Daily Information Bulletin - 1960s - 1960 - DEC - ENG




Thursday, December 8th, i960

Manager and Chief Engineer


The following is the list of citations at today’s ceremony cf Presentation of Insignia at Government House: MR. J.J. COWPERTHWAITE - O.B.E. (Civil)

Mr. Cowperthwaite has carried out very important duties in the financial and economic branches of the Administration, particularly since 1955* He has acted as Financial Secretary and Director of Commerce & Industry and has held the substantive post of Deputy Financial Secretary since November, 1956* He has represented Hong Kong abroad at a number of Conferences dealing with economic and commercial problems. His ability is exceptional and he has, in consequence been called on to carry additional responsibilities from time to time and he has done so with success. PROFESSOR F.S, DRAKE - O.B.E. (Civil)

For over forty years Professor Drake has devoted himself to active academic work in China, and, during the last ten years, he has been mainly instrumental in building up the Department of Cliinese and the Institute of Oriental Studies in the University of Hong Kong to its present standard of eminence in the scholastic world. With his knowledge of CM nnsn and his fine scholarship, he and the scholars ho has attracted to his school are making a very valuable contribution to the study and preservation of Chinese culture in Hong Kong.


Dr. Rodrigues has been a leading member of the Portuguese community for many years. He han served as u nominated member of Urban Council, was an Unofficial Member of Legislative Council for six years until June, 1959>

/and has ••••••

P. T. 0.

- 2 -

and has served as an Unofficial Member of Executive Council since last year* Dr* Rodrigues is held in high regard and respect throughout the Colony as a man of high integrity and sound judgment. Ho has always been active in medical circles and has given much time to social welfare service and has a high sense of public duty.

MR. L. SMITH - O.B.E. (Civil)

Mr. Smith performed valuable service during the war when ho was attached to the Press Attache’s office in the British Embassy in China, and, throughout his Government service, ho has always shewn great energy and discernment and has won the appreciation and respect of those with whom he has come into contact.

MR. H.N. VMJJAMSON - O.B.E. (Civil)

The re-establishment of Queen’s College as one of the premier secondary schools in the Far East is largely the work of Mr. Williamson. He has always put the good of his school first, and has not spared himself in any way. His work as a principal has been outstanding; it has gained him the respect and esteem both of the general public and of the leading educationalists in the Colony.


During his tour of duty as Deputy Assistant Adjutant General at Headquarters 17 Gurkha Division,Major Blackstock worked at high pressure for long periods. He held this post for nearly two years and throughout this period ho applied himself with zeal and enthusiasm to every task however difficult and achieved excellent results.

LT. COL. H.A. HARDY - M.B.E. (Military)

Major Hardy showed high devotion to duty whilst employed as a Senior Instructor in Gunnery, Royal Artillery Training Wing, in Germany. Besides being a first-class instructor, his knowledge of the equipment used helped to avoid delays in training. His handling of delicate negotiations over the best use of the training area resulted in complete success.


MAJOR M.J.G. MARTIN - M.B.E. (Military)

In his duties as Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General Major Martin worked with tireless energy, imagination and ingenuity to ensure that the units under his charge had the best possible standard of living conditions. His foresight and careful planning eased the task of units operating under the most trying conditions* LT. COL. A.W. WISE - M.B.E. (Military)

During his tour of duty as Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General (Maintenance) in the Ministry of Defence, Federation of Malaya, Colonel Wise applied himself diligently to his job which involved both day to day problems and planning for the future, and in doing so made a great contribution to the Ministry and to the administration of the Malayan Armed Forces.

MR, CHUNG- ffUC-KWONS ( _______) - M.B.E. (Civil)

Mr* Chung has served the public in the Urban Services Department for 27 years* In addition to carrying out his duties efficiently, he has taken a. constant and active part in welfare work for the staff, being particularly interested in educational and sporting ventures* As a result of his efforts, the Department has established three schools for children of junior officers and Mr* Chung has acted as Supervisor and Headmaster of one of these and has, in addition, been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Department1s fourth school* MISS M.A* GRANT - M.B.E* (Civil)

During her twenty—two years of service, Miss Grant has served as Matron in the three largest Government Hospitals in the Colony and has done much to set and maintain high standards of nursing care. As Matron of the Queen Mazy Hospital she has shown the qualities of leadership and devotion to duty so necessary in the largest Government Hospital with its Nurses’ Training School, which is also the Teaching Hospital for the University.

/faR. W.F.C* JENNER ..

P. T. 0.


MH. W.F.C. JENNER - M.B.E. (Civil)

Mr. Jenner is a keen and efficient officer who has carried out a complete reorganisation of the Printing Department during the last eight years. The Department is now a highly efficient organisation capable of producing all types of printing work up to a very high standard.

MR. KWAN MAN-WAI, (, *i < ) - M.B.E. (Civil)

Mr. Kwan qualified as an Instructor in the Corps of Air Raid Wardens in 1939 and served with distinction, particularly during the hostn 1 ities in 1941 • He rejoined the Civil Aid Services in 1952 and is now Head Warden of Hong Kong Island. By his energy and ability, ho has welded the wardens under his command into a loyal and efficient service which has carried out life-saving operations on a number of occasions, particularly during the disastrous rains in June, 1959* Mr. Kwan is a Trustee of the Church of England in Hong Kong and takes a keen interest in welfare work, particularly in welfare activities for the C.A.S. He sets a high example to all by his loyalty and high ideals.


Mrs. Kwok has shevm a high sense of social obligation and has proved herself a conscientious and active supporter of work for underprivileged children; sho has also devoted much of her time to the interests of older girls and women in Hong Kong.

MR. LO CHO-CHI ( _______) - M.B.E. (Civil)

Apart from the war period, during which he worked in the Refugee Relief Section of the British Embassy in China, Mr. Do has served in the Southern District of the Nov; Territories Administration for almost thirty years. His devotion to duty, ready understanding of peoples’ problems and wide experience have been invaluable to successive District Officers. He ir held in high regard by the people of the District.

4lR. SHAM........


MR. SHAM IAK—YING ( ~ M.B.E. (Civil)

Mr. Sham is the oldest serving member of the Hong Kong Fire Brigade. He has dedicated his tine and energy to the advancement of the Brigade, and, by his example, has fired the enthusiasm of members in a tradition of service

MISS SHIN TAK-HING- ( ) - M.B.E. (Civil)

Miss Shin Tak-hing has a record of forty years* devoted service to the Y.W.C.A# in Hong Kong and in China# She has also served on the committees of a variety of ether organisations engaged in social work, and was called upon to join the Emergency Relief Committee which was set up to look after refugees before the second World War#

MR. WONG WAI-TSOI ( /T) , M.B.E. (Civil)

Mr. Wong has served loyally and efficiently in the Hong Kong Fire Brigade as Divisional Officer for seven years# He has gained the Diploma of the Institute of Fire Engineers and has a speoi al,i sec] knowledge of the work of the Inspection Division of the Brigade, having made a groat contribution to the improvement of public safety measures in Hong Kong, particularly in relation to new buildings. He has always interested himself in the welfare of members of the Brigade and has done much to foster and develop the confidence which the public now has in its Fire Brigade.


During his terms of office at the Po Leung Kuk, as a member from j955-56 and as Chairman from 1957-58 Mr. Hui was very energetic in the steps ho took to improve the Kuk’s administration and to rearrange the accommodation to allow for more inmates. Mr. Hui was also responsible for raising the funds necessary to build a now stores building and staff quarters.


Mr. Gorman has a long record of outstanding courage in fire-fighting and life-saving. His name has become a household word in this respect in

/tiong Kong ••.••#

P# T. 0.


Hong Kong. In the particular instance for which he receives this award, he acted with great courage during a fire in a building in which oil, matches and chemicals were stored. On learning that an elderly woman might be trapped in the house next door, Mr. Gorman entered the building, without any smoke mask, searched the second floor through suffocating darkness, found the woman and carried her down to the first floor. That her life was saved is due to Mr. Gorman’s very high gallantry.


Rifleman Tamong displayed great courage and complete disregard for his personal safety when tracking terrorists during the operations in Malaya. It was mainly due to his determination that, in one operation, his patrol was able to seek out and destroy a band of the enemy.



Fireman Li was the first man to climb the ladder to rescue trapped people at a disastrous fire in April this year. Despite the fact that the ladder itself was at a dangerous angle because of debris in the street, the smoke and intense heat, which set fire to the top of the ladder, Fireman Li rescued three women and a small child, and then, disregarding his personal distress, he carried on with his duties.



Loading Fireman Lui was involved in a disastrous fire in April this year and, disregarding the intense and suffocating heat, he entered the blazing bin l.cUng and helped his Chief Officer to carry an old woman to safety from the first floor.


Mr. Yu Kwong exhibited great courage and disregard for his personal safety when he rescued a superior officer, rendered unconscious by noxious fumes, from the wator-ballast tank of a vessel. The incident occurred duri ng a search for narcotics, and, when the officer who wan leading the

/search ••••••


search be cane unconscious, Mr. Yu, despite being affected by the gas himself and having to leave the tank for fresh air, returned to the enclosed space and managed to drag the man to safety* His prompt action nay well have saved his superior officer’s life*

SERGEANT J.E. KITCHEN. - B.E.M. (Military)

During his tour of duty as Chief Clerk of the Western Command Bridging Conp, Sergeant Kitchen displayed a very high standard of conscientious hard work, efficiency and devotion to duty, which was an example to all members of the unit and to others who cane into contact with him, notably members of the Territorial Army. His enthusiasm, example and leadership did much to improve the efficiency of the administration of the Territorial Annual and Week End Training during 1956*59• SERGEANT GYANBAHADUR LBIBU - _B*E.H. (Military)

Sergeant Limbu has been employed as a cook non-commissioned officer for a number of years. Ho has always carried out his duties with zeal and enthusiasm and by liis cheerfulness and unflagging hard work he has inspired those with him to give of their best, and to realise the importance of the duties on which they have been engaged.

SERGEANT M, QUINN - B.E.M. (Military)

Sergeant Quinn was a Patrol Instructor at the Army Outward Bound School in North Wales and was responsible for the training of some hundreds of boys. The work was exceptionally tough and exacting, but, by his leadership and outstanding skill, he achieved the best results.


Flight Sergeant White was employed for many years in the servicing of Valiant aircraft. He has shewn great ability in mastering the intricacies of advanced systems, equipment and techniques, and also as a diagnostician. In addition to his technical duties, Flight Sergeant White undertook the administrative responsibility for his section. His skill, interest and efficiency have been an inspiration to all with whom he has servod.

/faR. CHEW........

8 -

MR, CHEUNG- SANG ( ) - B.E.M. (Civil)

Mr. Cheung entered the Dockyard as a Trade Boy in 1926 and eventually became a Senior Drauglitsnan Grade I. His exceptional ability in his trade gained him the respect of all, and at all tines he gave guidance and encouragenont to the junior members of his profession.

MR. LAM SHjU-SHEUNG ( ^ ) - B.E.M. (Civil)

Mr. Lan joined Government service in 1924 and for most of his long service has been attached to the Police Force where he has worked loyally and efficiently. He is an excellent C.I.D. Interpreter and is always willing and cheerful. Mr. Lan lias been commended by the Commissioner of Police on five occasions and has two Favourable Entries.

MR. LI CHEONG ( & ~ B.E.M. (Civil)

Mr. Li is the most senior officer in the messenger grades and has served the Government loyally and devotedly for thirty-seven years. During the war he continued to serve the Crown at the British Embassy in Free China. He has been a member of the St. John Ambulance Brigade for over twenty years.

MR. NG KI-FOR ( ) - B.E.M, (Civil)

Mr. Ng served in Royal Naval hospitals since his first appointment as Assistant Steward in 1918* He was promoted to be Hospital Steward in 192J. Immediately after the war he returned to Hong Kong and helped to re-establish the Naval Hospital. During his very long service ho always performed his considerable duties v/ith loyalty and devotion.

MR. H. WONG ( ) - B.E.M. (Civil)

Mr. Wong was the senior clerk in tho Chief Constructor’s Department in the Dockyard. He returned to the Colony immediately after the war and played a considerable part in the rehabilitation of tho Dockyard. Mr. Wong was always ready to place his extensive knowledge of tho English language, his considerable personality and force of character at tho disposal of his employers, and was a meticulous and trustworthy worker.

/feR. TSIM......



Mr. Tsim Kwon, who retired in September this year, has given thirty-three years of loyal and efficient service to Government, twenty-nine of then spent as a delivery postman. As a Head Postman in the last four years of his service, his devotion to duty and supervising ability did much to aid the smooth clearance and delivery of mail.


Mr. Chak Shing-tsik has served in the Hong Kong Fire Brigade since 1932, and he has been highly commended on three occasions for his skill and personal leadership in rescuing lives from fires and collapsed buildings. Throughout his career he has set a fine example to the officers and men of the Brigade.


List Of Supporters

Mr. J.J. Cowperthwaite, O.B.E. Hon. R.C. Leo, O.B.E. <

Mr. D.C. Barty, O.B.E.

Professor F.S. Drake, O.B.E. Dr. L.T. Rido, C.B.E.

Mr. F.A. Nixon, O.B.E.

Dr. the Hon. A.M. Rodrigues, O.B.E. Mr. Leo D’Almada, C.B.E.

Hon. Dhun Ruttonjee, O.B.E.

Mr. L.C. Smith, O.B.E. Professor E.C. Blunden, C.B.E.

Mr. J.R. Jones, C.B.E.

Mr. H.N. Williamson, O.B.E.

Dr. F.R. Ashton, O.B.E. x 1

Hon. R.C. Lee, O.B.E. 'A

Major J. Blackstock, M.B.E. Lt. Col. H.A. Hardy, M.B.E. Major M.J.G. Martin, M.B.E. Lt. Col. A.W. Wise, M.B.E.

(M) (M) (M) (M)

Lt. Col. A.J. Moss-Blundell, M.B.E Major R. Neal, M.B.E.

Mr. Chung Wing-kwong M.B.E.

Mr. Chung King-pui, M.B.E.

Mr. Paul K.C. Tsui, M.B.E.

Miss M.A. Grant, M.B.E.

Hon. C.E.M. Terzy, C.B.E.

Miss A. Woods, M.B.E.

Mr. W.F.C. Jenner, M.B.E.


Kwan Mon-v/oi




Mr. A.J. Peaker, M.B.E.

Mr. D.R.W. Alexander, M.B.E.

Hon. C.E.M. Torry, C.B.E.

Hon. Kwan Cho-yiu, O.B.E. ( 1

/Idrs. Gertrude •••••.

P. T. 0.


Mrs. Gertrude Kwok Chan, M.B.E.

(ff )

Mrs. Cheung Chan Yeo-ching, M.B.E,

Mr. Lo Cho-chi, M.B.E.


Mr. Sham Pak-ying, M.B.E.

I x,« £ >

Miss Shin Tak-hing, M.B.E.

# ? >

Mr. Wong Y/ai-tsoi, M.B.E.

< if)

Mr. Hui Ki-pak, Badge of Honour

(<^ A

Mrs. Ellen S.P. Li, M.B.E.

Peter Cheung, M.B.E




Li King-pan, M.B.E.

Goh Kin-toon, M.B.E.

Hon. Sir Sik-nin Chau, C.B.E Hon. Ngan Shing-kv/an, O.B.E.

Miss D

Mrs. Ellen S.P. Li, M

Mr. W.J. Gorman, O.B.E


Miss Agnes Chue Chung-luon, M.B.E

Appointments .To The Most Venerable Order Of .The

Hospital Of St. John Of Jerusalem

Dr. Pang Hok-ko

Mrs. W.L. Scott

Dr. J. Carey-Hughes

Dr. Chan Hee-chec

Mr. Lo Tim-fook

Mr. Sik Sui-ng

Miss Aw Sian

Miss Leung Kan-yuk

Mr. Leung Shiu-shu

- Officer

- Serving Sister

- Serving Brother

- Serving Brother

- Serving Brother

- Serving Brother

- Serving Sister (Associate)

- Serving Sister (Associate)

- Serving Brother (Associate)



The fol 1 owing company (Limited by guarantee) was incorpora jx>d in Hong Kong during the week ended December 3, 1960:-

lawful interests of the members of the Club, etc.; Maximum No. of Members: 500; Registered Office: No. 10, Ice House Street, ground floor, Hong Kong; Subscribers: Tan Khuat Siong, No. 6, Goldsmith Road, Jardine*s Lookout, Hong Kong, General Manager of Chiyu Banking Corporation Ltd.; George Tan, No. 120, Gloucester Road, 1st floor, Hong Kong, Sub-Manager of Chiyu Banking Corporation Ltd.; Diu Tung Lai, Kimberley Mansion, B Flat, Sth floor, Kimberley Road, Kowloon, Assistant Manager of Chiyu Banking Corporation Ltd.; Chng Heng Khong, Po Wah Building, G Flat, Sth floor, Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong, Executive Officer of Chiyu Banking Corporation Ltd.; Ng Gck Lin, No, 3, Star Street, 2nd floor, Hong Kong, Assistant Department Hoad of Chiyu Banking Corporation Ltd.; Lim Kong Chan, No. 218, Gloucester Road, 3rd- floor, Hong Kong, Assistant Manager of Chiyu Banking Corporation Ltd.; Ting Yu Ching, No. 89, Electric Road, 1st floor, Hong Kong, Assistant Manager of Chiyu Banking Corporation Ltd.

The following new private companies were incorporated in Hong Kong during the week ended December 3> 1960:-TAI SANG INDUSTRIAL COMPANY, LIMITED ( 'A

) - Manufacturers of plastic goods, etc.; Nominal Capital: HK§500,000; Registered Office: 2A, Catchick Street, ground floor, Hong Kong; Subscribers: Chan Pui, 2A, Catchick Street, ground floor, Hong Kong, Merchant; Chang Jong, Flat D, Welcome Building, 11th floor, Patorson Street, Hong Kong, Merchant; Sun Lit Fai, 32A, Belcher* s Street, 1st floor, Hong Kong, Merchant.

/General p. f. o.




Importers, exporters, etc.; Nominal Capital:


Subscribers: Kao Tsao-yuan, 75$ Blue Pool Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong,

Merchant; Wong Foo-yuan, 1B, Broom Road, Happy Valley, CHINESE ESTATES (PEVELOFKENT) LIMITED (

Hong Kong, Merchant


Nominal Capital: HK§2,000,000;

To invest

in land, etc.;

Registered Office: Roon 501$ China Building,

29, Queen’s Road Central, 5th floor, Hong Kong; Subscribers: Fung Ping Fan,

14, South Bay Road, Hong Kong, Bunker;

Li Fock Shu, 6, Kennedy Terrace,

Hong Kong, Chartered Accountant.


in steamers, etc.; Nominal Capital:

HK$500>000; Subscribers: F.G. Nigel,

35$ Peep Water Bay Road, Hong Kong,

Solicitor; F.D. Hammond, 36, Dina House, Hong Kong, Solicitor

NORTHERN TUG- /ND LIGHTER LTMTTED - Dealers in ships and vessels, etc.;

Nominal Capital: HEjlOO,OOO; Registered Office: 13th floor, Jardine House

Hong Kong; Subscribers: John Brian Hart, 19$ Gough Hill Road, The Peak.

Hong Kong, Chartered Accountant; P.J. O’Brien, Hong Kong Club, Hong Kong

Chartered Accountant


To invest in m-inos, etc.; Nominal Capital: HK$500,000;

Subscribers: A.A. Noronha, 104$ Robinson Road, 2nd floor, Hong Kong, Clerk:

F.A. D1 Almada Remedios, 16, Oxford Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, Articled


BERING TUG AND LIGHTER LIMITED - Dealers in ships and vessels, etc.;

Nominal Capital: HK$100,000; Registered Office: 13th floor, Jardine House

Hong Kong; Subscribers: John Brion. Hart, 19$ Gough Hill Road, The Peak,

Hong Kong, Chartered Accountant; P.J. O’Brien, Hong Kong Club, Hong Kong,

Chartered Accountant.


Keepers or proprietors of Chinese Restaurants, etc.;

Nominal Capital:

HK$240,000; Registered Office: 27, Jordan Road.


ground floor, Kowloon; Subscribers: Wong Cheuk Wing, 26A, Victozy Avenue, 3rd floor, Kowloon, Merchant; Chung Kon, 7, Ma Tau Wei Road, Block E,

ground floor, Kowloon, Merchant


Importers, exporters, commission agents, etc.; Nominal Capital: HK$5OO,OOO;

Subscribers: F.D. Hammond, 36, Dina House, Hong Kong, Solicitor; FOG. Nigel,

35, Deep Water Bay Road, Hong Kong, Solicitor.

LOO CHOO MOTORS, LIMITED - Proprietors of taxicab and garage, etc.; Nominal Capital: U.S.$100,000; Subscribers: F.E. D’Almada Remedios, 16, Oxford Road, Kowloon, Gentleman; C.R. Da Silva, 39, Wyndham Street,

3rd floor, Hong Kong, Articled Clerk.


% ) - Dealers in medicines,

HK$1,000,000; Subscribei's: Khoe Boon Tjoen, No. 109,

etc.; Nominal Capital:

Robinson Road, 1st

floor, Hong Kong, Merchant; The Pek Seng, No. 116, Macdonnell Road, 1st

floor, Apt. 202, Hong Kong, Merchant; Ng Yan Wai, No. 8, Ching Lin Terrace,

ground floor, Hong Kong, Merchant.




Suppliers of milk products,

etc.; Nominal Capital: HK$5,S00,000; Subscribers: Noel Victor Amor

Croucher, 22, Mount Cameron Road, The Peak, Hong Kong, Sharebroker; Fook Shu Li, 6, Kennedy Terrace, Hong Kong, Chartered Accountant; New Zealand Dairy Products Marketing Commission of Nov/ Zealand; Ronald Alan Candy, "Somersby", Ngarua, Waitoa, New Zealand, Parmer; Percival Bernard Marshall, 8, Woburn Road, Wellington, New Zealand, General Manager.

FAR EAST-UNITED STATES COMPANY, LDHZTED ~ Exporters, importers, etc.; Nominal Capital: HK$100,000; Registered Office: Room 52, Floor 2, Mirador Mansion, Kowloon; Subscribers: W. Turnbull, 30, Lugard Road, Hong Kong, Solicitor; M.P.K. Wong, Stone Manor, Sassoon Road, Hong Kong,


TRIANGLE MOTORS LIMITED - Dealers in, agents for, automobiles, etc.;

Nominal Capital: HK$1,000,000; Subscribers: F.G. Nigel, 35, Deep Water


P. T. 0.

Bay Road, Hong Kong, Solicitor; F.D. Hammond, J6, Dina House, Hong Kong,




Manufacturers of nets and twine, etc.;

Nominal Capital: HK§1,000,000; Subscribers: Siu Ping-sheung, 60, King’s

Road, Hong Kong, Merchant; Massami Itoh, Flat E, 13th floor, Empire Court;

Hysan Avenue, Hong Kong, Merchant


To invest in land, etc.; Nominal Capital: HK^>1,000,000;

Registered Office: No* 5*1 > Bonham Strand East, 2nd floor.

Hong Kong;

Subscribers: Tok Sau Wong, N.K.I.L. No. 53, Ngau Chi Wanj

Kowloon, Merchant;

C.K. Choi, No. 6, Purves Road, Jardine Lookout, Hong Kong,

Merchant; Ngai

Shiu Kit, No. 58, Ventris Road, 5th floor, Hong Kong, Merchant.



Exporters, inporters, agents

for audio visual educational supplies, etc.;

Nominal Capital: HK§100,000;

Subscribers: George Tang Chue, Flat B4, 4th floor, Capital Court, 116

Argyle Street, Kowloon, Merchant; John Wing Sun Mak, No. 254, High Street;

Jrd floor, Hong Kong, Merchant; Ku Pang, F2, 16 th floor, Mirador Mansion.

Nathan Road, Kowloon, Merchant; Lui Kwan Ngai, Lei-Shun Court, 5th floor.

Block H, 116, Leighton Road, Hong Kong, Merchant*

DE LiAURO ENGINEERING COMPANY, LIMITED - Builders, etc.; Nominal Capital: HK$287,500; Subscribers: F.E. D’Almada Remedios, 16, Oxford Road, Kowloon, Gentleman; C.R. Da Silva, 39, Wyndham Street, 3rd floor, Hong Kong, Articled Clerk,

ABBOTT TABORATORIES LIMITED - Importers, exporters, dealers in drugs, etc.; Nominal Capital HK$3,3O6,OOO; Subscribers: Patrick’ Poon, No. 2, Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong, Solicitor; John N. Smart, No. 2, Queen’s Road

Central, Hong Kong, Solicitor.


; Nominal Capital:

Proprietors of taxi-cab, etc.

HK$1,000,000; Subscribers: Tang Woh, 1, Hillwood Road, 3rd floor, Kowloon,



Merchant; Wong Ming Biu, 1, Hillwood Bead, Jrd floor, Kowloon, Merchant;

Ernest Chan, 6, Goldsmith Road, Jardine1 s Lookout, Hong Kong, Merchant#


of metal table-wares, importers, exporters, etc#; Nominal Capital:

HK$5OO,OOO; Subscribers: Chan Kuo Chun, No# 8J, Waterloo Road, Kowloon,

Merchant; Kan Hip Sum, 2, Siu Fai Terrace, ground floor, Hong Kong,




- To invest in land, etc#;


Capital: HK$5OO,OOO; Subscribers: Chung Shek Chuon, No# 20, Cheong Hong

Street, 6th floor, North Point, Hong Kong, Merchant; Wong Mo Ching, No# 20,

Cheong Hong Street, 6th floor, North Point, Hong Kong, Married Woman#


Keepers or proprietors of Chinese restaurants, etc#;

Nominal Capital: HK§200,000; Registered Office: No. 20, Chung On Street,

ground floor, Tsuen Wan, N.T.; Subscribers: Kwan Lam, 402, Portland Street, ground floor, Kowloon, Merchant; Ip Chan Wah, 3A, Prat Avenue, 3rd floor, Kowloon, Merchant; Yuen Hon Ming, 195> Woo Sung Street, Mezz, floor,

Kowloon, Merchant#

ASIA MAGAZINES, LIMITED - Printers, publishers, etc#; Nominal Capital: HK$5,000,000; Registered Office: Room 60, Printing House, 6, Duddell Street, Hong Kong; Subscribers: A# Zecha, JB, Robinson Road, 2nd floor, Hong Kong, Journalist; N. Soong, JB, Robinson Road, 2nd floor, Hong Kong, Journalist#

THE WHITE ELEPHANTS LIMITED ~ Importers, exporters, etc#; Nominal Capital: HK$p25O,OOO; Registered Office: Room 9, Kayamally Building, 2022, Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong; Subscribers: Mohan Giduraal, 8, Tai Hang Road, Hong Kong, Merchant; M#G. Mahbubani, Chancery Lane, Hong Kong, Merchant; L.K# Khemlyani, 20, Macdonncll Road, Hong Kong, Merchant; Gobind L. Surtani, El-9th floor, Mirador Mansion, Kowloon, Merchant.

/THE BEST ••••••

P. T# 0.



THE BEST CC&IPANY, LIMITED - Tailors, costumiers, etc.; Nominal Capital: HK$5OO,OOO; Subscribers: Bichard Chang, No. 6, Belfran Road, 1st floor, Kowloon, Merchant; Carlos Manuel Agon, No. 19, Cameron Road, 7th floor, Kowloon, Merchant; Lai Yat Kin, No. 14, Lomond Road, 2nd floor, Kowloon, Merchant.

- - 0 --------


Eleven nominations have been received by the Labour Department for the two vacancies for elected workers’ representatives on the Labour Advisory Board for 1961•

Consequently, an election will be hold at the Queen Elizabeth School in Kowloon on Monday, December 12 at 4 p«n. The election will be conducted under the supervision of officers of the Labour Department.

An officer representing a trade union, who wishes to take part in the election, is reminded that he vH.ll not bo permitted to vote unless he can produce the written authority of the Executive Committee of his union, authorising him to vote on its behalf.

------ - 0-------


The Band of the 17/21 Lancers Regiment will give an open air concert at tho MacPherson Playground in Kowloon on Sunday, December 11, from J p.n. to 5 p*m. provided the weather is favourable.

Free seating accommodation will be available to the public.




Report By Director Of Royal Observatory

November this year was the most humid on record v/ith a mean relative humidity of 81 per cent, a figure more appropriate for the spring. The rainfall was also abnormally high being more than three tines the normal amount and the greatest amount recorded in November since 1920*

The first ten days of the month were predominantly fair with plenty of sunshine* There was a little light rain on tho night of November 1 and 2, and again on the evening of November 3 when a weak surge of northerly winds reached the Colony*

This caused the temperatures to drop a little below normal for the following two days and the weather remained dry and sunny until the night of November 10 and 11*

Nearly all the rain for the month fell during November 11 and November 12. It was almost continuous and often heavy. The cause cf this rain was a disturbance 5n the low levels of ihe atmosphere which was intensified by conditions aloft.

With a weak surge of cooler northerly winds late on November 12, the heavy rain ceased but it remained mainly cloudy with a few patches cf light rain until November 19« The next few days were warn and sunny

although it was cloudy at night and sone light rain fell during the early mornings of November 20 and November 23.

A fresh cold surge of northerly winds reached Hong Kong late on November 25 and brought a little more light rain. Temperatures fell considerably during the next two days and reached a minimum for the month of SS0*1 in the early hours of November 27.

This was the lowest temperature recorded since last spring and was particularly noticeable as the daytime temperatures had reached over 80°F from November 22 to November 25. Temperatures rose slightly above normal on November 28 but fell again on November 30 when northerly winds set in once more.

No tropical storms affected Hong Kong during the month.

/The month’s ..••••

P. T. 0.


The month’s figures anrl departures from normal were:-

Sunshine 159*4 hours 26• 2 hours below normal

Rainfall 138.0 millimetres (5*43 inches) 95*5 millimetres (3*76 inches) above normal

Cloudiness 64 per cent Ten per cent above normal

Relative Humidity 81 per cent Twelve per cent above normal

Mean Maximum Temperature 76.o°f 1,5°F above normal

Mean Temperature 71.3°* 1.8°F above nozmal

Mean Minimum Temperature 67.6°F 2.2°F above normal

Mean Dev; Point 65°F 6°F above normal

Maximum temperature of 82.7°^ was recorded on November 22. Minimum temperature of 55»0°F was recorded on November 27. The total amount of evaporation for November, i960 was 138*3 millimetres*

-------0 ---------


The annual Speech Day of tho Yuen Long Public Middle School will be held in the school premises at 3.30 p.m. tomorrow (Friday).

The Director of Education, the Hon. D.J.S. Crozier, C.M.G., will address the School and Mrs. Crozier will present tho prizes and certificates.

Note to Editors: Copies of Mr. Crozier’s speech, the Principal’s

speech, School Report, etc. will be available in the Press Boxes, Government Information Services, at 5 P«m. tomorrow (Friday).

Release Timo: 6 p.m.




Friday, December JOth, 1?60


Manager nJ Chief Emfneer

Kowloon Ctntoc Railwty


On NO account should any of the undermentioned persons bo contacted for interviews or for information relative to their careers or be approached in any other way in connection with their awards before these have been publicly announced*

The information relating to the Honours is strictly embargoed and there must be NO announcement, either in the press or radio broadcast, before the morning of Saturday, December 31, i960.


C.B.E. (Civil) - (Commander Order of the British Empire)

The Hon. Ngan Shing-kwan, O.B.E. ( )

Mr. Ngan Shing-kwan has been a Member of the Legislative Council since 195*1 and. has served as the Council’s Senior Unofficial Member since July 1, 1959. He has also been a Member of Executive Council since May 28, 1959* The

acknowledged leader of the large Chiu Chow community in Hong Kong, he has a long and distinguished record of public service to his credit. He gives much of his time to public affairs and takes a keen interest in all schemes designed to promote the welfare of the community at large. Ho has boon an Unofficial

Justice of the Peace since 1932, a member of the Chinese Temples Committee and the Chinese General Charities Fund Committee since 194-6, a member of the Chinese Permanent Cemeteries Committee since 1951, a member of the Po Leung Kuk Permanent Board of Direction since 1951, a member of the Tung Woh Hospital Advisory Board since 1950, a member of the Chinese Recreation Grounds Committee since 1951, a member of the Court of the University of Hong Kong since 1951, a member of the Board of Education since 1952, a member of the Hong Kong War Memorial Fund Committee since 1947, and a member of the Brevzin Trust Fund Committee since 1955* /1'Ir. Ngan ••••••

P. I. 0.

Mr. Ngan is Honorary President of the North Point Kaifong Welfare^ • / Association, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hdftg.JCpng ,a^ KGftloon Chiu Chow School in Kowloon, Honorary Adviser to the Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce, Limited, Honorary President of the Hong Kong and Kowloon Chiu Chow Residents Public Association, and a member of the Executive Committee of the Alice Memorial and Affiliated Hospitals. He was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in 1931, Chairman of the Po Leung Kuk in 1939, a member of the District Watch Committee from 1932 to 1941, a member of the Board of Licensing Justices from 1940 to 1941 and again from 1%6 to 1949, a member of the Urban Council from 1946 to 1953, a member of the 1947 Salaries Commission, a member of the Aberdeen Trade School Executive Committee from 1951 to 1953, and a member of the Public Transport Advisory Committee from 1951 to 1958. He was Hong Kong delegate to the Eighth Session of the Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East held in Rangoon in 1952, ft • F to the Seventh Session of the ECAFE Committee on Industry and Trade held in Tokyo in 1955 and to the Eighth Session of the ECAFE Committee on Industry and Trade hold in Bangalore, India in 1956.

O.B.E. (Civil) - (Officer Order of the British Empire)

Mr. Cheung Wing-min ( ), Senior Principal, Education


Mr. Cheung Wing-nin was appointed to the Education Department in 1929 as a University Trained Master. In 1930, he went to study at Oxford University and obtained a B.Sc. degree two years later. For several years afterwards he taught at King’s College. He became an Inspector of Vernacular Schools in 1948 and in the following year he was specially selected to assist in setting up a Special Bureau to deal with political activities in schools. When the Grantham Training College was founded in 1952, ho became its first Principal. Throughout the latter years of his service, he has served on a number of educational committees and in 1959 was appointed Chairman of tho Joint Establishment Board for post-secondary colleges.

Q.B.S. (Civil) - (Officer Order of the_Brd.tish Empirol

Dr. A.S, Moodie, Senior Specialist (Tuberculosis), Medical and Health Department.

Dr. Allan Stewart Moodie was appointed Medical Officer in July, 1948. In January, 1?51 he was appointed Specialist (Tuberculosis) and later the sane month became Medical Officer in charge of the Harcourt Tuberculosis Clinic. He was appointed to his present pest in April, 1957.

M.B.E. (Civil) - (Member Order of the British Empire)

Mr. E.L. Strange, Secretary of the Public Works Department.

Mr. Ernest Leonard Strange went on long leave prior to retirement in September, 19&0 after JO years1 service. He joined the Senior Clerical and Accounting Staff as a Probationer in March, 1930* In 1947, he was appointed Senior Executive Officer, Class II and became Secretary of the Police Force a year later. Ho was Secretary of the Medical Department in 1949 ^d was Secretary of the Hong Kong Delegation at the Second Session of the World Health Organisation Regional Committee held in Manila in 1951* In 1952, he was appointed Acting Secretary of the Public Works Department and advanced to tho rank of Senior Executive Officer, Class I. In 1953, he was appointed Acting Quartering Authority and was appointed Secretary .of tho Public Works Department the next year.

M.B.E. (Civil) - (Member Order of the British Empire)

Mr. Tam Yan-kwong ( ‘^>), Dand Surveyor, Glass I, Public

Works Department.

Mr. Tan Yan-kwong joined tho Hong Kong G-ovcrnnont as a clerk in 1925* In the same year he was appointed Student Surveyor and became Assistant Land Surveyor Class III, in tho following year. He was promoted to the post of Assistant Land Surveyor Class II in 1946 and appointed Land Surveyor four years later. In 1955 he acted for/two months as Assistant Superintendent of Surveys. He went on leave prior to retirement in August, 1960.

B.E.M. (Civil) - (British Empire Modal)

I $2-Mr. Id Ping-kwong (.

%j)> Overseer in Permanent Way

Department, Hong Kong Tramways, Ltd.

Mr. In Pin^-kwong joined the Hong Kong Tramways, Ltd., at the age of

17 and throughout his 53 years of service he has been connected with the

ndrri ni. st ration and records of the company* s Permanent Way Department*

Queen* s Police Medal fojr Distinguished Service

Mr. W. Segrue, Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Mr. William Segrue joined the Palestine Police Force in 1937 &nd was appointed an Assistant Superintendent in the Hong Kong Police Force in 1952* He was advanced to the rank of Senior Superintendent in 1954 2nd was appointed Assistant Commissioner four years later. He was awarded the Colonial Police Medal for Meritorious Service in 1955*

Colonial Police Medal for Meritorious Service

Mr. N.C. Rolph, Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police*

Mr. Norman Garner Rolph joined the Hong Kong Police Force in 1946 and was appointed Assistant Superintendent of Police. In 1949/ he was advanced to the rank of Superintendent and was appointed Senior Superintendent in 1956. Since October, 1959 he has been Acting Assistant Commissioner in charge of Kowloon District.

Mr. T. Kavanagh, Superintendent of Police.

Mr. Thomas Kavanagh joined the Palestine Police Force in 1937• In 1948> he joined the Hong Kong Police Force as a Sub-Inspector and was advanced to the rank of Inspector in 1955* He was promoted to the rank of Assistant Superintendent in the same year and was appointed Superintendent in 1958. He was awarded the Colonial Police Long Service Medal in 1955*

Mr. J.H. Goodman, Chief Inspector of Police.

Mr. James Henry Goodman joined the Hong Kong Police Force in 1941 and was appointed Sub-Inspector in 1946* He was promoted to the rank of Inspector in 1955 G^d was appointed Chief Inspector three years later. He was awarded the Colonial Police Long Service Medal in 1959*

/Staff ......


Staff Sergeant Wong Choy ( ,xj )

Staff Sergeant Wong Choy joined the Hong Kong Police Force in 1947 and was promoted to the rank of Corporal in 1948* A year later he was promoted to Sergeant* In 1953, he was made Staff Sergeant Class II and promoted to Staff Sergeant Class I in 1958. He was awarded the Coronation Medal in 1953*

Mr. Ramon Young Tsun Sheung ( Assistant Superintendent

of Police (Auxiliary).

Mr. Ranon Young joined the Police Reserve as a constable in 1951 •

He was pronoted to the rank of Sergeant in 1953* The following year, he was appointed Assistant Superintendent and became Adjutant of the Police Reserve. He was appointed Adjutant of the Auxiliary Police in 1959«


Five hundred and fifty-eight ships, flying various flags, entered the Port of Hong Kong during November.

According to statistics published in the Government Gazette today, 248 of the ships entering port were of British registzy while 249 ships flying the British flag were amongst the 552 vessels cleared in the same period.

A total of 4^3,545 deadweight tons of commercial cargo was discharged and 164,636 deadweight tons of cargo loaded last month.



There were 603 traffic accidents in November - 219 on Hong Kong Island, 298 in Kowloon and 86 in the New Territories.

These accidents caused injury, 13 of them fatal, to 679 people, according to statistics published in today’s Government Gazette.

P. T. 0.



Tho attention of dog owners is drawn to a public notice issued by the Agriculture and Forestry Department regarding the facilities which are available in Hong Kong and Kowloon for the sole purpose of licensing and inoculating dogs.

In their own interest and in tho interest of the public, dog owners are reminded of the importance of making sure that their dogs are properly inoculated against rabies and also that tho animals are licensed.

All dogs must be licensed and inoculated on reaching the age of three months. Dogs are licensed annually but are inoculated and tattooed once every three years.

The licence fee is §10 and the same amount is charged for inoculation. Fees are payable at the centres set up for licensing and inoculation. These centres will not be open on Sundays and general holidays.





Sunday, January 1

4.00 p.m. - H.E. the Governor and Lady Black to attend the Kowloon Cricket Club 47th Annual Children1 s Sports. Lady Black will distribute the prizes.

6.J0 p.m. H.E. the Governor and Lady Black to attend the Festival

Service of Nine Lessons at St. John’s Cathedral.

--------0 --------


The Band of the Auxiliary Fire Service will give an open air concert on Nev/ Year’s Day, January 1, 19$1, at the MacPherson Playground, Kowloon, from J p.m* to 5 provided the weather is favourable.

Free seating accommodation will be available to tho public.


H.E. THE GOVERNOR LEAVING FOR SINGAPORE CONFERENCE 1 • »• • His Excellency the Governor, Sir Robert Black, K.C.M.G., O.B.E., ..." • • ■ *

will leave the Colony by air on Tuesday, January 3 for Singapore to attend the conference of Governors, administrators of British territories and British Ambassadors to foreign countries in the Far East, which is held every year and is attended regularly by the Governor of Hong Kong.

Sir Robert will return to the Colony on January 8.



Three new sand depots will cone into operation at Kwun Tong, Tai Lan Chung and Sha Tin as fron January 1, 1 to cope with the increased demand for Government sand for building purposes.

The three new depots are additional to the existing Government sand depots at North Point and Hung Hon.

Sinultaneously with the establishment of the three depots, the system of direct delivery which has been in force in certain mainland areas will be discontinued, and consumers will have to make their own arrangements for collection fron any of the five depots.

The price of sand supplied by Government for building purposes is being increased from $8 to $9 & cubic yard ex-depot as fron the New Year.

To meet recent conplaints about the quality of sand delivered, especially in the New Territories, arrangements have been made to increase greatly the capacity of the contractor’s washing and screening plant.

At all five depots washed and screened sand will be available on and after January 1, 196*1.

-------0 ---------


The average amount of bank notes in circulation during November totalled HK§972,725,730, according to statistics published in today’s Government Gazette.


P. T. 0.



Public Advised Of Datos, Tines

Details of dates and tines of firing practice by the Royal Air Force in the Pert Shelter Range for the first three nonths of 1961 are published in today* s G-ovemnent Gazette.

Firing practice will take place in or over Area "A” of the Range between 8.JH a.n. and 4 p.m. on January 6, 13, 20 and 27, February 3, 10 and 24 and March 3, 10, 17, 22, 23 and 24*

Masters of vessels and pilots of aircraft exempt fron the operation of the Air Armament Practice Ordinance are asked to assist the carrying out of the firing practice by hastening through the firing area affected or, in the case of vessels, by consenting to be towed out of the firing area, if necessary, by any vessel acting under the orders of the Air Officer Commanding.

Artillery Firing Practice

It is also announced in the Gazette that artillery firing practice will take place in or over Firing Areas ”AW and ’’B” of the Port Shelter Range on Monday, January 16 between 7 and 5*30 p.n.



More stormwater drains are to be constructed at Kwun Tong to cope with the development of a low-cost housing estate in the area.

Two concrete box culverts with a total length of 430 feet and a circular culvert of 260 feet will be built to connect with the newly completed open nullah alongside the road to Yau Tong.

The construction work, starting about the middle of February, will take about six months to complete.





The Hong Kong Imports and Exports Classification List (Revised Edition January i 96*1) will be on sale, at $3 a copy at the Government Publiantions Counter on the ground floor of the General Post Office Building as from Tuesday, January 3, 1961 •

This revised Classification List incorporates the amendments published in Government Gazette Notification No* 1934- on Friday, December 16, 1960 and must be followed when completing import, export and ro-export declaration forms.

The Director of Commerce & Industry again urges importers and exporters to ensure that their employees, who are responsible for completing those declaration forms, are fully conversant with this revised Classification List.



Factories and industrial undertakings registered by tho Labour Department at the end of last month numbered 3,204-, according to statistics published in the Government Gazette today.

During tho month of November, 69 applications for registration were received, and nine applications were withdrawn, while 16 registration certificates were surrendered for cancellation and 58 registration certificates were issued.

-------0 - - - -


Nearly 592,360 passengers travelled on trains in the British Section of the Kowloon-Canton Railway in November, 1960.

Of this total, 288,075 made the upward journey to Shum Chun and 293,620 the downward journey to Yau Ma Tei and Tsim Sha Tsui.

A total of 919,280 kilograms of goods were carried on the upward services and 34-, 173,550 kilograms on the downward services during November. Revenue for tho month totalled $7^,084-.


P. T. 0

T 10


Miss Jocelyn V. Milner, a British girl studying in Australia and who has been awarded one of two Commonwealth scholarships offered by the Hong Kong Government, is due to arrive in Hong Kong by the s«s» ’’Tjiwangi1’ tomorrow (Saturday)•

She will take up post-graduate studies in Chinese at the University of Hong Kong for a period of two years*

The other scholar, is Mr. Winston G. Lewis, an Australian. He is due to arrive in Hong Kong by air (Pan American flight PA2) on Monday, January 2. Ho will also take up a two-year post-graduate study in Chinese at the University of Hong Kong.


10,795 BIRTHS: 1,381 DEATHS

A total of 10,795 births were registered during the month of November• Deaths registered numbered 1,381, according to stut5.sti.es publish** in today's Government Gazette.

--------0 --------

■ yr

Release Tine: 6 ,ptm.

P.R.H. 8


A Daily Summary of Official Information and Comment Compiled by the Central Office of Information London and Distributed with the Compliments of the Government Information Services. Hong Kong

Friday, December 30 th, 19&0*


London, Deo. 30 - A flight system which enables a pilot to control his aircraft more simply, safely and efficiently was demonstrated recently at the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough, Hampshire.

The •Instrument has "been developed at the Establishment and is known as the ,rHead-^Jp” system. It is the development of the principle of the reflector gunsight. The essence of the system which has been successfully flight tested is that vital information from the group of cockpit instruments is superimposed in symbol form on a small instrument in front of, and at the eye level of the pilot. It shows him when to alter direction or height and warns him of the rate at which he does so, as well as indicating to him the effect of his ” stick movements” - all without him looking away from his windscreen.

The instrument, about four inches in diameter, is mounted in a box about 18 inches long and four inches wide which is attached to the cockpit in front of the pilot.

Also demonstrated was a new visual flight simulator which has been extensively used in developing the ”Head-Up” system. The chief feature of the simulator is the provision of an artificial picture representing forward view during the flight. Senior pilots of world airlines and aircraft manufacturers are to be invited t*> try out the new system. - L.P.S. r -----------------------------------o ~-------

P. T. 0.

2 -


London, Dec* 30 - A new outboard engine - one of the largest to be made in Britain - will be maid ng its debut at the International Boat Show which opens in London on January 4*

It is a two stroke twin 40 H.P. engine and is being made by a firn who are famous for their jet engine blades, hydraulic pit props and motor oar propulsion shafts*

The firm which c iplcys 4,000 people and is part of the United Kingdom’s large G-uest, Keen and Nettlefold Croup, began work on the engine two years age, and after exhaustive tests on the seas, rivers and lakes in all parts of Britain they are now ready to put it on to the market* It can be used as a power plant for the big family boats, cruisers, fishing boats and speed beats.

There will be two standard units available at present - one has an eleotrio starter and battery charging equipment fitted and the other is for manual starting* With the sporting enthusiast in mind it is intended to market shortly a specially hotted up version which will have twin carburetters*

The engine is constructed mainly from aluminium alloy with a one-piece fibre glass cowling protecting the engine and reducing engine noise* The fnl sh is in a special wator and corrosion proof enamel in ivory and black* The cylinder head and block are of oast aluminium all^y and are water cooled from a r.'tary pump driven by the main shaft* The nduntl nr. system is controlled by reed valves which are installed in the lower half of the crank case* Fuel is supplied from a remote tank by a diaphra^n operated pwnp*

The transom bracket is attached to the unit by means of rubber shook absorbers which stop any vibration and contribute further to the gin et smooth running of the unit* An automatic reverse locking device is fitted to prevent the unit from rising when using reverse gear* - L.P.8.


Release Time: 5 p*nu