Sessional Papers - 1910


Table of Contents

1. Education Committee

Report of the

2. Estimates for 1911

Financial Statements in Connection With the

3. Estimates of Expenditure for 1910 and 1911

Abstract Showing Differences Between the

4. Jurors List for 1910


5. Opium

Its Nature, Composition, Preparation, and Methods of Consumption

6. Public Works Committee

Reports of Proceedings





No. 1910

Laid before the Legislative Council by Command of His Excellency the Officer Administering the Government, May 5th, 1910.

The Committee, consisting of the undersigned, were appointed by His Excellency the Governor to consider and report upon the questions embodied in the terms of reference, Ap- pendix A.

A further question having reference to the nomenclature which should be adopted to describe the various classes of schools, and their internal divisions, was subsequently refer- red to us.

In our report we have adopted the nomenclature which we recommend, and which is given in Appendix B.

The Committee met seven times, and between our meetings correspondence was circu- lated. No evidence was taken orally; but where necessary, questions were referred to educa- tionists whose opinions it was thought desirable to obtain.

Holding the opinion that most of the questions referred to us depend for their answers upon financial considerations, we first turned our attention to the Staffing of schools; since the provision of the Staff is the principal item of school expenditure. This question involved the preliminary consideration of the nature of the Chinese Staff. Next was considered the financial result which might be expected to follow from an insistence upon the Staffs thus found to be necessary. Here distinct enquiries had to be made to distinguish between the cases of Government and Grant Schools. In the case of Government Schools, the loss caused by the proposed increase of Staff was more than counter-balanced by an expected increase of fees; so that, without overstepping the limits set by the preface to the terms of reference, it was possible to recommend an extension of the existing number of Lower Grade English Schools. In the case of the Grant Schools, there was no such surplus available. On the other hand, the existing Staffs fulfilled already, or nearly fulfilled, our requirements in most cases, and we were of opinion that our proposals would cause no considerable loss to the schools concerned. When therefore we proceeded to our next task, and considered what readjust- ments were advisable in the method of assessing the Grant in order to secure greater efficiency, we felt that the average rate per unit need not in equity be increased.

The general effect of the recommendations outlined above will be, we hope, a consider- ably increased standard of efficiency in Government Schools, with no loss of the numbers at- tending them, which increase will be paid for by the recent increase of school fees; while in Grant Schools what increase in efficiency is needed to bring them up to the desiderated stand- ard will be provided without putting an undue strain upon their resources.

We arrived at the important opinion that in view of the costliness of an English Staff it should be the policy of the Government to take measures for the adequate training of Chinese


We desire further to point out that our recommendation of a higher Grant for the Re- move and Upper Classes involves a detailed examination of the pupils in the Remove. This and the necessary supervision of the proposed Lower Grade Schools will throw a large increase of work upon the Education Department.

The other questions considered and answered by the Committee are sufficiently explained by the follwing Recommendations.

Unless otherwise stated, our references are to English Schools only.



Staff-Qualifications.---Ratio of English and Chinese masters to pupils,

and to one another.-English mistresses.


All Chinese masters in Government and Grant Schools, except such as may be specially exempted upon such grounds as long experience or previous training, should go through a three years course of training at the Technical Institute.


Facilities should be granted in the Norinal Class at Queen's College for the training of pupil teachers from Grant Schools.

Note.--Pupil teachers from the three Upper Grade District Schools already attend

this Class.

It is not intended by this recommendation to discourage such schools as may prefer to do so from training their own pupil teachers.


Certificated English mistresses may be substituted for Chinese Masters in the Lower Classes of Upper Grade Schools, and in Lower Grade Schools.


Forty should be considered the maximum number of pupils which can be taught offici- ently by one English or Chinese master.


Lower Grade Schools for Chinese and the Lower Classes of Upper Grade Schools for Chinese should be considered to be adequately staffed, if, in addition to being under adequate European supervision, for every Division of not more than forty pupils there is one second- year Chinese master.

Provided that if one third-year Chinese master or a certificated English mistress be sub- stituted for one second-year Chinese master, then one first-year Chinese master may be substituted for another second-year Chinese master.

Note. Thus for any three Divisions in a Lower Grade School or in the Lower Classes of au Upper Grade School, there would be the following alternatives

of Staff:-

(a.) Three second-year masters;

(b.) One third-year master, or certificated English mistress;

One second-year master;

One first-year master.


The Remove and Upper Classes of a school for Chinese should be considered adequately staffed, if the proportion of English to Chinese masters is not less than two to three.


Since no third-year course has hitherto been given at the Technical Institute, reasonable time should be given to Grant Schools to provide themselves with adequate Chinese Staffs in the following way :-

In assessing the adequacy of Chinese Staffs for the school year ending in 1911, a second-year master should be accepted in place of a third-year master, and a first-year master should be accepted in place of a second-year master; and for 1912, a second-year master should be accepted in place of a third-year master.


Effect of these proposals.-Proposed new schools.


The reduction in the numbers at Queen's College and the District Schools caused by the limitation of numbers in a Division to forty, which is estimated at 304, should be made up by the provision by Government of three Lower Grade Schools for Chinese, situated at Tai- pingshan, Wantsai and Yaumati respectively. Each school should provide accommodation for a maximum enrolment of 120.

Note.--In spite of the reduction in the numbers at Queen's College and the District Schools, the recent increase of fees at these schools will, it is estimated, provide a surplus revenue over that collected in 1909 of $4,712. The total net cost of the three proposed new schools is estimated at $1,710 annually, exclusive of the cost of their supervision by the Education Department, and of capital charges.

Changes in assessing the Grants at Grant Schools.


Capitation Grants of $24, $22 or $20 should be given for Upper and Remove Classes, and of $15, 314, or $13 for Lower Classes. The Grant for Lower Grade Schools should remain as at present.

Note.The present maximum Grant of 35 shillings equals $20 with exchange at



In assessing the Capitation Grant, the Director of Education should be guided equally by (a) the sufficiency of the Staff, and (b) the standard of instruction and general character and tone of the school; .e., where he considered that one only of these two factors was deficient, he would recommend a reduction of one grade only in the Grant.

But he might report a school as being inefficient within the meaning of section 29 of the Code for serious shortcomings in respect of one factor only.


In present circumstances, and as a means of rapidly improving the standard of education in the higher Classes, an Oxford Local Grant should be given on the following




scale: --


| Pass under age.

| Pass over age.

| Honours.

| Pass under agc.

| Pass over age.

Honours or excused


| Pass under agc.

| Pass over age.







100 50


To earn the Grant for Senior Honours the candidate should have passed in certain sub- jects which the University authority may hereafter declare to be essential.


The above recommendations are calculated upon the figures for 1909 to give a gain of $795 to boys schools and a loss of $763 to girls schools, assuming that girls schools will in future be as successful in passing pupils for the Ox- ford Local as boys schools were in 1909.



The Government should control the amount spent upon Grant Schools in the following


In preparing his annual Estimates, the Director should subinit separate estimates of the numbers of pupils in each Grant School, and in the case of Upper Grade Schools, separate estimates of the numbers in (i) the Lower Classes, and (ii) the Remove and Upper Classes. The capitation Grants should be paid upon these numbers as a maximum. In preparing his first estimate under this scheme the Director of Education should base his calculations on the figures for 1909, and any desired increase upon this figures should form the subject of a spe- cial application from the school concerned.


The numbers of pupils thus made eligible to earn Grants in Lower Classes and Lower Grade Schools should not be increased for the present.

Other proposed changes in the organisation of Government and Grant Schools. — Entrance Examinations.-Age limit.-Scholarships.-Negative recommendations.


An entrance examination in Chinese, based upon a presumed two years' study, should be passed by all Chinese pupils in Chinese dress, before they are admitted to Grant Schools.

Note.--This rule has been in force at Government Schools for several years.


In the Lower Classes (8, 7 and 6) of Upper Grade Schools age limits of 14, 15 and 16 years respectively should be enforced as a condition precedent to admission. In the Remove and Upper Classes pupils over twenty-one years of age should not be permitted to remain in attendance without the special sanction of the Director of Education.


The following scholarships should be given annually :-—

() Not more than ten free scholarships tenable for three years from Grant Verna-

cular Schools to the three proposed Lower Grade English Schools.

(b) Not more than one free scholarship from each of the following Lower Grade English Schools, Ping Shan, Tai Po, Cheung Chau, School for Indians and the three proposed schools, into Saiyingpun, Yaumati and Wantsai each tenable for two years.

(c) A free scholarship for the top boy in each Class (except Class 4) of Saiying-

pun. Wantsai and Yaumati, tenable for one year.

(d) Four free scholarships and two of $30 per annum from Class 4 Saiyingpun to

Queen's College.

(e) Three free scholarships and two of $30 from Wantsai to Queen's College, as


(ƒ) Two free scholarships and one of $30 from Yaumati to Queen's College, as above. (g) Five free scholarships from Class 4 at Queen's College into the Upper School

tenable for three years.

Scholarships should not be granted to pupils who are obviously not in need of financial


We do not recommend the continuance of scholarships from the Vernacular Grant Girls Schools into the Belilios Public School.



The Committee have carefully considered, and are unable to recommend the following proposals:-

(i) The fixing of a ratio between the numbers in the Upper and Lower Classes of Schools, which the proposed lower rate of Grants to the Lower Classes and the proposed limitations of the numbers in the Lower Classes render unnecessary;

(i) The charging of higher fees in the Upper Classes of schools;

(iii) Any compulsion by the Government upon Grant Schools in respect of the rate,

of fees which they shall charge to pupils ;

Note.-In Government Schools the fees have recently been raised. In Grant Schools we recognize the general principle that the Government should so far as is possible abstain from interfering with their internal economy. Owing to the quasi-charitable nature of many of these organisations exceptions to such a rule would of necessity be very numerous.

(i) Regulations regarding superannuation;

Note. In practice it is found that pupils invariably leave if they fail to get on at school; and therefore such a rule is not needed. At Queen's College where it has theoretically been in force for some years, occasion to apply it has not yet arisen.

(e) Special rates of fees in favour of (a) British Subjects or the children of Re- sidents of the Colony, (b) Boarders, (e) where more than one of a family is in attendance at school.

Note. The Committee have carefully considered these suggestion

which at first sight seem reasonable and attractive. We were however led to discard them for the following reasons:-Pro- posals (a) and (e) would be difficult to administer, would almost inevitably lead to abuses, and would be unpopular with the Chinese. Such distinctions between British Subjects and aliens are moreover not made at home nor in China. Proposal (b) would be of special benefit to aliens who have come to Hongkong for education, as for instance waifs and strays col- lected by Missions up country in China and brought to Hong- kong, e.g., the children at the Berlin Foundling Home. In view of the limited resources at the disposal of education we hestitate to support this proposal.


Queen's College and Girls Schools.

The Committee are of opinion that Queen's College may well be developed on the lines of a school primarily intended to feed the University. This end will at present be best served by paying special attention to the Classes preparing candidates for the Oxford Local Examin-


The Normal Class is a very valuable feature of the College, and one to which due importance should be attached.



While the training of Chinese women teachers is highly desirable, attendance at the Technical Institute cannot be expected of them.

Otherwise there do not appear to be good grounds for any marked differential treatment between boys and girls schools, to which we need draw attention.


24th March, 1910.





T. K. DEALY, Hon. Secretary.











V, VI.



XVII (1)


XVII (ii).

XVII (iii).


XVII (iv).


XVII (v).




Appendix A.


The object in view is to improve Education in all grades by discri- minating more clearly between schools devoted to each Standard of Educa- tion and by making the Staff more proportionate to the number of scholars. As the amount spent on Education cannot at present be appreciably increased, the recommendations should not involve an excess over the present vote together with any additional revenue raised by fees of scholars.

1. What alterations are required in the Grant Code to meet

changed conditions:-

(a.) To improve the quality of Education especially in Upper Grade Schools and to fit scholars to qualify for a University career, etc., while providing for the poorer class who cannot remain long at school.

(b.) To enable Government to maintain a control over

the amount spent on Education.

2. Should any alteration be made in the method of awarding the Grant, based on efficiency and moral discipline instead of on numbers only.

3. What should be the proportion of English and Chinese Staff to

pupils and inter se.

4. How ensure that Chinese masters are qualified in the art of teaching, and how far may English mistresses replace masters in lower classes and Lower Grade Schools.

5. How do away with the alleged excessive proportion of pupils in the lower classes? Should Lower Grade Anglo-Chinese Schools (both Government and Grant) be established to provide for the class thus excluded who desire to learn English but can only pay low fees and intend to stay only about three years.

Should the proportion of pupils in the lower classes of Upper Grade Schools be limited to a number sufficient only to feed the Upper Classes?

Should the Grant in these schools be higher than that for Lower Grade Schools in view of the higher cost of Education, since they are become in fact instead of in name only, Upper Grade Schools. In order to secure from these schools the pupils who intend to remain and reach the upper classes should the fees be higher (the Education being more costly and the class of pupils better able to pay) and should Grant Schools insist on a fee corresponding to that in Government Schools to prevent discrimination except in the case of author- ised free or assisted scholars?

Should any Entrance Examination be instituted, and any age limit and system of superannuation by classes or standards? 6. In order to provide for poor pupils who desire to enter Upper Grade Schools and remain, what system of scholarships should be instituted between the various grades of schools.

7. Should any preference (by extra grant or by reduced fees in Government Schools) be given to children of British Subjects, or of Residents, or to Boarders, or when more than one of a family attends school?

8. Should any recommendations which the Committee may make be specially modified in regard to Girls Schools, Vernacular or Anglo-Chinese?

9. Should any particular conditions be attached to Queen's College?


Appendix B.



The Committee having been requested to formulate a more convenient nomenclature for schools and the component parts and sections thereof, and for the different classes of teachers. which they employ, offer the following suggestions :—

For the expressions Anglo-Chinese, Anglo-Indian, Anglo-Portuguese Schools, there should be subsistuted the expression English Schools, (mean schools where English is the medium of instruction) followed if necessary by words of amplification, e... English School for Indians. The Kowloon and Victoria Schools should as at present be called British Schools.

For the expression Anglo-Chinese Master should be substituted the expression Chinese Master. A Chinese employed in teaching the Chinese written language should be called a Vernacular Master.

Classes in which the Chinese written language is taught should be called Vernacular Classes, or collectively, the Vernacular Side; and the expression English Classes and English Side should be similarly employed. A Vernacular School should, as now, connote one where Chinese is the sole medium of instruction.

The term Standard should be confined to Vernacular Schools. Standard I should be the lowest. Roman numerals should be used to designate Standards. In English Schools the lowest class (English or Vernacular) should be Class 8. Arabic numerals should be used to designate the Classes. Vernacular Classes in English Schools should be prefixed by a capital V. Thus V Class 5 would mean the fourth Vernacular Class counting from the bottom.

Lower Grade Schools should mean as now schools intended to give a three years' course- of instruction only. The three lowest classes of an. Upper Grade School should be called the Lower Classes (8 to 6). The next two should be called the Remove Classes or the Remove (5 and 4) and the remainder be called the Upper Classes. In this way all chance of ambi- guity between Upper School and Upper Grade School, Lower School and Lower Grade School. will be removed.

If it is necessary by reason either of great numbers or of differentiation of studies among boys of equal standing to subdivide a class, the sub-divisions should be distinguished by capi- tal letters, and called the A, B,... Divisions.

If it is desired to promote pupils half-yearly instead of yearly, Classes may be divided into Upper and Lower Halves, e.., Upper Fourth (4 i), Vernacular Lower Third, (V 3 ii ).

A Chinese Master who has passed his first year's course at the Technical Institute may be called a "first-year" Master, and similarly for the second and third years.

No. 1910



Laid before the Legislative Council by Command of His

Excellency the Governor, September 15th, 1910.

Statement of Assets and Liabilities on the 31st December, 1909






Deposits not Available,

Officers' Remittances,.......


Balance, Bank,..



Subsidiary Coins,


Crown Agents' Current Account,


Total Liabilities,









Suspense House Service,......






Reimbursement due by Railway Construction Account.

31st December, 1908,

Less Credit Balance on account of 1909,

.$1,356,136.50 354,065.36

Total on 31st December, 1909,

* Credit Balance as above,

.$1,002,071.14 351,097,94

Balance of Assets (General Account)..........................$ 1.353,169.08





Revised Estimate of Revenue, 1910,..


Expenditure, 1910, .


Balance of Assets, 1909, (General Account),


.$ 6,908,069.00




Estimated Balance of Assets, 1910, (General Account), ......$ 1,354,758.08

Inscribed Stock Loans of 1893 and 1906 at 31% interest, to be paid off on the 15th April, 1943,


Sinking Fund,

...£1,485,732. 16. 5


Inscribed Stock Loans of 1893 and. 1906 at 3% interest, to be paid off on the 15th April, 1943,

Sinking Fund,

.£1,485,732. 16. 5


Repayments by Viceroy, (Advanced for

Railway Construction),

...£ 440,000. 0. 0

Balance due to Government,.

660,000. 0. 0



.£1,100,000. 0. 0


..£ 86,577. 7. 9


97,850. 0. 0

.£1,100,000. 0. 0

Total,...........£1,100,000. 0. 0


Repayments by Viceroy, (Advanced for

Railway Construction),

Balance due to Government,


.£ 550,000. 0. 0 550,000, 0. 0

£1,100,000. 0. 0


.£1,100,000. 0. 0

Total,.£1,100,000. 0. 0


Advances from Loan Fund,

Other Advances,


£440,000. 0. 0-$4,566,983.02 5,392,532.90


Amount expended on Railway Construc-






Advances from Loan Fund, £550,000. 0. 0-$5,824,126.00

Amount expended on Railway Construc-

Other Advances,...








Treasury, Hongkong, 6th September, 1910.




No. 1910


Laid before the Legislative Council by Command of His Excellency the Officer Administering the Government, September 15th, 1910.





New Posts,.......

$ 91,970

Abolition of Posts,


Stipulated Increments,


Reductions on New Appointments,


Increase of Salaries,






Other Items.


Other Items,


Salaries and Allowances, Postal Agencies

in China,


Other Charges,


Other Charges,



Special Expenditure,


Personal Emoluments and Other Charges :

Personal Emoluments and Other Charges

Imports and Exports Office,..


Kowloon-Canton Railway,


Public Works, Recurrent.....


Miscellaneous Services,.........


Special Land Resumption,


Military Contribution,


Public Works, Extraordinary,


Charge on Account of Public Debt,




Charitable Services,


Total Increase,

$ 971,385

Total Decrease,

$ 537,607

Deduct Decrease,






No. 1810


Laid before the Legislative Council by Command of His Excellency the Governor, March 10th, 1910.







Aagaard, Bjarne...... Anton, Charles Edward...

Arculli, Abdoolla Fuckeera. Babington, Anthony

Bailey, William Seybourne Balloch, Gideon

Barrett, Edgar George Barton, John

Beattie, John Montgomery

Becker, Albert Wilhelm


Bérindongue, Louis Bird, Herbert William Bisschop, Philip Johan

Roosegaarde Bolles, John Walker

Bonnar, John Whyte Cooper Bryer, Alfred

Carter. William Leonard Chau Siu Ki

Clark, Duncan

Clarke, William Edward

Cousland, Alexander Stark

Steamship Agent, Aagaard Thoreson & Co..

Merchant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld., | Red Hill, Peak.

Army & Navy Contractor,

Merchant, Shewan, Tomes & Co.,

Engineer, Bailey & Co.,

Merchant, Gilman & Co.,.

Sub-Manager, Dodwell & Co., Ld.,

1 Austin Avenue, Kowloon.

20 Yee Wo Street.

63 Robinson Road.

Highlands, Kowloon. Queen's Road.

3 Park View, Lyttleton Road,

Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., La., | Red Hill, Peak.

Merchant, W. R. Loxley & Co.,

♫ Merchant, Sander, Wieler & Co.,

Manager, Banque de l'Indo-Chine,. Architect, Palmer & Turner,

General Agent, Java-China-Japan Lija,.. General Manager, Standard Oil Co., Merchant, Gibb, Livingston & Co., Arebiteer, Leigh & Orange.... Manager, China & Japan Telephone Co., Seety, Chun On Fire Insurance Co., La., Storekeeper, Lane, Crawford & Co., Secretary, HK., C. & M. Steamboat

Co., Ltd.,

Manager, Ross & Co., ...

Craddock, Douglas William ...¡ General Traffic Agent, Canadian Pacifie


David, Abraham Jacob

Denison, Albert

Douglas, James Tory

Dowley, Walter Arthur. Ede, Charles Montagne Forbes, Andrew Fuhrmann, Ernst Richard Fung Wa Chün Gell, John

Railway Co.,

Merchant, S. J. David & Co.,

Civil Engineer, Denison, Ram & Gibbs,....... Marine Surveyor, Goddard & Douglas,... General Manager, Vacuum Oil Co.,........ Secty., Union Ince. Society of Canton Ld., Merchant, Bradley & Co.,

Merchant, Reuter, Brockelmanu & Co..... Compradore, Shewan, Tomes & Co., Merchant,

Abergeldie, Peak.

Prince's Building. Chater Road. No. 6 The Peak.

York Building.

3- Elliott Crescent. St. George's Building. Prince's Building.

| Kingsclere.

2 & 8 Queen's Road West. Tusculum, Peak.

Durnford, Peak.

Dunedin, Barker Road, Peak.

10 Stewart Terrace, Peak. 104 Gough Hill. The Peak.

Tantallon, Barker Road, Peak. Hongkong Hotel. On premises. Eilandonan, Peak. 31 Robinson Road. Ou premises. Peak Hotel.






Gibbs, Lawrence Gok, Carl Gottfried

Gordon, Alexander Grant... Gourdin. Allston O'Driscoll Grahani, Walter Douglas Griffin, Albert Edwin Grimble, Charles Frederick


Gubbay, Charles Sassoon Halton, Frederick Joseph Hancock, Herbert Richard


Harvey, Robert Donald

Haskell, David

Ho Fook.

Architect, Denison, Ram & Gibbs,.... Manager, Hamburg-Amerika Linie, Engineer, A. G. Gordon & Co., Masonic Hall,

The Peak.

Queen's Building. Tor Crest, Peak. 61 Robinson Road.

M'ger., Wilkinson, Heywood & Clark, Ld., Alexandra Building. Civil Engineer, Leigh & Orange,

General Broker,

Merchant, E. D. Sassoon & Co.,.. Chief Clerk, P. M. S. S. Co.,

Merchant, Merchant,

Co., L., .


British-American Tobacco

Compradore, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Lal.,

Hooper, Augustus Shelton...... Secretary, HK. Land Investment &

Ho Tung.

Hough, Thomas Frederick......

Hughes, Edward Jones.......

Hughes, John Owen Humphreys, Henry Jack, William Charles Jupp, John Ambrose.....

Jupp, William Dennys Koehn, Adolf ... Lafrentz, Charles Julius Lammert, George Philip Lan Chü Pak

Law, Donaldson Riddell Layton, Bendyshe,.... Leefe, Lawrence Noel Lenzinaun, Carl Robert. Logan, William Lowe, Arthur Rylands Mackay, Edward Fairbairn Mackenzie, Alexander Maitland, Francis

Marten, Richard................ Medhurst, George Harold

Melchers, Friedrich Wilhelm... Michael, Joseph Rahamin... Moss, Dennis Kebir Moxon, Geoffrey Charles Northcote, Mowbray Stafford. Ormiston, Evan Ough, Arthur Henry. Pemberton, George William


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Agency Co., Ld.,


Broker, & Govt. Auctioneer, Hughes &


Broker, & Govt. Auctioneer, Hughes &


Merchant, Harry Wicking & Co., Merchant, J. D. Humphreys & Son, Consulting Engineer, W. Č. Jack & Co.,. General Manager & Agent, Accountant,

J. D. Humphreys & Son, Manager, China-Borneo Co., Ld., Manager, Deutsch-Asiatische Bank, Merchant,


Assistant, A. S. Watson & Co., Merchant, Butterfield & Swire, Exchange Broker,


Prince's Building.

Prince's Building.

9 Macdonnell Road. 6 Macdonnell Road.

Cheltondale, Peak.

126 Barker Road. 2 Seymour Terrace. Caine Road.

Rougemont, 1 Macdounell Road. Caine Road.

8 Des Voeux Road.

Meirion, Peak. Morrison Hill.

Abertholwyn, Peak Road. 14 Des Voeux Central.

Ian Mor, Peak Road.

3 Stewart Terrace.

Clovelly, Peak Road. 6 Peak Road.

Elliott Crescent.

Queen's Road Central.

1 Connaught Road.

1 Prince's Building, Des Vœux Road,

Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld.,. 117 Plantation Road, Peak.

Merchant, Carlowitz & Co.,...................... Assistant, D. Sassoon & Co., Ld., Chartered Accountant,..

Merchant, Butterfield & Swire, Merchant, Arthur & Co., Merchant, Linstead & Davis, Merchant, Rädeeker & Co., Manager, Dodwell & Co., Ld., Merchant, Wendt & Co., Broker,

Assistant, Alex. Ross & Co., Broker,

Secretary, HK. Land Reclamation Co., Ld., Banker, Mercantile Bank of India,.. Civil Engineer, Leigh & Orange,

Secretary, China Fire Insurance Co., Ld., Sub-Manager, HK. & S'hai Bank,.. Exchange Broker,

Architect, Denison, Ram & Gibbs,. Merchant, E. D. Sassoon & Co.,.. Assistant, S. J. David & Co.,

Sugar Refiner, China Sugar Refinery, Broker,

Merchant, H. Price & Co., Exchange Broker,

Civil Engineer,

Merchant, Garrels, Börner & Co., Sugar Refiner, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Merchant, D. Sassoon & Co., Ld., Merchant, Shewan, Tomes & Co., Merchant, Siemssen & Co., Storekeeper, Lane, Crawford & Co.,

Merchant, Gilman & Co.,..... Exchange Broker, Merchant, Schuldt & Co.,

2 Connaught Road.

4 Century Crescent, Kennedy Road.

St. George's Building, Chater Road. 1 Connaught Road.

Dunedin, Barker Road.

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5 Duddell Street.

Hazledine, Robinson Road. Strathallan, Robinson Road.

4 Century Crescent, Kennedy Road. Kowloon.

65 The Peak.

5 Macdonnell Road,

6 Queen's Gardens, Peak Road. Prince's Building.

| Nathan Road, Kowloon,

St. John's Place.

6 Stewart Terrace, Peak. The Peak.

Devonia, 11 Peak Road, 56 Caine Road.

East Point.

Goolistan, Conduit Road. 12 Queen's Road.

4 Ice House Street.

Tung Yuen, 18 Macdonnell Road.

Shorncliffe, Garden Road. Quarry Bay.

Kurrahjeen, 7 Peak Road. St. George's Building. Lidbroke, 9 Conduit Road. Craigside, Peak.

On premises.

113, Plantation Road, Peak. 2 Victoria Lodge, Peak.






Tam Tsz Kong,

Tomkins, Herbert Edmund Turner, Arthur

Walker, William Bradley Watson, William Malcolm.. Wendt, Friedrich August White, Henry Percy Whittall, James Bowyer


Wickham, William Henry Wilford, Francis Cuming Wilks, Edward Charles...

General Manager, Hip On Insurance

Exchange and Loan Co., Ed., Merchant, Reiss & Co.,

Architect, &c., Palmer & Turner, Asst. Gen. Manager, Standard Oil Co., Merchant, John D. Hutchison & Co., Merchant, Wendt & Co.,

Merchaut, Douglas, Lapraik & Co.,

Secretary, China Traders' Ince. Co., Ld., Manager, Electric Light Co., Storekeeper, Lane, Crawford & Co., Engineer,

6,7 & 8 Wa In Fong East. Queen's Building. Eggesford, Peak.

1 Elliott Crescent.

Abergeldie, Plantation Road, Peak. 6 Ice House Road. 32 Robinson Road.

Red Hill, Peak. 23 Coudnit Road, College Chambers.

14 Des Voeux Road Central.






Ablong, Arthur John....

Abraham, Albert

Abraham, Ezekiel Shooker Abraham, Ezra

Abraham, Reuben Alfred Adams, Francis Robert John. Adamson, Geoffrey Blackburn Adolf, Carl

Ahmed, Aboo..... Aitchison, Alexander.. Aitken, Robert

Aitken, Samuel Robert Alexander, Charles William Allen, Charles Summers

Allen, Frank Stanley...

Allen, George Edward Allen, William Stanley Alonço, Thiago Florencio de


Alport, Claude Mashiter Alves, Alberto Eduardo

de Selavisa..... Alves, Alvaro Alvares, Alves, Antonio Luiz Alves, Arthur Alvaro Alves, Carlos Martinho de


Alves, Egas Luiz de Selavisa. Alves, José Miguel Andel, Alexander Willem van Anderson, Frank

Anderson, George William Anderson, Hugh.... Anderson, John,.

Auderson, William..

Anderson, William Marshall... Andrew, John Ingram Angelbeck, Erust

Aquino, Louis Goularte.... Archard, Arthur Henry.. Archbutt, Geoffrey Samuel Arenlli, Adul Kader el Arculli, Osman el

Armstrong, Francis Harold............ Armstrong, John Henry


Foreman, G. I. Cement Co., Ld., Clerk, Gas Co.,

Clerk, S. J. David & Co.,

Clerk, Chartered Bank of I. A. & C., ........ British-American Tobacco Co., Ld., Civil Engineer, Taikoo Dockyard,. Manager, Russo-Chinese Bank, Foreman Carpenter,

Chartered Bank of I. A. & C.,.............. Clerk, Taikoo Dockyard,

Engineer, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Assistant Manager, Holt's Wharf, Bumann & Berblinger, Engineer, Holt's Wharf,

Sub-Acct., Chartered Bank of I. A. & C., Acct., Chartered Bank of I. A. & C.,........ Manager, Sperry Flour Company,

Assistant, Siemssen & Co..... Assistant, Shewan, Tomes & Co.,

Clerk, Union Ince. Soety. of Canton, Ld.,.. Assistant, Deutsch-Asiatische Bank, Clerk, Chartered Bank of I. A. & C., Assistant, Arnhold, Karberg & Co.,

Assistant, Deutsch-Asiatische Bank, ..... Clerk, Union Ince. Soety, of Canton, Ld.,... Merchant,

Chief Asst., Holland-China Trading Co., Foreman Engineer,

. Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,.

Assistant, Loxley & Co., Clerk, King Edward Hotel,.. Assistant, Lane, Crawford & Co.,

Manager, International Bankg. Corp., Manager, Geo. Fenwick & Co.,

Assistant, Robitsek & Reis,..

Clerk, P. M. S. S. Co.,......

Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

13 Kowloon City Road. On premises.

14 College Chambers.

3 Ripon Terrace.

1 Gomes Villas, Kowloon,

Quarry Bay.

39 The Peak.

Kowloon Docks.

1 Lower Ladder Street Terrace.

Quarry Bay.

Quarry Bay.

Oldesloe, Austin Road, Kowloon. 10 Austin Avenue, Kowloon, On premises.

[ On premises.

King Edward Hotel.

33 Conduit Road.

Queen's Building, Hongkong Hotel.

On premises.

8 Arbuthnot Road. 14 High Street.

5 Humphrey's Avenue, Kowloon.

7 Queen's Road Central, 2 Queen's Building. 24 Robinson Road.

| Hongkong Club. Kowloon Docks. Quarry Bay. 68 Caine Road.

85 Praya East.

On premises.

2 Cameron Villas, Peak.

On premises.

Kennedy Road.

16 Shelley Street. Quarry Bay.

Assistant, China Fire Insurance Co., Ld., Peak Hotel.

Merchant, ...

Army & Navy Contractor,

Assistant, Reiss & Co.,

Assistant, Butterfield & Swire,

20 Yee Wo Street.

20 Yee Wo Street. 18 The Peak.

1 Connaught Road.






Arndt, Ernst

Arnhold-Zedelins, Werner

Carl Otto......

Manager, IIK. & China Shoe Factory Ld., Kingsclere.

Assistant, Arnhold, Karberg & Co.,

Arnold, Edwin Lester Gilbert.. Clerk, Commercial Union Assec. Co., Ld.,

Arnold, John

Arnott, Thomas

Arthur, Thomas

Asger, Asadullah Ebrahim

Aslett, Francis Aucott, Ernest Frank Auld, James Durran

Austin, Anthony Roy


Babcock, Alonzo Lorenzo...... Backhouse, James Herbert Bain, Alexander... Bandow, John William Bannerman, George Henry

Mc Lean Barnes, Oliver John Barnett, Thomas Barr, John Hunter..

Barradas, Adolfo Maria.. Barradas, Arthur Oscar, Barradas, Thibaldo Barretto, Alberto Demée Barretto, Fernando Julio Barretto, Frederico Demée ..........! Barretto, Frederico Francisco. Barretto, Octavio Demée. Barros, Antan Vasques

Barros, Authero Aprigio Barros, Horacio Frederico...... Barros, José Francisco


Bassford, William Faulkner Basto, José Fernandes Batalha, José Xavier Bates, F. Lee

Bayley, Lancelot Myles Bearwolf, Charles A. G. Beazley, Richard Harold Beck, George

Bell, Michael Robsou Bell, William Denny

Beltran, Nicolas Antonio

Berblinger, Albrecht August


Bernard, Edmund Piercy,.

Bernardo, Joaquim........

Bevan, Herbert Staton

Bevington, Francis

Bernheim, Eugène

Beyer, Hans Ludwig.. Bierling, Friedrich Albert


Binder, Gustav Wilhelm Bird, Cyril Frederick. Bird, George

Bird, Lenuox Godfrey Bishop, Ernest Murray Blackburn, Leslie James Blair, Thomas

Blason, Charles Henry

Boanas, William Henry

Thomas. Bolden, Samuel George

Acet., HK., C. & M. Steamboat Co., Ld.,... Engineer, G. I. Cement Co., Ld., Marine Surveyor, Goddard & Douglas, ... Asst., HK. Land Investment & Agency

Co., Ltd.,

Brakesman, Peak Tramway,

Kingsclere. Bonham Road.

3 Albany, Peak Road. Green Island.

St. George's Building.

46 Elgin Street. The Peak.

Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld., Peak Hotel.

Assistant, Dodwell & Co., Ld., Assistant, Butterfield & Swire,


On premises.

1 Connaught Road.

Prince's Building.

Clerk and Stenographer, P. M. S. S. Co., St. George's Building. Clerk, Sander, Wieler & Co., Engineer, China Sugar Refinery, Merchant, Melchers & Co.,

Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Assistant, HK. & S'hai Bank,. Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Works Foreman,

Clerk, Asiatic Petroleum Co., Ld............................ Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank, Assistant, Jebsen & Co.,

. Clerk, Cruz, Basto & Co.,

Assistant, Standard Oil Co., Merchant, Barretto & Co., Assistant, Shewan, Tomes & Co., Assistant, Barretto & Co., Assistaut, China Export, Import & Bank


Clerk, HK. Rope Manufacturing Co., Ld., Assistant, W. G. Humphreys & Co.,............

Clerk, Union Ince. Soety, of Canton, Ld.. Sugar Boiler, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Merchant, Cruz, Basto & Co.,............. Clerk, Yokohama Specie Bank, Clerk & Stenographer, P. M. S. S. Co.,... Sub-Acct., International Bankg. Corp.,... Assistant, King Edward Hotel,

East Point Refinery.

Queen's Building.

Quarry Bay. On premises. Quarry Bay. Gas Works.

6 Robinson Road.

4 Rednaxella Terrace,

4 Rednaxella Terrace.

Fairview, Robinson Road. 2 Chancery Lane.

1 Castle Road.

4 Mosque Terrance.

13 Robinson Road, Kowloon.

27 Mosque Street. 20 Water Street.

2 Punjab Buildings, Kowloon..

On premises. Quarry Bay.

2 Barrow Terrace, Kowloon, On premises. Baltimore Hotel. Peak Hotel.

King Edward Hotel.

Sub-Acet., Chartered Bank of I. A. & C., Queen's Road Central.

Foreman Boilermaker,

Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Kowloon Docks.

Quarry Bay.

Quarry Bay.

Overseer, HK. & K, W. & Godown Co.,Ltd., 6 Ashley Road.


70 Caine Road.

Clerk, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld.,.............. No. 2 House, East Point.

Assistant, Jebsen & Co.,

Manager, Ullmann & Co.,

Assistant, Lane, Crawford & Co.,

Mercantile Assistant, Bradley & Co.,...... Assistant, Reiss & Co.,

Merchant, Fred. Bornemann & Co, Manager, Bornemann L., Assistant, Butterfield & Swire, Watchman, Taikoo Dockyard,.

Architect, &c., Palmer & Turner, Assistant, H.K. & S'hai Bank, Manager,

Sugar Boiler, China Sugar Refinery, Chartered Accountant, Butterfield


Clerk, A. S. Watson & Co., Ld., Assistant, Standard Oil Co.,


13 Mosque Street.

34 Queen's Road Central.

On premises.

Ou premises.

On premises.

Des Voeux Road Central..

8 Queen's Garden.

1 Connaught Road. Quarry Bay.

2 Cameron Villas, Peak.

On premises.

Gas Works, Kowloon. Bowerington.

On premises.

Wanchai Road.

Grand Carlton Hotel..






Bone, Charles William

Booth, Robert.................

Sub-Accountant, Taikoo Dockyard, Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Botelho, Braz Joaquim Heytor | Assistaut, Barretto & Co.,

Assistant, Schuldt & Co.,

Botelho, Francisco Xavier...... Botelho, João Antonio Heytor | Assistant, Barretto & Co., Botelho, Jr., Augusto Cezar...

Boulton, Andrew Adams Boulton, Sydney

Bowker, George Henry. Boyce, William Bensley Boyes, John Ridley Braun, Theodor,.... Brayfield, Thomas



Bredvad, Aage Peder Kristian Breton, Frank Le Breton, Leonard Le

Brewer, Walter Frederick.

Bridger, Herbert Ben

Bridger, Richard Leslic..

Chief Clerk, Fumigating and Disinfecting

Bureau, L., Foreman Engineer,

Assistant, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Clerk, Jardine, Matheson & Co., La.,. Assistant, Butterfield & Swire, Assistant, HK. & S'hai Bank, Foreman, China Sugar Refinery,

Consulting Engineer, Carmichael & Clark, Assistant, Bumann & Berblinger, Timekeeper, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Assistant, Alex, Ross & Co., Bookseller...

Electrical Engineer,

Assistant, Lane, Crawford & Co.,

Brister, John Henry Fane ........] Assistant, Reiss & Co.,

Britto, Francisco Xavier

Britto, José Maria .......

Brodersen, Harald Carl


Brooke, Charles Bannerman

Brown, Arthur

Brown, George

Brown, Reginald Lander

Brown, Robert John ..... Brown, Sydney Edward Brown, William Samuel Brown, Wilson Brownrigg, Frederick

Kingsmill... Bryson, Andrew Birrell Buckle, Percy...

Bulmer, John Herbert Bune, Thomas Friedrich


Bunje, Heury Ferdinand Burie, George Andrew Burjor, Dady Bursley, Alan John

Burton, William.............

Bux, Noor Mahomed

Buyers, Charles Badenoch......


Cabos, Carl............

Caldwell, George Arthur Campbell, Hugh Frank... Campos, José Maria Carduner, Emile Le Carlill, Stephen Ralph Carmichael, Alexander Carr, Claude Ambrose Carroll, Anthony Henry Carroll, William Josephi Carter, Albert James..

Assistant, Deutsch-Asiatische Bank, Assistant, Dodwell & Co.,

Manager, Asiatic Petroleum Co., Ld., Assistant Manager, Vaenum Oil Co.... Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Wharfinger, Hoit's Wharf, .

Storekeeper, Dock Co.,......

Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Quarry Bay. Quarry Bay. 44 Caine Road. York Building. 44 Caine Road.

3 Chico Terrace. Kowloon Docks.

Quarry Bay.

East Point Junior Mess.

1 Connaught Road.

On premises.

4 Moreton Terrace.

St. George's House, Kennedy Road. Pelham House.

Joss House.

Oldesloe, Austin Rond. Pedder Street. 159 Praya East. On premises. Reiss & Co.

9 Belilios Terrace. Queen's Building.

52 The Peak.

151 Magazine Gap, Peak. Quarry Bay. Quarry Bay. On premises. Kowloon Docks. Quarry Bay.

Clerk, HK. & K. W. & Godown Co., Ld., | 3 Stewart Terrace, Peak. Foreman Joiner, Dock Co.,..

Assistant, Asiatic Petroleum Co., Clerk,.......

Office Gunner, P. & O. Co., Assistant, Standard Oil Co.,

Ship Broker,

Assistant, Asiatic Petroleum Co., Wharfinger, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Merchant and Commission Agent, Clerk, Asiatic Petroleum Co., Storeman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Kowloon Docks.


Co. Robinson Piano Co., Ld.. On premises. Kingsclere.

3 Conduit Road. Durbar House. 3 Quarry Point.

28 Des Voeux Road.

5 Lower Mosque Street.

Quarry Bay.

Printer's Clerk, Kelly & Walsh, Ld.,.............. 124 Wanchai Road. Supt. Engineer, Tramway Co.,

Assistant, Java-China-Japan Lijn... .. Chief Clerk, Dock Co.,......................

Assistant, Showau, Tomes & Co., Assistant, G. P. Lammert,

Carvalho, Beltrão Lucas de........ Carvalho, Carlos Francisco de Carvalho, Duarte Carvalho, Henrique José

Maria de

Carvalho, Julio Augusto de ... Castro, Bonifacio Maria

Castro, Carlos Maria

Castro, Joaquim Telles

d'Almada e

Chief Acct., Banque de l'Indo-Chine,. Assistant, Dodwell & Co.,

Engineer, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Assistant, P. & O. Co., Assistant, Dodwell & Co.,

Assistant, Shewan, Tomes & Co., Accountant, British-American Tobacco

Co., L.,

Clerk, North China Insurance Co., Ld.,... Assistant, HK. & S'hai Bank,...... Assistant, Shewan, Tomes & Co.,

Clerk, Union Ince. Socty. of Canton, Ld., Clerk, Union Ince. Socty, of Canton, Ld., Clerk, Yokohama Specie Bank, Ld., Assistant, Lane, Crawford & Co.,

Assistant, International Bankg. Corp.,

Catchick, Gregorius George... Clerk, E. D. Sassoon & Co.,

Chan Pat......

Assistant, China Fire Insurance Co., Ld.,


York Building. Craigieburn, Peak.

13 Robinson Road, Kowloon. 51 Pottinger Street. On premises. Queen's Building. Lyemoon Terrace.

11 Mountain View, Peak. Queen's Building. On premises.

11A Conduit Road. 13 Mosque Junction. 14 Arbuthnot Road. Club Lusitano.

On premises. On premises.

On premises. On premises.

1 Lyemoon Villas, Kowloon.

6 Moreton Terrace.

1 Mosque Terrace.






Chapman, Edward John Chapman, James Brand... Chapman, Percy Paulin... Chapple, Frederick Thomas Chard, Henry Frank Charlton, Arthur Chaytor, Charles

Cheng Yuet Po

Childs, John

Christiani, George Max

Albrecht Theodor

Chummutt, Frederick George... Chunnutt, Oscar Rowan Claasen, Hermann Ludwig- Clark, Jasper ............ Clark, Milton Ona Clark, William George Claxton, Archibald Arthur Cleveland, Benjamin ..... Cobden, Alfred Sydney Cochrane. Hugh Roxburgh Collaço, Maximiano Antonio... Collaço, Vicente Alexandre de


Colson, George Basil. Comar, Alexander Conceição, Maximiano

Augusto da Condon, Harry Leslie... Cooke, Charles Cooper, David Coppin, Alan Griffiths Costa, Antonio Fidelis da Costa, Roberto Augusto da Course, Arthur

Clerk, Linstead and Davis, Draughtsman, Taikoo Dockyard, Diver, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, W. Powell, Ld..

Nettlewood, Robinson Road.

Quarry Bay.

Quarry Bay.

On premises.

Asst., Wilkinson, Heywood & Clark, Ld., Alexandra Building.

Assistant, H. Price & Co.,

Manager, Kowloon Hotel,

Manager, Bismarck & Co., Gateman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Exchange Broker,..... Assistant, W. R. Loxley & Co., Assistant, W. R. Loxley & Co., Assistant, Melchers & Co.,

12 Queen's Road Central. On premises.

18 and 19 Connaught Road Central. Quarry Bay,

Hongkong Club. Parkside, Kowloon. Parkside, Kowloon. On premises.

Chief, T. & B. Dept., Standard Oil Co.,... Peak Hotel. Assistant, Standard Oil Co., Clerk, McEwen, Frickel & Co.. ... Assistant, J. D. Hutchison & Co.,

Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Chartered Accountant, Holt's Wharf, Acting Accountant, Mercantile Bank, Clerk, Gaupp & Co.,

Courtney, Frank McDougall Cousins, Ralph Hutchinson ... Cox-Edwards, Joseph Francis Craddock, Henry Edwin Craik, James Crane, Arthur

Crapnell, Albert Edward

Crawford, Alexander

Crawford, Frank



Crawford, William Joseph Crispin, Charles Crosbie, James Cruickshank, George Seymour Cruickshank, John.......... Cruz, Antonio Maria da Cruz, João Maria

Cruz, José Maria da Cnbey, Edwin Banfield

Cunha, Bernardino Maria

Cardoso da Curreem, Abdul

Currie, Alexander Scott- Curry, George Percy

Assistant, IIK. & S'hai Bank.................. Electrical Engineer, ..................... Clerk,

Assistant, Dodwell & Co.,

Stenographer and Passenger Clerk, Draughtsman, Dock Co., Shipbuilder. Dock Co.. Assistant, Bradley & Co.. Assistant, Meyerink & Co., Clerk, HK., C. & M. Steamboat Co., Ld., Traffic Supt., Electric Tramway, Sub-Acct., International Bankg. Corp., Draughtsman, Taikoo Dockyard, Chief Acct., HK. & S'hai Bank,. Assistant, King Edward Hotel, Secretary, Hongkong Club, Engineer, Taikoo Sugar. Refinery, Book-keeper, Lane, Crawford & Co., Clerk, Taikoo Dockyard,

Clerk, Lane, Crawford & Co., Assistant, Dock Co., Foreman Shipwright, Dock Co., Assistant, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Assistant, Arnhold, Karberg & Co., Jeweller, Falconer & Co....... Merchant, Cruz, Basto & Co., Draughtsman, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, Cruz, Basto & Co.. Chief Clerk, Taikoo Dockyard,

13A Macdonnell Road. 13 Boubam Road, Alexandra Building. Quarry Bay. Hongkong Club. On premises. 33 Shelley Street.

I Woodlands Terrace. Electric Co. Works. 65 Des Voeux Road.

Queen's Building. Hongkong Hotel. Kowloon Docks. Kowloon Docks. On premises.

3 Barrow Terrace, Kowloon. 10 Robinsou Road.

Power Station, Bowrington. 59 The Peak. Quarry Bay. On premises. 33 Praya East. Hongkong Club, 3 Taikoo Terrace. On premises. Quarry Bay.

On premises. Kowloon Docks, Kowloon Docks. Quarry Bay.

3 Queen's Gardens. 2 College Gardens.

1 Fairview, Robinson Road.

Quarry Bay.

40 Caine Road.

Quarry Bay.

Clerk, Union Ince. Soety, of Canton, Ld., On premises.

Assistant, Arcalli & Co.,.....

Assistant, Taikoo Sugar Refinery,

Local Secretary, Gas Co...............

22 Leighton Hill Road.

3 Sea View Terrace, Quarry Bay. On premises.


Dains, Gilbert Leroy Daleziel, James

Dalgety, George Mackay Dauby, James Denison Danenberg, Mario José Danielsen, Friederich Danielsen, Julius Emil Dashwood, Arthur Paul David, Archibald David, Râmesh, Davidson, Alexander... Davidson, Harry Bertran

Assistant, Standard Oil Co.,

Chief Engr., Taikoo Sugar Refinery Assistant, HK. & S'hai Bank, Assistant, Butterfield & Swire, Assistant, Reiss & Co., Assistant, Siemssen & Co., Assistant, F. Blackhead & Co., Civil Engineer, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, S. J. David & Co., Secretary, King Edward Hotel,

Chief Draughtsman, Taikoo Dockyard,...

Lai Chi Kok. Quarry Bay. Ou premises.

1 Connaught Road,

Reiss & Co.

On premises.

No. 3 Granville Road, Kowloon. Quarry Bay.

104 The Peak.

Occidental Hotel, Kowloon. Quarry Bay.

Assistant, British-American Tobacco Co.,' Y.M.C.A., Alex. Building.






Davidson, Horace

Davidson, Nabob Kitchen. Davidson, Peter

Davies, Arthur Frederick Davison, William

Dawson, Arthur Leopold Day, Frank Oswald

Delden, Eliza Jacques Henri


Desebrock, Hermann Emil.. Detmers, Kurt Deveney, Joseph Dickie, James... Dickson, Robert.. Dickson, William Dinning, Hugh

Diss, Arthur Charles... Diss, George Ambrose Dixon, Arthur Wesley Donne, Duncan James Dorward, David Doughty, Harry.. Douglas, John Phillips Dowbiggin, Hugh Blackwell

Lavard Dransfield, Albert

Drew, Walter Clement Dreyfuss, Arthur Drude, Fritz

Duncan, George

Duncan, George Leopold Duncan, Robert Dunn, James

Dunnipace, Harold Edgar Dunrich, Arthur Ellis William

· Dutton, Sydney Hardy Dyer, Robert Morton...


Earle, Alan Francis Eberius, Gattfried Fritz Eça, Alvaro Maria d'.... Eça, José Maria d'. Edkius, George Thomas. Edward, Poad.............. Edwards, George Richard.. Eggert, Otto Karl Friederich,. Elborough, Alfred Charles


Eldridge, William James Elliot, James

Ellis, Albert

Ellis, Emanuel Ezekiel Ellis, Ezekiel Isaac Ellis, Oswald Isaac Elson, William Thomas Engel, Gustav Christoph Esrom, Frank.. Eustace, Bert.

Evans, Edward Heury Evans, Llewellyn Ewing, John Jessiman Eyre, Harry

Ezra, Edward.


Falconer, Percy James Farne, Francis Heury Farrell, Peter Thomson.. Ferguson, James Carson Ferguson, Robert Henry Feruandes, Menino.............


Clerk, HK. Ice Co., Ld., Assistant, A. S. Watson & Co., Banker, National Bank of China, Ld., Manager, HK. Hotel,

Foreman Shipwright, Dock Co., Assistant, Butterfield & Swire, Clerk, Taikoo Dockyard,.......

Accountant, Neth.-India Com. Bank, Assistant, Carlowitz & Co.,............. Clerk, Radecker & Co., Spinning Master,

Assistant, Taikoo Sugar Refinery,.. Assistant, Taikoo Sugar Refinery,


Ice House Street.

Des Voeux Road.

151 Magazine Terrace, Peak. On premises. Kowloon Docks.

1 Connaught Road. 10 Seymour Terrace.

16 Peak Road.

2 Connaught Road.

5 Duddell Street.

Cotton Mills.

Taikoo Terrace, Quarry Bay.

Taikoo Terrace, Quarry Bay.

Manager, Chartered Bank of I. A. & C.,.. Charter House, Peak.

Assistant, Taikoo Sugar Refinery,

Master Tailor, Diss Bros.,

Master Tailor, Diss Bros., Manager, Hoit's Wharf,

2 Sen View Terrace, Quarry Bay.

23 Old Bailey.

36 Caine Road.

22 Nathan Road, Kowloon.

Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld., East Point.

Assistant, A. S. Watson & Co.,

Engineer, G. I. Cement Co., Ld.,

Engineer, G. I. Cement Co., Lal.,

Assistant Accountant, Mercantile Bank.......... Timekeeper, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Merchant, II. Wicking & Co., Assistant, A. R. Marty,

Office Assistant, W. R. Loxley & Co., Foreman Plumber, Dock Co.,

Assistaut, MacEwen, Frickel & Co., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, HK. & S'hai Bank,. Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Accountant, Gas Co.,

Assistant, E. D. Sassoon & Co., Chief Manager, Dock Co.,

Engineer, Electric Traction Co., Ld.,. Merchant, Eberius & Co., Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank, Clerk, HK. and S'hai Bank, Sub-Manager, Butterfield & Swire, Merchant,

Assistant, Dodwell & Co., Ld., Assistant, Carlowitz & Co.,...........

Assistant, HK. & S'hai Bank, Storekeeper, Taikoo Dockyard, Superintending Engineer, HK. & K. W. &

Godown Co., Ld.,

Assistant, Dodwell & Co., Ld., Assistant, E. S. Kadoorie & Co., Clerk, E. D. Sassoon & Co., Clerk, E. D. Sassoon & Co., Assistant, Wm. Powell, Ld., Merchant, Wm. Meyerink & Co., Assistant, Schult & Co., Assistant, Lane, Crawford & Co., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, HK. & S'hai Bank, Tug Master, Taikoo Dockyard, Manager, Wm. Powell, Ld.,

Assistant, D. Sassoon & Co., L.,

Assistant, Butterfield & Swire,

Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Des Voeux Road. Green Island.

8 Austin Avenue.

On premises.

2 Lyemoon Terrace. 18 Macdonnell Road. Astor House Hotel.

4 Humphreys' Avenne, Kowloon. Kowloon Docks.

Observatory Villas, Kowloon. Quarry Bay.

On premises. Quarry Bay. Gas Works.

Westly, Babington Path. Kingsclere.

1 Morrison Hill.

4 Macdonnell Road.

5 Rose Terrace, Kowloon.

On premises.

On premises.

30 Robinson Road.

On premises.

2 Connaught Road.

On premises. Quarry Bay.

Tsim Tsa Tsui Point. Peak Hotel.

8 Pedder's Hill.

8 Pedder's Hill.

3 Pedder's Hill. Alexandra Building. Ravenshill West, On premises. On premises. Quarry Bay. On premises. Quarry Bay.

On premises.

21 College Chambers.

1 Connaught Road.

Assistant, China Fire Insurance Co., Ld., | 45 Graham Street.

Clerk, Taikoo Dockyard,. Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Clerk, Kelly & Walsh, Ld.,.......

Quarry Bay.

Quarry Bay.

Quarry Bay.

4. Arsenal Street.






Ferrier, Charles Arthur Walter Feslier, Albert Figueiredo, Eduardo José...... Figueiredo, Francisco Maria


Figueiredo, Henrique João

Melchiades de....... Figueiredo, Manuel Augusto... Finbow, Arthur Finke, Hermann. Fisher, John

Fittock, Charles, Jr.

Flenning, William Nicol Flesse, Frang......

Fletcher, Harold Leuthwaite... Foord-Kelcey, Reginald, Forbes, Alexander Forbes, Jolin Rodger... Ford, Edward Stephen Ford, William Falconer. Forrester, John Franco, Viriato Friedrichs, Carl August

Ernst Max

Assistant, IIK. & S'hai Bank,... Assistant, Lane, Crawford & Co., Assistant, Hughes & Hough,

Clerk, Vernoa & Smyth,

Clerk, Carlowitz & Co., Assistant, Shewan, Tomes & Co., Engineer, G. I. Cement Co., Ld.,....... Assistant, Jebsen & Co., Engineer, Dock Co., Superintendent, Dock Co., ... Clerk, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld............. Assistant, Gibb, Livingston & Co........ Consulting Engr., Carmichael & Clarke,... Assistant, HK. & S'hai Bank, Sugar Boiler, China Sugar Refinery, Sugar-boiler, China Sugar Refinery, Clerk, HK. & K. W. & Godown Co., Ld.. Harbour Foreman Engineer, Dock Co., Sub-Acct., International Bankg. Corp. Bookseller's Asst., Kelly & Walsh, Ld.,.....

Assistant, Arnhold, Karberg & Co.,

On premises. On premises.

8 Des Voeux Road.

9 Caine Road.

21 Caine Road.

1 Victoria View, Garden Rd., K’loon. Hok Ün.

King's Building. Cosmopolitan Docks.

Aberdeen Docks. 53 The Peak.

St. George's Building. 2 Mountain View. On premises. Praya East. 129 Praya East. Kowloon.

Kowloon Docks. Calder Path.

15 St. Francis Street.

3 Macdonnell Road.


Galloway, Robert Dryden..... Galluzzi, Raoul

Garcia, Francisco Maria Gardner, Joseph.............. Gardner, Jr. William Frederick| Gardner, William

Garraway, James Graham Gaster, Ernest Gaudet, André

Gausden, James George


Gee, Archibald Daniel Gegg, George William Gellion, Frederick Johnson Ginkel, Alexander van Gittins, Henry

Glendinning, Walter Gloyn, Jolin

Goetz, Walter....

Goggin, William George Goldenberg, Harry... Goldstein, Michel Heurè Gomes, Francis

Gonsalves, Verissimo Claudio

da Costa

Goulborn, Vernon

Gourgey, Ivor....... Gourgey, Maurice Gow, David

Graça, Francisco Maria de


Graff, Reginald Charles. Graham, Frank

Graham, James William Gray, Robert

Gray, Samuel.............. Gray, William Frederick Gregory, Alfred ............... Gregory, Tigran Mattheos Gregson, James

Greig, Kenneth Edward Greig, Hope, Grey, Cosby French

Assistant, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Assistant, D. Sassoon & Co., Ld., Clerk, P. M. S. S. Co..

Clerk, Union Ince. Socty, of Canton, Ld., Assistant, Melchers & Co.,

Engineer, HK. Rope Manufacturing Co.,


Foreman Engineer,

Asst., China Fire Insurance Co., Lil............. First Assistant, Messageries Maritimes,...

Assistant, Dodwell & Co., Ld.. Assistant, Lane Crawford & Co., Manager, Horse Repository, Electrician, W. C. Jack & Co., Book-keeper, Holland-China Trading Co. Accountant, Cotton Mills,

Chief Inspector, Electric Traction Co., Sugar Boiler, China Sugar Refinery, Asst., HK. & China Shoe Factory, Ld.,... Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld., Assistant, Gibb, Livingston & Co.,... Assistant, Levy Hermanos, Clerk, Nippon Yusen Kaisha,...

Assistant, D. Sassoon & Co., Ltd.,

Assistant Engineer, HK. Rope Manu-

facturing Co., Lal.,

Assistant, E. S. Kadoorie & Co., Assistant, D. Sassoon & Co., Ld., Clerk, Dock Co.,

Assistant, China Sugar Refinery, Assistant, P. & O. Co.,... Electrical Engineer, Supt. Shipbuilder, Dock Co., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Foreman Turner,

Actg. M'ger, North China Iuce. Co., Ld............. Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld.,.| Merchant, A. V. Apear & Co., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Manager, Engine Works,.....

Assistant, Butterfield & Swire, Storeman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Quarry Bay.

11 Conduit Road. 38 Queen's Road,

| 2 Queen's Building.

On premises.

Villa Maria, Glenealy No. H. Kowloon Docks.

4 Morrison Hill. On premises.

On premises.

On premises.

Causeway Bay.

14 Des Voeux Road Central. On premises.

On premises.

3 Morton Terracc. East Point.

8 Queen's Gardens. 23 Belilios Terrace. On premises.

13 Seymour Road. 15 Seymour Road.

3 Barrow Terrace, Kowloon.

Hongkong Hotel. Castle Steps.

21 Belilios Terrace. Kowloon Docks,

58 Peel Street.

11 Mountain View, Peak. 4 Queen's Gardens. Kowloon Docks. Quarry Bay. Kowloon Docks.

5 Pedder's Hill.

10 Humphreys Avenue, Kowloon. 45 Wyndham Street. Quarry Bay.

Quarry Bay. Connaught Road.

Quarry Bay.






Grimshaw, Thomas

Gubbay, David Sassoon................ Gutierrez, Augusto Aureliano. Gutierrez, Gregorio Maria.............. Gutierrez, João Joaquim Gutierrez, João José Guy, James

Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Clerk, E. D. Sassoon & Co., Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank, Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank, Assistant, Jebsen & Co., Assistant, Carlowitz & Co., Foreman Engineer,

Quarry Bay.

9 Macdonnell Road. 14 Mosque Street. On premises. 10 Robinson Road. 7 Mosque Street. Kowloon Docks.


Hacking, John Emmott


Hagen, Eustace Charles Haigh, Fred. Dunwell

Haines, Hereward Francis Hall, Frederick Charles.... Hall, Jonathan

Hall, Thomas Philip Hamet, Abdool Hoosen. Hamilton, Alexander

Hamilton, Charles Norman


Hancock, Harry Cyril Rider... Hand, John

Hansen, Christian Rude Hansen, James Ernest Hansen, Theodor Friedrich Hansen, Thomas G. .... Hansen, Wallace John Hardwick, William Harrington, John Joseph Harrison, Tom Lloyd. Harrop, Charles Edward


Harrow, Henry Love.. Hartig, Gottlieb Ernst Louis... Harvey, David

Haskell, Ernest David Hassan, Alexander Richard

Roby Hassan, Hoosan

Hassemann, Theodor Wilhelm


Haxton, George Kay Hay, George Morrison Hayes, George Vincent. Hayward, Ernest Malcolm Hazeland, Ernest Manning Hechtel, Otto Peter

Hedley, William..

Heermann, Fritz...

Heid, Albin Henry.

Heldt, Franz

Hell, Paul Edward Heinrich


Helm, Kurt Alfred... Helmers, Johann Hemmings, Robert Edwin... Henderson, Alexander Henderson, John Mentiplay Hendrikus, Philippus..... Herbst, Carl Emil Peter Hermeling, Peter August

Hubert.... Heron, Arthur William

Hertslet, Henry Reginald Heuser, Carl Wilhelm Hewitt, Alfred Herbert Hickie, Sidney Douglas....


Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Assistant, Butterfield & Swire,

Assistant, Kelly & Walsh, Ld., Brakesman,

Quarry Bay.

1 Connaught Road.

10A Conduit Read.

31 Saw Wa Fong, Wanchai..

Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld., | East Point Junior Mess.

Accountant, Taikoo Dockyard,

Marine Surveyor,

Assistant, H. Price & Co.,

Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Quarry Bay.

2 Connaught Road.

12 Queen's Road.

Quarry Bay.

Engineer, China Light & Power Co.,...... Kowloon.


Superintendent, Dock Co.,

Assistant, Hamburg-Amerika Linic, Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, F. Blackhead & Co., Runner, King Edward Hotel, Assistant, H. Skott & Co., Employee, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Clerk, Taikoo Dockyard,. Assistant, Standard Oil Co.,

Assistant, Butterfield & Swire, Pansman, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Assistant, Kruse & Co.,

Marine Engineer, Dodwell & Co., Assistant, E. S. Kadoorie & Co.,

Manager. Connell Bros, Assistant, II. Price & Co., Ld.,

Assistant, Arnhold, Karberg & Co., Manager, HK. Jee Co., Ld., Civil Engineer, Leigh & Orange, Manager, Sperry Flour Co.,.... Book-keeper, Lane, Crawford & Co., Architect,

Assistant, Wendt & Co.,

Timekeeper, Dock Co.,............. Merchant, Gaupp & Co., Assistant, Standard Oil Co., Assistant, Schuldt & Co.,

Merchant, Kruse & Co., Assistant, Garrels, Börner & Co., Insurance Clerk, Siemssen & Co., Assistant, Leigh & Orange,. Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Boilermaker, Dock Co., Assistant, Java-China-Japan Liju, Clerk, Holt's Wharf,

Superintendent Engineer, Nord. Lloyd.... Wharfinger, HK. & K. W. & Godown

Co., Ltd.,

Assistant, Dodwell & Co.,

Assistant, Eberins & Co.,

Peak Hotel. Kowloon Docks. Queen's Building. Quarry Bay.

5 Caine Road.

King Edward Hotel. 10 Des Voeux Road. Quarry Bay.

Quarry Bay.

Room 17, Hotel Mansions.

1 Connaught Road.

1 Lyemoon Terrace. Hotel Mausions.

13 Austin Avenue. 2 Seymour Terrace.

Barker Road, Peak. 12 Queen's Road Central.

5 Observatory Villas. Ice House, East Point. Prince's Building.

Room 4, Hotel Mansions. On premises.

Coombe, 152 Peak.

3 Ormsby Villas, Grauville Road,


Kowloon Docks,

Pokfulam Road.

Hotel Mansions.

York Building.

Hotel Mansions.

Knutsford Terrace, Kowloon. On premises.

29 Wyndham Street. Quarry Bay. Kowloon Docks. Hongkong Club,

4 Seymour Terrace, Kowloon.

Intramuros, Caine Road.

11 Nathan Road, On-premises.

18A Macdonell Road.

Chief Engineer, G. I. Cement Co., Ld.,... Green Island. Merchant, China Express Co.,

25 Belilios Terrace.






Hickling, Clement Chinery Hickman, Harry Frank...... Hildebrandt, Jonaunes Carl



Hill, Walter Josephi Hissink, André Louis Armand Hoggard, Frederick IIo Kam Tong ........

Holt, Harold Osborn Holyoak, Percy Hobson Hooper, Joseph

Horuby, Thomas Wild Ho U-ming

Howard, Edward

Howell, Charles Lloyd Howie, Neil McDonald Hoy, William

Hoyem, Olaf Johan Marius Hughes, Ernest Leonard Humphreys, Cecil

Humphreys, William Meyrick Hunt, Herbert James Hunter, George Hunter, Hugh..

Hunter, James

Hunter, James Adam

Hauter, Robert

Hunter, Tobias

Hüpeden, Hans

Hurley, Frederick Charles. Hyde, James

Hyndman, Francisco Henrique Hyndman, Henrique, Jr. ...... Hyndman, Henry Anthony

Assistant, Butterfield & Swire, Assistant, China Fire Insurance Co., Ld., Assistant, China Export, Import and

Bank Compagnie,

Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Engineer, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Assistant, Java-China-Japan Lijn, Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant Compradore, Jardine, Matheson

& Co., Ld,

Book-keeper, Wm. Powell. Ld.,

Salesman and Assistant, Reiss & Co., Clerk, HK. & K. W. & Godown Co., Ld., Broker,

Secretary, Sam Wang Co., Ld., Broker,

Assistant, Standard Oil Co.. Draughtsman, Taikoo Dockyard, Draughtsman, Taikoo Dockyard, Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Clerk, Percy Smith & Seth, Assistant, W. G. Humphreys & Co., | Clerk, W. G. Humphreys & Co.,.............

Assistant, Asiatic Petroleum Co., Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld., Clerk, Union Ince. Socty, of Canton, Ld.,... Assistant Fitter,

Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Engineer, Macdonald & Co.,

1 Connaught Road. | 4 Morrison Hill,

1 Queen's Gardens. Quarry Bay.

Taikoo Terrace, Quarry Bay. 11 Conduit Road. Quarry Bay.

Caine Road.

Alexandra Building.

Westley, Babbington Path.

¦ 3 Stewart Terrace, Peak.

Queen's Building.

81 Queen's Road Central. Des Voeux Road.

17 Chater Road, West Point,

Quarry Bay. Quarry Bay. Quarry Bay.

16 Kuutsford Terrace, Kowloon, 2 Peak Road. Peak Hotel. Shankiwan Road.

4 Humphreys' Avenue, Kowloon. On premises. Gas Works. Quarry Bay.

2 Victoria View, Kowloon.

Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld.. | 4 Humphreys' Avenue, Kowloon.

Assistant, Siemssen & Co.,

Assistant, Hughes & Hough,

Clerk of Works, HK. & K. W. &

Godown Co., Ld.,

Assistant, Standard Oil Co., Clerk, Dock Co.,

Assistant, S. J. David & Co.....

On premises.

1 Meirion, Peak.

6 Ashley Road.

4 Rose Terrace, Kowloon.

Kowloon Docks.

5 Ashley Road.

Jasse, Carl

Innes, Robert Ironside, William

Irving, John Mark Mardhaugh. Ismail, Sheek Ebrahim Ismail, Sheik Ramjahn

Clerk, Radecker & Co.,

Marine Supt., China Navigation Co.,.... Assistant, Butterfield & Swire, Engineer, HK. Ice Co., Ld., Assistant, Holland-China Trading Co., · Clerk, HK. & K. W. & Godown Co., Ld.,

No. 5 Duddell Street. 1 Connaught Road. On premises. East Point.

5 Yee Woo Street. 20 Leighton Hill Road,


Jack, James

Jackson, David Jacobs, Edward Jabrand, Alfred

James, Frederick William...... Jameson, Philip Sutherland Jebsen, Jacob Friedrick"



Jebsen, Michael

Jenkins, Anthony Jesus, Albino Alberto da Jesus, Francisco Montalto de .| Jesus, José Vicente Paulo de. Joass, Henry Crawford Johnson, John

Johnson, William Murray. Johnstone, John Jolly, Lewis Gordon Jolly, William

Jonckheer, Jacobus Gerard Jones, Samuel Richard ...... Jorge, Francisco José Vicente,

Jr., Jorge, Heitor Telles Joseph, Ezra Solomon Joseph, Joseph Edgar Joseph, Raymond Menasse

Book-keeper, Dairy Farm Co., Assistant, HK. & S'hai Bank, Assistant, Standard Oil Co., Assistant, Jebsen & Co.,....... Supt. Engineer, Butterfield & Swire,.. Mill Manager,

Merchant, Jebsen & Co., Assistant, Jebsen & Co., Accountant, Vacuum Oil Co., Clerk, Canadian Pacific Railway Co., Book-keeper, W. C. Jack & Co., Assistant, Gordon & Co.,................... Assistant, HK. & S'hai Bank,. Storekeeper, Taikoo Dockyard, Timekeeper, Dock Co.,

Merchant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld., Sub-Acet,, Chartered Bank of I. A. & C., Secretary, Dock Co.,

Assistant, Java-Japan-China Lijn, Clerk, Taikoo Dockyard,

Merchant, Jorge & Co., Assistant, Siemssen & Co., Broker, S. J. David & Co., Exchange Broker,................

Assistant, D. Sassoon & Co., Ld.,

2 Kimberley Villas, Kowloon. On premises.

1 Cameron Terrace, Kowloon. Magazine Gap.

1 Connaught Road. Cotton Mills.

Lyshalt, Peak.

105 The Peak.

37 Wong Nei Cheong Road. 18 Morrison Hill Road. 13 Robinson Road.

12 Morrison Hill Road. On premises. Quarry Bay.

Kowloon Docks.

| No. 2 House, East Point.

| 3 Queen's Road.

Kowloon Docks. Hongkong Club. Quarry Bay.

21 Old Bailey. Queen's Building. Peak Hotel.

King Edward Hotel. Devonia, Peak Road.









Judah, James Jacob

Judah, Raphael Solomon Juman, Samuel

Kadoorie, Ellis


Clerk, E. D. Sassoon & Co.,

Assistant, D. Sassoon & Co., Ld.,

11 College Chambers. 11 Seymour Road.

Clerk, HK. & K. W. & Godown Co., Ld.. Morrison Hill Road.

Broker, E. S. Kadoorie & Co.,...

Assistant, Standard Oil Co.,

Kaily, William

Keating, Augustin

Keith, David


Hermann Otto


Assistant, Siemssen & Co.,

Kench, Owen Geely

The Den, Castle Steps. Lai-chi-kok.

Manager, Deep Water Bay Brick Work,. Deep Water Bay. Foreman Carpenter,

Kowloon Docks,

Queen's Building.

Hongkong Hotel.

Kennedy, James John Stodart.

Kennett, Henry William


Kennett, Herbert Sydney Keut, Herbert Wade

Kew, Charles Herbert Whiteley Kharas, Dinshaw Kavasji.... Kilby, Harry Wheatley King, James William.. King, Walter

King, Wilfrid Henry Tindal... Kingston, William Henry Kinnaird, John Daniel Kirmse, Carl Otto

Kitzmantl, John Charles Klimanek, Philip Harding Knight, Charles Crosby.... Knott, Thomas Macfarlane Knox. Lefferts Kohler, Arnold

Korten, Hanus Leonhard


Kraentler, Albert

Kraft, William Dana

Kramer, Oswald.........

Kullmann, John

Accountant, British-American Tobacco

Co., Li,

Genl. Manager, Electric Traction Co., Lal., 1 Morrison Hill,

Assistant, China-Borneo Co., Ld., Assistant, Butterfield & Swire, Assistant, Butterfield & Swire,

Humphreys' Avenue, Kowloon. 1 Connaught Road. On premises.

Clerk, HK. & K. W. & Godown Co., Ld., 43 Caine Road. P. & U. Co.,

Sub-Acct., International Bankg. Corp.,.. Clerk, Taikoo Dockyard, Bookseller, Kelly & Walsh, Ld., Clerk, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld.,. Assistant, Shewau, Tomes & Co., Sugar Boiler, China Sugar Refinery, Clerk, Eberius & Co., Principal, Grossmann & Co., Assistant, Holland-China, Trading Co., Assistant, Butterfield & Swire, Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank, Manager, China Mutual Insurance Co., Assistant, Deutsch-Asiatische Bank,

Assistant, Melchers & Co., Accountant, Russo-Chinese Bank, Assistant Manager & Attorney, Standard

Oil Co.,

Book-keeper, Grossmann & Co...... Banker, Deutsch-Asiatische Bank,.

Representative, Shewan, Tomes & Co.,

Kunze, Paul Adolf Adalbert... Mercantile

14 College Chambers. Castle Road.

Quarry Bay.

1 Magdalene Terrace, (149 Peak). East Point Junior Mess. 31 Pokfulam Road. 129 Prava East.

2 Wyndham Street. Exmoor, 15 Conduit Road. On premises.

1 Connaught Road. On premises.

On premises.

Kingsclere, Kennedy Road.

On premises.

13B Macdonnell Road.

13A Macdonnell Road. Kingsclere.

Club Germania.

2 Lyemoon Villas, Kowloon.

Lace, George E.....

Lafferty, James

Laing, Alfred

Lakin, George Grason Lambert, John Bain Lammert, Frank... Lammert, Herbert Alexander Lammert, Lionel Eugene Lamperski, Albert Wilhelm Lauder, John William Langstein, Ludwig Victor. Langtry, William

Lanning, Oswald Victor Lapsley, Robert

Laurenz, Rudolf..

Lauritzen, Cornelius

Lawder, Cecil ................ Lawrence, John Henry Lay, Kenneth Fortescue Leask, William Laughton Lee, Corinth Heury Leith, Alister Cameron. Lemm, John

Lennox, David James

Assistant, HK. & China Shoe Factory Ld., | Praya East. Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Assistant, Butterfield & Swire, Assistant, Gibb, Livingston & Co.,... Architect's Assistant, Palmer & Turner, . Assistant, Caldbeck, MacGregor & Co.,... Assistant, G. P. Lammert, Assistant, G. P. Lammert, Assistant, Melchers & Co., Storekeeper, ....

Assistant, Arnhold, Karberg & Co., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Quarry Bay.

1 Connaught Road. St. George's Building.

4 Ormsby Villas, Kowloon. 1 Seymour Terrace. Cotton Mills, East Point. 1 Seymour Terrace. On premises. Kowloon Docks. 3 Queen's Gardeus. Quarry Bay.

Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld.,... 48 Peak.

Clerk, Dock Co.,

Assistant, Carlowitz & Co.,.

Assistant, Arnhold, Karberg & Co.,

Assistant, China Mutual Life Ince. Co.,... Storekeeper, Dock Co.,

Bank Clerk, International Bankg. Corp., Civil Engineer, Leigh & Orange, Secretary, Bailey & Co.,

Assistant, HK. & S'hai Bank, Architect,

Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,..

Kowloon Docks.

2 Connaught Road.

9 Knutsford Terrace.

Elgin Street.

Kowloon Docks.

West Villas, Castle Road.

On premises.

29 Seymour Road,

On premises.

7 Humphreys Avenue, Kowloon. Quarry Bay.






Lennox, John..................... Leon, Manual Valantin Lester, Hugh William Leung Fee Cooke Levy, Isaac Simeou Levy, Lewis M.

Levy, Silas Simon Lieb, Fritz

Logan, James Douglas Logan, Samuel Stewart.. Long, Edwin Arthur, Long, Reginald Frederick.. Longuet, Carl Wilhelm.. Look, Albert Lopes, Arthur Lopes, Carlos Augusto Lopes, Dellano Pedro Jesus Lopes, Francisco Xavier Lopes, José Maria Conceição. Losack, Algernon Sydney. Losseus, Jacob Johan Louer, Edward George

Banning ....

Loureiro, Ednardo José da


Louizo, Peter

Lübring, Edward Luvaro Angusto da

Luz, Stephany Epephany da Lyle, David

Lynam, Charles Edward Lyon, William Jefferson Lysaught, John Joseph..... Lysou, Cecil Hynes


MacCrae, Arthur Macdonald, Donald Macgowan, Robert John Macintyre, Henry Arthur..... Mackie,Charles Gordon Stewart Mackintosh, Frederick

Alexander .... Macklin, John Macphail, Lachlan Rose Maguer, Leo John Maher, Antonio Sebastião. Makeham, Charles..

Makin, Henry Reginald..... Malcolm, Duncan Archibald...] Manu, Frederick Randall Manners, John

Manuk, Malcolm

Mark, Marvin Walter

Marshall, Archibald Miller

Marshall, Walter Basil

Martin, Friedrich

Martin, James

Mauricio, Evaristo...

Maxwell, Charles Lionel Maxwell, John

May, Ernest Alfred George McAskill, Kenneth Roderick... McCaig, John........................ McCallum, Andrew Imrie... McClay, Alexander McCormack, John

McCorquodale, Jobn

McCubbin, John

McCubbin, John

Assistant, Butterfield & Swire, Clerk, Arnhold, Karberg & Co., Assistant, Dodwell & Co., Ld., Coal Merchant, &c.,. Clerk, S. J. David & Co., Barkeeper, King Edward Hotel,. Assistant, E. D. Sassoon & Co................... Manager, Arnhold, Karberg & Co.,.... Foreman Boiler Maker, Dock Co., Sub-Acet., Chartered Bank of I. A. & C.,....... Stenographer, Standard Oil Co.,....... Electrical Engineer, Merchant, Kruse & Co., Clerk, Mutual Stores, Assistant, Siemssen & Co., Clerk, P. V. S. S. Co., Clerk, Arnhold, Karberg & Co., Assistant, Siemssen & Co., Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank, Clerk, Taikoo Dockyard,

Assistant Superintendent, P. M. S. S. Co..

Chief Assistant, Thos. Cooke & Son,

Chief Clerk, Rope Works, Banker, National Bank of China, Ld., Assistant, Sander, Wieler & Co.,..... Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank,

Clerk, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Clerk & Stenographer, P. M. S. S. Co.,... Acting Engine Works Manager,.. Engineer, John Lysaught & Son, Clerk, P. M. S. S. Co.,......

Engineer, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Engineer,

On premises.

25 Mosque Street. On premises.

53 Connaught Road. 5 Victoria View, Kowloon. Ou premises.

7 Barrow Terrace, Kowloon. Lergisland, Peak Road. Kowloon Docks.

3 Queen's Road.

4 Lyeemoon Villas, Kowloon. Electric Co. Works, Wanchai. Hotel Mansions.

39 Des Voeux Road Central. On premises.

6 Barrow Terrace, Kowloon.. 43 Elgin Street.

On premises. On premises. Quarry Bay.

3 Leighton Hill Road.

Hongkong Hotel.

4 Belilios Terrace. 2 The Albany, Prince's Building. On premises. Des Voeux Road. Quarry Bay. Baltimore Hotel. Quarry Bay.

139 Wanchai Road. 6 Shelley Street.

Quarry Bay. Braeside.

Clerk, HK. & K. W. & Godown Co., Ld., 68 Mount Kellett, Peak.. Assistant, HK, & S'bai Bank, Assistant, Gibb, Livingston & Co.,

Assistant, Lane, Crawford & Co., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

On premises.

On premises.

On premises.

Quarry Bay.

Sub-Manager, International Bankg. Corp., Cameron Villas, Peak.

Assistant, S. Moutrie & Co., Assistant, Sander, Wieler & Co., Assistant, Dairy Farm Co., Ld., Assistant, Butterfield & Swire, Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, P. & O. Co., Assistant, Siemssen & Co., Accountant, Dairy Farm Co., Ld., Clerk, Gordon & Co.,

Electrical Engineer, China & Japan Tele-

phone Co.,

Assistant, Butterfield & Swire,

Assistant, Wm. Meyerink & Co.,

Draughtsman, Dock Co.,

Assistant, Wm. Powell, Ld.,

Clerk, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld.,. Assistant, Bailey & Co., Assistant, Dodwell & Co., Ld., Timekeeper, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld.,. Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, Standard Oil Co., Clerk, Taikoo Dockyard,.............

Sugar Boiler, China Sugar Refinery, Employee, Taikoo Sugar Refinery,.. Resident Engineer,

McCullagh, William Douglas... Assistant, HK. & S'hai Bank,

13 Macdonnell Road. Prince's Building. Pokfulam.

1 Connaught Road. Quarry Bay.

11 Mountain View, Peak..

On premises.

6 Moreton Terrace.

47 High Street.

The Castle, Castle Road.

I Connaught Road.

20 Macdonnell Road. Kowloon Docks. Alexandra Building.

East Point Junior Mess.

23 Station Street, Yaumati.- On premises.

Quarry Bay,

Kowloon Docks.

Quarry Bay. Lai Chi Kok. Quarry Bay. East Point. Quarry Bay. Gas Works.

Ou premises.






McCulloch, William

McDougall, Alexander

McGregor, Robert

McHugh, Frank Edward McHutchon, James Maitland McIlraith, George Duncan McIntosh, Alexander Forsyth. McIntyre, John ... McIntyre, Wilson McKay, William McKirdy, Archibald McLeod, John MeNeill, Duncan McNeillie, David Mead, James Henry Meek, Thomas Meester, Titus de

Mehta, Byramjee Kaiklusbroo Melbye, Alfred Melvin, James Dewar Messner, Franz Karl Meyer, Carl Martin Meyer, Johannes Emil Meyer, Oscar

Michael, Sassoon Hai Millar, Andrew William Millar. John

Miller, John Findlay Miller, Robert Kennedy ...... Milroy, Anthony Alex. Heron Mistry, Kursbedjec Dhunjee-

bhoy..... Mitchell, John

Moir, Alexander..

Moir, George Alexander Mok Man Cheung,............

Molleman, Johannes

Möller, Joham



Monk, Albert Victor Moon, Herbert Ernest Mooney, Charles

Mooney, Richard Joseph Morfey, Alan Morphew, George

Morrison, Kenneth Sinclair Morse, Herbert John. Moses, Naphtali Steinberg, Moulder, Augustus Bourne-

ville Mow-Fung, Edward Mow-Fung, Frederick Charles Muble, Heinrich Ludwig Muir, John Greig

Mülder, Yan Dirk Frederick Müller, Carl Otto Murphy, Charles Henry Murphy, Edward Owen... Murray, Douglas Bennett Murray, James Smith

Murray, Patrick Henry

Murray, Malcolm Alexander

Musso, Luigi ..........


Sub-Acet., Chartered Bank of I. A. & C., Mercantile Assistant, H. Skott & Co. Local Secretary, Butterfield & Swire,...... Chief Accountant, Standard Oil Co., Assistant, Butterfield & Swire, Insurance Assistant, Reiss & Co., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Sugar Boiler, Taikoo Sugar Refinery.. Assistant, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Loftman, Taikoo Dockyard,...... Assistant, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Boiler Maker, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Bookseller, Kelly & Walsh, Ld.,.. Jeweller, Falconer & Co., Assistant, Java-China-Japan Lijn, | Clerk, E. D. Sassoon & Co.,

Assistant, Thos. Cooke & Son, Assistant, Taikco Sugar Refinery, Assistant Superintendent, Nord. Lloyd,... Assistant, Deutsch-Asiatische Bank, Assistant, Garrels, Börner & Co.,. Assistant, Melchers & Co., Merchant,

Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Salesman, A. S. Watson & Co., Engineer, Bradley & Co.,`. Sugar Boiler, China Sugar Refinery, Superintendent, Sailors' Home,

Assistant, S. J. David & Co.,............. Assistant, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Manager, Peak Hotel, Accountant, International Baukg. Corp.,. Compradore, Holt's Wharf,. Accountant, Netherlands Trading Society,

Clerk, Carlowitz & Co.,

Assistant, Butterfield & Swire, Assistant, HK. & Shai Bank, Secretary, HK. Hotel,

Clerk, HK. & K. W. & Godown Co., Ld., Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, Bradley & Co.,

Chief Accountant, Standard Oil Co., Engineer, W. C. Jack & Co.,


Assistant, Dady Burjor & Co., Merchant, Dady Burjor & Co., Assistant, Siemssen & Co., Assistant, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Assistant, Netherlands Trading Society, Assistant, Carlowitz & Co.,.. Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Engineer, W. S. Bailey & Co.,

Clerk, Union Ince. Socty. of Canton, Ld., Engineer, G. I. Cement Co., Ld., Hok-ün

Cement Works,

Marine Engineer, Asiatic Petroleum Co.,


Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank, Merchant,

Marine Engineer, Bradley & Co.,


Queen's Road.

10 Des Voeux Road. Quarry Bay.

13A Macdonnell Road. 1 Connaught Road. 9 The Peak.

Quarry Bay.

2 Taikoo Terrace, Quarry Bay. 3 Sea View Terrace, Quarry Bay. Quarry Bay.

Quarry Bay. Quarry Bay. Quarry Bay. Quarry Bay.

2 Carnarvon Villas, Kowloon.

6 Beaconsfield Arcade. York Building,

41 Wyndham Street. 3 Staunton Street.

3 Lyemoon Terrace, Quarry Bay. 14 Austin Avenue, Kowloon. 9 Garden Road.

4 Ravenshill. Queen's Building.

1 Prince's Building. Quarry Bay.

2 East Avenue, Kowloon. On premises. East Point.

On premises.

34 Queen's Road Central. Taikoo Terrace, Quarry Bay. On premises.

Cameron Villas, Peak, 267 Queen's Road East. Queen's Road.

2 Connaught Road.

1 Connaught Road.

On premises.

4 Lower Mosque Terrace. 4 Mosque Terrace. East Point Junior Mess. Quarry Bay.

Ou premises. Hotel Mansions.

17 Wong Nei Cheong Road.

6 Morrison Hill.

31 Wong Nei Chong Road. 28 Des Voeux Road, Queen's Building. Quarry Bay.

On premises.

15 Kautsford Terrace, Kowloon. Quarry Bay.

Highlands, Kimberley Road, Kow- 2 Queen's Building.

On premises.

Shaukiwau Road.

On premises.

Stowford, 12 Bonham Road. On premises.


Musso, Salvador...


Naumann, Carl Wilhelm

Ludwig Walter

Neave, Elvine Hugh

Neial, Alexander

Neave, Thoinas

Mercantile Assistant,

Assistant, HK. & K. W. & Godown Co., Superintendent Engineer, Dock Co., Engineer, Taikoo Sugar Refinery,

Deacon's Bungalow, Pokfulam.

| 11 Robinson Road, Kowloon.

Kowloon Docks.

3 Taikoo Terrace.






Neidt, Arthur Carl Wilhelm... Neilson, Donald McLaren .... Neilson, Jau Barr Cummings Nelson, Charles Cowley Neves, Antonio Maria de Faria Neves, Theodolino de Faria Neville, Samuel Arthur........... Nicholls, William

Nicholson, Philip Forster......

Nicholson, Robert Alfred ...... Nicholson, William................ Nikkels, Reinard Nanning


Nilsson, ArthurGeorge William Norouba, José Maria North, Willian

Nye, Percival Herbert


Foreman Boiler Maker, Dock Co., Assistant, Gilman & Co.... Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Co. Wm. Meyerink & Co. Cosmopolitan Docks.

Queen's Road,

Quarry Bay.

Clerk, Union Ince. Soety, of Canton, Ld., 2 Queen's Building. Assistant, Dock Co...................

Assistant, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Clerk, Dock Co.,

Manager, Taikoo Dockyard & Engineer-

ing Co.,

Engineer, Dock Co.....

Assistant, Butterfield & Swire,

Acct.. Neth.-India Commercial Bank, Chemist, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Clerk, Banque de l'Indo-Chine, Sub-Acc.t, International Bankg. Corp., Electrical Engineer, W. C. Jack & Co., ...

Cosmopolitan Doeks. Quarry Bay. Kowloon Docks.

Quarry Bay. Cosmopolitan Docks. 1 Connaught Road.

On premises.

2 Quarry Point, Quarry Bay. 7 Rose Terrace, Kowloon. Castle Road.

14 Des Vœux Road.


Obrembski, Marion Ogilvie, Alexander.. Ohme, Alfred .............. Olson, Charles William Olson, John Ormiston, Jaines

Örtlepp, Heinrich Friedrich Osborne, John............................ Osmund, George Vincent Osmund, James Daniel

Ott, Walter Adolph Henry Otten, Gerhardus

Owen, Edward

Owen, James Colin

Chemist, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Piano Tuner,.

Clerk, Sander, Wieler & Co., Assistant, Aagaard, Thoresen & Co..................... Building Contractor, C. E. Warren & Co., Engineer, Macdonald & Co.,

Assistant, Reuter, Brockelmann & Co.,... Engine Driver, Tramway Co.............................. Assistant, Deutsch-Asiatische Bank, Clerk, China Sugar Refinery,

... Assistant, Bumann & Berblinger,

Book-keeper, Java-China-Japan Lijn.. Broker,

Owen, Owen Elias...... Oxberry, James Henry Ozorio, Leopoldo Augusto......


Packham, Ralph

Page, Harry William...

Paine, Albert Edward Palmer, Henry Paterson, John Paterson, John Belshaw Pattenden, Hugh Philip Pattenden, Walter Leslie

Paul, Samuel Paulsen, Robert H. Peacock, John

Pearce, Albert William. Pearce, Thomas Ernest.. Peel, Charles Alfred Peet, James William

Peffer, Samuel

Pereira, Eduardo

Perrie, Robert

Perry, Isaac Samuel

Pestouji. Rustom

Petley, Harold Wallace. Phillips, Reginald Philip Pickford, Philip Piens, Charles... Piercy, Richard Smailes

Pinna, Sebastião Francisco Pintos, Cecilio Paulo... Plage, Ihilip

Plummer, John Archibald................ Polley, John David


Assistant, Dock Co., Proprieter, Kowloon Hotel,. Runner, HK. Hotel,

Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank,

Cargo Supt., HK. & K. W. & Godown

Co., L.,

Assistant, Dairy Farm Co., Ld:,

S. Moutrie & Co.,

Overseer, Cotton Mills, Exchange Broker,

Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Assistant, Gilman & Co.,.. Assistant, Gilman & Co.,

Clerk, Asiatic Petroleum Co., Ld., Assistant, F. Blackbend & Co., Assistant, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Gateman, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, J. D. Hutchison & Co.,......... Mercantile Assistant, Dodwell & Co.,... Assistant, Horse Repository, Foreman, China Sugar Refinery, Assistant, H. Robitsek & Reis,. Assistant, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Broker,

Stenographer, International Bankg. Corp., Electrical Engineer,

Assistant, A. S. Watson & Co., Ld., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, Siemssen & Co.,

Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld.,. Assistant, Cruz, Basto & Co...................... Assistant, Holland-China Trading Co., Sugar Boiler, China Sugar Refinery, .... Assistant, Bradley & Co.,.... Assistant, Taikoo Dockyard,

Quarry Bay.

Co. Robinson Piano Co., Ld. Prince's Building.

4 Fairview, Kowloon.

30 Des Voeux Read Central. York Building.

6 Morrison Hill.

38 Queen's Road East. 7 Queen's Road Central, 6 Redmaxella Terrace. 7 Caine Road. Derrington, Peak Road. Hongkong Club. Kowloon Docks. On premises.

17 Wong Nei Cheong Road. On premises.

Wharf Co.'s Office, Kowloon. Dairy Farm Depôt, 10 Robinson Road,


7 Robinson Road.

Ou premises.

1 Prince's Building. Quarry Bay. On premises. On premises. Carlton House. On premises.

3 Lyemoon Terrace, Quarry Bay. Quarry Bay.

London Mission.

Eden Hall, Lyttleton Road West. Causeway Bay.

Percival Street.

9 Belilios Terrace.

1 Lyemoon Terrace, Quarry Bay. 31 Wyndham Street.

5 Seymour Terrace. Electric Light Works Mess. Hongkong Dispensary. Quarry Bay.

13 Robinson Road, Kowloon.

| Diocesan School.

36 Elgin Street.

20 Elgin Street. Bowrington.

2 Ormsby Villas, Kowloon. Quarry Bay.






Pollock, Archibald Bar

Pond, Edward..........

Pond, Ernest Harold

Popper, Hans

Potts, Patrick Cumming Prestage, John Thomas.. Prien, Peter Georg Friedrich Pringle, William Jr. Pryce, Charles

Puddepla, William Thomas...

Pumfrett, Arthur John Powys Purcell, William Harris.....

Purvis, David................

Putley, Arthur Charles

Pre, Edmund Burns


Sub-Accountant, Chartered Bank of I.

A. & C.,

Merchant, A. B. Moulder & Co., Bookseller, Brewer & Co., Assistant, Arnhold, Karberg & Co., Broker, E. S. Kadoorie & Co., Clerk, IIK. & S'hai Bank, Merchant,

Assistant, Asiatic Petroleum Co., Ld., Clerk, Canadian Pacific Railway Co., Manager, A. S. Watson & Co.'s Aerated

Water Factory,

Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld.,. Accountant, Kelly & Walsh, Ld., Foreman Engineer,

Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank, Assistant, Butterfield & Swire,


Quinn, John

Steward, HK. Club,....


Radburn, William David


Queen's Road. 6 Morrison Hill. Kingsclere.

9 Kennedy Road,

Grand Carlton Hotel.

On premises.

8 Des Vœux Road Central. Oriental Hotel.

5 Park View.

Victoria View, Kowloon. East Point,

1 Magdalene Terrace, Peak. Kowloon Docks.

On premises.

On premises.

Hongkong Club.

Rahman, Abdool Karrim Ram, Harry

Ramju, Sedgwick

Ramsay, Joseph Marshall.. Ramsay, Thomas

Rapp, Fritz.

Rapp, Gustav.

Rapp, Herman

Rattey, William James Raven, Arthur Robert Fenton. Ravenhill, Alexander George. Ray, Edward Henry Raymond, Edward Benjamin Raymond, Edward Maurice ... Raymond, Ellis

Razack, Moosa Abdool Redl, Hanns

Rees, Jacques Francois van

Reeves, Henry Reich, Charles Reid, James

Reid, William.......... Reinhardt, Ewald Hans Walter Remedios, Arthur Antonio dos. Remedios, Carlos Augusto dos. Remedios, Carlos Boromeo dos. Remedios, Carlos Eugenio dos. Remedios, Carlos Maria Placé


Remedios, Carlos Savard dos... Remedios, Hermillo Herini-

gildo dos

Remedios, José Candido, Jr....] Remedios, José Julita dos Remedios, José Maria


Remedios, Luiz Eugenio Remedios, Maximiano

Antonio dos

Remedios, Vasco Luiz dos...... Ribeiro, Augusto Henrique .... Riberio, Augusto José Vieira.. Ribeiro, Carlos de Monte

Carmelo Vieira. Ribeiro, Francisco Xavier

Vieira Riberio, Francisco Xavier

Vieira, Jr.

Cashier, King Edward Hotel, Assistant, John Lemm, Architect, Clerk, HK. Hotel,...

Foreman Shipbuilder, Dock Co.,... Ship Draughtsman, Bailey & Co., Assistant, A. S. Watson & Co., Ld., Clerk, J. D. Humphreys & Son,....... Assistant, A. S. Watson & Co., Ld., Clerk, Dock Co.,

Architect, Weaser & Raven, Clerk, Canadian Pacific Railway Co., Broker, St. George's Building, Clerk, E. D. Sassoon & Co., Assistant, E. S. Kadoorie & Co.,... Clerk, E. D. Sassoon & Co., General Broker,

Assistant, Sander, Wieler & Co.. Manager, Nederlandsche-Handel Maats-


Assistant, Lane, Crawford & Co., Assistant, Robinson Piano Co., Ld.,. General Manager, Taikoo Dockyard, Draughtsman, Taikoo Dockyard, Clerk, Sander, Wieler & Co., Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bauk, Assistant, Dodwell & Co., Assistant, Garrels, Börner & Co., Head Clerk, Russo-Chinese Bank,

Clerk, Netherlands Trading Society, Assistant, China Sugar Refinery,

Clerk, Russo-Chinese Bank; Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank, Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank,

Assistant, Dock Co.,

Clerk, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld.,

Assistaut, Melchers & Co.,

Clerk, Union Ince. Socty, of Canton, Ld., Assistant, Lowe, Bingham and Matthews, Assistant, Schuldt & Co.,

Assistant, Standard Oil Co.,

Clerk, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld.,

Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank,


9 Arsenal Street.

On premises.

3 Wa In Fong Street. 200 Queen's Road East, Kowloon Docks.

Highlands, Kowloon. Alexandra Building. 4 East Avenue, Kowloon. On premises. Cosmopolitan Docks. 36 Caine Road. Hongkong Club. Hongkong Hotel.

5 Victoria View, Kowloon. 56 Caine Road.

5 Victoria View, Kowloon. 18A Stanley Street, Prince's Building.

On premises..

On premises.

Cio. Robinson Piano Co., Ld. Quarry Bay. Quarry Bay, Prince's Building. On premises. Queen's Building. Club Lusitano. Prince's Building.

Queen's Road. Mosque Junction.

Prince's Building. On premises. On premises.

Waterford, Macdonnell Road. Des Voeux Road.

Queen's Building. On premises.

St. George's Building. York Building.

4 Chancery Lane.

Des Voeux Road.

.. On premises.






Ribeiro, João Alberto Vicira... Assistant, Melchers & Co.,

Ribeiro, João Chrysostomo ·


Riberio, José Antonio da

Costa Vieira

Riberio, Julio Vieira

Riberio, Oscar Francisco

Riberio, Venceslau Francisco


Richards, Thomas James Richardson, Hedley Thomas...

Rickett, Frank Bryce Riecken, Julins

Riegen, Johannes von Rigold, Ernest Edward Ritchie, Archibald....... Ritchie, Archibald..

Robertson, Arthur Walter


Robertson, Charles Thomas

Andrews Robertson, John

Robertson, Thomas Watson

Robinson, Albert Edward Robinson, Walter Vaughan Robinson, William Robson, John James Roby, Ernest,

Rocha, Alvaro Gustavo da

Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank,

Assistant, Melchers & Co.,

Assistant, D. Sassoou & Co., Ld.. Assistant, China Export, Import & Bank


Assistant, W. G. Humphreys & Co., Assistant, Brick Works,

Supt. Engineer, Canadian Pacific Railway


Assistant, HK. & S'hai Bank,. Assistant, Jebsen & Co.,

Supt. Engineer, Nord. Lloyd,

Engineer, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Merchant, Ritchie & Co.,...................

Supt., United Asbestos Oriental Agency

L‹l., .......

Assistant, Butterfield & Swire,

Assistant, HIK. & S'hai Bank....... Assistant, Shewan, Tomes & Co.,

Supt. Engineer, HK. & K. W. & Godown

Co., L.,

Manager, H. Price & Co.,

General Manager...

Assistant, P. & O. Co.,

Engineer, Dock Co.,................

Assistant, Taikoo Sugar Refinery,

...Assistant, Caldbeck, MacGregor & Co.....

Rocha, Antonio José da Cruz Rocha, Isaias da......... Rocha, João Maria da Rocha, Vicente Caetano da Rodger, John Rodrigues, José Ernesto


Rodrigues, Louis Gonzales Rogers, Charles

| Assistant, Siemssen & Co.,

Clerk, Bradley & Co......

Clerk, Wm. Meyerink & Co., Clerk, Carlowitz & Co.,

Sugar Boiler, China Sugar Refinery,


Clerk, Russo-Chinese Bauk,

Assistant, Butterfield & Swire,

Merchant, Rombach & Co.,

Queen's Building.

12 Mosque Street.

Queen's Building. 4 Chancery Lane.

45 Wyndham Street.

Queen's Road Central. Deep Water Bay.

3 Canton Villas, Kowloon. On premises.

6 Morrison Hill.

1 Bay View House, Kowloon.. Quarry Bay. Ou premises.

Holyrood, Kowloon.

1 Connaught Road.

On premises.

20 Natham Road.


12 Queen's Road.

Co. Robinson Piano Co., Ld.. Pelham House.

Kowloon Docks, Quarry Bay.

7 Be.ilios Terrace. On premises.

4 Queen's Building. Prince's Building. 6 Belilios Terrace. 129 Praya East.

Co. W. Meverink & Co. Prince's Building.

Connaught Road.

5 Queen's Gardens.

Rose, Forrest Clifton Samuel .. Storekeeper, Canadian Pacific Railway Co., | 10 Wanchai Gap.

Rombach, Joseph Albert

Rose, Guy Septimus ....

Rose, Louis Augustus

Rose, William Edward

Ross, John

Rouse, Athol Bernard

Rowan, Robert Thomas

Rowley, Francis Joseph de


Roza, Carlos

Roza, Daniel da, Jr. Roza, Edmundo Duarte da Roza, Fernando Lima da Rozario, Augusto Frederico de.] Rozario, José Libanio Manuel. Rozario, Orlando Francisco Rudow, George Runjahu, Dawood Rummel, Franz

Ruprecht, Ludwig Theodore... Rutter, Robert Vart

Ruttonjee, Jehangir Hormusjee Ryan, Philip

Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Architect,

Asst., China Mutual Life Ince, Co., Ld.,. Engineer, Bailey & Co.,

Quarry Bay.

4 Queen's Road Central.

42 Elgin Street.

63 Kowloon City Road.

Asst., Union Ince. Socty, of Cautou, Ld., | On premises. Tailor's Cutter,

Assistant, Thos. Cooke & Son,

Assistant, Lowe, Binghani & Matthews,. Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank, Clerk, Chamber of Commerce, Clerk,

Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank, Book-keeper, Conuell Bros., Assistant, Deutsch-Asiatische Bank, Runner, Thos. Cooke & Son, Clerk,

Assistant, Jebsen & Co.,

Lane, Crawford & Co.

14 Seymour Terrace.

St. George's Building. On premises.

14 Belilios Terrace.

Co. Wm. Meyerink & Co.

On premises.

2 Coronation Terrace.

17 Mosque Street.

10 Morrison Hill Gap.

Co. H. Price & Co., Lil. 4 Observatory Villas.

Shipping Department, Standard Oil Co., Stewart Terrace, Peak.

Foreman, Dock Co.,

Merchant, H. Ruttonjee & Son, Foreman, G. I. Cement Co., Ld.,

Kowloon Docks.

5 D'Aguilar Street.

27 Kowloon City Road.


Samy, Arthur Poonoo Saunders, George Harvard Sayce, Kelly

Sayer, Henry William Schierenberg, Hermann Wil-


Architect, John Lemm, Clerk, Taikoo Sugar Refinery,.. Tobacconist,

Engineer, Taikoo Dockyard,

Assistant, Ferd. Bornemaun,

28 Bonham Road.

3 Taikoo Terrace, Quarry Bay. 14 Beaconsfield Arcade. Quarry Bay.

16 Des Voeux Road.







Schlüter, Carl....

Schlüter, Hakon Axel

Schmidt, Heinrich Gerhard


Schmidt, Paul

Schoenemann, Andreas Hein-


Schullenbach, Carl........... Schultz, Johann Anton.... Schwandes, Ernst Hermann


Scott, John Byron. Scott, Thomas Liddell Scriven, Henry Ernest

Sepher, Sheik Abdool

Sequeira, Gumelsindo Jesus... Sequeira, Pedro Nolasco Seth, Enos...

Seth, Harold

Seth, John Hennessey Seth, Seth Arathoon

Seydler, Richard Albert Benno


Shallard, Harold Wentworth


Shaud, Thomas

Sharpin, Harry Donglas



Shaw, James Toiten

Shaw, Thomas Henry Robert. Shea, Philip Henry Shepherd, Edgar Bruce.

Sheppard, John Oram Shewan, William Thomson Shorey, Arthur Carlton.... Shroff, Framroze Pestonjee Sigalas, Etienne de Silas, Charles David

Silas, David Hai..... Silbermann, Fsydov

Silva, Autouio Vicente da.............. Silva, Arnaldo Heitor da Silva, Arthur

Silva, Arthur Emilio da Silva, Angusto Cesar da Silva, Francisco Britto da.. Silva, Francisco Filomeno

Eça da

Silva, Francisco Maria. Silva, George Alberto Britto... Silva, Henrique Mario Silva, José Thomas, Silva, Lucas Antonio.. Silva, Mario Emilio da Silva, Porphyrio Maria

Nolasco da Silva, Ricardo da

Silva-Netto, Antonio Ferreira


Simmons, Robert

Simond, Caesar Henry Simpson, James

Skött, Christian

Skött, Hans

Smiles, Robert Thomas.

Smith, Alexander McTurk

Smith, Andrew

Smith, Arthur William

Smith, Erie Grant

Smith, Frank Harland

Smith, George Morton Smith, Horace Percy

Merchant, Ulderup & Schlüter, Assistant, Reuter, Bröckelmann & Co.,

Assistant, Hamburg-Amerika Linie, Assistant, Bumanu & Berblinger,

Assistant, F. Blackhead & Co., Foreman, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Assistant, Garrels, Börner & Co.,

Assistant, Deutsch-Asiatische Bank, Assistant, A. S. Watson & Co., Ld., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Furnishing Salesman, Lane, Crawford

& Co.,

Clerk, HK. & K. W. & Godown Co., Manager, A. R. Marty,. Assistant, Standard Oil Co., Secretary, Humphreys Estate & Finance

Co., Ld., Commission Agent,

Accountant, &c., Percy Smith & Seth, Secretary, Dairy Farm Co., Ld.,....

Manager, China Export Import & Bk. Cic.,

Chief Clerk, P. & O. Co., Engineer, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Assistant, HK. & S'hai Bauk,... Carding Master, Cotton Mills,.. Tailor,

Assistant, Butterfield & Swire,

Clerk, HK. & K. W. & Godown Co.,

Asst., HK. Land Investment & Agency

Co., Ltd.,

Clerk, P. M. S. S. Co...... Merchant,

21 Connaught Road Central. 7 Queen's Gardens.

On premises. Zetland House.

138 Magazine Gap. 1 Seaview Terrace. Kimberley Road, Kowloon.

7 Queen's Road Central, Glenthorne, Kowloon. Quarry Bay.

On premises.

2 Leighton Hill Road.

6 Mosque Terrace. 6 Mosque Terrace.

Norman Cottage, Peak Road. Norman Cottage, Peak Road. Norman Cottage, Peak Road. Norman Cottage, Peak Road.

1 Queen's Gardens,

Bishop's Lodge, 6 The Peak. Quarry Bay. Ou premises. On premises. 71 The Peak. Praya Central.

8 Glenealy Road.

14 Knutsford Terrace,

7 Robinson Road.

4 Robinson Road.

Sub-Acct., International Bankg. Corp.,... St. George's House.

Clerk, S. J. David & Co.,

Assistant, Russo-Chinese Bank, Assistant, Dock Co.,

Assistant, D. Sassoon & Co., Ld., Hotel Keeper, "Globe Hotel ", Clerk, Carlowitz & Co.,

Clerk, Linstead & Davis,..

Clerk, Chartered Bank of I. A. & C., Clerk, Jebsen & Co.,

57 Queen's Road Central. On premises.

College Chambers. Edgehill, 6A The Peak, Queen's Road Central.

5 Barrow Terrace, Kowloon. 38 Caine Road.

8 Punjab Building, Kowloon. 38 Caine Road.

Clerk, North China Insurance Co., Ld.............. 15 Mosque Junction.

Clerk, HK. & Shai Bank,

Clerk, D. Sassoon & Co., Ld., Assistant, Jebsen & Co., Assistant, E. D. Sassoon & Co. Clerk, Chartered Bank of I. A. & C., Assistant, Hughes & Hough, Clerk, Kennedy's Stables, Assistant, Deutsch-Asiatische Bank,

Printer, Guedes & Co......................

Clerk, Chartered Bank of I. A. & C.,

Assistant, Jorge & Co.,

Chief Draughtsman, Dock Co., Assistant, Shewan, Tomes & Co., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, Skött.& Co., Merchant, Skött & Co., Engineer, Fenwick & Co., Draughtsman, Taikoo Dockyard,. Storeman, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, Alex. Ross & Co., Assistant, Dodwell & Co., Ld., Clerk, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, Dodwell & Co., Ld., Chartered Acct., Percy Smith & Seth,.

1 Victoria View, Kowloon.

36 Morrison Hill Road.

44 Caine Road.

1 Victoria View.

15 Belilios Terrace. 8 Des Vœux Road. Į On premises.

25 Caine Road.

4 Seymour Terrace. 18 Wyndham Street.

Astor House. Kowloon.

5 Mosque Street. Quarry Bay.

10 Des Voeux Road. 10 Des Voeux Road.

On premises. Quarry Bay.

Quarry Bay.

Alexandra Building.

On premises.

Quarry Bay.

On premises.

The Summer House, 67 The Peak.







Smith, Samuel Smolezyk, Theodor Smyth, Frank.............

Snowman, Albert Washington Soares, Adão Maria de


Soares, Alfredo Francisco de


Boatswain, Dock Co.,

Assistant, Shewan, Tomes & Co.... Broker, Vernon & Smyth,. Shipbroker, A. Bune,

Merchant, Soares & Co.,

Merchant, Soares & Co., .

Soares, Carlos Marcus Salette | Assistant, Barretto & Co.,

Soares, Vasconcellos

Francisco Paulo de........

Soares, Vicente Ferrer

Soonderam, Ramasamy

Sorby, Vincent Dare

Sörensen, Arne Schon

Soutar, Francis.

Souza, Duarte Eleuterio

Maria de

Souza, Eduardo Valerio Maria|

Ricci de

Souza, Francisco Maria

Xavier de

Souza, Viriato Bonifacio de ... Spalckbaver, Wilhelm Otto


Spittles, Benjamin James,. Squair, Alexander Cook Stabb, Newton Joh Stebbing, William Thomas Steel, David Thomson Steinhoff, Ferdinand Julius Stephens, Herbert Stevenson, Allan

Stewart, Charles

Stewart, John Wemyss Stewart, William

Stockhausen, Curt Gottlob


Stoltz, Olav

Clerk, P. & O. Co.,

Clerk, Reuter, Brockelmann & Co., Counter Clerk, HK. Hotel,


Electrical Engineer, HK. Electric Co., Ld.. Manager, Aagaard, Thoresen & Co., Clerk, Taikoo Dockyard,....

Assistant, Dodwell & Co.,

Assistant, Soares & Co.,

Book-keeper, Messageries Maritimes,. Assistant, Wm. Meyerink & Co.,...

Assistant, Siemssen & Co., Assistant, A. S. Watson & Co., Assistant, Dock Co.,.. Banker, HK, & S'hai Bank, Printer, Kelly & Walsh, Ld.. Assistant, W. R. Loxley & Co., Assistant, Melchers & Co., Dady Burjor & Co.,

Assistant Manager, Dairy Farm Co., Ld., Sub-Acct., International Bankg. Corp.,... Godown Keeper, China Sugar Refinery,... Foreman Sawyer,..

Assistant, F. Blackhead & Co., Manager, Wallem & Co.,

Stoppa, William Christian Paul Broker,

Störmer, Willy Bruno

Storrie, Alexander P.

Strafford, Cecil

Stubbings, John James. Stubbs, Robert Isaac... Stuyfbergen, Petrus Sullivan, Charles Daniel Summers, Edwin Heury Spark

Sutherland, James

Sutherland, Perey Duffus Sutherland, Robert

Assistant, Melchers & Co.,

Assistant, Wm. Powell, Ld., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Electrical Engineer, HK. Electric Co., Ld., Storekeeper, Dock Co.,

Assistant, Holland-China Trading Co., Assistant, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Storekeeper, IIK. & K. W. & "Godown

Co., Ltd.,

Asst. Marine Supt., Butterfield & Swire, Assistant, Canadian Pacific Railway Co., Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld.,

Swan, William Frederick Foote Mercantile Assistant,

Swanson, Colin

Symonds, Willie K.

Swanston, John George

Storekeeper, Dock Co., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Clerk, King Edward Hotel,..

Kowloon Docks.

19 Nathan Road, Kowloon. Hongkong Club.

34 Robinson Road.

Villa Branca, Robinson Road.

Villa Branca, Robinson Road. Robinson Road.

Caine Road.

Mosque Junction. On premises.

HK, Electric Co., Ld., Wanchai. Hongkong Club. Quarry Bay.

Queen's Building.

44 Caine Road.

Queen's Building.

3 Barrow Terrace, Kowloon.

On premises.

Hongkong Dispensary. Kowloon Docks. St. John's Place. 4 Seymour Road. Fernside, Peak. Queen's Building. Hotel Baltimore. Pokfulam. Castle Road. East Point.

Kowloon Docks.

2 Bay View, East Road, Kowloon. Kowloon Hotel.

7 & 8 Hotel Mansions.

Queen's Building.

On premises. Quarry Bay.

Tesla, HK. Electric Co., Ld. Kowloon Docks. Oriental Hotel. Quarry Bay.

6 Ashley Road, Kowloon. 1 Connaught Road.

The Albany, Peak Hotel. Kowloon Hotel. Kowloon Docks.

Quarry Bay. On premises.


Taggart, James Harper... Tam Pak Shiu

Tarrant, John Arthur Tata, Fariborze Kaikaoos Tatam, John

Tavares, José Maria Placé

Taylor, Henry Herbert

Taylor, John Kennedy

Taylor, John William

Taylor, Joseph William...

Taylor, William Taylor, William Temperley, Alfred Templeton, David

Terry, Edgar William

Sub-Manager, IIK. Hotel, Compradore, Alex. Ross & Co.,

Secretary, A. S. Watson & Co., Ld., Commission Agent,

Butcher, Dairy Farm Co., Ld.,

Assistant, Alex. Ross & Co.,

Assistant, Showan, Tomes & Co., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Sub-Accountant, Chartered Bank of

I. A. & C.,

Assistant, Butterfield & Swire, Chemist, China Sugar Refinery, Pattern Maker,

Assistant, Shewan, Tomes & Co., Sugar Refiner, Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Fittings Supt., Gas Co.,

On premises.

23 Caine Road.

1 Canton Villas, Kowloon.

4 Queen's Building.

166 Queen's Road East.

4 Caine Road,

5 Ripon Terrace. Quarry Bay.

3 Queen's Road,

1 Connaught Road. East Point. Kowloon Docks. 20 Nathan Road.

Corn Hill, Quarry Bay. Gas Works, West Point.







"Tester, Perey

Thiel, Eugene Heinrich. Thiessen, Adolf Johannes


Thom, William

Thomas, Francis Henry Thomas, Harry Philip Thomas, Paul...........

Thompson, Frank

Thompson, Myron Lewis, Thuss, Richard

Tillmann, Harry.

Tippet, William T. Tollan, Duncan

Toppin, James

Truer, Gustav George Tulip, Wilfred Tully, John

Turner, Isaac

Turner, William Cecil Dutton Tuxford, Alfred Stanley


Uldall, Sofus Vilhelm August Ulderup, Johannes P. Underwood, Joseph Harry Unsworth, Richard


Vandenberg, Francisco

Valeriano..... Victor, João Thomé Vieira, José Maria......... Vincent, Daniel Bernard Voller, Alfred... Vorster, Julius Otto


Waguer, Otto... Waldron, James

Walker, Frederick Glover. "Walker, Frederick W.

Walker, James

Walkinshaw, Arthur William

Wellesley Wanning, Warner Ward, Arthur Jacob Warnes, Charles Aspinall. Warusloh, Hugh Peter Gerald Warren, Charles Edward Warrener, William Henry


Wasserfall, Heinrich

Waterhouse, Wilfred

Watson, Ernest George Weall, Thomas Graham. Weaser, William Lionel Wreford Webb, Bertram

Wedgwood, Otto Weill, Albert

Weir, John

Wells, Alfred Ernest

Wells, John...... West, Peter Joseph Westerburger, Charles Adolphe

Heuri White, Edmund William White, George

Manager, Commercial Union Assurance

Co., Ld.,

Assistant, F. Blackhead & Co.,

Assistant, F. Blackhead & Co., Assistant, Denison, Ram & Gibbs, Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank,

53 The Peak,

Magdalene Terrace, Magazine Gap.

St. George's Building.

Zetland House.

On premises.

Assistant, Canadian Pacific Railway Co., Room 11, Hotel Mansions.

Agent, Messageries Maritimes,

Barman, HK. Hotel,

Supt. of Construction, Standard Oil Co., Engineer, Asiatic Petroleum Co., Ld., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Brakesman, Peak Tramway,

Electrical Engineer, China and Japan

Telepnone Co.,

Assistant, Shewan, Tomes & Co., Assistant, Brick Works,. Draughtsman. Dock Co., Engineer, Taikoo Dockyard, Head Watchman, Dock Co., Assistant, HK. & S'hai Bank, Opthalmic Opticiau,....

Manager, G. I. Cement Co., Ld., Engineer,

Chemist, China Sugar Refinery, Berthing Master, HK. & K. W. &

Godown Co., Ld.,

Assistant, Aruhold, Karberg & Co., Clerk, HK. & S'hai Bank, Merchant, Vieira & Co., Timekeeper, Taikoo Dockyard, Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, Garrels, Börner & Co.,

Watchmaker, Ganpp & Co., Clerk, Taikoo Dockyard,, Assistant, HK. & S'hai Bank, Supt., HK. & China Shoe Factory Ld., Manager, Dairy Farm Co., Ld.,

Assistant, IIK. & S'hai Bank,

Assistant, Asiatic Petroleum Co., Ld., Electrical Engineer, Dock Co., Assistant, Lane, Crawford & Co., Assistant, Melchers & Co.,

Contractor, &c., C. E. Warren & Co.,......

Clerk, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld.,...... Assistant, Deutsch-Asiatische Bank, Assistant, Dodwell & Co., Ld., Engine-driver, Peak Tramway, Assistant, Dodwell & Co., Ld., Architect, Weaser and Raven, Assistant, Arnhold, Karberg & Co., Engineer, G. I. Cement Co., Ld., Manager, Levy Hermanos, Draughtsman, Taikoo Dockyard, Foreman, G. I. Cement Co., Ld., Overseer, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, S. Montrie & Co.,

Assistant, Arnhold, Karberg & Co., Assistant, Wm. Powell, Ld., Builder and Diver, Dock Co.,

Queen's Building.

30 Des Vœux Road Central, Hotel Mansions.


Quarry Bay. Peak.

Wongueicheong Road.

7 Lochiel Terrace, Kowloon, Deep Water Bay. Kowloon Docks. Quarry Bay. Kowloon Docks. On premises. 21 Seymour Road.

Green Island,

21 Connaught Road. 18B Macdonnell Road.

3 Victoria View, Kowloon.

23 Caine Road. 2 Old Bailey. 9 Mosque Terrace. Quarry Bay. Quarry Bay. 15 The Peak.

Magazine Gap. Quarry Bay. On premises. Praya East.

Sassoon's Villa, Pokfulam.

On premises.

4 Morrison Hill. Kowloon Docks. On premises. On premises.

30 Des Voeux Road Central.

East Point Junior Mess. 9 Garden Road. On premises. Engine House, Peak. On premises. 36 Caine Road. Kingsclere. Hok-ún.

40 Queen's Road. Quarry Bay.

39 Kowloon City Road. Quarry Bay.

25 Belilios Terrace.

7 Clifton Gardens, Conduit Road. On premises.

Kowloon Docks.






White, Harry l'Hommedien White, Hedley G.

Whiting, George Wilson Whitmarsh, Alec

Whittaker, Richard Henry Wiesinger, Otto Georg

Christof Karl

Wilkie, John

Wilks, Owen Beynon Williams, Ernest Alfred


Williams, Raymond Blin Wilson, George Leopold Winter, Adalbert Christian


Witchell, Job

Woldringh, Conradus. Wolff, Philip Robert Wong, Nathaniel

Wong, Joseph Mowlam. Wong Tape, Benjamin.... Wontman, Martinus Hendrik. Wood, Gerald George Wood, Robert Bryden Worcester, William Gilbert


Worth, Thomas George.. Worth, William Henry Wotherspoon, Williami Wright, James Francis Wynne, Hugh Smith Wynyard, Frederick


Xavier, Antonio Francisco de. Xavier, Antonio Maliquias.... Xavier, Francisco Miguel... Xavier, José Paulino.. Xavier, Pedro Nolasco

Head Book-keeper, P. M. S. S. Co., Representative for Suter Hartmann

Rahtjen's Composition Co., Ld., Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Assistant, Asiatic Petroleum Co., Ld., Publican,



6 East Avenue, Kowloon,

Peak Hotel.

Quarry Bay. Hongkong Hotel.

40 and 41 Praya East.

Asst., China Export, Import & Bank Cie., 3 Macdonnell Road. Engineer and Contractor,..


Accountant, Lowe, Bingham & Matthews, Sub-Accountant,

Architect, Palmer and Turner,

Assistant, Melchers & Co..

Superintendent, Block Dept..

Manager, Neth. Ind. Com. Bank,

1 Observatory Villas, Kowloon. Connaught Road,

55 The Peak. Kingsclere.

Craigieburn, Peak.

Quecu's Building.

12 Austin Avenue, Kowloon. On premises.

Clerk, HK. & K. W. & Godown Co., Ld., 3 Stewart Terrace, Peak. Assistant Manager,

Clerk, J. D. Humphreys and Son,

Agent, China Mutual Life Ince. Co., Ld., Netherlands Trading Society,.. Civil Engineer, Leigh and Orange, Manager, Steam Laundry Co.,..

Assistant, P. & O. Co.,.............. Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Clerk, Taikoo Dockyard, Broker,

Foreman Carpenter, Dock Co., Watchman, Taikoo Dockyard,

Clerk, Goddard & Donglas, Assistant, Barretto & Co., Assistant, Arnhold, Karberg & Co.,

Mutual Stores.

35 Des Voeux Road Central. Alexandra Building. Queen's Road. Prince's Building. On premises.

11 Mountain View, Peak. Quarry Bay.

Quarry Bay. Quarry Bay. Queen's Building. Kowloon Docks. Quarry Bay.

St. George's Building. 32 Elgin Street. 8 Mosque Street.

Clerk, Chartered Bank of I. A. & C.,................. 12 Belilios Terrace. Clerk, HK. Rope Manufacturing Co., Ld., 35 St. Francis Street.


Young, Andrew

Young, David

Young, David Hill

Young, Jesse Ashton...

Yvanovich, Jr., Guilherme


Runner, Carlton House, Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard, Assistant, Shewan, Tomes & Co., Assistant, Shewan, Tomes & Co.,

Clerk, A. R. Marty,................

Ice House Lane. Quarry Bay. Peak Hotel.

4 Queen's Gardens.

1 Rose Terrace, Kowloon.


Zuylen, Hendrik van..

Superintendent, Java-China-Japan Lijn, 11 Conduit Road.

Registry, Supreme Court, Hongkong,

31st January, 1910.








[Reprinted from the tongkong Telegraph, of 24th and 25th February, 1910.]

There was laid on the table of the Legislative Council this afternoon a report on Opium: its nature, composition, preparations, and methods of consumption. The report is dated 14th November, 1908, and is by Mr. Frank Browne, F.I.C., F.C.S., Government Analyst. The report reads :-

Opium is the milky juice of the unripe capsules of Papaver somniferum or opium poppy, obtained by incision and inspissated by spontaneous evaporation.


COMPOSITION.-The following may be taken as the general composition of opium ;-

Per Cent.

Meconin..................under I


produced by opium differ but little from those consequent on the administration of pure morphine. It is nearly insoluble in cold water, but dissolves readily in dilute acids to form salts.

The dose of opium according to the British` Pharmacopoeia is from one-half to two grains and of morphine from one-tenth to half a grain,


The chief are Turkey, Smyrna or Constan- tinople opium, Patna, Benares, Malwa or In- dian opium, Persian, Egyptain, and Kuei-chou Yün-nan and Ssu-ch'uan, or Chinese opium Very rich opiums can also be prepared in Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, England and Sweden.

The following table shows the nature of some of these varieties ;—

Kind of Opium. Morphine, Hot water Cold water Water




6 to 15 average 4 to 8

Other alkaloids

........... 0.5 to 2

Meconic acid

3 to 8 average 4


Peculiar resin & caout-


5 to 10

Smyrna Patna

12 to 16 64





I 10 4

Gum & soluble humcid

Benares Malwa











acid matters



40 to 56

Persian 10 to 12

18 to 20 4 to 8



Kuei-chou 4













Insoluble matters and


Ash......... 2................... ............... Water................................................ 8 to 30 average 20 Opium is remarkable for the large number of definite, highly complex, crystalline principles contained in it. Of these about 20 are alka- loids, and chief in abundance and in value is morphine. Next in importar ce are the al-a- loids codeine, thebaine, papaverine, narcotine and narceine. These have been observed in the following proportions :—



Papaverine ..... Narcotine Narceine.......

Per cent.

0.02 to 0.4 0.15 to 1.0

4 to 8


0 02 to 0.7

It will be seen from what follows that these five alkaloids occur in such small proportion that they modify but little the action of the morphire when opium is taken.

Morphine exists in opium in combinatic n with sulphuric and meconic acids. It crystal. lises in transparent, colourless, trimetric prisms. At or above 200° C. morphine partially volatilises, melts, and turns brown, becoming carbonised at a somewhat higher temperature. It is inodorous, has a persistent bitter taste, and is a powerful narcotic poison. The poi- sonous effects of opium are essentially due to the morphine contained in it, and the symptoms,

Yün-nan Su-ch'uan 10 Egyptain In Appendices A. to C. will be found more complete details of the composition of Indian and Chinese opiums. About 400,000 chests of Chinese opium are consumed an nually in China while the consumption of the foreign variety (mostly Indian) is from 40,000, to 50,000 chests. PREPARATION AND METHODS OF CON-


Opium in various forms is official in all the pharmacopoeias of the world. In Appendix D will be found a list of those preparations ap- pearing in the British Pharmacopoeia. In ad- dition to these, in England, a large quantity of opium is consumed in patent medicines, such as cough mixtures, chlorodyne, and such like remedies. In European countries the use of opium and its preparations is chiefly medicinal. In the East there are but few preparations, opium water, wine, pills, morphine for injection, and smoking opium, each of which together with its uses will be treated in detail and opium in its raw condition will be first considered.


The consumption of raw opium is a very ancient practice among Eastern nations. In the British Medical Journal for 1894, January


13 and 20, will be found a digest of the evidence collected from 100 Indian medical officers, from which it appears that raw opium is taken habitually by a very large number of the population throughout India, those who are accustomed to the drug taking it in quantities of from 10 to 20 grains in the 24 hours. So long as this amount is not exceeded they do not appear to suffer ill-health or any injurious effect. It is entirely unknown what quantity of an opiate should be considered a poison- ous dose for an opium-eater, In the New York Med. Record, xii 239, is mentioned the case of a former officer in the English army, who at the age, of III was still living in New York and had been an opium habituate for 70 years, and at one time his daily con- sumption of the drug was 97 grains. Though undoubtedly pernicious when indulged in by persons merely for the sake of intoxication, its effects seem to be greatly modified when taken by those accustomed to undergo great fatigue, Those interested on the point should read the views in Appendix E of Dr. William Moore, late Surgeon-General, Bombay.

Appendix F gives also a 'recent view of the subject.


In India among the Rajputs, infused opium has long been the drink both of reconciliation and of ordinary greeting. On a birthday, when all the chiefs convene to congratulate their brother, the large cup is brought forth, a lump of opium is put therein, upon which water is poured, and by the aid of a stick, a solution is made, to which each helps his neighbour, not with a glass, but with the hollow of his hand held to his mouth. The infusion will contain all or nearly all of the morphine of the opium.


This is sold in Hongkong under the name of Anti-opium wine. It is recommended as a remedy or cure for opium smokers. Two samples consisted of samshu or Chinese wine and contained bitter and flavouring substances and .09 and 1.5 per cent. of opium, to which last all the effect of such wines is due. The strength depends entirely on the whim of the vendor, there being no fixed formula.



These also are sold as Anti-opium remedies They are sometimes recommended in a cir- cular accompanying the bottle to be preferable to opium smoking as an effect is quickly pro- duced, and moreover, that they can be carried and taken secretly. Appendix G shows the nature of such pills and how variable is their strength. The most popular pill is one con. taining the most of opium. An attempt was made by a vendor to put on the market one containing of a grain of morphine in each pill, but the provisions of the Frepared Opium Amendment Ordinance effectually prevented its sale. However, these pills are very cheap so that they are within the reach of the poor- est, and those better off can buy them to an almost unlimited extent, so that their sale in- stead of the much more expensive and very much weaker smoking opium is likely to do considerable harm in fostering the opium babit.

5. MORPHINE INJECTION. This practice is very injurious as not only are solutions of uncertain strength used, but dirty hypodermic syringes are constantly em- ployed. These are made usually of bamboo or metal.

They are frequently very rough in

design and the needle is fastened into most by means of lead. Probably the needle after in- sertion in one person is put directly into au- other. The employment of this method was stamped out by Ordinance in 1893.

The prac- tice of morphine injection was very popular on account of its cheapness,

6. SMOKING QPIUM OR CHANDOO. This preparation is used solely for smoking purposes. Much care is exercised in making it so that its consistency, aromɩand flour when smokei may vary as little as possible. Any kind of opium can be used, but the variety which commends itself more particularly to the opium boiler and smoker is the Indian. This is remarkably uniform in composition, always a recommendation to the Chinese who cannot be troubled with the extra care that opiums of uncertain quality require. Chinese opium be. ing carelessly prepared and of dubious quality cannot yield an esteemed smoking product. A high percentage of morphine in the opium is no recommendation, in fact, nearly all smoking extract of the best quality is prepared from opium with a low morphine content. The rea- son for this disregard of the morphine propor- tion will be seen when the chemistry of opium smoke is considered. Appendix H gives particulars of an opium smoking apparatus and manner of smoking, and Appendix I shows with what care the well-known extract is pre- pared. By the student of the subject the table below should be carefully studied. Particulars are first given of the composition of opium extract. The ashes from the pips from the smoking are known as opium dr ́ss and in quantity the amount obtained is about one half the quantity of extract smoked. This residue is converted into dress opium extract after it has been mixed with about an equal weight of há lân or dross from dross opium extract, and boiling out, and preparing in the manner al- ready indicated. The ash of bá 'án consists almost entirely of sodium and potassium sul- phates and a little phosphate. The proportion of morphine in the first dross from opium ex- tract is noteworthy as it shows what a very small quantity of morphine is carried away # the smoking. The results are expressed as percentages in the undried substances.

Opium ex-


First dross

Dross from


chandoo, from Dross opium opium ex-

or prepar- opium

extract as

tract or

ed opium extract.


ha lan.









8 98










Water Ash Morphine Soluble in hot

water Yield of dross


The celebrated French chemist Henri Mois- san made a rumber of experiments in connec- tion with this subject. His treatise is given in Appendix J. He placed about one and a half ounces of opium extract in a retort, through which air could be drawn, and so fitted that the products formed at various temperatures could be collected and examined. He had determined previously that the temperature at which a smoker dried the chandoo immediate- ly before use was 240° C., and at which he smoked it, was about 250° C. He found from his experiments with chandoo of the best quality that at a temperature not exceeding 350° C. the quantity of substance carried over is the smoke was excessively small and consist- ed of a small quantity of fragrant oils and a



small quantity of morphine, which was pro. bably carried forward by the water vapour, That this amount of morphine was extremely minute may be inferred from his statements in his paper, and from the fact that no record is made of its weight, probably because the amount was too small to be determined. With chandoo of indifferent quality he separated at a temperature of 250° C. to 325° C. various products the chief of which were pyrroline, acetore, hydropyridic and pyridic bases to- gether with a little morphine. All the last mentioned substances if taken in considerable quantities would be injurious to health, just as in the same way the pyridine and homolo- gues, nicotine and its decomposition products, and the ethereal oil, all formed during the combustion of tobacco, are concluded to be poisonous. The amount of morphine from this second quality extract, such as dross opium extract, must for scientific reasons be even less than from chandoo. The temperature at which the former commerces to burn is higher than with the latter, also, as made in Hongkong, it invariably contains much less water (see table), consequently the morphine is much more likely to be decomposed by heat than to be carried into the pipe by water vapour.

Moissan says that the smokers of best chan- doo seem to be capable of living to a great age, and of keeping in as good health as the greater number of tobacco smokers who do not smoke pipe or cigar to excess. With regard to smokers of chandoo of inferior quality his opinion is not So favourable. He compares the two classes of smokers, the one to the moderate drinker of good alcohol, the other to consumers addicted to absinthe. However, in the East the smokers of such second quality chandoo are the hardest working of any, and it seems to be impossible for any employer of labour to dis- tinguish by any difference in physique, capacity for work, or in behaviour, the smokers from the non-smokers. The opium smoking coolie is probably as reliable a workman as any in the world.


and they do so just as they would any eating house. There is no such thing as a man being unable to move on account of narcotism. Although numbers of smokers must be going home in the streets at about mid- night residents of Hongkong of masy years' standing affirm that they have never seep at that hour a Chinese under the in- fluence of opium or of any other stimulant. The scientific facts therefore seem quite in accordance with the usual text-book state- mect: Ia ar y case, opirm smoking seems to iojure the health of Asiatics but little" (Dr. Wynter Blyth: Poisons, p. 305).




Of the six, it would seem that by far the least irjurious of all methods is that of smoking, By this last, only a very small part of the morphine in opium is taken into the system, and even when a comparatively large quantity is burnt the morphine taken internally is ex- cessively minute. The eating and drinking of opium, and of opium wine, the taking of opium pills, and the administration of mor- phine by injection, are likely to set up the opium habit or craving, and as far as possible facilities for these methods of tak- ing the stimulant should be restricted. Ex- cess in smoking, like excess of any other kind, is also to be discountenanced, but this is in great measure guarded against by the high price of the druz, which for most people en- sures its consumption in moderate quantity. But there should be a limit even to the cost of chandoo, for if prohibitive, smokers will resort to the other extremely cheap and admittedly more harmful methods of taking opium, or to cocaine-the very worst form of narcotic indulgence.



Government Analyst, on Opium smokers

both Asiatic and European, describe the taste of the smoke as mild and aromatic. There is no bitterness and this is of considerable importance as first pointed out by McCallum (Pharmaceutical Journal, July 14, 1823). If two or three grains of a morphine salt be boiled in water, so bitter is the substance, that it can be tasted in the air by a delicate palate at a dis- ance of several feet. Yet the amount of morphine so volatilised is extremely minute. Therefore the amount of morphine that is taken in by ordinary opium smokers must be an almost negligible quantity. The innocuous nature of the smoke is farther shown by the fact that many European gentlemen have smoked comparatively large quantities at a sitting, without experiencing any marked sen- sations (McCallum in Journal quoted above) In order to understand this subject fully and fairly it is desirable to consider the babit of an ordinary coaling coolie accustomed to taking opium. Immediately after his first meal in early morning he will repair to an opium divan and will smoke several pipes. As soon as finished he is ready to undertake his arduous labours for the day. In the evening, after his meal, he again repairs to the divan to smoke a few more pipes, after which he leaves and goes to his lodging house, seemingly much refreshed by this indulgence. At 12 midnight all visitors at divans must leave

Annexed to the report of Mr. Frank Browne, Opium its nature composition, preparations, and methods of con- sumption," which was printed in our last issue, is an appendix on the preparation of smoking opium. This is what Mr. Browne writes :-

The manufacture is commenced by placing three balls of opium deprived of their outer coverings of leaves in a shallow circular cop- per pan. Water is added and the mixture is heated over an open charcoal fire set in brick- work. There are a large number of such fires as the capacity of the factory visited on No- vember 12, 1908, was the daily conversion of three chests of Bengal opium, each containing one picul or 133 pounds, into the finished ex- tract. Each ball weighs about four pounds It will now be understood that the three chests are divided up among a number of paus and a descrip- tion of the further operations may be continu- ed. After simmering for about an hour, stirring being effected by means of a copper spades the liquid begins to adhere to the bottom of the pan, at which point the operator takes into use a hatchet-shaped wooden stirrer which he uses continuously and vigorously until an elastic doughy mass of opium is left in the pan. operation to this stage has taken about two hours. The pan is removed from the fire and the contents are kneaded and beaten with a brass bowl for a few minutes, after which the mass is spread evenly over the pan. Now comes a peculiar toasting process, which is very



important and is very carefully done. The pan with the adhering opium is inverted over the fire, which has been covered with a thin layer of ashes. After about a minute, the worker is enabled to peel off a thin layer of opium, which is further dried on a gridiron so that both sides may be heated. The very brittle layer (resem- bling dark coloured ginger nut crackers) is then put into a larger copper par for the next treatment. About 12 layers are taken in this way from each batch of opium, the peeling off of each being surprisingly easy. In this


the heat applied to the surface of the opium as determined by a thermometer was not above 100° C. The layers in the larger pan are broken up, water is poured in and left to act till the next morning. A bunch of tang sam (lamp wick, the pith of some plant) is carefully inserted into the mass, so as to act both as a syphon and as a strainer, A clear dark coloured liquid drains off and is filtered through chi mut or bamboo paper. The pan is tilted until only an inscluble residue re- mains. To this residue is added boiling water and the liquid is then filtered through chi mui covered with a piece of calico to act as a strainer. The water used is the wash water of the previous day obtained as shown later on. Hot water is then put into the pan to clean it, and this liquid is used to wash the filters. These two washings together with the original filtrate obtained by means of the tang sam are put into the larger shallow pans and are rapidly boiled down over charcoal fires set in brickwork. Another washing of the re- sidue with plain water containing no opium is performed, and this wash water is put into a very large copper receiver and is gradually boiled down separately in several pans. When concentrated fairly low, this last washing is put into the smaller shallow pans and allowed to cool and settle, after which the clear liquid is poured off into the pans containing the filtrates enumerated above and which are being boiled down. There is still a little opium left in the residues on the filters, so another washing with plain water is given and this is used for the next day's wash purposes.



are then dried and sold to persons who extract yet a little more opium. The opium extract so resulting from these sold residues is known as ching ko and is bought by the Opium Farmer for making dross opium extract. This ching ko contains no morphine. When the filtrates have boiled down sufficiently and while still of the consistence of a thin liquid, they are filtered through chi mui and the filtrate of this is boiled down to the required concentration. Any scum that may have a tendency to creep


over the side of the pan is kept down by means of a goose's feather, and water is sprinkled on the interior of the pan from time to time to The prevent the formation of any dry extract, pans are fapped from star: to finish to assist evaporation, and boiling is maintained as vigorously as it can be without causing the liquid to boil over. When judged to be of the proper consistence the pans are removed from the fire and the opium extract is stirred and fanned with great vigour till cold. It is thea weighed and sent to the Opium Farmer's depot as prepared opium, smoking opium, opium extract or chandoo. This smoking opium is a black treacly substance, having a fragrant opium-like odour characteristic of a good pre- paration from good ingredients.

Throughout the process nothing whatever is


THE OPIUM COVERINGS that contain opium are put on one side and are twice boiled out with water, and the liquid so resulting is used to soak the opium at the com- mencement of the first operation. Afterwards a third extraction is made and this water is used for the preparation of dross opium extract.


This is prepared by taking 13 parts of opium dross or residues from the smoking of chandoo, 13 parts of hálán or residues from the smoking of dross opium extract, and 2 parts of ching ko. The last substance and the dross opium are put into boiling water in large shallow pans, and the hálán is put into boiling water in larger pans of cylindrical shape. The solu- tions are filtered after boiling, and the filtrates are evaporated in the shallow pans, the re- sidues are boiled up twice more, and their filtrates are evaporated as before, and when of the proper consistence are allowed to cool in the same manner as was seen in the prepara- tion of chandoo. The long boiling seemed to get rid of certain impurities as the odour at the end was considerably lessened and improved. Dross opium extract is a fairly hard dark brown solid having a less pronounced odour than the ordinary extract. When sent out it is softened by means of a water bath, weighed into pieces which are softened again under a pan of hot charcoal, stamped in divisions and each stamped portion is then cut off, and put into a pot for sale.

For all the operations, the greatest cleanliness was observed, and all the utensils were kept scrupulously clean. All the coolies seemed most industrious and were as healthy looking and cheerful a set of workmen as has been observed in any Hongkong industry.

[The contents of Appendices A to J as attach. ed to the report are indicated therein. Appen. dix I has been reproduced above.]

Printed by the Hongkong Telegraph Co., Ld.


No. 1.







at a Meeting held on the 19th May, 1910.

No. 1910


Laid before the Legislative Council by Command of His Excellency the Officer Administering the Government, June 2nd, 1910.


The Honourable the Director of Public Works (WILLIAM CHATHAM, C.M.G.), Chairman. the Colonial Treasurer (CHARLES MCILVAINE MESSER).





Police Station at Tsün Wan (C.S.O. 3061/1908).

The Chairman submitted a plan of a Police Station which it was proposed to erect at Tsin Wan, together with a map of the district showing the position of the site, and stated that the estimated cost of the work was $13,500. He mentioned that the sum appearing in the current year's Estimates as the cost of the work was $8,000 and explained that this estimate was prepared in 1908, when it was considered that a small building similar to the Hunghom Police Station would suffice. The building now proposed was considerably larger, the Captain Superintendent of Police considering that more accommodation was necessary; hence the increase in the estimated cost.

The Committee unanimously agreed to recommend that the work be proceeded with in accordance with the plans submitted.

The Committee then adjourned.

Laid before the Legislative Council this 2nd day of June, 1910.


Clerk of Councils.



No. 2.

No. 1910







at a Meeting held on the 14th July, 1910.

Laid before the Legislative Council by Command of His Excellency the Officer Administering the Government, July 21st, 1910.


The Honourable the Director of Public Works, (WILLIAM CHATHAM, C.M.G.), Chairman. the Colonial Treasurer, (CHARLES MCILVAINE MESSER).









Hospital at the Quarantine Station, Laichikok. (I in C.S.O. 3013/1906.)

The Chairman laid before the Committee a plan of a hospital and contingent buildings which it was proposed to erect at the above Station. The hospital accommodation consisted of 20 beds for men and 10 for women, in addition to which there were quarters for the necessary nursing staff, a kitchen, a latrine and a mortuary. The site on which these buildings were to be erected was a flat area of land just inside the entrance to the Station.

The estimated cost of the buildings was $10,000, in addition to which it was proposed to spend a sum of $1,000 in doing up the paths. The amount which could be expended during the current year would be about $6,000.

After full discussion, the Committee were of opinion that, in view of the extensive provision of hospital accommodation at Yaumati and Kennedy Town and having regard to the rarity of the occasions on which a quarantine station has been required in the past, the provision of a hospital at the station is unnecessary.

They considered that, if the necessity for such provision should arise, some temporary accommodation could at any time be provided.

The Committee then adjourned.

Laid before the Legislative Council this 21st day of July, 1910.


Clerk of Councils.




No. 3.


No. 1910






at a Meeting held on the 27th October, 1910.

Laid before the Legislative Council by Command of His Excellency the Governor, December 29th, 1910.


The Honourable the Director of Public Works, (WILLIAM CHATHAM, C.M.G.), Chairman.






The Honourable the Colonial Treasurer, (CHARLES MCILVAINE MESSER).



Yaumati School-—Additional Storey. (C.S.O. 3393/1910.)

The Chairman submitted a plan for adding an upper storey to the existing building which had been originally constructed with a view to such an addition. The extra accom- modation that would be afforded comprised five class-rooms capable of containing 184 pupils,, a Head Master's room, a teachers' room and a lavatory. Two staircases would be con- structed. With the existing building, which contains four class-rooms accommodating 160 pupils, if the number in each room be restricted to 40, or 200, if no such restriction be made, there would be accommodation for 344 or 384 pupils in all. The estimated cost of the entire work, including the necessary School furniture, was $20,000. The Director of Education estimated that, after making provision for the additional staff required, there would be a substantial balance remaining from the extra fees which would be received.

The Committee unanimously agreed to recommend that the work be proceeded with in accordance with the plans submitted.

The Committee then adjourned.


Laid before the Legislative Council this 29th day of December, 1910.



Clerk of Councils.