in it ever since. His duties, dealing with the employment and welfare of locally enlisted personnel, require a man of efficiency, reliability, tact and loyalty of the highest order, and Mr. Lam has, throughout his service displayed these qualities in the highest degree. MR, LEUNG SING - BRITISH ENTIRE LEDAL

Mr. Leung has had. twenty-five years of service with the I&rine Department. Since his promotion to coxswain he has earned three commendations, one for rescuing the crew of a capsized junk and two for maintaining a high standard of efficiency in his crew and vessel. He is a first-class seaman with sound judgment. He has discharged his duties as coxswain of *The Lady Maurine1 in a highly meritorious manner.


Mr. ’Jong has a long and excellent record of loyal service in the Urban Services Department. His tact and organising ability in dealing with the public and with his subordinates have enabled him to accomplish difficult tasks in the public interest, and he has always been willing to give his services beyond the normal call of duty.


(medal to be received by his son, Mr. Im Yan-chuen)

Mr. Im served for over fifty years in the Hongkong Tramways Permanent Way Department, and he was appointed Overseer in 1955* His exceptional efficiency, loyalty and honesty earned him the respect of all with whom he came into contact.


Miss Ng entered service with the Medical & Health Department in 1927 and. except for the war period served, in it until her retirement this year. She was employed at the Queen Mary Hospital from 1945 onwards and by her example she set high standards of loyalty and service for her younger colleagues and earned the respect of all who knew her.


PRESENTATION CF HONOURS, 1962 List Of Supporters

Hon. A. Inglis, C.M.G.

Hon. D.R. Holmes, C.B.E., M.C., E.D.

Mr. I&rok Chan, C.B.E., K.St.J. (a)

Mr. S.J.G. Burt, O.B.E.

Dr. Teng Pin-hui, O.B.E.

Mr. Chau Wa-shang, M.B.E.

Mr. D.H. Jordan, M.B.E.

Miss Lau Mei-yuk, M.B.E.

Mr. J. Kelsall, M.B.E.

Dr. Ma Yi-ying, M.B.E.

Mrs. J.E. Riley, M.B.E.

Mr. Wong King-wai, M.B.E.

Mrs. Chan Fung-chau, Badge of Honour

Mrs. Violet Chan, Badge of Honour

Mr. Cheung Yok-luen, Badge of Honour

Mr. Tang Pak-chuen, Badge of Honour

Hon. C.B. Burgess, C.M.G., O.B.E.

Dr. the Hon. D.J.M. MaoKenzie,

C.M.G., O.B.E.

Sir Lindsay Ride, C.B.E., E.D.

Hon. J.D. Clague, C.B.E., M.C., T.D.

Mr. Lo Man-wai, C.B.E.

Mr. Ngan Shing-kwan, C.B.E.

Mr. Cheung Wing-min, O.B.E.

Mr. A. Perry, O.B.E.

Hon. Kan Yuet-keung, O.B.E.

Dr. Tang Shiu-kin, C.B.E., K.St.J. (A)

Mr. Chan Fuk-him, M.B.E.

Mr. Leung Tak-wah, M.B.E.

Hon. C.B. Burgess, C.M.G., O.B.E.

Mr. H.G. Jordan, O.B.E.

Miss Maud Ward, M.B.E.

MLss Loung Sheung-chi, M.B.E.

Sqd. Ldr. S.H.E. Justin, M.B.E.

Fit. Lt. R. Andrew, M.B.E.

MLss V. Silcocks, M.B.E.

Mrs. Ellen S.P. Li, M.B.E.

Lt. Col. E.T. Horsford, M.B.E.

Major R.N.P. Reynolds, M.B.E.

Mr. Leung Tak-wah, M.B.E.

Mr. To King-shun, M.B.E.

Hon. R.C. Lee, O.B.E.

Hon. Kwan Cho-yiu, O.B.E.

Hon. R.C. Lee, O.B.E.

Hon. Km Yuet-keung, O.B.E.

Hon. Kwan Cho-yiu, O.B.E.

Hon. Fung Ping-fan, O.B.E.

Hon. R.C. Lee, O.B.E.

Hon. Kwan Cho-yiu, O.B.E.





Mr. Kwok Chan, O.B.E. - Associate Knight

Dr. Tang Shiu-kin, C.B.E. Associate Knight

Dr. J.R. Jones, C.B.E., M.C. Commander (Brother)

Mr. E.L. Hanlon Officer (Brother)

Mr. N.G. Rolph Officer (Brother)

Mr. C.E.M. Terry, C.B.E. Officer (Brother)

Mr. Li Wai-hon Associate Officer (Brother)

Mrs, . Aw Boon Haw Associate Officer (Sister)

Mr. Tam Lok-sang Serving Brother

Mr. s ... Chung Yee-pui Associate Serving Brother

Dr. Tsan Wei-chean Associate Serving Brother

Mr. Tse Shing Associate Serving Brother



The average yield.of the second-crop paddy last month was 1.86 piculs a ”dau chung” representing a decrease of 17*06 per cent as compared with the corresponding crop last year*

The average price of wong huk chai mei - the commonest variety — recorded last month was a picul, an increase of $2 a picul in comparison with the figure of November, 1961*

During November, the yield of brackish water paddy was about 50 per cent less than normal due to the prolonged dry spell in August.


P. T. 0



Ei^ity-five deaths from infectious diseases occurred during the week ended on December 1 as compared with 63 in the previous week, according to official health figures released today.

Of the total, 40 deaths were from tuberculosis, 41 from measles and four from diphtheria.

In the same period, 304 fresh cases of tuberculosis were notified, bringing to 12,804 the total number of tuberculosis oases reported since the beginning of the year.

Other infectious diseases notified in the week were: amoebiasis -two cases; dysentery (bacillary) - 18 cases; enteric fever (typhoid) -15 cases; enteric fever (paratyphoid) - one case; poliomyelitis - seven cases; chickenpox - eleven cases; diphtheria - 81 cases; measles - 235 cases; ophthalmia neonatorum - eight cases; whooping cough - three cases; malaria -21 oases; and cerebrospinal meningitis - one case.

Births registered in the Colony totalled 2,302 - 679 in Hong Kong, 1,238‘in Kowloon and 385 in the New Territories. There were 480 deaths from all causes - 158 in Hong Kong, 283 in Kowloon and 39 in the Nev; Territories.



Note to Editors: The following information is issued for your reference:

Xu Name Arrival Departure

Mr. Moeri, . 14*12.62 Not yet known

Vice-Chairman of I.L.O. from Sydney

Governing Body by QF/274




9 -


39 Trade Enquiries Received

Thirty^nine trade enquiries covering 69 items of local products were received by the Sydney Office of the Hong Kong Government in October.

Commercial introductions effected by the Sydney Office during the month numbered 75 •

Products concerned included pleasure boats, electrical goods, bakelite ware, wooden furniture, ivory, jade and objet d’art.

There were also enquiries about rubber footwear, printing and stationery lines, garments, knitwear and embroidered piecegoods, industrial gloves and plumbers’ hardware.

Three letters of introduction were issued to Australian businessmen intending to visit Hong Kong. Four complaints against Hong Kong firms were investigated with a view to reaching an amicable settlement, and 97 enquiries of a general nature were dealt with during the month.

- r - - 0--------


Expansion Of Light Industries At New Town

A godown and a warehouse attached to a textile mill were completed for occupation in the new industrial town of Kwun* Tong during the month of October.

In his latest review of industrial developments at Kwun Tong, the Director of Commerce and Industry states that factories had been completed and were in operation cn 79 industrial sites at Kwun Tong at the eni of October.

Construction work had been completed on a further two factories while building work was in progress on another 13 factory sites.

/Building ••••••

P. T. 0.

- 10 -

Building plans for 21 factories had been approved but construction work on the buildings themselves had not yet started. Four building plans were under preparation or were being considered by the Building Authority at the end of the month under review.



At 9 a«m. today (Wednesday), the water storage in Hong Kong*s reservoirs was 8,172 million gallons. It stood at 8,191 million gallons yesterday.



Note to Editors: The Cheung Chau Government Middle School will hold

its annual Speech Day at its premises on Cheung Chau Island in the Nev; Territories on Friday morning.

On the afternoon of the same day, the Yuen Long Public Middle School will hold its Speech Day at its premises in Yuen Long.


Release Time: 6.15 P»m»




Monday, December 319 1962





On NO account should any of the undermentioned persons be contacted for interviews or for information relative to their careers or be approached in any other way in connection with their awards before these have been publicly announced.

The information relating to the Honours is strictly embargoed and there must be NO announcement, either in the press or radio broadcast, before the morning of Tuesday, January 1, 1963*



C.B.E. (Civil) - (Commander Order of the British Empire)

Mr. Cuthbert James Norman, Commissioner of Prisons

Mr. C.J. Norman joined the Prisons Service in Hong Kong in 1941 as Assistant Superintendent of Prisons. He was appointed Acting Superintendent of Prisons in the same year. On the outbreak of hostile ties in December, 1941 Mr. Norman was mobilised as a Lieutenant in the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps and was promoted to the post of Captain before the fall of Hong Kong. He was interned at Stanley during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong Mr. Norman was appointed Acting Commissioner of Prisons after the war from August 25 to October 28, 1945» He served as Acting Commissioner on two other occasions in 1951 and 1952 and has been Comnri ssioner of Prisons since the beginning of 1953®

/O.B.E. (Civil) .......

P. T. 0.

- 2 -

O.B.E. (Civil) - (Officer Order of the British Empire)

Mr* Herbert Noble

Mr. Ha Noble has been Headmaster of Ying Wah College for Boys since 1 $J8. He served, as a Naval Volunteer during the war and m3 interned in Sham Shui Po.

Mr. Noble has been a member of the Grant Schools Council since 1947 and was Chairman of the Council from 1954 to 1956- He is also Chairman of the Grant Schools Board of Control Provident Fund and a Member of the Grant Schools Building Depreciation Fund. He is also a Member of the Board of Education, representing the London Missionary Society. He is a Member of the University Court, representing the Grant Schools Council, a Member of the Executive Committee of the* Alice Ho and Affiliated Hospitals and a Member of the Board of Control of Morrison Hall since 1948. O.B.E. (Civil) • (Officer Order of the British Empire)

Hon. Li Fook-shu

Mr. Li Fook-shu is- an Unofficial Member of the Legislative Council. He is also a Nominated Member of the Urban Council, a Member of the Housing Authority, a Member of the Tenancy Tribunal, a Member of the Board of Authorised Auditors, a Member of the Advisory Committee for Higher Studies, Honorary Treasurer of the Hong Kong Sea- School, and Honorary Treasurer of St. Stephen1 s Girls’ College.

O.B.E. (Honorary) - (Officer Order of the British Empire)

Professor Wong Yung-chow • . ... • - . •. , •

Professor Wong Yung-ohow has been Professor of Mathematics at the University of Hong Kong since 1948. Educated at the Sun Yat Sen University before going to London and Princeton Universities for post-graduate studies, Professor Wong has served as Dean of the Faculties of both Engineering and Science* He is a member of numerous University committees and has on several occasions acted as Vice-Chancellor. He is Chairman of the Post—Secondary Colleges Joint Diploma Examination Board.

/fa.B.E. (Civil) ......


M.B.E. (Civil) •- (Member Order of the British Empire)

Mrs. Margaret Noyes Staple

Mrs. Staple is Colony Commissioner of Girl Guides. She has been Co-Chairman of the Cheero Club with important duties for the welfare of the Servicemen1 who use that Club.

Mrs. Staple was Skipper of the Sea Rangers from 1953 to 1959* She was District Commissioner of Girl Guides, Victoria Central, from 1955 to 1956 and was Assistant Cplony Commissioner from 1956 to 1958, when she was appointed Deputy Colony Commissioner. She acted as Colony Commissioner- on many occasions before becoming Colony Commissioner in November, 1961. She served as First Officer in the Hong Kong Women1 s Royal Naval. Volunteer Reserve from 1949 to 1953.

M.B.E. (Civil) - (Member Order of the British Empire)

Hr. Alexander Lundie-Gordon, Senior Superintendent of Police

Mr. AoLo Gordon has been Deputy Director of the Special Branch of the Hong Kong Police during the past five years. He joined the Police Force as a Police Constable in August, 1938. He was promoted Lance Sergeant a year later and was advanced to the rank of Sub—Inspector in January, 194-6. He became an Assistant Superintendent in August, 1950 and was promoted to Superinterdent three years .later. He was advanced to the rank of Senior Superintendent in November, 1957°

Mr. Gordon, who is 47, was awarded the Colonial Police Medal for Meritorious Service in 19563 , »

M.B.E. (Civil) — (Member Order of the British Empire)

Miss Bobbie Madeleine Florence Kotewall

Miss Kotewall started teaching at St. Paul’s Co-Educational College in 1945 and became Principal in 1952<: Her many activities include being a Member of the Appeals Board since 1953, a Member of the Grant Schools Council since 1952, a Member of the Hong Kong School Certificate Syndicate- since 1958, a Member of the Hong Kong University Matriculation Board since 1958, a Member •• w . v • •• ,

/of the ......

P. T. 0.


of the Post-Secondary Colleges Joint Entry Examination Syndicate since 1960, a Member of the University Court since 1958, a Member of St# John’s College Council since 1955, a Member* of St# John’s Cathedral Council since 1955, a Member of the Diocesan Conference since 1961, a Member of the Sheng Kung Hui Synod since 1954, a Member of the Executive Committee of the Boys’ and G-irls’ Clubs since 1959, and Vice-Chairman of Bishop Hall Jubilee School Council since 1961. She has been Supervisor of St# Joseph’s Primary School since 1961 and of the Sheng Kung Hui Nursery School since 1958# M.B.E. (Civil) - (Member Order of the British Empire)

Mr# William Cecil Low, Deputy Registrar, District Court, Kowloon Mr# W.C# Low went on leave prior to revirement in October, 1962# He was appointed to the post of Deputy Registrar of the Kowloon District Court in January, 1953 after long service in the Legal Department and with the Judiciary. He first joined Government service on January 1, 1930 at the age of 2J# He was attached to the Official Receiver’s Office until 1934, when he became Clerk to the Puisne Judge and served in this post until the outbreak of war in 1941* In December, 1946, on his return from leave after the war, he was appointed Clerk to the Chief Justice and, in 1951, to one of the two newly created posts of Clerk of the Court, which he held until his appointment as Deputy Registrar of the Kowloon District Court in January, 1953-During his service with Government Mr. Low had held posts of responsibility in the Boy Scouts Movement. He was a member of the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Force before the war# In recent years he took an active interest in church affairs, being a member of the Anglican Church Council and a Church Warden# M.B.E. (Civil) - (Member Order of the British Empire)

Mr# Tung Man-tak, Assistant Statistical Officer in the Commerce_and Industry Department

Mr. Tung Man-tak joined Government service in September, 1924 as a probationer clerk. He served in the Treasury and Post Office before the war in December, 1941* After the war, he resumed duty in the Department of



Imports, and Exports and was promoted to Class III Clerk in May, 1946. He was appointed Taxation Officer in the Inland Revenue Department in April, 1947 and was transferred to the Department of Imports and Exports as an Executive Office^, Class II in March, 1948. He was promoted to the post of Assistant Statistical Officer in April, 1954* He acted as Statistical Officer from October, 1956 to March, 1957* He went on a "Merit” visit to Britain in 1959*

B*E*M* (Civil) - (British Snpire }/Iedal)

Mr* Leung Wai-sang, General Clerical Service, Class I

Mr* Leung Wai-sang joined Government service in October, 1929 when he was appointed a Class VTB ,Clerk in the Colonial Secretariat* In January 1938 he was promoted to Class VIA Clerk in the General Clerical Service. He was transferred to the Immigration Office in November, 1940 and in the following month he was promoted to Class V Clerk. He was in China during the war years and resumed duty in September, 1945 in the Telecommunications Branch of the General Post Office* He was promoted to be a Clas§ IV Clerk in October, 1946 and to Class II Clerk three months later when.he.was seconded to Cable and Wireless for a short period* In March, 1949 he was posted to the Royal Hong Kong Defence Force. Mr. Leung, who was promoted to Class I Clerk in July, 1953> is due to retire in October, 1963.

C*P*M* - Colonial Police Medal for Meritorious Service

The Colonial Police Medal for Meritorious Service is awarded to the following Police officers:-

Mr. Charles Frederick Harbert, Superintendent of Police

Mr. C.F. Harbert joined tfye Hong Kong Police Force in 1949 a^d was appointed Assistant Superintendent of Police in 1958. He was advanced to the rank of Superintendent three years later. Mr* Harbert is J7<

Mr* Charles Leonard Stevens, Superintendent of Police

Mr* C.L* Stevens joined the Hong Kong Police Force as Sub-Inspector in 1950 and was promoted to the rank of Assistant Superintendent in 1957. *

/He was ••••••

P, 1. 0.


He was advanced to the rank of Superintendent three years later. Mr. Stevens is 35.

Mr. Alfred Ambrose Bagott, Superintendent of Police

Mr. A.A. Baggott joined the Palestine Police in 1941* He was appointed a Sub—Inspector in the Hong Kong Police Force in 1948. Six years later he was promoted to the rank of Assistant Superintendent and was advanced to the rank of Superintendent in 1957* Mr. Baggott, who is 47, has- been in charge of the Narcotics Bureau since October, 1957* - - ► *

Mr. Leslie Frederick Charles Guyatt, Chief Inspector of Police

Mr. L.F.C. Guyatt joined the Hong Kong Police Force in 1952 after many years of service with the British Army in India. He was promoted to the rank of Inspector in 1955 and became Chief Inspector in 1959* Since 1952 he has been Chief Drill and Musketry Instructor at the Police Training School and has been for some time now the Chief Instructor at the Police Training Contingent. He is 45.

Mr. William Edward Thomas, Chief Inspector of Police

Mr. W.E. Thomas joined the Portsmouth City Police in 1935 and. was appointed a Sub-Inspector in the Hong Kong Police Force in 1946. He was promoted to Inspector in 1949 and to Chief Inspector in 1956. Mr. Thomas is 46.

Staff Sergeant Lam Kam-chuen

Staff Sergeant Lam, who is. 44, joined the Hong. Kong Police Force- as a seaman in 1940. He was appointed Recruit Police Constable in 1948 and was promoted to the rank of Corporal the next year. He became Sergeant in 1950 and was appointed Staff Sergeant Class II in 1951. He was awarded the

Colonial Police Long Service Medal in 1958.

Mr. Bert Hope, Assistant Superintendent of Police (Auxiliary).

Mr* Bert Hope has served for eleven years with the Special Constabulary and the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police. He joined as a Volunteer Special Constable in 1951 and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant (Special) in 1952. He was promoted to the rank of Inspector (Special) in 1956 and became Assistant Superintendent of Police (Auxiliary) in 1962.

. . . -------0---------




Hon* Y.K. Kan To Succeed Mr* C.H.W. Robertson

The Hon. Y.K. Kan is shortly to succeed Mr. C.H.W. Robertson as Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Public Transport.

Mr. Kan has been a member of the Committee since it was first appointed in October 196*1 under the chairmanship of Mr. Robertson.

In tendering his resignation, Mr. Robertson has informed His Excellency the Governor that he will be retiring early next year from Shell Company of Hong Kong Limited of which he is at present General Manager and has agreed to accept appointment as Manager of the Kowloon Motor Bus Company.

Mr. W.S.T. Louey was General Manager of the company for over 20 years until his sudden death on December 9 when he was succeeded by Mr. Tang Shiu Kin-It is understood that Mr. Robertson will take up his new appointment as Manager on or about May 1 next year.

Mr. Kan1 s appointment as Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Public Transport, in place of Mr. Robertson, leaves a vacancy to which His Excellency the Governor has appointed Mr. K.A. Watson, a nominated member of the Urban Council.

------- 0 - - - -


The Rt. Hon. Lord Devlin, a member of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, will join the Judges of the Supreme Court on the Bench and will speak at the opening of the Assizes on January 10.

Lord and Lady Devlin will visit Hong Kong on their way to Austral -1 a early next month. They will be staying with the Honourable the Chief Justice, Sir Michael Hogan, and Lady Hogan.

------ 0---------

P. T. 0.

— -•8


Mr. Anthony Royle, Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Undersecretary of State for Air, is due to arrive in Hong Kong by air on Wednesday.

Mr. Royle, Conservative Member of Parliament for Richmond, Surrey, will be accompanied by his wife.

Luring his 18-day stay in the Colony, Mr. Royle will take a closer look at developments in Hong Kong which he was unable to do during his short visit to Hong Kong with the Rt. Hon. Julian Amery last June.

In recent months, Mr. Royle has shown very great interest in the affairs and achievements of Hong Kong by way of Parliamentary questions.

Mr. Royle was educated at Harrow and Sandhurst. He served with the Life Guards in Germany, Egypt, Palestine and Trans jordania from 1945 to 1948 and with the 21st Special Air Service Regiment (T.A.) from 1948 to 1951*

Note to Editors: Mr. Anthony Royle is due in Hong Kong by CPA Flight

CX 726 at 4«05 p»m. on Wednesday, January 2.



Note_to Editors: You are cordially invited to send a reporter and/or

photographer to cover the administration of anti-polio oral vaccine to children at the Maternal and Child Health Centre at Tsim Sha Tsui on Wednesday, January 2, at 11 a.m.



Note to Editors: The following information is issued for your reference:


Mr. T.C. Park,

Member of the Supreme Council of

National Reconstruction of Korea


2.1.63 to Bangkok by Air India

/9 ••«•••



All Categories Nov; Covered By Export Authorisation System

Thirty^five categories of cotton textile exports to the United States were today (Monday) made subject to an export authorisation system.

They are tho categories which were not restrained by the United States during tho last year of the Geneva Short-Term Arrangement which ended on September JO.

A Notice to Exporters issued by the Director of Commerce and Industry says that there is no change in the procedure affecting the original JO restrained items - which included quota control or export authorisation and a spacing system.

The items covered by today's Notice will not be subject to spacing.

Instead, export authorisation will be issued, valid for three months from the date of issue.

e f f J f f • f

The effect of today's Notice is to bring all of Hong Kong’s cotton textile exports to the United States under some form of supervision. In those categories which are not subject to actual quota control, exporters will have the guarantee that all goods authorised for export will be accepted by the United States.

Note to Editors: The figures for the JO Mrestrained” categories and the

J5 covered by today’s Notice to Exporters add up, apparently, to 65. This is because one category is split, under subcategories, under both systems.

The full text of the Notice to Exporters, with a list of categories affected, is distributed separately in tho Press Boxes, Government Information Services. - - - - 0 —--------------------

P. T. 0.

10 -



Appeal To Motorists

In the last few days of 19&2 there have been nearly JO road accidents every 24 hours® Day after day people are injured, many of them seriously® Every other day, throughout 19^2, someone has died on the roads®

Hong Kong Police made this appeal as the New Year festivities began: ’(rive death and injury a holiday, too®”

Senior Superintendent John Browett of the Traffic Branch said: "According to statistics, another 20 people will start 19&3 with injuries received in road accidents® And someone may never see the New Year®’’

"But death and injury on the roads are not inevitable® They can be prevented by common-sense and ordinary care® It is particularly dreadful to think that someone may be injured tonight because a motorist enjoyed himself too well celebrating the New Year®

"Why take that risk? If you are planning to have a drink tonight to celebrate the New Year why risk someone else’s life for your fun?

Leave the oar at home®

"Start 1963 right with one good resolution - IF YOU DRIVE, DON’T DRINK."

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The Hong Kong Government has received a donation of $1,132.59 from the National Council for Disaster Relief of Korea towards the relief of victims of Typhoon Wanda.

The donation, forwarded by the Korean Consul General in Hong Kong, has been credited to the Community Relief Trust Fund®

M ..


• f“' ■ * • i •' ' * I

Abotft 30 letters in a pillar post box, outside the Lung To Restaurant in Hennessy-Road, were destroyed by fire on Saturday night*

The fire started when a 'lighted cigarette or some such object was thrown into the box.

The letters affected by the fire were those posted in this box between

4»15 p»m. and 1'1.15 p»m. on Saturday.

Letters on which the addresses were still legible were delivered with a note of explanation for their condition.



Water storage in the Colony's reservoirs totalled 7,463 mi U i on gallons at 9 a.m. today (Monday).

At the same time on Saturday, the total storage was 7,534 mi 11i nn gallons.



Note to Editors: H.E. the Governor and Miss Barbara Black will attend

Annual Children's Sports Bay at the Kowloon Cricket Club at 4 p»m. tomorrow (Tuesday) instead of 2.15 p»m. as previously announced.

On Thursday evening, Miss Barbara Black will not accompany the Governor to the dinner reception on board H.M.S. Alert.


P. T. 0



Note to Editors: The following information is issued for your reference:

Name Arrival Departure

Mr. Luang Sukhum Nayapradit, 2.1.63 Not yet known

Secretary-General of the Civil from Tokyo

Service Commission of Thailand by TAl/601

Dr. Subandric, 1.1.63 •2.1.63 • ■

Minister of Foreign Affairs, from Djakarta to Peking

Indonesia by &A/9O6 by train


Release Time; 6.J0 p*p»